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Benjamin Steephenson

7th- Reading

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin was a brilliant man. At a young age, he worked at brother’s printing

shop in Boston. At age 17, he moved to Philadelphia. There he created his own newspaper

known as the Pennsylvania Gazette. He published the Poor Richard’s Almanac. In the almanac,

he included many proverbs which are wise sayings. He created the first circulating library. He

started a school which later became known as the University of Pennsylvania. He also began the

American Philosophical Society.

Benjamin Franklin also contributed to society through his numerous inventions. He

discovered more about lightning. He invented the lightning rod which saved man people’s homes

from burning because of lightning. He made glasses which help seeing. The stove heated houses

better and more efficiently. All of his inventions, and his life, contributed to the growth of the

colonies and to society.