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Job Safety Analysis Sheet


Vess M/T Sirius Voyager Job/Activity Pa 1 of 1 Dat 18-Apr-04

el: Reference #: ge e:

Job/Activity Description: Required PPE: Other Required Safety Equipment::

Re-Inerting Cargo Tanks Hard Hat, Safety Glasses, Safety shoes, Working As required.
OPS References/Required Required Level of Supervision: Manpower Requirements/Other
Permits/Forms: Chief Officer. Considerations:
Officer/ Duty Engr./ Pumpman/Sailor

Job Steps (in Potential Hazards Potential Unsafe Recommended Actions or

sequence) Behaviors Procedures
Ensure that All Personnel are out of Will cause death. Unawareness. Improper Headcount Control of access inside the Cargo Tanks and
1 the Cargo Tanks. and Monitoring. proper monitoring. Check Cargo Tanks by
Visual and audible means to ensure there is no
personnel inside.
Hatches closed and purge stack Leaking Cargo Hatches. Hatches not properly tight and Verify cargo hatches are tight and gasket
2 ready for Inerting. gaskets not checked. properly sealed.
All spades blind removed and I.G. inlet Cargo tanks not Inerted All other COT tanks not involved in Verify spade blind is removed and I.G. branch
3 Valve on COT to be Purge open. Inerting kept open. valve is open on COT to be inerted. All other
COT I.G. branch valve must be closed.
Starting of Inerting Poor I.G. quality Not monitoring I.G. being Ensure I.G. being delivered is less than 5% by
4 delivered. volume.
Monitoring Oxygen in the Cargo COT not properly Inerted Faulty Instrument Calibrate Instrument before use. Take oxygen
5 Tanks reading on various levels.
6 Stopping/completion of Inerting Leaking hatches and Purge Stacks Hatches and purge stacks not Verify cargo hatches and purge stacks are tight
properly tight and gaskets not and gasket properly sealed.

OPS-55 (2-02)
Required by WPR-01-02
Required by WPR-01-02