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7th Religion
Saint Benedict was born in an important family in Nursia, Italy. His date of
birth isn’t known, but is predicted to be about 480 A.D. He was well brought up
and had a good education. Saint Benedict was unsatisfied with life in Rome, so he
decided to live alone. He gave up all of his education to move to a solitary cavern
where he found Shelter.
Benedict was later accepted in a group of monks. A certain set of rules, later
known as the Rule of Saint Benedict, caused conflict in the group of monks. This
disagreement led to a failed attempt to poison Saint Benedict. He calmly left the
group and continued life in solitude.
Soon, many people came to see Benedict and he grew much fame due to his
righteous way of life. St. Benedict moved with a small band of monks to Monte
Cassino in 525 A.D. nearby was a temple to Apollo. Benedict was more than
happy to destroy the temple and build two oratories. One was for St. John the
Baptist. The other was for St. Martin.
Benedict lived fourteen years at Monte Cassino. Saint Benedict established
his rules to life which he was rebuked for in the past. The Rule of Saint Benedict
was accepted in many Western monasteries. Many people came to Benedict and
sought his wisdom. Even a Roman ruler came to him with humility.
Benedict spent the end of his life helping his sister Scholastica, who too had
devoted her life to religion and separated herself from the world. One day,
Benedict had a vision of his sister’s spirit ascending to heaven. A few days later
Benedict died and ended a fulfilling life.
Saint Benedict’s life will never be forgotten. His feast date is March 21.
There even monks named after him. Benedictines are special monks that follow the
Rule of Saint Benedict, one of the greatest saints ever.