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Investigation 6.

1: Newton’s Second Law

Matthew Freddy, Jason, Lucshi
Mr. Henriques

Determining the different accelerations of each different trial we.953m/s 2.1 kg 0.46 J 1.582 0.8 m/s N 3 3N 0.5 J 0. .3 m/s N 2 2N 0.2m/s 0. Observations: Tape Force Mass Acceleration F=ma V Actual Potential Kinetic V Energy Actual Calculated 1 1N 0.1: Newton’s Second Law was to observe the different accelerations that are accompanied by an increase in the weights used to move the car a certain distance.922 0.43m/s 0.14 J 1.1: Newton’s Second Law Purpose: The purpose of investigation 6.16 N 1.746 J 2. Due to gravity the greater mass that is acting on the cart will increase the acceleration.7 J 0.35 m/s Refer to equations at back of lab for problem solving.23 J 1. Investigation 6.95m/s 1.10m/s 2. determined the effect that each different weight has on the cart.3 kg 2.6m/s 0. This investigation is important in learning how much force gravity can expel on different carts when the weight of the force increases.2 kg 0.