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Department of Performing and Screen Arts

Bachelor in Performing and

Screen Arts
Course No. Course Name Semester Year
PASA6271 Camera 2a 1 2009
Lecturer (s) Course Co-ordinator
Dan Wagner, Alan Locke Dan Wagner
Marker(s) Moderator(s)
Dan Wagner Alan Locke
Assignment No. & Title Course grade % Due Date Return Date
1 Written: Lighting & Exposure, Optics & Focus 30% 13 June 26th June
Course Aims:
To enable students to increase understanding of specialised theories, concepts, techniques and
technologies for camera while evolving a personal methodology that will give expression to individual
creative development and practice.
Learning outcome(s):
1. Demonstrate conversancy with fundamental camera and lighting theory
Written Test
This will consist of the following subjects:
• The value of “one stop”
• Basic conceptual understanding of:
o The Inverse Square Law
o The Sensitometric Curve
o Gamma
• Human perception of brightness
• The basic lighting units:
o Tungsten
o Daylight (e.g. HMI)
o Fresnel
o Open Face
• Deciding which lighting units to choose in a given setup
• Daylight control
• Optical rules:
o Reflection
o Refraction
o Circle of Confusion
o Depth of Field
• Fundamental Focus Pulling practices
o Deciding who to be sharp on
o Talent and Lens Marking procedures
o Handling the Follow-Focus unit

This will consist of a set of questions, based on information presented in lectures and in the required
reading material.
It will be a written test, administered online through Blackboard. It will be available for you to take
between 6:00 a.m. Friday 12th June and 11:55 p.m. Saturday 13th June. You can take it any time inside
this time period. It's a timed test - you will be given an hour in which to answer the 20 questions. 11
are Essay questions, 9 are Multiple Choice.

Marking Criteria:
Relate technical, operational and procedural skills in a written test.
(20 questions – 100%)

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