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Christina – Leader

John Paul – Reader 1 Matthew – Petitioner4

Benjamin – Reader 2

Kevin Kim – Petitioner3/ Reader5

Brielle – Petitioner1/ Reader3 Amanda – Petitioner5/ Reader 6

Karina – Petitioner2/ Reader4

Reader 4: Know that the LORD is God. Reader 1: A reading from the Holy Gospel according to Matthew. come before him with joyful songs. Reader 2: Shout for joy to the LORD. that they will return safely Petition 3: Let us pray for the unsaved souls that they may have the hope of eternity with Christ. Reader 3: Worship the LORD with gladness. Reader 5: Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise. Leader: Let us bring our petitions before God. his faithfulness continues through all generations. It is he who made us. [reads Paper] [song] Leader: Let us read a psalm of praise. {say our Father} . we are his people. Let us begin by reading about how Jesus taught us how to pray. and we are his. Reader 6: For the LORD is good and his love endures forever.Leader: Today we gather to celebrate the Lord’s Prayer. give thanks to him and praise his name. the sheep of his pasture. Petition 4:Let us pray for all who are suffering in this economic turmoil and the unemployed that they may be comforted in these times. Petition 1:Please respond “Lord Hear our prayers” Let us pray for all of those that are sick Petition 2: Let us prayer for all the troops in Iraq. all the earth. Petition 5: Let us especially pray for Father Peter who is Leader: Let us conclude this prayer service by saying the prayer Jesus taught us.