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Presentation on personality job- fit theory


y john Holland theory y Six type of personality

realistic investigative social conventional enterprising artistic

Six type of personality

Type Personality charaterstic Congruent occupation

1.Realistic: prefer physical Shy, genuine, persistent, activities that require skill stable strength and coordination 2.Investigative: thinking, organizing and understanding 3.Social: helping and developing others Analytical original, independent

Mechanic, drill press operator, farmer, assembly line worker Biologist, economist, news reporters

Sociable, understanding friendly, cooperative

Social worker, teacher, counselor, clinical psychologist

4.Conventional: rule regulated, orderly, unambiguous activities 5.Enterprising: influence others and attain power

Conforming, efficient, practical, unimaginative, inflexible Self confident, ambitious, energetic, domineering

Accountant, corporate Manager bank teller, file clerk

Lawyer, real estate, agent public relation specialist, small business manager

6.Artistic: creative expression

Imaginative, idealistic, emotional impractical.

Painter, musician, writer, interior decorator.