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Peter – Benjamin

Susan – Stephanie

Ralph – Matthew

Ralph – Hello Peter! It is such a pleasure to meet you.

Peter – Hello, Susan and Ralph

Susan - We have a few questions to ask about your experience on the day of

Peter – sure, I’ll answer any question you have.

Ralph – Could you describe what exactly happened on the day of Pentecost?

Peter – the apostles and I were waiting for the Holy Spirit just as Jesus told us to.
Then while we were praying, we heard the noise of a strong wind and then flames of
fire appeared over our heads. As we were filled with the Holy Spirit, each of us
began speaking in languages we didn’t even know.

Ralph – Wow! That’s so amazing.

Susan – How long did you wait for the Holy Spirit?

Peter – We waited for the ten days after Jesus’ Ascension

Susan – our next question is How many people were with you while you were
waiting for the Holy Spirit?

Peter – There were exactly 120 people there including the apostles, Mary, and Jesus’

Ralph – Well that ends our interview. We hope to see you soon, Peter. Bye!