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SYLLABUS –Octorber,2001

1-The meaning of Islam.

2-The purpose of our creation (why did God create us?)
3-Non –Muslims in the Muslin community.
4-The concept of worship in Islam.
5-The concept of God in Islam.
6-Prophethood in Islam.

7-The Pillars of Islam:

a)The Islamic testimony(Al-Shahadah)
b)Five prayers a day.
c) Zakah (compulsory charity, alms).
d) Fasting during the month of Ramadan.
e)Pilgrimage to Makkah,Mecca(Hajj)

8-The articles of faith:-belief in :

2-His angles
3-Divine scriptures
4-His Messengers
5-The Last Day

9-Al –Ihasan (Performance of good deeds with sincerity).

10-Introduction of the Holy Quran to prove that it came from God why was it
revealed in parts – the Qurán and Modern Science (some aspects of it)-the beauty
of its words ,etc.
11-The Sunnah of the Prophet Mohammed (his saying, acts and approval.)
12-Realities on Jihad.
13-Relationship between Muslims and the People of the Book.
14-Human Rights in Islam.
15-The Rights of women in Islam.
16-The status of knowledge in Islam.

17-Biography of prophet Mohammed (pbuh)in brief

Life in Arabia before his mission starts his birth miracles during his childhood his
participation in some of virtue some of his attributes, beginning of his mission
why people hated him his companions emigration to Abyssinia letters to kings and
emperors major events during execution of his mission.
18-Some of the miracles Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) performed with assistance
from God Almighty the difference between his mission and the mission of
prophets and Messengers before him.

19-The difference between the Islamic law (sharia)and its Jurisprudence (fiqh)
20-Brief account on Prophet Abraham (Ibrahim)
Aspire to reach your potential.
Believe in yourself .
Create a good life.
Dream about what you might become.
Exercise frequently.
Forgive honest mistakes.
Glorify the creative spirit.
Humor yourself and others.
Imagine great things.
Joyfully live each day.
Kindly help others.
Love one another's.
Meditate daily.
Nurture the environment.
Organize for harmonious action.
Praise performance well done.
Question most things.
Regulate your own behavior.
Smile often.
Value life.
Think rationally.
Understand yourself.
Work for the common good.
X-ray and carefully examine problems.
Yearn to improve.
Zestfully pursue happiness.
Prescriptions for happiness