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Kavita Kapadia

1313 E. 60th Street

Chicago, IL 60637

Dear CPS Principal and Staff:

Thank you again to you and your staff for opening your doors to the students in the Urban
Teacher Education Program, we had a wonderful visit to your school. As you may recall, a
group of our students have selected your school for their culminating “School Study”
assignment this quarter. The purpose of this descriptive project is to help our students to get to
know your school from multiple perspectives, bring some of the theories they have been
reading about schooling and school reform to life, and ultimately understand the rewards and
complexities of schooling in Chicago.

This project will require that students spend some additional time at your buildings during the
next few weeks, with your permission. UTEP students are eager to talk to anyone you
recommend-- teachers, families, and even community leaders to better understand the school.
The assignment is attached for your review. The final projects will only be shared with the
instructors of the course.

Thank you in advance for assisting our students with this project. We are confident that this
experience will deeply enhance their learning and preparation to teach in CPS. As always,
don’t hesitate to call with questions (312-405-4369). The students are looking forward to
working with you.


Kavita Kapadia, Ph.D.

Director, Urban Teacher Education Program

Urban Education Institute, University of Chicago

1313 East 60th Street ♦ Chicago, IL 60637 ♦ phone 773.702.0663 ♦ fax 773.702.2010

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