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Ms. Cozetino

Our Lady of Mt.


10 County Rd.

Tenafly, NJ 07670

If a middle level student were the next president of the United States, the face of our

country would change. The foundations of the United States government, economy, and foreign

relations would change.

Government is based on three powers established in the Constitution; the president,

Congress, and the Supreme Court. Each have equal power and are constantly affecting each

other. The president will be liberal because middle level students are usually put under the

authority of adults. The priority of the new president may be to remove authority he or she

doesn’t like, and add more liberties through laws and making Congress and the Supreme Court

more liberal.

Another major issue would be the economy. We all saw how the stock market nosedived

in September and billions of dollars were lost on Wall Street. The big question is what would the

new president do if Wall Street crashes again? The answer is based on the knowledge and

experience of the president. The president must know how to stabilize a falling economy. A

student would have little or no experience. The president’s decisions about the economy will
affect the whole world. The country is a train and the economy is the engine. America can’t

move forward without a stable economy. How the president acts may change everything.

The middle school student president also has to deal with foreign policy how will the

president confront other countries? I believe that young people are more peaceful the adults. One

reason why many young voters vote for Obama is because he endorses peace. The president will

try his or her best to have peace with other countries. This peacefulness may be a downfall f this

country faces a threat. Peace means holding back anger. Peace can’t prevail during crisis or


In conclusion, I believe a new student president will cause problems in the United States.

Liberties may exceed what the Constitution intends. Decision made by the president could affect

global economy and how our country moves forward. The president may establish peace until

threat is encountered. The

United States of America will change forever for the worse if a middle school student became

our president.