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Mayor Richard J. Alcombright's budget letter

Mayor Richard J. Alcombright's budget letter

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Published by The Berkshire Eagle
North Adams Mayor Richard J. Alcombright explains the city's fiscal 2015 budget to the City Council,.
North Adams Mayor Richard J. Alcombright explains the city's fiscal 2015 budget to the City Council,.

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Published by: The Berkshire Eagle on May 22, 2014
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May 27, 2014 #31

To: North Adams City Council
Re: Revenue Package
Dear Honorable Members:
As you know, further down tonight’s agenda I have provided you the FY2015 “DRAFT” budget for
referral to FINCOM. With this communication, I am proposing the following revenue package to support
the budget as follows:
• Water Rate increase – 10% from $3.50 to 3.85 per 100 cubic feet
ü Please know that historically, water rates have been increased every 2-3 years and rates have
not increased since FY2011.
• Sewer Fee increase – 8%....from 42% of water bill to 50% of water bill
ü The average annual increase by both fees to a 2 person household, will be approximately $35
ü The average annual increase by both fees to a 4 person household, will be approximately $66
• Parking Violations – increase all parking violations
• Demand Fees – late fee on excise and tax bills from $5.00 to $15.00
ü Please note that Parking and Demand fees have not been raised in many years and simply
apply to those who either violate parking laws or are past due on payments to the City.
This package is expected to generate approximately $426,500 annually and I am proposing the following
adjustments to be effective July 1, 2014.
This revenue package is ultimately necessary to support the proposed budget and allows the City to
maintain critical services. Without this, significant additional cuts will need to be made. These cuts
would represent positions in all sectors to include Public Services, Public Safety and City Hall and our
School Department which would have a significant impact on the services we provide.
Additionally, I want this Council and our Community to understand that this revenue package, combined
with cuts or reductions, will only get us through the upcoming fiscal year. This will not fix our problems.
I am convinced, as are our auditors and the Commonwealth, that our long term fix is a Proposition 2 ½
override. When I think back to the opportunity missed three cycles ago when the override I presented
failed, I cannot help but very factually state it was the right thing to do. It will once again be the right
thing to do when I bring one forward later in the calendar year.
The citizens of North Adams need to come to understand that this administration does not have a
spending problem but rather, the City has a revenue problem. No matter how much we cut….we still
have over 100 miles of roads to maintain, 100 miles of water and sewer infrastructure that continues
to fail, retaining walls that are crumbling, mandated ADA improvements, acres and acres of municipal
fields and watershed that need maintenance, the same number of buildings to protect from fire, the
same number of children to educate and most importantly….the same number of people to protect. All
of this will be discussed into the next fiscal year when I bring an override forward.
I respectfully request that this Council adopt this package at the June 10
meeting to get us through this
next fiscal year and allow us to continue to strategize on our next steps. I further request that you refer
this revenue package to FINCOM for review and discussion.
Richard J. Alcombright

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