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Department of Performing and Screen Arts

Bachelor in Performing and

Screen Arts
Course No. Course Name Semester Year
PASA 7271 Camera 3a 1 2009
Lecturer (s) Course Co-ordinator
Dan Wagner, Alan Locke Dan Wagner
Marker(s) Moderator(s)
Alan Locke Dan Wagner
Assignment No. & Title Course grade % Due Date Return Date
2 Video Dance DP 40% 9 April 4 May
Course Aims:
To enable students to establish a critical understanding of advanced skills, knowledge, technologies
and practices for cinematography while developing the ability to critically evaluate their own work and
that of others.

Learning Outcome(s):
1. Employ specialised technical, creative and conceptual skills in camera and lighting.
- Employ sophisticated technique in the handling and operation of specialist equipment and technology
- Explore associated problem-solving, self-management and professional practices

Deconstruct a dance work employing all technical aspects of cinematography which visually interpret
your visceral response to the dance. After watching the dance piece, describe your reactions and then
consolidate some visual references to share with the group. During this collaboration, empower your
thinking by exploring your creative skills to achieve an effective plan. Evaluate all your technical
choices by experimentation. Act as DP for the dance piece, creating images which demonstrate both
your deconstruction and your ability to collaborate closely with the team.

Marking Criteria:
Demonstrate your research abilities by sourcing a variety of reference material and
presenting it to the group. (15%)
During the discussions with your team, examine all the technical advantages that
relate to the choice of location. (15%)
Shoot a variety of tests to endorse the path you have chosen in consultation with your
tutor. (15%)

Demonstrate a theoretical knowledge of cinematography. [Exposure, Focus, etc.] (20%)
Experiment with lighting, colour (and/or non-colour) and camera movement to achieve
the group’s creative aims. (20%)
Display an ability to create images that are based on non-textual emotions.
[Interpretations based not on text (such as a script) but on your and others’
visceral/emotional responses to the dance.] (15%)