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For 25 years, IES Galileo Galilei has helped to improve

the quality of public education.

This big effort has been rewarded with many prizes, like
the one for “good convivence” in 2008. The school got
that prize thanks to the mediación group because they
did some great work.

It has excellent teachers who worry about students’

progress and they try to organize activities related to
the lessons, such as going on excursions to the theatre,
visiting museums and exhibitions...

The school has many facilities: computer rooms , audio-

visual rooms , a library which is opened in the afternoon
for the studentd who want to study or do their
homework there , a gym , a football and a basketball
court , and we will have a volleyball court soon!

We are worry for the enviroment so we have a vegetable

garden and solar panels.

Our school organize cultural activities. For example, last

year we went to a technology fair where we could show
our projects and designs. Students also took part in a
photography contest and some of them won important

We have a great variety of extracurricular activities,

such as English lessons, sports, guitar lessons and
acting lessons (Drama).

Students travel abroad once a year if they want, we

celebrate carnival, and we have a week with cultural
activities in June and the last two years, we had a very
big party that last 24 hours!

All these things make this project posible. “Comenius”

has encouraged us to take part in all this activities. We
hope you’ll come soon to our high school.

Galileo Galilei Rocks!

Sandra Pérez Díaz, 4A