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From: Padrick, Gregory

Sent: Friday, November 13, 2009 10:47 AM

To: _Dkpd
Subject: Explanation of "Un-paid Holiday"
Importance: High

In order to explain the pay differential to accommodate the unpaid holiday:

For the two week (80 hours) pay period of November 14th through November 27th, all County
employees will work their normally scheduled working days at a reduced rate of pay. This is the
equivalent of an eight (8) hour reduction in pay.

If you work on one or both of the holidays you will still bank the holiday(s). If one or both
holiday(s) fall on your off day, you will still bank the holiday(s). The banked holidays can then be
used at a later date as is usually done, but at your normal rate of pay.

If you take both days (Thanksgiving and the day after) off as holidays then you will be paid at the
reduced rate of pay for that pay period.

The County decided that instead of reducing our work hours, that it was more efficient to
temporarily reduce our rate of pay for that pay period. Your normal rate of pay will be restored
effective November 28, 2009.

Please cover at roll call and ensure everyone is informed.


Lieutenant G. A. Padrick