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Smile Club “I Like It!

” Survey
Don’t be shy… tell us what you really like to do at Smile Club! If you
suggest an activity and we see a demand for it, we will organize it!

This is what I want, YEAH!

What activities and services would you like to see in Smile Club? (Check all
that you want!)

□ Movie Watching (□Indonesian movie/ □Hong Kong movie/ □Western movie/

□Asian movie)

□ Tour (□Hong Kong sightseeing/ □Macau/ □Lamma Island/ □Lantau Island)

□ Outing (□Picnic/ □Ocean Park/ □Disneyland/ □BBQ)

□ Sports (□Badminton/ □Volley Ball/ □Soccer/ □Swimming/ □Track/ □Ping Pong)

□ Games (□Chess/ □Monopoly/ □Bingo/□Karaoke)

□ Dance (□Traditional Indonesian/ □Hip Hop dance/ □Latin dance/ □Ballroom


□ Singing (□Singing class/ □Singing Contest/ □Singing Performance)

□ Contest (□Singing/ □Sports/ □Art/ □Beauty/ □Cooking)

□ Educational Class (□Computer/ □English/ □Cantonese/ □Art/ □First Aid/


□ Work Improvement Class (□Cooking/ □Baby-sitting/ □Massage/ □Elderly Care)

□ Small Gatherings (□Potluck/ □Birthday Party/ □Book Discussion)

□ Large Gatherings (□Indonesian Culture Fair/ □Christmas Singing Contest/

□Dance Party)

□ Discounts for: □Phone Card/ □Food/ □Remittance/ □Air ticket/ □Agency Fee)

□ Services: □Emotional Counseling/ □Work Problem Counseling/ □Employment


So you don’t see what you like up there↑… why don’t you tell us what you like
down here ↓

Tell us if you want to volunteer for the following fun positions:

□ Tour guide of Hong Kong

□ Sports/dance/language/cooking teacher

□ Event Assistant (help to organize events, parties)

□ Indonesian-Chinese Translator

□ I want to teach a class! I can teach this: __________________


My Name_______________________Membership

My day off______________________