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PRODUCT MANUAL HA056929 Assue1 WARNING NEVER WORK ON THE CONTROLLER, MOTOR, OR AUXILIARY EQUIPMENT WITHOUT FIRST ISOLATING ALL SUPPLIES TO THE SYSTEM. Table of Contents 1 INTRODUCTION 2 TECHNICAL DETAILS .. 2.1 General. 22 Bleical Ratings 24 Mechanical 3 PRODUCT CODE 4 BASIC INSTALLATION AND WIRING INSTRUCTIONS a4 41 Insiallation 41 42 Ventilation and Cooling 41 443 Basic Wiring Instructions 4d 44 Notes on Wiring 44 Installation Drawings Circuit Diagram for 570 Manual 5 TERMINAL DESCRIPTIONS ... sel Block Diagram for Hardware 6 HARDWARE OVERVIEW .. Circuit Diagram for 570 General Purpose Configuration 7 FIELD CONTROLLER Block Diagram for Field Configuration 8 BASIC SETTING UP AND OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS .... : 81 Layout and Circuit for Calcard Check List Software Releases 1 & 2 wi. Check List Software Releases 4 onwards 9 FRONT PANEL INDICATORS 10 MAN MACHINE INTERFACE (MMI) 101 10.1 Primary Diagnostics... . 103 1022 Diagnostic Descriptions "104 10.3 Primary Seip Parameters = 106 10.4 Set-Up Parameter Descriptions 107 ‘Set-Up Parameter Descriptions issue 10-1 105 Auto - Tune 10413, 106 Alarms... 10-14 10.7 Alarm Description 10-15 108 Parameter Save 10:19 10,9 Serial Link 10:20 10.10 System Parameters 10-22 11 SERIAL COMMUNICATIONS 11:1 ASCII Communications .. 112 Binary Communications .. 113 Serial Link Mnemonics 12 $703 SUPPORT 510 - $77 Power Circuit and Configuration Drawings Modification Record Sales and Service Address List LINTRODUCTION ‘All members ofthe $70 Series of armature contolers accept standard. three phase supply volages inthe range ioto480 Vols AC. and provide_contolia D.C. ouput valages and currents suitable for powering DC shunt field and permanent magnet motors. Consol ofthe $70 series is implemented by means ofa 16 Bit Microcontroller which provides several advanced feanres- 3) Complex conto algorithms not achievable by simple analogue circuitry. ¥) Software configurable conto circuitry built around standard sofware blocks. ©) Communication via a serial link with other dives or a host computer for advanced process system realisation. “The motor armature controllers inlude both regenerative and non regenerative models. Non-regeneraive controllers consist of a fullycontolled Thyrisor bridge wit full tansient and ovetoad clon ogeher with is assoeated lecroniceonuol circuitry and provide accurate speed and/or torque con Ione direction of rotion Regenerative controllers consist of two fully controlled, Thytistor bridges together with a sophisticated electronic contol of acceleration and deceleration, speed and torque in both directions of rotation. {All models of armature controller offer a fixed D.C. supply for field excitation, Some applications, however, ue an extended speed or constant horscpower range Of contro. For these applications the 570 series includes 8 field current regulator option. ‘This consist of a hall-convolled single phase Thyrisior bridge wih vansent and ‘Overload protecuon together with i's associated elecuonic contro cucuity. Inall members of the 570 series, the contol circuitry is totally isolated from the power circuitry. thus simplifying the interconnection of controllers within a system and improving operator safety. The control circuiny adjusts automatically wo accept supply frequencies in the range 45-65 Hz and possesses high immunity to supply bome Interference. ‘The armature conuollers ae phase raion inseasiive. Allunits ofthe range are designed for simple and economical pane! mounting using keyhole sot. Ifitisnecessary toremove the controller from the panel disconnection and reconnection i simplified by plug-in contrel connectors. ‘Standardisation of parts wherever possible throughout the range reduces the variety of spare parts required 10 ‘maintain a muli-drive system. For example, the same basic control and power supply PCB's are used in all types Of tives phase armature conirole regardless of horsepower or bridge configurauon. ‘Start-up and locating of felis (both within the controller and external tot are greatly assisted by the built-in two Tine alpha-numeric display which automatcaly displays the fst fault. ‘The display also provides access to all alarms, inputs and principal software blocks in tbe controller. Front panel LED indicators show the status of the ‘ave, ey inputs and ouput ‘This manual covers the folowing models from the 570 series. ‘Three phase, regenerative, four quadrant armature controllers. 570 - for currents up to 150 Amps. 572 - for currents in the range 151 to 270 Amps. 574 for currents in the range 271 t0 450 Amps. 576 for currents in the range 451 10720 Amps. 578 + extemal sick option for currents exceeding 721 Amps. Three phase non-regenerative, two quatirant armature controllers. STL - forcurents up to 150 Amps. 573 - forcurrents in the range 151 to 270 Amps. STS for currents in the range 271 to 450 Amps. S77 ~ for currents in the range 451 to 720 Amps. 579 - extemal stack option for currents exceeding 721 Amps. 570 Manual INTRODUCTION