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Instruction: this question paper consists of 10 questions. Answer all the questions.

Write your
answers clearly in the space provided. Show your workings. The diagrams in the questions
provided are not drawn to scale unless stated. The usage of calculator is not allowed.

1. Calculate the value of 96 – 3(12 + 48 ÷ 6). [5 marks]

2. Calculate the value of (2 - )÷2 and express the answer as a fraction in its lowest

term. [5 marks]

3. Calculate the value of [5 marks]

4. The entrance fee to an exhibition for an adult is RM8 and for a child is RM5. Find the
total fee 12 adults and 25 childrens. [5 marks]

5. Find the lowest common multiple (LCM) of 6, 10 and 12. [3 marks]

6. The cost price of a calculator is RM28. It is sold for RM35. Find the percentage profit
from the sale. [5 marks]

7. Calculate the value 61.4 ÷ 5 – 9.203. [3 marks]

8. Ahmad is y years old. His brother is 5 years old older than he is. How old is his brother?

[2 marks]

9. Mary has RM20. She gives RMx to her younger brother. How much does she has now?

[2 marks]

10. During a sale, the price after sale was reduced by 15%. What was the discounted price if
the original price of the shirt was RM80. [5 marks]