On the front of Financial and Social Security

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Issuing the Identity Card after verification to those rickshaw pullers, who are the citizen of NCT of Delhi for many years and carry Rickshaws from then onwards for the sake of authentic identification. Creating their ‘Self Help Group’ to develop ‘Saving Habits’ and learn ‘Responsibility Sharing’, ‘Inter loaning’ amongst themselves as well as to assure safe return to the financial institution, in case of temporary migration of some Rickshaw Pullers. Opening their ‘Zero Balance’ individual account s in the ‘Nationalized Banks. Help them to get financial assistance in the shape of loan from Nationalized Banks. Fixing up the weekly ‘EMI’ for the return to the loaning authorities and monitoring responsible returning of the loan. Connecting ‘Rickshaw Pullers’ with different Social Security Schemes. Helping them to get advertisements on their Rickshaws from different Govt and private business houses. Creating a Co operative of Rickshaw Pullers to facilitate collective effort to increase their financial stability. Introducing ‘Chalti – Firti Dukan’ to increase their average income as well as provide the customers better facilities, while traveling through rickshaw. Connecting federation with the Residents Welfare Association of the locality for the convenience of both ‘Rickshaw Pullers’ as well as ‘Residents’ of the locality.

Budget at a Glance
• • 100 Rickshaw @ 14,000 – 00 Creation of
• 14,00,000 - 00

Monitoring Mechanism

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