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Defrauding America, Vol. Two

Defrauding America, Vol. Two

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Published by Rodney Stich
Defrauding America in two volumes, written by a former federal agent with input from other government agents, former drug smugglers and former Mafia figures, details and documents multiple covert and corrupt activities by the United States, along with the blowback consequences. A college course in government intrigue. More information at www.defraudingamerica.com.
Defrauding America in two volumes, written by a former federal agent with input from other government agents, former drug smugglers and former Mafia figures, details and documents multiple covert and corrupt activities by the United States, along with the blowback consequences. A college course in government intrigue. More information at www.defraudingamerica.com.

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Published by: Rodney Stich on Nov 16, 2009
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  • Reagan-Bush Funding Iraq’s Arms Buildup
  • September 11: Déjà vu Consequences
  • Bush II, Beginning of Catastrophic Consequences
  • Bush II, Lies and Iraq
  • U.S. Misconduct Breeding Worldwide Terrorism
  • Forms of Terrorism Against United States
  • Justice Department: Greatest Direct Threat to Americans
  • FBI’s Use of Murderers as Informants
  • Similar FBI Culture in New York Area
  • Complicity by Legal Fraternity
  • Complicity by Supreme Court Justices
  • Complicity by Media Personnel
  • Retaliating Against Those Who Speak Out
  • Implications and Public Actions Required

Defrauding America

Trojan Horse Corruption
Volume Two

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Rodney Stich

Defrauding America
Volume Two

Rodney Stich


Defrauding America, Vol. Two

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Blowback, 9/11, and Cover-ups, 1st ed. ISBN 978-0-932438-15-7 Defrauding America, 4th ed. Vol. One, 4th ed ISBN 978-0-932438-18-8 Defrauding America, 4th ed. Vol. Two, 4th ed ISBN 978-0-932438-19-5 Drugging America, 2nd ed. ISBN 978-0-932438-11-9 Iraq, Lies, Cover-ups, and Consequences, ISBN 978-0-932438-20-1 Lawyers and Judges—American Trojan Horses, ISBN 978-0-932438-16-4 Subverting America: External & “Internal Terrorists,” Vol. One ISBN 978-0-932438-21-8 Subverting America: External & “Internal Terrorists,” Vol. Two ISBN 978-0-932438-22-5 Terrorism Against America, 1st ed. ISBN 978-0-932438-23-2 Unfriendly Skies: 20th & 21st Centuries, 4th Edition, ISBN 978-0-932438-06-5 Each book is available in E-book and print formats.
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Defrauding America, Vol. Two


Defrauding America
Volume Two
Chapters Pages 1. CIA-DEA Drug Role In Pan Am Flt 103 Bombing ................1 2. President Clinton Saga ............................................................9 3. Reagan-Bush Funding Iraq’s Arms Buildup ...........................29 4. September 11: Déjà vu Consequences ....................................61 5. Bush II, Beginning of Catastrophic Consequences ................115 6. Bush II, Lies and Iraq .............................................................133 7. U.S. Misconduct Breeding Worldwide Terrorism ...................213 8. Forms of Terrorism Against United States ..............................217 9. Israel & America Misconduct: Catalyst for Terrorism ............239 10. Justice Department: Greatest Direct Threat to Americans ......253 11. FBI’s Use of Murderers as Informants ...................................279 12. Similar FBI Culture in New York area ...................................305 13. Complicity by Legal Fraternity ..............................................333 14. Complicity by Supreme Court Justices ...................................353 15. Complicity by Media Personnel .............................................363 16. Retaliating against Those Who Speak Out .............................403 17. Implications and Public Action Required ...............................423 18. Index .......................................................................................431

Defrauding America, Vol. Two


Rodney Stich has a long history of insider activities that provided him the training and the opportunity to discover vast areas of misconduct in government offices. These experiences have put him into close contact with dozens of other former and present government agents and other insiders who also discovered corruption in government. Between their several hundred years of combined experience, exposed to criminal and even subversive activities in government, many of their findings are revealed in the books that Rodney Stich has written. The purpose of these books has been to inform those people who want to be informed, and reveal to them the hardcore misconduct that is inflicting great harm upon national security and the lives of countless numbers of people. Further, to motivate enough people to show long-overdue outrage, to show courage, and to show long-over patriotic reaction. Aviation Background Started Before the Pearl Harbor Attack The author’s background in aviation started while he was in the U.S. navy prior to the December 7, 1941, attack on Pearl Harbor. He had joined the navy at the age of 17 and after training he became a radioman on a PBY Catalina seaplane. He was based temporarily on Midway Island before the Japanese attack that was a major turning point in the war. He was selected for pilot training and received his Navy wings first as a Naval Aviation Pilot (enlisted pilot) and then as a Naval aviator (commissioned officer). He became an instructor in advanced PBY training at Jacksonville, Florida and then training as a Patrol Plane Commander in the Navy PB4Y-1 (Liberator) and PB4Y-2 (Privateer). Stich was the youngest Navy Patrol Plane Commander during World War II. Stich received his wings at the Pensacola Naval Air Station at approximately the same time that George Bush senior received his Navy wings at Corpus Christi. Worldwide Commercial Airline Experience After World War II, Stich flew for the airlines flying captain in domestic and international operations. He was checked out as captain on virtually every type of plane flown by U.S. airlines, including the double-deck Boeing Stratocruiser, Lockheed Super Constellation, DC-4, DC-3, Martin 202, Convair 340, Curtis C-46, Lockheed Electra, DC-8, and Convair 880. He was one of the first pilots licensed by Japan, holding Japanese pilot license number 170. He was also one of the first captains for Japan Airlines, during which time his copilots were former Japanese military pilots from World War II. The Saturday Evening Post had written a series of three articles in 1950 about the pilots at his primary airline, Transocean Airlines. The articles were titled, “The Daring Young Men Of Transocean Airlines.” In those days, flying overseas, especially in the Middle East, were pioneering experiences, encountering situations that no airline pilot to-


Defrauding America, Vol. Two

day encounters. In one instance, in 1953, he found himself at the center of a revolution in Iran, which he later learned was engineered by the CIA. He flew Muslim pilgrims to Mecca and Medina on the Hajj during the Muslim holy period. He may have been the only pilot to take pilgrims to Medina, where he landed in the desert outside of the holy city. He resided in Jerusalem, Ramallah, Beirut, Tehran, and Abadan, visited Palestine refugee camps, and associated with the residents who were, in those days, friendly to the Americans. He had his share of inflight emergencies, including engine failures, engine fires, sudden closing of virtually all airports at his destination, serious icing problems on the North Atlantic, sudden shortage of fuel when the head winds over long over-water flights became more adverse than forecast. Aviation Safety Agent for Federal Government Eventually he left airline flying and became a federal aviation safety agent for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). He was responsible for conducting flight checks of airline pilots, evaluating their competency, issuing government ratings, evaluating safety matters and preparing reports on safety problems and recommended corrective actions. Assignment To Halt Worst Series of Air Disasters in U.S. History Eventually, the federal government gave him the assignment to correct the conditions causing the worst series of airline crashes in the nation’s history. It was here that he discovered the deadly politics of air safety and corruption in government offices. To circumvent the blocks preventing the federal government from carrying out its aviation safety responsibilities, Stich exercised legal remedies in ways that had never before been done. He acted as an independent counsel, conducting hearings to obtain testimony and additional evidence that showed the deep-seated culture in the government’s aviation safety offices that enabled countless numbers of preventable aviation tragedies to occur. The events of September 11, 2001, would be one-day’s consequences of these serious matters. Unable to correct the deep-seated corruption, Stich left government services and then engaged in other activities seeking to bring to justice the corruption to light. Like a magnet, these activities caused other former and present government agents and insiders to provide him with additional information and evidence of corruption in government offices far beyond the aviation field. These were agents from the CIA, DEA, DIA, FBI, Customs, Secret Service, drug smugglers, and organized crime figures. Trojan Horse Corruption and David Versus Battles The magnitude of the corrupt and Trojan horse-like criminal and subversive activities, and the harm resulting from them, caused Stich to spend the remainder of his life fighting the escalating corruption in the three branches of government. No other government agent, or whistle-

Defrauding America, Vol. Two


blower, revealing hardcore corruption in government offices, had suffered such great harm, as he engaged in years of escalating David versus Goliath battles to protect national interests and halt the harm being inflicted upon the people. Over 3,000 Radio and Television Appearances Since 1978 He has appeared as guest and expert on over 3,000 radio and television shows since 1978, throughout the United States and in Canada, Mexico, and Europe. He published numerous books, including multiple editions of Unfriendly Skies, Defrauding America, Drugging America, Terrorism Against America, and Lawyers and Judges—America’s Trojan Horses. In addition, Stich was a successful entrepreneur, having acquired and developed over $10 million in real estate properties. The detailed information in these books reveal a pattern of deepseated corruption in the three branches of government that played key roles in the success of the terrorists on September 11, 2001, and is responsible for many areas of human tragedies, including the sham imprisonment of tens of thousands of men and women. That corruption is another form of terrorism that continues to inflict far more harm upon America and its people in a Trojan horse fashion. This information he provides in these books can be the most valuable tool to fight the escalating destruction of the United States, its values, its institutions, and its people. Fighting the vast deep-seated corruption in government offices by himself, Stich has paid a heavy personal and financial price for seeking to protect important national interests. For more information put “Rodney Stich” into Internet search engines such as www.google.com. For more information about his various books, go to www.defraudingamerica.com.

Defrauding America, Vol. Two


olume Two of Defrauding America is a legacy of continuing corruption in the three branches of government, detailed the corruption that the author and a group of other former and present government insiders discovered as part of their official duties. They included agents of the FBI, CIA, DEA, Customs, and other government agencies. They also included other insiders, including former drug smugglers, former Mafia figures, and others. Never before have such a formidable group of insiders provided in a given book the insider workings of the government of the United States. Much of the information in this book, and the other books written by former federal agent Rodney Stich, is based upon his actual discovery, including as a key government agent, and what was discovered or participated in by a great number of other insiders who were in contact with Stich over the years. These insiders include agents from government offices such as the CIA, FBI, DEA, Customs, from former drug smugglers—carrying out assignments for government agents—and former Mafia figures who were also in collusion with government agents. Unbelievable as these events may sound, they are based upon years of insider knowledge and upon government records. For those who choose to remain in denial about the harm being inflicted upon the people and the country, it may be best to think of the contents as a work of fiction, and allow the tragedies to continue. The picture revealed by this information shows a system that is utterly corrupt, and is not correctable from the system itself. Book Two of Defrauding America continues the series and shows how the totally corrupt system affects the security of the United States, the deaths of many Americans, the deaths of many people in other countries, and how a spike in the arrogance and corruption how disrupted the security of the entire world. This greatly enlarged explosive edition of Defrauding America exposes an alarming degree of government corruption that is undermining national security and inflicting great harm upon America and the American public. It helps to show how 19 hijackers were able to seize four airliners, after 40 years of fatal hijackings that occurred despite the government’s knowledge of how to prevent these tragic events. Defrauding America is one of the most explosive books on the market, revealing the alarming high-level government corruption that is secretly destroying the foundation upon which the United States has survived. The book provides insight into how efforts can be taken to reduce the threat of government misconduct upon your business, your family, and yourself. A coalition of government agents and deep-cover operatives (FBI, CIA, DEA, ONI and others) reveal government corruption that they discovered during their official duties, or in which they were ordered to


Justice Department lawyers. Two participate. covered up by members of Congress.S. • The criminal activities by U. • The truth behind the downing of TWA Flight 800 and Pan Am Flight 103. subverting foreign governments. The book is a classic. one of many scandals. • Other threats and sources of even greater harm to Americans: decades of CIA drug trafficking into the United States and involving national leaders. • Tactics used to prevent the American public from learning of corruption in government offices. as shown by secret documents and statements from those covert operatives involved in the operations (contrary to denials by CNN-Time). and one edition of Disavow. Vol. including Chapter 11. • Role played by the CIA in various scams. • How government personnel blocked the reporting of criminal activities in key government offices that constitute the primary blame for the success of 19 hijackers on September 11. which has returned to haunt the United States in the 21st century. including paying Iranian terrorists to delay the release of 52 American hostages held captive in Iran. • Washington-ordered assassination of America POWs. leaders in the Iran-Contra scandal. involving Justice Department lawyers and federal judges. including sham prosecution of government agents and citizens by Justice Department lawyers and federal judges. who has written three editions of Unfriendly Skies. Afghanistan.x Defrauding America. including looting savings and loans. federal judges. Congress. including the nation’s top law enforcement agency. and the media. • Pattern of cover-ups by government check and balance.S. Detailed Among the Book’s Contents • How U. The serious misconduct was first discovered by the author while he was a federal inspector and investigator with the Federal Aviation Administration. and massive military buildup of Iran’s armed forces. reflecting the endemic disinformation fed to the American public. Aggressive investigations over a 30-year period revealed far more corruption implicating people in control of key government offices. 2001. • Killings and mysterious deaths of people exposing corruption in high places. some still in key government positions. and the documented attacks upon government whistleblowers. leaders secretly funded and assisted Iraq’s military buildup in the 1980s. • Judicial corruption throughout the federal courts. three editions of Defrauding America. and the establishment media. responsible for air safety at the world’s largest airline. drug smuggling. • Inslaw. HUD. The book is authored by former federal investigator Rodney Stich. • October Surprise and its cover-up. which played a key role in the success of 19 hijackers on 9-11. and how the lives of millions of .

. Defrauding America is a must-read to understand past. • CIA funding of secret bank accounts for U. Includes massive corruption in the three branches of government that made possible the events of September 11.S. leaders. and future crimes against Americans. Vol. 2001. The nature of the detailed corruption within government and the complicity by most of the media must be understood before the reader can understand the truth behind many covert and overt government actions. “leaders. present.S. Dozens of former and present government agents provide the facts and supporting documents that fill this 700+ page encyclopedia of government corruption. Everyone is at risk of suffering the consequences. the role played by Congress and most of the media by their cover-ups. Without this knowledge and understanding.Defrauding America.” • Shows the worsening lying by U. Two xi Americans are tragically affected. the public is at the mercy of an increasingly corrupt system.

Vincennes shot down with a surface-toair missile an Iranian airliner killing 290 people. the U. the United States recognized Jibril as the main suspect. Because of a flight delay. Iran’s Ayatollah was reported to have issued a fatwa. a Muslim proclamation that four U. Scotland. on a heavily traveled civil airway. airliner. baggage handlers replaced one of the previously inspected bags with another bag containing approximately 200 pounds of heroin.S. Iran then contracted with a terrorist group headed by Ahmed Jibril to bring about the downing of a U. However. One of Many CIA-DEA Drug Smuggling Operations The CIA and DEA had an ongoing drug-smuggling operation with Lebanese and Syrian drug traffickers. 1988.S. The information from these sources revealed why and how the bomb was placed on the aircraft.S. airliners would be downed in retaliation.S. paid to down a U. At first.000 feet. It was this drug smuggling operation that made possible the placement of the bomb on Pan Am Flight 103. before the bags were placed on the aircraft. 1988 downing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie.S.S. Iran was outraged. which contained the bomb. climbing through 12. I started receiving information from CIA and other sources as to what actually happened. Jibril. This is how the drug smuggling operation worked: A courier would check his bags at Pan Am in Frankfurt. But W . using Pan Am aircraft out of Frankfurt that were departing for the United States. had no trouble using the CIA’s own illegal operation to make possible the downing of Pan Am Flight 103.CHAPTER ONE Pan Am Flight 103 Bombing ithin a year of the December 21. Obviously. The Jibril group bribed the baggage handlers to place an additional bag in the baggage compartment. The Reason for the Bombing On July 3. The explosion created indescribable horror as the occupants fell over two miles to their deaths. activities. when the missile was launched. and the bags would pass inspection. The airliner was on a scheduled flight. again showing the consequences of misconduct by U. commercial aircraft. the bomb that was set to explode over the North Atlantic exploded over Lockerbie.

Pakistan. Since Syria was the home to one part of the CIADEA drug smuggling operation and also the terrorist group. PROMIS software sales had been made to Jordan. and knowing the facts. European countries. Further. Hurley monitored the CIA-DEA drug operation using Pan Am aircraft. refused to go along with some of the sanctions demanded by the United States. the United States ordered sanctions against Libya for refusing to turn over the two Libyans falsely charged by the United States with placing the bomb on Pan Am 103. Egypt. for instance. Canada in the DEA office at Nicosia. Tentacles of Inslaw While working alongside Hurley. including the DEA office in Nicosia from where the drug smuggling operation was monitored. exposing how the bomb was put on the aircraft risked exposing the CIA-DEA drug smuggling operation. Toronto.2 Defrauding America.S. Link Systems. The software was installed by a CIA front-company. Turkey. In shifting the blame for the Pan Am deaths on the Libyans. Coleman worked alongside DEA agent-in-charge Michael Hurley. who knew about the CIA-DEA drug pipeline. the same DEA agent. This story was believed primarily by the American public who did not have access to foreign media reports. Justice Department officials then fabricated evidence and blamed two Libyans for placing the bomb on board Pan Am Flight 103. The sale of this stolen software was another enterprise involving Michael Hurley. Articles in the European press identified the false U. the United States government was protecting the people who actually caused the tragedy. was subsequently transferred to Portland to tes- . reportedly involved in the drug smuggling operation that brought about the deaths on Pan Am Flight 103. charges. Syria could not be exposed for harboring them. Vol. Multiple Responsibilities Ironically. Two then the United States needed Syria’s cooperation in attacking Iraq after Iraq invaded Kuwait. To make their argument sound legitimate. and according to Coleman and his book. stolen by Justice Department officials from the Inslaw Company. Coleman and LeWinter said that Hurley was the DEA agent-in-charge of the area including world-famous CIA drug trafficking at Mena. which also dealt in the sale of drugs and arms. gave no credence to the Justice Department’s fabricated evidence and false charges. in addition to his role in the drug trafficking. and other countries. Coleman discovered that the PROMIS software. Coleman saw boxes of PROMIS software labeled PROMIS Ltd. Arkansas. was being sold by the DEA‘s Nicosia office. The sales involved a company called Eurame. Iraq. Michael Hurley. German police. a former agent for the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). Iran. Ltd. worked for the DIA in the Middle East. recognizing the lack of credibility to the evidence and argument presented by the Justice Department. DIA Contract Agent Lester Coleman Lester Coleman.

Justice Department Setting Up Coleman Shortly before being charged with the passport violation. based in New York. authored by Donald Goddard. The DIA either backed off from providing Coleman a defense. that was hired by Pan Am and its insurance carrier. and in drug smuggling. details of the CIA-DEA drug smuggling operation using Pan Am aircraft. Coleman fled with his family to Sweden. exposing the truth behind the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103. who arranged passage for the Coleman family and paid for the flight to the United States. Filing False Charges Against Former Mossad Juval Aviv was head of the international security firm. In 1997 he decided to return and fight the charges. Exposing Government Corruption Via a Book Disturbed about the government’s involvement in downing Pan Am 103. Standard Government Retaliation A week before the book’s publicized release date. Justice Department prosecutor Sean O’Shea filed two false charges against Coleman. Alabama Governor Forst James. or was part of the scheme to silence and discredit Coleman. Justice Department prosecutors charged him with making false statements on the passport application. 1994. One charge was for an alleged passport violation and the other charge was for making an alleged false statement in the civil law suit involving the relatives against Pan American Airlines.Pan Am Flight 103 Bombing 3 tify against Michael Riconosciuto. As stated in the Inslaw chapter. Interfor. and recognizing the slim chance of defending himself against the sham Justice Department charges. Coleman was immediately arrested upon arriving in the United States. Trail of the Octopus.1 Much of this information coincided with information that CIA agents had told me several years earlier. 1 Trail of the Octopus. Justice Department officials threatened to retaliate against Riconosciuto if he testified in the Congressional hearings involving Justice Department misconduct in the Inslaw matter. intending to discredit what he was revealing. Bloomsbury Publications. Perjury Charge for Reporting the Truth Coleman had prepared an affidavit that was to be entered into the litigation against Pan Am by the relatives of the dead. spending more time in prison waiting to be tried than the normal incarceration for such a violation. his DIA handlers instructed him to return to Beirut after first obtaining a passport using a forged birth certificate given to him years earlier as a cover. . assisted by old friend. England. Without funds to hire legal counsel. Coleman co-authored a book with Donald Goddard that was published in Great Britain. After Coleman did this. Coleman had stated in the affidavit. and Justice Department prosecutors then charged him with perjury for revealing these criminal activities. where he was given political asylum.

Underwriters. after he sought to obtain meetings between Libya and the United States to show the errors behind the Justice Department’s Pan Am 103 charges. including a Justice Department employee. Pan Am’s insurance carrier. They filed sham charges against Juval Avid in 1995. Jim Shaughnessy. Justice Department prosecutors retaliated against Aviv for exposing the CIA-DEA drug pipeline. president of U. I started communicating with European film producer Allan Francovich who had produced a 1994 documentary film. The next of kin probably preferred it this way. to investigate how the bomb was placed on Pan Am Flight 103. Two U. revealing the truth associated with the downing of Pan Am Flight 103.4 Defrauding America. taking ten minutes to reach a decision. Justice Department prosecutors misused the power of that federal agency to silence or discredit others who sought to expose the truth behind the Pan Am bombing. Justice Department prosecutors and the federal judge in the Pan Am litigation acted to prevent this information being presented to the jury. to inflict harm upon a person for trying to report a federal crime. the relative’s lawyers could argue that Pan Am’s willful negligence permitted the bomb to be put on the aircraft and was therefore responsible for the deaths. By withholding knowledge of the CIA-DEA drug operation. A federal jury in New York acquitted Aviv in early 1997. Underwriters. 1513. claiming that he made false claims in an investigative report submitted to the General Electric Company five years earlier. Sham charges were filed against the lead lawyer defending Pan Am.S. Vol. plus the criminal offenses associated with obstruction of justice and related offenses. General Electric never complained about the report and was very pleased with it. The film showed the falsity of the evidence fabricated by Justice Department officials and showed that Libya and 2 Title 18 USC §§ 1512. Justice Department personnel committed serious criminal acts. after Brennan had authorized using information showing what really happened that allowed the bomb to be placed on board the ill-fated flight. and wrote a detailed report to this effect.S. British Television Producer Exposing the Truth In 1995. Aviv and his firm discovered what Coleman had sought to expose. . The Maltese Doublecross. No End to the False Prosecution Justice Department prosecutors filed sham charges against lobbyist William Chasey. Even the head of the insurance company that paid for Aviv’s investigation and hiring of legal counsel suffered government retaliation. Immunity Against Their Criminal Deeds It is a criminal offense2 for anyone. By fraudulently charging Coleman with a criminal offense for reporting the CIA-DEA drug smuggling operation. They filed false charges against John Brennan. Pan Am’s lawyers tried to introduce this evidence into the civil trial filed by relatives of the dead.

the Journal’s article discredited Aviv and the others who sought to expose the truth. British authorities worked with the United States to cover up the truth behind the Pan Am deaths. Usual U. was sent to me in 1996. mainstream media knew about the charges in the European press.S. In Potomac in the US State of Maryland. providing additional support to the CIA-DEA drug pipeline using Pan Am aircraft. books. California. the book was removed from bookstores and reportedly the unsold books were shredded. German Press Revealed Parts of the Story A partial English translation from the German magazine. 1995. For those who didn’t know the facts. Coleman experienced the same refusal by U. Trail of the Octopus. Focus. Even in Europe. We were in frequent contact thereafter on matters of mutual interest. Several distributors had initially agreed to handle it. revealing the interview between a Focus reporter and a CIA official in Washington. from the American public. distributors to handle the distribution of his book. the media kept the truth.S. or at least the opposing information. I had met Francovich when he was in Berkeley.S. As in most of the government corruption described within these pages. unsuccessfully trying to find a station that would air his television documentary. Wall Street Journal Assistance in Cover-Up Despite the evidence showing Justice Department prosecutors engaging in sham charges against Aviv. the interview would not have taken place.Pan Am Flight 103 Bombing 5 Libyans were not involved in the bombing. find some culprits. and then inexplicably backed down. FOCUS spoke with a section chief of the CIA about the Lockerbie disaster and its background. but could not find any television station or cable operator who would handle such a sensitive matter despite its success in Europe. FOCUS: When did you find out who was responsible for the Lockerbie disaster? . Censorship in the United States Francovich tried to have his television documentary played in the United States. and movies. As in many behind-the-scene activities. disproving the Justice Department position. Without the assurance that his identity would not be revealed. the Wall Street Journal published a lengthy December 18. Media Complicity of Silence The U. The article read: Revenge Was the Motive--For the sake of the relatives of the 270 dead. and despite the evidence showing Justice Department cover-up of the true facts in the Pan Am tragedy. Appearing in the television documentary was one of my CIA sources. article that greatly assisted the Justice Department’s cover-up. Oswald LeWinter. The CIA staffer had been working during the past ten years in the field of the Middle East and in counterterrorism.

he had been ambassador in Damascus and helped to build up the Lebanese terrorist organization Hizbollah. As sugar coating. whom the German police later arrested. took part in an Islamic conference in Tehran. FOCUS: What was his motive? CIA: Money and drugs from Lebanon. that the Lockerbie bomb was built in Lebanon. FOCUS: What happened at this meeting in Tehran? CIA: It was a meeting of the ten groups of so-called Palestinian rejectionist. He had been invited by the then Iranian Interior Minister. Abu Nidal‘s people were also represented. Jibril finally admitted that he was responsible for the attack on Pan Am 103. Earlier. a member of a Palestinian group. in a camp of the PFLP-GC in the Baka Valley. The device was flown from Damascus to Berlin aboard Syrian Arab Airlines and given there to the German commando branch of Jibril’s organization. They were coming from the Middle East and wanted to fly home to their families for Christmas. FOCUS: What did this praise have to do with Lockerbie? CIA: The others asked Jibril later on what Mohtashami meant. for example. The information said that this group blew up the airplane on orders of the Iranians. in personal conversations. Al Akbar Mohtashemi. FOCUS: Why this airliner specifically? CIA: On board the jumbo there were drug investigators and intelligence colleagues. We had many contacts. The terrorists knew this. Out of revenge for the shooting down of an Iranian civil airliner over the Persian Gulf by the US Navy.6 CIA: Defrauding America. He was a drug addict. This was led by Hafer Qessan Daikamouni. We learned. he portrayed the PFLP-GC as a shining example. he offered further financial support. He criticized them because he considered them too lazy. FOCUS: Couldn’t this just be a case of a terrorist who wanted to make himself look important? Did you learn more? CIA: Our knowledge was very extensive. and a Hizbollah delegation. One of our Near Eastern agents. Suddenly. FOCUS: Does your information on the real background come from one single Arab source? CIA: No. Mohtashemi demanded more action from his guests against the USA and Israel. of course not. especially in Damas- . Vol. That was like a whiplash for them. An American staffer of Pan Am [baggage handler?] smuggled the bomb on board Pan Am 103 in Frankfurt. Two From the beginning we had information about the Damascusbased PFLP-GC of Ahmed Jibril. Ahmed Jibril looked around proudly. FOCUS: Did he confirm this to your agent too? CIA: Yes. We got the first proof for this story in February 1989. The opponents of peace.

We took tougher political measures. but at the same time. We compelled Assad to take part in the Gulf war against Iraq. How could we unmask our partner during the tough weeks of the war as being behind one of the worst crimes of all times? We had to spare Syria. also for the sake of the 270 relatives of those 270 dead. Do you think that some day the truth about Lockerbie will be officially confirmed? CIA: It’s very doubtful whether my government can part ways with the Libya version. How does this all track? CIA: Its Realpolitik. I don’t exclude the possibility that this peace will be paid for with the knowledge about Lockerbie Other Airliners Shot Down by U. Too much has happened since 1991. In an attempt to kill the leader of a foreign country. based upon documents obtained from the retired head of Italy’s counterintelligence agency. The London Independent reported this sequence of events. the attempted assassination succeeded in killing everyone on board an Italian passenger plane over the island of Ustica. The fronts have all grown too hard. Texas on CIA: FOCUS: Why didn’t you simply confront the Syrians with this and de- . of course not. just north of Sicily. aircraft. Washington suddenly accused two Libyan secret agents and the entire regime from Colonel Qaddafi of having blown up the Pan Am Airliner. Eighty-one people were killed by that scheme. Customs in Houston. FOCUS: The coalition won the war. But then overnight.” We couldn’t. and Syria was needed in the grand coalition against its neighbor Iraq. 7 mand that they take decisive measures against Jibril? We did. (June 27.Pan Am Flight 103 Bombing cus.S.S.” Sharaa answered: “Then prove it to me. with whom we have a traditionally tense relationship anyhow. So we used the Libyans. 1980.) Instead of killing the head of a foreign country. He said to his colleague [Syrian Foreign Minister] Farouk alSharaa: “We know who it was. The Iranian airliner was not the first one to be shot down by U. U.S. the policy changed. and French aircraft shot several air-to-air missiles at what they thought was a passenger aircraft carrying Libyan Col. 1996) Mysterious Death of Francovich and Missing Documents Francovich was going through U.S. And Syria? The country is on the threshold of peace with Israel. Moammar Gadhafi. FOCUS: The US Navy wanted to bomb Qaddafi to death in 1985. The United Nations embargo has caused a lot of damage. Months later. Secretary of State James Baker flew to Damascus. (January 8. Saddam Hussein had steamrolled over Kuwait. come up with a culprit. FOCUS: And that was that? CIA: No.

. Francovich’s body was then taken by friends for a private autopsy to determine if he had been injected prior to his death by any of the drugs used to bring about a fatal heart attack. it would be easy in a crowd to simply prick someone with a needle containing the drug on its tip. 1997.8 Defrauding America. During questioning by Customs agents he suddenly suffered a fatal heart attack. As they said. The highly sensitive papers that he was carrying then disappeared. Two April 22. Vol. carrying documents for Coleman’s defense and Aviv’s civil damage trial against the government.

Attorneys. She had been a top aide to Clinton’s friend and drug-trafficker. control of drug testing. or about twenty percent of the eligible voters. Hubbell was a law partner at the Rose Law Firm to Hillary Clinton. Clinton stated that he had the utmost respect for Hubbell. especially the Justice Department. assisting in the operation of Lasater’s Arkansas bond activities that involved drug-money laundering. Department of Justice. and other sensitive matters. thereby halting prosecution of people close to the president.S.S. After having been charged with these offenses. ending up in federal prison. The first to go was FBI Director William Sessions. a position in which he was de facto head of U. BNL. Sessions was a “loose cannon” to high government people in both parties.CHAPTER TWO President Clinton’s Saga A fter Clinton was elected president of the United States by about forty-two percent of the votes cast. Clinton appointed Patsy Thomasson. Hubbell was later charged and confessed to criminal activities after he was forced to resign. with connection to CIA-related Arkansas operations. Ironically. several years after assuming her sensitive White House . who had announced his intention to investigate Justice Department officials in the BCCI cover-up. with people who would protect him from his earlier acts while governor of Arkansas. He appointed Webster Hubbell deputy Attorney General. CIA drug trafficking and money laundering. some of whom were themselves implicated in various federal offenses. Among Patsy Thomasson’s White House responsibilities were issuing security clearances. to be director of White House administration. Dan Lasater. and Iraqgate. and his Angel Fire Resort which was heavily involved in drug trafficking. including the president himself. October Surprise. including the FBI. who could charge him or his friends with criminal acts. Clinton took the unprecedented step of firing all U. He stacked key government offices. who had connections to drug trafficking activities. his administration and its Justice Department halted all investigations and prosecution of the crimes related to Inslaw. Appointing Friends for Damage Control One of Clinton’s first acts was to remove key people in the Justice Department. She managed these operations while he was in prison on a drug-related offense. BCCI.

during which time he protected the junk bond industry that inflicted great harm upon the American CIA-related Silverado. Department of Transportation. Pena had been involved with MDC Holdings and related groups. involving key players from the Denver area HUD and savings and loan scandals. major drug trafficker Barry Seal. as U. which was then followed by numerous investigations into Brown’s alleged unlawful activities. in which U. and which occurred while the Republicans were in control of the White House and oversight administrative agencies. at that time. CIA sources told me that Pena was paid a million and a half dollars for his help in getting Denver voters to approve the Denver Airport project. Senator. The Republicans couldn’t object to his appointment. Pena’s primary credential was that he helped promote the new Denver International Airport. payoffs. plus interest. The group consisted of Vincent Foster. and involved CIA in looting of financial institutions. over ten billion dollars. Vol. Two position. and fraud involving the Denver International Airport.S. and Terry Reed. Former CIA operative Trenton Parker stated that he saw Vincent Foster. land flips. To control the U. That airport project was riddled with corruption. To do so would threaten to expose aspects of the savings and loan scandal that have never been exposed by Congress or the mainstream media.S. and Columbia Savings and Loans. a CIA contract agent who sought to blow the whistle on CIA drug activities. Pena was appointed despite the many reports of influence peddling. Reed coauthored the book. Clinton appointed the former mayor of Denver.S. taxpayers. Department of Commerce. Arkansas airport during the 1980s while Parker was on CIA business. CenTrust. as one of the people he met at the infamous Mena. Despite the knowledge that junk bond purchases by savings and loans played a significance role in their failure. Lincoln. Brown’s death in a 1996 plane crash halted these investigations. Federico Pena. Compromise. Appointed to the position of Under-Secretary of State for Global Affairs was Tim Wirth. Clinton appointed Ron Brown secretary of the U. The misconduct by these savings and loans cost the U.S. Wirth was beholden to Denver lawyer Norman Brownstein and Larry Mizel for millions of dollars used in his various congressional campaigns since 1974. Attorney Michael Norton was also financially involved. initially. 3 . a senior partner in the Rose Law Firm. she was still unable to obtain a security clearance. Brownstein and Mizel were reportedly heavily involved in serious misconduct in the HUD and savings and loan scandals. Wirth was Chairman of the House Banking Committee’s Subcommittee on Telecommunications and Finance from 1981 to 1986 while a Congressman from Colorado. Wirth.10 Defrauding America. tried to block legislation that would have blocked any further junk bond purchasers. who reportedly received nearly a quarter of a million dollars in campaign funds from insolvent savings and loans3 and land developers.S.

President Clinton Saga


economy. Wirth’s opposition to corrective actions continued long after it was obvious the corruption had to be stopped. (Among Mizel’s many reported activities was an illegal kickback scheme in which subcontractors had to kick back money or be blackballed from future work.) Wirth’s opposition to addressing the savings and loan debacle was concurrent with receiving almost $200,000 from several savings and loan associations4 that cost the taxpayers over $10 billion during the bailout. (All of these institutions had ties with the CIA.) Coming from Arkansas With Heavy Baggage Clinton had much to hide when he left Arkansas to assume the presidency of the United States. His misuse of government facilities and power to feed his sex drive, his use of drugs, his cover-up of the CIA’s unlawful arms shipments from Arkansas and related drug trafficking, were crimes. The diversion of taxpayer funds from Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan to his Whitewater Development investment didn’t help. The mysterious deaths, killings, and beatings of people possessing information that would expose these corrupt activities added still further to Clinton’s problems. He certainly needed a thick armor of protective officials in government. Fortunately for him, the U.S. media kept the lid on these major crimes. Saying the Right Things

Despite involvement and knowledge of questionable activities, the Clintons as lawyers and politicians, said the right things. Hillary Clinton, in a speech at the University of Pennsylvania in May 1993, stated, “We have to believe that in the free exchange of ideas, justice will prevail over injustice.”

When Clinton was asked about smoking marijuana, his reply was that he “didn’t inhale.” He appeared on television while governor of Arkansas, attacking drugs as a scourge, and pleading with young people not to take drugs. Simultaneously, he was blocking investigation and prosecution of the heavy CIA-related drug activities in Arkansas in which his own friends and business associates were implicated. During his presidential campaign he lambasted the big time operators in the 1980s, while he helped cause the failure of Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan. When he was accused of carrying on a sexual relationship with Gennifer Flowers and countless other women, he denied it, despite the massive evidence that the women’s statements were true and his were false. Clinton’s pattern of lies and misconduct, surrounding himself with the Arkansas crowd and young inexperienced personnel resulted in one fiasco after the other, exposing the United States to ridicule all over the world. The scandals came once after the other. Travelgate (false charges and firing of long-time White House employee); Whitewater; bribes from foreign sources disguised as political contributions; the haircut fi4

Silverado, Lincoln, CenTrust, and Columbia Savings and Loan associations.


Defrauding America, Vol. Two

asco in which traffic at Los Angeles Airport, one of the nation’s busiest, was halted while Clinton waited for a barber to arrive and give him a haircut. (Many airlines and thousands of passengers were required to either circle in the air or divert to other airports, causing millions of dollars in extra costs and creating massive aircraft scheduling problems.) Ron Brown’s Lobbying Brown was enmeshed in scandals throughout his career. In 1993, Brown was identified as having demanded the payment of $700,000 plus a percentage of sales in exchange for his help in lifting the trade embargo against Vietnam. At first, Brown and his lawyer denied that Brown had any contact whatsoever with Vietnamese businessman Nguyen Van Hao, who allegedly arranged for the placement of the $700,000 in a secret bank account. Later, after evidence surfaced that this statement was false, Brown then admitted meeting several times with the Vietnamese businessman and Vietnam government contact. After this information surfaced, President Clinton affirmed his support for Brown. The Clinton administration’s Justice Department investigated itself and held that there was no evidence of wrongdoing. Reference is made to the FBI agent, described elsewhere, who reported indictments about to be handed down against Brown and many business executives, and the sudden shutdown of the operation by Justice Department personnel, with shredding of the evidence. Clinton’s Cover-Up of CIA Drug Trafficking While Clinton was governor of Arkansas, he blocked investigation and prosecution of CIA drug trafficking and drug-money laundering. While governor he associated with and did business with known drug traffickers. After Clinton became president of the United States, drug use was rampant in the White House, and key drug interdiction efforts were cut way back. As stated earlier, Patsy Thomasson, with her close ties to Lasater‘s drug operation, was given a key position in the White House staffing. The San Francisco area legal newspaper, Daily Journal, wrote (July 21, 1994) “The Clinton administration has been undermining existing anti-drug efforts on all fronts.” The article accused Clinton of: Dismantling almost the entire White House office created to lead the fight. It listed Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders repeated calls for drug legalization...government-led domestic marijuana eradication has been substantially curtailed...The president has ordered a massive reduction in Defense Department support for drug interdiction...proposed that Congress cut $100 million in drug-treatment funding and $130 million in drug-prevention education... For 1995, the president wants to cut 625 positions from federal drug enforcement agencies—the DEA, FBI, Border Patrol, U.S. Customs Ser-

President Clinton Saga


vice and others—and reduce federal drug-prosecution personnel by more than 100 positions. The drug history of White House personnel was so bad that security clearances could not be obtained for dozens of White House employees. The London Sunday Telegraph (July 17, 1994) headlined an article, “Clinton took cocaine while in Office,” and stated in part: President Clinton faces potentially devastating allegations that he engaged in regular use of cocaine and marijuana during his rise to political prominence in Arkansas. The allegations, made in a series of exclusive interviews with The Sunday Telegraph, describe a drug habit that continued until the mid-1990s. Mr. Clinton’s drug use...involved the systematic violation of the law when he was either a law professor, or in high office as Attorney General and later Governor of Arkansas. The Clinton administration has been criticized for cutting funding for the Coast Guard’s air and boat patrols and restricting sharing intelligence on drugs with other countries. The alleged use occurred in a variety of settings from 1972 to 1986; some of it involves stories of wild behavior at nightclubs and private parties. If the accounts are true they raise questions about how Mr. Clinton funded the alleged habit on his modest $35,000 income as Governor of Arkansas. Senator Lauch Faircloth, a member of the Banking Committee, properly articulated the danger of exposing Clinton’s drug connections as he said, “If any credible evidence surfaces concerning drug use by President Clinton while he was Governor of Arkansas, it would be a national scandal.” Clinton’s Tyson Connection Don Tyson and the Tyson companies made many financial contributions to the Clintons, and in return received protection against costly environmental and food-safety requirements. Arkansas regulatory agencies eliminated the costly requirement for waste disposal at Tyson’s chicken processing plants. When the U.S. Department of Agriculture was requiring meat-processing plants to provide safety inspections, the chicken processors were eliminated. Tyson’s Reported Involvement in Drugs A January 21, 1981, confidential report by the Washington County Criminal Investigation Division described Don Tyson’s5 alleged involvement in drugs and his hiring of hit-men, as stated to the police by confidential informants. The report describing the statements made by informants stated in part: Don Tyson...is involved in drug traffic and stolen property....Tyson has been operating a Crystal Methamphetamine lab that was located at the Swepco Generator Plant....Most of the
5 Don Tyson took over the business after his mother and father were killed in an automobile accident.


Defrauding America, Vol. Two

product of this drug lab are being passed on the campus of the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville. TYSON brings in his supplies for his lab in his trucks that haul frozen chickens. An associate of TYSON was now ex-sheriff HERB MARSHALL...was to have been furnishing confiscated weapons to TYSON for sale....Also involved with the stolen guns is Joe Starr,...operator of Springdale Farms. Starr also is involved in purchasing cocaine and marijuana and hires the runners to distribute it. STARR and TYSON work together in the narcotics and stolen gun dealings. CLINT SPENCER,...operator of the Spencer Bonding Agency in Fayetteville is said to work for TYSON as a hit man. Drug dealers that owe Tyson money were tracked down by Spencer and said to have been found missing and not to be heard of again. Runners for TYSON are said to be: 1. RICK DOLAN,...; 2. BOBBY CARSLIE,...; 3. CHARLES AGEE,...; 4. LARRY HACKINS,...; 5. MORTON MARSHALL,...also jailer at the Washington County Jail. Am-Vet’s Club in Fayetteville...has the same ownership as TOMMY’s Lounge in Springdale, being CHUCK, last name unknown, was paying the Washington County Sheriff’s Office for protection in the past and some of TYSON’s drugs goes through these clubs. In 1994, the media focused on the favoritism shown to Tyson Foods, and the funding of Clinton’s campaigns and perks bestowed upon the head of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Mike Espy. But there was much more about the Tyson connection that the mainstream media did not divulge, similar to withholding information about the Arkansas CIA drug trafficking and drug-money laundering. An August 10, 1984, DEA report6 stated in part: On July 5, 1984, SMQ-84-0019 telephoned [investigator] at the Tucson District Office concerning narcotic trafficking by Donald J. TYSON in and around the area of Fayetteville, Arkansas....had information concerning heroin, cocaine and marijuana trafficking in the States of Arkansas, Texas, and Missouri by the TYSON organization....Alex MONTEZ and Donald KEMP, who are believed to be Lieutenants for Donald TYSON....The CI [confidential informant] got involved with the TYSON organization...the CI learned of a location called “THE BARN” which TYSON used as a “stash” location for large quantities of marijuana and cocaine. “THE BARN” area is located between Springdale and Fayetteville, Arkansas, and, from the outside, the appearance of “THE BARN” looks run down. On the inside of “THE BARN” it is quite plush. The CI Also learned that Donald TYSON has all of the narcotics related meetings at the Ramada Inn in Fayetteville, Ar6

File number GF140-34-4046.

President Clinton Saga


kansas, and those meetings are usually concerning the business in and around “THE BARN.”...In March 1978, OOOOO, in a state of intoxication, stated to the CI, “Daddy Don (Donald TYSON) can put out the word to take care of you, and Alex MONTEZ will leave you in a culvert, but somebody else will take the blame for it.” Another report by the Criminal Investigation Section, dated October 26, 1981, stated in part: The following information received from Sgt ██████, Training Division, Little Rock, Arkansas. SGT █████ advised that he received information from an informant, who told that DON TYSON of Tyson Food Industries in Springdale, Arkansas, owns a company aircraft, which is being utilized to smuggle drugs from Florida to Springdale. An October 20, 1986, report on drug trafficking activities by the Federal Bureau of Investigation stated in part: Mr. LOCKE stated he became associated with DAN LASATER during the mid-1970s. In 1980, along with DAVID COLLINS and DAN LASATER, he became a partner in the formation of COLLINS, LOCKE, AND LASATER (CL&L), a banking investment firm. LOCKE stated he was a member of the Arkansas State Legislature during this time, and also employed as a salesman for CL&L. Mr. LOCKE admitted the use of cocaine during business meetings when DAVID COLLINS and DAN LASATER were present. Another DEA report dated December 14, 1982, stated in part: Sgt. Myres advised that he had received information from confidential sources indicating that PRIDEAUX’s sources for cocaine is a Don TYSON, who owns TYSON INDUSTRIES in Springdale, Arkansas. Sgt. Myres also advised that his source said that TYSON smuggles cocaine from Colombia, South America inside race horses to Hot Springs, Arkansas....Sgt. Myres’s source also stated that a Dale LNU is a runner for TYSON and delivered cocaine to PRIDEAX. For indexing purposes that report identified Tyson as follows: 2. TYSON, Don J.- NADDIS 470067, aka “CHICKEN MAN”, owns Tyson Industries, Springdale, Arkansas. Another report identified as LR 245F-2, relating to an investigation of George Edward Locke stated in part: Mr. Locke advised it was his understanding that CRAIG CAMPBELL was the source of cocaine for Jack Stephens during a time JACK STEPHENS was having problems regarding alcohol consumption. A September 8, 1986, report related to questioning of Dan Lasater‘s pilot, Ronald P. Ziller, stated in part: Mr. Ziller stated he went to work for Lasater in July of 1983 and was fired December 1984. He was chief pilot of the Canadian Air Challenger, CL 600DL and co-pilot of the Lear Jet, 100DL.... When asked about the use of cocaine by members of the firm,


Defrauding America, Vol. Two

Collins, Locke, and Lasater, and their friends, he stated that [he] had heard stories of its wide use by some members of the firm. Mr. Ziller was asked about any flights outside of the U.S. that Dan Lasater or any other member of the firm might have had with him as pilot. He stated that on the 8th of February, 1984, he flew Dan Lasater, Patsy Thomasson, to Belize to look at a horse farm that was for sale by a Roy Carver... Some of these trips were made with Roger Clinton as a passenger. Dan Lasater was sentenced to prison for his drug trafficking occurring in Arkansas, and before leaving for prison he signed a Durable Power of Lawyer on June 24, 1987, naming Patsy L. Thomasson as his agent and lawyer-in-fact. On the three-page document, under Certificate of Incumbency, filed with the Arkansas Secretary of State, Patsy Thomasson was named president of The Phoenix Group, Inc., the Angel Fire Corporation, and Portfolio Services, Inc. Speaker of the house Newt Gingrich said (December 5, 1994, CNN) that a quarter of the White House staff had used drugs during the past year. Considering the many Arkansas cronies that were taken to the White House, this news is hardly unexpected. Questionable Relationships Dan Lasater‘s company received much of the state funneled money for bonds that laundered drug money until Lasater went to prison for drug distribution. After Lasater went to prison, Clinton had Stephens’ companies handle the bond writing. Stephens is the company that brought the illegal and corrupt BCCI bank into the United States by enabling BCCI to take control of certain U.S. banks in violation of U.S. law. Questionable Deaths and Clinton—CIA Activities in Arkansas A pattern of killings, mysterious deaths and beatings surround the activities of Bill Clinton and the CIA activities in Arkansas with which Clinton was involved. The nature of these deaths and beatings occurring to people who knew of corrupt activities of either Clinton or the CIA strongly suggest that they occurred to silence the victims. It is inconceivable that so many would suffer so greatly simply because they were associated with Clinton or the CIA, unless someone felt they could expose misconduct that affected national interests. The Suspicious Death of Vincent Foster Another matter with serious implications was the mysterious death of White House counsel Vincent Foster, which had strong overtones of being murder. Foster, a partner in the Rose Law Firm, who was involved in many questionable activities surrounding Governor Clinton, was found dead in Fort Marcy Park, Virginia on July 20, 1994. His death occurred shortly before the various Arkansas scandals started to emerge in the British and U.S. press. There were unprecedented irregularities associated with Foster‘s death and the subsequent investigation, and as the facts became known, it was obvious that Foster was murdered and that the usual cover-up

President Clinton Saga


was occurring. Despite the fact that Foster‘s death was the highest official since JFK’s assassination to be shot while in office, the FBI did not investigate. Instead, the Park Police were allowed to investigate the death of this high federal official despite the fact that the park police had virtually no expertise in this area. The person who discovered Foster‘s body notified a park worker, and then left. This person eventually contacted Washington talk show host G. Gordon Liddy, telling him repeatedly, “There was no gun in his hand.” The witness told Liddy why he didn’t report finding the body to the police, “I don’t want to end up like that guy I found.” Park police reports said that Foster‘s right hand held the gun. The person who found Foster’s body stated positively that there was no gun in Foster’s hand. There were many other irregularities, indicating that Foster had been killed elsewhere and then his body taken to where it was found. The evidence indicating that Foster was killed included, for instance: • There was virtually no blood at the scene, which was highly improbable with a gunshot wound into the mouth. • The little blood that was on Foster‘s face ran uphill in relation to how the body was neatly positioned to the slope. • Semen was found on his underwear, indicating sexual activity on the day of his death. There was no attempt to find out why. Was he lured into a sexual encounter and then killed? • Blonde female hair was found on his clothes. No attempt was made to investigate this matter. • Carpet fibers were found on Foster‘s clothes, as if he was rolled in a carpet. No attempt was made to identify the source of the fibers. • No fingerprints were found on the gun. • The gun was found in Foster‘s right hand. He was left-handed. • The neatly clutched gun in Foster‘s hand despite the fact that the explosive recoil would have jerked the gun away. • Foster‘s body was neatly positioned on the ground, with both hands neatly placed alongside the body, despite the body reaction occurring after the head was hit by a bullet. • He allegedly walked on 600 feet of dirt and through knee-high shrubbery without any evidence of dirt or shrubbery on the soles of his shoes or clothes. • Three handwriting specialists7 held during a news conference that the Foster suicide note was a forgery. • Foster‘s glasses were inexplicably found 13 feet from his body in dense foliage. • Eyewitnesses, such as the person who found Foster‘s body, were not called to testify.
Vincent Scalice, former New York police department homicide expert; Reginald Alton, Oxford University manuscript expert; and Ronald Rice, Boston private investigator.


Defrauding America, Vol. Two

Pattern of obfuscation and secrecy by White House, Justice Department, and U.S. Park Police, indicative of cover-up. • Critical pictures of the death scene disappeared. • Refusal to allow the FBI to investigate Foster‘s death, leaving the investigation of the highest federal official to be killed since the JFK assassination in the hands of Park Police who had virtually no experience in this area. • Failure to find the bullet despite an exhaustive search added another element of suspicion on top of evidence proving that Foster did not walk to the death scene. Other irregularities exist that point toward murder, most of which went unreported by the mainstream media. Cover-Up Type of “Investigation” In addition to this evidence of foul play, there was the cover-up that could be expected to follow on the heels of the above signs of murder. • White House counsel Bernard Nussbaum blocked the Park Police from examining Foster‘s files in the White House. • The files were then secretly removed from the White House, despite their obvious value in investigation of Foster‘s death. • Many of Foster‘s files were shredded by the Rose Law Firm. • A subpoena was arranged to keep Foster files from investigators. • The U.S. Park Police refused to release the autopsy report, and then quickly ruled the death a suicide. • No grand jury was convened to investigate the evidence. • None of the people contacted by the Park Police were put under oath. • FBI Director William Sessions was fired by Clinton the day after Foster‘s death, leaving the FBI without a leader and hampering a proper investigation. • A relatively inexperienced officer of the Park Police was put in charge of the investigation. The death of a major White House person called for an FBI investigation, which did not occur. • Park police gave away possible valuable evidence (pager, personal clothing) the day after the death, when such items could provide important evidence. • Pictures of the death scene were lost. Since the death related to the highest federal official to die under mysterious circumstances since JFK’s death, it is hardly likely that they were simply lost. • Park Police told Fiske’s investigators that X-rays of Foster‘s body were not obtained, when Park Police reports state X-rays were taken. • None of the neighbors at the death scene were interviewed. • Fiske investigators pressured the person who first found the body to change his statements about the crime scene (The person had clearly stated initially that he saw both hands and that neither of them held a gun, while Park Police reported a gun in Foster‘s right hand).

and chastising the mainstream media for not pursuing the matter. Media Cover-Up The London Sunday Telegraph exposed many of the scandals occurring in the Clinton Administration. The Telegraph was years ahead of the mainstream American press in revealing the massive CIA drug trafficking into the United States. without leaving any finger prints. Continuing Pattern of Cover-Ups by Independent Counsels Independent counsel Kenneth Starr issued a statement in July 1997 stating that Foster had committed suicide. was torn into over two dozen pieces. 1995. associated with a massive cover-up. 1994. • Later FBI medical reports reported two drugs in Foster‘s blood when the first medical examiner didn’t find any. Clinton’s Justice Department refused to release the report. Many of these same points were raised in other reports. raising these same points and more. and Inslaw. also refused to release the autopsy report to the public. I know of no independent counsel “investigation” that did not cover up for hard-core misconduct. Foster‘s Secret European Trips Foster apparently made several secret trips to Switzerland. Freedom of Information Lawsuit by Wall Street Journal Because of these suspicious circumstances. mainstream press kept the lid on the scandal. The special counsel appointed by the Justice Department.President Clinton Saga • 19 Observations by first people on the scene of additional wounds on Foster‘s head were not recorded on official reports. there could not possibly be any justification for refusing to release it. • Note found in Foster‘s briefcase. his continued legal representation of clients. the Wall Street Journal filed a federal lawsuit under the Freedom of Information Act seeking to obtain the autopsy report on Foster. and many other publications. Accuracy in Media. including of course. despite the fact that unless there was a murder with political implications. Iran-Contra. Accuracy in Media. If so. On June 4. catching . simultaneously stating that the death was a suicide. the Johnson-Smick Report. It was far ahead in exposing the murder of Vincent Foster and his secret foreign travels. October Surprise. Robert Fiske. while the U. many of the articles written by Washington-based columnist Ambrose Pritchard. and alleging that the death was not a suicide. as they reported that Foster’s death appeared to be murder. some with conflicting interests.S. portrayed an impending cover-up. Starr’s performance. Foreign Media Circumvents U. had a full page ad in the New York Times. The Sunday Telegraph was at the forefront reporting the illegal arms sales in the IranContra affair. listing the many irregularities in the Foster death.S. • Government refusal to release the medical examiner’s report. The New York Post. under mysterious circumstances. also raised doubts about the reported suicide. why couldn’t the autopsy report be released? The Western Journalism Center had a full-page announcement in the New York Times on August 28.

The return flight was booked for November 3. reimbursing the White House from his personal American Express card. which suggests that he was not engaged in routine work for the Rose Law Firm. At his death he had built up more than 500. was not aware of any trips he made to Switzerland. not the full picture.S.” Many in Washington believe that the investigation by Robert Fiske last year was a charade and a black mark on the American judicial system. by Foster‘s sister.853 miles. Several days later [on July 20.20 Defrauding America.490. Sheila Anthony. It reached the conclusion that Foster committed suicide before much of the forensic evidence had been analyzed by the FBI crime labs. These are only a sample of the flights.” a category of discount available only to senior government officials—or contract operatives doing work for the federal government. Vol. Much of it came from flying overseas.S. he was found dead in a Virginia park next to the residence of the Saudi ambassador. That raises the question: was Foster a U. before key witnesses had been interviewed. he purchased a ticket through the White House Travel Office from Washington to Geneva on TWA and Swiss Air. She told him that Foster was working on “top secret” issues at the White House and “that his depression was directly related to highly sensitive and confidential matters. on July 1. A year later he did exactly the same thing. darting in and out of the country on December 7. The cost was $1. Lisa. he flew to Batman in remote Turkish Kurdistan. 1993]. But he never made the trip and was refunded by Swiss Air on July 8. On December 20. Airlines. agent at a time when he was ostensibly in private practice as a Little Rock lawyer? Sources close to the Foster family say that his widow. Finally. His foreign flights on Delta during the late 1980s and early 1990s were often purchased at “executive fares. for example.000 “air-miles” on the frequent flier programs of major U. 1992—during the presidential transition period—he bought a ticket from Little Rock to Geneva.. One official close to . A psychiatrist told the FBI that he was contacted on July 16.Independent experts have described the crime scene as a textbook case of a murder made to look like a suicide.. giving him less than one full day on the ground in Switzerland. and before the autopsy review by independent experts. a top official at the Justice Department. 1993. returning on December 9. via Paris. A London Sunday Telegraph article stated in part: The records show that Foster bought a ticket to Switzerland during that early phase of the Clinton presidential bid—traveling on American Airlines from Little Rock to Paris with a connection to Geneva on Swiss Air. On Delta he apparently built up 197. Several of the FBI documents appear to have been doctored. 1993. Two a return flight to the United States within hours of his arrival. 1988..

Wanta said that Robert Nash.S. This coincided with the travel plans described by the London Sunday Telegraph and also by former associate editor at Forbes Magazine. then the Fiske investigation. (Foster died on July 20. Vincent Foster had requested from AmeriTrust Corporation. and had reportedly transmitted funds to the Wanta group to cover currency transactions. What is it about the death of Vince Foster that has caused every investigation to recoil? First. Department of Defense. Richard Secord. and other activities involving sophisticated global money matters. dollars in Europe.S. Leo Wanta. Treasury.President Clinton Saga 21 the investigation has described the scale of lying and fabrication by government officials as staggering.S. his contacts with Vincent Foster. 1993. Some of Wanta’s activities destabilizing the USSR economy were described in Thieves’ World. then the Senate Banking Committee and now. Park Police.8 Wanta said that he had a scheduled meeting in Europe to meet Vincent Foster involving currency transactions.000 for initial currency trading to the Bank of China. Wanta started communicating with me in July 1995. State Department.) Hotel reservations were madefor Foster by Wanta’s group for July 7. allegedly a front for surreptitious activities. This required the approval of the U. and MiApollo Investments Limited. Attorney Joe Donahue. Simon & Shuster. had European meetings scheduled with Vincent Foster.S. The meeting was scheduled in Geneva for July 7. President Bill Clinton appointed Nash to a position in the U. $250 million over a 24-month period from U. Texas. involving U. government proceeds of bank debenture contracts approved by Richard Breeden of Securities Exchange Commission and U. in which Wanta was involved.S. James Norman. 1993. Further Support for the Secret Trips One of my sources. Foster was working with Wanta to obtain for Wanta diplomatic appointment for Somalia. and the delivery of 90 million barrels of Saudi light oil to Houston. perhaps. Georgia concerned these projects. the U. Wanta said that Nash has remitted $500. formerly of Arkansas Development Finance Authority (ADFA) was involved. Kenneth Starr’s team. Wanta was involved in international currency dealings.S. describing his activities with the CIA. Wanta said that Vincent Foster and William Barr were working together in moving huge quantities of U. 1993. Eduarde Schevardnadze of the Republic of Georgia.S. Wanta’s scheduled July 1993 meeting with Foster in Tbilisis. ADFA did considerable foreign currency trading and other financial transactions in overseas markets. the role he played in destabilizing the Russian ruble. 8 Thieves’ World. . Foster was assisting Wanta on various sensitive projects. Foster was scheduled to meet with a financial group to finalize his monetary request for $250 million in favor of the Children’s Defense Fund. Claire Sterling. under contract with White Cloud Petroleum Corporation of Delaware.

Convenient Deaths Luther “Jerry” Parks. killings. working in close contact with a CIA group aligned with former CIA director Bill Casey. and Russian Mafia figures. and mysterious deaths of people who had information relating to Clinton or the CIA Arkansas activities. and the file stolen from Parks’ home. When this file became known to Clinton. as a result of repeated shots. government and USSR-Russian partner in Russia. through fraudulent currency transactions. Another company involved in the currency trading. Military-intelligence-Apollo. Instead of using these programs to strengthen their economy. Vol. . was headed by Tremonti. It is also believed that they had the protection of the CIA and other intelligence agencies during this period. One of Wanta’s companies was called New Republic Financial Group. on a warrant from Wisconsin for alleged tax evasion. Gulewicz had been involved in drug trafficking. 1993. He described AmeriTrust as a group that handles sensitive U. that was a CIA operation. This devalued their own currency. Two The July 7. beatings. At least half a dozen people were murdered who posed a threat of exposure. Global Tactical Services. referring to them as MiApollo. and Warnings The threats. had accumulated a file on Clinton’s activities. indicating a determination that he be 9 “M” stands for military. It is believed that Wanta and those he worked with had reduced the value of the ruble about 50 percent in mid-1990. the KGB dumped massive amounts of Russian rubles that were cash reserves to Asian/Aneko. He also described how Saudi Arabia’s King Fahd authorized a $90 million humanitarian grant under Operation Restore Hope. Later. the burglar alarm disabled. but provided them huge personal gain.22 Defrauding America. 1993 Wanta was arrested in Lausanne. the phone lines were cut. Brutal Physical Attacks. Ltd. continued after Clinton became president.S.S. Pattern of Assassinations. including drug use and sexual escapades. including Jack Tremonti and Martin Gulewicz. Tremonti was believed initially associated with the Mafia in Detroit.S. Mysterious Deaths. 1993 scheduled meeting with Foster never occurred as on July 7. Switzerland. Wanta said that the United States government issued executive orders to assist Russian programs. based in Duncan. a private investigator employed to provide security for Governor Clinton during the presidential campaign. “I” stands for intelligence. Oklahoma. This may explain why Foster canceled his TWA plane reservation to Europe.9 Wanta was working with U. government contracts in prime bank debentures and currency movements. Wanta said that he was the coordinator for the U. Wanta referred to the involvement in these currency transactions by covert agencies. and then defeated the programs. Park was ambushed and killed in his car on September 26. Wanta described the operations of AmeriChina Global Management Group.

Arkansas home on May 11. Shortly after his murder. Don Henry. Despite the obvious cover-up of murders by Malack. Clinton recommended that Malack receive a forty percent salary increase. Malack ruled that the person. a week after her former husband was named as a defendant with Bill Clinton in the Paula Jones sexual harassment suit. Bill Shelton. the former wife of an Arkansas state trooper. 1993. The boys had been camping near a small airstrip where drug trafficking regularly occurred. and Bill and Hillary Clinton. 1994. despite the fact that he was decapitated.President Clinton Saga 23 killed. in an attempt to name the cause of deaths as accidental. had committed suicide. from the Lincoln Towers building in Arlington. was found dead in Delaware (June 23. He had helped produce a 350-page report on Madison Guaranty Savings & Loan. Stanley Huggins. where it was run over by a train. Ives’ mother obtained an autopsy from another source. federal investigators were pulled off the case by the Clinton administration. was found guilty in the death of two patients. claiming Malack was “stressed out” and under-paid. the boy friend of Kathy Ferguson. When Clinton’s mother. which substantiated the actual cause of death. Ronald Rogers. It could be expected that Kathy Ferguson told Shelton about any information given to her about Clinton by her former husband. who in 1987 reported corrupt loan practices by Madison Guaranty Savings & Loan. claiming that the deaths were suicide. a pilot. Virginia. James Dewey. She had earlier told fellow employees that the charges of Clinton’s sexual escapades were true and that her former husband had described Clinton’s activities to her. knew much about Clinton’s wrongdoings. was also placed on the railroad tracks. Arkansas authorities quickly ruled her death a suicide. 1994). reportedly of viral pneumonia. 1994. paying over $80. He was stabbed in the back and his body placed on the railroad tracks. Kevin Ives. He had been an investigator for the Resolution Trust Corporation and had reported to the Kansas City regional office of RTC that a suspicious association existed between Whitewater Development and Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan in Arkansas. a young boy who was with Kevin Ives. who assisted in the cover-up of the murders by calling the murders accidental. was found dead in her Sherwood. . Clinton argued to defend Malack. Malack came to Clinton’s defense. Eventually the media couldn’t keep the lid on these activities and Malak was removed from office.000 per year. Jon Walker fell to his death on August 15. Huggins was a lawyer with the Memphis law firm of Huggins & Associates. In another murder case and cover-up. It pays to have friends in high places. who was murdered by blows on the head. Clinton then found another job for him. State coroner Fahmy Malack. was protected by Clinton. Kathy Ferguson. was found shot to death on her grave on June 12. The Arkansas coroner quickly ruled the death a suicide. who was a physiotherapist.

Clinton had a more important reason for seeing Johnson dead. was stabbed at his home. a Washington lawyer. Ed Willey. DC.24 Defrauding America. Gregory Collins. who claimed he had knowledge regarding the deaths of Ives and Henry. Reavis & Pogue. Johnson had a security camera rigged to show who was at his door. Keith McKaskle. after two thugs demanded the videotapes of Governor Clinton entering Gennifer Flowers’ apartment. Barry Seal. C. Besides the fact he represented Nichols in the lawsuit. Dennis Patrick. 1992. was killed on March 1. near Dillingham. and then severely beat Johnson. found shot to death in the city dumps. “hung himself” on May 19. claiming knowledge of several of these deaths. He was the national finance co-chairman of Clinton’s presidential campaign. Johnson represented one of Bill Clinton‘s adversaries in a lawsuit. claiming knowledge of several of these deaths. was killed in a plane crash on July 30. and this security camera also recorded who entered the apartment of Jennifer Flowers. 1994. was shot. Wilson. obtained the tapes. was shot and killed. and a former legal counsel in the Washington law firm of Jones. one of Clinton’s sexual partners. Johnson’s apartment was across the hall from Gennifer Flowers. killed by a shotgun blast. killed by a shotgun blast in his driveway. who had a great amount of information on CIA drug and drug-money trafficking. former member of Clinton’s presidential campaign finance committee. Gary Johnson. familiar with drug-money laundering at Lasater and Company. Vincent Raiser II. a member of Raiser’s committee. who also claimed to have knowledge of several of these killings. the lawyer for Larry Nichols. 1993. He was chairman of the American Mobile Satellite Corporation. leaving . allegedly shot himself on November 30. shortly before giving a speech about Clinton’s activities. the thugs went to Johnson’s apartment. Jeff Rhodes. survived three attempts to kill him. Alaska. 1993. His name had been fraudulently used by Lasater & Company as an account in which tens of millions of dollars were transacted. a telecommunications company used by federal police agencies. and an expected witness. Richard Winters. When this information became known. Keith Coney. Herschel Friday. Four men were charged in the attacks upon Patrick. and ruled a suicide. was severely beaten and left for dead. as his plane crashed and exploded during a landing at a private airstrip. Jordan Ketelson. Two He was killed in a suspicious plane crash hours before he was to be interviewed for the taping of the Clinton Chronicles. was killed as he was fleeing from assailants. who claimed to have knowledge of the deaths of Henry and Ives. and involvement of Arkansas officials. who claimed to have knowledge of several of these killings. councilman in Washington. John A. Day. Vol.

Reed had filed in 1994 a civil rights lawsuit against Governor Clinton’s head of security. and a former Arkansas State Trooper.. was knocked unconscious (February 14. We were all insiders and privy to the criminal activities. Buddy Young. familiar with some of the drug trafficking. while serious. Davis’ list of contacts had been stolen after he was knocked unconscious.J. Only Clinton had a motive for getting those tapes and silencing Johnson. the mainstream media published virtually nothing about this beating and its implications. the boxes of evidence. a former CIA agent in Arkansas. Davis. Obviously. while Reed was signing copies of his book at a Little Rock Wal-Mart store. Department of Justice wrote: You allege. it required . His spleen and bladder were ruptured. Tommy Baker. Hint: Grab Your Passport. E. his elbows broken. Continuing Pattern of Cover-Up In July 1993. It Is All Over for You AND for your children If you PRESS Ahead. the Criminal Division of the U. she had a duty to receive our evidence of criminal activities. The allegations you make. True to form. Terry Reed.. Accordingly. requesting that I be allowed to present my testimony and that of several CIA and other deep-cover CIA assets in support of my charges of high-level criminal activities. are unsupported by credible evidence and fail to support your claim of persecution. Answering for the Attorney General.S. adding that they would break her legs. an investigative reporter for the American Spectator. claiming that Davis was drunk.. we will take no further action in response to your letters. drug-money laundering. Sally Purdue. lost her job and was threatened with physical violence if she spoke out. Under federal crime-reporting statutes. The note stated. Mainstream newspapers ridiculed the story. Stay Out Of the Federal Court NEXT MONTH or YOU die. I sent to Attorney General Janet Reno a copy of Defrauding America and related information.We have carefully reviewed your letters and your book. could not be presented in a first letter. his sinus cavities crushed. 1994) as he returned to his hotel room after conducting a series of interviews that reflected poorly on Clinton.a litany of hard-core criminal activities against the United States by a large and well-orchestrated group of federal personnel in all three branches of the federal government. or any series of letters. his collarbone broken. among other injuries.President Clinton Saga 25 him for dead. On April 23. 1994. published a book in 1994 (Compromised) detailing these facts.. one of Clinton’s sexual conquests. a death threat was put into his car. He had been contacting people in Arkansas who furnished information on one or more areas of misconduct in which Clinton was involved. and our testimony. and its association with Lasater and Company and with Bill Clinton. a former Arkansas beauty queen.. Obviously.

1993. It revealed the vast numbers of people who applauded and protected this misconduct. I took this opportunity to send the Attorney General a letter that again put her on notice of the criminal and subversive activities that my many intelligence agency sources and I discovered. The Clinton saga ended in 2001. Jim Norman.S. and wanted evidence examined by non-government laboratories because he already saw a pattern of FBI cover-up. I want to make sure the law and the Department of Justice become an accurate symbol for everyone of what is right. an assistant U. one of the senior editors at Forbes magazine. Attorney General Janet Reno vowed that the law represented all Americans and that enforcing civil rights laws was a top priority of the Justice Department. especially the Democrats and those favored by Clinton’s focus on special interest groups.26 Defrauding America. § 4). Two more than my initial letter to make any determination about the validity of my allegations. 10 November 13. Attorney (AUSA). among other obstacles. and his assistant. Investigator Quitting Because of Cover-Up The lead prosecutor investigating Foster‘s death. 1995. resigned on March 20. For instance. Firing Editor for Writing Article on Foster‘s Death Various reporters were fired when they wrote articles on one or more of the Clinton scandals. Her bankruptcy trustee division was also liquidating my life’s assets that had been corruptly seized after I sought refuge in Chapter 11 from the pattern of civil rights violations described in earlier pages. my mother and father raised me to believe that civil rights enforcement was the most important thing the Department of Justice can do. and an examination of my evidence. because he objected to the cover-up by special investigator Starr. obfuscation. 1993 Associated Press. [Did they really say that!] That was too much. and catering to special interest groups. in 1996.S. Speaking before a NAACP group on November 13.C. Forbes refused to publish the article and then fired him. She said this as Justice Department prosecutors were seeking to return me to prison in retaliation for having filed federal actions under the mandatory crime-reporting statute (18 U. Miguel Rodriguez. If I don’t do anything else in the time I have as Attorney General. ending the pattern of lying. Rodriguez didn’t trust the FBI labs. prepared an article for the magazine. Reno said:10 The law is a splendid instrument to do right. Continuing her PR speech. in which I sought to report the criminal activities described within these pages. All my life. . Vol. describing Foster‘s secret trips to Europe and his moneylaundering activities. was barred from having key witnesses appear before the grand jury. It would require my sworn testimony and that of my CIA and other contacts. Rodriguez.

President Clinton Saga 27 .

Two . Vol.28 Defrauding America.

and primarily the latter. the violation of which put other people in prison. the United States funded and armed both sides. U. the Reagan-Bush administrations engaged in numerous unlawful and covert activities that knowingly built up Iraq’s war machine. funding Iraq’s chemical. was the cluster bomb that would kill or maim everyone within an area the size of a dozen football fields. The Reagan-Bush team provided training to Iraq’s military.S. was secretly involved in unlawfully arming Iraq. including Ed Wilson. military and intelligence operations that undermined America’s military defenses. Starting in 1982. and cover-ups.S. These cluster bombs consisted of a single unit packed with hundreds of small bombs. especially as to U. When the main container explodes above the ground.S. and made available to Iraq. leaders in foreign activities during the Reagan-Bush presidencies of the 1980s had serious blowback consequences that escalated a decade later. provided intelligence information.CHAPTER THREE Reagan-Bush Funding Iraq’s Arms Buildup T his chapter focuses on how high-level misconduct made it possible for Iraq to build up its war machine with covert U. During the war between Iran and Iraq that continued from 1980 to 1988. The Reagan-Bush team. and conventional. The weapons that were unlawfully and corruptly provided to Iraq would later be called “weapons of mass destruction” by U. Providing Iraq With Deadly Cluster Bombs One of many weapons developed by the United States. which led to many other blowback problems.S. Saddam Hussein. but primarily Iraq.S. These efforts enabled the Iraqi military to learn secrets of U. far beyond what was necessary for defensive purposes.S. weapons. covert involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq. and shared other military secrets. biological. aid and then invade Kuwait. nuclear. They did this at a time when Iraq’s leader. about a foot long. . was known to have hostile interest in neighboring countries. leaders as the blowback and reaction to it threatened the United States. Involvement by U. Violating the Arms Export Control Act The Reagan-Bush White administrations were violating the Arms Export Control Act.

As is common in undercover operations or front companies. of Lancaster. Circumventing U. military by the Marquardt Armament Company in California and called Rockeye cluster bombs. The zirconium increased the incendiary effect. the Cardoen plant in Chile was visited by U. Vol. Reagan-Bush Team Supplying Iraq’s Chemical Weapons Program The Reagan-Bush administrations secretly provided material to Iraq for its chemical weapon arsenal. chemicals. The United States provided Cardoen with tons of metal zirconium that was a key ingredient in the construction of the cluster bombs. The cluster bombes. and other U. including technical specifications and manufacturing equipment. consulate in Santiago. machine tools. Both of them had warned federal . thereby increasing the viciousness of the wounds inflicted upon the bomb’s victims. Two it throws out hundreds of small explosive devices over a wide area. A key official in ICS was a CIA asset by the name of Guerin. To circumvent—and violate—U. designed by the United States. The Reagan-Bush administrations arranged for two weapon manufacturing plants in New Orleans and Los Angeles to be sold and shipped to Chile. Former CIA asset Robert Johnson would later acknowledge that the technology for Cardoen‘s manufacture of the cluster bombs had been supplied by the United States.S. With the help of the Reagan-Bus team. laws preventing the transfer of equipment designed for military use. operated by Carlos Cardoen. government personnel. was provided with plans. killing or maiming anyone within their reach. military. the CIA.30 Defrauding America.S. a small munitions plant in Chile. the like-new machinery was reclassified as scrap metal. Pennsylvania. specifications.S. International Signal Company (ISC). CIA agent Robert Gates also assisted in getting technology to Cardoen for increasing the killing success of the cluster bombs. were produced for the U.S. There was no secret to the production of this weapon and its shipment to Iraq. The Reagan-Bush administrations sought to circumvent this act by using cutouts or front companies. representatives from the U.S. ICS was comprised of numerous former military and intelligence personnel. Prohibiting to Exporting Arms The Arms Export Control Act barred the United States from shipping these lethal weapons to Iraq. and other help.S. Assisting with the cluster bombs that were sent to Iraq was another company working closely with the CIA. After production started. The zirconium was shipped to Cardoen on the pretense of it being used in mining activities rather than weapon production.S. Two people closely related to the production of chemical weapons going to Iraq provided me considerable evidence of these activities. ICS purchased Marquardt Armament Company in California that produced the Rockeye cluster bombs for the U.

Pucillico of the State Department called Champon.Reagan-Bush Funding of Iraq’s Arms Buildup 31 agencies of the problem and then experienced Justice Department retaliation to silence them. Champon later discovered that his partner was shipping the cyanide to a CIA-affiliated weapon manufacturer in Chile. made from fruit pits. Cabelly. Customs’ agent Earl Miller in Miami. Libya. with similar information. Nothing happened. another insider contacted me. Champon reported these facts to a State Department official. Champon saw press reports stating that Dr. in February 1988. Again. Champon had developed a technique for extracting a cyanide by-product out of the fruit pits. advising him to contact U. They stated that a company in Europe would use the cyanide for industrial purposes. Mr. His computer . Champon entered the partnership with Barbouti. that the matter was highly political. They advised Champon not to divulge the information to anyone. Barbouti was the designer and builder of a Libyan chemical weapons plant located near Rabta. The story was then aired nationally by NBC. a cherry flavoring. Officials at U. ISG. The following January. no reaction. This article caused Champon to again call the State Department (February 1989). with a proposal to form a joint venture for the purpose of extracting the cyanide by-product. Barbouti’s had ties to the Central Intelligence Agency and were procuring agents for military supplies destined for Iraq and Libya. Department of Justice. He had operated a security company called International Security Group. In July 1990. 1988. a Mr. forming a new company called Product Ingredient Technology (PIT). and a computer database company that became involved with U. including bitter almond oil. intelligence agencies and the plant making the cyanide.S. Shortly thereafter Champon received death threats if he did not remain quiet. Customs. They had frequent business dealings with Iran-Contra figure and CIA asset Richard Secord. and that there would be no investigation or prosecution of the matter. who put Champon in touch with Customs agents Jack Bigler and Martin Schramm in Houston. Ihsan Barbouti and his son. Haidar Barbouti. and that the cyanide was used to manufacture weapon-grade cyanide. Unknown to Champon at the time. then took action that caused Champon to lose his business. and the U. Champon disclosed his information to investigative reporters for the Dallas Morning News and NBC. on December 20. Champon was approached by a Dr. A year after Champon provided me with this information. Cardeon Industries. a Florida company making flavoring. Peter Kawaja. and this fact became known to Iraq and Libya.S. Internal Revenue Service. shortly before Iraq invaded Kuwait.S.S. The Barbouti side of the partnership brought in the CIA-related Wackenhut Corporation to provide security at the plant. Louis Champon owned and operated Champon Flavors.

intelligence agencies in the arming of Iraq.S. To say otherwise could have precipitated an investigation that threatened to expose the major role played by U. Kawaja was asked to install a hydrogen cyanide detection system at IBI. and other troops in the Persian Gulf War. In response to the denials by government officials. including the sale of chemical and biological weapons. intelligence agencies supplied these weapons to Iraq through a layer of intermediaries. During these activities. Michigan Senator Donald Riegle said that exposure to chemical and biological agents were widespread during the Persian Gulf War. stated that the Pentagon had concluded that Iraq did not use chemical or biological weapons during the war. Riegel stated. Gassing With U. officials continued to assist and protect those who provided chemical weapons to Iraq. The IRS harassed him with what Kawaja claims were unfounded liens and levies. Vol. Kawaja said as late as 1995 he saw missiles and bombs in the building. and that U. and the funding provided by the Atlanta branch of the Italian bank known as BNL. Kawaja received death threats over the phone. U. “I’ve seen our government lie to us before in other war situations. state. including providing bodyguards. suggesting another covert operation. CCC. This is not going to be an issue . Supplied Chemical Weapons Strong evidence exists that Iraq used chemical and biological agents against U. During a limited congressional investigation.S. The plant producing the weapon-grade cyanide was eventually shut down. Cardoen Industries in Chile was one of the CIA’s suppliers. Kawaja made recordings of telephone conversations and data transmissions. and a company called Century Arms International occupied the building. Standard Reaction to Exposing U.S. The information disclosed. He was discovering the vast powers that can be applied by federal. The letters of credit related to the shipment of weapon-grade cyanide to Iraq. Corruption The shipments and funding continued. Leaders In widely publicized reports. letters of credit between the government’s loan guarantee program.S. followed by CalFed Bank foreclosing on his business. and local authorities against any member of the public seeking to expose corruption in government.S. Two company was asked to install a computer-based system for Product Ingredient Technology (PIT). and became prime security for Ihsan Barbouti International (IBI). Iraq’s Saddam Hussein ordered the use of poison gas against Iranians during the 1980-1988 war and against militant Kurds in the northern part of Iraq. Kawaja‘s wife. among other things. Kawaja reported these matters to the FBI and Customs with no response.S. Under-secretary of Defense for personnel and readiness. The local police started harassing him. Despite this information.S. Iraq’s Use of Gas Approved by U. Eileen. Edwin Dorn. suddenly died under mysterious circumstances.32 Defrauding America.

But Henry Kissinger seems to possess a special kind of immunity. military-industrial group profited from the military buildup of Iraq.” But it was swept under the rug. Israel. Brent Scowcroft and Lawrence Eagleburger were employed by Kissinger Associates. I’m not sure how he does it. but Kissinger wields as much power over the Washington national security bureaucracy now as in the days when he was the Nixon administration’s foreign policy czar. He gets the payoff. funneling over one billion dollars through a small BNL branch in Brescia.S.” The article continued: “[It is] time we forgot those scapegoats in Atlanta [and] focus on the real culprit: Kissinger Associates. which was capable of carrying a nuclear warhead. BNL was used for this transaction. the Gulf War Syndrome could very possibly be linked to the chemical grade cyanide produced in the United States.S. and foreign arms manufacturers.S. Scowcroft would become President Bush‘s National Security Adviser and Eagleburger acting Secretary of State. others get the blame. Spotlight wrote: Barletta added that federal probers had collected dozens of such incriminating case histories about the Kissinger firm. which cost the American taxpayers huge amounts after it became necessary to invade that county in 1990. The U. Information would surface showing the U. the arms merchants.S. government personnel secretly provided help for Iraq to build the Condor II missile. Further. as Riegel surely knew it would be. taxpayers were saddled with billions of dollars in debt to finance arm sales to both sides in the Iran-Iraqi war. and those in the United States who aided and abetted the activities. a former Justice Department investigator. Referring to a confidential report prepared for the Economic Planning Group of the European Community by the Centre Des Etudes Transatlantiques (CETRA). Profiting from these secret deals were U. At the same time the U. The Spotlight article stated: “CETRA’s data prove the scheme for financing and supplying Iraq’s military purchases was set up by Kissinger Associates long before BNL‘s Atlanta branch became involved. Spotlight reported that the deal set up by Kissinger Associates involved the secret sale of five million land mines and other war material. 1992) stated that as early as 1984 Kissinger Associates were involved in arranging some of the loans from the Banca Nazionale del Lavoro (BNL) to the Iraqi government to finance its arms acquisitions from a little-known subsidiary of Fiat corporation. Kissinger‘s Role in The Gulf War A Spotlight article (November 9.Reagan-Bush Funding of Iraq’s Arms Buildup 33 that gets swept under the rug. Reports were being made Assisting Iraq to Build Missiles .” Referring to Charles Barletta. Kissinger will remain unscathed until Congress finds the courage to convene a full-dress investigation of this Teflon power broker.

“Recent evidence indicates that Iraq has a major effort under way to produce nuclear weapons. Eximbank. Assisting Iraq’s Nuclear Program Development Iraq’s work on nuclear weapons was well known to U. Vol. Customs in September 1989 that BNL loans were funding Iraq’s acquisition of nuclear missile technology for Iraq’s Condor II project. National Security advisor James Baker.S. and chemical weapons. as used in World War I. Donald Gregg. Two by people in U. Familiar Figures From the Past Were Implicated Involved in these activities were some who had been implicated in other unlawful activities such as October Surprise and Iran-Contra. government. nuclear. former California judge William Clark. including one plant that produced ethylene Oxide. and Howard Teicher. Despite the deadly potential of this assistance.34 Defrauding America. Without funding from outside Iraq. Middle East envoy Donald Rumsfeld. Iraq fired a intermediaterange ballistic missile. Helping to build the plants for production of chemical. As expected. capable of carrying a nuclear warhead.” Shortly thereafter. an ingredient for the manufacture of mustard gas. biological. U. An April 1989 report by Bryan Siebert to Admiral Watkins stated. or that the military equipment was mislabeled as some form of civilian equipment. leaders and its many intelligence agencies throughout the 1980s. continued to assist Iraq’s buildup of chemical. taxpayers became saddled with billions of debt from the original loans and subsequent interest payments. Funding Buildup of Iraq’s War Machine The increasing buildup of Iraq’s war machine required an evergrowing need for money that exceeded Iraq’s ability to pay. and nuclear weapons was the Bechtel Corporation of California. deputy national security advisor Robert C. National Security Adviser Richard Allen.S. Robert Gates.S. The Reagan-Bush administrations initially provided funds for Iraq’s war machine through the government’s Export-Import Bank. Standard Pattern of Falsified End-User Certificates Phony end-user certificates were used to make a phony record that the military equipment the United States knew were going to Iraq would be shown as going elsewhere. Promoting the funding of Iraq’s war machine were President Ronald Reagan. “Bud” McFarlane. Iraq’s war machine buildup could not have occurred.S. including Casper Weinberger and George Shulz. Vice-President and then President George Bush. Richard Allen.S. the U. . American taxpayers were guaranteeing that companies supplying Iraq with war material—later called weapons of mass destruction—would be paid if Iraq did not pay. Involved in these efforts were such Bechtel management people who also periodically held key positions in the U. biological.

shipping. and weapons industries. and biological weapons. By tactics easily understood. Removing Iraq From List Of Nations Harboring Terrorists Providing government-guaranteed loans to Iraq required removing Iraq from the list of nations harboring terrorists. By the end of 1983.Reagan-Bush Funding of Iraq’s Arms Buildup 35 State Department Involvement The U. to guarantee loans for Iraq to purchase items from U. the Regan-Bush team circumvented this problem by using the loan guarantee program set up by the U. Department of Agriculture to assist the sale of U. among other nations. One tactic was for the sellers of U. Numerous other U.S. such as the CIA. farm products. After Eximbank refused to provide additional funding.S. Huge loan amounts were guaranteed for Iraq by the United States to allegedly purchase U. and DIA. DIA. .S. President Reagan’s Secretary of State. This program was run by the Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC). farm goods to foreign buyers. President Reagan did this even though Iraq. Massive Military Buildup Required Other Loan Sources Iraq’s huge military buildup required a great increase in money sources. Monitoring these financial transactions was the National Security Agency (NSA) with its advanced electronic surveillance. with White House pressure. They could break into codes used by the banking industry to discover what was really happening with the loans for Iraq. They were certainly known to U. still harbored or supported terrorist groups. NSA. George Shulz.S. companies. agencies opposed the loan guarantees. and then kickback the excess to Iraq.S. pressured Eximbank to make the loans despite the fact that they were to be used to build up Iraq’s acquisition of military. Guaranteed Funds Used for Military Buildup Iraq wanted military equipment far more than it needed farm produce. loan guarantees were approved by Eximbank and funded by Morgan Guaranty Bank. intelligence agencies. which had thousands of agents and all types of electronic monitoring methods. State Department pressured the Export-Import Bank.S. In Iraq’s case. These kickback funds were then used for purchasing war material. and this would eventually exceed two billion dollars. nuclear. chemical. including the Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve Board. Eximbank. farm produce to price their products two or three times the going rates.S. U. biological. and conventional weapons. over a half billion dollars of loans to Iraq were guaranteed by the United States. Eximbank balked because Iraq was a bad credit risk. this included the brutal Abu Nidal group.S. the loans guaranteed by the United States for the purchase of farm produce were used to purchase chemical. nuclear. Another tactic was to trade the farm produce for war material.S. along with Syria and Iran. All of these tactics were widely known in the banking. Eventually.

Leaders Contempt for U.S. Navy Personnel Killed by Iraq In May 1987 Iraq military attacked the U. Stark. nuclear. leaders are involved. separate sets of books. and other weapons. Vol. phony taxes. Matrix Churchill. a machine tool company in England.S.S. Liberty. As with Israel‘s attack upon the U. War With Iran Ended. However. 1980: No Need For Iraq Military Buildup The war between Iraq and Iran had ended in 1988. and other devices to escape detection by bank examiners.S. This was repeatedly proven by the willingness to sacrifice the lives of thousands of U. navy personnel. Stark. threatening the administration with a major scandal.S.36 Defrauding America. and his staff.S. U. nuclear. navy ship. it appeared that the only people in the western hemisphere who didn’t know about the scam were the American people. military personnel in Korea. secretly and unlawfully supplied military equipment to Iraq during this period. loan guarantees to Iraq.S.S. loan program.S. guaranteed loans were made by this small Atlanta bank. killing three dozen U. The scheme required secret telexes. media cover-up and the public’s deliberate blindness. Vietnam.S. When political considerations by U. Liberty. made possible by U. President Bush continued to push for further U.S. Two Morgan Guaranty Bank Funding Iraq’s War Machine The loans that were initially funded by Morgan Guaranty Trust in New York would be expanded in 1984 by the small Georgia branch of the Italian bank. U. BNL’s Rome office had been guaranteeing loans for Iraq prior to the involvement of its Atlanta office. U. and continuation of the clandestine furnishing of chemical. Britain was also involved in the diversion of funds that made it possible for Iraq to invade Kuwait. Outrage Over Illegal Funding Escalated In 1989 the illegal funding of Iraq’s war machine was becoming more widely known.S. and conventional weapon programs. As usual. were fully aware of Iraq’s fraudulent misuse of the U. purchased by Iraq.S. Bush. military personnel are expendable. and then the U.S. now president. leaders excused the attack as an error. U. biological. Eventually. The pathological determination to go to war did have a “redeeming” value: it took attention away from the growing crescendo of people exposing the role of government officials in drug smuggling.S.S. the name of an Italian candy factory. biological. .S. which was managed by a young employee named Christopher Drogoul. the buildup of his chemical. Israel’s attack upon the U.S. eliminating the need for further buildup of Iraq’s war machine. starting with the Iran-Contra operations.S. over two billion dollars of U. Bank employees knew the fraudulent program as Perugina. Morgan Guaranty Trust.

kept the lid on the scandal. In addition. President Bush signed a January 17. Bush‘s Violation of Congressional Restrictions Congress had imposed a restriction against further funding for Iraq. retaliation against those who testified truthfully. . misleading testimony. Greenspan said he knew of no links between the BNL scandal and Iraq. altered or withheld records. were cited by the White House team. executive privilege. Defense Secretary Dick Cheney covered up for the illegal arming of Iraq that made possible Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait. 1990. a statement that was contradicted by the vast amount of information known to the Federal Reserve. Massive Cover-Ups Federal Reserve Chairman Allan Greenspan. wrote: “The government of Iraq has set a high standard on issues of integrity of public officials and corruption.” In one letter to Iraq foreign minister Tariq Aziz on October 21. CIA Reports What It Knew For Years: A CYA Report A CIA reports presented to the White House and State Department was titled. and Bush was inexplicably determined to go ahead with further funding of Iraq’s burgeoning war machine. funding and arming of Iraq. Iraq’s war with Iran had ended the year earlier. 1989. in 1988. writing for President Bush. President Bush signed a secret order known as National Security Directive 26 that continued helping the buildup of Iraq’s war machine that far exceeded its defensive needs. False testimony. The loans would be through the same CCC program that they knew had been misused to build up Iraq’s chemical. and political motivation.S.S. Bunker and Herd Mentality The usual bunker and herd mentality existed as the key players holding controlling government positions kept the lid on the scandal. Agriculture Department. When asked. James Baker. “Iraq-Italy: Repercussions of the BNL-Atlanta Scandal. Despite all this alarming information. officials sought to cover up. were standard cover-up tactic. But despite the overwhelming evidence of Iraq’s warlike intentions.Reagan-Bush Funding of Iraq’s Arms Buildup 37 A Few Courageous Government Agents Broke Ranks Foreign Service officer Frank Lemay prepared a report that exposed many of the irregularities involving the U. Treasury Department. biological and nuclear weapons by Iraq was against described.S. the sham excuse of national security. which top U. As routine as the sun rises in the morning. including the Federal Reserve. biological and nuclear weapons programs. and State Department. “Iraq Has Set a High Standard on Issues of Integrity. Lemay’s career took a turn for the worse. to approve further loan guarantees to Iraq of $1 billion. agencies. and others. most of the lapdog media. waiver ignoring that restriction.” the acquisition of chemical.” Baker pressured U. The consequences of the misconduct and the cover-up would come back to haunt American interests a decade later.

1992) titled “Crimes of Iraqgate. Bush‘s weak message to Iraq stated.S.S. Leaders Burdened with huge debt and lack of funds for its purchasers. U. signaling an impending invasion of Kuwait. was reported to have said. “Crimes of Watergate” A William Safire syndicated article appearing in the New York Time (October 12.S. intelligence observed a massive buildup of Iraq military along the Iraq-Kuwaiti border. The approval of these loans occurred after the Bush White House knew of the misuse of prior loans to build up Iraq’s military machine. continued. This was followed by United Nations sanctions against Iraq. Alexander Haig. and other military uses. Invading Iraq With Weapons Made Possible by the Reagan and Bush Administrations and Their Accomplices As expected.S. But this restriction was quickly violated by Jordan and the President Bush. after the fact. April Glaspie. The long-known practice of military equipment to Jordan being diverted to Iraq from the Gulf of Aqaba. In July 1990. Vol. Agriculture Department’s Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC). ambassador to Iraq. Iraq’s war machine that was made possible by the Reagan-Bush administration invaded Kuwait on August 2. President Bush’s State Department approved the shipment to Jordan of military equipment between August and October 1990. claiming that Kuwait was really a part of Iraq and that Kuwait’s oil wells were taking oil from under Iraq. More Weapons Help From U. 1990. knowing that the ammunition would probably be transported to Iraq. Leaders In November 1989. White House officials guaranteed the payment of loans made by banks to Iraq for the purchase of U. Expected Consequences: War Made Possible by U.” Further support for Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait came from U. prohibiting any military supplies to be sent.S. farm products under a program run by the U. that the White House policy brought “Saddam Hussein to the belief that he . as she assured Saddam Hussein that the United States had no interest in its controversy with Kuwait. Instead of sending a strongly worded warning to Saddam Hussein. Two On the Eve of War. Britain continued sending large quantities of ammunition to Jordan weeks after Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait. These shipments included parts for missiles.38 Defrauding America. “Let me reassure you that my administration continues to desire better relations with Iraq.S.” A Few Spoke Out One of President George Bush‘s White House staff who was more honest. helicopters. Iraq’s Saddam Hussein made demands upon Kuwait.” addressed a minute segment of the multi-faceted scandal: “Never in the History of the Republic … has the nation’s chief law enforcement officer been in such flagrant and sustained violation of the law. In lockstep with the United States.

Rostow refused to provide requested documents. started conducting an investigation into BNL‘s activities in 1990. Gonzalez requested documents from the Justice Department. Gonzalez. Justice Department officials denied having such reports.Reagan-Bush Funding of Iraq’s Arms Buildup 39 would not be challenged in Kuwait. it became obvious that the CIA possessed numerous documents showing that BNL officials in Rome knew of the loans and the diversion of the funds from farm products to military supplies. The evidence indicated that high federal officials knew about the fraud being perpetrated by BNL and Iraq against the United States and had not only deliberately covered up for it. CIA officials sent a letter to Justice Department prosecutors omitting the fact that the CIA had evidence that Rome officials were cognizant of the scheme. The consequences were a Gulf war and the outcome that the threat of Saddam is still here. Evidence indicated that President Bush was determined to arm Iraq for attack upon its neighbors. Further. Congressman Henry Gonzalez of Texas. Executive Privilege and National Security Argument To Cover for Corruption in Key Government Offices Gonzalez’s requests for documents from the White House were repeatedly ignored. One could possibly argue that revealing the misconduct of White House or other government officials would compromise national security. submitted a CIA document to the court showing that Italian officials in Rome had knowledge of the multi-billion-dollar transactions and fraud. warning the White House that Iraq was secretly using technology provided by the United States to build up its chemi- . that the CIA deliberately withheld this evidence from the court. CIA officials then accused Justice Department officials of trying to get the CIA to provide U.” Maverick Congressman Exposing One Segment of Scandals While other members of Congress engaged in the usual cover-up of this scandal. BNL first attracted his attention when he learned that the small Atlanta branch of BNL had made over $5 billion in loans to Iraq. using the timeworn excuse of national security and executive privilege. who had been exposing the BNL corruption for months on CSPAN. but also enlarged upon it. prosecutors and the court with misleading information to support the imprisonment of the young BNL bank manager. Several days later. Acting for the Bush White House. It also turned out that federal officials had altered a list of high technology items that were sent to Congress to obtain approval for the shipment to Iraq. the CIA. He had to surmount the cover-up by other members of Congress. chairman of the House Banking Committee. At first.S. Among the documents that surfaced was one written by Secretary of State James Baker. Another excuse used was executive branch privilege to cover up for corrupt conduct by the group in power. As Congressman Gonzalez released more documents. Justice Department personnel. and the White House.

Italy. and FBI Director William Sessions.11 11 Submitting documents knowingly stating wrong facts and wrong conclusions. Not only did this conspiracy result in thousands of needless deaths. the federal judge sentenced Drogoul to federal prison in 1994. Attorney’s office in Atlanta repeatedly barred him from telling the truth. fraudulently charging Drogoul with defrauding the Italian bank.S. but that the U. Two cal. and the facts indicated.40 Defrauding America. or withholding facts that would show a different conclusion. and other government officials. Britain. and conventional weapons. Christopher Drogoul was brought from federal prison to testify about the BNL scandal. officials. . is a crime under federal law. nuclear. Justice Versus CIA Versus FBI Foreign media exposure of the BNL scandal forced Justice Department officials to engage in tactics to protect officials in the United States and Italy. He testified that he tried to report the criminal activities involving Iraq. on the basis that his superiors did not know his small branch was dispensing five billion dollars. conveying false information covering up the real facts. The document was intended to deceive. Congressman Henry Gonzalez. The scenario leading to the rift between Attorney General William Barr and his Justice Department gang. Regardless of his innocence. Chairman of that committee. and to blame him for making loans totaling about five-and-a-half billion dollars that were beyond his ability to make. uncovered large amounts of evidence showing that the Reagan-Bush administration. biological and ballistic missile capabilities. Italian officials. his bank. and that the United States government did not know of the scheme. nuclear.S. and defense lawyers. hearings in Britain. produced evidence showing they were lying. that he was merely a pawn in the scheme involving the United States. biological. and were now circling the wagons to protect each other. Congressional Hearings During Congressional testimony before the House Banking Committee on November 10. Director of the CIA. Similar to how government personnel in the United States engage in herd-like mentality to block an investigation of any one of them. Covering Up for U. Iraq. were fully aware of the funding and arming of Iraq with chemical. and Germany to secretly arm Iraq. the CIA. told the House Banking Committee that the CIA knew nothing about the huge loans to Iraq. and Britain’s Margaret Thatcher. followed this schedule: • CIA officials submitted a document to an Atlanta district court that contained misleading information. and U. Drogoul testified. officials. Robert Gates. and Iraqi officials. but the American public must pay this amount and the interest that will surely triple the original figure before the money is repaid somewhere in the twentieth-first century. 1993. Vol.S. Britain and Italy Complicity Congressional hearings. They wanted to protect the U.S.

as it would further show that they lied. invasion of Kuwait caused it to default on its loans to the BNL bank. Justice Department officials refused to sign this document. Learning Consequences of Protecting U. substantiated the fact that the document contained false information. David Boren. The system protects itself. Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.Reagan-Bush Funding of Iraq’s Arms Buildup 41 to deny that the CIA had knowledge of the BNL fraudulent loans for several years. with all its agents worldwide.” But these crocodile tears did nothing to help Kloske Defaulting on U. Iraq had part ownership interest in some of these banks and stood to gain not only from receipt of the initial $5 billion. diverted attention from the heavy corruption involving government officials. Interests One of several key witnesses was State Department employee Dennis Kloske. Justice Department lawyers objected to the CIA correcting the original report. suddenly showing an unusual display of duty. • CIA officials then testified in a closed-door Senate Intelligence Committee hearing. After giving this testimony to Congress. • The CIA then acquiesced to the Justice Department’s demands to continue the cover-up. Chairman Gejdenson reacted to Kloske’s firing: “Firing a government official because he was willing to tell the truth to congress is an outrage and represents a bastardization of the way our government is suppose to work. But the next day. Another Congressional “Investigation” Congressman Sam Gejdenson also conducted a low-key investigation. as the Department of Justice would then have to explain its own deception. Guaranteed Loans Iraq’s August 2. conducted a partial investigation that. Several witnesses testified that they had repeatedly warned the White House of the huge military buildup by Iraq. describing what happened. as usual. • Senator David Boren. the CIA prepared a document for Justice Department officials to sign that would protect the CIA’s lying. The loans guaranteed by the U. including Robert Gates who had chaired the National Security Council. The CIA would have been highly incompetent if. but also gain when the United States paid the various banks that loaned the money guaranteed . the CIA drafted a memorandum to correct the falsified document. and Robert Kimmitt. President Bush ordered Sununu to have Kloske fired (for revealing the truth).S. 1990.S. and its funding by the Reagan and Bush administrations. taxpayers to the participating banks then became due. He testified to warning numerous Bush administration people of these problems. the undersecretary of State.S. it did not know of the fraud that required participation of many people. Making matters worse. The CIA lawyers placed the blame for their cover-up on pressures from Justice Department officials. In response to this public rebuke.

filed papers arguing that government personnel know of. This relationship didn’t exactly make for any great support for Barr’s assistant. Attorney to raid BNL’s Atlanta office and seize incriminating documents. The U. causing the U. Vol.42 Defrauding America. pictures of him with U. McKenzie. Attorney in Atlanta. it was learned that President Bush was to appoint Cardoen’s lawyer. and even solicited the conduct for which they were now charging him.S. government personnel. Controlling the System Robert Barr.S. government personnel at his weapons plant in Chile. Roberto Martinez.S. Going from a protector of Matrix Churchill into a position that could block an investigation of the company would be the way the system works! BNL Employees Reported BNL Involvement to U. Joe Whitley. In effect. two BNL employees reported the BNL irregularities to the local U. Attorney in Atlanta. Attorney’s office filed criminal charges against Carlos Cardoen in 1992. charging that Cardoen violated the law against exporting cluster bombs and other weapons to Iraq. taxpayers are stuck with the tab for the bills that have yet to be paid. Cardoen‘s next lawyer.S.S. approved. Attorney’s office in Miami for sending weapons to Iraq. they paid for their ignorance or determined blindness to these crimes by their leaders. Again.S. President Bush quickly appointed Joe Whitley to replace him.S. Attorney in Miami. In 1992.S. all of which proved that Cardoen was acting with the approval. Prosecution of Matrix Churchill Matrix Churchill was charged with criminal violations by the Miami U. which had been involved in many of the arms shipments. Attorney discovered that bank officials in BNL’s home office in Italy knew of the . and direction of U. A trial on these charges would reveal devastating violations of law by the Reagan and Bush administrations. Matrix Churchill. Robert Simels. the U. An excellent choice to halt the investigation into BNL! Whitley has been a lawyer with the Atlanta law firm that was representing Iraq’s front company.S. The office was also investigating the Iraq front company responsible for coordinating many of the arms shipments to Iraq. This contradiction was “resolved” by Martinez dropping his client and thereby claiming there was no conflict of interest.S. to the position of U. Sham Prosecution of Innocents to Divert Attention From Players in Key Government Positions The Miami U. was a former CIA employee working with CIA director George Bush. Attorney. knowledge. This was an obvious attempt to control the prosecution and trial so as to protect the White House and those involved in the felony complicity. When Barr left. to be U. Cardoen’s lawyers produced writings. U. Attorney In 1989.S. The American public wouldn’t know the difference. in her investigation of matters that would reflect badly upon President Bush. The Bush administration appointed Matrix Churchill’s Atlanta lawyer.S.S. Two by the U.

S. urged him to plead guilty. biological and nuclear weapon programs with U. officials. The evidence showed that this had become a scandal far beyond the actions by a young and relatively inexperienced manager of a small Atlanta branch bank. Further. the liability of U. guaranteed loans. Drogoul reluctantly pleaded guilty to something that he had not done. directed it. The U. 1993. the prosecutor charged five BNL employees with conspiracy to commit the crimes charged against Drogoul. By pleading guilty. taxpayers. . the young manager of this small branch bank had to be solely responsible and knowledgeable of this gigantic fraud.S. The scandal involved the Reagan and Bush administrations. wishing to maintain good relations with the Justice Department and the judges.S. the funding and providing of war-making weapons to Saddam Hussein to engage in more military actions against its neighbors. will pressure their client to plead guilty—even if innocent. disbursing $5 billion in funds without the knowledge and approval of BNL‘s home office in Italy. if BNL officials in Rome knew of the fraud associated with disbursing the funds guaranteed by the U. and therefore committed fraud. In separate indictments. Attorney discovered the diversion of farm produce. and the purchase of Iraq’s chemical. The guilty plea avoided the trial that would have exposed much of the U. If the home office had known and approved of the scheme. McKenzie’s investigation was repeatedly stymied by Justice Department personnel in Washington and by the White House. on September 2. the overpricing and kickbacks. But Justice Department officials in Washington did not want Italian officials blamed.S. the Italian government that owned BNL.S. Additionally. Christopher P. the bank manager and employees could not be charged with defrauding the bank. it would have serious political implications in Italy. Drogoul‘s court-appointed lawyer. A week before trial. seeking to protect the Justice Department and other federal officials. taxpayers to pay the billions of dollars that were fraudulently diverted would not exist. he faced twenty years in prison.Reagan-Bush Funding of Iraq’s Arms Buildup 43 scheme. misconduct and that of Italian bank officials.S. Drogoul wanted to go to trial to clear his name. and ordered the local bank manager in Atlanta to carry it out. Often. Justice Department prosecutors charged the young Atlanta bank manager. with defrauding his bank by disbursing the $5 billion in loan proceeds without home office knowledge and approval. Lawyer Pleasing Justice Department Prosecutors Following a standard pattern. the person’s lawyer. which would implicate U. if home office officials were aware of the scheme. Justice Fraudulently Charging Drogoul to Protect White House To divert attention elsewhere. taxpayers to be liable. For the U.S. The Justice Department’s indictment was based upon charges that the bank manager acted alone. The courtappointed lawyer had assured Drogoul that if he pled guilty he would receive a suspended sentence. Drogoul.

1993.44 Defrauding America. and knew that high Italian officials in Rome had approved the activities that were apparently sanctioned by the Bush Administration. who were being prosecuted in a separate case before Judge Shoob.S. to conduct a Justice Department investigation. Cook demanded documents from the CIA and Justice Department that would show federal agencies had prior knowledge of the fraudulent BNL activities. and moved to disqualify him from pre- . Judge Shoob stated he would not sentence any of them to prison because the Justice Department’s contention that they defrauded the parent bank in Rome was too incredible. Vol. was determined that the defendants were falsely charged and convicted.” Shoob said there were too many circumstances that made it implausible that the conspiracy was a small one involving only the Atlanta bankers. and he sought to establish a record to justify his decision barring their incarceration. I have to conclude the building is on fire. Two Obtaining Replacement Legal Counsel Fearing a long prison term instead of the suspended sentence promised to him by his lawyer and the federal prosecutor. During an August 23. U. Congressman Gonzalez had argued for an independent prosecutor to investigate the BNL affair. over the protests of Justice Department prosecutors. in a reaction that will probably never in the 21st century be even seen again. sentencing hearing for five BNL employees. Judge Shoob granted the motion and rescinded the guilty plea. adding: “Smoke is coming out of every window. He added that they were merely “pawns and bit players in a far more wide-ranging conspiracy. Judge Shoob said of the Lacey report: “If Judge Lacey had investigated the Teapot Dome scandal. district judge Marvin Shoob.” Judge Shoob added: Based on the information that I have seen and that has been revealed. The new lawyer.” referring to the 1922 scandal which almost caused removal of President Warren G. that kind of conclusion could only come about in nevernever land. As in the Inslaw and BCCI case. the Attorney General appointed one of its own to investigate itself. Lacey. former U. moved to have Drogoul’s guilty plea rescinded on the basis that the BNL bank manager acted in the multi-billiondollar scheme with the knowledge and approval of his superiors in Italy.S. Drogoul obtained other legal counsel to vacate his earlier plea agreement. Harding. Unprecedented Judicial Integrity After analyzing the evidence presented during trial. Bobby Lee Cook.” Justice Department officials didn’t care for this type of honesty and lack of control over the judge. District Judge Frederick B. Also charged by the prosecutor were five BNL employees. and after the jury returned a guilty verdict for all five defendants. “he would have given out a medal instead of a jail sentence.

. Before the case was removed to another judge. Earlier the Court considered and ruled on the various objections to the pre-sentence reports and determined the appropriate offense level for each defendant.12 the testimony during the three-week sentencing hearing of defendant Christopher Drogoul. Judge Shoob wrote a memorandum for inclusion in the trial of the five BNL employees to support his decision eliminating any prison time: ORDER This manner is before the Court on the motions of each of the defendants for a downward departure from the sentencing guidelines. which includes 29 documents from these agencies determined by the government to be discoverable by defense. the diary of P. the extent of any downward departure is governed by considerations which go beyond defendants’ cooperation or individual family circumstances. each defendant is in Criminal History Category I. CIA documents prepared by the Directorate of Information and the Directorate of Operations. Because of the absence of any prior criminal record. the summaries of classified information prepared by the government and furnished to defense counsel. While the government’s new position makes this Court’s task of imposing a fair and appropriate sentence far less burdensome. the so-called black book. 1993. New. On August 19. the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence staff report on the involvement of United States intelligence agencies in the BNL affair.1 of the Sentencing Guidelines for defendants Von Wedel. Di Vito. the government in a sentencing memorandum advised the Court that it will move for a downward departure pursuant to § 5K1. The Court has reviewed considerable material.Reagan-Bush Funding of Iraq’s Arms Buildup 45 siding over the trial for BNL bank manager Drogoul. the CIA report of the investigation of its handling of BNL-related matters. and reserved the decision whether to make a similar motion on behalf of defendants Fiebelkorn and Barden. which consists of a series of State Department memoranda. which was set to start on September 8. 1993. National Security Council reports and memoranda. and the various exhibits introduced during that proceeding. and DeCarolis. and Defense Intelligence Agency confidential and unclassified cables and information (the black book was not furnished to defense counsel as the information is substantially a duplicate of that furnished in the form of summaries and the book of 29). an official at BNL. the several reports of the Italian Senate Commission involving this matter. The government also advised the Court that it does not oppose a downward departure for defendant Barden based on her extraordinary family situation. including National Security Agency reports. the book of 29. Another judge was then selected to conduct the trial. 12 These summaries represent information from the NSA and CIA documents that the Court determined to be discoverable by the defense.

The evidence of CIA knowledge of the activities of BNL-Rome and BNL-Atlanta prior to the August 1989 raid of BNL-Atlanta is less persuasive but clearly troublesome. Two The preponderance of the evidence well supports this Court’s conclusion that BNL-Rome was not a victim in this case.46 Defrauding America. Evidence and Standard While the information and evidence reviewed by the Court are of uneven reliability and occasionally recount the hearsay statements of unknown informants. was named. The hearing ended during Mr. and the organization of BNL. Several committees of the United States Congress opened investigations into this matter. Vol. each of whom has pleaded guilty. commissions of the Italian Parliament have explored the scandal. Either the CIA knew of the activities or the CIA failed to detect a five-year international deception and large-scale illegal financing of arms for Iraq through a small branch bank in Atlanta. which followed his guilty plea to sixty counts of the indictment. Drogoul. 1993. Mr.S. international money markets. Ernest Tidwell on September r8. and implicating governments. A number of these loans were backed by the U. four years. the branch manager. Since the raid on BNL‘s Atlanta office in 1989. The Court does conclude that this is an appropriate case for a downward departure as to each defendant and will grant defendants’ motion in part and will also grant the government’s motion for a downward departure for substantial assistance and will consider defendant Barden’s extraordinary family situation. in a 347-count indictment. The Court granted Drogoul’s motion and later granted the Government’s motion that the Court recuse itself. Department of Agriculture’s Commodity Credit Corporation (“CCC”). have been awaiting a resolution of their involvement since the summer of 1989. some foreign nationals. Georgia. defrauded BNL over the course of several years by engineering billions of dollars in unauthorized loans to Iraq and other nations. In September 1992. Drogoul is scheduled to go to trial before the Honorable G. along with an Iraqi bank. this Court presided over Mr. Christopher Drogoul. Background This case arises out of a loan scheme stretching across continents and cultures. In February 1991. That determination is not necessary or appropriate for this Court. the Court has sifted through the information to make reliability findings and has considered only that information . the scandal has sparked investigations across the Western world. and several of the above-named defendants. the branch manager of BNL-Atlanta and the alleged mastermind of the scheme. These defendants. The Court heard detailed testimony on the loan scheme. Drogoul’s testimony when the Government announced that it did not oppose Drogoul’s motion to withdraw his plead. and aspects of this case were raised at a trial in England. Drogoul‘s threeweek sentencing hearing. involving weapons merchants and multi-national banks. The indictment centered on charges that Mr.

and the bank has a longstanding relationship with Iraq. the Court is finding that this information is credible and accordingly denies as moot defendant Von Wedel’s motion. defendant Von Wedel filed motion under the Classified Information Procedures Act (“CIPA”) § 6(e)(2)(B) requesting a finding against the Government as to the truth of certain information in the classified materials because the Government has refused to produce the name of the sources. has not identified the specific document and source of the information from which it has drawn the facts set out below. BNL‘s relationship with Iraq.2d 707. 579 F.” U. For the purposes of the downward departure. . as were many Italian institutions.S. when taken as a whole.’” Id. Out-of-court declarations by an unidentified informant may be considered ‘where there is good cause for the nondisclosure of his identity and there is sufficient corroboration by other means. and the governments of the United States. Italian. The Court also notes that while no single piece of information or evidence standing on its own would support the Court’s conclusions. 13 At request of the Government agencies that produced this information. • In late 1987. and Iraq helped BNL during a liquidity crisis in the 1970’s. the sort of fraud contemplated by the sentencing guidelines. The Court will provide the appropriate authority under seat at the request of the parties. • BNL was well known. “Reliable hearsay evidence may be considered. 1978)).Reagan-Bush Funding of Iraq’s Arms Buildup 47 which it has found to contain “sufficient indicia of reliability to support its probable accuracy. Italy. England. Also.S. the Court.S. § 6A1. commissions sometimes amounted to five percent of any deal. BNL-Rome helped finance a transaction for construction of a sewage plant in Iraq. Fatico. for its political spoils system. for security reasons. Policy Statement (quoting United States v. the information more than adequately and credibly supports the Court’s conclusion that the defendant employees of BNL-Atlanta with their personal agendas and paltry rewards were pawns or bit players in a far larger and wider-ranging sophisticated conspiracy that involved BNL-Rome and possibly large American and foreign corporations. the Court is permitted to rely on information that would not be admissible under the rules of evidence in a trial. 713 (2d Cir.. Other sources said that BNL officials received eight percent kickbacks.G. In sentencing. • BNL is one of the largest banks in Italy.3(a). • In the early 1980s. BNL financed a number of Italian exports to Iraq. and Iraq. and Iraqi officials received kickbacks from these deals. At the bank. Members of the Italian parliament believed that U. It would be the height of hypocrisy to sentence these defendants as if this were a simple case of wrongdoing by a branch bank’s employees. even in light of the Government’s conflicting information and argument.13 Evidence Supporting Court’s Conclusion That BNL Was Aware Of the Activities Of the Atlanta Branch 1. The Court’s conclusions are supported by the following credible evidence.

General Motors sought financing for an automobile deal with Iraq from BNL in Rome and Toronto. that managers at BNL-Rome were involved in the scandal.14 • The BNL affair was considered by some sources to be part of an acknowledged cooperative strategy to support Iraq to ensure its victory in the Iran-Iraq war. because that branch handled the bank’s Iraqi business. based on general intelligence reports and publicly available material. Two 2. No explanation is available as to the $75 million overcharge or who benefited from it. An official from the Rome office of BNL had personally handled the matter. • In January 1990. • Intelligence sources stated that the BNL-Atlanta loan scheme was only a continuation of this long-term relationship. BNL-Atlanta extended credit for $154 million to finance the transaction. He also said that the information of BNL-Atlanta activities should not have slipped through the bank’s controls. Italy referred an Italian steel company to BNL-Atlanta for financing of an Iraqi project. • In 1989.S. BNL continued to do business with Iraq after the Iraqis were implicated in the scandal. and Western bankers assumed that BNL’s headquarters knew of the loan scheme under way in Atlanta. • Senior BNL officials were indicted and later convicted for their involvement in arms sales to Iran. The financed automobiles were sold at almost double the unit price. 3. and BNL-Rome participated in the financing of an Iraqi petrochemical plant. . intelligence source found that this information confirmed press reports about BNL knowledge of the scandal. • It remained Iraq’s correspondent bank for Italy.48 Defrauding America. 14 A U. • BNL-Rome honored several letters of credit issued by the Atlanta branch to companies for carbide cutting tools (often used in the manufacture of weapons). • A source from the legal department at the bank is quoted as saying that the transactions from BNL-Atlanta were authorized and directed by the Italian government and under instructions to make it appear that the transactions were controlled exclusively by BNLAtlanta. a CIA employee concluded. Vol. • Others speculated that the loans could not have been made without the tacit approval of the BNL Rome office. advising the company to use BNL-Atlanta. • Italian treasury secretary Carli reported to the Italian Senate Commission that three BNL-Rome employees may have known about the unauthorized lending in Atlanta. Evidence of BNL‘s knowledge • A branch of BNL in Udine.

and he was rumored to be related to the scandal.” • The former head of BNL‘s North American operations. in a criminal proceeding in Great Britain. BNL-Atlanta was reported to have helped fi- . involving such companies as Space Research Corporation. one of whom was a director. the Italian Endeco Barazuol. at the request of the Iraqis. and that Mr. The charges against the two men were dropped. Paul Henderson. Dr. testified at Drogoul‘s hearing that they believed that officials in Rome were aware of BNLAtlanta’s involvement with Iraq. The military attaché committed suicide shortly after the raid. Drogoul had regular access to Dr. BNL-Atlanta was reported to have provided financing for major parts of the Iraqi procurement network. Drogoul met with Mr. The CIA became aware that Matrix-Churchill was an Iraqi front company in 1987. a senior BNL official. in Baghdad. it was confirmed that two employees of Matrix-Churchill. and Matrix-Churchill. • An Italian parliamentary commission member stated that the investigation showed that Drogoul was “no lone wolf. who appears to this Court to be the only “straight shooter” in the organization. a BNL-Atlanta employee who was granted immunity. operating more as an agency of the Italian government than as a bank. orally approved early CCC loans to Iraq. another senior BNL official. Drogoul‘s activities. No CIA reports indicated a relationship with BNL-Atlanta. that Mr. Monaco. Lear Fan. Sardelli voiced his frustration with BNL-Rome in testifying that the BNL-Rome officials sent to the United States to investigate the Atlanta branch after the raid were the officials who should have been investigated. • Co-defendant Paul Von Wedel and Jean Ivey. were sources for British intelligence. • BNL-Rome was an extremely political organization. BNL-Rome officials elected to investigate Dr. • Instead of auditing or investigation BNL-Atlanta.Reagan-Bush Funding of Iraq’s Arms Buildup • 49 The Italian embassy in Iraq was under suspicion of complicity in the BNL matter. Later. Giacomo Pedde. Sardelli. • Sardelli’s letter criticizing defendant’s activities was never delivered by the auditor to officials in Rome. Connections with the weapons network Matrix-Churchill. provided credible testimony that senior officials in Rome approved or had knowledge of Mr. Florio. an Iraqi front company and a major component of the arms procurement network. • Senior officials in Rome signed onto some of the loans made by BNL-Atlanta to Iraq. BNL‘s lawyers and Italian officials urged that be case be raised to a political level. Von Wedel also testified that Mr. • From early in the investigation. Mr. testimony the Court found creditable. • Dr. was a major participant in the BNLAtlanta scheme. the director general of BNL. Luigi Sardelli.

S.000 facility for Iraq. Egypt. the chief prosecutor and chief investigator on the case were part of a Justice Department delegation which met with the Italian ambassador to the United States. . Two nance large parts of the Condor II missile program. and Argentina.” During a November 1989 meeting of the National Advisory Deputies Committee. who argued that BNL was the victim of a “terrible fraud. • A generally reliable source believed that BNL-Atlanta could not have operated without the knowledge and acquiescence of the Federal Reserve Board. short-term $200. In the spring of 1990. and the Commodity Credit Corporation. Miscellaneous Government Information In the fall of 1989. the Court does not identify these sources. In January 1990. continued to push for granting agricultural credits to Iraq. shortly after the raid on BNL-Atlanta. a joint program of Iraq. the United States government. • Following the execution of the search warrant and the implication of the Iraqis. the calls sought information concerning the case in connection with the decision to approve loan guarantees. in September 1990. relationship with Iraq. there were a number of contacts between the prosecutors in the case and the federal agencies involved in the decision to approve new agricultural loan guarantees for Iraq. Some high-level members of the Executive Branch wanted to continue the CCC program with Iraq.S. Awareness of U. the Exim bank maintained a rotating. though not information that they were unauthorized. it was the only listed country receiving Exim coverage. Later. Intelligence community The CIA had non-public information from various sources15 about BNL and BNL-Atlanta lending activities. particularly its foreign policy branches. certain officials reported that Iraq had not been implicated and that the scandal appeared to involve internal BNL matters. the prosecutors and investigators were invited to Washington on at least tone occasion to discuss the case with National Security Council staff members and other administration officials concerned about the approval of a second tranche of loan guarantees. Vol.50 Defrauding America. There were at least two telephone calls from a junior lawyer in the White House counsel’s office to the chief prosecutor in this case. the Department of Agriculture. The United States also determined to release $500 million in CCC guarantees with the possibility that another $500 million would be released later. 15 At the request of the Government intelligence agencies. The Atlanta prosecutors met directly with representatives of the Agriculture Department. • After 1985. President Bush signed a waiver of sanctions to permit the Exim program for Iraq to continue through 1990. arguing it was essential to the U.000.

encouraged defendants to act as they did and superiors at the bank were in fact complicit in the scheme. and the Court concludes that this conduct permitted and encouraged the scheme.S. Neither the guideline nor the commentary. The court has considered the Government’s argument that § 5K2. and could reasonably conclude that the bank approved of their acts or was deliberately ignored of their activities.11. the Court finds that there is substantially reliable evidence that the alleged victim in this case.10.” Id. Di Vito Diary Attorney General Richard Thornburgh met with the Italian ambassador at a White House dinner. The ambassador pushed the idea that BNL was a victim and said incriminating BNL would be seen as san insult to Italy.Reagan-Bush Funding of Iraq’s Arms Buildup • 51 A U. U.000 as outlined in the July 31. and that CCC financing has been used for goods that did not originate in the United States. but clearly this was not a pattern of conduct considered by the Commission in formulating the guidelines. § 5K2. prohibits the section’s application to a fraud case.G.S. that it is within this Court’s discretion to consider the victim’s conduct throughout the course of this scheme in departing downward. and the fraud guideline clearly contemplates that the victim of the fraud was not complicit with the alleged fraud.1. Mr. however.10 of the Sentencing Guidelines provides: If the victim’s wrongful conduct contributed significantly to provoking the offense behavior. Government was also aware that there were allegations of double and triple overpricing of some commodities. A number of new transactions.000. Downward departures relying on this section usually involve cases of a physical assault and policy statement provides that the section is usually not “relevant in the context of nonviolent offenses. See § 2F1. BNL-Rome. The U. diversion and transshipment of commodities. between BNL-Rome and Iraq totaled more than $228. The defendants saw their superior. rewarded for his acts. 1990. however. Drogoul. the Court may reduce the sentence below the guideline range to reflect the nature and circumstances of the offense. Specific Findings These factual findings support the Court’s downward departure for the following reasons: One. confirmations. but acknowledged the improbability that Iraqi bank officials were unaware of kickbacks. Section 5K2. Government memorandum prepared for the Executive Branch urged continued approval of the CCC program for Iraq. after the raid.S. This conduct does not fit neatly in the category set out in § 5K2. Overruns by BNL-Atlanta from 1986 were signaled to the North American office of BNL by the foreign credit office of the bank. deeply discounted interest rates. The Court finds.S.11 applies only to victim conduct that provoked a defendant’s offenses. . and other gross irregularities in the program.

1991). Finally.16 As recounted above. defendants’ roles were a minuscule part of the offense. . 1991). Iraq had defaulted. 1992)(permitting a downward departure for “multiple causation”). United States v.) Two. the victims’ conduct likely led to an increase in the amount loaned and the amount lost. CCC loans to Iraq continued to be approved at the highest levels of the United States Government long after the scheme was uncovered. Indeed. Accordingly. 936 F. however. it is difficult to pinpoint the cause of the “loss” in this action. 1993. Two The evidence of BNL officials’ knowledge of these loans and of the loans’ role in international finance suggests that these defendants were merely functionaries in a scheme that benefited the management of BNL. a downward departure in this case is appropriate. The amount of loss caused by these defendants then.2d 555 (7th Cir. Restrepo.” United States v. 1991). More important. Gregorio. “is complicated by considerations of multiple causation. There is little evidence that defendants’ activities were the factual or proximate cause of the loss. but it is clear that this case and all its permutations are unlike any set of facts covered by the mathematical formulas of the sentencing guidelines. It is so ordered this 23d day of august. inexplicably. Others.2d 661 (2d Cir. The Court grants the motions for downward departure. Neither this Court nor the public is likely to know the underlying motivations and purposes of the scheme that touched the branch bank. Also. and BNL-Rome continued to do business with the Iraqis and other entities who had participated in the scheme “to defraud” the bank. 1990 conversation.52 Defrauding America. ___________________ 16 The Court notes that several of the defendants objected to the amount of the loss as stated in presentence reports. Iraq had continued to make payments on many of the loans extended. On other loans. did not. and furthered the foreign policy of the United States and Italy. as recounted above. dwarfing these individuals’ involvement. United States v. Kopp. Until the Gulf War intervened. The Di Vito diary lists in detail a total of $228 million in new loans by BNL-Rome to Iraq following a July 26. departure is proper because the offense level is exaggerated by the dollar value involved in the scheme. 956 F. This combination of causes takes the defendants outside the “heartland” of the fraud guideline and makes these cases appropriate for a downward departure. (Di Vito Diary. Vol. Schneider. the role of these defendants was trivial in relation to the scope of this scheme.2d 341 (1st Cir. 1990. United States v. 930 F. the Court concludes that a downward departure is appropriate because there is simply no way the Sentencing Commission could have considered the vast range of conduct that is relevant to this case. 951 F.2d 521 (3d Cir. July 31. and the offense level “bears little relation to” defendants’ role in the offense.

and they skirted it. that revealed much of the scandal: This case involves billions of dollars raised and loaned in international finance. from the prosecution’s viewpoint. Shoob had determined from the papers filed by Justice Department prosecutors and Drogoul’s lawyer that Drogoul was being made the scapegoat for the crimes of BNL home office and of the White House. thereby protecting the kingpins in the scandal. From the evidence presented during the hearing. when things got out of hand. Shoob said: I think the government entered into an effort early to support Iraq as a matter of national policy. this Court has reach and voiced certain preliminary conclusions and concerns about this case and the Government’s conduct in investigating and prosecuting defendant that may. the responsibility to do the right thing. During one hearing. 1992. 17 Criminal action # 1:91-CR 078-MHS . Judge Shoob asked Drogoul to explain at the sentencing hearing. They used the CIA and Italy to effectuate that purpose. “Only in Never-Never Land” The prosecutor sought to deny that BNL‘s home office was implicated. They were aware of the law. following Drogoul’s plea agreement.S.Reagan-Bush Funding of Iraq’s Arms Buildup 53 Court Hearing for Drogoul Not satisfied with Drogoul‘s decision to plead guilty. and said so in open court.” During the hearing in the Justice Department’s prosecution of Drogoul‘s17 Judge Shoob issued an order dated October 5. Shoob stated. The Court’s judgment and decisions throughout the hearings and motions before it have been guided by its belief that there is a moral component to the Court’s involvement in this case. and then. that the BNL home office was not involved. they didn’t want that information to come out. Many of the things that were done were in violation of acts of Congress and U. “If Judge Lacey had investigated the Teapot Dome scandal he would have awarded medals rather than jail terms. Frederick Lacey. arms export laws.” Changing the Outcome of the Teapot Dome Scandal In response to a Justice Department prosecutor quoting the decision by a White House cover-up judge. It was an effort to arm Iraq. to which Shoob responded: “Only in never-never land would a combination of circumstances such as I have seen indicate that all this happened by chance. But the more important issue before this Court involves a man’s liberty and serious questions about the integrity of our justice system and the almost unreviewable powers of prosecutorial discretion. It involves allegations of an international bank fraud that may have helped pay for Iraq’s military build-up. what had actually happened.

Set forth below are the bases for the granting of the motions to withdraw the plea and to recuse: A. Instead of auditing or investigating BNL-Atlanta. Two interfere with this Court’s ability to her evidence with an open and impartial mind. Mr. Vol. At the very least. Sardelli’s letter criticizing defendant’s activities was never delivered by the auditor to officials in Rome. In support of this conclusion. The former head of BNL‘s North American operations. The Government’s witnesses from Morgan Guaranty and the Bank of New York and confidential CIA reports concluded that it was • • • • • • • • • • 18 The Court will not reveal the contents of these documents because they remain classified. . Sardelli who appears to be the only “straight shooter” in the organization. Drogoul‘s activities. Drogoul‘s activities. The knowledge of officials at BNL Rome The Court concludes that officials at BNL-Rome were aware of and approved Mr. Monaco. Sardelli voiced his frustration with BNL-Rome in testifying that the BNL-Rome officials sent to the United States to investigate the Atlanta branch after the raid were the officials who should have been investigated. provided credible testimony showing that senior officials in Rome approved or had knowledge of Mr. as the Court will discuss below. Drogoul‘s activities. and Canada were aware of BNL-Atlanta’s substantial financing of Iraqi purchases and projects. Drogoul’s extraordinary relationship with Iraq and his unusual lending practices.54 Defrauding America. Drogoul‘s activities. the Court notes: Classified reports from the CIA conclude. in part. England. the Court is unable to see how they relate to national security and why they should remain secret from the defense counsel and the public. referred an Italian company seeking financing for a major construction project in Iraq to BNLAtlanta. Dr. This court will set forth some of the tentative conclusions it has reached in hearing this matter and its reasoning in arriving at those conclusions. Dr. BNL-Rome was an extremely political organization operating more as an agency of the Italian government than as a bank. BNL branches in Germany. Dr. However. Luigi Sardelli. BNLRome chose to ignore what were obvious signs of Mr. that a number of high-level BNL-Rome officials supported Mr. There is evidence that documents may have been shredded by BNL officials shortly after the raid and that some files and documents are missing. Sardelli testified that he believes officials at BNL-Rome knew of Mr. BNL-Rome officials elected to investigate Dr.18 A senior BNL official.

• The Italian parliament’s extensive report on the “BNL scandal” concludes that Mr. Primarily. 1990. assuring the ambassador that there “would be no surprises” for the Italians. • As the “victim” in this matter. Florio. verbally approved early CCC loans to Iraq. indicates an effort to absolve BNL-Rome of complicity in the Atlanta branch loans to Iraq. testified credibly that several individuals involved with the allegedly fraudulent transactions told him that officials in Rome were aware of the transaction and in fact had in their possession one of the allegedly fraudulent loan agreements (MTL-4). and continued as manager of the Atlanta branch for a week. coupled with or provoked by the involvement of other departments of the United States Government. in Baghdad. Mr. He met with BNL officials in New York. . that Mr.Reagan-Bush Funding of Iraq’s Arms Buildup 55 well-known in international banking circles that BNL-Atlanta provided substantial financing for Iraq’s purchase of agricultural. a defendant in this case and a participant in the scheme. Drogoul‘s co-defendant Paul Von Wedel and Jean Ivey. raid. Von Wedel also testified that Mr. Drogoul met with Mr. This failure. testimony the Court found credible. • Mr. 2) The Justice Department cancelled investigators’ necessary trip to Italy and Turkey. • Mr. the Court concludes that prosecutors failed to investigate seriously whether BNLRome knew of defendant Drogoul‘s activities. Mr. Giacomo Pedde. • When notified of the August 4. Monaco. the director general of BNL. and that Mr. Drogoul‘s chief mentor at BNL in 1986-87 retired from BNL in 1987 and became a consultant at Entrade. another senior BNL official. was furnished an lawyer who was to be paid by the bank. Drogoul returned immediately to the United States. Theodore Lackland. a BNLAtlanta employee who was granted immunity. testified that they believed that officials in Rome were aware of BNL-Atlanta’s involvement with Iraq. Military and non-military products. BNL-Rome may be able to recover $1-2 billion in unpaid CCC-backed loans to the Iraqis. a senior BNL official. Drogoul was not a “lone wolf” and that BNLRome’s failure to adequately supervise the Atlanta branch permitted the continued illegal activity. They appeared to help steer this case and gave support to BNL-Rome’s position that it was a victim in this matter. The Investigation and Prosecution of Mr. where they intended to interview bank officials and others with knowledge of the transactions and scheme. The Court Notes: 1) High-level officials in the Justice Department and the State Department met with the Italian ambassador to discuss the case. leaving his family in France. Drogoul had regular access to Dr. Drogoul‘s first lawyer. Drogoul The Court has also come to a number of preliminary conclusions about the Government’s investigation of this case. • Mr.

56 Defrauding America. Two 3) The Italian ambassador met with then-Attorney General Richard Thornburgh in Spring 1990 and told him that incriminating BNLRome in these transactions would be tantamount to “a slap in the face” of the Italians and would not be understood by the government of Italy. request from the Acting United States Lawyer was evasive and concerned only knowledge of and in- . Guadagnini. February 1991. and the Central Bank of Iraq. discussing the bank’s position as a victim. apparently. Atlanta prosecutors met with BNL-Rome lawyers. 8) Investigators were blocked by the Department of Agriculture from interviewing Iraqi officials who were in the United States negotiating CCC guaranties and later were prohibited from traveling to Iraq to interview potential co-conspirators and witnesses. B. almost one year. Dajani. 9) In early 1990. For example: 1) The Central Intelligence Agency did not respond to repeated requests from the Court concerning CIA knowledge of and involvement in the activities of the Atlanta branch. was not indicted. although one of its officers was. Intelligence agencies The Court also tentatively concluded during the course of the hearings that it is likely that the United States intelligence agencies were aware of BNL-Atlanta’s relationship with Iraq. Justice Department and others in the Fall 1989 that BNL‘s management was worried about the prosecution of the case and wanted it raised “to a political level” and to achieve “damage control. when he was in Atlanta and had agreed to meet with the prosecution. despite evidence of his substantial involvement with the scheme. an Iraqi front company that was a clearinghouse for weapons procurement. Drogoul agreed to plead guilty to only 60 courts rather than 347 and initiated by an assistant prosecutor when the chief prosecutor was out of the city effectively silenced Mr. Also. indicating the potential embarrassment level of the case. made no effort to bring in any knowledgeable bank officials from Rome. 10) The American Ambassador to Italy notified the Secretary of State. Drogoul who had announced his intention to make a full disclosure at the plea hearing. Vol. Monaco. 1992. for the sentencing hearing. Mr. including Pedde. matrix Churchill.” 11) Matrix Churchill. 7) The Government failed to interview Wafai Dajani. 4) The local prosecutor in this matter received one or more highly unusual and inappropriate telephone calls from the White House Office of Legal Counsel about this case. Enka. The agency’s earlier response to the carefully crafted September 1. the plea bargain in which Mr. Florio. who has ties to the King of Jordan. 5) The draft indictment was delayed by the Justice Department from early 1990 until the end of the Gulf War. 12) The Government has provided no credible explanation for its failure to indict Wafai Dajani. 6) The Government failed to produce and . was not indicted.

The naming of an independent prosecutor in this matter would be an appropriate response . the Court is concerned that the prosecutors may have been blocked by agencies with political agendas from developing a full picture of this affair. C. can make classified information available without revealing sources and methods. The September 17. the Attorney General’s exceptional refusal to grant the Congressional request for an independent counsel in itself raises concerns for the Court about the Government’s impartiality in handling this case. 2) The raw intelligence reports indicate an awareness of extensive funding of Iraq by BNL-Atlanta. Conclusion There are grave questions as to how the prosecutors made their decisions in this case. This is particularly troubling in light of the fact that this information no longer seems relevant to national security and that. Accordingly. and other agencies. State Department. letter from the CIA to the local prosecutors shows that the CIA was not forthcoming with information it may have about the transactions at issue in this case. 1992. the one area of classified information made available to the court supports Mr. Classified Information The court is also concerned that the local prosecutors lacked access to classified information. such as the U.S. While the court is well aware that there may be classified information in support of the Government’s theory of this case. there are procedures through which the CIA. which may have provided evidence on important elements of this case. this Court again strongly recommends that an independent prosecutor be name to investigate this matter. Drogoul and the sentencing of the other defendants in this case be postponed to enable the United States Government to employ its full resources to obtain all the facts rather than to continue with the prosecution’s acceptance of BNL-Rome’s version that BNL is a victim to avoid embarrassing a foreign government or to contain criticism of a failed foreign policy.Reagan-Bush Funding of Iraq’s Arms Buildup 57 volvement in unauthorized funding. even if it is. Drogoul‘s contention that his superiors approved of his activities. Furthermore.S. including one to an Iraqi military fair attended by U. It is apparent that decisions were made at the top levels of the United States Justice Department. 3) There was no explanation as to the intelligence community’s awareness or lack of BNL-Atlanta’s role in funding the Iraqi military build-up despite extensive cable traffic between Baghdad and Atlanta and several trips to Baghdad by Drogoul. The CIA continues to be uncooperative in attempts to discover information about its knowledge of or involvement in the funding of Iraq by BNL-Atlanta. Ambassador. IV. officials. both as to the nature of the charges and whom to prosecute. Agriculture Department and within the intelligence community to shape this case and that information may have been withheld from local prosecutors seeking to investigate the case or used to steer the prosecution. The Court also recommends that the trial of Mr.

stated that the judge issued two rulings refusing to allow the bank manager to give evidence showing that President George Bush and White House officials acted to carry out the fraud. ________________________ Marvin H. She was stating in effect that the manager of a small BNL bank branch in Atlanta approved $5 billion in loans without the knowledge of bank officials in Italy.S. intelligence agencies in making the sham loans to Iraq. Attorney General Janet Reno and President Bill Clinton were lying. Robert Simels of New York. who appeared to be more of a figurehead for the Justice Department. including the Attorney General. Clinton stated he would recommend the appointment of an independent prosecutor to investigate U. It happened to almost every CIA operative named in these pages. argued that there was no U.S. The Court GRANTS defendant’s motion to withdraw his plea of guilty and GRANTS the Government’s motion to recuse. IT IS SO ORDERED. Two to the 1990 Federal Reserve memorandum. This was of course ridiculous. and through Attorney General Janet Reno. The compromised judge renders orders barring the defendant from showing his CIA employment and that he was carrying out orders. commenting that the Iraqis are willing to sacrifice one individual to the vagaries of the United States criminal justice system. The Clinton Administration. 1992. taxpayers had to pay BNL the loan guarantees that made possible the arming of Iraq. He said that the judge blocked him from introducing evidence concerning the role of U. Cover-Up Costing Americans Billions Attorney General Janet Reno refused to appoint a special counsel to investigate the BNL scandal and in February 1995 agreed that U. Ernest Tidwell. Drogoul‘s lawyer. and the Italian government’s efforts and pressures upon the Bush Administration to avoid indicting BNL. involvement in the BNL fraud. the position was changed. Vol.S. Judge Tidwell stated that this evidence was not related to the charges against Drogoul. This judicial strategy is repeatedly used against CIA personnel who for various reasons are charged with criminal offenses for carrying out their orders. this 5th day of October.S. Senior Judge United States District Court Northern District Of Georgia The Replacement Judge Was a “Team Member” The new judge. was more amenable to the Justice Department cover-up.58 Defrauding America. They are barred from introducing CIA documents and barred from having CIA personnel appear. Clinton’s PR Rhetoric While on the campaign trail. Shoob. But upon assuming the presidency. That was not so. . involvement in the BNL corruption and that the BNL headquarters in Italy and the Italian government were not involved.

Culpability A 340-page report by an Italian parliamentary commission19 said that the illicit loans to Iraq from BNL were part of a U. or had received authoritative advice not to look too closely at the Atlanta branch operations.S.It is now evident... 1994. policy to channel military aid to Iraq. 19 Wall Street Journal. The report stated in part: That the political direction of the whole operation was always firmly based in Washington is evident... . January 27.. under the direction of President George Bush. Personalities in the Italian government and of BNL were aware of what was happening.S.Reagan-Bush Funding of Iraq’s Arms Buildup 59 Italian Exposure of U.that the affair constituted an American political scandal.

Two .60 Defrauding America. Vol.

The continuing cover-ups insured that in one way or another the tragedies arising from the misconduct. and criminal activities that I detailed and documented in each of my three books. and possibly anywhere in the world. These recent events were made possible by the culture of misconduct. and destroyed many of the benefits that previously existed in the United States. These deaths were followed by an endless series of economic and personal events felt by people throughout the United States. in letters. 2001. continue. and the cover-ups. Those September 11 tragedies were made possible by the corruption and the cover-ups of those described within these pages. occurred on that date. knowing how easy it was to enter the cockpit and take over the aircraft. boarding four different airliners. . and its cover-up.CHAPTER FOUR September 11: Déjà vu Consequences M uch of the misconduct described within these pages reveal a culture that encouraged and insured the success of terrorist acts on September 11. encouraged. Their plans to take over the aircraft were encouraged by the absence of security measures on the aircraft that had been obvious during. and insured the success of the four groups of terrorist hijackers on that fateful September day. had reported this danger and the easy and inexpensive means to prevent hijackers from taking control of the airliners. The Success of the Four Groups Was Insured By Documented Corruption in Government Positions The September 11 events started with four groups of terrorists. The worst terrorist attack upon America. This corrupt culture. each consisting of at least four men. 1941. and whose misconduct made possible the September 11 events. This section deals with those people in the United States who share guilt with the terrorists. The death toll during that two-hour period was greater than that which occurred at Pearl Harbor on December 7. the third edition of Unfriendly Skies. including me. Federal air safety inspectors. especially as it relates to the misconduct I discovered and documented and describe in my book. and in court filings. corruption.

United Airlines Flight 93. the corruption and its collateral effects.. Two The internal culture within the FAA. left Boston approximately 8 a.m. followed by plumes of flame and black smoke. it was filmed crashing into the south tower of the World Trade Center. Small and slow aircraft towing banners were banned. It made no sense to ground major segments of U. probably using keys to the cockpit doors that flight attendants had in their possession. As television cameras focused on the burning north tower of the World Trade Center. The orders were poorly thought out.m. Aircraft departing or arriving at airports within a few miles of nuclear facilities or major airports were banned. enabling providing them sufficient skill to fly the airliners once they were in climb or cruise configuration. Vol. departed Newark. American Airlines Flight 77.S. where it was crashed into the north tower of the World Trade Center at over 400 miles per hour. departed Washington’s Dulles Airport for Los Angeles at 8:21 a. The heat inside the north tower was so intense that many men and women jumped to certain death rather than die the slow painful death of being cremated alive. Two of the hijacked planes that would be crashed into buildings departed from Boston: United Airlines Flight 175. The absence of a flight engineer on any of the aircraft also made it easier for the hijackers to carry out their deadly schemes.62 Defrauding America. also a Boeing 757. creating a massive fireball. blocked the implementation of preventative measures that would have prevented the deaths of thousands of people over the years.m. Shortly after takeoff. But terrorists could easily depart from an airport outside of these areas and fly into the restricted area without anyone stopping them. Aviation-Ignorant FAA Reactions Government officials ordered nationwide grounding of aircraft that inflicted enormous financial problems upon many small aviation companies. a Boeing 767. aviation as no known preventative measure . United Airlines Flight 175 appeared. Again. The FAA had allowed short but lethal knives and box cutters to be carried on board and it is believed these were used to disable flight attendants and the cockpit crew. a Boeing 757. and a fourth aircraft. and an American Airlines Boeing 767. Further south.. the hijackers took over the aircraft and gained entry into the cockpit. the high-speed impact caused a massive fireball to erupt. The availability of computer programs to simulate flying airliners was also available and could have been used earlier by some of the hijackers to become familiar with handling the aircraft during this phase of flight. as if they constituted a significant tool for terrorists. All were headed for the West Coast and had full or nearly full fuel tanks. At 9:03 a. Flights Diverted From Their Westerly Direction The hijackers diverted American Airlines Flight 11 from its westerly heading and headed straight for New York City. Several of the hijackers had received pilot training in small aircraft in the United States.

which made them complicit in subsequent crashes due to . Pattern of NTSB Duplicitous Cover-Ups I repeatedly. I reported that the immediate corrective actions were to order stronger doors and remove cockpit door keys from the flight attendant. Anyone could understand the corrective actions needed. That of course would be ridiculous. Preventing Decades of Fatal Hijackings Was So Simple. which aided the harm intended by the terrorists. inspectors were threatened if they made such reports or took corrective actions at politically powerful airlines. or bridges such as the George Washington or Golden Gate bridges. Many Shared Blame for FAA Tragedy-Related Corruption The tragedy-related corruption within the FAA was shared by many others in government who had responsibilities under law to take corrective actions. made the politically appointed NTSB board members aware of the documented misconduct within the FAA. The federal government’s air safety responsibilities were prevented from being carried out by this culture. and in a way. The only effect of the orders was to bar law-abiding pilots from flying and inflicting severe economic damage upon aviation operators. These matters are detailed and documented in my various books and are briefly described here.” That meant to maintain office tranquility by reporting everything as rosy. I recommended video cameras so the pilots could see what was occurring in the cabin and who was at the cockpit door. which came into being in 1958. the grounding of all general aviation was equally so. and addressed the problem while a federal air safety inspector. occurred throughout the existence of the Federal Aviation Administration.September 11: Déjà vu Consequences 63 could ever be done to prevent terrorists from flying planes into these areas. Official reports of major air safety problems and air safety violations prepared by federal air safety inspectors were destroyed. which did occur. And Preventable by Known Preventative Measures Hijackings. In addition. using cars or trucks carrying explosives. the prior crashes arising from it. I recognized the problem and the solution while an airline pilot. threatened with poor fitness reports or transfer if they didn’t “get on the team. with the additional protection of double cockpit doors in aircraft that were large enough for this added protection. and warning of continuing crashes. as a federal air safety inspector. There existed greater terrorist targets. including fatal hijackings. They engaged in a continuing pattern of cover-ups. into tunnels such as the Holland Tunnel and Lincoln Tunnel connecting New York City to New Jersey. If grounding the nation’s general aviation fleet made sense. safety problems such as hijackings could not possibly force the deeply entrenched FAA culture to take corrective actions. With the rampant corruption inside the FAA. it could be argued—without sensed—that the same thing should have been done to halt all movement of cars or trucks.

including the matters detailed and documented in Unfriendly Skies. who I contacted. Vol. I informed members of Congress of the hard-core misconduct and at first they responded with sympathy. .000 people but also caused catastrophic economic and financial problems. engaged in a constant pattern of cover-ups. This congressional reaction was not simply laziness. By understanding this culture. including the September 11. That prior catastrophic air disaster was a United Airlines DC-8 that crashed into the Brooklyn section of New York City on December 16. This pattern of congressional cover-ups (another word for this is obstruction of justice) eventually extended to the other areas that I and other government agents brought to their attention. I attempted to expose the culture of corruption in the FAA that would have as a side effect refusal to correct all types of major safety problems. The usual cover-up followed.64 Defrauding America. Federal Judges Blocked Corrective actions As previously stated. Pattern of Congressional Cover-Ups Starting while I was a federal investigator. The irony is that the corruption. It is standard practice for Justice Department prosecutors to file false charges against government whistleblowers. and did nothing— while the resulting tragedies continued. and that includes their cover-ups in the downing of TWA Flight 800. This would include refusal to order the simple measures that would have prevented years of fatal hijackings. events that not only killed 3. Two the same problems. obstruction of justice. the criminal falsification of major aviation records at United Airlines that played a key role in the prior major air disaster in New York City and the involvement of key FAA people continued the culture and the misconduct that made possible the September 11 events. offering evidence of major federal crimes. it becomes easy to understand how the NTSB covers up in crashes that are politically sensitive. and to top it off. Pattern of Cover-Up by Justice Department Personnel The Justice Department personnel. Defrauding America. and Drugging America. causing them to falsify subsequent accident reports by omitting this information. said it wasn’t in their area of responsibilities (when their oversight responsibilities were clearly established). 1960. and were inflicting great harm upon the United States and its people. during the past 40 years. I repeatedly made the FBI and other divisions of the Justice Department aware of the federal crimes that I documented within the FAA and their relationship to a continuing series of airline crashes. 2001. misprision of felonies. retaliation. Role Played by Key United Airlines and FAA Personnel In Three Great Air Disasters Into New York City There was a certain irony to United Airlines crashing into the World Trade Center that would not be known to anyone except a few insiders in the aviation environment. these were criminal and subversive acts that I and the other government agents brought to their attention. mostly lawyers.

I responded with an October 2. events that not only killed 3.000 people but also caused catastrophic economic and financial problems. women. are what motivated me into a lifetime of activism against corruption in government. the third edition of Unfriendly Skies. and their cover-ups by virtually every check and balance. And these responsibilities would require taking and ordering measures that would have prevented many of the nation’s air disasters. and children. 2001. at that time. the world’s worst air disaster at that time. 2001. If certain key people at United Airlines and within the FAA had not engaged in that corruption. The same corruption that caused the conditions to exist enabling the earlier air disaster continued to create the conditions enabling the success of the four groups of terrorist hijackers on September 11. Federal Judges Blocked Corrective actions As previously stated. my 20 years of sophisticated aviation background.September 11: Déjà vu Consequences 65 The earlier disaster into New York City. The corruption at United Airlines that led to that earlier great air disaster then bred the corruption resulting in conditions that led to the next United Airlines disaster in New York City. letter describing the corruption that encouraged and insured the . Attorney General John Ashcroft stated during a televised appearance that he was requesting anyone with information related to the events of September 11 to notify him. I attempted to expose the culture of corruption in the FAA that would have as a side effect refusal to correct all types of major safety problems. due to the continuing cover-ups. This would include refusal to order the simple measures that would have prevented years of fatal hijackings. will lead to more of the same in the future. It didn’t take me long to recognize the most pathetic and corrupt air safety program that I had ever encountered in.S. while I was working as a federal air safety inspector in the Los Angeles office. including the September 11. which was the most senior program at the world’s largest airline. I describe these matters in my book. which would then enable the federal government to meet its air safety responsibilities. insuring that the underlying problems would never be addressed. Combined with the cover-ups were acts of stupidity. I sent many letters describing these serious problems that had decades of tragic consequences to people who had responsibility to act. to take over the grass roots air safety responsibilities for that program. it is very probable that this onerous culture could have been halted. this corruption and culture caused or allowed to occur many other brutal airline disasters over the years between the two. After U. and these conditions. Likewise. including 40 years of fatal hijackings. juxtapositioned with the deaths of thousands of men. Following those September 11 aviation tragedies the same people and the same groups directly and indirectly responsible for the tragedies remained in control. 2001. was the key event that caused the FAA to ask me. These deadly corrupt conditions.

and CIA. confidant to many insiders including former agents of the FBI. DRUGGING AMERICA. 20 . DEA. CA 94507. phone: 925-944-1930. Ashcroft: As a former federal air safety inspector-investigator20 for the Federal Aviation Administration and a confidant to many present and former federal agents.com www.W. I am a former federal inspector-investigator for the Federal Aviation Administration. including former heads of secret CIA airlines and secret CIA financial operations. including three editions of Unfriendly Skies and Defrauding America. Alamo. 2001. Department of Justice 950 Pennsylvania Avenue. 2001 terrorist activities To Mr. living with Arab and Moslem personnel. Vol.S. Box 5. Two success of the terrorists: From the desk of Rodney Stich P. DC 20530 Certified mail: 7000 1670 0012 2751 8650 Reference: Response to your request for information related to September 11. Washington. years of contacts with federal agents who conveyed considerable information to me—including agents of the FBI. a former airline pilot with considerable international experience. DEA. For credibility. FAX 925-295-1203 Author DEFRAUDING AMERICA. Customs. N.druggingamerica. Customs. including flying in the Middle East.com www.O.com October 2. reference is to the terrorist threat and how a culture within certain federal agencies aided and abetted and insured the success of the hijackers on September 11. and one edition of Drugging America (with expanded editions pending). & UNFRIENDLY SKIES Member Association Former Intelligence Officers Association of National Security Alumni International Society of Air Safety Investigators Lawyers Pilots Bar Association (LPBA) Former FAA air safety investigator Former airline captain and Navy pilot E-mail: stich@defraudingamerica. For the purpose of this letter. and future terrorist attacks.unfriendlyskies. 2001 John Ashcroft U.S. carrying Muslim and Arab passengers to Mecca and Medina from various parts of the Middle East. flying Moslem pilgrims to Mecca.defraudingamerica.66 Defrauding America. a former airline pilot with significant piloting experience in the Middle East. I have acquired a great amount of knowledge and evidence relating to the September 11 deadly hijackings and related matters. CIA.com search engine: “Rodney Stich” www. former Navy patrol plane commander in World War II. and author of several books.com Google. Attorney General U. including former heads of secret CIA airlines Former federal air safety inspector who held federal air safety responsibilities for the most senior program at United Airlines.

and corruption within the Federal Aviation Administration. In an attempt to reveal these matters to the public and to circumvent the history of cover-ups by Justice Department personnel. I documented a pattern of misfeasance. These conditions still exist and will undoubtedly play a key role in future terrorist attacks and other adverse actions against the people of the United States. and many other areas of major air safety violations for which the FAA had a legal duty to take corrective action. I authored several books seeking to inform the public of these matters. inspectors making these reports were harassed and threatened. which in . 2001. The following information highlights several of these matters that I and my group of present and former federal agents discovered and documented. This is the deadly culture that resulted in many fatal airline crashes. I documented these FAA offenses while I was an FAA inspector.000 deaths were simply another consequence of the internal FAA problems and the cover-up of these problems by Justice Department personnel. during a period of numerous airline crashes. and constitutes substantial evidence showing how it insured the success of the September 11. The September 11. and proved their relationship to several specific airline crashes. The cover-up of the corruption within the FAA made possible the continuation of the federal offenses and the associated fatalities. tragedies with over 6. that was the world’s worst air disaster at that time. holding federal air safety responsibilities for the most senior program at United Airlines.September 11: Déjà vu Consequences 67 and CIA financial operations who had information relating to terrorists. The hard-core corrupt and criminal misconduct within the FAA. air tragedies. going into the FAA administrator’s office. Throughout this period of fraud-related air tragedies. Compounding this misconduct. This letter provides highlights of this misconduct and makes a record that you and your office have been informed of these matters. The success of the hijackers on September 11th. and many prior fatal hijackings. by United Airlines. can be associated with years of specific airline crashes. including the prior airline crash into New York City. and their lives and careers adversely affected. would not have occurred if the corruption that I documented did not exist. hijackers. History of Corruption In FAA That Insured the Success Of the Hijackers While I was an FAA air safety inspector-investigator. thereby aiding and abetting the FAA misconduct. Among the areas of FAA misconduct were pressure and threats against federal air safety inspectors not to report or act upon major air safety and even criminal activities. including the matters that insured the success of the September 11. 2001. refusal to act upon reports requiring changes to prevent hijackings that I and other federal air safety inspectors made. These books include the third editions of Unfriendly Skies and Defrauding America and the first edition of Drugging America. which included the earlier United Airlines crash into New York City. malfeasance. nonfeasance. despite the repeated occurrence of fatal airline crashes due to these problems. Justice Department personnel repeatedly blocked efforts to expose these serious federal offenses. 2001. their official reports destroyed.

If the widespread obstruction of justice and cover-up .000 deaths on September 11. assisted by many years of experience as an airline captain.S. despite the pattern of resulting fatal airline crashes. and retaliatory actions against federal air safety inspectors when the officially required reports continued to be made. which would prevent many of the fatal hijackings that subsequently occurred. Many of these reports required prompt corrective actions for which the FAA had responsibility to act. The available evidence supports this relationship.000 people! Highlights Of FAA Corruption Making Possible Major Air Disasters In my role as a federal air safety inspector. 2001. and the enormous financial and personal ramifications of the United States in a war mode would not have occurred. many fatal hijackings would have been prevented. but it was associated with the felonious pattern of destroying inspectors’ reports. and as FAA responsibility required. Department of Justice. hijackings If these simple measures had been adopted. retaliating against inspectors for making such reports or taking required corrective actions. And now. Exercising Federal Remedies To Report Major Corruption In A Federal Agency As a federal air safety inspector and investigator who discovered these major federal offenses and the tragic consequences as a part of my official duties. and navy patrol plane commander in World War II. (2) felony destruction of the official reports which were often followed by resulting fatal airline crashes. 2001. In almost every case. Refusal to act on this obvious safety problem did not fall into the category of corruption as in many other air safety problems. Two turn insured the success of the hijacking terrorists. including the 6. harassment. pressuring and threatening inspectors not to report safety problems. I had recommended installing heavier cockpit doors and removing cockpit door keys from the flight attendants. the same Justice Department is covering up for the wrongdoings that in this latest instance took the lives of 6. as common sense dictated. within the NTSB. One of my recommendations related to hijackings and how to prevent them. I exercised several remedies seeking to bring a halt to the corruption and related airline crashes. navy flight instructor. Nonfeasance Compounded By Tragedy-Related Criminal Misconduct The reaction to these official reports included (1) warnings not to submit such reports as the office would look bad when airline accidents resulted from the problems. Compounding this corrupt culture among many FAA management personnel was the documented cover-up by personnel in the U. I made numerous reports and the required corrective actions addressing air safety and criminal violations affecting air safety. and others.68 Defrauding America. Vol. the reports that I and other inspectors made were ignored. by members of Congress. This corrupt culture in the FAA subverted the legal and moral responsibilities of the United States government to act on safety problems and safety violations discovered by highly trained and highly experienced federal air safety inspectors. (3) threats. including the September 11.

Stich v. which had dire consequences for the public. As the air disasters continued to occur from the FAA culture. National Transportation Safety Board. 861 (1982))(addressed repeated criminal falsification of official airline accident reports. denied. misfeasance. I filed the first of several lawsuits21 in 21 Stich v. a continuation of the resulting crashes and deaths. Transcripts and documentation is available to show this relationship..) (table). and during the hearing. I resigned from the FAA. McDonnell Douglas Corporation and United States of America. which started initially in addressing the corruption blocking the federal government from meeting its air safety responsibilities. MDL 172. 2001. in judicial records. the blockage by the U. violations of federal air safety laws. I filed formal complaints with FBI director J.2d 1070 (9th Cir. 920 (1977)(addressed hard-core air safety misconduct.S. and communication with government and non-government checks and balances.September 11: Déjà vu Consequences 69 had not occurred. Central District California. and then to the Department of Justice in Washington. The actions I took. Amicus curiae brief filed on July 17. making possible repeated crashes from the same sequestered problems). the response was a cover-up and obstruction of justice. none of whom want this information made available to the public. Two fatal crashes occurred in my area of responsibilities during that hearing that were caused by the very same air safety problems and criminal activities that I documented. Attorney kept the jury from taking any action. The evidence of these matters is found in government records. to several U. nonfeasance. • Refusing to be a part of the criminal activities in the FAA. • This response made possible the continuation of the air safety and criminal violations. and as expected.S. in the Paris DC-10 multi-district litigation. 685 F. Flanagan v. Although individual jurors admitted the gravity of what I was stating. but all of them refused to act. Attorneys.) • Seeking to circumvent the obstruction of justice. cert. I exercised other federal remedies. tragedies would not have occurred. included the following: • I acted as an independent prosecutor.S. Possibly because of the gravity of the criminal activities and the direct relationship to many fatal airline crashes.)(addressing the long standing FAA miscon- . perjury and subornation of perjury. et al.S. • As a federal agent. • I reported these matters to members of Congress who had a duty to act. • I reported these federal offenses to the National Transportation Safety Board (Bureau of air safety in the CAB at that time). Civil Action 74-808PH. to the FBI. omitting highly sensitive air safety misconduct. corruption. 459 U.)(table). conducting a four-month-long FAA hearing during which I obtained testimony and considerable evidence showing this culture of malfeasance.2d 446 (9th Cir. 554 F. the September 11. denied. I received numerous sympathetic letters. Edgar Hoover. United States. and encountered a pattern of cover-ups and false statements. (These matters are detailed and documented in the third edition of Unfriendly Skies. cert. 434 U. I appeared before a federal grand jury in Denver. This is called misprision of felonies. 1975. threats against government inspectors not to report safety violations and misconduct).

but after U. U. Whoever. Their reaction would eventually insure the success of the September 11. I authored and published the first edition of Unfriendly Skies. Discovering Other Areas Of Corruption In Government Offices As my books and radio and television appearances became known. These activities were funded by my real estate investments and threatened to expose people in key positions in the three branches of the federal government. The gravity of the additional information and documentation caused me to again exercise the responsibilities under the federal crime reporting statute (Title 18 U. These dismissals were followed by even worse air disasters due to the same FAA culture.70 Defrauding America. Nos. § 1361.C. 23 Title 28 U. (which is now in its third edition). 22 Title 18 USC § 4.S. and Unfriendly Skies. I used my considerable assets24 to make the public aware of this pattern of corruption by people in key government positions.S. Misprision of felony. District and appellate judges admitted the gravity of the allegations made in the lawsuit.C. § 4) to report these matters to federal judges. Drugging America.S. • Seeking to circumvent the massive cover-ups and obstruction of justice. . Oliver North and the National Security Council.S. 25 Years of drug smuggling into the United States by the CIA (and during the 1980s. as described in Defrauding America. and a series of other corrupt activities implicating people in key federal positions. 86-2523. other government agents provided me information and documentation on still other areas of corruption25 in government that could be expected on the basis of the corruption that I discovered as a federal inspector. Action to compel an officer of the United States to perform his duty. 87-2214. of which the cover-up of the DC-10 cargo door problem was one of repeated instances of tragedy related misconduct). Department of Justice. District of Columbia. having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States.S. 2001. 24 At that time my real estate holdings exceeded $10 million in value. pattern of corruption in Ninth Circuit bankruptcy courts. I also started appearing as a guest and expert on hundreds of radio and television shows. These corrupt and duct. shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years. Vol. The district courts shall have original jurisdiction of any action in the nature of mandamus to compel an officer or employee of the United States or any agency thereof to perform a duty owed to the plaintiff. and other actions filed by Stich seeking to expose and correct the powerful and covert air disaster misconduct. Attorneys filed motions to block the lawsuits. conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States. who had the mandatory responsibility to receive the information and evidence. most of which was equity. hijackers: • Federal judges repeatedly refused to receive the data and evidence that I and my group of other former and present federal agents sought to report. U. military). or both. These federal offenses included the documented corruption in the FAA and by people in other key government positions. v. Two Ninth Circuit federal courts seeking to report the criminal activities to a federal judge under the federal crime reporting statute22 and under a citizen’s right23 to seek a court order forcing federal officials to perform their legal duties and to halt their unlawful conduct. they were dismissed.

from access to the district and appellate courts. hijackings.defraudingamerica. who then retaliated against me for seeking to make these reports. and Drugging America. airliners departing from Far East locations. 2001. and brought about the imprisonment of the head of a federal drug task force who was targeting the drug activities that funded the terrorist cells. prosecuted.unfriendlyskies. From 1986 to 1995. for reporting matters that made the World Trade Center 1993 bombing and September 11. The book describes how Justice Department personnel blocked federal agents from arresting people whose drug activities funded terrorist cells. In addition to blocking the drug-related funding of the terrorists. Justice Department prosecutors and federal judges charged me with criminal contempt of court (on the basis that I had been barred for the remainder of my life from federal court access). 2001. This retaliation.com. Details of these activities. 2001. (Further information about the actions taken to block my exposure of the criminal activities and the involvement of federal judges can be found in a pending federal lawsuit at the Internet site: www. (Details in my three books and on the web sites: www.000 people on September 11. are found in the book I wrote. as provided to me by government agents. • Federal judges issued unlawful and unconstitutional orders barring me.) • When I discovered other criminal activities from government agents1 and sought to report these matters. protected by Justice Department personnel. were responsible for the September 11. and (2) blocked me from defending against judicial acts that corruptly seized the $10 million in real estate that funded my exposure of the criminal and corrupt activities. some of which subsequently bombed the World Trade Center in 1993 and the cells who planned to place bombs on 11 U.com.September 11: Déjà vu Consequences 71 criminal activities and the standard obstruction of justice offenses are described in three books: Unfriendly Skies.defraudingamerica.html. as required under the federal crime reporting statute. for the remainder of my life. hijackings. Drugging America.com/lawsuit_reno. Justice Department Corruption Aided Funding Of Terrorist Cells Justice Department misconduct aided and abetted various terrorist cells located in the New Jersey and New York areas which were later implicated in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and the September 11.S. These orders (1) blocked the reporting of these criminal activities. Defrauding America. Further aid to the hijackers was the corrupt culture in the FAA that had been covered-up by Justice Department personnel for decades. and made possible other crimes against the American people by persons acting under cover of government positions. My attempt to report these activities under the federal crime reporting statute was blocked by federal judges and Justice Department personnel. hijackings possible reflects the role of Justice Department personnel and federal judges in the corruption that made possible the death of 6. Evidence indicates that some of these same terrorist cells. www. and . Justice Department personnel falsely charged. these two groups had me charged me with criminal contempt of court for attempting to report these criminal activities. as proven by my letters and judicial records.

1995.) FBI and CIA Personnel Making SAM Missiles Available to Afghan Terrorists Another of the many areas of misconduct involving Justice Department personnel—which provided further aid to the terrorist groups—occurred in 1995. and prevent the Taliban group from taking control of Afghanistan. offered to provide the United States with several dozen surface-to-air missiles and possibly as many as 100. head of one of the groups constituting the Afghanistan Northern Alliance. despite my background as a federal agent and my source’s CIA background and part of the negotiations occurring in Los Angeles. That letter was sent about six months before the downing of TWA Flight 800. including Osama bin Laden. airliners. it is very possible that coordinated actions could have been taken against Osama bin Laden‘s al Qaida group and the Taliban. This CIA and FBI conduct caused my CIA source great concern for subsequent missile attacks upon U. These contacts with a key fighting group in northern Afghanistan provided the United States an excellent opportunity to obtain their cooperation to fight the Afghan terrorists.S. It was also known that Afghan terrorists were bidding on these missiles. FBI and CIA personnel involved in the Los Angeles negotiations refused to accept the surface-to-air missiles and refused to cooperate with General Dostum. letter I urged the recipients to immediately contact me and my CIA source to prevent the surface to air missiles getting into the hands of the Afghan terrorists. despite the standard cover-up by the NTSB political board members and the Justice Department and CIA. If that cooperation with General Dostum had not been refused. (2) the logistics for placing the bomb on Pan Am Flight 103 was facilitated by the CIA-DEA drug smuggling .druggingamerica. It is also probable that missile attacks upon U. My source then provided me with information and documentation concerning the negotiations. Two www. It is also probable that a missile brought down TWA Flight 800. Vol. Negotiations arising out of this offer occurred in Los Angeles and involved CIA and FBI personnel. In this October 20. This cover-up was motivated by two factors: (1) Syria’s cooperation was needed for the Gulf War. Federal Leaders Covering Up For the Terrorists Who Planted the Bomb On Pan Am Flight 103 Another terrorist tragedy involving misconduct and cover-up. As detailed in the third edition of Defrauding America. which could be expected to be used against U.S. General Rashid Dostum. Not a single recipient responded. and a friend of mine who was at one time the titular head of a secret CIA financial operation based in Hawaii. including the Osama bin Laden al Quida group. airliners by Afghan and other terrorist groups that have yet to occur could have been prevented. airliners from surface to air missiles that would be obtained by Afghan terrorists.S. who was fighting Osama bin Laden and fighting to keep the Taliban from taking control of Afghanistan. which I then used as the basis for a threepage letter sent to every member of the House and Senate intelligence committees.72 Defrauding America. Justice Department personnel covered up and protected the Syria-based terrorists who placed the bomb on board Pan Am Flight 103.com.

or permitted to be inflicted.com/fbidaley_jul30. I sent an October 18. 2001.defraudingamerica. DEA. letter sent to the FBI which is on the Internet site at http://www. in the decision-making process as the United States seeks to prevent more terrorist activities! Withholding this information protects those whose corrupt acts played a key role in the 6. great harm upon Americans. the cover-ups of which made possible subsequent air disasters. Protecting them subverts the process necessary by America to defend against the terrorist threat. like the others. Rodney Stich ENDNOTES 1. The people perpetrating these acts that insured the success of the hijackers are also adversaries to America and its people.S.000 recent deaths and the incalculable financial and other harm inflicted upon the United States. district courts. What is stated in this letter is only a small part of the documented corruption involving people in key government positions whose conduct had inflicted. That letter makes addresses one of many examples of FBI cover-ups that I first encountered as a federal air safety inspector. fighting the Taliban group. 1996. Much of the details and support for these matters are found in (1) FAA records. (3) letters sent to various divisions of the Department of Justice (including the July 30. which will insure further harm to the American people. CIA. As usual.September 11: Déjà vu Consequences 73 operation conducted out of the DEA office in Nicosia. That letter relates to the acquisition of surface-to-air missiles by Afghan and other terrorist groups. In another attempt to focus attention on the misconduct that insured the success of the September 11 hijackers (and some of the other misconduct among government personnel that continues to affect the people and the nation). there was no response to that letter. That letter. the same people. warning me to remain quiet about the information I had. including former heads of secret CIA airlines and secret CIA financial operations. primarily of the hearing held in Denver where I acted as an independent prosecutor. Withholding this information from the public keeps the same culture. the same cover-up can be expected to continue. the refusal to cooperate with the Afghan group fighting Osama bin Laden‘s terrorist group. These federal agents were from the FBI. letter to FBI Director Robert Mueller.html). using Pan Am aircraft departing Frankfurt for the United States (Detroit). the same adversaries. and the FBI’s threat against me. Customs. Based upon the 40 years of documented Justice Department misconduct. Sincerely. went unanswered and none of my evidence was . (2) federal lawsuits filed in U.

It is my evaluation. Without these corrupt acts. Director Federal Bureau of Investigation 935 Pennsylvania Ave.com www.74 requested. Failure to identify these problems in a public forum will prevent bringing a halt to these matters and as usual bring about their continuation. DC 20535-0001 Certified: 7000 1670 0012 2751 8636 Reference: Former federal air safety inspector report of documented corruption that insured the success of the September 11 hijackers and prior fatal hijackings To Mr. that these matters constitute federal crimes associated with the September 11 tragedies. Defrauding America. Vol.com Google.O.. phone: 925-944-1930. Box 5. The following matters are supported by substantial evidence.druggingamerica. Mueller: Because the success of the September 11 terrorists and prior terrorist events have been made possible by documented corruption within the Federal Aviation Administration. SW Washington. the September 11 tragedies would not have occurred. Alamo. 2001 Robert S.unfriendlyskies. as a former federal air safety inspector holding air safety responsibilities for the most senior program at the world’s largest airline. I am putting you on notice of these matters. The following are a few highlights of the corrupt practices that played a role in the 5. the people perpetrating the corrupt acts.000 plus deaths of September 11: . FAX 925-295-1203 Author of Defrauding America. and that this corruption and the related tragic consequences will continue if the usual cover-ups occur. starting in World War II. share blame for what happened on that fateful day. & Unfriendly Skies Member Association Former Intelligence Officers Association of National Security Alumni International Society of Air Safety Investigators Lawyers Pilots Bar Association (LPBA) Former FAA air safety investigator Former airline captain and Navy pilot E-mail: stich@defraudingamerica. Drugging America.defraudingamerica. and more important. Obviously.com search engine: “Rodney Stich” www. It was during this last period that I started documenting the corruption that played a key role in many fatal airline crashes. Mueller III.com October 18. My credibility arises from years of sophisticated military and airline piloting experience. as a former federal agent for the Federal Aviation Administration. CA 94507. including hijackings. Two From the desk of Rodney Stich P.com www. and those covering up for the acts.

§ 13612 (providing for a federal court order to force federal officials to perform their duty and halt their corrupt and criminal activities). 2001. • By numerous prior fatal hijackings. Refusal to order changes that would prevent hijackers taking control of aircraft would be one of the results of this corrupt culture. and Title 28 U. nonfeasance. These common-sense changes would have prevented many fatal hijackings. • By federal lawsuits that I filed under authority of the federal crime reporting statute (Title 18 U. § 4)1 (requiring the reporting of criminal activities to a federal court or other federal officer).September 11: Déjà vu Consequences 75 Culpability Of FAA Personnel Documented pattern of corruption within the Federal Aviation Administration that made possible the success of the September 11 terrorist hijackings (and many prior fatal hijackings). including those that occurred on September 11. that I reported into official records of the United States government. threats and harassment against federal air safety inspectors who attempted to comply with their federal air safety responsibilities. malfeasance. Included in this culture were such acts as FAA management (1) blocking federal air safety inspectors from carrying out the investigative and corrective functions of the federal government. (5) repeated refusal to order corrective actions when such air safety problems or air safety violations were involved in fatal airline crashes. The evidence of this misconduct is found in: • Sequestered FAA records showing major air safety problems and safety violations and the related fatal airline crashes. (3) destruction of official air safety reports. from a documented pattern of corruption.S. Included in my many reports were reports relating to the hijacking dangers and recommendations to halt hijackers from commandeering the aircraft. These airline crashes occurred in my area of federal air safety responsibilities and continued the series of crashes caused or permitted to occur by the exact same air safety violations and problems. Fatal airline crashes occurring during the Denver FAA hearing where I acted as an independent prosecutor. These tragedies include the prior airliner crash into New York City3 that was the world’s worst at that time and which occurred in the program for which I had federal air safety responsibilities.C.S. and their cover-ups. • As further detailed in the third edition of Unfriendly Skies. (4) threats and various forms of retaliation against inspectors who continue to act as required by federal law. The refusal to order the corrective actions was not a one-time event or from ignorance. (2) threats against federal air safety inspectors not to report serious air safety problems and violations.C. providing evidence of deepseated corruption in the FAA and specific crashes made possible by the corruption. Rather. • The records and transcripts of an FAA hearing held in Denver during which I acted as a independent prosecutor. Evidence shows that the refusal to order corrective actions was a standard reaction to reports by federal air safety inspectors and that this nonfeasance was part of a corrupt culture within the FAA. .

federal judges refused to receive the information and evidence. (The pattern of cover-ups by Justice Department personnel prevented reporting them to that government agency.S. During my initial judicial attempts. § 4. Expansion Of Corruption By Federal Judges The judicial and Justice Department obstruction of justice continued for many years. My attempts.6 and 4. including the Federal Bureau of Investigation and several U. These documented obstruction of justice acts by federal judges were criminal acts under Title 2. from access to the federal courts! These orders obviously had a two-fold purpose: One was to block me and the other government agents from reporting the criminal activities. which was then followed by several major air disasters due to the same internal FAA problems. Attorney offices. Two Culpability Of Justice Department Personnel Relating To Air Tragedies Documented cover-ups by Justice Department personnel that made possible the continuation of these air tragedies. As the reported criminal activities reached even higher into key government positions. These tragedies were associated with the same criminal activities that I and other former federal agents sought to report to a federal court under the federal crime reporting statute. Two. with various U. blocked every attempt by me (and my group of other former federal agents) to report these and other criminal activities4 to a federal court under the federal crime reporting statute. Nevada. making possible many tragedies—including the September 11 terrorism.10 . district court at Reno. Federal judges then refused to receive the evidence. the orders terminated for me all federal defenses against a bizarre scheme9 filed by a CIA-front San Francisco law firm to strip me of the $10 million in real estate assets that funded my exposure activities. Culpability of Federal Judges In FAA and Other Corruption Repeated obstruction of justice by federal judges. despite admitting the gravity of the allegations during private conversations. Department of Justice. federal judges8 issued unlawful and unconstitutional orders barring me. primarily in the Ninth Circuit courts within California.7 Justice Department lawyers filed papers to dismiss the lawsuits. These matters are described in the third editions of Unfriendly Skies and Defrauding America and in a federal lawsuit. and with the Justice Department in Washington.76 Defrauding America. Attorney offices.) Again and again. for the remainder of my life.5 3. made while I was a federal air safety inspector. in clear violation of their administrative duties under Title 18 U. As I continued to discover additional areas of criminal activities with the help of other government agents I continued seeking to report them to a federal court as clearly required by the federal crime reporting statute. related to a series of aviation disasters occurring in my area of federal air safety responsibilities.S. to report these corrupt matters to various divisions of the U. as a federal air safety inspector. I filed these complaints with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Federal judges. The details of this scenario are found in the third edition of Unfriendly Skies and in a federal lawsuit filed in the U.S. were repeatedly blocked by Justice Department personnel.S.S. Vol.C. My initial complaints of criminal activities.

(I had recently undergone a six-bypass coronary-artery surgery. This matter is further described in the third edition of the book. 1996. letter to the FBI.defraudingamerica. including my home and sole source of income. I was subsequently converted from a multi-millionaire to a state of poverty. from 1987 to 1995. commercial aircraft. The documented conduct of FBI and CIA personnel in 1995 made surface to air missiles available to Afghan terrorists cells. Justice Department prosecutors falsely charged the head of that multi-agency task force with . Justice Department personnel blocked a multi-agency drug task force that was targeting the drug money funding sources for terrorist cells in the New Jersey-New York areas. He had been protected by your San Francisco U. letter sent to every member of the House and Senate intelligence committees. and legally recognized cause for taking a person’s life assets. 1995.) While in prison. In addition. But there is more! FBI and CIA Making Possible Acquisition Of Missiles By Afghan Terrorists CIA and FBI personnel made surface-to-air missiles available to Afghan terrorists. (www. making possible the transfer of missiles that will surely be used against U.September 11: Déjà vu Consequences 77 Judicial and Justice Department Retaliation Against Former Federal Agent To Silence Him Compounding obstruction of justice and massive civil rights violations. Justice Department prosecutors and federal judges denied me a jury trial. Federal judges and Justice Department personnel.11 and helped continue the corrupt activities that insured the success of the September 11 hijackers. Attorney’s office and then when the media forced your office to take action to halt further investigations into the corrupt Chapter 11 courts.S. and with the obvious intent to halt my exposure of the criminal activities. Six months later. a hearing. These orders were issued while violating the legal and constitutional requirement of a notice of hearing. subjected me to a kangaroo court trial. warning them of the imminent transfer of these missiles and seeking their help in preventing the transfer.13 later identified with committing the nation’s worst trustee embezzlement. These assets were then turned over to embezzler Charles Duck. and was nearing 70 years of age when this happened.html) Not a single congressional recipient responded. a sweetheart plea bargain was made. These retaliatory acts were felonies. then retaliated against me for filing papers in the federal courts that attempted to report the criminal activities and for exercising federal defenses against the civil rights violations that were part of the scheme to block these reports. Defrauding America and in a July 30. federal judges forced me into Chapter 11 bankruptcy12 and then ordered all my assets.14 Justice Department Personnel Protecting Drug Money Source Of Terrorist Cells Justice Department personnel protecting the funding source for World Trade Center terrorists.S. under the area of responsibility of your office. These matters are described in an October 30. liquidated. which presumably included the Osama bin Laden‘s al Qaeda group. TWA Flight 800 was downed. and sentenced me to six months in federal prison.com/missiles_specter_oct20.

Department of Transportation. conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States. it must be realized that none of the deaths and related harms would have occurred without the documented corruption of people in key government positions in the three branches of government. 2001. Sincerely. Vol. Whoever. The people leading this nation in this time of great crisis include many of the same people whose culture of corruption and cover-ups insured the success of the terrorist groups. Justice Department.S. Rodney Stich ENDNOTES 1. Department of Defense). Multiple Adversaries The American people have been victimized by the people and the culture briefly described in this letter. Title 18 USC § 4. shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years. Nothing said here is to detract from the enormous crimes of the terrorist groups. or . and members of Congress. These matters are described in the book. having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States. These matters are described in the third edition of Defrauding America. Drugging America. Justice Department personnel covered up for the terrorists who actually placed the bomb on board Pan Am Flight 103. hijackings. and presumably helped fund the September 11. Their roles are spelled out in detail in the third editions of Unfriendly Skies and Defrauding America. Two criminal violation of the civil rights of one of the suspected drug traffickers as part of this obstruction of justice.S. airliners leaving Far East locations. Justice Department personnel fraudulently filed criminal charges against two people who reported the truth (former Mossad agent and former undercover agent for the U. The guilty include personnel within the FAA. which shifted attention from the country harboring the terrorists. They must be publicly identified and removed from office in order to mount an effective defense against more terrorist attacks. the NTSB. and Drugging America. Consequences Of These Criminal and Civil Rights Violations Extended To September 11! The September 11 tragedies are only the latest consequence of the documented corruption in government and its cover-up by government personnel.78 Defrauding America. Justice Department Cover-Up Of Actual Terrorists Involved In Pan Am Flight 103 Justice Department personnel protecting the terrorists who bombed Pan Am Flight 103. who initiated plans to place bombs on 11 U. federal judges. Misprision of felony. These Justice Department activities continued the funding source for the terrorists who bombed the World Trade Center in 1995. However. Tragedies caused or made possible by their previous acts will surely result in more of the same.

law firms and lawyers.) (table). Department of Justice. comforts or assists the offender in order to hinder or prevent his apprehension. I and a group of other government agents sought to report the years of drug smuggling into the United States by the CIA and White House personnel during the Contra war.C. 1975. of which the cover-up of the DC-10 cargo door problem was one of repeated instances of tragedy related misconduct).S. National Transportation Safety Board. 6.S.September 11: Déjà vu Consequences 2. and by the Justices of the U. Principals. Accessory after the fact. § 3. Central District California. making possible repeated crashes from the same sequestered problems). abets. trial or punishment. 685 F. Title 28 U.)(addressing the long standing FAA misconduct.S. The initial criminal activities being reported under the federal crime reporting statute included those occurring within the Federal Aviation Administration and the cover-ups by NTSB Board members and Justice Department personnel. McDonnell Douglas Corporation and United States of America. counsels. 7. Stich v. is punishable as a principal. the world’s worst air disaster at that time. § 1361. knowing that an offense against the United States had been committed. Title 18 U.)(table). Federal judges issuing unlawful and unconstitutional orders terminating the right to federal court access included among other. is punishable as a principal. cert. relieves. MDL 172. Amicus curiae brief filed on July 17. violations of federal air safety laws. § 2. 459 U. widespread corruption in Ninth Circuit bankruptcy courts including federal judges. Milton Schwartz (Sacramento). Samuel Conti (San Francisco). (b) Whoever willfully causes an act to be done which if directly performed by him or another would be an offense against the United States. receives. 87-2214. omitting highly sensitive air safety misconduct. Marilyn Patel (San Francisco). later. et al. in the Paris DC-10 multi-district litigation. Civil Action 74-808-PH. and other criminal activities described in Defrauding America and Drugging America books. The district courts shall have original jurisdiction of any action in the nature of mandamus to compel an officer or employee of the United States or any agency thereof to perform a duty owed to the plaintiff. denied. trustees. United Airlines DC-8 crash into New York City. commands.S. 86-2523. District of Columbia. caused or made possible by the documented pattern of corruption within the FAA. cert.S.C. Stich v. United States. threats against government inspectors not to report safety violations and misconduct). and were aided and abetted by the Ninth Circuit en banc. 8. Whoever. v. Supreme Court.C.S. (a) Whoever commits an offense against the United States or aids. Action to compel an officer of the United States to perform his duty. and other actions filed by Stich seeking to expose and correct the powerful and covert air disaster misconduct.2d 446 (9th Cir. both. 5.2d 1070 (9th Cir.S.. 920 (1977)(addressed hard-core air safety misconduct. 554 F. is an accessory after the fact. U. 434 U. 861 (1982))(addressed repeated criminal falsification of official airline accident reports. Flanagan v. induces or procures its commission. as more information and evidence was obtained. denied. Title 18 U. . Nos. 4. 79 3.

Unfriendly Skies Member Association Former Intelligence Officers Association of National Security Alumni International Society of Air Safety Investigators Lawyers Pilots Bar Association Former FAA air safety investigator Former airline captain and Navy pilot E-mail: stich@defraudingamerica. identified Duck as a CIA operative. FAX 925-295-1203 Defrauding America. 2001) sent to Attorney General Ashcroft listing some of these corrupt acts that enabled the success of the September 11 hijackers.html. targeting the assets I used to fund my exposure activities. Drugging America.C. 11.com/fbidaley_july30.com/missiles_specter_oct20.html) Letter (October 2.com/lawsuit_reno.S. district court at Reno. 13. phone: 925-944-1930.defraudingamerica. 246.com/ashcroft_letter_wtc. 12. including the FAA. at www. 14. 111. Defrauding America. 1343. These were the assets that funded exposure of the criminal activities in the FAA and the cover-ups in the Justice Department. Two reliable sources. Title 18 U. 1505. Their conduct is described in a lawsuit filed in the U. Sloan and Ross filing a lawsuit against me. §§ 2. 1341. large numbers of federal judges combined their obstruction of justice activities with a documented pattern of repeated violations of large numbers of civil and constitutional rights. 242. 1503. Vol. (www. 1512. including a CIA asset. 371. 3. Alamo.80 9. www. no creditors were at risk.defraudingamerica.defraudingamerica. Nevada. Two The bizarre and convoluted scheme commenced with the San Francisco CIArelated law firm of Friedman.com search engine: “Rodney Stich” . 1515(a).html) Letter (July 30. CA 94507. (www. and by members of Congress. Letter to FBI describing missiles going to Afghan terrorists. Federal lawsuit can be found at the Internet site. To carry out this scheme.com Google. The $10 million in real estate was in excellent financial shape. 245(b)(1)(B). the federal courts. 10. offering them evidence of the misconduct in government offices.defraudingamerica. 241.S. (www. In a letter to President George Bush I described the conditions that would be encourage and insure the success of the September 11 terrorist hijackings: From the desk of Rodney Stich P. 1995) sent to every member of the house and senate intelligence committees seeking help in preventing surface-to-air missiles about to being acquired by Afghan terrorists. that was barred by dozens of state and federal laws.O.com/fbidaley_jul30.defraudingamerica. 35. Box 5. 1996) sent to FBI agent making a record of threats for me to remain quiet about these matters. 153.html. 4.html) Months before the September 11 attacks I had written warning letters to many others in government. • • • cc: Letter (October 20. 1513(b).

1341. this letter brings to your attention a pattern of criminal activities in certain government offices that carries over from the prior administration and falls within the responsibilities of your administration. 1515(a).C.S. 246. and my right as a citizen. As you can see. Jr.defraudingamerica. Anyone blocking a witness—and certainly a former federal agent—from reporting criminal activities under the federal crime reporting statute. and former federal agent reporting corrupt activity that is hold-over from the prior Administration.S. he received his at the Corpus Christi Naval Air Station while I received mine at the Pensacola Naval Air Station in 1943.C.unfriendlyskies. chairman of the House subcommittee on the courts. 1503. 111. Making these crimes against the United States even worse. Your father and I received our Navy wings at approximately the same time.C. 371. 242. 2001 President George Bush.S. 3.cm 81 March 1. and 4. the obstruction and felony retaliation against a former federal agent for exercising important responsibilities and rights was perpetrated by corrupt Justice Department lawyers and federal judges. Title 18 U.1 With that bit of trivia out of the way.September 11: Déjà vu Consequences www.S. the reporting of the criminal activities that were being blocked continue to inflict great harm upon the United States and its people.com www. To retaliate against a former federal agent—especially one reporting matters with grave national consequences—are felonies under Title 18 U. Justice Department lawyers and federal charged me with criminal contempt of court. §§ 2. and the first editions of Drugging America and Disavow. explains the misconduct by lawyers in the U. 1512. These matters are described in the third editions of Defrauding America and Unfriendly Skies. These matters are documented. The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Washington. including Title 18 U. To President Bush: A minor matter to possibly get your attention. . 1343. I received the proverbial stonewalling by that member of Congress. Adding still another shocking revelation. 241. §§ 35. 153.com ww. is committing felonies under the obstruction of justice statutes. 1505. 1513(b). Department of Justice to retaliate against me for attempting to report criminal activities that are required to be reported under the federal crime reporting statute. § 4.druggingamerica. DC 20500 Reference: Former Navy pilot from your father’s days. The attached letter which I had sent earlier to Representative Howard Coble. 245(b)(1)(B). When I continued my efforts to meet this responsibility.

Among the many outrages inflicted upon me by corrupt federal judges with the assistance of Justice Department lawyers were: o Charging me with criminal contempt of court for seeking to report the criminal activities that I and my group of other federal agents had discovered while acting under our government offices. o Charging me with criminal contempt of court for exercising legal and constitutional due process defenses against record-setting violations of state and federal laws by federal judges. I need help that the Justice Department is responsible to provide against the onslaught of documented civil and constitutional violations that were part of the bizarre scheme to halt my exposure activities. This is only a start to the federal offenses perpetrated to block the reporting of criminal activities in government. and for exercising the requirement to report major criminal activities in the federal courts and other federal offices. Now. have attempted to report a pattern of criminal activities in key judicial and government positions that we discovered over the years. At nearly 80. I don’t have much time left. however. Vol. I’m with you on your ideology and we need a change from the past presidency. You recently said that all citizens must be treated equally. inflicted great personal and financial harm upon me and also upon some of my other federal agents. The property was just taken. my businesses.defraudingamerica. exercise their responsi- . let’s see if you have the courage of doing something about this. everything. my web sites (www. and in my various books. As a navy pilot. that funded my exposure activities.82 Defrauding America. and made a mockery of America’s human rights position. • But first. a hearing. and I would like to see someone. somewhere. I didn’t risk my neck to come back to the United States and be personally and financially destroyed for carrying out the government’s duties while I was an FAA inspector. transcends changes in administrations. In retaliation. including my home. I would like to think your statements have some meaning associated with them. The corrupt misuse of government offices has made a mockery of that goal. with the apparent realization that every government check and balance would protect the corrupt judicial acts.com). The details are partly in the copy of Coble’s letter. Justice Department lawyers and federal judges. and cause. acting in unison. reveals a shocking picture of hard-core criminal misconduct in government offices and the felony obstruction of justice/cover-ups by every government check and balance. Please—No Stonewalling Anyone who stonewalls these matters will become implicated with the criminal activities that are documented. and my group of other former federal agents. o Corruptly seizing my $10 million in assets. The corruption in the Justice Department and the courts. Two I. violating the legal and constitutional requirement of a noticed hearing. Suggested responses: • Have your Attorney General start meaningful contact with me to where I and my group of other former federal agents so that we can present information on the corrupt and criminal activities to a proper forum. This and other letters appear on the Internet and in books that I write.

If he had responded. UNFRIENDLY SKIES Member Association Former Intelligence Officers Association of National Security Alumni International Society of Air Safety Investigators Lawyers Pilots Bar Associaion (LPBA) Former FAA air safety investigator Former airline captain and Navy pilot E-mail: stich@defraudingamerica.com www.com Google. being a PBY flight instructor and Patrol Plane Commander (PPC) in Liberators and Privateers at the age of 20. and the publicity could come back to haunt you. Alamo.September 11: Déjà vu Consequences 83 bilities to act on the widespread corruption we discovered in federal courts and other government entities. Box 5. Rodney Stich ENDNOTE 1. As a little bit of trivia. but since he made his claim. CA 94507. 2001: From the desk of Rodney Stich P. More information can be found in my various books and at my various web sites that are listed at the top of the first page.com April 7. No response. 2001 President George Bush.druggingamerica. I followed with another letter on April 7. your father claims he was the youngest Navy pilot at that time.com www. Your response will reveal whether you are all talk. or there is some substance to your statements.com search engine: “Rodney Stich” www. I have modified mine to indicate I was the youngest multi-engine navy pilot. Do nothing. FAX 925-295-1203 DEFRAUDING AMERICA. DC 20500 Certified: 7000 1670 0012 2751 8773 Reference: Making a record of your non-response and cover-up to charges . The documented corruption is adversely affecting the internal security of the United States and corrupting various government offices. Sincerely. or continue the stonewalling. DRUGGING AMERICA. Jr. Major national interests are involved with these matters. I had always said that I was the youngest naval pilot then.O. it is possible that attention could have been focused and actions taken on the serious problems within the federal air safety agencies. phone: 925-944-1930.unfriendlyskies.defraudingamerica. The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Washington.

For the record. affidavits. and even retaliation against whistle blowing federal agents by personnel within the U. • My discovery as an airline captain in overseas flying. commencing nearly 40 years ago. Department of Justice. Decades Of Drug Smuggling Into the United States Decades of drug smuggling into the United States by people acting under cover of government positions and covert government operations. that any cover-up makes that person become implicated in the criminal and subversive activities. describing the drugs that he was ordered to transport for the CIA.84 Defrauding America. highly decorated helicopter pilot during the Vietnam War. The following is a partial list of the corrupt and criminal activities that these former federal agents and I discovered. obstruction of justice. and what I subsequently learned from several dozen former . I’m supportive of your ideology and stated attempts to bring integrity into government. who provided me over the years with information and documentation about the drug offenses that were done by CIA assets in the covert operation in which he was the titular head. These charges are so serious. and documentation. Vol. Among the personnel involved in the many areas of corrupt and criminal activities is a person that you recently appointed to a key government position. provided me data showing secret bank accounts funded for him (and several other well-known politicians) by the CIA operation he headed. and the ramifications to the United States and its people so ominous. Continued harm to the internal security of the United States and to the people being traumatized by these criminal activities will continue if meaningful reaction to that letter and the charges do not promptly occur.S. 2001. To President Bush: On March 1. To take such meaningful action requires contacting me and my group of other former federal agents to get the details. • Former FBI agent. who headed a covert CIA financial operation that included that person. these charges cannot be turned over to any division of that agency. I sent to you a letter with charges of serious corruption in areas for which you and your administration has responsibility and in which certain personnel are criminally implicated. Your reaction to these charges will help show whether the rhetoric is only for public consumption. Two of serious criminal misconduct in key offices of your administration. who discovered CIA drug trafficking to American servicemen during the Vietnam War and who later discovered and reported CIA drug smuggling with the American Mafia while he headed an FBI investigative team. verbal communications. Because of the documented pattern of cover-ups. One of my CIA sources. Included in the evidence proving this charge are the following: • Former head of a secret CIA airline. • Former head of a secret CIA financial operation. who provided me over several years with detailed letters. • Other former CIA agents providing similar data.

Evidence of this pattern of corruption is included in my books. to obtain a political advantage in the 1981 presidential election between President Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan.September 11: Déjà vu Consequences • • • • 85 • federal agents. the third editions of Defrauding America and Unfriendly Skies. You recently appointed one of these recipients to a key government position despite knowledge of his prior involvement in CIA-related drug trafficking. which has been withheld from the public. and www. The Justice Department has a legal responsibility to halt this racketeering activity.com. judge-appointed trustees (including infamous trustee Charles Duck). www. they show the pattern of corrupt activities inflicted upon the United States and its people by those in control of the system: • October Surprise and its cover-up. and government documents that I obtained. as described to me by two CIA assets who were directly involved in it. CIA Funding Of Secret Bank Accounts For U. drug traffickers.com. with Syrian and Lebanese drug smuggling. • CIA looting of the savings and loans. Two of my sources.com.S. just as the personnel in control of this government agency has covered up for every criminal activities described in this letter and the related books and web sites. as conveyed to me by several CIA assets who were part of the • Widespread Looting of Assets in the Bankruptcy Courts .defraudingamerica. and CIA operatives. Details in my various books published for the purpose of informing the public: the third editions of Defrauding America and Unfriendly Skies and the first editions of Drugging America and Disavow. The corruption includes unlawfully and unconstitutionally seizing the assets of people and companies that exercise the statutory protections of Chapter 11. law firms. described the role of CIA-DEA agents. Instead. including testimony given to members of Congress by insiders. the HUD program. Series Of Corruption Activities Although the following criminal activities are history. The victims include thousands of elderly persons corruptly and criminally stripped of their life assets.unfriendlyskies. Justice Department appointed trustees. and documentation was conveyed to me by the former head of a covert CIA financial operation. and in the documents I have accumulated during the past 15 years. using Pan Am aircraft out of Frankfurt. This was the scheme involving the CIA and political figures from both political parties who blocked the release of the 52 American hostages held captive in Teheran. Widespread corruption in the bankruptcy courts involving federal judges.druggingamerica. including a former agent for the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). it has aided and abetted the criminal activities. Role played by the CIA-DEA drug smuggling operation in the bombing of Pan American flight 103 over Lockerbie. Officials Funding of secret bank accounts for well-known political figures by CIA operations. lawyers. and in hidden congressional reports. only to be stripped of their life assets. Other reliable sources. Further details on the following web sites: www. This information. and other financial frauds.

1512.S. which included drug money laundering. 241. Inflicting harm upon a former federal agent and witness for attempting to report criminal activities are felonies under Title 18 U. . 1505. 42 U. 245 (b)(1)(B).C. • Federal judges issued unlawful and unconstitutional orders barring me for the remainder of my life from federal court access. §§ 2. assisting Ferdinand and Imelda Marcus to hide funds that were being sought by the FBI.S. • Federal judges misusing the federal courts in a conspiracy with a CIAfront law firm that targeted the $10 million in assets that funded my exposure activities. a former federal investigator and my group of several dozen other former federal agents tried to report to a federal court under the mandatory federal crime reporting statute. 246.S. These orders blocked me from reporting the criminal activities under the federal crime reporting statute and blocked me from exercising the numerous federal defenses against the record numbers of state and federal laws that were being judicially violated as part of a bizarre scheme to destroy my ability to report the criminal activities. 3. Pattern Of Documented Corrupt and Criminal Acts By Federal Judges Evidence of twenty years of documented judicial corruption was offered to you and other members of Congress. that required violating dozens of state states and rules of court and numerous federal laws and constitutional provisions. 1341. Vol.S. Title 18 U. §§ 2. §§ 1961-1965. which are worse offenses when perpetrated by federal judges and Justice Department lawyers. 1510. These crimes fall within the responsibilities of the Justice Department—for which you have responsibilities—and also under the responsibilities of Congress.86 • Defrauding America. 1515(a)(3)(A). under orders of their CIA superiors. as told to me by CIA insiders. 1343. inflicting grave personal and financial harm upon me. and then depriving me of the federal defenses against intended to protect any citizen against these violations of federally protected rights.C. 242. for instance: • Federal judges repeatedly blocking the reporting of criminal activities that I. This documented pattern of judicial obstruction of justice constituted multiple criminal acts under Title 18 U. 153.C.C. Other corrupt CIA operations. and 4. This pattern of documented judicial corruption includes. 371. 111. Two offenses. 241.S. 35. and supported by documents. § 1361. Organized crime never had it this good! • Federal judges violating dozens of state and federal laws and constitutional protections. I have recorded and documented 40 years of uninterrupted cover-ups of these crimes by both of these groups. • Federal judges and Justice Department personnel charging me with criminal contempt of court when I attempted to report these criminal activities that I and my group of other former federal agents had discovered. 1513 (b). 3. following by denial of all federal defenses.C. funding of secret bank accounts for politicians in prior and current administrations. 4. § 4 and Title 28 U.

commencing while I was a federal air safety inspector. Several years ago. www. many of them occurring in my direct area of federal air safety responsibilities while I was responsible for air safety at the most senior program at United Airlines. to silence or discredit them. It is possible that one of these missiles was used to bring down TWA Flight 800. Some details of this documented corruption and related deaths can be found in the third edition of Unfriendly Skies and in the web site.September 11: Déjà vu Consequences 87 Documented Corrupt and Criminal acts Associated With Specific Airline Crashes As a former federal air safety inspector responsible for air safety at the world’s largest airline: • Pattern of air safety and criminal acts directly related to a series of fatal airline crashes. Felony Offenses Perpetrated by Members Of Congress I have documented cover-ups and obstruction of justice by members of Congress for the past 40 years. This congressional cover-up made possible the continuation of the criminal and even subversive conduct that is described in my books. I sent a three page warning letter to every member of the House and Senate intelligence committees warning of missile attacks upon commercial aircraft. if members of Congress had met their responsibilities as members of Congress and under the federal criminal statutes (including Title 18 U.unfriendlyskies. and in some cases prevented. Pattern Of Misconduct By Justice Department Officials and Lawyers Pattern of documented misconduct by Justice Department personnel. Many men and women. Not a single recipient in Congress responded. which includes blocking exposure of major criminal activities implicating key people in government and filing false charges against government agents who sought to expose these corrupt acts. based upon documentation and other evidence obtained from one of my many CIA sources. including some of your constituents. Details are located in each of my prior books. 3. and to bring down other commercial aircraft in the future. The letters urged that the recipients immediately contact me and my CIA source to prevent as many as 100 SAM missiles being transferred to terrorists.S. which permitted the missiles to be received by terrorists. §§ 2. • Misconduct allowing dozens of SAM missiles to be acquired by terrorist group. for instance: . Tragedies Made Possible By Cover-Ups The tragedies caused by the corruption that I and other former federal agents brought to the attention of members of Congress could have been halted.C. Many people died as a result of this misconduct and the cover-ups by members of Congress. The tragedies resulting from congressional cover-ups by various government checks and balances include. and 4). have been sentenced to federal prison for failure to report relatively minor federal offenses whose gravity does not even merit a place on the scale measuring the offenses and culture involving members of Congress.com. This culture is still deeply embedded within the FAA and had played an unpublicized role in several recent airline disasters.

threatening to charge aged parents and children. (That letter is on the Internet sites listed in this letter. The basis for the warning letters was information and documentation provided to me by a former head of a secret CIA operation that had world-wide attention in the mid-1980s. judicially perpetrated civil and constitutional violations. • Routine use of perjured testimony to put innocent people in prison. • Conspiracy statutes. • Making felonies out of minor matters. and much more. property seizure. includes the widespread corrupt seizing of assets. described in my books. and even life. filing false charges. the documented obstruction of justice.) Killings. paying criminals. or properties whose value far exceeds the nature of the offense. and others within the “system.88 • Defrauding America. filing exaggerated charges. Two Fraud-related airline crashes. with further outrages perpetrated by Justice Department personnel paying for perjured testimony. and much more. spreading their cancerous corruption throughout government and society. sometimes for life. Members of Congress legislating and Justice Department lawyers misusing the conspiracy statutes in such a way that people totally uninvolved in drug or other offenses to be imprisoned for years. Members of Congress have legislated draconian prison sentences for relatively minor drug offenses that have put tens of thousands of men and women in prison. imprisonment of tens of thousands of men and women. This relationship is described it in the third edition of Unfriendly Skies. or from people judged innocent. and even including people in the high government offices. Many of the people killed as a result of known air safety and criminal violations that I and other federal inspectors discovered and reported could have been prevented if members of Congress had not continued the continual cover-up of such matters. members of congress. • • The Outrageous Contradiction Between the System’s “War-On-Drugs” And Crimes Perpetrated by Those in Control of the System While engaging in repeated obstruction of justice offenses. void of constitutional protections. • Forfeiture statutes.” have repeatedly passed legislation and filed charges against the people: • Draconian prison sentence legislation. such as filling in a low spot on pri- . much of it the result of four decades of drug smuggling by people acting under cover of government agencies and operations. government informants. and prosecutors to routinely lie. Members of Congress legislating forfeiture statutes that are then further misused by Justice Department lawyers in such a way that properties are taken from totally innocent people. people kin control of the Justice Department. This same congressional cover-up occurred after I sent a three-page letter warning to members of Congress. judicial lying. Vol. warning of missile attacks upon commercial aircraft that were sent several months prior to the downing of TWA Flight 800. Countless personal and financial tragedies arising from corrupt federal judges.

Rodney Stich No response.September 11: Déjà vu Consequences vate land. the deaths of 3. who sought to report criminal activities implicating key government personnel. Seeking to divert attention to the primary reason why the four groups of hijackers succeeded in their scheme when it was so easy to have prevented these tragedies.S. • Justice Department personnel have retaliated against me. • Justice Department personnel have filed false charges against numerous federal agents.000 men. as a start. making it difficult to now address those engaging in corruption that aided and abetted the hijackers. It is important to realize that among these areas of documented corruption was the corruption affecting aviation safety. Department of Justice have been covering up for each of the many corrupt and criminal activities that I brought to your attention and which I write about in my books. including the corruption blocking the implementation of obviously needed measures to prevent hijackers from taking control of the aircraft. bring about. This and other letters can be found at the following Internet site: defraudingamerica. . Bush called everyone in sight heroes and repeatedly praised the American public. They charged me with criminal contempt of court for accessing the federal courts to report the criminal. 89 Your Responsibilities Cannot Be Met By Turning This Matter Over to the Justice Department In the event you seek to claim you reacted to these charges by turning this letter over to the Justice Department. 2001. women and children. including those who jumped out of windows to certain death.com Sincerely. including FBI agents. far worse than what happened on September 11. a former federal agent. Having helped bring about the events of September 11. including me. I bring this information to your attention: • For over 20 years. Obviously the same Justice Department personnel are not about to expose the crimes in which they became implicated through cover-ups. President Bush set the United States on a war footing that can very well have catastrophic consequences upon the United States. including CIA drug smuggling. the personnel at the U. • Justice Department personnel who became implicated with federal judges and a CIA-front law firm misusing the courts and a pattern of civil rights violations to silence government whistleblowers. for attempting to report these criminal activities to a federal court as required by the federal crime reporting statute.

000 men. Leaders: Continue the Standard Pattern of Cover-Up Many people in the three branches of government had engaged in serious misconduct that caused conditions to exist that encouraged and insured the success of the four groups of hijackers. as an FAA insider with decades of highly technical aviation experience behind me. Hijackers taking over airliners had been occurring for the past 40 years. who had a duty to insure that these actions were taken. had not done so?” Members of Congress should have undertaken an investigation. and other government offices had the duty to insure that the FAA did its job. the public who was victimized by these matters did not respond. as they rushed to law firms seeking money for the death of someone to whom they had a legal link. Would the public finally react with outrage? Or will they continue their state of denial? First Priority by U. some of which should have been obvious to the public. Still no reaction. I. Now. the death toll in a single day reached 3. The many fatal hijackings urgently required the FAA to order preventative measures— which were never done until public pressure following September 11 required some type of action. But where was the public outrage! The internal FAA misconduct and its consequences were known. The 3000 deaths on September 11 were made possible by the documented misconduct within the FAA that can never be changed without exposing its ugly tragedy-related history. including the top officials of the FAA.90 Defrauding America. Even the next-of-kin showed no reaction. women. Despite all these efforts.000 radio and television shows. who knew of the simple corrective actions. the . Some of these ended very fatally. had written books on these problems and since 1978 appeared as guest and expert on over 3. Many air safety inspectors held positions that required them to look for safety problems and to report the problems and the corrective actions. These appearances often occurred immediately following a major air tragedy that had links to FAA misconduct. And contributing to these deaths was the documented duplicity of people in government check and balance positions. and none more so than the ability of four groups of hijackers to take over four different airliners. and children. Vol. instead of hundreds killed. And the FAA had the duty to order these changes. The changes to prevent these tragedies were simple and known. Questions should have been asked by the broadcast and print media. Neither occurred.S. Two Where Was the Public Outrage? Many aviation tragedies were caused or made possible by the FAA misconduct. Many people in key government positions were at risk if the public started asking the obvious: “Why didn’t the people in the government positions who knew of the dangers.

” Anyone knowing of the history of U. • Authorizing the military to shoot down general aviation aircraft if the aircraft flew into any one of the hundreds of restricted airspaces throughout the United States. These feel-good tactics worked. Bush was quick with praising the American people. “The terrorists hate us because we are good. Odd Way of Encouraging the Public to Fly During a speech shortly after the September 11 attack. praised those government personnel who did what they were paid to do.S. • Authorizing the military to shoot down commercial airliners— which could have 300 to 400 people on board. Justice Department personnel blocked a multi-agency drug task force from acting against these drug traffickers.S. terrorist cells in New Jersey and New York received some of their funds from drug sales to Americans. leaders that have generated so much hate for America throughout the world. and applied the hero label to many people who didn’t meet the definition of the word. He and other members of his administration praised the American people. if the person with that authority thought the plane was being hijacked. During this speech he referred to several changes he was authorizing: • Ordering the funding of a system to where the control of the aircraft by the pilots could be taken away by someone on the ground. and thought that it might be flown into a building. women. This arrogant and irresponsible authorization to kill hundreds of men. Other Misconduct Helping the Terrorists As described in earlier pages. members of Congress. foreign policies would probably gag upon hearing that statement. and that motivated the September 11 terrorists. the FBI. and virtually no one made reference to how such a great tragedy could occur when the preventative remedies were so obvious and within the responsibilities of so many people. including flying. and children received virtually no outrage from the public or anyone else. he stated. who knew virtually nothing about the behind-the-scene problems that encouraged and insured the success of the terrorist activities. and even federal judges. it would be the usual cover-up. Displaying Ignorance or Deception Instead of focusing on the policies of U. which frequently change. If a congressional “investigation” ever occurred.September 11: Déjà vu Consequences 91 NTSB. leaders commenced by shifting the public’s attention from those whose misconduct encouraged and insured the success of the terrorist hijackers. As part of that strategy Justice Department prosecutors filed sham criminal charges against the head of . No investigation into these matters was scheduled.S. Praising the Public and Handing Out Hero Labels Damage control by U. President George Bush encouraged the public to go about their normal activities. other government agencies. This was probably the dumbest thing that I had heard in my 60 years of aviation experience.

U. who had no interest in learning how to take it off or land it. and even taking lessons in aircraft simulators to fly large airliners. On August 17.92 Defrauding America. For several years there were rumors about doing this and there was considerable talk on the streets of the Middle East about a major terrorist event about to take place in the United States.S. Foreign governments warned the United States that this terrorist act was planned. 2001. They knew how easy it was to do this. He was a suspect implicated in a 1986 bus bombing in Israel. Moussaoui was believed to have been one of the September 11 hijackers. who received part of their funding from these drug activities. Prescience about the September 11 tragedies existed. Prescience about the September 11 tragedies existed Forty years of hijackings that ended fatally provided plenty of evidence showing the need for the simple measures to halt these tragedies. and even taking lessons in aircraft simulators to fly large airliners. leaders knew of terrorist computer files showing interest and plans to crash airliners into buildings. The following year. another of the Sep- . The FBI knew of suspected Middle East terrorists taking pilot training in the United States. Vol. Computer programs showed this possibility. Foreign governments warned the United States that terrorists planned to do this. They knew for years the willingness of terrorists to sacrifice their own lives to inflict harm upon the United States and the dozens of instances where this happened. Joseph Occhipinti. Mohamed Atta is believed to be the terrorist who piloted the America Airlines plane into the World Trade Center. wanted to take simulator training in a Boeing 767. The FBI knew of suspected Middle East terrorists taking pilot training in the United States. And for several months there was considerable talk on the streets of the Middle East about a major terrorist event about to take place in the United States. the Justice Department denied local FBI agents permission to examine his laptop computer. After he was arrested on immigration charges. They knew about the simple and inexpensive preventative measures. Two that multi-agency drug task force. the month before the September 11 terrorist takeover of four airliners. only in flying it once it got in the air. bombed the World Trade Center in 1993. but traveled in and out of the United States on an expired visa. airliners departing Far East locations Forty years of fatal hijackings provided plenty of about airliners being used for ramming buildings. falsely charging him with violating the civil rights of one of the alleged drug traffickers. an alert instructor in Minneapolis reported his suspicions to the FBI about Zacarias Moussaoui. terrorists in New Jersey. Khalid Al-Midhar. French intelligence officials notified the United States that Moussaoui was on a 1999 watch list and known as an extremist. The United States had clues to warn about the September 11 terrorist hijackings. and initiated plans to place bombs on 11 U.S.

I learned . Army Ranger. if they left the United States when the visa expired. the use of a fuelladen plane. Pearl Harbor Stupidity All Over Again I joined the U.S. or commandeering air cargo or airline aircraft and deliberately crashing them into political targets. Ours was a very focused undertaking. After the engine stopped. and it was obvious that war was near. 2001. Nawaf Alhazmi. a former U. a year before the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7. Another hijacker. We completed our work. We came up with a number of possible schemes by which someone bent on creating substantial havoc within the U. Yet. We were directed to realistically create scenarios envisioning ways in which radical militants might strike within the United States employing only materials. Later. together with a small. equipment and devices that were readily available in the course and conduct of everyday life in our country. was to freely brainstorm and evaluate America’s vulnerabilities to internal terrorist attack. nuclear power planets. was on a CIA watch list in January 2001 after the United States determined that he played a role in the bombing of the USS Cole three months earlier.S. The same can be said for the September 11. Our list included the White House. To us. including the navy that made possible that sneak attack. might exploit existing weaknesses in general and commercial (airline) security and flight operations. and weapons storage facilities. Among the scenarios we developed was one that envisioned trained terrorist pilots using rented general aviation airplanes. former CIA agent during the Cuban missile crisis.S. they simply walked away from the plane. the Empire State Building.S. What a system! Two of the hijackers who were taking pilot lessons in the United States abandoned their small plane on a taxiway of a busy airport. and later part of a special section of the Federal Emergency Management Agency. INS did not keep a list of those who traveled to the United States on a temporary visa. (FEMA) Ayers wrote: My task. 1941. FEMA Study Predicted Airliners Crashing Into Landmarks Bradley Ayers. terrorist attacks. as a guided missile was not only obvious but also feasible within minimum ingenuity on the part of the perpetrators. the Pentagon. or if they showed up at the school for training upon which the visa was approved. was also being sought for questioning by the FBI.September 11: Déjà vu Consequences 93 tember 11 hijackers. navy in December 1940. government. while working with DEA and ATF. formalized it and sent it on to FEMA headquarters. select group of highly qualified officers from other services and civilian experts from several key agencies of government. This did not arouse any attention by the FAA or the FBI. massive stupidity existed in the U. blocking a major taxi way used by airliners. possibly with explosives aboard.

Navy. and also had information about the vulnerability of airliners to hijackings. Vol. terrorists had planned to fly a plane loaded with bombs into the building where world leaders were meeting in Geneva. was caught. with host Brit Hume and Fox New correspondent Carl Cameron stated in part: . Before the refueling was completed. Extra security thwarted this plan. prior to September 11. 2001. It was learned that the hijackers planned to crash the aircraft into the Eiffel Tower.94 Defrauding America. Adubl Murad. hijackings. including the reports of FAA inspectors for the past 40 years. Intelligence and responsibility has become far worse since the debacle of December 7. Yousef fled before police arrived. in 1995. It was only a matter of time for the terrorists to put it all together on American soil. Ramzi Yousef. security personnel stormed the aircraft and subdued the hijackers.S. plans were discovered to hijack U.S. We’ve had plenty of wakeup calls: hostage taking. barracks. 1941—a tragedy that occurred while I was in the U. including my reports while a federal air safety inspector. Manila Police Discovered Plans to Crash Airliners Into Buildings In Manila. but his partner.S. This information was discovered after a fire occurred in an apartment rented by suspected terrorist. subways poisoned. Between documents that were found in the apartment and questioning of Yousef’s partner. Did Israel Know of the Planned Hijackings? The transcript of a Fox News Service report on December 12. agencies with many billions in annual budgets had all this and more information available to them. In 2001. naval ships blown up. embassies and buildings bombed. airliners departing Far East locations. who was suspected as one of the terrorists in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. Two that the study was circulated among a number of federal agencies and generally discounted as being “unthinkable” and too “far out” to be realistically considered. The hijackers took control of the aircraft after departing Algiers and upon landing at Marseille the hijackers demanded that three times the normal amount of fuel be placed on the aircraft over what was normal for that otherwise short flight.S. 2001. Actual Attempt to Crash An Airliner Into a Major Landmark In 1996 hijackers belonging to an Algerian terrorist organization with connections to the Osama bin Laden al Qaeda group took over an Air France airliner on a flight from Algiers to Paris via Marseille. the Philippine government turned information over to the United States about plans to hijack airliners and fly them into prominent buildings. Avelino Razon of the Philippine Police said that Yousef was a member of the Ramzi terrorist cell in the continental United States. Personnel in U. airliners and fly them into prominent buildings and to place bombs on 11 U.

S. the government of country A conducts the most aggressive espionage operation against the U. 11. dozens of government facilities and even secret offices and unlisted private homes of law enforcement and intelligence personnel. what about this question of advanced knowledge of what was going to happen on 9-11? How clear are investigators that some Israeli agents may have known something?” .S.S. There is no indication the Israelis were involved in the Sept. It aggressively collects military and industrial technology and the U. It is classified information.” the source said. Fox News has learned. but investigators suspect that they may have gathered intelligence about the attacks in advance and not shared it. ally. Numerous classified documents obtained by Fox News indicate that even prior to Sept.S. 11 terror attacks. authorities are investigating for links to terrorism. said: “Carl. a handful of whom are described as active Israeli military or intelligence operatives. is a high priority target. the host. “Evidence linking these Israelis to 9-11 is classified. Federal investigators said some of them failed polygraph questions inquiring about alleged surveillance activities against and in the United States. of an U. Brit Hume. have been detained on immigration charges or under the new Patriot Anti-Terrorism Law. Investigators from numerous government agencies … detail hundreds of incidents …across the country that investigators say “may well be an organized intelligence-gathering activity. By Carl Cameron Some 60 Israelis. The Israelis.” but when asked for details flatly refused to describe them.” During a televised interview. the Federal Bureau of Investigations.” Documents say they “targeted” and penetrated military bases. the Drug Enforcement Administration. “According to a U. who federal investigators have said are part of a long-running effort to spy on American government officials.September 11: Déjà vu Consequences 95 Suspected Israeli Spies Held By U.S. as many as 140 other Israelis had been detained or arrested in a secretive and sprawling investigation into suspected espionage by Israelis in the United States.” A Defendant Intelligence report said Israel has a “voracious appetite for information. Fox News has learned that one group of Israelis spotted in North Carolina recently is suspected of keeping an apartment in California to spy on a group of Arabs who the U. I cannot tell you about evidence that has been gathered.S. Intelligence agency. are among the hundreds of foreigners detained since the Sept. A General Accounting Office investigation referred to Israel as Country A and said. 11 attacks. A highly placed investigator told Fox News there are “tie-ins.

Another Futile Attempt at Seeking Congressional Responsibility I then sent over two dozen three-page highly detailed letters to every member of the House and Senate intelligence committees. Aviation Interests I received information and documentation in 1996 from the former head of a large CIA financial operation based in Honolulu revealing a mentality within the FBI and CIA that would play a role in aircraft terrorism.S. in which he was involved. Afghan terrorists. they say. That CIA asset. which could be used against U. Rewald then contacted me. described to me negotiations occurring in Los Angeles. General Dostum was one of the two military groups in northern Afghanistan who were fighting the Taliban and Osama bin Laden and who could have provided assistance to the United States to fight these terrorist groups. and provided me with documentation. Rewald was angered. and there’s a great deal of evidence that they say they have collected. knowing the consequences. which of course inflicted great harm on U. one of his military associates. TWA Flight 800 crashed into the Atlantic . at no charge. At the same time.S. For many years my CIA related sources described to me how Israel’s Mossad was heavily involved with the CIA in smuggling drugs into the United States. would be in character for Israel. navy personnel. Ronald Rewald. When the FBI and CIA personnel refused to accept the missiles or cooperate with General Dostum.S.S. warning them of the pending transfer of missiles and urged them to immediately contact me and my CIA source in an effort to halt the transfer. were seeking to buy these surface to air missiles. Justice Department and Congressional Lack of Concern For Terrorist Acts Against U.96 Defrauding America.S. gave me details of the negotiations. Considering that U. interests. obviously. policies toward Israel. which concurrently are very harmful to the Arabs and Palestinians. it is especially ironic that Israel inflicts such great harm upon the American people. if the United States would release from federal prison at Terminal Island that member of his group who was in prison on a drug charge. and FBI and CIA personnel. between Afghan General Rashid Dostum. who I had known for many years. General Dostum offered to give the United States several dozen surface to air missiles. Israel’s deliberate bombing of the U. is how they could not have known?” Israeli Involved in Smuggling Drugs Into the United States Withholding this information. A bigger question. Vol. Two Carl Cameron responded: “It’s very explosive information. Not a single member of Congress thought enough of the consequences to contact either Rewald or me. form the basis for much hatred in the Arab and Muslim countries against the United States. Liberty. is another example of Israel’s contempt for America and its people. including the bin Laden group. Several months later.S.S. airliners. killing many U. and possibly as many as 100.

“leaders” compounds the forces subverting the security of the United States.S. choose who they wish to occupy their rental houses or apartments. The reason for lying can only be speculated. For decades government personnel knew of drug smuggling by the personnel in the CIA and other government operations—while simultaneously putting thousands of men and women in prison for peanut quantities of drugs or no-drug sham conspiracies. choose what school they wanted to go to by choosing the neighborhood associated with that school.S. The public now tolerates the seizure of property without any . insures that September 11 will be simply one more blip on the series of tragedies inflicted upon the American people. showing the need for great public participation in meaningful government issues. or simply to prevent the huge economic damage resulting from public awareness of terrorist attacks. and the apathy and ignorance of the American public. At one time people could choose who they associated with. leaders years before the cost exceeded half a trillion dollars. The Enron fraud was known long before the huge financial losses occurred. The conduct by young President Bush could very possibly bring tragedies upon the American people that are beyond their comprehension and inflicts upon them what the United States has inflicted upon the people of many other nations. the consequences of this conduct will be far worse.000 Americans killed in Vietnam. small business people could choose who they wanted to hire. This was followed by the usual NTSB and Justice Department cover-ups. Lies by U. The list of fraud and crimes against the people is endless. its cover-up by virtually every government and non-government check and balance. judge-appointed trustees. For decades government officials knew of the taking of people’s assets through fraud in federal bankruptcy courts by federal judges.S. and the Trojan horse attacks upon the United States and its people by U. choose how to use their property. leaders duped the public into allowing 38. In today’s environment. More of the Same Will Continue. the evidence indicating a missile attack. and other members of the legal fraternity. Further Taking of Civil and Constitutional Protections Most people born after World War II are unaware of the constitutional rights that previously existed and which no longer exist and are now adjusted to the changes.September 11: Déjà vu Consequences 97 Ocean. Many of the rights that existed since the signing of declaration of independence are now criminal acts. It could be because of the earlier actions that permitted missiles to be acquired by terrorists. History of Similar Frauds and Tragedies Inflicted Upon the People Through Corruption in Government Offices Evidence of the widespread savings and loan corruption was known to U. As It Has for the Past 40 Years The protection of arrogance and corruption in government.000 Americans to be killed in Korea and 58.

Without such an investigation it would prevent discovering what preventative measures had to be taken to prevent repetition of such easily preventable airline disasters. policies in the Middle East. The government line sought to blame a more innocent “intelligence” failure for the success of 19 hijackers. 2001) made reference to another effort to keep the public uninformed of government misconduct: President bush invoked executive privilege for the first time Thursday to keep Congress from seeing documents of prosecutors’ decision-making in cases ranging from a decades-old Boston murder to the Clinton-era fund-raising probe. The CIA-FBI personnel rejected the surface to air missiles. The missile downing of TWA Flight 800 occurred about seven months later. But the United States trained. euphemistically placing a “freedom fighter” label on them. stating that collateral damage is acceptable. But to address these matters would expose areas of grave misconduct in government offices. Vol.S. and I often wondered if the downing could have been caused by one of the missiles the FBI and CIA made available to people displeased with U. Two charges being filed.S. Virtually nothing is protected any more. . and armed terrorists for the past half century. The Bush administration talked openly about bombing other countries that they considered harbored terrorists. President Bush and Attorney General John Ashcroft decided upon the use of military courts to try people charged with terrorism. Consider your wife or children being blown apart or incinerated by a bomb and their deaths being considered acceptable collateral damage. the Waco and Ruby Ridge type of assaults. President Bush II first opposed any public investigation into seeking the blame why 19 hijackers were able to seize four airliners and kill 3.000 people.S. aircraft. history was an investigation into a major disaster blocked. In another matter. An article in the San Francisco Daily Journal (December 14. funded. Unprecedented Blocking of Investigation Into Blame for 9-11 Never in U. Dostum had offered to give the United States from three dozen to 100 Stinger missiles at virtually no charge. which then made them available for sale to the highest bidder. the paramilitary invasion of homes and even killing of occupants.98 Defrauding America. Especially since fatal hijackings had been occurring for the preceding 40 years and there were people in government who had the responsibility to bring about the obviously needed preventative measures. Bush and other administration officials held that it was proper to kill many innocent people in Afghanistan. rather than the hardcore pattern or corrupt and criminal activities that enabled such a large number of hijackers to seize four airliners. And my efforts left a documented trail of corrupt and criminal activities revealing these federal crimes. which would have kept them out of the hands of Middle East groups targeting U.

11 intelligence failures and threatened to renew efforts to establish an independent commission. Many people were implicated in the misconduct leading to the slaughter of 3. and on January 28th second. 2002) stated: Lawmakers from both parties yesterday protested the Bush administration’s lack of cooperation in the congressional inquiry into Sept. 2002) stated described the tactics used by the White House to block an investigation into 9-11: “Press the issue. “The Battle Back Home” heading on a Newsweek article (February 4. Cheney implied. A typical example was the Iran-Contra investigation where evidence of drug smuggling by the CIA and involvement of the White House was kept from the public. relying upon the chairman of the commission to steer the investigation away from the areas of corruption and criminal activities that I had documented.000 people on that fateful day.” Routine “Investigation” Control Through Personnel Selection When protests grew against Bush‘s opposition.September 11: Déjà vu Consequences 99 To place the blame for the success of 19 hijackers on failure to find out ahead of time about the plans made no sense. 2002) had Senator Tom Daschle stating: “I can tell you on January 24th. 2002): “Cheney admitted “he would advise President Bush not to turn over to Congress the August intelligence briefing that warned that terrorists were interested in hijacking airplanes. banks leaving their cash in unlocked storage rooms and relying upon authorities learning that an impending theft was about to occur.” “Cheney Moves to Block 9-11 Probe” was the title on a New York Times article (May 20. A Washington Post article (September 19. and he insisted that the investigation into September 11 should be handled by the Congressional intelligence committees. This is how scandals of the past have been kept from the public. and on other dates following that request by Cheney and Bush not to conduct any September 11 inquiry was made. and a thorough investigation would not only implicate them in the events of 9-11. he finally agreed to an “investigation” headed by Henry Kissinger. This would be akin to. It is beyond comprehension that preventative measures for known dangers were not taken. for instance. On the day a joint House and Senate intelligence committee released a staff report on the Sept. . first. those involved in the congressional investigation said they had been thwarted by the administration’s reluctance to share information about what the White House knew before last year’s terrorist attacks. 11 failures and began to hold hearings. and you risk being accused of interfering with the war on terrorism. relying upon someone telling authorities that the crimes were about to take place. but risk exposing still other scandals that continue to adversely affect major national interests and the lives of many people. not an independent commission A Reuter News Service article (May 26.

Richard C. By comparison. As things now stand.100 Defrauding America. stating: Reasonable people might wonder if the White House.) on NBC’s “Today” show. 2003). and the inquiry into the Whitewater controversy ate up more than $30 million. that there will be some things that we don’t know because we hadn’t had time to probe them and we have not had enough cooperation. She added that “the American public has a compelling interest in this information and that public disclosure would not harm national security. This seems a bargain given the importance of the mission.” Sen. the ranking Republican on the Senate Intelligence Committee. the inquiry into the shuttle disaster’s loss of seven lives may cost an estimated $40 million. 11. Two “Are we getting the cooperation we need? Absolutely not. An estimated $14 million is needed for the task of finding out precisely how the attackers were able to pull off their plot in which nearly 3. having failed in its initial attempt to have Henry Kissinger steer the investigation. It focused almost entirely on so-called intelligence failures and issued a .” “According to Tenet.” The White House had previously opposed any independent effort to examine events that led to Sept. Vol. $3 million budgeted as start-up funding could run out this summer.). it did not delve into the government aviation safety offices that had primary responsibilities to prevent the four separate aviation disasters of 9-11. no. arguing that such a probe could increase leaks and compromise intelligence.” Hill testified. they don’t want to make those kind of witnesses available. The FBI is investigation the intelligence committees after administration complaints about leaks to the news media.000 people died. “Undercutting the 9/11 Inquiry” was the heading on a New York Times editorial (March 31. may be resorting to budgetary starvation as a tactic to hobble any politically fearless inquiry.” he said. It received very limited publicity. “I’m afraid if we try to publish at the end of this session a definitive paper on what we found. Senator Shelby acknowledged that the congressional probe would be incomplete. the president’s knowledge of intelligence information relevant to this inquiry remains classified even when the substance of that intelligence information has been declassified. Graham added: “What we’re trying to do is to get people who had hands on these issues. but the committees say the leaks general come from the administration. The committee’s mandate includes scrutiny of intelligence failures and eight other government areas. And what we’re being told is. Congress Conducts Another in Series of Investigative Cover-Ups A joint House-Senate hearing by their intelligence committees in 2002 was a typical cover-up. Shelby (Ala. said in a joint appearance with Chairman Bob Graham (D-Flaw.

” not corrupt or criminal acts.” Continued Cover-Ups by Bush Administration “Secrecy: The Bush Byword. Making a Record of Charges and Criminal Cover-Ups Through letters putting key people on notice. respectively. that there were “failures. It expands the ability of the Central Intelligence Agency to shield documents from declassification. to . 2002. And for the first time. 2002): The national commission investigating what went wrong before 9/11 hasn’t even begun work yet. who has shown indifference to the public’s right to know what is going on inside the executive branch. many members of Congress. Taken individually. Offering that power to Vice President Dick Cheney. who oversees 14 intelligence agencies. including the White House. that repeatedly covered up for the misconduct enabling 19 hijackers to succeed.September 11: Déjà vu Consequences 101 report along those lines. The final report. Most everyone in government offices that I had identified as being implicated was relieved by the whitewash. On September 25. It treats all material sent to American officials from foreign governments—no matter how routine—as subject to classification. they are reminders that this White House is obsessed with secrecy. issued on December 10. showed their opposition to an investigation in an editorial (December 16. focused on separating the positions of the director of the CIA. It delays by three years the release of declassified government documents dating form 1978 or earlier. 2003): Add one more item to the list of things the Bush administration has been quietly doing on the home front while the nation is preoccupied with Iraq. In one letter sent on February 6. and who heads the CIA. but here’s some advice for saving time and money: Shut it down. seems a particularly worrying development. 2002. Supreme Court. The report primarily parroted when the Bush White House was saying. that enabled 19 hijackers to seize four airliners and kill 3. Taken together. The Wall Street Journal. What eels can you conclude from a commission that can’t tolerate the experienced likes of George Mitchell and Henry Kissinger because they have corporate clients? The two men resigned last week as vice chairman and chairman.S. and whether the United States should have a domestic spy agency similar to Britain’s MI5. each of these actions might raise eyebrows for anyone who values open government. it gives the vice president the power to classify information. the Senate voted to create an independent commission to conduct an investigation.” was the heading on a New York Times editorial (March 28. to every member of the U. after being bludgeoned in the press and Congress for alleged “conflicts of interest. 2003. to keep documents classified and out of public view. The order does a number of things at once.000 people. I attempted to circumvent the cover-ups. This week President Bush signed an executive order that makes it easier for government agencies.

phone: 925-944-1930. 2001. their continuing retaliation against a former federal aviation safety agent and witness. The misconduct described in this letter has played key roles in numerous national tragedies. including primary blame for success of 19 hijackers on September 11. These are serious charges. NE Washington.O. Initial Discovery Of Criminal Activities In Aviation Safety Offices My initial discovery of deep-seated corruption in government aviation safety offices occurred after I was given the assignment to correct the conditions causing the worst series of aviation disasters in the nation’s history. including those of September 11.2 and those arising under their obstruction of justice that violate additional federal statutes. CA 94507.5 which cannot be simply ignored.6 The arrogance and deep-seated corruption associated with the deadly consequences caused me to act as an independent prosecutor within the FAA.3 In addition.S. 2001 These charges against federal judges affect national security. made by a former federal aviation safety agent with impeccable credentials and credibility. I highlighted several key areas of corruption responsible for the success of 19 hijackers: From the desk of Rodney Stich P. 2003 Justice William Rehnquist U. .C. and to lawyers representing the next-of-kin. § 4. Supreme Court 1 First Street. who also have vicarious liability for these wrongful acts. Two various media sources.102 Defrauding America. Alamo. Title 18 U. DC 20532 Certified mailing: 7002 0860 0003 9592 6368 Ref: Making another record of federal judges blocking reports of criminal activities discovered by former government agents. Criminal Activities With Close Links To Events Of September 11.S. During this six-month period I brought into a hearing record thousands of pages of sworn testimony and additional government documents showing the relationship between the corrupt activities and the resulting airline crashes and deaths. FAX 925-295-1203 Author of Defrauding America. 2001.4 All of these documented serious offenses have been occurring in plain sight of the supervisory responsibilities of the Justices of the United States Supreme Court. Lawyers and Judges—American Trojan Horses February 6. In this manner they are committing felonies through violation of the federal crime reporting statute. as they seek to silence him. Terrorism Against America. Vol. Box 5.1 To William Rehnquist: The purpose of this letter is to again make a record of the continuing documented criminal acts taken by federal judges that are blocking the reports of criminal activities. violates additional federal criminal statutes. Drugging America. Unfriendly Skies.

§ 1361. as expected. (e) retaliation against federal air safety inspectors when they continued to file reports of major safety problems and violations. (f) and conspiracy to commit these offenses.C. Start Of Federal Judges Blocking Reports Of Criminal Activities Initially. air safety violations.S. But they refused to receive the evidence on the argument that (a) these were matters for Congress. and filed the first of several federal lawsuits8 in the late 1970s and early 1980s.S. I authored and published the first in a series of books11 seeking to inform the public of these serious matters. and criminal falsification of records. § 4. seeking to report the corrupt and criminal activities that had been responsible for many of the airline crashes occurring in my direct and indirect areas of responsibilities. Initial Attempts To Report Criminal Affecting Aviation Safety The continuation of airline crashes7 from known safety problems and safety violations caused me to take various steps to bring a halt to these serious problems. Circumventing the Obstruction Of Justice By Federal Judges and Prosecutors Seeking to circumvent this additional level of cover-up.September 11: Déjà vu Consequences 103 Primary Reason Why Unprecedented Absence Of Public Investigation of 9/11 My investigative work shows that this culture of corruption continues to this date. The first book was the first of multiple editions of Unfriendly Skies. Unfriendly Skies. (c) felony destruction of inspector reports revealing major air safety problems. (b) repeated refusal to take legally required corrective actions when reported by the professional federal air safety inspectors. perpetrated while the same problems were resulting in a series of fatal airline crashes. . The specific crashes made possible by this misconduct are detailed in my book.10 The federal crime reporting statute and the right of any citizen to force federal officials to perform a mandatory duty contradicted those holdings. and definitely has primary blame for the success of 19 hijackers on September 11. (d) threats to inspectors not to file reports of these problems. while the same problems were resulting in a 20-year-long period of air disasters. I left government service. with the latest fourth edition including the misconduct that made possible the events of September 11. 2001. and (b) I had no standing to bring these matters to the federal courts. Title 18 U. Title 28 U. The authority for these lawsuits were the federal crime reporting statute.9 These included: (a) cover-up of major air safety violations and criminal acts involving major air disasters at a politically powerful airline.C. Forty years of prior fatal hijackings and inspector reports urging the simple preventative measures were repeatedly blocked because of major internal problems within the FAA. federal district and appellate judges admitted the gravity of my charges. 2001. continues to periodically surface in certain preventable aviation crashes. The crashes and the deaths from these problems continued. refusing to work under these corrupt conditions. and the statute permitting any citizen to seek a court order requiring government officials to perform a mandatory duty and to halt unlawful conduct. I started appearing as guest and expert on radio and television shows12 seeking to inform and motivate the public to show some signs of citizen responsibility relating to these matters.

Defrauding America and Drugging America. The clear wording of that statute places a mandatory responsibility upon any federal judge (or other federal officer such as a member of Congress) to receive information and evidence offered. § 4. as examples: • Drug smuggling operations involving federal officials and other federal personnel in covert operations. several dozen other former and present government agents14 to contact me with information and documentation on the criminal activities that they discovered in government offices. I used the vast amount Other Government Agents Provided Evidence of Far Worse Criminality . • Many other corrupt activities. suitcase nuclear bomb sales. blocked the reports being made. including heads of secret CIA proprietaries. I have acquired information from former CIA insiders. are in the various books. over a period of fifteen years.C. CIA involvement in looting the savings and loans. federal trustees. reports of moles in the FBI and CIA. Some of these matters are destined to inflict catastrophic harm upon the United States—just as corruption and its cover-up made possible the 3. The details. including the names of several wellknown politicians. corruptly strips people of their assets after the people exercise the statutory protections of Chapter 11. • Secretly funding key politicians through covert CIA operations. Vol. • Misconduct adversely affecting national security matters.104 Defrauding America. Supreme Court. the bribing of Iranian terrorists to delay the release of American hostages. affidavits. exercising the mandatory responsibilities to report these federal crimes to a federal judge as required by 18 U. • Widespread corruption in the bankruptcy courts. 2001. and much more. Evidence that I have acquired over the years from government insiders reveals government officials blocking the reports of surface-to-air missile sales. Expanding on Efforts To Circumvent Massive Cover-Ups Throughout Government In an attempt to circumvent the widespread cover-ups and inform the public of these various forms of serious criminal activities. This heavily documented corruption involving federal judges.S. in 1986. and many other matters relating to national security. also defrauding the United States. Two The publicity arising from my several thousand radio and television appearances and authoring of books13 provided publicity causing.000 deaths on September 11. These were clearly subversive activities. I again commenced. In every instance. This is part of a judge’s administrative duties. and even the justices of the U. that clearly show the Trojan horse subversion of the United States and its people. lawyers. Details and documentation of these matters are found in the books. federal district and appellate judges. especially Defrauding America.S. These documented obstruction of justice acts protected those who were guilty of great crimes against the United States. government documents. These included. and includes hundreds of pages of supporting evidence and statements from those who flew the drugs. of the CIA secretly funding bank accounts for several well-known politicians. Again Blocked From Reporting These Criminal Activities As I continued discovering evidence of major criminal activities. including the massive drug smuggling in the Contra affair. The bankruptcy courts have also been made into a racketeering enterprise.

Felony Retaliation Against Former Federal Agent and Witness After CIA and other government agents provided me with details of other criminal activities. Instead of receiving the reports. I again sought to carry out my responsibilities under 18 U.S.C. These acts blocking the reporting of criminal activities in government offices. U.S. were followed by other federal crimes. in which I sought to report the criminal activities. federal judges and Justice Department prosecutors charged me with criminal contempt of court.September 11: Déjà vu Consequences 105 of insider evidence to publish multiple editions of the following books: Unfriendly Skies. federal judges blocked the reports by immediately dismissing the federal filings.S. district court. which were funded by my $10 million in real estate assets. and therefore I was guilty of criminal contempt of court (for exercising legal and constitutional due process rights and reporting criminal activities in which they had become implicated). Defrauding America. Lawyers and Judges—American Trojan Horses.16 Starting in 1987. Drugging America. seeking to report criminal activities23 that I and other government agents discovered. Federal Judges Combined Obstruction Of Justice With Felony Retaliation Against Me Commencing in 1986. Sampling Of Recent Lawsuits With Major Links To Events of September 11. including those enabling 19 hijackers to seize four airliners. I filed papers in federal courts to report these matters. as I and my group of other former and present government agents attempted to report the escalating series of criminal activities. Terrorism Against America. Several district and appellate court judges15 then sought to prevent me from even attempting to report the criminal and subversive activities by issuing unlawful and unconstitutional orders permanently barring me access to federal district and appellate courts. are listed in reverse order: • Post 9/11 lawsuit22 filed in the U. 2001. In this way they blocked me from reporting the misconduct in government offices that was the primary blame for the success of 19 hijackers on September 11. and even worse when the retaliation is against a former federal agent and witness seeking to report criminal activities that have left a trail of deaths and great harm to national security issues. § 4. Washington. District Judge Henry Kennedy unlaw- . In clear violation of the federal crime reporting statute (and due process filing rights). including drug smuggling. D. and Disavow..C. federal judges court17 and Justice Department prosecutors started retaliation18 against me and took parallel actions19 misusing federal courts to halt my exposure activities. They charged me with criminal contempt of court in retaliation for seeking to report the criminal activities through federal filings under the federal crime reporting statute and the right of any citizen to seek relief from these offenses. They sought to support these charges by stating that for the remainder of my life I have been barred from filing any papers in the district of appellate courts. 2001 Recent lawsuits. These obviously unlawful and unconstitutional orders would halt me and my group from reporting criminal activities and block me from exercising federal defenses20 against the simultaneous sham lawsuits21 filed by CIA-front law firms seeking to terminate my financial ability to continue these exposure efforts. It is a crime to retaliate against anyone seeking to report a federal crime. and the complicity of cover-ups.

That unlawful and unconstitutional order effectively blocked the reporting of criminal activities that I and my group sought to report in 1991. The same corruption that I discovered and documented played key roles in both air disasters. from events that were made possible by obvious failures in the government’s aviation safety offices. I filed a timely notice of appeal25 and prepared to file an appeal brief. (Even murderers and terrorists have this right. even though this right is guaranteed to all citizens by the laws and Constitution of the United States. the only responses during the past seven .106 Defrauding America. as on 9-11. which was stamped “received” on January 27. Instead. court of appeals. Unless exposed. Because of the gravity of the judicial corruption and its effect upon national security. Sentelle and Randolph issued an order (January 16. District of Columbia appellate judges Ginsburg. and Judge Kennedy’s upholding of the order and other due process violations. I submitted for filing a comparable lawsuit to the U. They claimed that the 1991 order by former U.S. To this date.S.S. district court. was one of the airline crashes that caused the FAA to give me the assignment to correct the conditions resulting in the worst series of aviation disasters in the nation’s history. This court would be especially appropriate to receive the information because of the huge death toll on September 11. The issues raised on appeal would include (a) the mandatory requirements of Judge Kennedy to receive the reports of criminal activities as part of his administrative duties. District of Columbia appellate judges24 enlarged on these criminal and civil rights violations. Following Kennedy’s dismissal of the action seeking to report the criminal activities. New York City. (b) the many legal and constitutional due process rights to federal court access (c) the criminal act of blocking the reporting of criminal and subversive activities. On August 8. Further. 2001. these deep-seated conditions would continue to allow major aviation disasters to occur. 2001. Concurrent Judicial Cover-Up By Judges In New York City Federal Courts Post 9-11 lawsuit submitted to the U. (d) the right to argue the illegal. unconstitutional. district court for the Southern District of New York in New York City. but not any government agents reporting major criminal activities implicating people holding key government positions!) I then filed a petition for rehearing en banc with the U. by citing a 1991 order by Judge Stanley Sporkin that permanently barred me from filing any papers in federal courts. the world’s worst at that time. letters sent to Chief Judge Michael Murasey and clerks James Parkison and Michael McMahon demanding that my papers be filed have failed to bring this about. district judge (and former CIA legal counsel) Stanley Sporkin terminated my right to federal court access. 2003. including the events of September 11. Two • • • • • fully dismissed the action shortly after it was filed. 2003) dismissing the appeal before the appeal brief could be filed. 2001). and the widespread cover-ups elsewhere. Vol. Kennedy sought to support his dismissal (and refusal to receive evidence relating to the events of September 11. a prior catastrophic aviation disaster into New York City years earlier.S. and void nature of Judge Sporkin‘s 1991 order. it is expected that the District of Columbia appellate judges will continue the criminal cover-up and termination of due process rights guaranteed by the laws and Constitution of the United States. 2002.

which included misprision of felonies. and reminded them of their responsibilities as members of Congress and under various criminal statutes. refused to receive the appeal briefs on the claim that in 1991 district judge Samuel Conti has issued an order barring me from filing any papers in the appeal court. district judge Edward C. • Pre 9-11 lawsuit filed in Reno. . but refused to receive the information. and prepared to submit appeal briefs. That lawsuit stated and sought to provide data and evidence relating to ongoing corruption that I and a group of other former and present government agents sought to report to a federal court. criminal cover-ups. Ninth Circuit judges Browning.September 11: Déjà vu Consequences 107 months were that the filing is “undergoing judicial review. Reed blocked the reporting of these criminal activities. They claimed they were absolutely immune from the consequences of their acts. That lawsuit also sought to defend against the sham legal efforts used to halt my exposure activities for which federal remedies for these federal causes of actions existed. they admitted knowing of my charges of criminal and subversive activities. Kleinfeld. Starting while I was a key federal aviation safety agent. and obstruction of justice. This is clear obstruction of justice showing contempt for the 3. which very possibly could have been prevented if the judicial cover-ups had not existed. unlawfully dismissed the lawsuit. and Gould. 2001. It was Ninth Circuit district and appellate judges that initiated the obstruction of justice tactics in the late 1970s and early 1980s. • Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals continued the multiple federal crimes. After Reed dismissed the filing. and then ordered me to pay several thousand dollars in sanctions for attempting to report the criminal activities and for attempting to defend against record-setting violations of federally protected rights.27 U.28 refused to conduct any hearings. the resulting consequences. 2001. some sympathized and admitted the gravity of what I had discovered. I repeatedly advised them of the criminal activities in government offices. In their response. Nevada.000 victims killed nearby on September 11. Lawsuits Against Members of Congress to Document Their CoverUps In 1990 I filed two federal lawsuits29against several members of Congress.30 charging them with cover-ups and obstruction of justice relating to the corrupt and criminal activities that I and several dozen other former government agents had discovered and brought to their attention. some of which subsequently made possible the success of 19 hijackers on September 11.S. Complicity of Members of Congress Heavily implicated in these criminal activities through cover-ups were many members of Congress. which made possible many fatal airline disasters arising from the corruption that I documented as a federal aviation safety agent.” Federal law requires immediate filing of complaints when the papers meet certain minimum requirements and the filing fees are paid. Some of these areas of corruption made possible the events of September 11. I filed a timely notice of appeal.26 seeking to report criminal activities. paid the filing fees. Initially. and covered up for the corruption that has greatly escalated over the years. The primary purpose of the lawsuit was to make a judicial record of the charges and their response. They admitted they did nothing in reaction to my charges.

or knowing of its contents. Vol. 2001.000 victims of September 11. Those Who Cover Up Or Do Nothing Become Complicit In the Crimes and Consequences The gravity of these charges. Ruth Ginsburg. Diane Feinstein. Sandra Day O’Connor. and true patriotism. and have fought a David versus Goliath battle for 40 years with evidence of hardcore corruption inflicting great harm upon America and its people. you are on notice of these charges. The initial investigation should be on that aspect of this national scandal and how these judicial crimes covered up for the other areas of corruption that played a primary role enabling 19 hijackers to seize four airliners. But for the others. The Supreme Court justices are so pathetically implicated that they will do nothing but expand on the cover-ups. Stephen Breyer. Bob cc: • • . or engaging in the usual cover-up. They also show contempt for the 3. Most of the judicial corruption can be easily corroborated. 2001. Sincerely. I am now 80 years old. Charles Schumer. Probable Reason For the Unprecedented Absence Of Open Investigation Into 9/11 The criminal involvement of so many people in key government offices explains the probable reason for the unprecedented refusal to conduct a public investigation into the deaths of 3. This is no time for phony cover-up patriotism. Senators Charles Grassley. Rodham Clinton. Anthony Kennedy. Antonin Scalia. doing nothing. whose fate was made possible by the underlying corruption that we documented and the criminal cover-ups. Clarence Thomas. Rodney Stich Supreme Court Justices William Rehnquist. criminal obstruction of justice. becomes complicit with the guilty and shares in the responsibility for future consequences. David Souter. Everyone who receives this letter who does nothing. It is now time for others to show some courage and patriotism. John McCain. Two Years Of Cover-Ups By Justice Department Personnel Repeatedly implicated were Justice Department personnel whose 40 years of cover-ups.000 deaths on September 11. The pathetic failure of people in the past to act on these matters has permitted the events of September 11 to occur. or engages in more cover-ups. and criminal retaliation by large number s of federal judges. Patrick Leahy. Joseph Lieberman. started while I was a federal agent. and the many other national and personal tragedies. John Stevens. and then expanded into misusing Justice Department offices to retaliate against me for seeking to report the criminal and subversive activities. and the close relationship between the documented facts and the many resulting tragedies does not permit anyone receiving this letter. including those that resulted in 3. Supreme Court and to those listed below. idealism. This letter is sent to the justices of the U.S.108 Defrauding America. Time is long overdue for courage.000 people on September 11. I and my group have accumulated ample evidence to prove the peril facing the United States from thugs in key government positions. Barbara Boxer.

NY). or an informant. # 950. Jerrold Nadler. Los Angles.. or both. [1988 amended reading] 4. counsels. Tampering with a witness. Homeland Security Department.S. Publishers. 125 Broad Street. Bob Graham. Publisher Wall Street Journal (Karen House). § 1512. New York. but primarily within the government’s aviation safety offices. Dick Chaney.. Whoever.. is punishable as a principal. Retaliating against a witness. or an informant── (b) Whoever knowingly uses intimidation or physical force. Desiree Thompson. with intent to retaliate against any person for──(1) the . ACLU Executive Director Dorothy Ehrlick. The corruption enabling 19 hijackers to seize four airliners on September 11. New York. District Attorney New York Robert Morganthau. relieves. Executive Director. shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years.S.C. 2. or threatens to do so. NY 10017-3144). conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States. induces or procures its commission. Title 18 U. Richard Armey. Representatives Porter Gross. or attempts to do so. Mt. Norman Mineta. (a) Whoever knowingly engages in any conduct and thereby causes bodily injury to another person or damages the tangible property of another person. Christian Science Monitor (Paul Van Slambrouch). Title 18 U. John Mica. SC 29465).C. delay or prevent the testimony of any person in an official proceeding: shall be fined . CA). victim. Vice President. Hedlund (12100 Wilshire Blvd.S. receives. or both. or engages in misleading conduct toward another person. is punishable as a principal. § 1513. 34th Floor. is an accessory after the fact. Richard Shelby. existed in several sources. White House assistant to President George Bush. Title 18 U. Whoever. New York Times (Arthur Sulzberger). Department of Transportation.. Publisher Christian Science Monitor. or imprisoned . Title 18 U.C. knowing that an offense against the United States had been committed. Thomas Delay. Accessory after the fact. Title 18 U. § 3. comforts or assists the offender in order to hinder or prevent his apprehension. § 4. Kreindler & Kreindler (100 Park Ave. Misprision of felony. 2001. 3. Thomas Delay.C. with intent to ──(1) influence. 18th Floor. ENDNOTES: 1. trial or punishment. Kay Bailey Hutchinson. commands. NY 10004-2400. (b) Whoever willfully causes an act to be done which if directly performed by him or another would be an offense against the United States. Tom Ridge. Tom Daschle. § 2.S.C. victim. (a) Whoever commits an offense against the United States or aids.September 11: Déjà vu Consequences 109 • • • • • Graham.S. or threatens another person. Martin Frost. Baum. Ronald Motley (POB 1792. Principals. Law firms with aviation lawsuits: Speiser and Krause (140 East 45. Pleasant. ACLU Executive Director Ira Glasser.. abets. Dennis Hastert. having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States.

I was an airline captain for many years after that war. I joined the FAA as a federal aviation safety agent and was eventually given the assignment to correct the conditions causing the worst series of aviation disasters in the nation’s history.S. denied. 861 (1982))(addressed repeated criminal falsification of official airline accident reports.) (table). Two attendance of a witness or party at an official proceeding. Flanagan v.S.2d 1070 (9th Cir. 7. 554 F. 920 (1977)(addressed hard-core air safety misconduct. Central District California.. threats against government inspectors not to report safety violations and misconduct). which continued the corruption and made possible continuation of the fraud-related air disasters. or other object produced by a witness in an official proceeding. 8. These details are found in my book. or any testimony given or any record. The district courts shall have original jurisdiction of any action in the nature of mandamus to compel an officer or employee of the United States or any agency thereof to perform a duty owed to the plaintiff. McDonnell Douglas Corporation and United States of America. denied. in the Paris DC-10 multi-district litigation.S. United States. et al. Nos. Stich v. omitting highly sensitive air safety misconduct. cert. Unfriendly Skies. Department of Justice. other former and present government agents started providing me information and evidence of corruption and criminal activities in other government offices that were inflicting great harm upon national security. of which the cover-up of the DC-10 cargo door problem was one of repeated instances of tragedy related misconduct). I detail and document these fraud-related airline crashes in the book. Stich v.2d 446 (9th Cir. Civil Action 74-808-PH. § 1361. .110 Defrauding America. 434 U. Title 28 U. National Transportation Safety Board. making possible repeated crashes from the same sequestered problems).S.)(table). 459 U. District of Columbia. 5. 685 F. Vol. This secondary argument was raised by Justice Department lawyers who repeatedly sought to prevent me from reporting these and even more serious criminal activities. Amicus curiae brief filed on July 17. Action to compel an officer of the United States to perform his duty. 86-2523. or (2) any information relating to the commission or possible commission of a Federal offense. I began obtaining evidence of cover-ups by NTSB board members. Since about 1985. The deep-seated corruption that I discovered in the FAA caused me to act as an independent prosecutor for six months. v. violations of federal air safety laws. and other actions filed by Stich seeking to expose and correct the powerful and covert air disaster misconduct. 1975. 6. Unfriendly Skies. 10. MDL 172. 9. during which I forced into the hearing records the testimony of many people and added considerably more documentation. 87-2214. which I then used to fund my attempts to expose the criminal and subversive activities that I and a group of other former government agents had discovered. cert.)(addressing the long standing FAA misconduct. As a private citizen I had acquired over $10 million in real estate.C. U. document. I was a Navy patrol plane commander and pilot instructor in World War II.

or interferes with any person designated in section 114 of this title [federal agent] while engaged in or on account of the performance of official duties. resisting. The purpose of the books was to circumvent the vast cover-ups and inform the public of the crimes perpetrated against them by people in government offices. Secret Service. shall.S.–Whoever– (1) forcibly assaults.. A party who conveys false information.. Customs.S. or intimidate any citizen in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States. including state law enforcement personnel. Stanley Sporkin (former CIA legal counsel). or both. be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year.C.S. and others. impedes. Title 18 U. knowing an attempt or alleged attempt being made that would be a crime under Chapter 97 or 111.. shall be fined .000 appearances on radio and television shows since 1978.. Assaulting. or (2) forcibly assaults or intimidates any person who formerly served as a person designated in section 1114 on account of the performance of official duties during such person’s term of service. embezzles.S. 15. . 12. or imprisoned . CIA.] Title 18 U.. or because of his having so exercised the same. or imprisoned . be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years. knowing it to be false. Embezzlement by trustee or officer. ONI. Conspiracy against rights of citizens. or both. [This violation especially applies to the documented false information made by FAA personnel during an FAA hearing conducted by Rodney Stich. Whoever knowingly and fraudulently appropriates to his own use. Title 18 U. INS. The purpose of the books was to circumvent the vast cover-ups and inform the public of the crimes perpetrated against them by people in government offices. or both. intimidates. § 35. [This statute applies to the trustees who liquidated Stich’s assets on the basis of the void orders issued by federal judges Robert Jones and Edward Jellen. Authoring and publishing these books were a non-profit operation funded by my $10 million in real estate assets. where the acts in violation of this section constitute only simply assault. which pertain to aircraft and motor vehicles. 14.. or impeding certain officers or employees. (a) In general.C.S.. Federal judges issuing injunctions permanently terminating my rights to federal court access including Samuel Conti. .September 11: Déjà vu Consequences 111 11. Over 3.. Title 18 U. § 111. 13. opposes. Protection of officers and employees of the United States.. Authoring and publishing these books were a non-profit operation funded by my $10 million in real estate assets. § 241.. former drug smugglers and former Mafia figures.. § 153. They shall be fined . Milton Schwartz. DEA.. If two or more persons conspire to injure. and others. § 1114. and in all other cases. or transfers any property or secretes or destroys any document belonging to the estate of a debtor which came into his charge as trustee .C.C. Government agents providing me with insider information and documentation during the past fifteen years include agents of the FBI.C. threaten. Marilyn Patel. spends.] Title 18 U. or both. resists. oppress.

Definition of “scheme or artifice to defraud” For the purpose of this chapter. the term “scheme or artifice to defraud” includes a scheme or artifice to deprive another of the intangible right of honest services. statute. or both. Conspiracy to commit offense or to defraud United States. California. or in order to intimidate such person or any other person or any class of persons [whistleblower. § 242. by force or threat of force willfully injures. facility. or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States.. action number CR S-87-124 JFM and were the direct result of filing papers seeking to report these crimes. and one or more of such persons do any act to effect the object of the conspiracy. Title 18 U. shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year. Title 18 U. [The United States was defrauded by the actions of the judges. privileges. pains. including blocking the reporting of criminal activities. § 245. under color of any law.C.S. subverting the laws and constitution of the United States through corrupt misuse of federal courts and judicial positions. or to defraud the United States. federal judges and Justice Department prosecutors charged me with criminal contempt of court for exercising the responsibility to report hardcore criminal activities to a federal judge. or attempts to injure. § 371.. (check if this has been applied against a group. such as whistleblowers). witness. The judicial criminal retaliation took several forms: (1) repeatedly. In addition to charging me with criminal contempt of court for reporting criminal and subversive activities in key government offices and covert government activities. John Moulds (magistrate). Federal judges involved in these charges include Milton Schwartz. service. 1346. Two Title 18 U. privilege.S. Raul Ramirez. than are prescribed for the punishment of citizens. or imprisoned . ((b) Whoever.S. regulation.112 Defrauding America. intimidate or interfere with–(1) Any person because he is or has been. 19. Federal judges then violated every relevant defense that I had. Deprivation of rights under color of law. One of these federal prosecutions was in the U. whether or not acting under color of law. protecting the CIA-front law . or activity provided or administered by the United States. or to different punishment. and included Judge. intimidates or interferes with. Federally protected activities. Sloan and Ross (San Francisco) filed a sham lawsuit against me targeting the $10 million in assets that funded my exposure activities. Whoever. willfully subjects any person … to the deprivation of any rights. ordinance. retaliating against a former federal agent and witness for attempting to report criminal acts. the CIA-front law firm of Friedman. or race. David Levi.C. 18. If two or more persons conspire either to commit any offense against the United States. or penalties. or custom.S. on account of such person being an alien. each shall be fined . or any agency thereof. program. Vol. Title 18 U.S.C.] 16. in any manner or for any purpose.C. or by reason of his color.. 17. from 1986 through 1995. informant] from–(B) participating in or enjoying any benefit. Marilyn Patel. district court at Sacramento..

S. (There is much more to all this. Nevada (# CV-N-02-0039-LRH). civil RICO. Among the deeply entrenched documented criminal activities within the FAA were (a) cover-up of major air safety violations and criminal acts involving major air disasters at a politically powerful airline. district court at Reno. 21. These multiple legal tactics acted to block the reporting of criminal and subversive activities that had a deadly effect for many. 02cv01172. firm and the scheme. These orders violated the legal and constitutional requirement of a hearing. Declaratory Judge Act. 27. 25. Sentelle. while the same problems were resulting in a 20-year-long period of air disasters.) Federal defenses against the massive numbers of violations of federally protected rights included the Civil Rights Act. Civil RICO. Parallel legal efforts. (e) retaliation against federal air safety inspectors when they continued to file reports of major safety problems and violations. followed by repeated violation of every federal defense. Bivens. Sloan and Ross (San Francisco) which violated dozens of state and federal laws. 2201. or legally recognized cause. U. Title 28 U. my assets were seized and liquidated. Bivens. (c) felony destruction of inspector reports revealing major air safety problems. Eventually. . perpetrated while the same problems were resulting in a series of fatal airline crashes.September 11: Déjà vu Consequences 113 20. and when I did file objections.C. Declaratory Judgment Act. District of Columbia appeal number 02-5240. and an awesome effect upon major national interests. orders rendered barring me from objecting. §§ 2201. Oakland federal judge Edward Jellen charged me with criminal contempt of court and sentenced me to federal prison. orders were rendered barring me from filing objections. FTCA. Every defense was denied to me by federal judges who were concurrently blocking my reports of the criminal activities. which involved federal judges. District Court. Then.S.S. 26. and Randolph. air safety violations. 23. 2002. (b) repeated refusal to take legally required corrective actions when reported by the professional federal air safety inspectors. And much more. Federal remedies available for the multiple violations of federally protected rights included the Civil Rights Act. included seizing the $10 million of my life assets that funded my exposure activities. federal judge Edward Jellen charged me with criminal contempt of court. filed June 12. among others. Members of Congress meet the definition under of “officer” under 18 U. and others. The latest such scheme is in the U. District of Columbia. 24.S. 22. § 4 for responsibility to receive information of federal crimes. Reno lawsuit filed in 2000. District of Columbia appellate judges blocking the reports were Chief judge Ginsburg. FTCA. 28. Another legal tactic was a sham lawsuit filed by the CIA-front law firm of Friedman. and criminal falsification of records. notice of hearing. When I did file objections. (d) threats to inspectors not to file reports of these problems.C.

114 Defrauding America. Placed under seal by U. Two 29. Representative Norman Mineta. DC. Ernest Hollings. former CIA legal counsel. Defendant members of Congress listed as defendants included Senators Edward Kennedy. 2001. Pete Wilson. # 89-0170 SS. representatives Joseph Biden. Lawsuit against members of Congress. who was appointed to head the Department to Transportation after his prior cover-up made possible the conditions enabling 19 hijackers to seize four airliners on September 11. Washington. Strom Thurmond. Vol. district judge Stanley Sporkin. John Conyers. . U. Albert Gore. Jack Brooks. 30. 89-85 and named among others.S. district court. Another similar lawsuit was filed under No. Harley Staggers and Henry Gonzalez.S.

and despite the nearly zero-value of the company. helping to start an oil company. He went to Yale but seems to have majored in drinking at the Deke House.CHAPTER FIVE Bush II. claimed he was the youngest navy pilot at that time. Bush was the son of a former CIA director. young Bush became governor of Texas in 1994. Texas Governor George Bush became the president of the United States. Bush. Prior to being elected governor of Texas. A Newsweek article stated: He spent part of his life in Midland. which came on hard times in the early 1980s after the price of oil dropped. Spectrum 7 Energy Corporation bought the company in 1984 and made young Bush its president. After college. That may or may not be. vice president. his career progressed with the help of his father’s name and position. Beginning of Catastrophic Consequences I n 2001. Texas. Before it was about to financially collapse. Bush was involved in the Texas oil industry. Undoubtedly based upon his father’s role as vice president and then president of the United States. a pilot of single-engine aircraft. He received his wings at the Corpus Christi Naval Air Station while I received mine at the Pensacola Naval Air Station in 1943. a small town in which I spent many a day while flying for an airline that used it for a crew-change station. but I was the youngest multi-engine Patrol Plane Commander in the Navy during World War II. and embarked on a series of actions that had catastrophic consequences for the people of the United States and people throughout the world. I had a casual relationship to the senior George Bush by the fact that he and I received our navy wings at the same time.” In 1968 he became a member of the secretive Skull & Bones society from which many CIA agents were bred. and then president of the United States. Inc. . Arbusto Energy. except where he was brought into deals on the basis of people seeking to please his father and gain political connections.. Young Bush attended the prestigious Eastern schools Andover Prep and Yale. I attribute that to being in the right place at the right time—and luck. His studies and business pursuits were mediocre at best.

was made a federal judge in San Francisco.116 Defrauding America. Two heavy supporters of senior George Bush. a Justice Department lawyer involved in the Inslaw scandal. Bush was named president of the United States. Two Spectrum was purchased in 1986 by Harken Energy Corporation and in 1990 Harken was given a contract to drill for oil off the coast of Bahrain. Young Bush made a handsome profit when he sold his share. This announcement surprised me and many of my CIA contacts. Young George Bush. The thinking was that the Bahrain government was seeking favor with President George Bush I. drug trafficking. or members of influential insider think tanks such as the Council on Foreign Relations and the Centre for Strategic and International Studies. he announced his selection for deputy secretary of state to be Richard L. and with a questionable background. knowledgeable and involved in some of the skullduggery described within these pages. Shortly before George Bush took office in 2001. with no meaningful experience or background in national and international affairs. Young Bush campaigned for governor of Texas and was elected governor in 1992. Some of Bush’s appointees were pals from his days as Governor of Texas. and owners of Spectrum. an lawyer for the CIA airline Southern Air Transport. William Sporkin. Armitage. Powell. In this position as president of the most powerful country in the world. This background was known to key people in gov- Team With Questionable Backgrounds . He was involved in the Iran-Contra affair. and reportedly in the loop with the CIA’s drug smuggling during the Vietnam War. He also made a considerable profit when he sold this interest. A few examples of how the system works to protect itself: William Barr. to the Phoenix Program in Vietnam that murdered tens of thousands of Vietnamese. with no war or international experience. in gun sales. was made a judge on the critical District of Columbia Court of Appeals. torture. to block any prosecution or exposure of corrupt and criminal activities involving those in control of key government offices. which other major oil company bidders had. Bush staffed his administration with a combination of Cold War warriors that had questionable backgrounds and links to terrorism. Harken had no experience in this type of drilling. ran for president of the United States in 2000. especially the courts. he would make decisions destabilizing the entire world and inflicting catastrophic damage to national interests. legal counsel for the CIA. Vol. William Jensen. were part owners of the Texas Rangers ball team. was made Attorney General of the United States. Standard Practice: “Safeguards” in Key Government Positions It is common in government to place “friends” in key government positions. under Secretary of State General Colin L. brought young Bush into an ownership position by lending him money. and other crimes. Armitage had close ties to the CIA. In a fiercely disputed election count.

Armitage was involved in the CIA’s Nugan Hand Bank based in Australia. had an account we moved funds in and out that was for Armitage. She said that Armitage was greatly disliked by U. BBRDW that replaced Nugan Hand Bank. after Colin Powell arrived in Vietnam. Female Prisoner of War With Inside Information on Armitage One of the many insiders providing me with information about CIA activities was Rosemary Conway. Rosemary was familiar with the CIA’s drug smuggling operation during the Vietnam War and the complicity of State Department and military officials. That operation was based in Honolulu. fluently spoke the Laotian language. the former head of a major CIA financial operation based in Hawaii.S. and to much of the mainstream media. Secret Bank Accounts for Armitage and Bush Senior? Upon learning of Armitage‘s selection. I recall that we/CIA/BBRDW. I contacted several of my CIA sources for their comments. Rewald’s activities as head of this secret CIA operation included contacts with many people who had CIA ties. to former President George Bush. as is the cover-up of such crimes. politicians are a serious matter. She knew about many CIA activities at that time and was in direct contact with many CIA and State Department officials. in which the CIA installed him as its titular head. The matter of drug smuggling by people acting under cover of government positions is also a serious matter. Armitage befriended him and had Powell help carry out certain CIA plans. We did the same for Bush. to members of Congress who had to approve Armitage’s appointment. and had offices and operations throughout the world. Beginning of Catastrophic Consequences 117 ernment. One was Ron Rewald. . as described in earlier pages. BBRDW. Casey and a number of others as well. including Armitage. which was also known for its drug related activities. Key politicians in many countries have been forced to resign. Rewald turned over to me boxes of CIA related documents that included writings showing BBRDW opening and funding secret bank accounts for various federal officials.Bush II. Rewald responded by E-mail to questions that I sent him concerning the Armitage appointment: Armitage had a close relationship with William Casey. and some were prosecuted. Rewald became head of the CIA financial operation. personnel and known for his shady dealings. Powell welcomed the attention.S. She traveled frequently between Laos and Thailand. Rosemary said that during the Vietnam War. and was friends with many Royal Lao officials. including Armitage and George Bush senior. for receiving funds in this manner. She was a CIA contract employee in the Far East during the Vietnam War. Secret bank accounts funded by the CIA for key U.

of official U. and imprisoned her for three months. The Pathet Lao captured her on June 4. Richard Armitage.27 of the U. Richard Armitage would be the last man in the world who would desire to see prisoners of war come home alive. assassinations and unsanctioned arms deals—if Khun Sa and the 25 officers present were right—Armitage and his cronies provided the Executive Branch their “unilateral option” in Southeast Asia. except to the American people) was being lost to the Pathet Lao and North Vietnamese who were overrunning the country. If Richard Armitage was. Financed by drugs. military.S.S. in 1975. Rosemary was defiant in prison. and U. military operations in Laos (the “secret war” known throughout the world. 1975. narcotics trade with the banks in Australia. leaders.S. 27 26 . Rosemary said she saw the CIA document that paid $1. time and again. personnel hurriedly left the country. according to Christic Institute affiGritz‘s book was published in 1991. Retired Colonel James “Bo” Gritz made considerable reference to Armitage in Gritz‘s book. U. when it became apparent that the U. a major participant in parallel government drug trafficking.S. Some interesting excerpts from Gritz‘s book on Armitage follows: Richard Armitage (Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs) handled the financial transactions. Following the termination. according to Khun Sa. If what Khun Sa said was true.26 Gritz was a highly decorated Green Beret commander.200. Because Rosemary spoke the Laotian language and had many friends in the Laotian government and among the Royal Laotian pilots. Vol. as Khun Sa avowed. and she knew many of the Laotian officials. the CIA asked Rosemary to persuade the pilots to fly their aircraft to Thailand. she taught a guard Elvis Presley songs. authorities encouraged this so that the Pathet Lao would not end up with the aircraft. when Congress would not allow us to expand the war into Laos and Cambodia. involvement in Vietnam. State Department. then it explained why our efforts to rescue POW had been inexplicably foiled. Two In 1975. General Khun Sa was the undisputed drug overlord in the Golden Triangle. Armitage violated his office and used it as a cover. U. and a Vietnam War veteran heavily involved with attempting to extract missing prisoners of ware and exposing drug smuggling by the CIA. recipient of five Silver Star medals. to traffic in arms and drugs to promote covert operations that bypassed the congressional and constitutional system we all swore to uphold and defend. but got away with it for several reasons: She spoke the Laotian language. military during the Vietnam War.000 to Pathet Lao officials to bring about her release. which did occur.118 Defrauding America.S.S. who reportedly had his drugs acquired and transported by the CIA and U.S. Called To Serve. This request left Rosemary vulnerable to capture.

Jerry Daniels (deceased CIA agent) who replaced Armitage in Bangkok after Armitage returned to the United States.) Implications of Placing Armitage in Key Position Obviously. the U. Richard Armitage would be unmasked by the investigations following the safe return of any U. Former president George Bush. Beginning of Catastrophic Consequences 119 davits. and in the loop with drug smuggling in the Contra operation. If true. To name such an individual in the administration has serious implications. I’ve described the reports by Darlene Novinger who discovered this relationship while she was doing investigative work as a contract operative for the FBI and DEA. it would be dispensed. Armitage‘s past CIA activities could not be unknown to the incoming Bush and his White House staff. Daniel Arnold: (former CIA station chief in Thailand) was recruited by Armitage as his replacement to handle drug and arms trafficking. (Daniels died under “mysterious circumstances” in his Bangkok residence. Daniels is today buried on General Vang Pao’s barley ranch in Montana. More troubling was the fact that not only was George Bush senior and Armitage heavily involved in the drug smuggling. was earlier a director of the Central Intelligence Agency. According to the affidavits. and George Bush Senior. was reported by U. by Morton Abramowitz. Ambassador to Thailand. Richard Armitage was directly responsible for determining the quantity and composition of our military assistance and deciding where.” Armitage was steadily elevated in position throughout the Defense Department until arriving at the key position as Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs.S. His official position was a as a Defense Department consultant responsible for the accountability of MIAs. Bush II’s Secretary of State Colin Powell Had to Know Since Powell and Armitage worked together during the Vietnam War Powell had to know of Armitage’s activities—if he wasn’t himself directly or indirectly involved. throughout the world. Armitage was required to resign. as revealed by the congressional investigation and cover-up into the IranContra affair and from my various CIA contacts. The words of John Heyer. Embassy co-workers in Bangkok to have been engaged in arms trafficking and drug smuggling. a friend from the past. . senior. echoed in my min: “Our POWs won’t come home because they are inextricably intertwined with government drug operations. POWs.Bush II.S.S. but other contacts that I have had over the years described the involvement into drugs by Jeb Bush—who later became governor of Florida. following complaints by Embassy personnel that he had totally misused his office and authority. Vang Pao was the CIA’s commander for the secret army in Laos and known drug dealer.

Two Typical Media Silence on High-Level Corruption Most of the U. From 1983 to 1989. Armitage to be assistant secretary of state for East Asian and Pacific affairs. my reputation. Bush‘s father. said he would nominate Mr.” The article stated in part: Secretary of State Colin L. eager to help reshape the military’s post cold-war strategy. Armitage withdrew from consideration His withdrawal avoided a confirmation hearing at which he probably would have been asked whether he had met with an Israeli official to discuss the Iran-contra affair. 2 official there. Armitage had previously held the post of assistant secretary of defense while Reagan was president. the military college in South Carolina.S. the senior Bush administration used him in various government activities. Armitage for secretary of the Army. “I would trust him with my life. Even though Armitage withdrew his nomination to be secretary of the Army. Powell once said of his friend. He made the traditional excuse that he wanted to spend more time with his family. The early betting had Mr. Vol. charged Armitage and others in the Bush I White House with involvement in the CIA’s drug smuggling activities during the 1980s. Mr. 2003). But Mr. Armitage was assistant secretary of defense for international security affairs. President George Bush. Richard L. Armitage advised Mr. stated: The Christic Institute. the senior George Bush named Senator John Tower and Richard Armitage to Defense Department positions. media was silent about Armitage‘s selection in 2001. In the 1980s. Who Was Lying? Richard Armitage. Bush’s major speech on military matters at the Citadel. who for years protected the CIA by covering up for its drug smuggling and ridiculing those who reported it. Much of the media already knew about Armitage’s background. Mr. my children. information surfaced that caused Armitage to withdraw his name. everything I have. In 1989. Associate Secretary of State. ran an article on Armitage (February 13. and both had to withdraw their names after unfavorable information surfaced. Armitage. appearing on CNN television (January 21. and those who didn’t could easily have learned by putting Armitage’s name in an Internet search engine. 2001) entitled. a public service orientated group. “A Longtime Friend Of Powell Is Tapped to Be His Deputy.” Mr. The New York Times.120 Defrauding America. and then changed his mind and chose Mr. Armitage returning to the Pentagon as the No. in 1999. He was to be appointed secretary of the army under Reagan but before his name came up for congressional confirmation. Bush in the campaign and was an architect of Mr. That was the lawsuit described in earlier pages that identified the vast drug smuggling . In the late 1980s the Christie Institute filed a lawsuit that included Armitage as one of the defendants allegedly.

with Amnesty International.com. Beginning of Catastrophic Consequences 121 The affidavit filed by the Christic Institute. among others. with constant contact with the CIA and its dirty tricks. Bush‘s UN Representative Associated With Torture and Murders Another of the people with an ominous past selected by President Bush to be the U. the few torture victims who survived the routine killing. with the National Security Council from 1987 to 1989 under General Colin Powell. the CIA drug trafficking and many human rights violations implicating the The Christic Institute ran into the same type of block by federal judges that I repeatedly encountered and which I document in my various books and on the Internet site. which included numerous lengthy interviews with former member of Battalion 316. and that Ambassador Negroponte covered up for these brutalities. Negroponte served almost 40 years with the United States Department of State as a career diplomat. he and the CIA were deeply implicated in matters that were far worse than simple human rights violations. ambassador to the United Nations was a person close to Armitage who played a key role in the ugly history of human rights abuses by the United States: John Negroponte.S. personnel. When Negroponte was ambassador to Honduras during the Contra matters between 1981 and 1985. The Baltimore Sun published the findings of their investigative reporters during an investigation spanning two years and interviewing people in three countries. known to the CIA and the U. and revealed a pattern of brutal torture.S. and accused them of various illegal activities. The Sun’s investigation. They found what other investigative groups founds. As with Armitage.defraudingamerica. named Armitage. state department. www. by various people in government during the Iran-Contra affair that was covered up by Congress and executive offices. and the funding of the people perpetrating these “human rights” violations. Richard Secord. he was the officer-incharge for Vietnam in the National Security Council under Henry Kissinger from 1971 to 1973. . when Honduras was teeming with U. as defendants. as part of their lawsuit. President Bush could not been uninformed about Negroponte’s involvement inhuman rights violations occurring on his watch. Negroponte had to be privy to the widespread human rights violations. As ambassador to Honduras from 1981 to 1985. Negroponte surely knew of the CIA drug trafficking in Vietnam. Let’s put a face on human rights violations. just as Colin Powell had to have known.Bush II.S. including evidence that the CIA was funding and training a death squad in Honduras known as Battalion 316 that tortured and killed hundreds of Hondurans. including drug smuggling. During the Vietnam War. especially at Tegucigalpa. including the various divisions of the Justice Department.

Ambassador to the United Nations. The Senate approved the appointments of Armitage and Negroponte after the Senate’s committee on Foreign Relations28 passed on their fitness. Craig Thomas (WY). George Allen (VA). while the United States was claiming its subversion of the Nicaraguan government was due to human rights violations. Argentine and CIA instructors trained Hondurans in the art of torture and murder of hundreds of Hondurans. The United States policy in Nicaragua was declared a violation of international covenants by the International Court of Justice at The Hague in 1986. just as Colin Powell had to have known. the Reagan administration awarded Alvarez the Legion of Merit for “encouraging the success of democratic processes in Honduras.” It would The members of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations includes Helms (Chairman NC): Joseph Biden (DE). authorities hired Argentineans who were involved in the killing of over 10. William Frist (TN). America’s hypocrisy toward human rights. Sam Brownback(KS). Negroponte. Side by side. The United States hired and funded this group. with constant contact with the CIA and its dirty tricks. They revealed that the CIA trained and equipped an Honduran torture and murder group known as Battalion 316. Legion of Merit Medal for Wholesale Torture and Murder In 1983. Christopher Dodd (CT). Two United States. with the National Security Council from 1987 to 1989 under General Colin Powell. Gordon Smith (OR). knowing that the group was repeatedly identified in the Honduran newspapers and human rights groups as engaging in these crimes.S. including throwing people out of aircraft. For him now to be named the U. and murders of hundreds of Hondurans by covering up for these crimes against humanity. Lincoln Chafee (RI). and the other investigative newspapers discovered and obtained classified documents and interviewed United States and Honduran participants. the CIA and U. Robert Torricelli (NJ). Russell Feingold (CA). During the Vietnam War. Negroponte surely knew of the CIA drug trafficking in Vietnam. Paul Wellstone (MN). sufferings. Bill Nelson (FL). he was the officer-incharge for Vietnam in the National Security Council under Henry Kissinger from 1971 to 1973. Armitage.122 Defrauding America. Compounding this aiding and abetting. The Sun. Barbara Boxer (CA). 28 .000 people in the 1970s. long after Alvarez’s wholesale torture and killing of innocent people were known throughout Honduras and elsewhere. Hagel (NE). John Kerry (MA).S. whose role includes protection of civil rights. Negroponte played a role in the torture. Kissinger Would Keep the Secrets Negroponte served almost 40 years with the United States Department of State as a career diplomat. Richard Lugar (IN). Paul Sarbanes (MD). Vol. shows to other nations that are not kept uninformed by the media as in the United States.

inflicting excruciating pain and causing the victims to scream. Also revealing the classic mentality of the CIA. causing them to suffocate.” tightly around the victim’s faces. She described the weeks of torture with electric wires attached . funded. “Disappearing people—murdering people. and protected.S. activities that trained. vigorously defended the U.Bush II. Simultaneously.S. funded. Nor was it our policy to avert our eyes. named Alvarez the godfather to a girl that he adopted.” or the “hood. who was then the deputy director for operations in the CIA. repeatedly stated that the CIA was fully aware of the torture and killings being done by the people they trained. from 1981 to 1985.” One victim who lived to tell about her ordeal was Gloria Esperanza Reyes. Secret testimony given to congress in 1988 closed-door hearings was discovered years later by the reporters for the Baltimore Sun associated with the confirmation of Richard Stolz. Elliott Abrams. the White House was shipping arms to both sides in the Nicaragua conflict. and known to Bush II’s representative at the United Nations: • Clipping wires to the genitals and breasts of their victims and then sending 110 and 220 volts. under the CIA and State Department. As Usual. Aiding and Abetting Torture The evidence showed CIA personnel watching the torture of innocent people. living in Canada. “I just wanted to die.” The facts showed the usual lying by U. Embassy in Tegucigalpa frequently visited these torture events. • Placing a rubber mask. was not the policy of the United States. Showing the widespread practice of lying in government. A CIA agent from the U. Beginning of Catastrophic Consequences 123 be difficult to associate the United State’s fraudulent hypocrisy than in that example. politicians. The torturers interviewed by the Baltimore Sun. The United States. were financially rewarding. training. called “la capucha. insuring that the conflict would last! A few examples of the methods used against hundreds of Honduran victims by CIA funded Honduran and Argentinean torturers. the CIA’s station chief in Honduras. and frequent visits to the torture chambers. • Pouring caustic fluid down a person’s throat. after obviously knowing about the torture and murders that were part of the Administration’s secret war against Nicaragua. and arming the same people killing Hondurans for exercising the freedoms that it fraudulently stated it was fighting for in Nicaragua. This occurred long after Alvarez’s chamber of horrors was widely known in Honduras. armed. the System Protects Its Own Former Assistant Secretary Of State for Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs. including frequent visits to the torture chamber known as INDUMIL. and financially rewarded these brutalities. Abrams stated.S. Donald Winters.

Canada. in August 1982. informed the United States state department in Honduras of these crimes. relatives and friends. Washington didn’t want to hear this.” Thomas O. and children.S. and Speak No Evil Despite this evidence. State Department human rights division reported in 1983. Ambassador Complained of U. Honduran newspapers were filled with stories of these atrocities.S. See. Colonel Leonidas Torres Arias.124 Defrauding America.S. U. Look at me. just kill me. by the Baltimore Sun’s investigative reporters admitted that the people being tortured suffered so greatly that they often pleaded that they wanted to be killed. officials in Honduras about this pattern of torture and killing. Arcos. Enders.S. Negroponte was Bush II’s representative to the United Nations. Jack Binns. ‘Please. Former Honduran Congressman Efrain Diaz Arrivillaga complaint numerous times to U. Lying about the evidence. said. and replaced him with John Dimitri Negroponte.S. Ambassador to Honduras. Embassy press spokesman. Two to her breasts and vagina. Torres. The article stated that the U. who was more “understanding” about these matters. Dozens of people. former assistant secretary of state for interAmerican affairs stated that Argentines were hired by the CIA to train the Hondurans in Battalion 316. Honduras about the torture and murders perpetrated by the CIA support Battalion 316. “Alvarez was a darling of the Reagan administration. Why don’t you just kill me?’” A former torturer who was interviewed in Toronto. General Gustavo Alvarez. Cresencio S. Look what you have done. Role in Torture U.” and gave the names of several of the victims. “The first jolt was so bad I just wanted to die. “She said. including pictures of the victims. and ambassador to Honduras from 1989 to 1993. former intelligence chief for the Honduran armed forces. appealed from help to the U. “There were no political prisoners in Hondu- . Vol. complained to Washington about the killings being perpetrated by the CIA funded and trained Battalion 316.S. told a news conference in Mexico City about the CIA supported death squads. She said. referring to Battalion 316 as “a death squad operating in Honduras that was being led by armed forces chief.S. parroting Bush’s lies in seeking to gain allies in the killing of Iraq men. People were marching in the streets about the crimes. despite what he said were their poor record on human rights. officials heaped money and praise upon Alvarez.” Reyes described another woman’s screams as she was being tortured in the next room. ambassador in Tegucigalpa. women. from 1980 to 1985. The “poor record on human rights” refers to the over 10.000 Argentines killed by this same group that were being hired by the CIA to foster—would you believe—democracy in Honduras and neighboring countries! U. Hear.

they questioned several of the torturers living in Canada: Jose Barrera. They described in detail how Battalion 316 operated and details of the methods used to torture their victims. Beginning of Catastrophic Consequences 125 ras. “We let them stay in their own excrement. State Department and White House personnel kept this information from Congress. Eventually Alvarez was ousted and the United States provided asylum to him—as he resided in Miami—for his years of “human right protections” accordance to State Department guidelines! The United States. and training. It was the CIA who in 1954 engineered a coup that replaced Guatemalan President Jacobo Arbenz Guzman and installed a military regime. especially through its State Department and CIA. In the 1980s.000 Argentineans. The saw what condition the victims were in— their marks and bruises. Barrera said. the perpetrators. Some of the training occurred in Texas.Bush II. and were well qualified in that type of work for which they were hired with the funds of U. CIA drug smuggling.” He said a frequent visitor to the torture locations was a U. as usual. They said the torture and killings were done with the full knowledge of CIA and State Department personnel. They did not do anything. Barrera said. and Jose Valle. played dumb since the public wasn’t any wiser. They said their training came from the CIA and from Argentineans hired by the United States. The CIA engineered the overthrow of Chilean President Salvador Allende in 1973 and supported Chilean strongman General Augusto Pinochet. taxpayers. The CIA worked with Panama’s Manuel Antonio Noriega while both engaged in drug smuggling.S. trainer referred to as “Mr.” Another Example of Congressional Cover-Ups and Complicity Caballero testified about these matters in October 1987 to the InterAmerican Court of Human Rights in Costa Rica and to the staff of the U. Canada. The Argentines were from the same group that tortured and killed over 10. “The Americans knew everything we were doing. including Vietnam.S. When they were very weak. funding. many of whom already knew the truth but. we would take them to disappear.” This is the same type of lie given to the American public for years. Bill. and an endless number of other areas of corruption. collaborated in the torture and killing regimes for years by supporting. the CIA trained a military force known as the “contras” to undermine the Sandinista government in Nicaragua. The Baltimore Sun conducted a long investigation into the matters in Honduras and traveled throughout North and South America to interview victims and the torturers. describing one instance in which he tied a rope around a man’s testicles and then tore them off. Florencio Caballero. Barrera described attaching electrical wires to the testicles. Senate intelligence committee about CIA collaboration with Bat- . In Toronto.” In Spanish the word for the “disappeared” is desaparecidos.S. Ripping off Victims’ Testicles During two weeks of interrogation.

In testimony given in June 1988 before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. I would even scare myself. kept from the American public by government officials and most of the U. were trained by the CIA and graduated from a CIA interrogation course on March 13. including the advancement of human rights. Jose Valle described one form of torture. Valle described a torture provided by the CIA-funded Argentine trainers. Florencio Caballero and March Tulio Regalado. with electrical wires clipped to her breasts.” Valle said: The rubber is put over the prisoner’s face. She said: It was so frightening the way my body would shake when they shocked me. They put rages in my throat so I would not scream. they tell the victim.” . Another person slaps the ears. Stolz also confirmed that two of the torturers in Battalion 316. She described 78 days of torture. “I heard one of the men say he was going to stick a rod inside the woman.” or “la capucha.” Covering Up for these Crimes was Ambassador Negroponte Negroponte issued a statement after the third in a series of articles were published by the Baltimore Sun: Under my leadership. her feet and hands tied. stating. sometimes it sounded like an animal. including one near the southern edge of Tegucigalpa near the Military Industries complex known as INDUMIL. The torture was performed at various locations. ‘No. 1983. She said she remembers particularly the cries of a woman being tortured in the next cell. Before starting. which they called “the hood. CIA deputy director for operations. Two talion 316. One victim who did survive was Consuelo Murillo. of course. “When you shoot me.126 Defrauding America. At no time during my tenure in Honduras did the embassy condone or conceal human rights violations. mainstream media. Vol. The instructors placed a rubber mask over a person’s head. confirmed that CIA officers knew of the torture by Battalion 316 and what was then being done to Murillo. Murillo told her captors. Murillo stated to the Baltimore Sun investigators that a radio blared all day to try and muffle the screams from the prisoners. “When you want to talk more. They put a foot on the back of the neck and pull up on the rubber. no!’ and then she just screamed. This testimony provided further evidence that State Department officials were lying when they said that they had no evidence the Honduran military engaged in human rights abuses. the embassy worked to promote the restoration and consolidation of democracy in Honduras. A prisoner would be forced to stand naked on a chair while a basket was tied to his testicles. nod your head. inflicting excruciating pain.S. He was hung naked from the ceiling. The woman screamed. shoot me good so that I die quick. These matters were. Richard Stolz. The basket would be filled with rocks and swung back and forth while the prisoner was being questioned. Bit I screamed so loud.

Beginning of Catastrophic Consequences 127 To the contrary. appointed by President Jimmy Carter.” . and Chile. it will leak. The United States had an embassy staff here that was larger than most other embassies in Latin America.S. They needed Honduras to loan its territory more than they were concerned about innocent people being killed. If they say they did not know. Jaime Rosenthal. There were stories about it in our newspaper and most other newspapers almost every day. Thomas Enders. In the year before these euphemistic statements by U. several hundred articles appeared in the Honduras press of illegal arrests. described Negroponte’s reaction to his complaints of human rights brutality. “The most important thing to him was to win public support for the presence of the U. owner of the newspaper El Tiempo. because it would mean they were incompetent. Their attitude was one of tolerance and silence. a delegate in the Honduran Congress. and people disappearing. posturing.S. Increased violations by the Honduran military would prejudice that. In a June 1981 cable. repeatedly sent warnings to Washington of the torture and killing of Hondurans by its military. Murdering citizens to destroy democratically elected governments was the reverse of U. which clearly indicate [the government of Honduras] repression has built up a head of steam much faster than we had anticipated. including such countries as Iran. Ambassador Bill Binns. torture. the embassy and she State Department cooperated with the government of Honduras to help remedy recognized deficiencies in the administration of justice. Efrain Diaz Arrivillaga. that is bad. with parallels in the orchestrating of White House covert activities subverting other governments since the end of World War II. Binns stated: I am deeply concerned at increasing evidence of officially sponsored/sanctioned assassinations of political and criminal targets. was reported in the Baltimore Sun articles as stating: There is no way United States officials in Honduras during the early 1980s can deny they knew about the disappearances.Bush II. The Baltimore Sun article quoted Enders’ confirmation of the 1981 meeting with Binns: It [the Reagan administration] believed that the most effective way to overcome civil conflicts and human rights violations was to promote democratically elected government and that should be his point of focus. read Binns the riot act.S. state department personnel. Nicaragua. President Reagan’s assistant secretary of state for inter-American affairs. The Baltimore Sun quoted Binns’ response: I was told to stop human rights reporting except in back channels.” They wanted to keep assistance flowing. military in Honduras. The fear was that if it came into the State Department. In typical fashion.

officials heaped money and praise upon Alvarez. Former Honduran Congressman Efrain Diaz Arrivillaga complained numerous times to U. former intelligence chief for the Honduran armed forces. trained them. and replaced democracies with them. many of whom already knew the truth but. ambassador in Tegucigalpa. have collaborated with torture and killing regimes for years. from 1980 to 1985.” This is the same type of lie given to the American public for years. Two The line put out by the White House was that the wars that we inflicted upon various nations that the United States undermined. Honduras about the torture and murders perpetrated by the CIA support Battalion 316. “Alvarez was a darling of the Reagan administration.S.S. destabilized and plunged into civil war. officials in Honduras about this pattern of torture and killing. State Department and White House personnel kept this information from Congress. Lying about the evidence. . Honduran newspapers were filled with stories of these atrocities. told a news conference in Mexico City about the CIA supported death squads. The “poor record on human rights” refers to the over 10. People were marching in the streets about the crimes. “There were no political prisoners in Honduras. including Vietnam. and ambassador to Honduras from 1989 to 1993. Cresencio S.000 Argentines who were killed by this same group that were being hired by the CIA to foster—would you believe—democracy in Honduras and neighboring countries! Dozens of people. Enders. Torres. Vol. CIA drug smuggling. despite what he said were their poor record on human rights. including pictures of the victims. said. relatives and friends. as usual. Eventually Alvarez was ousted and the United States provided asylum to him—as he resided in Miami--for his years of “human right protections” accordance to State Department guidelines! The United States. An article in the Baltimore Sun stated that the U. referring to Battalion 316 as “a death squad operating in Honduras that was being led by armed forces chief. Despite this evidence. U. played dumb since the public wasn’t any wiser. State Department human rights division reported in 1983. supported them. were in the interest of liberty. In stark contrast to this were facts that the America public chose not to address.S. funded them. in August 1982.” and gave the names of several of the victims.S. General Gustavo Alvarez. appealed from help to the U. including. and an endless number of other areas of corruption. Colonel Leonidas Torres Arias. Embassy press spokesman. for instance training Central and South America military to torture and kill people suspected of opposing the government. former assistant secretary of state for interAmerican affairs stated that Argentines were hired by the CIA to train the Hondurans in Battalion 316.” Thomas O. informed the United States state department in Honduras of these crimes.128 Defrauding America. especially through its State Department and CIA. Arcos.

and protected. he was appointed head of the DEA for damage control. confirmation of Richard Stolz was confirmed. A CIA agent from the U. Florencio Caballero. they questioned several of the torturers living in Canada: Jose Barrera. The perpetrators were interviewed in their Canadian residence by Baltimore Sun investigative reporters in Canada. Hutchinson knew. Embassy in Tegucigalpa frequently visited these torture events. President Bush appointed Hutchinson to undersecretary of the Department of Homeland Security—responsible for security of the United States. including frequent visits to the torture chamber known as INDUMIL. The Baltimore Sun conducted a long investigation into the matters in Honduras and traveled throughout North and South America to interview victims and the torturers. Canada.S. armed. A CIA agent from the U. In the 1980s. funded. The CIA worked with Panama’s Manuel Antonio Noriega while both engaged in drug smuggling. including frequent visits to the torture chamber known as INDUMIL. and repeatedly stated that the CIA was fully aware of the torture and killings being done by the people the CIA trained. The evidence showed CIA personnel watching the torture of innocent people. and frequent visits to the torture chambers.S.Bush II. despite he being deputy director for operations in the CIA during the time of the torture and murders. . and he never prosecuted. They described in detail how Battalion 316 operated and details of the methods used to torture their victims. which was discovered years later by the reporters for the Baltimore Sun. any of the government personnel involved in these criminal and treasonous activities. They said the torture and killings were done with the full knowledge of CIA and State Department personnel. and Jose Valle. Beginning of Catastrophic Consequences 129 It was the CIA who in 1954 engineered a coup that replaced Guatemalan President Jacobo Arbenz Guzman and installed a military regime. Later. In time-honored fashion. . One of Hundreds of Congressional Cover-Ups Evidence presented to Congress in 1988 showed CIA personnel watching the torture of innocent people. Appointing Another Suspect to Key Bush Administration Position President Bush II appointed to head the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Asa Hutchinson. In secret testimony given to congress in 1988 closed-door hearings. who was US Attorney in Arkansas during the 198 and 1990 while the widely known CIA drug smuggling was occurring at Mena. Embassy in Tegucigalpa frequently visited these torture events. The CIA engineered the overthrow of Chilean President Salvador Allende in 1973 and supported Chilean strongman General Augusto Pinochet. and frequent visits to the torture chambers. In Toronto. the CIA trained a military force known as the “contras” to undermine the Sandinista government in Nicaragua.

immunity was for truthful statements and not perjury or withholding material facts. He avoided prison when federal judges held that he was immunized as a result of.130 Defrauding America. However. had been improperly used against them. also involved in the dirty deals of the Reagan-Bush White House. was given a spot in the Bush II administration. Vol. He had pled guilty to withholding information from Congress and then was pardoned by the first President George Bush. from 1981 to 1985. and sentenced to six months. for which they ad been given immunity from prosecution. along with Oliver North and others. National Security advisor during the 1980s. and he has the leadership ability to successfully meet these [intelligence problems]. Two Bush Appointing Negroponte to Director of National Intelligence Keeping in line with almost every other appointment. Elliott Abrams. was given a State Department position heading Latin American affairs. praised Negrotponte’s record. Another Iran-Contra defendant was Elliott Abrams who the young President Bush hired to be his special White Hose assistant for democracy and human rights. stating: “I am convinced that he has the character. coordinating over a dozen agencies. President Bush appointed John Poindexter to head the Information Awareness Office in the Pentagon.” Poindexter Responsible for Public Mind Control In February 2002. He obviously knew of the torture and murders that were part of the Administration’s secret war against Nicaragua. as well as Oliver North who was also convicted of federal crimes. was convicted in 1990. as director of the National Intelligence Agency. Poindexter. Preesident Bush II appointed Negroponte to the highly important position responsible for improving national intelligence. on the basis that their testimony to Congress. obstructing congressional inquiries. Former Assistant Secretary Of State for Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs. Negroponte was then responsible for giving President Bush a daily briefing on intelligence—the credibility of which could be similar to what he provided while Ambassador to Honduras during the Iran-Contra operation. of five charges of conspiracy. Senator Pat Roberts. who would probably call a donkey a horse if President Bush wanted. making false statements to Congress. Judges came to the rescue of convicted felons. Nor was it our policy to avert our eyes Otto Reich. was not the policy of the United States. he has sthe expertise. Poindexter was appointed to head a new Pentagon Counterterrorism office in February 2002. Bush Aborted Naming of Kissinger To Head 9-11 “Investigation” . The ability of key politicians to lie was shown as Abrams stated with a straight face: “Disappearing people—murdering people.

kidnappings and bombings in several countries.Bush II. In addition to his role in the Chilean coup that brought the regime of Gen. who was then the deputy director for operations in the CIA. President Bush named Henry Kissinger to head that “investigation. In secret testimony given to congress in 1988 closed-door hearings. Another book revealing the seamy side of Kissinger include “The price of Power: Kissinger in the Nixon White House. he is a toady to power and a lackey of the establishment. 11. The torturers interviewed by the Baltimore Sun. Pinochet to power. Kissinger is wanted for questioning about the international terrorist network called Operation Condor. Kissinger‘s most notorious crime was the secret bombing of Cambodia and Laos during the Vietnam War. living in Canada. and for many years now the hireling of despotic regimes around the world. showed confirmation by Richard Stolz. Nixon and the Destruction of Cambodia” that the Cambodian bombing unleashed the Khmer Rouge on that country. while Bush was a board member. Brazil and many other countries because they cannot guarantee his immunity from legal proceedings. He cannot travel to Britain. and France (concerning French citizens who disappeared in Chile). Other White House members with questionable backgrounds included Vice President Dick Cheney who was chief executive officer at Harken Energy. Abrams had pled guilty to withholding information from Congress and then was pardoned by the first President George Bush. Responsible for—Would You Believe—Human Rights! Two other controversial figures named by Bush II were Elliott Abrams to be special White Hose assistant for democracy and human rights. Argentina. He has lied repeatedly to Congress. Old Cover-up Kissinger. while massive accounting shams were created using shell companies in offshore countries such as the Cayman Islands. who was given a State Department position heading Latin American affairs. Beginning of Catastrophic Consequences 131 After blocking an investigation into the blame for the 19 hijackers on September 11. which conducted killings. and Halliburton. An article by national syndicated columnist Molly Ivins in the San Francisco Chronicle stated: Kissinger is wanted for questioning in Chile.” Opposition scuttled that attempt. the press and the public. repeatedly stated that the CIA was fully . He is also a notorious liar. which was discovered years later by the reporters for the Baltimore Sun. The other was Otto Reich.” by Seymour Hersh. including the 1976 bombing in Washington that killed a noted Chilean dissident and his companion. the many who double-crossed the Iraq Kurds … just the man to lead an independent inquiry into Sept. William Shawcross argued persuasively in his book “Sideshow: Kissinger.

Vol. Showing the widespread practice of lying in government. Elliott Abrams. funded. Abrams stated. System Sticking Together . as usual. “Disappearing people—murdering people.” The facts. funded. Former Assistant Secretary Of State for Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs. and financially rewarded these brutalities.132 Defrauding America. was not the policy of the United States. showed the lying by U. Two aware of the torture and killings being done by the people they trained. vigorously defended the U. armed. after obviously knowing about these human rights violations—torture and murders— that were part of the Administration’s secret war against Nicaragua. politicians.S. Nor was it our policy to avert our eyes. from 1981 to 1985. activities that trained.S. and protected.

• Iraq was not cooperating with United Nations inspectors. • Iraq was funding and arming terrorists. Virtually out of the blue. • A change of leadership in Iraq would correct these problems. whose military forces were greatly depleted and subjected to daily United Nations inspections from 1991 to 1998. • Iraq was moving weapons of mass destruction before UN inspectors arrived. Bush and his group started charging Iraq and its leader. A . • Iraq was not disarming as required by the United Nations after Iraq’s defeat in 1991 • Iraq has no intention of disarming. Saddam Hussein. more peaceful world in which Iraqi people would have a better life. • Iraq was acquiring material for nuclear weapons from the African nation of Niger.CHAPTER SIX Bush II. • Iraq was building nuclear weapons. These charges included: • Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. • Sooner or later the United States would have to go to war with Iraq. must be replaced. • Satellite pictures showed Iraqi missile-testing structures. with offenses to justify the United States invading the country. • Removing Saddam Hussein would make the world more peaceful. like failure to prove a negative. • Removing the threat to the region will lead to a better. • Iraq’s leader. and delaying the war would hurt the United States. Lies and Iraq fter ten years of no evidence of any threat from Iraq. Saddam Hussein. • Iraq had not proven it had no weapons of mass destruction. • Iraq was working with Al Qaeda. the young George Bush suddenly charged Iraq with all forms of misconduct that threatened the United States and Iraq’s neighbors. • Iraq was a threat to its neighbors. • Satellite pictures showed an Iraqi chemical weapon-producing site. 2001. • Iraq played a key role in the terrorist attacks of September 11. • Iraq was a threat to the United States.

Iraq. They produced no evidence. manipulated the American public into thinking that Bush’s statements were true. satellites that can read the headlines on a newspaper from outer space. If Iraq did have weapons of mass destruction it would be highly unlikely that rumors of these would not have reached neighboring countries. and certainly could not have been done in an undetectable shed.S. Further. for instance. Iraq was about the size of California. and most of the country was desert. Simply unsupported allegations or “evidence” that was repeatedly proven false. would be utterly stupid to attempt mounting an isolated attack upon the most militarily powerful country in the world. nor did any of the hundreds of UN inspectors find any such evidence. Two Every conceivable charge related to weapons of mass destruction. No facilities were discovered and no WMD were found. had nuclear weapons and missiles to deliver them. satellites that could read the headline on a newspaper from outer space would have detected such a facility if it existed. Parroting These Accusations Most television panelists and Bush administration spokespeople repeated these charges despite the total absence of any supporting evidence and despite the evidence showing them to be false. UN inspectors were continuously combing through Iraq’s facilities from 1991 to 1998. Further. but they didn’t have the long-range missiles or the long-range aircraft to deliver them. To produce nuclear weapons in the United States takes huge facilities. making it difficult to hide weapons that could meet the definition of weapons of mass destruction. Massive Contradictions to Bush‘s Charges Bush provided no evidence that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. especially since they most of them had more weapons than Iraq had.134 • Defrauding America. United Nations Confidential Report Showed No WMD A 15-page confidential United Nations report described the reports . U. “Iraq Was Building Nuclear Weapons” Bush and his team stated Iraq was building nuclear weapons. Not only didn’t Iraq have any such weapons or facilitates to produce them. The constant repetition of these charges. which would be readily detected by U. especially with a single or very few possible weapons. and the blind repetition by most of the television media. Iraq’s neighbors didn’t feel Iraq posed a threat to them. Pakistan and Israel. and then again from 2000 to 2003. Vol. or any other country. For the United States to call Iraq a threat to the United States would put the US in the position of being afraid of its own shadow.S. These required sizeable construction sites and facilities.

who conveniently ignored his statements that all chemical. General Kamal stated: “During the Gulf War. Smidovich (UNSCOM). The United Nations report included a transcript of questions given to Kamala by the Executive Chairman of the Special Commission. … Referring to these long-range missiles. Professor Zifferero and Kamal’s response. Lies and Iraq 135 of the United Nations inspection team showing the destruction of almost Iraq’s entire nuclear weapons program. N. The report stated that the engine for long-range missiles was destroyed. and a person from King of Jordan court who served as an interpreter. Portions of the report follows: UNSCOM/IAEA Sensitive In the evening of 22 August 1995. “They were all destroyed.Bush II.” Responding to a UN question whether Iraq “restarted the VX production after the Iran-Iraq war.” Reference to Chemical and Biological Weapons Referring to whether Iraq considered using chemical weapons during the Gulf War. biological and nuclear weapons had been destroyed shortly after the ending of the Gulf War. General Kamal stated: “Iran also had mustard and sarin and they used mustard in small quantities.” General Kamal stated: “We changed the factory into pesticide production. The report stated the testimony given by Iraq General Hussein Kamal to UN Executive Chairman of the Special Commission Professor M. … It was destroyed during and after the war. along with UN conclusions. weapons and agents were destroyed … nothing remained … after visits of inspection teams. We gave .] Samarra started to produce medicine with workers from Muthanna. Smidovich (UNSCOM). Part of the establishment started to produce medicine. (IAEA). Muthanna itself started production of pesticides and insecticides. and examined by UN inspectors. buried. Zifferero. M. General Kamal stated. The meeting started at 1950 hrs and lasted approximately three hours.” Referring to Iraq’s source of chemical and biological weapons. …The activity was stopped by the war. General Kamal had defected from Iraq. and a person from King of Jordan court. … It was a fake document … we are of the same conclusion [referring to document claiming that Iraq was seeking uranium]. His statements were “selectively” taken as truth by the Bush team. there was no intention to use chemical weapons as the Allied force was overwhelming. N. the Iranians discovered they were water. The meeting was attended by Prof. [Samarra Drug establishment. Zifferero (IAEA). the Executive Chairman of the Special Commission met with General Hussein Kamal in Amman. Even Iran bought some components from the US but when they arrived. Some of the chemical components came from the United States to Iraq. Nuclear Weapons Issues Original Iraqi documents indicated that the programme had been terminated in January 1991 due to damage by coalition raids…. This site was destroyed.

missile.” That document was obtained by Cambridge University analyst Glen Rangwala. All chemical weapons were destroyed. Vol. He was the chief Iraqi official responsible for Iraq’s stockpile of chemical and biological weapons and banned missiles. Bush‘s Selected Use and Cover-Up of Report’s Information The White House backed Kamel’s assertions about the prior existence of the banned weapons. These documents provided further confirmation that the banned weapons had been destroyed. who also revealed that British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s “intelligence dossier” was plagiarized and contained false statements to support Blair’s political agenda with President Bush II. “Why missiles and chemical weapons were kept in part while biological weapons were all destroyed?” General Kamal responded: “In the nuclear area. There was no decision to use chemical weapons for fear of retaliation. nuclear were destroyed. Iraq destroyed all its chemical and biological weapons stocks and the missiles to deliver them. All weapons. They realized that if chemical weapons were used. microfiches and production molds. The article stated “a military aide who defected with Kamel backed Kamel’s assertions about the destruction of WMD stocks. All that remained were hidden blueprints. When he defected he carried crates of secret documents relating to Iraq’s weapons program. Our main worry was Iran and they were against them. Colin Powell made similar statements vouching for Kamel’s credibility during a speech on February 5. We gave instructions not to produce chemical weapons. but refused to address the remainder of his statements that the weapons had been destroyed. “that after the Gulf War. 2002: It took years for Iraq to finally admit that it had produced four tons . Two started production of pesticides and insecticides. computer disks. Kamel’s defection was a major event that confirm that Iraq had in fact destroyed the banned weapons. In that report Kamel reported to officials from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the UN inspection team known as UNSCOM. I ordered destruction of all chemical weapons. Kamel was Saddam Hussein‘s son-in-law.” He reported that the weapons were destroyed secretly.” UN questioner Smjdovich asked. Bush repeatedly and fraudulently cited Kamel’s statements as evidence that Iraq had not destroyed his banned weapons and that Kamel was a reliable source for that statement. Newsweek Reported Destruction of WMD A Newsweek article (March 3. 2003 issue) made reference to a copy of the United Nations 1995 debriefing Iraqi general Hussein Kamel who defected from Iraq. biological.136 Defrauding America. chemical. Missile and chemical weapons were real weapons. retaliation would be nuclear. To do so would undermine Bush‘s plans. there were no weapons. Kamel foolishly returned to Iraq in 1996 and was killed upon his return. The Newsweek article stated that the CIA and British MI6 were given the same information and that CIA analysts received the report in August 1995.

and British intelligence sources and have included satellite photos as evidence.” Vice President Chaney stated in August 2002 that Kamel “should serve as a reminder to all that we often learned more as the result of defections than we learned from the inspection regime itself. VX. For instance. biological and nuclear weapons. shifted from reporting allegations to describing allegations as facts. and a model of Iraq’s unmanned drones. “Holding a vial of anthrax-like powder.S.” Virtually every U. In many cases. FAIR. especially the television media.” Chaney was “mysteriously” silent about Kamel’s description of the destruction of all chemical. engaged in this deception. Reporters at several major outlets neglected to observe the journalistic rule of prefacing unverified assertions with words like “claimed” or “alleged. Much of the media. many journalists treated allegations made by Powell as though they were facts. In a report on Powell‘s presentation. The most dramatic featured an Iraqi Army colonel in the 2nd Republican Guards Corps ordering a captain to sanitize communications. “To buttress his arguments. Saddam Hussein‘s late son-in-law. Powell‘s allegations were given as actual capabilities of the Iraqi military: “Powell played a tape of a Mirage jet retrofitted to spray simulated anthrax.S. electronic eavesdroppers. media refused to print this story that undermined the primary reason cited by the Bush administration. New York Times editorials repeatedly cited Kamel’s statements about the production of the chemical and biological weapons but omitted the statement that they were all destroyed. Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting. or that individuals on the tapes were in fact who Powell said they were.” The Daily News gave no indication that it had independent confirmation that the photos were indeed of weapons sites. article: In reporting on Secretary of State Colin Powell‘s February 5 presentation to the United Nations Security Council. capable of spraying chemical or germ weapons within a radius of at least 550 miles. Powell showed satellite photos of Iraqi weapons sites and played several audiotapes intercepted by U. the failed claims—like Powell‘s claims at the U. 2003. In Andrea Mitchell’s report on NBC Nightly News (2/5/03).” This was of particular concern given that over the last several months.N. addressed samples of media deception in a February 10. many Bush administration claims about alleged Iraqi weapons facilities have failed to hold up to inspection. the New York Daily News (2/6/03) accepted his statements at face value. 2/5/03). Powell said Saddam . during an interview with Powell (60 Minutes II.Bush II. The admission only came out after inspectors collected documentation as a result of the defection of Hussein Kamel.S. Lies and Iraq 137 of the deadly nerve agent.—have cited U.” Dan Rather. Even Newsweek was tainted as it buried that story in a miscellaneous section with the bland sounding title of “The Defector’s Secrets.

but the mobile laboratories were something that Powell “showed” to be actually operating. who is a secular leader.” The anthrax supply was appropriately attributed as a claim by Powell.N. but made it clear that Saddam was not the immediate target. What was it for you? Journalists should always be wary of implying unquestioning faith in official assertions.com report relating to the tape of Osama bin Laden stated: “At the same time.” ancy (IAEA) have scrutinized that vast complex almost a dozen times. George W. The Clinton administration justified a cruise missile attack on the Sudan by saying that intelligence showed that the target was a chemical weapons factory.” The Bush team must have seen that broadcast and probably immediately told MSNBC to remove that section. the first Bush administration rallied support for sending troops to Saudi Arabia by asserting that classified satellite photos showed the Iraqi army mobilizing on the Saudi border. Following a CIA warning in October that commercial satellite photos showed Iraq was “reconstituting” its clandestine nuclear weapons program at Al Tuwaitha.” When CNN’s Paula Zahn (2/5/03) interviewed Jamie Rubin.138 Defrauding America.” When inspectors returned to Iraq. former State Department spokesperson. that Iraq was essentially guilty of failing to disarm. He showed how Iraqi jets could spray that anthrax and how mobile laboratories are being used to concoct new weapons. In its place was the statement: “The taped statement reflected Saddam. she prefaced a discussion of Iraq’s response to Powell’s speech thusly: You’ve got to understand that most Americans watching this were either probably laughing out loud or got sick to their stomach. a secular leader.” according to an Associated Press re- . 10/8/02): “Satellite photographs reveal that Iraq was rebuilding facilities at sites that have been part of his nuclear program in the past. Petersburg Times obtained commercial satellite photos showing no such build-up. This claim was later discredited when the St. It then disappeared from the remainder of the statements made by Osama bin Laden. later investigation showed it to be a pharmaceutical factory (London Independent. recent history was full of official claims based on satellite and other intelligence data that later turned out to be false or dubious. 5/4/99). they visited the Al Tuwaitha site and found no evidence to support Bush‘s claim. however. Vol. and reported no violations. Two might have tens of thousands of liters of anthrax. the message also called on Iraqis to rise up and oust Iraqi President Saddam Hussein. a former nuclear weapons complex. Commentator William Schneider on CNN Live Today (2/6/03) dismissed the possibility that Powell could be doubted: “No one disputes the findings Powell presented at the U. After Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990. “Since December 4 inspectors from Mohamed El Baradei’s International Atomic Energy Age MSNBC Protecting Bush‘s Lies on Iraq-Terrorist Connection An initial MSNBC. Bush told a Cincinnati audience on October 7 (New York Times.

1/18/03).S. inspectors repeatedly visited each site (Los Angeles Times. citing as evidence renewed building at several facilities such as the Al Dawrah Vaccine Facility. But an extensive survey by U.Bush II. manipulating allegations. By mid-January. Lies and Iraq 139 port (1/8/03). In one such report the CIA said “the only plausible explanation” for a new structure at the Al Rafah missile test site was that Iraq was were developing banned longrange missiles (Associated Press.N.’ and reported no signs of revived weapons building. a former uranium refinery in Iraq’s western desert. intelligence reports say are dangerous. False Claims Iraq Was Resuming Missile Production In September and October U. U.” Following Powell‘s U. But CIA suggestions that facilities at Al Rafah. and British intelligence agencies as major ‘facilities of concern. No evidence was found that the facilities were being used to manufacture banned weapons (Los Angeles Times. Last fall the CIA warned that “key aspects of Iraq’s offensive biological weapons program are active and most elements are more advanced and larger” than they were pre-1990. allegations being converted into facts. 1/26/03). British and U. and the Fallujah III Castor Oil Production Plant. humanitarian coordinator for Iraq Hans von Sponeck told the British newspaper The Mirror (2/6/03): The inspectors have found nothing which was in the Bush and Blair dossiers of last September. inspectors had visited all the sites many times over.S.N. What happened to them? They are totally embarrassed by them. arms monitors have inspected 13 sites identified by U. in addition to sites at Al Mutasim and Al Mamoun. former U. United Nations Inspectors Found No Evidence The Associated Press concluded in its January 18 analysis: “In almost two months of surprise visits across Iraq.” In 2002 I saw them and they were destroyed.N. suggested renewed Iraqi development of nuclear weapons.S. 2003) in a speech before the American . I have seen facilities in pieces in Iraq which U. were being used to build prohibited missile systems were found to be baseless when U.N. The Institute of Strategic Studies referred to the Al Fallujah three castor oil production unit and the Al Dora foot and mouth center as “facilities of concern. presentation. 1/26/03). officials charged that conclusive evidence existed that Iraq was preparing to resume manufacturing banned ballistic missiles at several sites.S.N. 1/18/03). Hoax: Iraq building and Hiding Weapons of Mass Destruction Bush stated (February 26. the Amiriyah Serum and Vaccine Institute. intelligence officials said new building at AlQaim. inspectors in December reported no violations (Associated Press.

will be expected to support the creation of a viable Palestinian state and to work as quickly as possible toward a final status agreement. Vol. The current Iraqi regime has shown the power of tyranny to spread discord and violence in the Middle East. and we will not allow it. The safety of the American people depends on ending this direct and growing threat. We are winning and we’re showing them the definition of American justice. We will not allow the triumph of hatred and violence in the affairs of men. and America will not permit it. We will also lead in carrying out the urgent and dangerous work of destroying chemical and biological weapons. The danger posed by Saddam Hussein and his weapons cannot be ignored or wished away. settlement activity in the occupied territories must end. as the terror threat is removed and security improves. We helped to create the Security Council. Acting against the danger will also contribute greatly to the long-term safety and stability of our world. We will provide security against those who try to spread chaos or settle scores or threaten the territorial integrity of Iraq. The danger must be confronted. In confronting Iraq. a dictator is building and hiding weapons that could enable him to dominate the Middle East and intimidate the civilized world. the United States is also showing our commitment to effective international institutions. And there are hopeful signs of the desire for freedom in the Middle East. We believe in the Security Council so much that we want its . Our coalition of more than 90 countries is pursuing the networks of terror with every tool of law enforcement and with military power. This same tyrant has close ties to terrorist organizations and could supply them with the terrible means to strike this country. Two Enterprise Institute in Washington: In Iraq. We hope that the Iraqi regime will meet the demands of the United Nations and disarm fully and peacefully. A liberated Iraq can show the power of freedom to transform that vital region by bringing hope and progress into the lives of millions. America’s interest in security and America’s belief in liberty both lead in the same direction—to a free and peaceful Iraq.140 Defrauding America. The world has a clear interest in the spread of democratic values. The passing of Saddam Hussein‘s regime will deprive terrorist networks of a wealthy patron that pays for terrorist training and offers rewards to families of suicide bombers. We’re a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council. As progress is made toward peace. For its part the new government of Israel. because stable and free nations do not breed the ideologies of murder. They encourage the peaceful pursuit of a better life. And we are opposing the greatest danger in the war on terror—outlaw regimes arming with weapons of mass destruction.

arsenal that would inflict brutal deaths over wide areas and would really qualify as weapons of mass destruction: • Arsenal of nuclear weapons numbering into the tens of thousands. Members of our armed forces also understand why they may be called to fight. arsenal.S. as our soldiers and sailors. Massive facilities were needed to build the type of weapons the United States possesses and which could meet the definition of weapons of mass destruction. Free people will set the course of history and free people will keep the peace of the world.S. • Arsenal of tactical nuclear weapons. however. The United States. They know that America’s cause is right and just: the liberty for an oppressed people and security for the American people. any one of which could inflict great harm and death upon large numbers of people than anything Iraq could develop. The global threat of proliferation of weapons of mass destruction cannot be confronted by one nation alone. Chemical weapons were used in World War I from 1914 to 1918. nor were they capable of inflicting the brutal damage on human beings as the weapons used by U. one type weighing 20. Bush‘s Peculiar Definition of Weapons of Mass Destruction Included in Bush‘s bag-of-tricks to portray Iraq as a danger to the United States was the repeated charge that Iraq had “weapons of mass destruction.” Included in these so-called WMD were World War I chemical weapons that produced harsh but limited effects. Lies and Iraq 141 words to have meaning. They know that retreat before a dictator guarantees even greater sacrifices in the future. If war is forced upon us by Iraq’s refusal to disarm. • Arsenal of suitcase nuclear bombs that can be easily carried and capable of destroying the center of a major city. true weapons of mass destruction could not have been produced.000 pounds. Consider the following weapons in the U. who is capable of any crime. We go forward with confidence because we trust in the power of human freedom to change lives and nations. • Massive bombers such as the B-52. • Huge bombs. and they weren’t listed as weapons of mass destruction. These dangers are real. forces. we will meet an enemy who hides his military forces behind civilians. In Iraq’s rather primitive facilities. • Arsenal of chemical and biological weapons that it has initially developed in the 1960s. certainly not as brutal or dangerous as the weapons in the U. we will make this an age of progress and liberty. airmen and marines fully understand. . • Thousands of fighter aircraft capable of firing multiple weapons. did have weapons of mass destruction. By the resolve and purpose of America and of our friends and allies.Bush II. who has terrible weapons. that could level an area many blocks in radius.S.

Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.” The case for military action was therefore compelling. inspectors. To get maximum mileage with their unproven charges. for instance. Baker was a key force in secretly funding Iraq’s arms buildup during the 1980s while Baker was secretary of state under the first President Bush. writing in the Wall Street Journal (February 4. The truth versus the lies. the Bush team continued their false statements. When Bush II made these false statements he often hesitated. repeated over and over again these charges. First. that could kill and inflict devastating injuries to people within thousands of feet from the center of the blast. In his report to the Security Council. Secretary of State Colin Powell.N. experienced statesmen. Serial Lying by President of United States Even when United Nations inspectors. Two Cluster bombs.N. It cannot be deferred indefinitely as Iraq continues to play its cat-and mouse game with U. determined by whatever arose in his figment of imagination. developed in the United States. Lying by Former National Security Advisor Involved In Arming Iraq in the 1980s James A. That threat cannot be countered by containment. . he proceeded to the next false statement. which sounded more ominous then. Iraq’s efforts to develop weapons of mass destruction and the potential for their proliferation represent a serious threat to international peace and security.142 • Defrauding America. National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice. they repeatedly used the term. Baker III. Now can it be held hostage to lowest common denominator consensus in the Security Council. not isolation from the civilized world. that he was lying. chief U.” stated: The argument for disarming Iraq by force has become conclusive. the president was eloquent on Saddam Hussein‘s intransigence: “Nothing to date has restrained him from his pursuit of these weapons—not economic sanctions. weapons of mass destruction. weapon inspectors did not state what Baker stated. and experts from other countries provided evidence that Bush was totally wrong.N. as if he was waiting to see if his claims were challenged. which went on and on. there was no evidence of weapons of mass destruction. and White House spokesman Ari Fleischer. Vol. When they weren’t. Iraq had mustard gas—as used in World War I. Coordinating Series of False Charges Bush. On Tuesday. U. not even cruise-missile strikes on his military facilities. Third. Second. which has been tried for 12 years and has failed. 2003) under “The Case for Military Action. weapons inspector Hans Blix made clear—even if the words were never used— that Iraq was in material breach of Security Council Resolution 1441.

the president said objections by a labor union to having customs officials wear radiation detectors had the potential to delay the policy “for a long period of time. speaking to the United Nations (September 2002). which showed a crudely made wood drone with duct tape holding parts of its together. Aluminum Tubes: Proof of Nuclear Arms Production? Bush. A Washington Post article (October 22. And all three statements were dubious. Vice President Dick Cheney . speaking to the nation this month about the need to challenge Saddam Hussein. Iraq made that drone available for media inspection. Further information revealed that the aircraft lack the range to reach the United States. UN weapon inspectors stated they had inspected the sites several times and found no evidence of any banned activities. stating it was used to test nuclear missiles. Fabricated Threat of Iraqi Unmanned Drone The Bush team claimed that Iraq had an unmanned drone that could deliver WMD to the United States. there was no such report by the IAEA. Lies and Iraq 143 Fabricated Claim of Metal Shed Used to Test Nuclear Missiles During a television appearance in February 2003.” This and other unsupported and contradicted charge was repeated time and again by Bush’s lapdogs. 2002) referring to a recent speech by President Bush stated: President Bush.” Last month. warned that Iraq has a growing fleet of unmanned aircraft that could be used “for missions targeting the United States.” And last week. Bush sought to justify invading Iraq by presenting aerial photos of a metal covered shed.” All three assertions were powerful arguments for the actions Bush sought. Bush cited a report by the International Atomic Energy Agency saying the Iraqis were “six months away from developing a weapon. and the customs dispute over the detectors was resolved long ago. containing nothing but some discarded drums. if not wrong. Fabricated Claim of Sheds Used to Produce Biological Weapons Bush showed aerial-view pictures of sheds in the desert claiming they were a biological weapon production facility.Bush II. sought to justify war upon Iraq based upon aluminum tubes “used to enrich uranium for a nuclear weapon. It looked like something a plumber would have put together in his spare time from junk parts. Claim Iraqi Aircraft Capable of Delivering WMD to United States Bush stated Iraq had an aircraft that could fly to the United States and could deliver weapons of mass destruction to the United States. UN weapon inspectors showed surface pictures of the same shed. That aircraft proved to be a small single engine aircraft similar to that flown by pleasure pilots that could hardly carry enough fuel to reach much beyond Iraq’s borders—while empty. and in documents sent to the United Nations.

N.N. leaders. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). weapons inspectors in Iraq are increasingly confident that the aluminum tubes were never meant for enriching uranium. the U. inspectors contradicted that claim. The tubes even had stamped on them the word. reported in a Jan. Rice claimed the tubes “were only really suited for nuclear weapons programs.” Bush cited the tubes in his speech before the General Assembly and in documents presented to U. but you’d have to believe that Iraq deliberately ordered the wrong stock and intended to spend a great deal of time and money reworking each piece.144 Defrauding America. 2003) that the tubes were “not directly suitable” for uranium or nuclear weapon use. Vice President Dick Cheney and national security adviser Condoleezza Rich both repeated the claim. 8 preliminary assessment that the tubes were “not directly suitable” for uranium enrichment but were “consistent” with making ordinary artillery rockets—a finding that meshed with Iraq’s official explanation for the tubes.” It was by far the most prominent and detailed assertion by the White House of recent Iraqi efforts to acquire nuclear weapons. sanctions. which was what Iraq officials claimed was permitted by UN sanctions. U.N.” One expert stated: “It may be technically possible that the tubes could be used to enrich uranium. the claim now appears to be seriously in doubt. and that they were consistent with making ordinary artillery rockets. Vol. Two and national security adviser Condoleezza Rice. reported (January 8. The experts stated that the tubes could not be used to enrich uranium without extensive modification. he brought along a rare piece of evidence for what he called Iraq’s “continued appetite” for nuclear bombs. The rockets were allowed under U. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). which Bush said were “used to enrich uranium for a nuclear weapon. with Rice describing the tubes as “only really suited for nuclear weapons programs.” “Doubt grows on Bush‘s evidence. which was the nuclear watchdog for the United Nations. and which had been imported since the 1980s. 2003) relating to Bush’s claims that aluminum tubes found in Iraq were to develop weapons of mass destruction. They were a perfect fit for the common 81 mm conventional rocket program that had been in place for over two decades. U.” was the heading on a Washington Post article (February 24. “rocket.” Directly contradicting these charges were United Nations experts and other sources. The article stated: When President Bush traveled to the United Nations in September to make his case against Iraq.N. according to officials familiar with the inspection process. New evidence supporting that conclusion has been gathered in recent . After weeks of investigation. chartered nuclear watchdog. But according to government officials and weapons experts.N. The findings: Iraq had tried to buy thousands of high-strength aluminum tubes.

Proof. The new tubes it tried to purchase actually bear an inscription that includes the word. 8 . the official said. there were clues from the beginning that should have raised doubts about claims that the tubes were part of a secret Iraqi nuclear weapons program. Claimed Bush: Discovery of Empty Rocket Shells In February 2003. White House spokesman Ari Fleischer reacted to the agency’s initial report on Jan. according to U. did not halt their false charges. The quantity and specifications of the tubes-narrow. silver cylinders measuring 81 millimeters in diameter and about a meter in length could not be used to enrich uranium without extensive modification.S. inspections continued. and the means to deliver them.N. David Albright. The Bush group provided satellite pictures showing truck movements. Another Hoax: Iraq Was Moving WMD Prior to Inspections Bush and his team charged that Iraq repeatedly moved weapons of mass destruction just prior to the arrival of UN inspectors. To date. and British intelligence reports. claiming this was evidence of Iraq moving weapons of mass destruction from sites prior to UN inspectors’ arrival.” according to one official who examined them. “In this case. Iraq imported the same aluminum tubes for rockets in the 1980s. 122 mm rockets scattered on the sandy ground in a desert surrounding. chemical and nuclear arms. “rocket. inspectors discovered 16 empty casings for short-range. But they are a perfect fit for a well-documented 81 mm conventional rocket program in place for two decades. UN inspectors said that so far they have found no concussive proof of a banned Iraqi weapons program in searches of facilities that had been identified as suspicious in U. said.” The Bush administration. Lies and Iraq 145 weeks and will be presented to the U. But the Bush team claimed it was proof that Iraq was hiding weapons of mass destruction. and international experts on uranium enrichment.S.Bush II. a former International ‘atomic Energy Agency weapons inspector who has investigated Iraq’s past nuclear programs extensively. Moreover. As the U. U. UN inspectors said these were routine truck shipments and that UN inspectors had frequently checked these sites and found no such evidence. and therefore were not cooperating in disarmament.N. they simply repeated the same falsehoods. some weapons experts said the aluminum-tubes saga could undermine the credibility of claims about Iraq’s arsenal. Security Council in a report due to be released on Monday. I fear that the information was put out there for a short-term political goal: to convince people that Saddam Hussein was close to acquiring nuclear weapons. the experts said. the Bush administration has declined to release photos or other specific evidence to bolster its contention that Iraq was actively seeking to acquire new biological. while acknowledging the atomic energy agency’s findings on the aluminum tubes. similar to a junk yard.N.

a taped message from Osama bin Laden was broadcast around the world. again and again the administration has cited evidence that turns out to be misleading or worthless—”garbage after garbage after garbage. Powell said the report “shows continued Iraqi noncompliance” with the U. February 25. a Jordanian of Palestinian descent.” Fleischer said. claiming that bin Laden’s statements showed ties between him and Saddam Hussein. Promises. False Claims of Links Between Iraq and bin Laden Powell said that the bin Ladens’s audiotape that surfaced in February 2003 proved links between bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. Whatever the real merits of the case against Iraq. in the eyes of much of the world. Official. an American diplomatic officer in Jordan.N. which said no such thing.N. the part of the tape where bin Laden’s urged the Iraqi people to rise up against Saddam Hussein. Zarqawi. The White House mislabeled the message. 2003): Mr. who has been having a hard time getting reputable economists to endorse his economic plan.” U.” Lying About Osama bin Laden‘s Links to Saddam Hussein In a March 2003. Bush. claimed an endorsement from the latest Blue Chip survey of business economists. panel that Iraq had conducted flight tests of its alSamoud 2 rockets that exceeded the technical 93-mile limit set by the U. “I don’t know what he was citing. “It should be noted. was a shadowy figure who has recently been associated with the assassination last October of Laurence Foley. the United States and Great Britain claimed that the finding of a U. Bush‘s mendacity on economic matters was obvious even during the 2000 election. But lately it has reached almost pathological levels. and Lies.” [Presumably that includes such items as ant killer!] Short Range Permitted Missiles: Justification for War Upon Iraq In February 2003. Vol. discredited the administration’s foreign policy. Last week Mr. Two by asserting that the case was still open. the Bush team omitted the fact that Osama bin laden urged Iraqi people to rise up against their leader.” was the title of Paul Krugman’s syndicated column (New York Times. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Yuri Fedotov challenged the statement. What Americans may not fully appreciate was the extent to which similarly unfounded claims have. “Threats. As in other evidence.N.” according to one U.146 Defrauding America. sanctions restrict Iraq’s ability to import “dual-use” items that potentially could be used for weapons. He conveniently left out. thereby reversing the claim by White House personnel. limits.N. as did President Bush and his entourage. “that the attempted acquisition of such tubes was prohibited under the United Nations resolution in any case. saying the missile findings were “a technical matter. He did visit . Zarqawi was likely associated with al Qaeda.N.” declared the puzzled author of that report.

Bush II.N. However. Washington officials also acknowledge that Zarqawi had support from a member of the Qatari Royal family. But the international community has been more measured in its judgment and more skeptical. support for the projected Iraqi war. Thus. 11. 11 tragedy. these facts show that the Qatari court was also connected to al Qaeda. Revenge was a powerful motivator. along with a few furtive phone calls wondering if inspectors will find something questionable in the facilities under scrutiny. al Qaeda and the Iraqi regime—do exist. There was no information available that shows that he was anything other than a foot soldier in connection with known al Qaeda operatives. The reasons may lie in the slipping U. so weak that it was hard to imagine sending 200. but it was run by a dissident Kurdish Islamic militant group. But so far. resolution 1441 amount to scurrying around to hide questionable vehicles. When examined carefully. But the crucial connection between Saddam and Zarqawi was based on supposition. Lies and Iraq 147 Iraq. as with Iraq. The training center does exist.000 troops into Iraq to correct them. however. the idea that he was operating a terrorist training center in Northern Iraq was completely unproven. It was worth asking why the White House was so desperate to link al Qaeda to Hussein that it would resort to deception and lies. The arrogance of the Bush White House should now be well known to most thinking Americans. Abdul Ikarim alThani. and it does have connections to al Qaeda. and that group could not be functioning in Baghdad without the complicity of Hussein’s government. particularly because the United States depends on Qatar to provide staging support for the U. 2001. Washington officials do not claim that. Even if Zarqawi had been in touch with Iraqi officials. Americans are desperate to punish someone for the horrible Sept. A recent poll shows that more than 80 percent believe that Hussein was responsible. but only to be hospitalized in Baghdad for wounds suffered in Afghanistan in the fighting after Sept. Ansar al-islam.S. 3 figure in al Qaeda was hyperbole.” It claims that Zarqawi had a group with whom he was operating. all the pieces in Powell‘s accusation—Zarqawi. The violations are so petty. the Iraqi violations of U. and all the rhetoric in the world cannot create a true link between them. This group was utterly opposed to the Iraqi regime and has no connection to it. In their grief. they are primed to believe any tenuous accusation. who hosted him in Qatar. no information has been revealed that would show that Zarqawi ever met with Iraqi officials. The administration hypothesis was essentially “proof by proximity. The idea that Zarqawi runs a “terrorist network” of his own or that he was the No. Ansar al-Islam.S. Central Command. but it was disappointing that .

Moreover. Card Jr. and rarely challenged by the lapdog media. Among the false statements: The passing of Saddam Hussein‘s regime will deprive terrorist networks of a wealthy patron that pays for terrorist training and offers rewards for suicide bombers. Vol. weapons of mass destruction. Intelligence Personnel Contradicted Bush‘s Claim Of Ties Between Iraq and Terrorist Groups In a New York Times report Sunday.” Repeated White House Refusal to Provide Evidence When asked for evidence to support Colin Powell‘s statement that Saddam Hussein had clear ties to Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups. Al Jazeera. 2003) that Saddam Hussein “has had a history of a relationship with terrorist organizations in the past. 2003) President Bush broadened his justification for invading Iraq by linking Saddam Hussein with terrorists. the Bush administration must be truly contemptuous of the world body. said on Fox News Sunday (January 26.S.N. Lying About Osama bin Laden Secretary of State Colin Powell stated during testimony before the Senate Budget Committee on February 11. That was the part of the taped statements by Osama bin Laden urging the Iraqi people to rise up against Saddam Hussein. delegates could have read about the tenuousness of the Zarqawi connection in newspapers just days before Powell address them. The term. and it would be horrible if his weapons of mass destruction got into the hands of terrorists. Palestinians who are working for reforms and long for democracy will be in a better position to chose new leaders. 2003 that he had a copy of a tape of Osama bin Laden that was broadcast on the Middle East news network.” This reply to questions supporting prior unsupported statements were always met with other unsupported statements. Powell stated. was used repeatedly by Bush to weapons that were used in World War I that had an almost miniscule effect compared to the massive explosives and nuclear arms possessed by the United States.S.148 Defrauding America. Card also admitted that Bush would use nuclear weapons upon Iraq if “weapons of mass destruction” were used by Iraq. Powell repeated certain segments of bin Laden’s statements but omitted the part that proved just the opposite. because the U. White House Chief of Staff Andrew H. “This nexus between terrorists and states that are developing weapons of mass destruction can no longer be looked away from and ignored. sources inside U. intelligence agencies “said they were baffled by the Bush administration’s insis- . Lying About Ties Between Saddam Hussein and Terrorists In a televised appearance (February 26. Two one of our most trusted public officials would go before the United Nations and equivocate about a matter so basic as this connection. U. and that the tape showed ties between Saddam Hussein and the terrorist organization.

the chief U. It was counterproductive to transparently lie to a skeptical world and immoral to denigrate the inspection process because we are afraid it will undermine our cobbled-together rationale for going to war. intelligence agencies “said they were baffled by the Bush administration’s insistence on a solid link between Iraq and Osama bin . 2003) that Iraq was complying with its obligations to disarm and was cooperating with UN inspectors. Russia and World Community Stated France held that the inspections were producing results and should continue.S. like Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon before him. Hans Blix. Iraq was in a Catch-22 situation. the military containment of Iraq has effectively neutered Hussein. The fact was that for more than a decade. Powell was in Vietnam during the Vietnam War and surely knew of the CIA drug smuggling and the lies given to the people to justify the Vietnam War. as a leader who went to war on a lie.” The article continued: All of which brings us to the most to the most outrageous big lie of the Bush administration: that delaying an invasion to wait for the United Nations to complete inspections would endanger the United States. Lies and Iraq 149 tence on a solid link between Iraq and Osama bin Laden‘s network. Charge That Iraq Was Not Cooperating with UN Inspections The Bush group repeatedly stated as fact that Iraq was not cooperating with UN inspectors. CIA Analysts Baffled by Bush‘s Claims A New York Times article (February 2. if the United States was still spending billions trying to micromanage the Middle East and reaping its rewards in blood. 2003) stated people in the U. They repeatedly claimed they had no weapons of mass destruction. the Bush team claimed they were being deceived. assisted UN inspectors to visit any site they wanted—after six years of prior inspections with none found.N. When UN inspectors stated they found no weapons of mass destruction. thereby justifying U. Blix also stated that seven Iraqi scientists submitted to private interviews. UN Inspectors Being Deceived—But Not Bush II! When UN inspectors stated that Iraqi was cooperating with their inspections.Bush II. Bush will be marked indelibly. invasion of Iraq. As Powell knows from his Vietnam experience.S. lies have a way of catching up with you. and Russia held that inspections are working and that Iraq was cooperating. the Bush gang claimed Iraq was hiding they. Inspections Were Working. stated (March 5. weapons inspector. Years from now. Powell came out of retirement to take up post as Secretary of State in the junior George Bush presidency.” they were upset that “the intelligence was obviously being politicized” and that “we’ve been looking at this hard for more than a year and you know what? We just don’t think it’s there. He was appointed General and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs from 1989 to 1993.

chief weapons inspector Hans Blix told the Security Council that “Iraq appears not to have come to a genuine acceptance. giving Iraq one last chance to disarm peacefully or “face serious consequences. Security Council unanimously passed Resolution 1441.” Indeed.” said Secretary of State Colin Powell (Wall Street Journal.” However. Iraq has ties to and . Last November. Iraq has failed both tests. instead of disarming. the Iraqi regime is going to great lengths to conceal its weapons of mass destruction. thousands of pages of sensitive weapons-related documents have been found in private homes.N. Iraq continues to conceal deadly weapons and their components. of the disarmament that was demanded of it. U. In their inspections. that they found no such evidence. not even today.N. On top of that. Inspectors are accompanied everywhere by Iraqi minders.150 Defrauding America. are slandered by Iraqi officials as spies. Together we must face the facts brought to us by the U. February 3. Iraq’s declaration of its weapons holding is incomplete and inaccurate and provides no substantive information on the disposition of its weapons of mass destruction. with proscribed imports arriving as recently as last month. Blix’s team discovered a number of chemical warheads not previously acknowledged by Iraq. “We will not shrink from war. the president confirmed that Iraq has open channels and ties to terrorist organizations. Iraq also continues to acquire banned equipment. For example. we need only look at how Saddam has terrorized. Iraq has refused the inspectors’ request to use a U-2 reconnaissance aircraft. and that the charges were made to politicize Bush’s position on invading Iraq. Resolution 1441 established two key tests: a full and accurate disclosure of Iraq’s weaponry and a requirement to cooperate immediately. Two Laden‘s network. unconditionally and actively with the inspectors. and to use denial. Vol. chemical and biological weapons. Iraq has responded to Resolution 1441 with empty claims. Mr. oppressed and murdered his own people to understand his methods.N. and face harassment and disturbing protests that would be unlikely to occur without the encouragement of the authorities. empty declarations and empty gestures. As the president said. 2003): President Bush warned in his State of the Union address that “the gravest danger facing America and the world is outlaw regimes that seek and possess nuclear. It has removed material from sites it knew were likely to be inspected. And. The regime also has an active program of coaching scientists before they talk to inspectors and only permits interviews when minders are present. deception and subterfuge in order to retain them. Just a week ago. inspectors and reputable intelligence sources. a critical tool for inspections. including al Qaeda. the U. perhaps most critically.” Exhibit A is Saddam Hussein‘s Iraq. The inspectors also reported that Iraqi activity is severely hampering their work.

Powell stated. position at the U.N. President Bush‘s message has been clear from the beginning.” Powell’s argument was specious and based on deceptive rhetoric. Despite his claim that his words were based on “solid sources. but it is disappointing that one of our most trusted public officials would go before the United Nations and equivocate about a matter so basic as this connection. It is worth asking why the White House is so desperate to link al Qaeda to Hussein that it would resort to deception and lies.N. director of Middle East studies at Brown University in Providence. When examined carefully.S. so weak that it is hard to imagine sending 200. The reason may lie in the slipping U. seeks Iraq’s peaceful disarmament. along with a few furtive phone calls wondering if inspectors will find something questionable in the facilities under scrutiny. a collaborator of Osama bin Laden and his al Qaeda lieutenants.Bush II. “When our coalition ousted the Taliban. the Iraqi violations of U. and foreign press.000 troops into Iraq to correct them. and disarms. the Bush administration must be truly contemptuous of . And this camp is located in northeastern Iraq. the Zarqawi network helped establish another poison and explosive training-center camp. Beeman.” He further claimed. “Iraq today harbors a deadly terrorist network headed by Abu Musab Zarqawi.S. 12: A peaceful outcome to this situation is possible if Iraq cooperates with the U. Iraq has had no compunction about using weapons of mass destruction against its own people and against its neighbors. The President eloquently and persuasively set forth the U. But we will not shrink from war if that is the only way to rid Iraq of its weapons of mass destruction. Unfortunately. The arrogance of the Bush White House should now be well known to most thinking Americans.N. No Terrorist Connection.S. The U. as reported in the U. Said Director of Middle East Studies An article in the San Francisco Chronicle by William O. The violations are so petty. Saddam Hussein had 12 years to disarm. This statement requires that prohibited weapons had been found.” Proving the link between Zarqawi and the Iraqi regime has thus far been impossible for the American intelligence community. stated: The Bush administration wants above all to prove a connection between the al Qaeda terrorist network and Saddam Hussein. when the facts show that no material weapons have been found. Rhode Island.S. Moreover. Lies and Iraq 151 has supported terrorist groups. Saddam seems to be leading his nation down another path. support for the projected Iraqi war. on Sept. Secretary of State Colin Powell tried to do just that in his argument before the United Nations on Wednesday. Resolution 1441 amount to scurrying around to hid questionable vehicles.

has thrown out international arms inspectors. however. South Korea—and perhaps the U. Yet the White House says it is willing to talk to North Korea and is using allies to help negotiate a peaceful accord with the country.” was the heading on Colin Powell‘s article appearing in the Wall Street Journal (February 3. however. 2003) stated: The Bush Administration is poised for war against Iraq to prevent it from using weapons of mass destruction. for instance. Reported Business Week Article Referring to the inconsistencies in the actions of the White House personnel. 2003). stated that “Lone extremists represent an ongoing terrorist threat in the United States. inspectors who have yet to find any. 2003): President Bush warned in his State of the Union address that “the gravest danger facing America and the world was outlaw regimes that seek and possess nuclear. 2003. chemical and biological . Mr. delegates could have read about the tenuousness of the Zarqawi connection in newspapers just days before Powell addressed them. A Wall Street Journal editorial (February 14. either alone or with one or two accomplices. there is little hard evidence of such a connection. addressing the absence of evidence that Iraq was in partnership with terrorists. Fixing on the prospect of an American invasion of Iraq as a new justification for such attacks scarcely demonstrates a firm partnership. already has missiles that can hit Japan. and the administration should stop peddling that line to the American people.152 Defrauding America. Vol. stated: Talk about an axis of evil! In truth. Fellow Axis of Evil member North Korea. Powell‘s contention that a new taped message apparently from Osama bin Laden showed that Al Qaeda and its leader were “in partnership” with Iraq.” “We Will Not Shrink From War.N. observing inconsistencies. hoping for the best outcomes but fearing the consequences of actions taken hastily or without adequate thought of consequences. Bin Laden has been exhorting Muslims to attack Americans for years. a Business Week article (January 20.—and sells Scuds for cash to sustain its wretched economy. to buy Mr. Inflaming Terrorists An FBI intelligence bulletin that was issued on February 19. especially in a tape larded with disparaging gibes at the “infidelity” of Iraq’s “socialist” leaders. But Iraq has admitted U.S. It is hard. What is frightening is that we are witnessing the evolution of Bush foreign policy firsthand—watching the policy reversals.. concedes that it is building nuclear weapons. Two the world body. Lone extremists may operate independently or on the fringes of established extremist groups.N. No WMD or Terrorist Ties. because the U. And no evidence has been presented showing that Saddam Hussein has sold any such arms to terrorists or other nations.

offer a straightforward. Bosnia and Afghanistan. with proscribed imports arriving as recently as last month. In their inspections. the in-house analytical arm. thousands of pages of sensitive weapons-related documents have been found in private homes. We will not shrink form war if that was the only way to rid Iraq of the weapons of mass destruction. deception and subterfuge in order to retain them. The fruits of our partnership are evident all around the globe.N. Iraq has refused the inspectors’ request to use a U-2 reconnaissance aircraft.” we will provide evidence concerning the weapons programs that Iraq was working so hard to hide.” Exhibit A was Saddam Hussein‘s Iraq. we need only look at how Saddam has terrorized. oppressed and murdered his own people to understand his methods. and to use denial. while preserving the weapons themselves. Iraq continues to conceal deadly weapons and their components. The inspectors also reported that Iraqi activity was severely hampering their work. Lies and Iraq 153 weapons. Unfortunately. The article continued: A classified State Department report expresses doubt that installing a new regime in Iraq will foster the spread of democracy in the Middle East. 2003) carrying the headline. sober and compelling demonstration that Saddam was concealing the evidence of his weapons of mass destruction. a claim President Bush has made in trying to build . As the president said. on Sept. the president confirmed that Iraq has open channels and ties to terrorist organizations.S. intelligence officials say. Iraq has ties to and has supported terrorist groups. Blix’s team discovered a number of chemical warheads not previously acknowledged by Iraq. Raising doubts about these charges was a Los Angeles Times article (March 14. including al Qaeda. And perhaps most critically. It has removed material from sites it knew were likely to be inspected.” That report was produced by the State Department’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research. The regime also has an active program of coaching scientists before they talk to inspectors and only permits interviews when minders are present. The Iraqi regime was going to great lengths to conceal its weapons of mass destruction. position at the U. For example. While there will be no “smoking gun. Mr. The President eloquently and persuasively set forth the U. On top of that. Saddam seems to be leading his nation down another path. We will. 12. Iraq also continues to acquire banned equipment. President Bush‘s message has been clear from the beginning.Bush II. from Western Europe to Japan. Korea. “State Department report disputes Bush‘s claim that ousting Hussein will spur reforms in the Mideast. Iraq has had no compunction about using weapons of mass destruction against its own people and against sits neighbors. a critical tool for inspections. in sum.

What we’ve giving you are facts and conclusions based on solid intelligence. The report exposes significant divisions within the Bush administration over the so-called democratic domino theory. Vol. . Powell and Bush were making reference to the British report. These are not assertions. once of the arguments that underpins the case for invading Iraq. The thrust of the document. Secretary of State Colin Powell stated before the United Nations: My colleagues. One of Many Bush Administration Lies Based on False Document On February 5. “was that this idea that you’re going to transform the Middle East and fundamentally alter its trajectory was not credible.” “Middle East societies are riven” by political. and 14 million are unemployed. [Why not invade most every country.” the report said. 65 million adults in the Middle East can’t read or write. indigenous change. 2003. such as those in Africa. according to intelligence officials familiar with the document. every statement I make today was backed up by sources. The domino theory was used by the administration as a counterargument to critics in Congress and elsewhere who have expressed concern that invading Iraq will inflame the Muslim world and fuel terrorist activity against the United States. on that domino theory!] The report says that daunting economic and social problems are likely to undermine basic stability in the region for years. It was discovered that much of the report was a word-for-word plagiarized report of a college student at Berkeley.154 Defrauding America. By some estimates. Further. California. economic and social problems that are likely to undermine stability “regardless of the nature of any externally influenced or spontaneous. with an exploding. The theory was disputed by many Middle East experts and was views with skepticism by analysts at the CIA and the State Department. “we’ll be lucky to have strong central governments in the Middle East. certain parts of it were altered to change its content to support the war plans by Bush and Britain’s Tony Blair. intelligence officials said. solid sources.” said one intelligence official with extensive experience in the region. twelve years earlier. let alone prospects for democratic reform Even was some version of democracy took root—an event the report casts as unlikely—antiAmerican sentiment was so pervasive that elections in the short term could lead to the rise of Islamic-controlled governments hostile to the United States. Two support for a war. in 1990. let alone democracy. besides plagiarizing that student’s treatise. Given such trends. poorly educated youth population. the source said.

2003) titled. The British report altered key phrases to make it seem that Iraq was spying on foreign embassies. The documents were the subject of a New York Times article (March 16. The shipments were approved by the U. Supplied Iraq With Chemical and Biological Weapons A lawyer managed to obtain segments of Iraq’s declaration that were sequestered by the Bush administration. California. It has repeatedly insisted in recent years that the program was shut down. The British report stated it was a current status of events in Iraq. when the dossier by the Berkeley student referred to matters a decade earlier. veterans from the Gulf War obtained the documents as a part of discovery procedures.” The article stated: The document shows that the American and French supply houses shipped 17 types of biological agents to Iraq in the 1980s that were used in the weapons programs. “Iraq—Its Infrastructure of Concealment. and French germ samples to produce tons of biological weapons in the 1980s. . and later revealed in an Associated Press report. named Ibrahim al-Marashi. Channel 4 in London exposed the false British government report. learned of the plagiarizing of his report. When al-Marashi. Deception and Intimidation.S.S. when the transfer of such pathogens for research was legal and easily arranged.S. he stated that it was a shock to him and that he hoped the British would credit his work out of academic decency. Further Evidence That U. it plagiarized an essay written by a student in Berkeley. which are sealed glass or plastic containers about the size of test tubes. before the Gulf War. Those included anthrax and the bacteria needed to make botulinum toxin. a Houston lawyer representing ailing U. “Iraq Calls U. Instead. United Nations officials confirmed that the documents he obtained were authentic. Gary Pitts. and all of the biological material destroyed. in the 1990s. The quantities of the agents were described in terms of ampuls. that Iraq was aiding terrorist groups.. the student author of the 1990 report. Iraq has acknowledged that it used the U. The Berkley student had 106 footnotes. among the most deadly poisons known.” The report implied that it was the current findings of the British intelligence agency. France Its Bioweapons Sources. twelve years earlier.S. of which 103 were included in the plagiarized British report. Lies and Iraq 155 The dossier prepared by the Blair government in Britain was entitled.S. government in the 1980s.Bush II. Entire segments of the al-Marashi essay were inserted into the British dossier—including spelling and punctuation errors. in 1990.

included paraplegics. Prominent among the Bush administration pushing this domino theory have been deputy defense secretary Paul D. During the visit to the Natanz site inspectors found that it includes a small network of centrifuges for enriching uranium. The article stated: International inspectors visiting Iran last week were shown a network of sophisticated machinery to enrich uranium. “I don’t know what he was citing. Security Council.S. February 23. the lies by U. knew the sham nature of that argument after serving in Vietnam during the Vietnam War. Powell Joins the Liar’s Club Colin Powell started his military career primarily in Vietnam during the war inflicted upon that poor country. Powell. Donald Rumsfeld. The inspectors also learned that Iran has components to make a significant number of additional centrifuges. Richard Perle. Using Discredited Domino Theory to Justify War In a speech (February 26. Bush gave a speed claiming an endorsement for his economic plan from the latest Blue Chip survey of business economists. officials to justify to the American public the war that killed over a million Vietnamese. He was fully aware of the brutality. 2003. 2003). Two Other Nations With Nukes Ignored by Bush Group Potent nuke capability seen in Iran (New York Times. intelligence believes has benefited from assistance from Pakistan and that was far more advanced than the [believed] effort mounted by Iraq.S. process the ore and enrich it to a purity suitable for making weapons—a process that would give Iran a largely indigenous capability to make nuclear weapons. On February 24. Colin Powell.S.156 Defrauding America. officials believe that Natanz was part of a long suspected nuclear weapons program. Western officials and international diplomats said on Saturday. more than anyone else. U.” stated the author of that report. chairman of the Defense policy Board.S. U. An honorable man would have resigned instead of expanding on the lies to the American people. Lying Even About Economic Data In mid-February 2003. Wolfowitz stated that Iraq could be “the first Arab democracy. the 58. Secretary of State Colin Powell delivered a resolution to the U. an Iranian project that U. says Tehran’s effort has been aided by Pakistan and was far more advanced than the one mounted by Iraq. Wolfowitz. which said no such thing. 2003) before the American Enterprise Institute in Washington President Bush endorsed the domino theory.N. Vol. They say Iran’s goal was to mine or purchase uranium. He continued the Bush lies by telling the people that Saddam Hussein was linked to Osama bin Laden.000 American lives that were killed and the many thousands of wounded. He knew about the lies being told to the American people. reversing the position he took . spurring concerns that Iran was making headway in its suspected program to develop nuclear weapons. with a subtitle.

Lies About Gassing at Halabjah? In a letter to chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations commission. and the remainder of the Bush administration. So much for his values! He was well aware of the 58. I think. He. War should be the politics of last resort. Lies and Iraq 157 in the early 1990s as he developed the “Powell Doctrine” that held that the United States should never take military action unless it was a last resort. if well defined national interests were at stake. And when we go to war we should have a purpose that our people understand and support. perhaps even that Saddam Hussein was willing to retreat back to his borders. Jesse Helms (April 7. The more I read of the events of the period.000 Americans killed in Vietnam. women. and there will be assertions from around the world that we have not been acting in good faith. but our government de- . he wrote the following: I recently read Bernard Fall’s book on Vietnam. But in order to retain his position as Secretary of State under the Bush administration he had to reverse his previous position and join the pattern of lies. I’m sure. they would have returned to the White House Monday morning and immediately started to figure out a way to extricate us from the quicksand of Vietnam. that at the very least our State Department gave a “green light” to Saddam Hussein to go into Kuwait in August 1990. and if strong public support existed. based upon lies. the war hawks in the United States will continue to insist that the embargo remain in place no matter what. The war he was pushing upon the people of Iraq met none of these requirements. My American Journey. knowing that thousands of Iraqi men. 1998) with reference to “Iraqi use of Poison Gas. You would agree. the thousands of others injured. I believe there are serious questions regarding our behavior toward Iraq that go further back.” Jude Wanniski wrote: I continue to make inquiry into the situation in Iraq … As you know.Bush II. I cannot help thinking that if President Kennedy or President Johnson had spent a quiet weekend at Camp David reading that perceptive book. and the over one million Vietnamese who were killed. the more I believe history will record that the Gulf War was unnecessary. and that America would suffer dire consequences. He was willing to send military people into a war upon Iraq knowing that many would be killed. Street Without Joy. and paraplegics. Fall makes painfully clear that we had almost no understanding of what we had gotten ourselves into. In Colin Powell‘s autobiography. and children would be killed. repeatedly lied by telling the people that a pre-emptive military attack upon the militarily weak Iraq was essential to the war on terrorism—despite the absence of any ties between Iraq and terrorism. crippled.

Johnson II. “Iraqi Power and U. an attempt to stem the flow of arms to Iran.158 Defrauding America.” was authored by Stephen C. condemned Iraq for allegedly using chemicals against its Kurdish population. United by a common interest. Even Sen.e. found no evidence that Iraq gassed its own people. In September 1988. Pelletiere. It was beyond the scope of this study to go deeply into this matter. of the Strategic Studies Institute of the U. April Glaspie. Like all other Americans.S. Pennsylvania. In the months immediately preceding the “green light” given by our Ambassador. Both wanted to restore the status quo ante to the Gulf and reestablish the relative harmony that prevailed there before Khomeini began threatening the regional balance of power.. and it urged its allies to do likewise. met with Saddam. the Kurds. and found him to be a head of state worthy of support. [While the United States was secretly arming Iran!] It also increased its purchases of Iraqi oil while cutting back on Iranian oil while cutting back on Iranian oil purchases. which had been at a very low ebb. gave him a seal of approval. Two cided we preferred the war to the status quo ante. Iraq and the United States restored diplomatic relations in 1984. a Jewish liberal and staunch supporter of Israel. entitled. Security and Iraqi Power Introduction. A 93-page Pentagon report dated 1990. and Leif R. hence they wanted to get rid of him. suffice it to say that throughout the war Iraq effectively faced two enemies—Iran and the elements of its own Kurdish minority. The incident cannot be understood without some background of Iraq’s relations with the Kurds. Although initially disapproving of the invasion. and the United States began to actively assist Iraq in ending the fighting. The part referring to the alleged gassing follows: Chapter 5 U. Douglas V.S. Throughout the war [between Iraq and Iran] the United States practiced a fairly benign policy toward Iraq. All this had the effect of repairing relations between the two countries. i. Howard Metzenbaum. It mounted Operation Staunch. Khomenini’s revolutionary appeal was anathema to both Baghdad and Washington. Washington came slowly over to the side of Baghdad. Vol. in recent years I had assumed that what I read in the papers were true about Iraq gassing its own people. War College at Carlisle.S. Rosenberger. published just prior to the Iraq invasion of Kuwait. What disturbs me even now was that these meetings occurred after the Senate Foreign Relations committee had accused Iraq of using poison gas against its own people. however—a month after the war had ended—the State Department abruptly. Sig- . Security in the Middle East. a number of your Senate colleagues including Bob Dole had traveled to Baghdad. The report. and in what many viewed as a sensational manner.

We would have expected. passage of the sanctions measure through the Congress was unusually swift—at least in the Senate. we find it impossible to confirm the State Department’s claim that gas was used in this instance. State Department—gas was used. To maintain an uninterrupted flow of oil from the Gulf to the West. It sent Republican Guards to the Kurdish area. [Iran responsible for publicized gassing?] It appears that in seeking to punish Iraq. where they were interviews by staffers of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. an area in which we have vital interests. and in the course of this operation— according to the U. Photographs of the Kurdish victims were widely disseminated in the international media.S. In March 1988. ties. Further. Iraq announced its determination to crush the Kurdish insurrection.S. Fortunately for the future of Iraqi-U. and the U. However. the strongest. As soon as the war with Iran ended. . the Congress acted more on the basis of emotionalism than factual information. Nonetheless. Nor were there ever any found inside Iraq. the proposed sanctions were quite draconian (and will be discussed in detail below). As a result of the outcome of the Iran-Iraq War. The Iraqi government denied that any such gassing had occurred.S. Thus. Iraq was now the most powerful state in the Persian Gulf. accusations. Having looked at all of the evidence that was available to us. the Kurds at Halabjah were bombarded with chemical weapons. Halabjah. that the Congress would have exercised some care. producing a great many deaths. the Congress was influenced by another incident that occurred five months earlier in another Iraqi-Kurdish city. we need to develop good working relations with all of the Gulf States. and it seemed likely that it was the Iranian bombardment that had actually killed the Kurds. in our view. sought to impose economic sanctions on Baghdad as a violator of the Kurds’ human rights. Lies and Iraq 159 nificant numbers of the Kurds had launched a revolt against Baghdad and in the process teamed up with Tehran.Bush II. in a matter as serious as this.S. The claim rests solely on testimony of the Kurds who had crossed the border into Turkey. and particularly with Iraq. acting on its own. Secretary of State Schultz stood by U. Congress. with the result that numerous Kurdish civilians were killed. Iraq was blamed for the Halabjah attack. International relief organizations who examined the Kurds—in Turkey where they had gone for asylum—failed to discover any. even though it was subsequently brought out that Iran too had used chemicals in this operation. the sanctions measure failed to pass on a bureaucratic technicality (it was attached as a rider to a bill that died before adjournment). and without sufficient thought for the adverse diplomatic effects of its action. To Begin with there were never any victims produced.

What we are giving you are facts and conclusions based on solid evidence. who joined the Foreign Service in 1981. because I cannot in good conscience support President Bush‘s war plans against Iraq. I joined the Foreign Service because I love our country. “It’s been cooked to a recipe. a 27-year CIA veteran who briefed top Reagan administration security officials before retiring in 1990. Re- . Members of the group contend that the Bush administration has released information on Iraq that meets only its ends. calling itself Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity. Throughout the globe the United States was becoming associated with the unjustified use of force. and they accuse policymakers of pushing out some information that does not meet an intelligence professional’s standards of proof. Security Council last month. which ignoring or withholding contrary reporting. A small group composed mostly of retired CIA officers was appealing to colleagues still inside to go public with any evidence the Bush administration was slanting intelligence to support its case for war with Iraq. “That’s why a lot of my former colleagues are holding their noses these days. includes about 25 retired officers. “Retired agents say data “cooked. Brown. mostly from the CIA’s analytical branch but with a smattering from its operational side and other agencies. During Secretary of State Colin Powell‘s address to the U.” in referring to the charges made by Bush and his colleagues. was giving birth to an anti-American century. John H. The article stated: Retired CIA Agents Say Bush’s Data “Cooked” CIA colleagues urged to come clear on Iraq. They also say the administration’s public evidence about the immediacy of Iraq’s threat to the United States and its alleged ties to al Qaeda was unconvincing. Powell: I am joining my colleague John Brady Kiesling in submitting my resignation from the Foreign Service—effective immediately.Govern’s group. resigned in February 2003 in protest over the Bush administration’s warmongering. “These are not assertions. John Brady Kiesling. Vol. 2003) was titled. The president’s disregard for views in other nations. wrote in a letter of Secretary of State Colin L.” said Ray McGovern. Two An Associated Press article (March 15.160 Defrauding America. The administration says its information was sound. 2003) described the resignations of two American diplomats from the state department to protest Bush‘s war plans: One veteran diplomat.” American Diplomats Quit Over Bush‘s Iraq Policy and Lies A Reuter report (March 11. borne out by his neglect of public diplomacy. Another diplomat. and the recipe was high policy.” Mc.N. he said. he said.

Mr. “It will be a terrible business and its consequences incalculable in terms of the number of lives lost and the cost. Lies and Iraq 161 spectfully. Inspector Warns of War Consequences” was the headline on a Las Vegas Review-Journal article (March 13. I am not bringing this calling to a close. “If you listen to the French. This prepping was especially obvious during a White House press briefing March 6. White House Ari Fleisher told the reporter asking a challenging question that “his subordination was noted around the White House. In this cased. do with its great power than about the disarmament of Saddam Hussein. because if you have a message you’re trying to deliver. requiring them to provide advance questions to Bush and taking reporters’ question in prearranged order. a former chief U.” Prepping White House Reporters The Bush administration’s “prepping” of White House reporters. the Germans and the Russians. 2003): The United States could face decades of worldwide political and economic turmoil should it take military action against Iraq without United Nation’s consent.” The Washington Post revealed how the Bush administration knew the questions in advance: “This White House uses news conferences more sparingly than other types of presidential events. who from 1997 to 1999 worked to disarm Iraq as executive chairman of the United Nations Special Commission. then I frankly fear the consequences of such action. probably this week.” including destabilization of international political relations and the United Nations.N.” which meant being excluded from reporters allowed to attend the White House “briefings. Secretary. Once when a reporter asked an embarrassing question.” said Richard Butler.S. “If the United States acts without such approval. Warnings of War Consequences “Ex U. we know what . arms inspector warned a Las Vegas audience Wednesday. If that occurs. “Iraq has come to be seen as much more about the question of what will the U.N. when a reporter not on the list asked a question of President Bush. he “fears the worst.” Butler said. with a heavy heart but for the same reason that I embraced it. Butler said. a news conference can go in a different direction. as well as “great unrest” in the Arab-Muslim world that could spark further terrorism. you could be given to thinking that they’ve decided the bigger problem in the world right now was the uses to which President Bush will put American power.Bush II. insured that no embarrassing questions would be asked of President Bush.” Butler told an audience of about 500 people at the International Wireless Communications Expo-Mobile Radio Technology expo. The shape of probably the first two decades of the 21st century was about to be determined. 2003.

2003) showing the deception by the Bush I White House in .162 Defrauding America. as a CNN correspondent in Baghdad. February 27. White House spokesman Marlin Fitzwater called me a liar. away from the perpetrators to a different adversary. The Guardian.” And as for CNN reporter Peter Arnett. Mr. Appearing in The Nation magazine was reference to the Bush team’s success with the lapdog press: The shortage of critical challenges from the press (and from intimidated Democrats) assisted the manipulation of public thinking. MSNBC. Sampling of White House Lies Relating to Iraq in 1990 The London newspaper. Peter Arnett was reporting from Baghdad for National Geographic Explorer. and NBC News.” Typical Retaliation Against Reporter Reporting the Truth During the 2003 war upon Iraq. 2003) about the consequences when reporting the truth that conflicted with White House spin: One night in 1991. Bush himself had watched the milk-plant report. but the television in the United States appear to be on a different universe from that in foreign countries. White House personnel accused him of reporting matters favorable to Iraq and unfavorable to the United States—for reporting the truth! Alteration of News Worse With U. while Arnett was covering the Gulf War. he felt the White House backlash when. Vol. “and was not pleased. published an article (February 5. In an ABC News poll. he was “a conduit for Iraqi disinformation. but was actually “a production facility for biological weapons.S.” said White House communications director Dan Bartlett. 55 percent believe Saddam provides direct support to Al Qaeda. (NBC News owns MSNBC in conjunction with Microsoft. Television Media The newspapers in the United States and in foreign countries appeared to be describing similar realities. the installation was not producing milk powder as the Iraqis claimed. Fitzwater declared. By relentless repetition. According to a New York Times-CBS News survey. President George H. the only source of infant formula in Baghdad. he reported a U. 42 percent now believe Saddam Hussein was personally responsible for the attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. missile destroyed a pharmaceutical facility which the White House called a chemical weapons factory. Peter Arnett wrote (Wall Street Journal.” The installation was According to Fitzwater. Bush and his team accomplished an audacious feat of propaganda—persuading many Americans to redirect the emotional wounds left by 9/11. When I awakened in the morning I tuned in to BBC radio and discovered that I had reported one of the most controversial stories of my career.W. Two the questions are going to be.S. I reported on the destruction of what the Iraqis labeled a baby-milk plant.) In 1991. and those are the ones we want to answer. their hurt and anger.

President Bush senior’s national security advisor). south to Saudi Arabia.500 tanks that the US officials said were there could be found in the photographs. Heller says: “If the story had appeared in the New York Times or the Washington Post. she saw no sign of a quarter of a million troops or their tanks. but the satellite pictures were never made public. Soyuz Karta agreed to provide them. all hell would have . The threat of Saddam aggressively expanding his empire to Saudi Arabia was crucial to the decision to go to war. purportedly showed more than a quarter of a million Iraqi troops massed on the Saudi border poised to pounce. The article stated: In 1990 as the US prepared for its first war with Iraq there was heavy reliance on the use of “classified” satellite photographs purporting to show that in September 1990—a month after the invasion of Kuwait—265.Bush II.500 tanks were massing on the border to gear up to invade Saudi Arabia. Lies and Iraq 163 seeking justification for its first war with Iraq. has been nominated for a Pulitzer prize five times and come second twice. Jean Heller. It opened with the words: “It’s time to draft Agatha Christie for duty in the Middle East. She took the photographs for analysis to two experts.” Jean Heller wrote her story for the St Petersburg Times. But no trace of the 265. She wanted to see what the only independent pictures would make of the alleged massive build-up of Iraqi troops on the Kuwait/Saudi border. a satellite expert at George Washington University. “I looked at them with a colleague of mine and we both said exactly the same thing at exactly the same moment: “Where are they?” recalls Peter Zimmerman. Call it.” Looking back now. according to Brent Scowcroft. [Florida Newspaper Exposed the Hoax] When a resourceful Florida-based reporter at the St Petersburg Times persuaded her newspaper to buy the same independently commissioned satellite photos from a commercial satellite to verify the Pentagon’s line. The photographs. an investigative reporter on the St Petersburg Times. which are still classified in the US (for security reasons. but it was covered with sand banks from the wind and it was clear that no army had moved over it.000 Iraqi troops and 1.” Heller says. Heller’s curiosity had been aroused in September when she read a report of a commercial satellite—the Soyuz Karta—orbiting and taking pictures over Kuwait. The Case of the Vanishing Enemy. The satellite pictures were so clear that at Riyadh airport in Saudi Arabia you could see American planes sitting wingtip to wingtip. We could see empty barracks where you would have expected these thousands of troops to be billeted. but they were deserted as well. “We could see clearly the main road leading right through Kuwait.000 Iraqi soldiers and 1.

the UN Security Council and the US Congress had been deceived by a 15-year-old girl who had been “trained” by a public relations firm. a book on censorship in the Gulf War: “Come on John. Subsequently. In her tearful testimony. the war had been fought. said that none of the staff there had ever heard of Niyirah al Sabah. to sleep in the incubator room with the babies. President Bush mentioned the incubator babies in five speeches and seven senators referred to them in speeches backing a pro-war resolution. she said she had witnessed the Iraqi troops’ brutality when she worked as a volunteer in the maternity ward.” We watched and it was strange seeking that girl telling them about the Iraqis taking the babies out of the incubators. There was no massive build-up. they had been present in the hospital throughout the Iraqi occupation of Kuwait and the story was untrue. [Lying About Iraqi Soldiers Killing Incubator Babies] A public relations firm on a $2 million contract from the Kuwaiti government had been surreptitiously employed to make the case for war. Powell would admit to getting the numbers wrong. the retirement capital of the world. a Filipino nurse who worked in the hospital. they are talking about us.’ We didn’t think very much about it really. She never worked here. bit it took months for the truth to come out. ‘That’s funny. who had also been duped by the testimony. told John Macarthur. Meanwhile. author of The Second Front. was the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the US. A Staunch Catholic. We were more excited seeing our hospital on the television. who prepared six witnesses to corroborate the incubator story to Congress. The story was graphically told to Congress in November 1990—before a crucial vote—by Niyirah al Sabah who.” Hill and Knowlton’s work involved coaching six witnesses to give the fake details of the attack on the premature baby unit. and what are we suppose to know?” A year later.164 Defrauding America. Andrew Whitley of Middle East Watch described it as a fabrication. a newspaper in Florida. But by then. Ms Ancog-Cooke explained that it was her duty and God’s will that she stayed to care for the sick. I said to Freida. Later. Amnesty International.” she says. But Myra Ancog-Cooke. But here we are. who gives a shit whether . we’ve never seen here. Vol. She was assigned to the children’s war and took it in turns with the other Filipino nurse who stayed behind. “I remember someone called and said. unknown to her audience. ‘Look at CNN. Lauri FitzPegado of Hill and Knowlton. Hill and Knowlton’s coup de grace was their fabricated “incubator baby” story. admitted it had got it wrong. Hill and Knowlton was unabashed that the media worldwide. Freida Contrais-Naig. Two broken loose. A story of how Iraqi soldiers had thrown premature babies out of incubators in the Al Adnan hospital in Kuwait City and “left them on the cold floor to die.

Guinea.Bush II. The story of U. and Pakistan at the New York City UN headquarters.-Iraqi relations. A review of thousands of declassified government documents and interviews with former policymakers shows that U.W. now defense secretary. Cameroon. stating: High on the Bush administration’s list of justifications for war against Iraq are President Saddam Hussein‘s use of chemical weapons.S. Rumsfeld. Bush II repeated the litany of false statements that to encourage other nations to join him in his war plans for Iraq.” Dirty Tricks to Win UN Votes for Invading Iraq A report issued by Agence France Presse (March 4. 2003 in the Azores. 2003. Had Key Role in Iraq Buildup. including poisonous chemicals and deadly biological viruses. Continued Lying During a speech on March 17. 2003) and also appearing in London’s Observer newspaper referred to a U. a . surveillance of the home and office telephones and e-mails of United Nations delegates. The U.” was the heading on a Washington Post article (December 30. What U. whose December 1983 meeting with Hussein as a special presidential envoy paved the way for normalization of U. memorandum. Mexico. foreign policy. such as anthrax and bubonic plague.S. dated January 31. involvement with Saddam Hussein in the years before his 1990 attack on Kuwait—which included largescale intelligence sharing. and facilitating Iraq’s acquisition of chemical and Iraq’s acquisition of chemical and biological precursors—was a topical example of the underside of U. 2002).S. and his contacts with international terrorists.S.S.S. intelligence and logistical support played a crucial role in shoring up Iraqi defenses against the “human wave” attacks by suicidal Iranian troops. Plllack. unclear and biological programs. The administrations of Ronald Reagan and George H. Lies and Iraq 165 there were six babies or two. memorandum detailing U. policy toward Baghdad during the 1980-88 Iran-Iraq war was Donald H.S.S. “It was a horrible mistake then” says Kenneth M. Among the people instrumental in tilting U. Bush authorized the sale to Iraq of numerous items that had both military and civilian applications.S. military base on the remote island in the Azores to avoid the tens of thousands of protestors against their war plans.S. supply of cluster bombs through a Chilean front company. Bush and Blair met at a U. Declassified documents show that Rumsfeld traveled to Baghdad at a time when Iraq [and Iran] was using chemical weapons on an “almost daily” basis in defiance of international conventions.S. stated that heightened surveillance efforts be made of the delegations from Angola. “U. Chile. officials rarely acknowledge was that these offenses date back to a period when Hussein was seen in Washington as a valued ally.

Foreign Service in his letter of resignation last week to Secretary of State Colin Powell. Rumsfeld. such systematic manipulation of the American people.S. The second lie was that Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction represent an imminent threat to U.N. we say it doesn’t matter. Jonathan T.” The arrogance is breathtaking. since the war in Vietnam. Vol. On Nov. have been met with a shrug and sneer in Washington. Goliath is still bringing his tanks and instituting “regime change. Worse Lying Since the Vietnam War “We have not seen such systematic distortion of intelligence. Donald H. It’s too late. But the Reagan administration had already committed itself to large-scale diplomatic and political overture to Baghdad. 1983. 1. a domestic peach movement and whistle-blowing from inside our own intelligence and diplomatic corps. A newspaper article stated: Kiesling. was that Iraq aided and abetted the Sept. “Bush Pushes the Big Lie” was the title on a San Francisco Chronicle article by Robert Scheer: The U. who was political counselor in U.S. added that “until this administration.” And this brave man is not the only one who has caught on. Put down your guns and await the slaughter. Bush has pushed the Big Lie approach so far that we are seeking dramatic signs of its cracking: an international backlash. The entire world is astonished that our president is lying not about a personal indiscretion but about the most sacred duty of the leader of the most powerful nation in human history. we’re coming in. Despite the most hugely expen- . it had been possible to believe that by upholding the policies of my president. private meetings with Iraqi weapons scientists. I was also upholding the interests of the American people and the world. culminating in several visits by the president’s recently appointed special envoy to the Middle East. visits to locations where biological and chemical weapons were destroyed in 1991 and a series of unfettered flights by U2 spy planes. Two former CIA military analyst. weapons inspectors’ verification of Iraq’ destruction of missiles. I believe it no longer. a 20-year veteran of the U.” wrote John Brady Kiesling. told Secretary of State George P. claimed outright. 11 terrorists. was long before Fox News existed—and in his chaotic two-year presidency.166 Defrauding America. embassies throughout the Mideast. We have demanded that a country disarm—and even as it is doing so. The first lie. The White House line is that even if the Iraqis destroy their slingshots. There is no evidence at all for this claim. a senior State Department official. Abraham Lincoln once observed that even a free people can be fooled for a time—and this mind you. Shultz that intelligence reports showed that Iraqi troops were resorting to “almost daily use of CW” against the Iranians. security.S. Howe.

“Claimed Bush “Saddam Hussein has no intention of disarming. destroyed short-range missiles that were designed to have a maximum range of 73 miles—as permitted by UN restrictions—and which were argued to have slightly greater range. as the president outlined last week. and other members of the Bush clan. inspection aircraft. allow inspectors to investigate bedrooms in Iraq’s palaces. with her usual unsupported statements that Saddam Hussein was an “evil man who will wreak havoc on the world if nothing is done to stop him. But Iraq’s neighbors repeatedly stated they were not threatened by Iraq and that waging war on Iraq would definitely threaten their stability. Bush Repeatedly Stated Bush and his followers repeatedly charged that Iraq was a danger to its neighbors. referred to . provided thousands of pages of records of weapons. which will end. the San Francisco Chronicle had an article (August 16. who say the United States has neither made a legitimate case for intervention nor thought through the implications of a war and its aftermath in the Middle East. The third and most dangerous lie is that our mission now is to bring lasting peace to the Mideast by a devastating invasion of Iraq. 2002) stated: Such arguments are being rejected by the European public and by many of its leading politicians. emboldened in his ignorance by advisers who have been plotting an aggressive Pax Americans ever since the Soviet bloc’s collapse. “Saddam Hussein Has No Intention of Disarming. Iraq Threatens Its Neighbors. we have no been able to find their supposed weapons. Mislabeling Destruction of Pharmaceutical Plant a War Chemical Plant The White House ordered a missile strike against what it alleged was a chemical weapons plane in Sudan that turned out to be a pharmaceutical plant making urgently needed medication for the region. Bush’s continued repetition of this charge implied that he knew more about their dangers than they did.Bush II. But not once could the group show that Iraq has any prohibited weapons. These statements were made after Iraq had given UN inspectors the right to conduct unannounced inspections throughout the nation. In covering the appearance. 2002. Powell. in U. 2002). a technicality. Lies and Iraq 167 sive but secret high-tech spy operation in human history— estimated by most at more than $100 billion a year—and a vast network of defectors and spies. allowed over flights by U. A Christian Science Monitor article (August 23. dominance of the structure of government and politics throughout the region.S. Absence of Legitimate Case Condoleezza Rice appeared on the British BBC network on August 15.” was repeatedly stated by Bush.S. The construction of a new world order comes from a naïve and untraveled president.

as if they could be produced in a Palace bedroom and avoid detection! An article in the New York Times (October 11.S. The article stated: Sen. In the 1980’s we provided his army with satellite intelligence so that it could use chemical weapons against Iranian soldiers. has a long history in which Saddam. 3. More broadly. It was found that the documents the Bush team held to support their charges were forged documents. The administration searches for a casus belli—a cause of war—that will sell the American public on a war in Iraq. biological. 2000. As first reported by The Financial Times on Nov. the U. Kristof stated: President Bush and Vice President Cheney portray Saddam Hussein as so menacing and terrifying that one might think they’ve lain awake at night for years worrying about him. An investigation should “at a minimum help to allay any concerns” that the government was involved in the creation of the documents to build support for administration policies. We shipped seven strains of anthrax to Iraq between 1978 and 1988.S. Two the absence of any evidence to support Bush‘s charges against Iraq: It is embarrassing that. Vol.” the administration is unable. Senator Seeks FBI Probe of Iraq Documents Used By Bush Team An Associated Press article (March 14. to state definitely that Iraq is involved in anti-American terrorism or that Iraq has chemical. Halliburton subsidiaries submitted $23. was coddled as our monster. When Saddam used nerve gas and mustard gas against Kurds in 1988. Charge Iraq Imported Nuclear Material From Niger In early March 2003 the Bush team charged that Iraq was importing nuclear material from Niger.168 Defrauding America. or nuclear weapons it is ready to use. Cheney was in effect helping shore up just a couple of years ago. the oil services firm. Chaney was running Halliburton. Rockefeller wrote in a letter to FBI Director Robert Mueller. despite strenuous efforts. Jay Rockefeller of West Virginia said he was uneasy about a possible campaign to deceive the public about the status of Iraq’s nuclear program. Public Enemy No. 1 today is a government that Mr. having designated Iraq as a part of an “axis of evil.” stated U. . Tennessee (August 2002). though just as monstrous as he is today. “Don’t wait for Saddam to get Nukes. the Reagan administration initially tried to blame Iran. 2002) by Nicholas D.8 million worth of contracts with Iraq to the United Nations in 1998 and 1999 for approval by its sanctions committee. But when Mr. it sold more equipment to Iraq than any other company did. providing documents it charged supported their accusations. 2003) described the actions by the top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee asking the FBI to investigate the forged documents provided by the Bush administration as “evidence” to wage war against Iraq. Vice President Dick Cheney during a speech to the Veterans of Foreign Wars in Nashville.

through intrusive inspection. the motivation of those responsible. the State Department used the information to support its case that Iraq was lying about its weapons programs.S. 2003): For the past three months. destroyed or neutralized Iraqi facilities and equipment related to nuclearweapons production and confiscated and removed from Iraq its nuclear weapons-usable material. Mohamed El Baradei. military establish- . The Niger documents marked the second time that El Baradei has challenged evidence presented by the United States meant to illustrate Iraq’s nuclear weapons program. Mohammed El Baradei. But on March 7. This was a period when the IAEA successfully seized nuclear-related documents based on information provided by defectors. head of the International Atomic Energy Agency. chemists and engineers with decades of experience in nuclear-weapons research and development. the West African nation that is the third-largest producer of mined uranium. “There is a possibility that the fabrication of these documents may be part of a larger deception campaign aimed at manipulating public opinion and foreign policy regarding Iraq. position that aluminum tubes imported by Iraq were intended to make nuclear bombs. stated in a Wall Street Journal article (March 7. In the past three months. The documents had been provided to U.N.Bush II. why intelligence agencies didn’t recognized them as forgeries and whether they are part of a larger disinformation campaign. the sophistication of the forgeries.S. The documents indicated that Iraq tried to buy uranium from Niger. entering without prior notice into Iraqi industrial facilities. A high percentage of the current IAEA team had experience in Iraq during 1991-98. Rockefeller said. Security Council that the documents were forgeries. a cadre of highly trained inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency has been on a focused mission: to verify. Rockefeller asked the FBI to determine the source of the documents. Lies and Iraq 169 In December. munitions factories. convinced Iraq to provide volumes of additional information describing its existing nuclear-weapons program. He also rejected the U. El Baradei has said his inspectors have found no evidence that Saddam has revived its nuclear weapons program. told the U.” Top Nuclear Professionals Declare No Nuclear Facilities in Iraq The director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency and head of nuclear inspections in Iraq. Niger’s largest export. The IAEA’s nuclear-weapons inspectors are physicists. which has not been identified. the existence or absence of a nuclear-weapons program in Iraq. they have conducted over 200 inspections at more than 140 locations. officials by a third country. nuclear-material safeguards and intrusive international inspection.

however. Russian Legislator Disputes Bush‘s Charges Speaking at the University of California at Berkeley on March 9. a top Russian legislator. confiscated nuclear-related Iraqi documents for further scrutiny. Fellow Axis of Evil member North Korea. Nuclear-weapons inspections in Iraq are making marked progress. He repeated what was well known throughout the Middle East that an attack on Iraq would inspire militants throughout the Middle East to attack U. interviews scientists and engineers known to have played a key role in Iraq’s past nuclear-weapons program and lowered themselves by rope into abandoned underground-reactor chambers. committed to encouraging its citizens to accept interviews in private in Iraq. 2003. Iraq has agreed to the use of overhead surveillance flights by American. private residences and presidential palaces. To date. Two ments. concedes that it is building nuclear weapons. In recent weeks. . a fact ignored by politicians who have never heard a shot fired in anger. 2003) challenged Bush‘s charges as it stated: The Bush Administration is poised for war against Iraq to prevent it from using weapons of mass destruction.—and sells Scuds for cash to sustain its wretched economy. South Korea—and perhaps the U.N. has thrown out international arms inspectors. Yet the White House says it is willing to talk to North Korea and is using allies to help negotiate a peaceful accord with the country. They have followed up inspection leads provided by other states. Russian and German aircraft in support of the inspecting organizations and. inspectors who have yet to find any. interests.S.170 Defrauding America. Vol. we have found no substantiated evidence of the revival in Iraq of a nuclear-weapons program—the most lethal of the weapons of mass destruction. would undoubtedly kill many people on both sides. stated the strong disagreement by informed Russians with the Bush‘s war plans for Iraq and the many false charges that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. A Business Week article (January 20. But Iraq has admitted U. observing inconsistencies.S. French. And no evidence has been presented showing that Saddam Hussein has sold any such arms to terrorists or other nations. This kind of cooperation should speed up the verification process and generate additional credibility for the assurances that result. as requested. already has missiles that can hit Japan. hoping for the best outcomes but fearing the consequences of actions taken hastily or without adequate thought of consequences. It has also provided lists of additional Iraqi personnel who might be relevant to verification issues. What is frightening is that we are witnessing the evolution of Bush foreign policy firsthand—watching the policy reversals. Alexei Arbatov.

” With a dateline in Rabat. such as his comparing Germany with Libya and Cuba over Bonn’s approach to Saddam Hussein. stated the strong disagreement by informed Russians with the Bush‘s war plans for Iraq and the many false charges that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. Alexei Arbatov. have sparked particular criticism. shows the recklessness of this young president from the little prairie town of Midland. along with a list of companies in the United States and Britain that supplied these weapons. that it didn’t have any prohibited weapons. A Russian Legislator Speaks Out Speaking at the University of California at Berkeley on March 9. Morocco. Texas. He repeated what was well known throughout the Middle East that an attack on Iraq would inspire militants throughout the Middle East to attack U.S. even third world countries. Bush and his coalition stated that it was up to Iraq to prove that they did not have any prohibited weapons. stated: Recent comments by Mr. his rejection of treaties previously signed. Powell Comparing Germany With Libya and Cuba For Not Buying The White House Lies A Wall Street Journal article (February 2. interests. the article stated in part: A business executive with close ties to the Islamist movement put it even more bluntly: “George Bush is the worst president ever. a fact ignored by politicians who have never heard a shot fired in anger.” Making Iraq Prove a Negative When no weapons were found.000 pages before the United Nations could examine them. Referring to the U. and policies are still at variance with one another. 2003) quoting Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar. A Washington Times article (August 19. Worldwide Outrage Against Iraqi Invasion Throughout the world government leaders and people showed their anger at President Bush‘s rhetoric about invading Iraqi. would undoubtedly kill many people on both sides. Iraq provided the United Nations with a 12. Rumsfeld.000-page report to show the status of the present weapons and the disposal of prior weapons prohibited under the UN resolution. a top Russian legislator. Iraq had to prove a negative. claim by Secretary of State Colin Powell. conflicting voices speak at the same time. the .Bush II. 2002) titled “Morocco up in arms over Iraqi invasion talk.S. Bush Reversing Policy Against Use of Nuclear Weapons Bush‘s willingness to threaten nuclear attacks against countries that have no nuclear weapons. as far as the Middle East conflict is concerned. 2003. The Bush White House seized the report and removed 8. the deaths inflicted upon a nation with very little military defenses as contrasted with the United States’ awesome military might. which sounded like a little child totally unaware of the brutal consequences. Lies and Iraq 171 Rhetoric often doesn’t match behavior.

Removal of Iraq’s Records Hindered Iraq Proving a Negative Because Iraq did not or could not account for some of the banned weapons.000-page report was seized by the Bush administration and thousands of pages removed before being made available to the United Nations. Bush overlooked the fact that millions in property disappeared from the Los Alamos facility in the United States. Portions of the seized reports referred to the role by the Reagan and Bush administrations in funding and arming Iraq during the 1980s. Powell stated on CNN (March 9.000 of the 12. Colin Powell.N. and the names of U. Hans Blix said there was no evidence of mobile biological weapons laboratories or of Iraq trying to foil inspectors by moving equipment before the inspection teams arrived. Demanding Evidence of WMD. and that many millions in military equipment were unaccounted for during repeated inventories of National Guard armories.000 pages report to the United Nations showing the status of its past and current weapons and disposal activities. Blix said he had already inspected two alleged mobile labs and found nothing: “Two food-testing trucks in Iraq. Two headline on a Guardian of London article (February 5. 2003) stated: US claim was dismissed by Blix: The chief UN weapons inspector yesterday dismissed what has been billed as a central claim of the speech by US secretary of state. “What if Hunt for ‘Evildoers” is Aimed at Us?” A Robert Scheer article (Wall Street Journal. the state department has said Mr. Powell will allege that Iraq moved mobile biological weapons laboratories ahead of an inspection. inspectors and therefore war should be waged upon the country. He added that they expected to be bugged “by several nations” and took great care not to say anything Iraq could overhear. “What if hunt for ‘evildoers’ is aimed at us.? stated: . and British companies involved in supplying Iraq with the weapons that the Bush administration now claimed to justify inflicting war upon the Iraqi people. 2003) titled. December 11. Iraq provided a 12. In a series of leaks or previews. But the United States had seized and withheld 8.172 Defrauding America. 2003) that Iraq was withholding documents. and Then Seizing It In response to the White House demands that Iraq had not produced proof that it lacked weapons prohibited by the United Nations sanctions. the Bush coterie charged Iraq with not cooperating with U. The 12.” Blix also contested the theory that the Iraq knew in advance what sites were to be inspected. Dr. will make today to the UN security council. Iraq claimed that the trucks ere used to inspect the quality of food production.S.000 thousands of pages of documents provided by Iraq to the United Nations. Vol.

N. Certainly no other nation has been willing to allow deeply suspicious foreign experts access to every nook and cranny. Former secretary of state under the first Bush presidency. 2003): The argument for disarming Iraq by force has become conclusive.N. inspectors would seem to be going well. writing in the New York Times (Feb. Baker III. investigators were deployed here. Boycotting American Products and Firms Nicholas D. And the Bush administration acknowledges that its satellites and other means of intelligence have failed to provide a smoking gun to refute Iraq’s accounting of its own program. the U. they would discover that U. crime committed a year ago? Our government has said that the deadly anthrax brew was almost certainly not an imported product. Like a playground bully. wrote: Many Saudis are boycotting American Firms. chief U. Television Equivalent of Inquirer and Globe For Accuracy Fox “News” Channel was like such supermarket publications as the Inquirer and the Globe.N. to anyone not rabid for war.S. What if the United States were subject to such an investigation? Might U. but as yet unsolved. companies quite often supplied the materials that permitted other countries to experiment with the means of killing us all. even the dictator’s bedroom. James A. It misrepresented the facts to support the war. Kristof. truth was of not concern. we have made it clear that thee is no answer to our verbal demands that would forestall a punishing physical assault. Yet. In his report to the Security Council. Lies and Iraq 173 The negative response from the Bush administration to the U. If U. plunging the United States into a recession or depression the likes of which would surely dwarf the depression of the 1930s—which I lived through. . 7. weapons inspector Hans Blix made clear—even if the words were never used— that Iraq is in material breach of Security Council Resolution 1441. stated an article in the San Francisco Chronicle (February 14. 2003). As regards the hunt for weapons off mass destruction. designs for the weapons of mass destruction—chemical.Bush II. to ensure that bad things are not being done. The Blix report showed that Iraq has defied the U. 2003). This boycott can be expected to become global.S. so why has its origin eluded the world’s most elaborate security force? A bolder investigation would unearth the original U. inspectors in Iraq could be dismissed as childish pique were it not so telling an evocation of the image of the Ugly American making a grab for oil. Saddam Hussein‘s dictatorship is now arguably the most open society in the world. inspectors find the source of the anthrax used to terrorize the nation in a nerve racking.N. on all counts. wrote in the Wall Street Journal (February 4.N. biological and nuclear—that now haunt the world.N. constituting a grave threat to the United States.

Unqualified support of the Shah of Iran led directly to the Islamic revolution of 1979. Tell people the truth. which would destabilize the entire Mid East and create havoc beyond anyone’s comprehension. You don’t take the country to war on the wings of a lie. the president was eloquent on Saddam Hussein‘s intransigence: “Nothing to date has restrained him from his pursuit of these weapons—not economic sanctions. Powell’s appearance on Friday came just days after Prime Minister Tony Blair’s latest intelligence white paper was found to have been plagiarized from Internet sources. not even cruise-missile strikes on his military facilities. Former South African president Nelson Mandela was quoted in a September 2002 Newsweek article: The United States has made serious mistakes in the conduct of its foreign affairs. and every time I hear them repeat it I think of the Gulf of Tonkin resolution. Bush or Mr. when the only reason they are in Baghdad today is because U. Vol.” It didn’t help Mr. That threat cannot be countered by containment. Powell brought before the Council were shot two weeks apart and did not necessarily show Iraqi deception. inspectors are a viable alternative to force. not isolation from the civilized world.S. Friedman‘s syndicated column (San Francisco Chronicle (February 20. and Mr. On Tuesday. which have had unfortunate repercussions long after the decisions were taken. World Leaders Contradicted Bush Most of the world leaders were against Bush‘s plans to initiate war against Iraq. “Routine” movements were also a possible explanation. Reminders of False Gulf of Tonkin Resolution Thomas L. Mr. Blix pointed out that the satellite images Mr. Hussein does not threaten us today. Blix pointed out. Two Iraq’s efforts to develop weapons of mass destruction and the potential for their proliferation represent a serious threat to international peace and security. He can be deterred. The United .” We cannot be bogged down in a search for a “smoking gun” when we have the strong evidence of the Blix report itself that details Iraq’s refusal to cooperate as mandated by Resolution 1441. Mr. A chemical decontamination truck is present in one photo and not the other. troops are poised for action along Iraq’s border. Powell that the French said their intelligence agencies found no support for the American claim of a strong connection between Baghdad and Osama bin Laden‘s terrorism network.N. Powell nodded. It also did not help that Mr. which has been tried for 12 years and has failed. Nor can be heed arguments that U.174 Defrauding America. 2003) stated: I am very troubled by the way Bush officials have tried to justify this war on the grounds that Hussein is allied with Osama bin Laden or will be soon. There is simply no proof of that.

Israel had numerous nuclear weapons. there was virtually no possibility that Iraq could develop weapons of mass destruction. Syria harbored terrorists. had nuclear weapons. had repeatedly defied UN resolutions. Because what America is saying is that if you are afraid of a veto in the Security Council. especially because it is black. had attacked the navy ship. The same thought certainly holds true for Iraq. with 90 percent of the people hating America. Scott Ritter. But the most catastrophic action of the United States was to sabotage the decision that was painstakingly stitched together by the United Nations regarding the withdrawal of the Soviet Union from Afghanistan. Why should there be one standard for one country. has said that there is no evidence whatsoever of development of weapons of mass destruction. Israel was involved in drug smuggling into the United . But what we know is that Israel has weapons of mass destruction. which had invaded and occupied Palestine for decades. including those who planted the bomb on Pan Am Flight 103. China. are against this decision. Germany. Libya was acquiring nuclear weapons. with overhead spy satellites that are claimed possible to read the headlines on a newspaper. Nobody talks about that. And you will notice that France. that is white. you can go outside and take action and violate the sovereignty of other countries. Lies and Iraq 175 States chose to arm and finance the [Islamic] mujahedin in Afghanistan instead of supporting and encouraging the moderate wing of the government of Afghanistan. If you look at those matters. Retaliation Defense Barred Iraq Attack Upon United States Throughout the Cold War the United States felt that the threat of retaliation kept the Soviet Union from launching missiles against the United States. Neither Bush nor British Prime Minister Tony Blair has provided any evidence that such weapons exist. Iran had a great hatred of the United States. USS Liberty and killed many navy personnel. and another one for another country. with far lesser areas developed and much of it in desert land. a former United Nations arms inspector who is in Baghdad. Iran was building nuclear facilities capable of building nuclear weapons. Israel. Iran kept as prisoners 52 Americans for 444 days. had nuclear missiles. you will come to the conclusion that the attitude of the United States of America is a threat to world peace. Israel. its government was overthrown in 1953 by a CIA-engineered coup. Russia. That is what led to the Taliban in Afghanistan. a nation the size of California.Bush II. Iraq Was Militarily Weakest Nation in the Area Iraq was one of the weakest nations in the area as it related to military weapons or weapons of mass destruction. Pakistan. Containment Barred Iraq Attack Upon United States With inspectors appearing unannounced throughout Iraq.

ABC. personnel. and prestige. and repeatedly violating UN sanctions to halt its occupation and brutality. especially with access to the truth and to the foreign media that was not beholden to the coercive retaliation by federal personnel.S.” One syndicated article stated: “This from the presidential candidate who in 2000 made the phrase “nation-building” sound like pedophilia? It was said that conquering Iraq would also cure acne. and children. the pattern of lying by Bush and his administration has grave ramifications for the United States and its military personnel who will be killed as a result of Bush’s determination to kill Iraqi men. world opinion. including bonuses. women. their jobs. Israel had spies within the United States. So now is the time to start praying that the Bushies wage war better than they forge arguments and allegiances for war. It was unrealistic to think that the constant repetition of these lies by the broadcast media personnel. right before CBS News broadcast Dan Rather’s interview with Saddam Hussein—coincidentally. and whose chemical and biological weapons were obtained with the help of U. with no nuclear weapons.” Massive U. including the military. and under constant UN inspections.S.S. like it or not. on Fox. was no threat to the United States.176 Defrauding America. Iraq. has test driven numerous justifications for war. A new regime in Iraq would serve as a dramatic and inspiring example of freedom for other nations in the region. and the many on financial retainers with the CIA. State Department loans. The administration then tried on various justifications for military action. Two States. or a plurality of our major allies.com (February 27. would come to an end. 2003): It’s become almost certain that. But then. this was the same group of print and . by bringing hope and progress into the lives of millions. “War and the vanquishing of Saddam. no threat to its neighbors. whose invasion of Kuwait was funded by covert U. Dick Meyer stated on CBS News. The latest case for war came in the president’s speech Wednesday nights. CBS. war is the answer.” the president said. not parroting the lies by Bush. It had invaded and occupied Palestine for decades. eliminate world hunger and eradicate reality TV shows. This administration. Media Support for Blatant Bush Lies For any informed person. A liberated Iraq can show the power of freedom to transform that vital region. “would lead to peace between Israel and the Palestinians and a tidal wave of democracy washing through the Arab world. Bringing Peace Through Invasion and Murder of Iraqi Civilians Veteran political and investigative producer for CBS News. None seem to have convinced American public opinion. For anyone in government. with varying degrees of internal consensus. Vol. are unaware of the bald-faced lies. pay.

did the media question the statements by the White House gang despite the overwhelming evidence showing the statements to be obviously false. but also repeatedly repeating them as fact. or the inspections were working. This was the same silence I encountered from the media for the past forty years as I reported to them the hardcore criminal activities that I and other government agents had discovered. Broadcast and Print Media Complicity in White House Lies The unquestioned support by the broadcast and print media for the repeated lying by the Bush administration was troubling. CNBC television channels. Lies and Iraq 177 broadcast media that had been covering up for the evidence of drug smuggling by the CIA and other government personnel. aware of the false statements from the Bush administration seeking to justify a deadly war upon Iraq. especially those appearing on the Fox. For most of the American public receiving Unfriendly Skies. They made a mountain out of a mole hill in bringing about the impeachment of President Richard Nixon for an after-the-fact cover-up of a two-big political burglary. 29 . Too Polite.S. Lies and Cover-ups. Blowback. Lawyers and Judges—American Trojan horses. and much morel. or Too Ignorant. but remained silent about major government corruption and even treasonous misconduct such as the decades of drug smuggling into the United States and the many other criminal and subversive activities described in the various books29 written by and with the input from dozens of present and former government agents and other insiders. This is the same “support” they provided over the decades by covering up for the scandals detailed within these pages. Iraq. U. Defrauding America. the cover-up of drug smuggling by the CIA and other government personnel for decades. CNN. Drugging America. Bob Woodward and Washington Post were among the many who repeatedly showed blindness to misconduct in government. or containment was working. 9/11. Disavow. They focused instead on saying Bush’s charges have not been confirmed. media. The unprecedented refusal to conduct a public investigation into the blame for 9-11 was another instance of how the media deceives the public. and the many other corrupt activities that have been documented over the years and which I describe in my various books. or almost never. This repeating of lies continued even when the Bush administration claims were repeatedly shown as false by UN inspectors and others. Terrorism Against America. Rarely. did a masterful job of not only parroting the Bush administration’s lies. Media—Echo Chamber for White House Lies U.Bush II. including the senior Bush’s secret funding and military buildup of Iraq in the 1980s until just a couple of months prior to Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait.S. to Call Bush‘s Lies—Lies Most of the foreign statesmen were too polite to call Bush‘s statements what they were: lies.

media covered up for this deception. the Bush team quickly covered boxes marked Made in China. we know what the questions are going to be. Bush and his team accomplished an audacious feat of propaganda-persuading many Americans to redirect the emotional wounds left by 9/11.S. Vol. that were behind Bush’s pedestal. 42 percent now believe Saddam Hussein was personally responsible for the attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. such as the repeated charges by Bush and Powell that were refuted by UN inspectors.S. In this case [March 6. Another Subtle Way of Deceiving the American People During a speech in December 2002. By relentless repetition. Combining Emotions With Void Content People state a series of statements as facts that are totally devoid of support that the Christian Science Monitor editorial called stringing “together long sentences filled with emotions but mostly devoid of content.” Any White House reporter who asked a question undermining Bush would be banished from further White House briefings. “The elusive case for a US-Iraq war.178 Defrauding America. 2003]. In an ABC News poll. The Washington Post White House Communications director. with drapes imprinted with boxes stating.” The U. Shortage of Critical Media—or Cover-Up by Media A February 2003 issue of The Nation stated: The shortage of critical challenges from the press (and from intimidated Democrats) assisted the manipulation of public thinking. a news conference can go in a different direction. the public was not made aware of the Bush requirement that all questions be provided to him before the speech.” . “Made In America. Another Christian Science Monitor article (August 15. The essence of the article was that “nothing proves that Hussein poses a direct US Threat. and only reporters were allowed to ask who would not ask questions Bush did not want to answer: This White House uses news conferences more sparingly than other types of presidential events. media. 2002) was headlined. especially the television media. Censoring the Questions and the “Reporters” During a televised speech on March 6. Dan Bartlett. Two their information from U. where Bush was giving a televised speech from a manufacturing plant. where Bush took questions from reporters. None of the reporters asked any questions that would reveal the serious flaws in Bush’s war plans. revealed the fact that Bush knew in advance the questions that reporters were allowed to ask. 55 percent believe Saddam provides direct support to Al Qaeda. According to a New York Times-CBS News survey. because “if you have a message you’re trying to deliver. away from the perpetrators to a different adversary. 2003. and any sensitive questions such as the unsupported statements justifying war be deleted. they simply did not know the truth and their thinking subsequently flawed. and those are the ones we want to answer. their hurt and anger.

although he was never able to produce it. but young George Bush had. really: Oversee the destruction of an industry that you then profit from by rebuilding. just months before pocketing his $34 million Halliburton retirement package and joining the GOP ticket. Kinda nice how they worked out for the vice president.” To hell with worldwide protests. So his former cronies at Halliburton are now at the head of the line of companies expected to reap the estimated $2 billion it will take to rebuild Iraq’s oil infrastructure after Hussein’s ouster. 21. In one of her articles appearing in the San Francisco Chronicle (Feb. Then Cheney moved to the private sector. In Limbaugh’s thinking. The nugget of truth that former Bush economic guru Lawrence Lindsey let slip last fall shortly before he was shoved out the Oval Office door says it all. show. morality or mass murder interfere with the single-minded pursuit of profitability. military operations. media and the American public treated young George Bush as a guru whose judgment superseded those of experts in the field of international relations. and suddenly things between him and Hussein warmed up considerably.S. 2003) she wrote: There’s money to be made in postwar Iraq. Treating Bush As Guru Despite having no experience in international affairs. Cheney was lobbying for an end to U. the U. war. the sooner we (by which I mean President Bush‘s corporate cronies) can start making it. And in 2000. The vice president is one of those ideological purists who never let little things like logic. 2002. Momentarily forgetting that he was talking to the press and not his buddies in the White House. he admitted: “The successful prosecution of the war would be good for the economy. These experts thought otherwise! . during his August 26. an Osama bin Laden giddy at the prospect of a united Arab world and a panicked populace stocking up on duct tape and plastic sheeting to protect itself from the inevitable terrorist blowback—the business of America is still business. No one in the administration embodies this bottom line mentality more than Dick Cheney. economics and related matters. condemned all who opposed Bush‘s determined invasion of Iraq claiming they did not have information that Bush had. the world’s on-the-scene experts didn’t have the information and understanding. sanctions against Hussein.Bush II. or any other experience in such matters. One of Few Columnists Calling a Spade a Spade Syndicated columnist Arianna Huffington was one of the few journalists willing to call a spade a spade. and the sooner we get the pesky war over with. With Cheney in the CEO’s seat.N. Halliburton helped Iraq reconstruct its war-torn oil industry with $73 million worth of equipment and services— become Baghdad’s biggest such supplies. Lies and Iraq 179 Limbaugh’s Pattern of Cover-Up Russ Limbaugh.

No country can adequate defend against such an onslaught. Bolton told the Russian government that “we’re going ahead. Texas. 2003]. Former secretaries of state Henry Kissinger and Zbigniew Brzezinski voiced similar opinions. In the United States. People will stop buying goods made in the United States. worsening the financial problems. Destroying Effectiveness of the United Nations The Bush administration was bent on making the goals of the United Nations irrelevant by destroying the United Nation’s legitimacy because it refuses to accept the lies of the young president from Midland.S. Under-secretary of State John R. who was an alcoholic during prior wars. the economy will go into a tailspin. August 18. Almost every foreign country that voiced an opinion warned against invading Iraq. former national security advisor Brent Scowcroft on the first President Bush‘s administration said during a television appearance on Sunday. with no experience in national and international affairs. one of America’s most valued friends in the Middle East for many decades. was dead-set upon subjecting the United States and its people to the known. positive. one dejected diplomat left the meeting shaking his head and saying. Vol. 2002. resulting in recessions and even a depression far worse than that of the 1930s. catastrophic harm and unknowns that could destroy the United States. Expected Chaos Following War Upon Iraq In addition to the huge financial cost spread throughout govern- . “Heroic” attack Upon a Nation With 1/1000th the Military Weapons For the United States with its enormous arsenal to inflict war upon a nation with only a minute fraction of military defenses. French Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin scornfully said: “By imposing a deadline of only a few days. “We are headed for a disaster. Two “We are headed for disaster!” On Friday evening [March 7. requiring very little courage or risk. A Washington Post article (February 25. including Saudi Arabia. that an attack upon Iraq “could turn the whole region into a caldron and thus destroy the war on terrorism. would we merely be seeking a pretext for war?” Massive Opposition to Bush‘s War Talk and War Plans Bush. 2003) stated. a senior administration official said. it was like a duck shoot. “In meetings Monday with senior officials in Moscow. War will result in retaliation against the United States financially.” after Britain submitted a resolution giving Iraq ten days to produce the alleged weapons of mass destruction—which they didn’t have—and authorizing war upon the Iraqi people.180 Defrauding America. interests and kill Americans. War upon Iraq could be expected to breed generations of terrorists willing to sacrifice their lives to harm U.” whether the council agrees or not. Money loaned to the United States to finance deficits will be withdrawn. If Middle East countries refused to sell oil to the United States.

If the Pakistani leader is removed and replaced by a leader hostile to the United States. the toll will be horrendous. leaders. similar to that which occurred in 1929 at the start of the great depression. These warnings included: • Arab nations taking their assets out of the United States. the feeling that the government owes them a living. Without this money. Nations giving grudging backing to the United States. riots.S. what assurance was there that another leader would be more suitable to U. The consequences of the Bush teams’ war deception were recognized and repeated stated by statesmen and world leaders.S. Ignoring the fact that who is Bush to tell other countries who their leaders should be. 2003): The messages from U. threatening to maroon a quarter million service people. . embassies around the globe have become urgent and disturbing: Many people in the world increasingly think President Bush is a greater threat to world peace than Iraqi President Saddam Hussein. “Bush Faces Increasingly Poor Image Overseas” stated the headline on a Washington Post article by its staff writers. the culture. the ethnic groups. there is no money for domestic investments. A slaughter of American service personnel could occur. The pictures of dead Iraqis will surely inflame the Middle East.Bush II. Lies and Iraq 181 ment and non-government sectors. creating massive financial crisis in the United States. including Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. American service personnel could be marooned in an area surrounded by people wanting to kill them. • Foreign countries greatly reduce their purchases of U. (February 24. the cost in world instability. Worldwide Chaos Arising from White House Deception Without any conception of the consequences. It is estimated that Arab nations have many trillions of dollars invested in the United States. Purchase of Boeing airliners can probably be replaced by purchasers from Airbus in Europe. and others. Americans. will probably result in great unrest. being picked off by dedicated people hating Americans. If Iraqis fight from house to house. While the great depression created enormous social problems. overnight become enemies.S. A few of the consequences of this arrogance. • Other countries may follow the withdrawal of funds from the United States. President Bush wants to inflict catastrophic harm upon America. The Arab nations have funded huge quantities of the U. This can result in a depression. Glenn Kessler and Mike Allen. the cost in hatred against Americans. compounding the financial crisis arising from the withdrawal of funds from the United States by foreign countries. further compounding the escalating financial crisis. so as to replace Saddam Hussein. deficits.S. products. including in government bonds that finance the huge national deficit. and the cost in dead American military men and women.

leading to more chaos for the United States. The United States could be driven into a depression as existed during the Great Depression. Massive social unrest and riots would result from the economic damage.S. Surface to surface missiles fired from areas throughout the Middle East disabling or sinking most or all U.S. people to purchase products from foreign countries. Arab nations. defenses. Massive destabilization in the Middle East. Similarities to the Bay of Pigs invasion. Physical attacks upon Americans throughout the world. Riots throughout the Middle East. and particularly at the few airports in the Middle East available to the U. huge financial losses due to increase price of oil. and attacks on bases used by the U.S. military. House to house fighting. military.. Duplication of senseless deaths of U. Surface to air missiles takes out large numbers of U. Possible involvement of Russia against the United States due to destruction of Russian interests in Iraq. killed in the sham Vietnam War and 38. ships. Bush‘s conduct threatened to inflict catastrophic harm upon the United States and people throughout the world— including U. Massive unemployment as people lose their jobs. aircraft taking off or landing throughout the world. sons. Arab nations halt oil sales to the United States. Worsens the financial crisis in the United States.182 • • • • Defrauding America.S. This could cause military personnel leaving sinking ships to be killed by overwhelming Arab forces. making the airstrips unusable for aircraft operations. Great increase in great hatred against the United States and Americans with all forms of terrorist attacks against both for which there is no suitable defense. Unprecedented anger by people in foreign countries against the United States that will probably escalate and harm U. military are bombed and attacked. their home. causing massive disruptions in the United States of personal and industrial output. overwhelming U.S. military personnel. and many wild cards. resulting in huge deaths of U. or people in those nations.S.000 killed in Korea. The few bases available to the U. husbands. fathers.S. and drive many to suicide or crime. both useless invasions of foreign countries on the basis of vague thoughts and sham arguments of house-of-cards.S. which would further destabilize the country. Without any conception of the consequences. .S. their income. Two • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Financial crisis then surfaces by lack of funds by U.S. residents. military personnel.S. Vol.S. take up arms against U.000 Americans. as shown by the 58. destabilizing the stabilized governments that did exist. interests for decades to come.

a depression of that magnitude would be accompanied by massive riots. their home. all of who have expressed opposition to the United States’ war upon the Iraqi people. and many other forms of retaliation. and riots in the United States. the placement of explosives on board U. resulting in mass unemployment in the United States. which will surely occur before long. which would further destabilize the country. People would boycott American products. An increasing number of people would lose their jobs.S. products are shunned outside the United States. leading to economic chaos. unparallel inflation. This time. If they united against the United States it would be a bloodbath— for Americans. with millions of people willing to die to inflict harm upon the United States and its people.S. runaway inflation.S. explosive detonations on major bridges (Golden Gate and George Washington bridges as examples).Bush II. cities. are the shooting down of U. Northern Iraq is governed by Kurds. Turkey will invade and take control of the northern part of Iraq while the Kurdish people occupying that section of Iraq want an independent nation and strongly oppose Turkey’s involvement. Widows and orphans and related financial hardships suffered by the families of those killed. Foreign countries who have been bankrolling the massive U. loss of value to savings and pensions. Massive social unrest and riots would result from the economic damage. Worldwide increase in fanatical determination by millions to kill . in tunnels (such as Lincoln and Holland). Turkey’s Kurdish population is strongly repressed by Turkey’s leaders. the use of suitcase nuclear bombs in U. It would generate hatred for the United States throughout the world. Arab League is composed of 22 members. It would destabilize the entire Middle East. airliners throughout the world with surface-to-air missiles. and want their own country. debt would pull their money out.S. Lies and Iraq • 183 • • • • • • • • • • • The unlimited number of wildcard consequences to invading Iraq could drive the United States into economic chaos as existed during the Great Depression. foreign countries withdrawing the funds that funds the huge U. Among the means for inflicting great harm upon the United States. service personnel involved in attacking a country that poses no threat to the United States. airliners.S. and strongly opposes Turkey presence. Massive Destabilization of the Middle East. their income.S. Economic chaos as U. with the change in culture within the United States. and create massive personal tragedies. deficits. Deaths of U. causing massive financial harm within the United States.S. Inflicting war upon Iraq had an endless number of dreaded wildcard possibilities.

S. military personnel during fighting in Iraq. • U. Two and injure Americans.S. Demonstrations against Bush and his war plans took place in the Antarctica and throughout the world.000.S. personnel became targets of people properly incensed against the United States. women. saw worldwide demonstrations against Bush and the U. • Unprecedented terrorist attacks upon U. in Barcelona over 500.S. income. “Millions Rally Against Iraq War Worldwide. killed 403 civilians cringing in a shelter. Products Nicholas D. This boycott can be expected to become global. Body parts of women and children were strewn throughout the shelter.S.’s determination to inflict war upon Iraq. interests worldwide for which there was virtually no defense. 2003) stated: 10 Million Join World Protest Rallies. most of who were women and children. and children.184 • Defrauding America. Kristof. and large numbers throughout the United States. stated an article in the San Francisco Chronicle (February 14. Boycotting U. In the 1991 war upon Baghdad. 7. made it into a memorial showing the innocent deaths brought by the United States. • Worldwide hatred and attacks upon Americans and U. 1991. in London. • Massive economic damage to the United States and to the people suffering the loss of jobs. 2003) headline. Referring to only one day’s worldwide protests against Bush’s warmongering. two U. warplanes fired two missiles into the Amariya bomb shelter on February 13. Iraq. in some of the largest peace marches ever known. Many innocent people would be killed.S.S.00. in Berlin 300. properly. The London Guardian headline (February 13. home. • Alienating two great nuclear powers. 2003. and which can easily escalate out of control. Reporters viewing the scene re- . interests by terrorist groups and those individuals with a justified hatred against the United States. a CNN (February 15. over 500. Why Bush‘s Urgent Desire to Kill None of the administration ever answered why the urgent rationale for war and to kill Iraqi men.” was followed with the estimated that in Rome the total was one million. 2003). China and Russia and former Soviet states. 2003). Vol. Massive disruption in the Middle East with consequences that no one can predict. plunging the United States into a recession or depression the likes of which would surely dwarf the depression of the 1930s—which I lived through. wrote: Many Saudis are boycotting American Firms. and stated: “up to 10 million people on five continents are expected to demonstrate against the probable war in Iraq on Saturday.000. writing in the New York Times (Feb. Worldwide Opposition to Bush‘s War Upon Iraq The week of February 16 and 17. • Killing of many U.

S. oil nearly doubled in price to $40 a barrel. he said of the hawks: “I’m not sure which planet they live on. who said that the Bush plan would risk plunging the entire region into a “chaos from which no one knows what will emerge. Unlike in the Gulf War.” The head of German Diplomacy’s fear was that the Americans will get “in an operation without equal since the Vietnam War. Le Monde (February 12. described in a Washington Times national weekly edition article (February 7-23. military forces in the 1991 Persian Gulf War. Lies and Iraq 185 ported charred bodies of women. this time around the US would be largely alone in picking up the tab.) As for General Zinni.” (The White House has apparently launched a post-emptive strike on General Schwarzkopf. the floor of the shelter was still stained from incinerated bodies. 2003) made reference to German Foreign Affairs Minister. a spike that eventually settled down but was a factor. General Against Bush‘s War Mongering Retired General Schwarzkopf led U. he’ll be dead. Anthony Zinni and Wesley Clark have all expressed concern about the rush to war. to the tune of as much as $100 billion for military preparation and the war itself. children.S. we’re on the wrong course. Former generals like Norman Schwarzkopf. “Candidly. Saddam may be as nasty as Hitler. more likely. I thing that war and violence are a very last resort. adding: “I think it is very important for us to wait and see what the inspectors come up with. and men being pulled from the shelter. he added: “If we intend to solve this through violent action. and he won’t be a threat to use tomorrow. very good rationale. Eleven years later. because it isn’t the one that I travel.” Sudden Reversal of Concern by Schwarzkopf In a later speech. Second of all. I don’t see that that’s necessary. Schwarzkopf said he changed his mind after hearing Secretary of State Colin L. 2002) described the high price that would be paid for Bush‘s war on Iraq: Within weeks of Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait in 1990. and I found it a very. High Price for Bush‘s Determined War Upon Iraq A Christian Science Monitor article (August 24. U. some economists hold. Joschka Fischer. First of all. for he now refuses interviews.” In an October speech to the Middle East Institute in Washington.” General Schwarzkopf told the Washington Post. but he is unable to invade his neighbors. I have gotten somewhat nervous at some of the pronouncements Rumsfeld has made.” leaving the region devastated by unforeseeable reactions. The article was titled “Schwarzkopf now sees need for force in Iraq:” Gen.” Gen Schwarzkopf said on NBC’s “Meet . His army has degraded even since the days when Iran fought him to a standstill. The French publication. 2003) suddenly changed his mind about Bush‘s killing machine. “I found it very compelling.Bush II. in the US slipping into recession. Powell‘s presentation before the United Nations Security Council.

S. Ansar al Islam. allegedly has been producing ricin. a U. Schwarzkopf also told the Post he believed Defense Secretary Donald H.” In an October speech to he Middle East Institute in Washington.” he said. Two the Press. Kristof wrote (New York Times. and use all of these capabilities and don’t just run off on your own. 2002) questioned that aid. “That’s what concerned me. Intelligence reports indicate that at least one man and some farm animals died after exposure to the poison. because it wasn’t the one that I travel. we’re on the wrong course. February 7. Shinseki and General John . 2003): Former generals like Normal Schwarzkopf. There is no vaccine or treatment for ricin poisoning. Massive Peacekeeping Force Necessary After Invading Iraq Testifying before the Senate Armed Services Committee (February 25.S. a toxin that can easily be made from castor beans. but a Wall Street Journal article (August 20. Vol.” Syndicated columnist Nicholas D. war plan and by the potential human and financial costs of occupying Iraq. Anthony Zinni and Wesley Clark have all expressed concern about the rush to war.186 Defrauding America. “Candidly. official said. Schwarzkopf said in an interview with The Washington Post that he believed U. people who’ve been trained for this for years and years and years.” Last month. very important that you use your military expertise. 2003). First of all. He told The Post he was worried about the cockiness of the U.N.” General Schwarzkopf told the Washington Post. at a camp in northeastern Iraq.” Kurdish Militants Running Chemical-Weapons Tests in Iraq? President Bush counted on Kurdish aid in his war on Iraq. General Eric Shinseki stated that peacekeeping and humanitarian operations after invading Iraq would likely require “several hundred thousand soldiers” for many years. Gen. inspections were the proper course to follow because he hadn’t seen enough evidence to convince him a war was warranted. Gen. I don’t see that that’s necessary. stating: The U. Rumsfeld and his advisers lack much military experience themselves and shouldn’t disregard the Army’s judgments on the issue. has evidence that a Kurdish militant group with possible ties to al Qaeda has conducted crude chemical-weapons experiments in northern Iraq. the official said. I have gotten somewhat nervous at some of the pronouncements Rumsfeld has made. I think that war and violence are a very last resort. your military planners. “It’s very.S. The group. He added: “If we intend to solve this through violent action. “I think it was very important for us to wait and see what the inspectors come up with.” As for the Hawks: “I’m not sure which planet they live on. Second of all.

testified that some parts of the U. inspiring reforms throughout the Muslim world. Feelings and Hatred Backlash against the United States escalated as it had never before. Wesley Clark. 2003) that stated: As retired Gen. North Korea. this war will “put us in a colonial position in the Middle East following Britain. It’s a huge change for the American people and for what this country stands for. representatives of states from Morocco to Yemen echoed the words of the Iranian envoy.” Clark was referring to Bush‘s fixation on overthrowing the government of Iraq. 2003) repeated some of the statements: A phalanx of Muslim nations.S. [Sounds better to say the war was against the nation’s leader while killing Iraqi men. military office rule the country for years. and Bosnia.” Defense analyst at the Lexington Institute. says.Bush II. They can one day join a democratic Afghanistan [!!!} and a democratic Palestine. military were already strained to maximum because of their involvement in Afghanistan. taking it to destruction! Worldwide Anti-U. including two of the United States closes allies and Iraq’s closest neighbors. A New York Times article (February 19. the Air Force chief of staff.” What a dreamer! This is like a madman piloting a huge airliner. Lies and Iraq 187 Jumper. a public policy group. peacekeeping could employ the entire deployable army. many of the prior warnings were restated by seasoned statesmen familiar with Middle East affairs. That’s too large a force. 2003. said that they were still suffering . women. human and economic havoc in the event of an American-led war against Saddam Hussein. Senator Carl Levin responded: “There’s no way we can keep 200. and this was said with not the slightest respect for Hitler. Most Muslim Leaders Warned of Grave Consequences During United Nations meetings on February 18.000 troops in Iraq for a substantial time.] Speaking during an open debate at the Security Council today. following the Ottomans. the Sinai. and children. President Bush responded to a question. the former head of NATO forces.S. both with close ties to the United States. “the people of Iraq can shake off their captivity. warned today that the Middle East could face a harvest of political.S. control its oil. have a U. said: “What Shinseki is saying is that if we don’t have allies in Iraq. with its enormous house-of-card catastrophic consequences.” Envoys from Iraq’s neighbors Jordan and Turkey.” The New American Colonialism The “New American colonialism” was the heading on an article in the San Francisco Chronicle (February 23. Loren Thompson. There were more people worldwide hating President Bush than hated Adolf Hitler in World War II. who said “the extent of destabilization in the region and uncertainty in Iraq in the case of a war may go far beyond our imagination today. Javad Zarif.

his “granting CIA authority to use lethal forces against suspected terrorists. the center-right Nation editorialized on December 17 that the Bush administration’s handing over “to the CIA a list of individuals. without previous trial.” In Pakistan. refugee movements and displacements numbering in the millions. by a discredited security service. which faced their calls for peace with denunciations of Israel as an aggressor but then offered very specific assessments of the potential destabilization of the impending conflict. Prince Zeid Rảad Zeud al-Hussein said. The sternest warnings concerning a war’s possible consequences came from Muslim nations. of terrorism. Most of the 27 speakers favored continuing inspections.” Iran fought a war against Iraq during the 1980s after it was invaded by Mr. License to Kill” stated the heading on a Village Voice article (February 21. injuries. Throughout the World “A U.S. Bush (as the December 15 New York Times reported) has authorized the CIA to kill terrorist leaders on an administration list—with hopefully. there are so many wild cards and no party could fit them beforehand into its calculations with any degree of certainty. Vol. “the prospect of appointing a foreign military commander to run an Islamic and Arab country was all the more destabilizing. As the Jordanian envoy.188 Defrauding America. with authorization to eliminate them physically … will relieve the CIA of the need to seek approval to kill in each individual case…. “Any new war will have serious repercussions not only on the unity and territorial integrity of Iraq but on the whole region” and would produce “deaths. Zarif added. “Given the state of the Iraqi society and the whole region. Bush included Iran in his “axis of evil.” In a pointed reference to Washington’s declared intention of setting up a American military government over Iraq in the event Saddam Hussein was ousted. considered to be terrorists. I was in Iran at the time flying Muslim pilgrims to Mecca and Medina and well remember the revolution. the Iranian envoy said. President George W.” . U. Hussein’s troops. December 16: “It is alarming to see that the fear existing after 9-11 in the most powerful nation has blinded its leaders to such an extent that they would see as a good a crime of the state and to consider legal the execution. Last year.” [Bush forgets the United States masterminded and funded the overthrow of the government of Iran in 1953.” Mr.” From the conservative Spanish publication La Razon. Terrorism cannot be eliminated through terrorist methods. Two from the economic and human dislocations caused by the Persian Gulf War. But one outcome was almost certain: extremism stands to benefit enormously from an uncalculated adventure in Iraq. of people accused. License to Kill.S. minimum civilian casualties. … Bush directives. 2003): George W.

McManus continued. officials said. is whether Americans are ready “to accept targeted-killing missions … that kill clearly innocent civilians?” I would add a further question: How will we know how many of these killing missions will take place. Launching a targeted killing in another country without its assent is normally a violation of international law. troop[s.S. FBI and other agencies into a single government unit intended to strengthen the collection and analysis of foreign and domestic terror threats.” Quote in the report was Harold Hongju Koh.” But the fundamental question. The president has given broad authority to the CIA to kill or capture operatives of Al Qaeda around the world. military officers in foreign countries or even at home?” Furthermore. what factual showing will demonstrate that they had warlike intentions against us.” one official said [to McManus]. The question is. as McManus says. and .” Neither do I. a professor of international law at Yale. the CIA. let’s just make it conform to our law. “There may be some cases where we can’t make it conform to international law. and who sees the evidence before an y action is taken?” “If the CIA kills more suspected terrorists in more countries. January 29) that the president is creating a Terrorist Threat Integration Center that will “merge units at the CIA.” In charge of this spook fiefdom will be CIA director George Tenet. For the first time. and an official in the State Department during Bill Clinton‘s administration: “The inevitable complication of a politically declared but legally undeclared war [against terrorism] is the blurring of the distinction between enemy combatants and other non-state actors…. will have “full control over the collection and evaluation of all information relating to terrorists threats in the United States and overseas”—as well as control over responding to them. the U.S. is seeking permission of local governments before carrying out targeted killings on foreign soil—although officials suggest that Bush is willing to waive that rule if necessary. including how many of the dead are innocent civilians? Hardly reassuring is the news (New York Times. “where possible. will it have the unintended effect of ‘legitimizing’ terrorist attacks against U. Said an FBI official: “We just don’t know what this CIA hegemony is going to mean. And will Tenet be able to rein in Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. legal scholars say. who (as the January 8 New York Sun reports) is planning to provide more funds.Bush II. which has often been its own private government in the past. “In that case. Who’s going to tell the citizenry? Not Tenet or Bush. Lies and Iraq 189 The original New York Times report on the CIA’s list of targets noted that “the presidential finding authorizing the President to kill terrorists was not limited to those on the list.

Hewlett-Packard sold nuclear and rocket technology. The dossier claims 24 US firms sold Iraq weapons. helped with building labs. 2003) revealed the extent British and U. Vol. All trade in WMD technology has been outlawed for decades. pro- . Two equipment to the Pentagon’s shadowy Special Operations Forces. right? British and U. companies played key roles in furnishing Iraq with so-called weapons of mass destruction: Seventeen British companies who supplied Iraq with nuclear. Dupont sold nuclear technology. trade and agriculture. and Eastman Kodak sold rocket capabilities. America and China—are named as allowing companies to sell weapons technology to Iraq. Although most of the trade ended in 1991 on the outbreak of the Gulf War. The dossier also says some 50 subsidiaries of foreign enterprises conducted their arms business with Iraq from the US. [One reason for hiding 8000 pages of Iraq’s declaration] One of the companies is International Military Services. Russia. energy. rocket and conventional weapons technology are to be investigated and could face prosecution following a Sunday Herald investigation. including at home. Firms Provided Iraq With WMD An article in London’s Sunday Herald (February 23. The five permanent members of the security council—Britain. Los Alamos and Sandia National Laboratories.” including (as the January 6 Washington Times notes) the authority to “kill or capture terrorists around the world”? Both the military and the CIA will greatly increase their already unprecedented powers in this borderless war. It claims the US ministries of defence. France. biological. [All WMD destroyed] Foreign companies supplied Iraq’s nuclear weapons programme with detonators. letting these commandos “run their own operations.190 Defrauding America.S. fissionable material and parts for a uranium enrichment plant. at least two of the five permanent Security Council members—Russia and China—traded arms with Iraq in beach of UN resolutions after 1991.000-page dossier submitted to the UN in December. supplied Iraq with WMD technology. a part of the Ministry of Defence. assisted the extension of missile ranges. The UN claims publicly naming the companies would be counter-productive. The Security Council agreed to US requests to censor 8000 pages—including sections naming western businesses which aided Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction programme. which sold rocket technology to Iraq. Foreign companies also provided Iraq’s chemical and biological programmes with basic materials. The companies were named by Iraq in a 12. and the Lawrence Livermore. The Constitution calls for civilian control of the military. chemical.S.

and the right to due process. Nearly all the weapons that were supplied have been destroyed.” “Something has gone terribly wrong in America.” In The Times of London last month. along with America. “The freedoms that have made America the envy of the world are being systematically eroded. according to former weapons inspectors. In the sheik’s case. accounted for or immobilized. he was denied access to legal counsel.S. The chickenhawks who want war were up to their necks in arms deals. writing that “America has entered one of its periods of historical madness. Lies and Iraq 191 vided technology to fit missiles with nuclear. the author John le Carre went further. It exposes the fact that Britain. a feminist scholar in Britain. the right to legal counsel. The purpose of this change was to undermine the defendants’ defenses and to work with the government prosecutors.” … supported by a too-complacent news media. Labour MP Tam Dalyell said: “What the Sunday Herald has printed is of huge significance. armed Saddam to the teeth. arming Baghdad lays to rest the moral garbage spewed from the British government. 11 there was a feeling that the American left has largely gone silent. It exposes the hypocrisy of Blain and Bush. with central government support. In the 1990s Attorney General Richard Thornburgh issued a rule ignoring the previous restriction of U. But post-Sept. Justice Department lawyers deprived those charged with drug offenses access to their funds by seizing them and claiming they were the proceeds of a criminal offense—which had not yet been proven. including giving known perjured testimony against others.” “Freedoms envied by the world Are being systematically eroded. France and Russia. Thornburgh defended this order arguing that the ethical rules of the state bars did not apply to Justice Department lawyers. he said.” Comparing the current crisis to the McCarthy era. leader of the Scottish Socialist Party.” said Jacqueline Rose. Attacks Upon Civil Liberties by Justice Department Lawyers In the 1980s. After the success of 19 hijackers on September 11—made possible in part by criminal cover-ups by Justice Department personnel—Justice Department personnel barred people charged with terrorist offenses the right to be identified.” “America established a certain tradition of public dissent. biological and chemical warheads. but this was the worst I can remember. Tommy Sheridan. Congress re- . and supplied Scud mobile launch-pads. said: “The evidence of British armament companies. attorneys talking to defendants represented by legal counsel without the legal counsel being present and without legal counsel’s knowledge. This drives a coach and horses through the moral case for war.Bush II. with the civil rights and feminist and anti-Vietnam movements.

where a lawyer couldn’t meet with a client. a court order was required for prison officials to secretly listen to conversations between defendants held in prison and their lawyers. especially in the culture of endemic lying by government agents. held indefinitely. The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act permits wiretaps to target Americans in the “national interest” or to protect against terrorist acts. and without being allowed to communicate with legal counsel. (Title 28 U. (28 C. social and economic matters affecting the defendant’s position.2. states that lawyers have a duty to provide information not only about the law but also about political. § 501. Stewart violated this regulation. To hold otherwise would be to resurrect the idea of sovereign power rejected by the Constitution itself. § 530 B) In one case. It is outrageous that the indictment alleges as criminal what is clearly protected conduct under the First and the Sixth Amendments to the United States Constitution. district judge Robert G. Tigar wrote: “A defendant’s Sixth Amendment rights can never under any circumstances yield to alleged national security concerns. filed lawsuits attacking this suspension of previously recognized due process. without any supervision or court order. Almost any excuse can be given to meet the vague and allencompassing “national interest” requirement.F. After Justice Department prosecutors indicted Stewart.192 Defrauding America. it was also obvious that Stewart did not understand the interpreter’s statements with the sheik. Doumar stated: I tried valiantly to find a case of any kind. This case sets the most interesting precedent in relation to that which has ever existed in AngloAmerican jurisprudence since the days of the Star Chamber. Rule 1.” .R. U. issued in October 2002. held without charges. Vol. In addition to the possible unconstitutionality of that regulation. Stewart allegedly violated the Special Administrative Measures regulation issued by the Justice Department’s Bureau of Prisons that limits conversations between prison Stewart allowing the interpreter to talk about the cease-fire in effect in Egypt and the Gama’a Islamiya’s position on that with the sheik. the Justice Department officials changed the regulation that permits the Bureau of Prisons to listen in on communications between lawyers and their inmate clients. The American Bar Association Model Rules of Professional Conduct.C.S. In one of his filings on behalf of Stewart.3(d)) Prior to that order.S. Two sponded by enacting legislation to void Thornburgh’s order. Lawyers representing several American citizens arrested after September 11. in any court. Stewart was represented by Michael Tigar who stated of the Justice Department’s attack upon Stewart: Lynne Stewart is not guilty.

issued without the standard notice and request for comments. The basis for these takings was that people in the TSA decided that certain people were security threats. Military officers on those courts are part of the system. and getting a fair trial there would be doubtful. mail carriers. anyone with access to people’s homes. Civil Liberties Taken Following the Preventable 9/11 Disasters Transportation Security Administration (TSA) adopted regulations in January 2003 that required the FAA to either cancel a person’s airman’s certificate. but after the events of 9-11. The Bush team wanted to use service personnel.S. or flight instructor certification have had their licenses revoked. tragedies that they themselves were responsible for helping to bring about. No information was given for support of these actions.S. They decided with great fanfare another program calls TIPS. Of these. That controversial new rule.Bush II. to spy on anyone. Normal defendants rights don’t exist in a criminal tribunal. The Bush administration has shown contempt for basic civil rights after 9-11.000 people from foreign countries seek training and U. which stood for Terrorism Information and Prevention System. was another of the many destructions of constitutional rights that had existed since the enactment of the U. Lies and Iraq 193 In response to orders by Transportation Security Agency personnel. the FAA issued orders in August 2002 barring two airline pilots for Saudi Arabian Airlines from flying to the United States. Bars Two Pilots for Saudi Airline As Security Threats Lawyers Thomas Whalen and Evelyn Sahr told the NTSB that “the sole basis for that revocation was a conclusory letter” from the TSA stating that each of the pilots were a security threat. U. Sources in the TSA and FAA indicates that as of the first of 2003 eleven individuals holding either pilot. utility workers. before military courts.S. The FAA’s role was passive in that they would take these actions upon the request of some bureaucrat in the TSA. Hundreds of people were detained on one or more of three types of charges: (1) alleging to commit a federal crime. Every year nearly 3. (2) those facing depor- . Secret Detentions by the Bush Administration Another disturbing plan by the Bush administration was the secret detention of people held without charges and without access to lawyers. First it was to try everyone charges with ties to terrorism. licenses. partly responsible for the violations of my civil liberties by the same group now wanting to violate everyone’s civil liberties. or withhold it. seven have appealed. mechanics. an all-encompassing word. Media outrage caused the administration to drop that idea. Attacks on Civil Liberties The violations of civil liberties certainly made a record as inflicted upon me. Constitution. Media publicity caused the Bush team to back off. The orders were issued on an alleged basis of an emergency and revoked their pilot certificates.

did not register with the American people. Kristof wrote (New York Times. Carolyn Parrish. I hate those bastards. 2003): Last week a member of the Canadian Parliament for the ruling party.” Turley wrote: “Whereas al-Qaeda is a threat to the lives of our citizens. get colorfully steamed at us. the latest invective comes on top of the prime minister’s spokesman calling George Bush a “moron” last fall.194 Defrauding America. The Sunday Independent newspaper of Ireland polled Dublin residents about whom they feared most. First. something like you being imprisoned indefinitely because you happen to see a bank being robbed! The reason given by Justice Department officials for not revealing the identity and location of people imprisoned under these charges to prevent terrorist groups to learn that some of their members were in custody.” In another morning-after article Nicholas D. This is the President Bush who authorized killing several hundred people in an airliner if some bureaucrat believed that the plane might be hijacked and that it might end up crashing into a building. Jonathan Turley. if they did have. on the argument that they were a witness. were the combination of corrupt activities made possible by the conduct of Presidents Ronald Reagan and George Bush in the 1980s. “Constitutional menace” to the People Professor of constitutional law at George Washington university. 51 percent were saying yes. and taken advantage of by Iraq’s Saddam Hussein. Two. 2002) stated that U. was caught on television declaring: “Damn Americans. March 7. Attorney General John Ashcroft “has moved from merely being a political embarrassment to being a constitutional menace.S. asking Canadians whether they agreed that “Americans are behaving like ‘bastards. illegal.’” The returns aren’t good: as of yesterday. people were imprisoned indefinitely. who had committed no crimes. we know the rest of the world is apoplectic.” Turley wrote that the internment camps proposed by Ashcroft “reflect the same type of extreme theories that led to the Japanese internment camps. they were not proven to have such ties. which enable the corruption to expand to the Italian government-owned bank. and corrupt activities. normally drearily polite.” Then the Toronto Globe and Mail newspaper conducted a poll on its Web site. Vol. writing in the Los Angeles Times (August 14. Ashcroft has become a clear and present threat to our liberties. After all. as usual. In the latter case. “Damn Americans. these prisoners were allowed to mail letters that made that excuse utterly ridiculous. Two tation on immigration charges. and (3) being held as material witnesses. In a survey. When even the Canadians. BNL. I hate those bastards. taking advantage of the inept.” A series of scandals that. Saddam .

Opposing most of the world is the training-wheel president from Midland. called Griswold’s comments “highly offensive. Instead of this experience of 9/11 making us. with no war experience.. We are loathed. and I think the world has every right to loathe us because they see us as greedy. 2003): President Bush did not sound like a man searching for a diplomatic compromise last night at his press conference on Iraq. Lies and Iraq 195 Hussein or George Bush. These include people very sophisticated in war. it’s very clear to me that they sense it will be a complete destabilization of the entire Middle East. who is an Episcopalian. no international experience. And what may be perceived here as a focused attack on one particular country is going to erupt into something involving the whole region. 2003 televised speech appeared in the New York Times (March 7. The article added. former President George H. whose was a failure in virtually every thing he did and had to rely upon the help arising from the senior Bush.” Europeans Look at Bush as Stupid An article in the Knight Ridder Newspapers (February 25. Even in Britain. sophisticated in matters of the Middle East. as it were. Bush. Listening to Anglican voices in the Middle East. spiritual leader of the Episcopal Church in the United States. The result: 60 percent. 2003) . if not the whole world. This is the climate in which we are living. Bush the “greatest threat to world peace. Bush. Conn. The article repeated statements made by Griswold: The only sense of community we have now is shared fear or anxiety. Spiritual Leader of Bush‘s Church Domination Opposed Bush‘s War Mongering The Chicago Sun-Times wrote (February 17. to which Bush was a member. in a new way citizens of the world community bound together in a common sense of vulnerability. 31 in Stamford. Mr. He brushed aside any signs of possible progress that weapons inspectors may have made. Virtually the entire world was against the war plans and actions by President Bush. and my own sense is we always fool ourselves that we think we’re vulnerable. “In a speech Jan.” World Reaction to President Bush‘s Speech A typical newspaper reaction to President Bush‘s March 6. a poll by The Sunday Times of London found that equal numbers called Saddam and Mr. Texas. 2003) an article on statements made during a visit to Chicago by Bishop Frank Griswold. disease and suffering. and repeated his oft-stated conviction that Saddam Hussein would never disarm on his own. self-interested and almost totally unconcerned about poverty. our reaction has been one of bald assertion of our strength and our power. and sophisticated in the consequences of such acts.Bush II.W.

Germany and Saudi Arabia. Bush’s image overseas is taking an even more negative shift—so negative. too. in fact. that a recent British poll ranked the U. “We are not in favor of having a new dictatorship replacing the old one. a growing number of allies are openly opposing war and calling for any military action to be endorsed by the United Nations Security Council. typical of those throughout the world. The freedoms that have made America the envy of the world are being systematically eroded. a leader of the Iraqi Kurds. Bush was a bigger threat!] Smirks at the president’s down-home style and supposed lack of intelligence have largely died down.S. Europeans regarded President Bush as a cowboy. And Jalal Talabani. an opposition group expected [by Bush] to provide support for a military action. [I disagree. that recent polls say Bush is as big a threat as Saddam Hussein. Talabani said during a visit to Turkey. but this is the worst I can remember.S.” America’s Period of Madness Worldwide Warnings and Protests To the Training Wheel President “More U.S. overseas has reached such a level even among our British allies. to support a war. Vol. Allies Issue Warnings About Iraq War” was the headline on a Wall Street Journal article (August 8. said they.S. if one is launched. Two reflected many other foreign newspaper comments: Even before he took office. as the world’s most dangerous nation—ahead of North Korea and Iraq. destruc- . Many Europeans see the Bush administration’s new doctrine of “pre-emptive strike” as a threat to international law and justice and don’t want to see Iraq become the proving ground for the concept. warned the U. Such rhetoric [by Bush] has made European leaders skittish. They also worry that the U. especially Britain. the World’s Most Dangerous Nation An article by Paul Krugman in the New York Times (February 18. a mental lightweight with an itchy trigger finger and a me-first view of the world.196 Defrauding America. 2002).S. Now. with war looming.S. In The Times of London (February 2003). to be replaced by fears that his push for war could hurt Europeans where they live—either because war will widen into world conflict or because it will provoke more terrorist attacks at home. this week that they didn’t’[t support an invasion. 2003) stated “distrust of the U. The Bush administration is counting on allies. author John le Carre wrote.S. would not “blindly” support war.” Mr. Two key allies. The article stated: As the Bush administration weights an attack on Iraq. U. doesn’t have the staying power to ensure regional stability and rebuild Iraq [after the U. “America has entered one of its periods of historical madness.

Powell‘s performance on Friday appeared to fall short of public expectations that he would demonstrate that the threat posed by Iraq under Saddam Hussein was so imminent that the only logical response was war as soon as possible.” he wrote in the Bild newspaper. Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister. forces from airbases in Saud Arabia used for flights to patrol Iraq. Prince Saud. . thought he said no plans exists to expel U.Bush II. Mr. couldn’t use his country to stage an attack on Iraq. Powell promised new intelligence on connections between Iraq and Al Qaeda. Blix when the arms inspector challenged one point of the American intelligence briefing of Feb. In another negative. given Saudi Arabia’s reluctance to support any war in Iraq before progress is made on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. 2002) In Germany. instead produced two significant negatives. is surrounded by advisers whose bellicosity is exceeded only by their political.” (Chronicle Foreign Service. 5. Mr. a former Labor minister. Prince Saud’s remarks had been expected. encapsulated the views of much of the media and intellectual elite in Britain when he wrote. though he did not specifically ask for it. German Chancellor Gerhard Schroder has warned that an attack on Iraq would undermine the war on terrorism. but then did not provide it. also said in an interview with the Associated Press yesterday that the U. Giving his latest report. Gerald Kaufman. And he did not respond to Mr. at least within public view. public opinion is so strongly opposed to an attack that Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder has seized the issue in an attempt to gain needed votes for his embattled reelection bid next month. World Outrage Raises Cost of War on Iraq “World Outrage Raises Cost Of Immediate War On Iraq” was the heading on a New York Times article: The Security Council meeting on Friday that was to be the penultimate step in laying the groundwork for war.S. But neither was he ready to tell the Security Council that inspections had failed as a tool for disarmament. himself. “It would not be thought of as defensive and could destroy the international coalition. Blix indicated that the inspectors were making noteworthy progress in forcing Iraq to make concessions on everything from allied surveillance flights to giving inspectors greater access to Iraqi weapons scientists. “The most intellectually backward American president …” In an article appearing in the Spectator magazine Thursday. “Bush. Blix saw the virtue of taking more time. Lies and Iraq 197 tion]. August 16. Mr. The implication was that Mr. the most intellectually backward American president of my political lifetime.S. military and diplomatic illiteracy.

2003) stated: A long list of pundits who previously supported the Bush administration … have publicly changed their minds. They are finally realizing that Mr. And more people than you would think—including a fair number of people in the Treasury Department. They’ve done the aura-of-inevitability thing—how many times have administration officials claimed to have lined up the necessary votes in the Security Council? They’ve warned other countries that if they oppose America’s will they are objectively pro-terrorist. the Bush group continued to demand that the UN declare Iraq in breach.N.198 Defrauding America. allowing U. At this point it was clear that deposing Saddam has become an obsession. which supposedly supported that claim. Mr.S. yes. providing thousands of pages of documents. Despite repeated statements by UN inspectors that they had not found any prohibited weapons in Iraq. capped by the case of the forged Niger papers. the Pentagon—don’t just question the competence of Mr. These statements were made despite Iraq’s allowing inspectors to continue their ten years of inspections. they believe that America’s leadership has lost touch with reality. or of an active nuclear program. despite constant satellite surveillance. Awesome Arrogance and Vastly Inflated Self-Importance? A Paul Krugman article in the New York Times (March 14. oblivious to the fact that most countries don’t trust their word. and the repeated failure of the White House’ coterie to provide any evidence. Bush and his inner circle. Bush was the wrong man to do the job. to declare Iraq “in further material breach” of disarmament demands and that Baghdad had no intention of cooperating with inspectors. buildings. They’ve made threats. Vol. Yet still the world balks. U. including inspections of private homes and Palace bedrooms. They’ve made promises.S. . and suffering the indignities of thug-like inspectors rushing into palaces. The original reasons given for making Iraq an immediate priority have collapsed. No evidence has ever surfaced of the supposed link with Al Qaeda. Bush‘s inner circle seems amazed that the tactics that work so well on journalists and Democrats don’t work on the rest of the world. If that sounds harsh. And the administration’s eagerness to believe that an Iraqi nuclear program does exist has led to a series of embarrassing debacles. spy planes to fly overhead. Two Never in the World’s History! Never in the world’s history have so many people in so many countries protested the war mongering by young George Bush. detached from any real rationale. the State Department and. consider the debacle of recent diplomacy—a debacle brought on by awesome arrogance and a vastly inflated sense of self-importance. officials presented a resolution to the U. and homes.

But it stopped short of authorizing unilateral measures to punish countries that do. an influential foreign policy newsletter. which is what Rumsfeld is planning. . however. Tellingly. The Nelson Report.” insisted one Bush administration official. even in countries with which the United States is not at war. provided further evidence of an almost reckless policy of the Bush administration. But such incursions are only allowed when the host state is “unwilling or unable” to act against the pirates (in this case. “You can’t violate sovereignty. Bush and his team. was the irresponsibility of Mr. Security Council has forbidden the harboring of terrorists.S. says: “It would be difficult to exaggerate the growing mixture of anger. despair. [That could be used in reverse against the United States in its 50year history of undermining foreign governments. too. without asking anyone’s permission. which does not permit one country to send hit squads into another ([although the United States has done so into Mexico. But that is just what Rumsfeld is proposing. The fallout of such missions becomes even more serious when you consider how the United States would respond to such behavior by another country. Using Special Operations forces as Rumsfeld proposes would also violate international law. Just who will make that call is not clear under this new arrangement. the terrorists).] There is an analogous rule in international law that allows states to hunt down pirates in the waters of another country if that second country fails to do the job. Expanding Wars to Neighboring Countries An article in the San Francisco legal newspaper. Moscow justified the incursion by pointing out that it. Just imagine Germany’s reaction if the Delta Force raided alQaida cells in Hamburg without getting Berlin’s approval.] The United States would no doubt argue that if a country harbors terrorists it effectively defaults on its own sovereignty. is fighting a war against Islamist terror. disgust and fear actuating the foreign policy community in Washington as the attack on Iraq moves closer. their almost childish unwillingness to face up to problems that they don’’ feel like dealing with right now. The U. Daily Journal. sent attack helicopters and fighter planes over the Georgian border to chase Chechen rebels. that originally appeared in the New York Times. giving Washington justification for taking the law into its own hands. Lies and Iraq 199 What really has the insiders panicked. The article stated: Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld recently announced his desire to expand the role of Special Operations forces in the war against al-Qaida. The fact that the Pentagon is considering the move is worrisome because it fits a pattern of power-grabbing by the secretary of defense. The Bush administration complained after Russia.Bush II. and without informing local governments first.

foreign policy today appears confused. Tepperman was a senior editor at Foreign Affairs. What’s frightening was that we are witnessing the evolution of Bush foreign policy firsthand—watching the policy reversals.—and sells Scuds for cash to sustain its wretched economy. and at times self-defeating. North Korea. And no evidence has been presented showing that Saddam Hussein has sold any such arms to terrorists or other nations. The possibility of war with Iraq could unleash acts of antiAmerican violence in the United States or overseas by individual extremists who do not belong to al Qaeda or other Middle Eastern terrorist groups but sympathize with their grievances. al Qaeda: All threaten the peace.” the bulletin said. containment and mutually assured destruction. Vol. and preventing any country or combination of countries from being . inspectors who have yet to find any.200 Defrauding America. hoping for the best outcomes but fearing the consequences of actions taken hastily or without adequate thought of consequence. U. Warnings From Knowledgeable World Sources “Iraq war could spark attacks by rogue terrorists. labeled The National Security Strategy of the United States of America] emphasized unilateralism. already has missiles that can hit Japan. But Iraq has admitted U. Yet the White House says it was willing to talk to North Korea and was using allies to help negotiate a peaceful accord with the country. The Bush Administration was posed for war against Iraq to prevent it from using weapons of mass destruction.S.S.” FBI says (New York Times. intelligence and law enforcement officials say. either alone or with one or two accomplices. preemption. That article was written by Lawrence J. observing inconsistencies. conflicted.N. 2003) described the dire consequences facing the United States as it stated: Not since the darkest days of the Cold War has the world seemed such a dangerous place. however. South Korea—and perhaps the U. Fellow Axis of Evil member North Korea. Two retary of defense. Not Since the Darkest Days of the Cold War A Business Week article (January 20. But unlike the policies that clearly defined America’s strategies in the conflict with the Soviet Union. Tepperman. February 23. has thrown out international arms inspectors. Iraq. Korb was vice president and director of studies at the Council on Foreign Relations and served as assistant secretary of defense from 1981 to 1985. The article said: Sympathizers with al Qaeda or other extreme groups may act. 2003). concedes that it was building nuclear weapons. Korb and Jonathan D. The national security paper [presented by Bush to Congress in the summer of 2002. Lone extremists may operate independently or on the fringes of established extremist groups. “Lone extremists represent an ongoing terrorist threat in the United States.

Wall Street Journal Lying For Bush A Wall Street Journal editorial (February 14. but the case he has presented in recent days seems thin. It offered over $20 billion in outright gift. had to finally state: Nothing would make it easier for President Bush to overcome the nation’s doubts about going to war with Iraq than proof that Saddam Hussein was in league with Osama bin Laden. but it was nearly impossible in heavily armed states such as North Korea. after Iraq. It also threatened economic retaliation against nations that did not go along with Bush’s war mongering. It was hard. and forgiveness of prior debts to Turkey. Even an editorial in the New York Times (February 14. Fixing on the prospect of an American invasion of Iraq as a new justification for such attacks scarcely demonstrates a firm partnership. Those who refused to support Bush‘s war on Iraq were threatened with financial retaliation that included refusal to renew favorable trade agreements. Powell’s contention that a new taped message apparently from Osama bin Laden showed that Al Qaeda and its leader were “in partnership” with Iraq. 2003) was titled. Bush promised up to $30 billion in outright grants or through loans. a paper that supported Bush‘s false statements for months. to buy Mr. Ideology gives way to real politik. This was clearly aimed at China.S. threats to impose trade restrictions. loans. and the administration should stop peddling that line to the American people. 2001.Bush II. . however.S. including outright grants to foreign nations.000 U. for instance. 2003). loans. Paying Bribes to Support War on Iraq In an attempt to get Turkey to become part of Bush‘s war mongering by allowing Bush to place 60. Secretary of State Colin Powell may well believe that the connections are extensive. “Saddam and the Next 9/11. there was little hard evidence of such a connection. The Journal would have been more correct if it had stated a connection between 9/11 and the corruption in government offices that enabled the 19 hijackers to succeed. the Journal publishers were more complicit in the events of 9/11 that could have been by Saddam Hussein. military might. Talk about an axis of evil! In truth. and the Administration goes stumbling up the learning curve. and also the fear of being attacked next. or forgiveness of prior loans. especially in a tape larded with disparaging gibes at the “infidelity” of Iraq’s “socialist “leaders. In that respect. military personnel in Turkey to facilitate the war upon the Iraqi people. Preemption may be possible in a militarily weak country such as Iraq. Talk about imperial reach. or forgiveness of prior loans. Bush sought support for his war mongering by bribes. Lies and Iraq 201 allowed to ever match U. and the Journal’s role in covering up for that corruption for many years.” and was implying that there was a connection between Saddam Hussein and the success of 19 hijackers on September 11.

Bush Administration Ignoring Greater Threats Complicity in Deception and Lying by Most Members of Congress Many people were implicated. they all were guilty as the primary perpetrators. Bush then said that if Mexico or other countries oppose the United States. Under federal conspiracy statutes. And most members of Congress were especially guilty of these matters. but they created a political firestorm in Mexico. Like little children. In President Bush‘s Monday interview with Copley New Service he alluded to the possibility of reprisals if Mexico didn’t vote America’s way. media. Two appearances before a joint session of Congress after the events of September 11 showed a comical display. to avoid bringing dishonor on government institutions and themselves. 2003) stated: Last week The Economist quoted an American diplomat who warned that if Mexico didn’t vote for a U. Like robots. or encouraged them to remain quiet. they clapped and stood up following almost every sentence spoken by Bush and written by his speechwriter. regardless of the hollow nature. saying.202 Defrauding America. with varying degrees of culpability.S. Most Pakistanis hate the United States. . they jumped to their feet and clapped after almost every sentence uttered by Bush and written by his speechwriters.S. in developing nuclear weapons. and with a sudden change in leadership could become a great threat to the United States than almost any other small country.” And Mr. or that there was no substance behind them. “I don’t expect there to be significant retribution from the government”—emphasizing the word “government. resolution it could “stir up feelings” against Mexicans in the United States. Everyone that had responsibility was unsupportive. in providing North Korea help in building and operating a facility used for uranium enrichment. It was like some God speaking from heaven. A Paul Krugman syndicated article in the New York Times (March 7. The same people in congress and the media who covered up for drug smuggling by the CIA and other criminal and even subversive activities covered up for the lies by President Bush. Like Clapping Robots Members of Congress either aided and abetted the Bush lies. Vol. Virtually every sentence spoken by Bush—repeating what his speechwriters had written—was followed by members of Congress jumping to their feet and clapping. Two Pakistan played a key role in supporting the Taliban. It didn’t matter what was stated. Members of Congress. Pakistan is also not a signatory to the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty and exports banned material. “there will be a certain sense of discipline.” These remarks went virtually unreported by the everprotective U. or remained quiet rather than expose them for what they were.

It appears to be in contravention of international law and the U.” Dean had stated a few days earlier that the United Nations Security Council should continue weapons inspections as long as they were making progress toward disclosure. if it materializes. 2003). or any other nation. “On the brink of war:” To contemplate war was to think about the most horrible of human experience.N. (New York Times. February 26. making many countries around the globe . the House majority leader. This was no simple attempt to defang a villain. and I think it was outrageous.” Delay told reporters in his Capitol office that the Democrats were pursuing a “reckless strategy” in fighting the war and criticizing President Bush for trying to wage a unilateral war. Dean disqualified himself for national leadership by suggesting that the decision to go to war should be made by the U. “If he wants to be president of the United States. 2003) was one of the few newspapers that contained a shortened part of the speech Byrd gave in Congress. The San Francisco Chronicle (February 20. On this February day. can legitimately attack a nation that was not imminently threatening. but which may be threatening in the future. represents a turning point in U. We stand passively mute in the Senate today. every American on some level must be contemplating the horrors of war. seemingly stunned by the sheer turmoil of events. No. as this nation stands at the brink of battle.N. And it was being tested at a time of worldwide terrorism. this coming battle. foreign policy and possibly a turning point in the recent history of the world.Bush II.S. There was no debate. under the heading.” Delay said Dr. paralyzed by our own uncertainty. Lies and Iraq 203 Those Recognizing the Truth Labeled as Unpatriotic Representative Tom DeLay. at an unfortunate time—the doctrine of pre-emption. Charter. he lacks the sound judgment needed for responsible national leadership. There was no attempt to lay out for the nation the pros and cons of this particular war. He either doesn’t know what he’s talking about when he says we’re going to take unilateral action. This nation was about to embark upon the first test of a revolutionary doctrine applied in an extraordinary way. or he’s just misleading the American people and his party.. or he’s seriously uninformed. There was no discussion. This was no small conflagration that we contemplate. but subject the United States to decisions by the U.N. Delay stated: “I saw his speech on C-Span. calling them “the appeasement party of the future. One Lone Courageous Member of Congress Spoke Out The primary and outspoken exception to the congressional coverups and cowardice relating to Bush‘s war determination was Senator Robert Byrd. no small matter—the idea that the United States. dreadfully silent. lambasted on the floor of the House former Vermont Governor Howard Dean and other Democrats for opposing a war upon the Iraqi people. And yet this chamber was for the most part ominously.

peaceloving. Was our attention span that short? Have we not learned that after winning the war. particularly in a world where globalism has tied the vital economic and security interests of so many nations so closely together? There are huge cracks emerging in our time-honored alliances. misinformation. or some other nation’s hit list. this administration has split traditional alliances. High-level administration figures recently refused to take nuclear weapons off the table when discussing a possible attack on Iraq. This administration has not finished the first war against terrorism. There was no other word. Anti-Americanism based on mistrust. labeling and name-calling of the sort that reflects quite poorly on the intelligence and sensitivity of our leaders and which will have consequences for years to come. It has turned the patient art of diplomacy into threats. To whom do we propose to hand the reins of power in Iraq after Saddam Hussein”? Will our war inflame the Muslim world. This administration has called into question the traditional worldwide perception of the United States as being a well-intentioned peacemaking. peace-keeping nation. These types of crude insensitivities can do our great nation no good. intentions are suddenly subject to damaging worldwide speculation.S. labeling whole countries as evil. precious little. Yet this chamber was hauntingly silent. resulting in devastating attacks on Israel? Will Israel retaliate with its own very potent nuclear arsenal? What are we about to unleash here? The genie was getting out of the bottle.S. leaders was fracturing the once solid alliance against global terrorist. which existed after September 11.204 Defrauding America. calling heads of state Pygmies. This administration has turned the patient art of diplomacy on its head. one must also secure the peace? Yet we hear little. U. denigrating powerful European allies as irrelevant. hauntingly silent on what was possibly the eve of horrific infliction of death and destruction on the population . In foreign policy. crippling entities such as the United Nations and NATO. possibly crippling for all time international order. and about what was happening to the United Nations. many of the pronouncements made by this administration are outrageous. Can it ever be put back? Frankly. suspicion and alarming rhetoric from U. One wonders what was going to happen. Vol. about the aftermath of war in Iraq. What could be more destabilizing? What could be more world shattering? What could be more future shuttering” what could be more unwise than this kind of uncertainty. and yet it was eager to embark on another conflict with perils much greater than those in Afghanistan. 2001. Two wonder if they will soon be on our hit list.

who voted against the resolution in 2002 authorizing President Bush to wage war upon Iraq. Another member of Congress willing to talk out against the bizarre conduct of the Bush administration was House Majority Leader Representative Dick Armey. Then rafters should ring. This war was not necessary at this time. In one instance he led a congressional attack on the Homeland Security Act of 2002 by including language in it that prohibits Justice Department personnel from creating a plan for neighbors reporting on neighbors. What was said about that? This chamber was silent—silent. There will be children. volunteers. Lies and Iraq 205 of the nation of Iraq. The use of biometric identifiers and Social Security numbers with these cards is not consistent with a free society. little boys and girls. Our challenge was now to find a graceful way out of a box of our own making. TIPS author- . there are going to be old me dying. this chamber was silent. When it was possibly only days before we send thousands of our own citizens to face unimagined horrors of chemical and biological warfare. Military Might Against a Nation of Children!] Iraq has a population of which over 50 percent was under age 15. The press galleries should be filled. who have access to a person’s home. Yes. postal employees. [U.S. to spy on them and to report their suspicions to the Justice Department personnel. Our mistake was to put ourselves in a corner so quickly. questions to which the American people out there have a right to expect answers. out of 104. Pressure appears to be having a good result in Iraq. There will be women dying.” Operation Tips would have allowed anyone. I truly must question the judgment of any president who can say that a massive unprovoked military attack on a nation which was over 50 percent children was in the highest moral traditions of our country. if this war goes forward in Iraq. Senator Robert Byrd was a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee and was among 23 senators. dying. He stated: Section 760 of the Homeland Security Act was amended to read: “Any and all activities of the Federal Government to implement the proposed program of the Citizen Corps known as Operation TIPS (Terrorism Information and Prevention System) are hereby prohibited.Bush II. Senators should be at their seats listening to questions being asked about this war.” He also added a section stating: “The federal government will not have the authority to nationalize drivers’ licenses and other ID cards. and service people. The American people are longing for information and they are not getting it. This chamber was silent. And American men and women will die. It would have allowed federal law enforcement agents to violate constitutional protections of warrants or subpoenas before starting an investigation or search. too. Think about that.

” President Hosni Mubarak has made his position clear for months that an attack on Iraq could let loose a virulently radical backlash across a region already incensed by the Israel crackdown in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. “The area is pregnant with tension. dismissed the bid to improve America’s image in the region.S. ized the invasion of homes by government snoops. 2002. that an attack upon Iraq “could turn the whole region into a caldron and thus destroy the war on terrorism. Osman said in an interview. an justified war should not be in the cards.” Risking a World War I Scenario World War I started with a seemingly unrelated local matter.” The article said the plan “confirmed the belief long held in the region of how Israel currently controls the decision-making process in the U.” The TIPS program was similar to that used in the former Soviet Eastern Block countries where people snitched on each other. Young President Bush‘s war upon a Middle East country has all the ingredients for World War III and personal and physical devastation upon the United States and its people as they never before had experienced. and we don’t need more tension. Former secretaries of state Henry Kissinger and Zbigniew Brzezinski voiced similar opinions. which will definitely spill over beyond the area. We have our hands full. which also provided compensation and getting on the good side of government personnel. And these consequences .” Mr. Warmongering Destroying the War on Terrorism Destroying Stability in Middle East Reflecting the deterioration in relations with Egypt was a New York Times article (December 17. justice and transparency. “If America wishes to keep its credibility in the area. former national security advisor Brent Scowcroft on the first President Bush‘s administration said during a television appearance on Sunday. We feel a military strike could unleash violence and terrorism. Nothing in this Act shall be construed to authorize the development of a national identification system or card. Two In the United States. Anyone thought to be involved in possible terrorist could be imprisoned indefinitely without charges being filed or access to a lawyer. “given that it lacks a honesty. Egypt has made it clear that it will not contribute troops or active military support to a second gulf war. 2002) titled. TIPS sounded OK. Egypt is pressing the United States to give the United Nations inspectors enough time to do their work. The TIPS program was described as “a national system for reporting suspicious and potentially terroristrelated activity. “Egypt-U. the government-owned daily. and then soon escalated into World War I. Relationship Is Strained by Iraq Crisis” and stated: An article in Al Akhbar.206 Defrauding America.S. August 18. Vol.

Lies and Iraq 207 were forewarned by world leaders and knowledgeable people and recognized by people in government. the United States was continuing to bomb Iraq facilities. After six years of continuing inspections in a country the size of California with a fraction of the land developed. and in some cases rushing in like a gang of ATF thugs breaking into the homes of U. Plight of Iraqi People—Made Worse By America Iraqi citizens and government personnel had been repeatedly humiliated by UN inspections that commenced in 1991 and in 2003 were continuing. The Times article stated: United Nations weapons inspectors made a surprise visit today to a university in the Kurdish region of northern Iraq. 2003).] Humiliating the Iraqi People for Over a Decade For six years following 1991.Bush II. Now was it clear what the rationale was behind it. Enduring Years of Humiliating Inspections Iraq was endured the humiliation of having gangs of UN inspectors barging into homes. which wasn’t even under Iraq control. Iraq endured continuous inspections by UN inspectors. over and over again. the inspectors learned from their visit. In one instance reported in the New York Times (February 3. These are the type of horror that Bush and his supporters in government. Could bedrooms produce weapons of mass destruction when the best of the United States . citizens. onto school campuses. UN inspectors made a surprise inspection of a campus laboratory in the Kurdish region of northern Iraq. [There was another side to that story. While the inspections were ongoing. if anything. which represents a population that Iraq attacked with chemical weapons in the 1980’s.S. and its implied suggestion that Kurds might be collaborating with Mr. one could assume that there were no prohibited weapons of mass destruction. most of whom were women and children. even the humiliation of inspectors appearing unannounced to inspect bedrooms of various castles. During the 1991 attack upon Iraq two American missiles penetrated a bomb shelter killing 408 people. They were cremated alive and the site was made into a memorial where ceremonies were held every year. But the unexpected visit to a busy campus. It was not clear what. The consequences should have been recognized by the American people. in the media. Hussein to produce or hide weapons of mass destruction. searching two campus laboratories before being stopped by local officials and returning to the part of Iraq under Saddam Hussein‘s control. UN inspectors barged into holy places. except for a short period when Iraq finally had enough and ordered inspectors out of the country. especially those shouting for war upon a people living in poverty conditions—as the United States inflicted upon the Vietnamese and other people eking out a bare living. continued to bar Iraq from flying its own aircraft over its own land. into Iraq castles and bedrooms. and much of the Republican Party want to duplicate. infuriated the local Kurdish government.

Two required large industrial plants to do the same! Iraq kept stating they had no weapons of mass destruction. the United Nations demanded that Iraq produce a list of various sites where certain weapon production had occurred. What bodies?” the major replied. this is nonsense. some of them first their weapons from first world war-style trenches.000 pages. “So they will give us only ten days to give up all we have? Really.S. with weapons of mass destruction dwarfing anything that Iraq had. and the Bush people kept stating he was lying.” Reporter Patrick Sloyan stated that U. war machine. how do you prove a negative! At the pushing of the Bush White House. Thousands of Iraqi soldiers. we could have killed thousands. Daniel and the world would learn why the dead had eluded eyewitnesses. slaughtered thousands of retreating Iraqis who were willing to surrender. Infantry Division Big Red One “had attacked an estimated 8. that the United States had evidence that he had these (but would never produce the evidence. And when the 12. “I came through right after the lead company. an army major.” Daniel wondered what happened to the estimated 6. hundreds of times more powerful than Iraq’s. scornfully stated. Months later. Iraq presented a list. Forces Reported by Britain’s The Guardian The Brave U.000 page lists was submitted to the United Nations. For all I know. Just behind the tanks. the Bush White House seized and withheld 8. We are doing our utmost. from 1991. 2003) stated: How the Mass Slaughter of a Group of Iraqis Went Unreported. Vol.” Mass Slaughter by U.000 Iraqis with 3. straddling the trench line. “What I saw was a bunch of filled-in trenches with people’s arms and legs sticking out of them.208 Defrauding America. “We can’t do more!” The Iraqi envoy. or ever had.S. cameras and video footage.000 Iraqi defenders who had vanished. An article in The Guardian in London (February 14.000 Abrams main battle tanks.” said Colonel .000 pages! Throughout the Middle East. even when asked by the United Nations). The tanks had flanked the lines so that tons of sand from the plough spoil had funneled into the trenches. came Bradleys pumping machine-gun bullets into Iraqi troops. “Where are the bodies?” he finally asked the First Division’s public affairs officer.S. had been buried by ploughs mounted on Abrams tanks. The Bush people stated Iraq had to prove they didn’t have any weapons of mass destruction. the only country engaging in military action against another country was Israeli. and Bush stated Iraq was hiding their weapons of mass destruction by giving too detailed a list. over 12. Mohammed Aldouri. We can’t do more.

. • Received over one-third of all U. • Routinely and knowingly kills innocent women and children in its occupied territory. that the country was the only one in the Middle East: • That had nuclear weapons. • Had repeated defied 69 UN Security Council resolutions.S. The media was more duped than cowed. for hours. More than 70 operating outside the pool system were arrested. service personnel and wounding almost 200.S. where war planes had destroyed thousands of vehicles in which Iraqi soldiers had fled after the start of the ground war. Washington.C. or forcibly removed film from cameras that captured images deemed offensive by an Army public affairs officer. For all I know. Lies and Iraq 209 Anthony Moreno. aid. to spy on the United States. first denying it and then admitting it. • Attacked a U. in defiance of UN Security Council resolutions. The slower ones were arrested. For independent journalists. we could have killed thousands. Reporters and photographers would bolt from the table. life was much more difficult.S. • Had the second most powerful lobby in the United States according to a Fortune magazine survey of Washington insiders. • Blew up an American diplomatic facility in Egypt. National Defense University. The area was free of the military handlers who routinely interrupted interviews to chastise soldiers into changing their statements while reporters stood back. threatened at gunpoint or chased from the front line. David. “What you saw as a bunch of buried trenches with people’s arms and legs sticking out of them. as he referred to Israel.S. a Saudi town on the Iraqi border. • Whose high-ranking military officers publicity admitted that unarmed prisoners were tortured and executed.” Most of the grisly photos from Desert Storm seen today were the work of independent journalists who raced to the “Highway of Death” north of Kuwait.Bush II. USS Liberty. stated.S. killing 34 U. D. and protected Israel from 29 others by exercising veto power. James J. Army public affairs offices made nightly visits to hotels and restaurants in Hafir al Batin. • That used a spy. Cheney won over some people with the promise that places in the pool would give them an advantage over competitors. • Assassinated a high-ranking UN diplomat. ISRAEL: the Primary Cause for Terrorism U. In an interview appearing in the Reporters Notebook retired brigadier general and graduate of the U. Army’s Command and General Staff College. detained. Jonathan Pollard. warship. • That had seized the sovereign territory of another nation and was occupying it by military force.

000 homes in Palestine. 5. who were backed by Israeli forces. women and children in the occupied territory. while Mr. warning that American officials risked a similar fate over wars in Afghanistan or even Vietnam. Israel‘s Continued Testing Of Ballistic Missile Israel’s ballistic missile system was referenced in an Aviation Week & Space Technology article (January 6. According to Israeli officials. and British estimates are 6012 launchers and 12-20 missiles. including nine children. instead of interception accuracy this test was to focus on the sequential launch of multiple missiles against multiple targets. At issue is a 1993 Belgian law allowing the courts “universal jurisdiction” over crimes against humanity or war crimes. Iran. Refused to sign the Oslo Accords requiring the halt of Jewish settlements in the occupied territory. February 14. Sharon indirectly responsible. Arrow tests are conducted at Palmachim AB south of Tel Aviv. Netanyahu summoned Belgium’s ambassador to Israel to receive a protest. Mr. Two Received weapons from the United States to kill innocent men. 2003) The article stated: Israel recalled its ambassador from Brussels. Vol. The Israeli case is one of many pending in Belgium that involve alleged violations of human rights. Human rights groups were delighted by the Belgium court’s decision. killing 15 civilians. Cited by Amnesty International for demolishing over 4. (New York Times. He resigned his post but was not prosecuted. An Israeli commission later held Mr. U. The . Mr. In an interview. Syria and Libya have active ballistic missile programs that the Israelis also consider threatening Israel‘s Leader Charged With War Crimes Belgium’s highest court rules that Belgium could try Prime Minister Ariel Sharon for war crimes once he leaves office. Dropped a massive smarts bomb into a heavily populated area in the occupied territory. They hailed it as permitting victims of genocide and war crimes to pursue justice regardless of where the crimes took place. 2003) Israel‘s military had planned to conduct the 10th tests of its $2billion Arrow ballistic missile defense system on Jan. Sharon and a senior official in the Defense Ministry.S. Israeli intelligence officials content that Iraq has six mobile Scud launchers and 20-60 missiles. are being sued by survivors of a 1982 massacre of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon by Lebanese Christian militias. Sharon was Israel‘s defense minister at the time of the massacre in the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps. Mr.210 • • • • Defrauding America. Amos Yaron. Netanyahu said that the court’s ruling was a blow to the idea of international law.

S. Consequences for the Iraqi People? Tens of thousands of innocent Iraqi men. But this surreal prospect has entered the broad realm of the possible. which led the news throughout the Arab world but got little notice elsewhere. warplanes. bombing of the al-Amiriya shelter in Baghdad. which claimed the lives of 403 people. Look at what the United States has helped Israel acquire. The Bushes’ as War Crime Defendants? “Bushes on Trial?” was the heading on a Wall Street Journal article (March 28. blown apart. his son worries he may be next. Back in Washington.S. the retired general famous for Operation Desert Storm. Lies and Iraq 211 court’s ruling on Wednesday accorded serving high officials immunity. thanks to a Belgian law that gives that nation’s courts the authority to try anyone for alleged crimes against humanity committed anywhere. but implied that they could be pursued once they left office. the law. In the suits filed last week. As the war in Iraq continues and civilian casualties mount.S. Nuclear weapons (denied to every other small country). The Bush administration. tanks.” Mr. however exotic.-led war on Iraq was getting under way. concerned about just such a state of affairs last year declined to endorse the International Criminal Court at The Hague. Last week. 13. and children killed. has said it believed the site was a military command center. weapons. . officials. 2003): It is 2004. Bush but also Secretary of State Colin Powell. Bush and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld for alleged atrocities committed during the current war.W. Lawyers in Brussels are marshalling evidence to file a complaint against George W. It sounds like Saddam Hussein‘s fantasy—and it probably is just that.Bush II. 1991. The U.S. incinerated by U. and the first President Bush is in a Belgian court for alleged war crimes committed during the 1991 Gulf War. has stoked wider fears of a kind of open season on U. “We have cautioned our Belgian colleagues that they need to be very careful about this kind of effort. The American people? Oblivious to what they enabled their leaders to perpetrate on a basis of lying that was too obvious not to have been recognized by anyone with the most basic intelligence. women. the Iraqis blamed the four men for the Feb. heavy weapons. representatives of seven Iraqi families who say they lost loved ones in the first Gulf War arrived at Belgium’s hulking Palaais de Justice and filed a complaint naming not just George H. even as the U. Vice President Dick Cheney and Norman Schwarzkopf. Powell said tensely at a recent NATO meeting.

212 Defrauding America. Vol. Two .

Acquiring Nuclear Weapons Denied by U. Israel. including missiles. Contempt for the lives in the Occupied Land Israel destroyed Palestinian homes. invaded part of Transjordan known as the West Bank and had occupied it ever since. Israel invaded the West Bank in what was Transjordan and occupied the land every since as an occupying army. They were never paid for the homes that were taken. In 1967. leaders have provided billions of dollars every year to Israel. During this time Israel humiliated and murdered Palestinians. U. and tanks.S. airplanes. while the United States denies to others the right to not only build nuclear weapons but the right to built nuclear power plants.S.S. U. Then in 1967. to Others Israel acquired dozens of nuclear weapons with the help of the United States. using war material furnished by the United States.CHAPTER SEVEN U. Israel Ignoring United Nations Sanctions Despite United Nations resolutions for Israel to withdraw. bombs. Fueling much of this terrorism was the invasion and occupation of what was then known as Transjordan and later called the West Bank. rockets—against the stone-throwing Palestinians. Their determination to permanently was shown by the building of dozens of Jewish settlements in the occupied territory. jets.S. showing its contempt for the UN. They used massive military tanks to level living units. threw out Palestinians and put Jewish settlers in them. that Israel then used against the virtually defenseless and impoverished Palestinians. Israel has used massive military equipment. interests started escalating. over 750. tanks. with virtually nothing to the surrounding countries or the Palestinians. Misconduct Breeding Worldwide Terrorism oward the latter part of the twentieth century terrorist acts against U.000 Palestinians fled or were forced out of their homes. leaders approved and aided Israel in getting nuclear arms. Israel continued to build settlements in the occupied territory. Fueling the terrorism against the United States was its massive arming of Israel. while simultaneously T . crushing the inhabitants.S. including children and infants. During the 1948 war in which Israel seized land now known as Israel.

S. which knowingly increased worldwide hatred for the United States and generated people willing to give up their lives to inflict harm upon U. Many of my sources who flew drug-laden aircraft into the United States for the CIA during the 1980s described Israel’s . including children and infants. and other media called the Israeli attacks as war crimes. 2002) stated: Sharon’s hard line was an unprecedented slap at the Bush administration. his wife and family.S. interests and kill Americans. interests. despicable crimes. An article in the San Francisco Chronicle (March 27. (Wall Street Journal. which gives Israel $2. Liberty. “Israel gets OK to ruin houses. Liberty.S. attack on Iraq will harden. Two threatening neighboring countries for trying to get arms. and caused conditions to exist by their occupation of the West Bank and the Gaza strip that played a key role in the hatred of the United States. But President Bush supported Israel. officials’ response was merely to turn the other cheek. knowing that the residents would be crushed. indicating they are unwilling to criticize Sharon. was televised by CNN. 2002) headlined. and 13 other children. Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak called the killings.” The news reports by CNN. If Sharon can get away with so publicly defying the United States.S. funded military to kill sailors on the U. West Bank. August 5. Buoyed by the power of the Israeli lobby in the United States. Israel shows contempt for U. 2002).S. would be killed.S.S.S.S.” Israel Massacre at Jenin Israel‘s killing in Jenin. and the Arab world’s opposition to any future U. 2002. Vol.8 billion per year in military and economic aid. three Israeli cable companies cancelled their CNN links. Israel Contempt for U. Court allows action in time of war without warning. killing a Hamas leader. which continued even after Israel used its U. knowing that innocent people. In one such example. furnished by the United States. As a result. A New York Times article (August 7.214 Defrauding America.S. the [Israel] Supreme Court gave the army approval to destroy without notice the homes of 43 families related to suicide bombers.S. Israel had used military weapons. and were killed. an Israel jet fighter fired a missile into a highly concentrated civilian area during the nights. … U. then Arab cooperation with the war on terrorism may weaken.” The article stated: Saying Israel was in the middle of a war [military occupation of the West Bank]. BBC. Israel had been receiving nearly $3 billion dollars per year in military and economic aid. Lives It was Israel that deliberately killed dozens of U. to kill thousands of Palestinians. Firing Huge Explosives Into Dense Residential Areas Israel had repeatedly fired massive explosives into dense residential areas. Israel routinely flattens occupied homes. navy sailors on the U. on July 22.

Subversion of the Iranian Government I was staying in Tehran in August 1953 when the CIA-engineered overthrow the Iranian premier. and would be followed by many others. 2002) described Israel‘s use of human shields by military personnel in the occupied territory. My Experience in the Middle East I resided in Ramallah and Jerusalem several times over a two-year period in the 1950s while flying Muslim pilgrims from such places as Beirut. Tehran. one of the most publicized cases being Jonathan Pollard. The article stated: The Israeli soldiers strapped a bulletproof vest on a Palestinian teenager and ordered him to approach a house where a Hamas militant was hiding. though it’s not clear who pulled the trigger. which of course cannot be condoned. Israeli ‘Human Shield’ policy Criticized An Associated Press report (August 16. Troops then flattened the house with bulldozers. That was one of many subversions of foreign governments since the end of World War II. but in 2003. The operation outraged Palestinians and sparked a sharp debate in Israel over a tactic the army has used for years. Palestinians say. Baghdad.S. As he neared the house in the West Bank village of Tubas on Wednesday night.000 Palestinians fled or were forced out of .U. a 19-year-old Nidal Daraghmeh. Despite the horror of these acts of desperation. I visited Palestinian refugee camps a number of times and was saddened by their plight—which only grew worse with time. Any U. was shot in the back of the head and killed. Misconduct Breeding Worldwide Terrorism 215 parallel drug smuggling instead the United States. Soldiers have in some instances forced Palestinian civilians to enter homes believed to be booby-trapped.” Critics say the army is using Palestinians as “human shields.S. as the United States invaded Iraq. politician who seriously opposes Israel risks being targeted at the next election for elimination. The army calls it the “neighbor procedure. In Iran During the U. the desperate Palestinians resorted to suicide bombings. it claimed—without any on-site reports—that Iraq military was using Iraqi people as shields. some covert. to Jeddah and Medina. Jerusalem.S. took place. with instructions to bring out everyone insider. Without the massive military weapons Israel had. over 750. Israel has a cadre of spies in the United States. Mohammed Mossadegh. the practice arose from the deliberate acts of Israel and the United States.” Palestinians say the practice has been used more frequently during the past 2 months of fighting. The White House said nothing about that Israel practice. and some by open military action. During the 1948 war in which Israel fought to acquire the land as the state of Israel. Abandan. I resided at times in most of these locations. killing the Hamas militant. Resorting to Suicide Bombing in Desperation.

Two their homes in what is now Israel. The guy that was running the operation. his wife and family. One of the main reasons why the country needed to be stabilized.S. Vol. U. Israel invaded the West Bank in what was Transjordan and had occupied the land ever since with a brutal occupying army. and why its leader asked for Soviet help. During one question and answer session (September 16. 2002. on July 22. Gunther Russbacher described to me how he and other CIA personnel were in Afghanistan about a year before the Soviet military entered. was Stan Barker (sp). showing the price paid by the American people for the power of the Israel lobby in the United States. the Soviet Union had its military in Afghanistan. Showing its intent to stay forever. killing many innocent people with the weapons provided by U. and 13 other children. . The Israel-Palestine conflict formed the basis for most major acts of terrorist against the United States. Role in Afghanistan and Its Blowback From 1980 to 1989. GR: No. killing a Hamas leader. Stich: Apparently the CIA was unhappy about the King having ties to the Soviet Union? GR: Precisely. Then in 1967.216 Defrauding America. and training to people in Afghanistan seeking to overthrow the king of Afghanistan? GR: Yes they were. 2002) Russbacher provided the following information: Stich: Was the CIA furnishing funds. an Israel jet fighter fired a missile into a highly concentrated residential area during the night. Israel built dozens of Jewish settlements in the occupied territory. he was DIA. They were backing one or two factions trying to take over the country. In one such example. Contempt for the lives of the Occupied Land Israel used military jets and heavy tanks to fire missiles and drop bombs into heavily occupied residential areas in the West Bank. arms. was the destabilization by the United States through the CIA. Stich: He was CIA. leaders. as far as arms shipments and things like that. [Defense Intelligence Agency] Stich: Do you know how long this was going on before the Soviet military went into Afghanistan? GR: About 36 months. I presume.S. asked in by Afghanistan’s leader to stabilize the country.

Surface-To-Air Missiles One common way to inflict physical damage.S. Cities Very little attention had been given in the United States to what may be the most terrifying weapon in the hands of terrorists. when enough people throughout the world are outraged by the conduct of U. But there are far worst weapons to be used by terrorists that were recognized and forewarned in the late 1990s. while with others. Exploding Suitcase Nuclear Bombs in U. thousands of government personnel in aviation safety offices have the duty to cause these preventative measures to be taken. hundreds of deaths at a time. are surface to air missiles. The means to prevent this type of terrorist act are easily accomplished. and national fear.S. massive economic damage. These so-called “suitcase” nuclear devices can be M . preventative measures can be easily taken. For some. In Africa many aircraft have been shot down with these missiles. leaders. and one of the worst examples occurred with the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center. prevention will be very difficult. With the availability of terrorist tools. including obvious weapons and including methods of transportation that can be used to inflict massive physical damage.CHAPTER EIGHT Forms of Terrorism Against United States any forms of terrorism can be used against U. the suitcase nuclear bombs. and the need has been obvious during 40 years of fatal hijackings. or fear. airliners have been hijacked and the occupants killed by causing the aircraft to crash.S. For instance. But this fact has been covered up by government personnel—a practice that I had seen as a federal aviation safety agent and then private investigator for many years. there will be many successful terrorist acts that cannot be prevented. perpetrated with the knowledge and approval of the public. many deaths. Explosives Explosives have been the most common weapons used by terrorists. It is very probable that the downing of TWA Flight 800 shortly after leaving New York for Europe was a surface-to-air missile. interests worldwide. the opportunity for terrorist acts are many. Further.

In this clandestine capacity. execution style. His students came from U.S. city. agencies and from foreign governments. Smuggling of Suitcase Nuclear Bombs The Lithuanian officials who provided this information to Idema first learned about the shipment of Russian nuclear material and suitcase nuclear devices after eight Lithuanian border guards were shot dead. Mission in Haiti. He learned about this situation while training and advising Lithuanian and Russian military and police personnel. and easily hidden and can cause personal and property destruction and hysteria unlike anything ever seen in the United States. Idema learned from these sources that Russia’s suitcase nuclear devices were disappearing and were being sold by Russian intelligence and crime groups to terrorist groups. Agency for International Development. every effort must be made to intelligently investigate the source of and the destination of stolen suitcase portable nuclear devices. Two easily carried like a suitcase.S. They included persons from the U. on August 1. He later conducted counter-terrorist conventions called Spec-Ops Expo. who looked upon Idema as a celebrity because of his Special Forces background and counterterrorism expertise. to train their police commandos. An American Green Beret described to me what he discovered about suitcase nuclear devices being removed from former Soviet weapon warehouses and sold to terrorists and rogue states. he operated a private training school for counter-terrorism and hostage rescue. They wanted to learn more about western style police. being used in a covert role. and counter-terrorism techniques. operating under the group name of Counter Group Academy. the SWAT teams for the Statute of Liberty rededication. 1991. Keith Idema had been highly trained in the U. Army’s Green Berets and Special Operations sections. the capitol of Lithuania. and the elite guard group for the U. Department of the Interior. inside sources confirm that in the 1980s Idema was sheep-dipped. . J. Because of the calamitous consequences of even one backpack nuclear device being detonated in a U. During the Lithuanian revolution Idema developed close friendships with several Lithuanian government and military officials. Vol.S.218 Defrauding America. His expertise in counter-terrorism caused military and intelligence people to invite Idema to conduct teaching seminars in Moscow and Lithuania. or backpack. acting as a civilian but actually still connected to the Army’s Special Operations Forces.S. Although Idema denies it. military. and they invited him to visit them in Vilnius. This friendship caused several of them to provide Idema with information about nuclear weapon sales by Russia’s KGB and Russian Mafia figures. which had frequent enrollments by military and intelligence personnel from throughout the world. Nuclear Material and Suitcase Nuclear Devices Sold to Terrorists During these visits and training sessions Idema became friendly with Russian and Lithuanian dignitaries. Navy SEALs.S.

and that KGB officials and GRU operatives were key players in the smuggling operations. that the guards were killed by Russian security forces known as OMON.Forms of Terrorism Against United States 219 The senior commissar of the Lithuanian Interpol and Criminal Police. and working with Russian mobsters. A Lithuanian anti-terrorist commander under (ARAS) then waited for the scheduled shipment. When they spotted two trucks crossing the border with Russia they followed until reaching a designated point where the trucks were halted. Rimkevicius discovered that OMON was working with the KGB. he was approached by a high ranking KGB officer in the Soviet ministry who showed Idema several dozen highly classified documents revealing the removal of several dozen SADMs from the Soviet nuclear inventory under Russian Army control and transferred to the KGB 12th Directorate. Simultaneously. This source described to Idema how the smuggling operation . conducted an investigation with Idema. they found crates filled with hundreds of pieces of a shiny bright metal (beryllium). Lithuania police arrested two men who had in their possession a Russian made AKS-74 rifle that had the serial number belonging to one of the murdered Lithuanian guards. Upon investigating the truck’s contents. and such terrorist groups as the Iranian-backed Hezbollah. some of which contained parts of four disassembled Soviet portable nuclear bombs (SADMs) and uranium (U-235) for detonating them. Several months later. cylinders and undistinguishable parts. Further. other sources were providing Idema information about the Abu Nidal and Hezbollah terrorists. Developing Information About Terrorist Activities Rimkevicius and Idema became good friends. and the assistance provided to these two groups by the Russian KGB. Idema believed that the guards were killed because they stumbled upon a shipment of nuclear material being shipped from Russia through Lithuania. but Rimkevicius believed they were part of OMON. Juozas Rimkevicius. Over a period of years Rimkevicius spoke at Idema’s high-level Special Operations conferences in the United States and Europe. Providing Evidence of Nuclear Weapon Sales KGB While Idema was in Moscow in the summer of 1992. The men claimed to be part of the Communist underground. Rimkevicius discovered from his informants in OMON and the Russian Mafia that the smuggling operation had continued after the Soviet Union began disintegrating. tubes. organized crime. This friendship caused Rimkevicius to reveal a smuggling operation in the Baltic republics that he was about to crack. The two arrested men revealed that the shipment was one of many that had gone through Lithuania in recent months and that another shipment was scheduled for April 1991. and that they were protecting or directly involved in the smuggling operation. The nuclear material and the portable nuclear devices were being taken from Russian nuclear storage areas and sold to terrorists.

Rimkevicius discovered its location at the Stock Innovation Bank in Vilnius. Rimkevicius was learning about other parts of the smuggling operation from additional sources. and it could be assumed that the bank was aware of the nuclear material in the crates and possibly that the material was for portable nuclear devices.I. Of the 12 nuclear shipments they knew were sent through Lithuania by . went through Turkey and on to Saddam Hussein in Iraq and terrorists in Qom. International law requires that dual use material such as beryllium must have an approved end user certificate.220 Defrauding America. These were parts of portable nuclear devices. This source told Idema that he would pass the documents to a Lithuanian friend who would then give them to Rimkevicius.M. Idema and Rimkevicius discovered documents revealing that several shipments of nuclear explosive material. At the same time.M. supposedly for shipment to nuclear research facilities for dismantling purposes. and suitcase nuclear bombs. Under this arrangement. The packing list enclosed with the shipment did not list the ultimate destination. and a Lithuanian Commando squad Idema trained. Trading Company in Yekinterinberg. They revealed the logistics of the nuclear bomb smuggling activities and the sources willing to sell them. It was learned that the nuclear material came from a Russian nuclear research facility at Obninsk. the records showed the nuclear weapons as being properly disposed of. rather than missing or stolen. Russia. Idema felt the bank could have been involved and merely one more front company the KGB was using. and uranium plugs. But. Idema and Rimkevicius discovered from a KGB source in Moscow that the KGB source had documents showing the trail and eventual destination of the stolen nuclear weapons and materials. and North Korea. The bank claimed it was holding the material as collateral for a loan VEKA was seeking to obtain. the VEKA Trading Company in Lithuania. and had been sold to the A. The following month. Rimkevicius. discovered 27 crates containing beryllium pieces.I. Idema met with the source in a country outside of Russia and Lithuania and examined the documents. similar to what he had discovered a year earlier in April 1992. Key KGB officials would authorize the removal of SADMs from the Soviet 12th Directorate. In the fall of 1993. The trading companies bought beryllium and other needed material from Russian research facilities. In April 1993 Rimkevicius was informed of another shipment of nuclear material that had already crossed the Byelorussian border into Lithuania and that it had been delayed in Lithuania. Iran. Two worked and how the nuclear weapons were sold to terrorist states like Iran. Vol. Iraq. cylinders. A. The KGB officials used phony trading companies that worked with the Russian Mafia to transport the stolen material. located east of the Ural Mountains on the fringes of Siberia. had shipped the nuclear material to another company.

and it is estimated that more than three hundred of them were built. but not to the FBI or CIA. or carried in several backpacks.S. they did not reveal the names of their sources. and cities. Army Special Forces. intelligence agencies had been infiltrated by the . could level a small city and emit radiation that would eventually kill tens of thousands. Rimkevicius and Idema described the roles played by Russia’s OMON. The United States’ plans for these weapons were to sneak behind enemy lines and blow up strategic sites such as dams. and Soviet Special Forces. Because of the moles in the FBI and distrust of the FBI personnel. the Army’s intelligence and security spy command known as ASA. SADMs were assigned to teams in the 10th Special Forces Group (ABN) and its secret commando unit called “DetA. Massachusetts. The United States assembled hundreds of these small but powerful nuclear devices.S. known as Spetsnatz.” The training for SADM teams was located at Fort Devens. Providing Information to the United States Rimkevicius and other intelligence sources in the Baltic States told Idema that they wanted to provide their information to the United States. High-ranking agents in the former Soviet Union told Idema that the KGB had sources deep inside the FBI and that they should not be present when Lithuanian officials presented information to Pentagon and DIA personnel. two were intercepted. These small nuclear devices can be used in the form of a suitcase. Capable of Blowing Up Large Segments of Major Cities Idema knew that the typical portable SADM (Special Atomic Demolition Munitions). United States Suitcase Nuclear Bombs The United States also has suitcase nuclear devices. The KGB officials arranged for the SADMs and U-235 to be packed inside the crates of beryllium. they showed up at this 1992 meeting. At this July meeting. Hundreds of them were assembled and in the Soviet military inventory when the Soviet Union collapsed. as he refers to them. which distressed both Idema and the Lithuanians because of their knowledge that there were FBI agents actively spying for Russia. known as the Green Berets. the home of the 10th Special Forces Group and ASA. Rimkevicius and Idema knew that U. and terrorist groups in Lithuania. Most of the U.Forms of Terrorism Against United States 221 1997. Idema said that although FBI personnel were not invited. KGB officials. It is known that Idema was on a SADM team assigned to the 10th Special Forces Group during the cold war in the 70’s. which were made available to the U. artillery shell. They weigh less than 100 pounds and can be carried on a backpack or in a suitcase. A combination of Russian criminal groups. then shipped the material through Lithuania via surface transportation to terrorist groups or foreign governments. The former Soviet Union provided these to their Soviet Special Forces teams.S. bridges. air bases. the Russian Mafia.

Earl Edwin Pitts. such as Customs. All were . Interagency rivalry again surfaced. the CIA placed large numbers of agents in Lithuania and tried to pit Rimkevicius against Idema. Start of Justice Department Retaliation Against Idema FBI personnel demanded that Rimkevicius and Idema give them the names of confidential sources and informants. and Robert Philip Hanssen. defectors began providing information revealing that FBI and CIA agents were selling secrets to Russia. in 1994. as I had learned over the years. Nicholson was arrested in November 1996. Repeatedly Reporting Soviet Moles in U.222 Defrauding America. If this information were misused. Subsequently. CIA officer Aldrich Ames was arrested on April 4. Later. 1996. When the FBI learned about this.S. Intelligence Agencies Idema stated. they did the same. which they refused to do. Both the CIA and FBI wanted to be the first to get Idema‘s information and take credit for it. 1994 on espionage charges. The smugglers then changed their logistics and destroyed Idema’s chance to halt the smuggling and to learn who had already received nuclear material that would probably be used against the United States. This rivalry was especially strong between the DEA. but no one in government acted on it. It has resulted in people working undercover for one agency. causing several to be executed. on radio and television shows. The long-standing rivalry between the various government agencies became obvious to Idema and the Lithuanian officials. Vol. and Justice Department. which then became known to the smugglers of nuclear material and weapons. both of whom leaked the names of Russian sources to the KGB. who had been at Idema’s briefing. Several years later. Idema had first sought to reveal this information to government agencies. in 1994. CIA officer Harold J. two FBI double agents were exposed in the United States. And FBI agent Earl Edwin Pitts was arrested on December 18. Customs. Destroying the Opportunity to Discover the Source and Destination of Nuclear Devices Based upon the partial information they received from Idema at a clandestine meeting in the Washington Hyatt Hotel in January 1993. and in federal court documents. Even though the FBI was primarily a domestic intelligencegathering agency. Several Russians who had provided information to the United States were assassinated when Hanssen provided their names to his Soviet contacts. Two KGB. Two of them were FBI agents Pitts and Hanssen. it would result in the deaths of sources providing the information to Idema and Rimkevicius. several of the moles were exposed. it had long wanted to branch into international activities and was determined to get the details from Idema and Rimkevicius. being charged with criminal offenses by Justice Department prosecutors. that the CIA and FBI Foreign Counterintelligence offices in New York were compromised by the KGB and infiltrated by double agents.

the person disappeared without paying for the merchandise acquired on the basis of the credit letter with Dawn Glosson’s forged signature. NC. Long before being exposed. and others that will carry out whatever scheme they concoct. they can force people or companies into bankruptcy and then with their influence on federal judges insure that their assets be liquidated in a manner that leaves the victims penniless. who then double-crossed him when Idema acquiesced in providing information to the FBI in return for dropping sham charges against Idema’s wife. Idema filed a federal lawsuit against him. Dawn. Idema claimed that one of these former employees forged his wife’s signature to a credit letter and then after obtaining merchandise based on the credit letter.Forms of Terrorism Against United States 223 charged with being spies for the Soviet Union. William Zinnikas. It was Zinnikas. Among the FBI agents of whom Idema thought poorly was a senior FBI special agent in the New York office. While Idema was working in Eastern Europe. to falsely testify against a particular target. Zinnikas was one of the agents who Idema felt was responsible for filing false charges against Idema. Further.. Idema was revealing that the FBI had Soviet moles and it was possible that one or more of these moles wanted to silence Idema before an investigation revealed their treasonous activities. They can file sham charges against a person or company and rely upon naive jurors to find the victim guilty. et al. two former employees started a business in Fayetteville. or force people. Dawn Glosson. Idema v. And many other tactics are used. Seeking to force Idema to disclose the information they wanted. they can simply start investigating a person or company and through such investigation inflict great personal or financial harm. Standard Off-the-Shelf Justice Department Tactic Justice Department personnel. Idema said that these two part-time employees utilized a company owned by Idema. and releasing her from federal prison. Idema Combat Systems (which made military hostage rescue gear for almost every special operations unit in the free . who was on the counter-intelligence team. They can pay people. and particularly those in the FBI division. (96-CV-2841) when Zinnikas violated their agreement to release his wife. Or. They have law firms. Idema felt that the FBI wanted him out of the picture as he was unintentionally interfering with their plans for obtaining a greater role in international operations and also threatened to expose the Soviet moles in the FBI. FBI Agent Pitts sought to obtain Idema’s sources in Russia and Lithuania. Justice Department personnel have many sources at their disposal to silence anyone who threatens to expose their corrupt acts. public relations firms. Using insider information. they filed false wire fraud charges against Idema and his wife. Zinnikas. who was working with Soviet agent Philip Hanssen. which made them look bad. were angry about Idema’s refusal to provide them the names of his confidential informants and sources.

Director. learning of the charges against Idema. based upon the forged signature on the credit letter. Chadwick. Several FBI witnesses later changed their story. In Lithuania. Rimkevicius. at Elizabeth City. wrote in a March 31. First. Vol. The first jury trial against Idema and his wife resulted in their acquittal. was shown to have committed perjury when confidential police records later surfaced.S. who was acting to insure the success of the Justice Department scheme. U. Idema continued to provide additional information about terrorist activities to his Pentagon contacts. ignored their letters and the newly discovered evidence. Letters Sent to Sentencing Judge on Idema‘s behalf Colonel William I. Then ATF reports were discovered that virtually cleared Idema and contradicted much of the FBI’s case. Others wrote letters in support of Idema. Combat Development Division. The more the media investigated. The linchpin for the scam was the credit letter bearing Idema’s wife’s forged signature. they charged him wire fraud.S. for providing a credit reference. Two world). In fact. reams of exculpatory evidence surfaced to clear Idema and his wife. Army Special Operations Command. and should only be made known to the CIA. North Carolina: Keith is an honorable man… I trust his judgment and value his advice. But Pentagon officials believed that the information was too sensitive and involved national security issues. Two witnesses admitted perjury. but the second jury believed everything the Justice Department prosecutors said and held Idema and his wife guilty of aiding and abetting wire fraud. U. and when all that failed. Lyter. 1994 letter to Judge Terrence W Boyle. I have pursued his counsel in matters concerning national defense… . tried to get the charges dropped by refusing to allow any cooperation between the U.S. After Idema was convicted.S. District Judge. the credit letter was analyzed by Albert Lyter and renowned forensic examiner from Federal Forensic Laboratories. Many people came forward showing that Idema did not commit the crime. It was signed by a government witness named Andrea Graves. the more evidence of Idema’s innocence surfaced. CBS News investigators even found fax machines that the real culprits used to set Idema up. This was just the opportunity Justice Department prosecutors needed to fabricate false charges against Idema and force him to cooperate in the quest to uncover his intelligence sources in the former Soviet Union.224 Defrauding America. who was working with the FBI. determined that Idema’s wife did NOT sign the credit letter. U. Headquarters. that was only the beginning. one of the US Treasury’s top forensic specialists. They had been trying to implicate Idema in everything from drugs to machineguns. and his Lithuanian commandos regarding the smuggling of nuclear devices. District Judge Terrance Boyle. and a local Deputy Sheriff named Ricky O’Briant.

a man who has walked the moral high ground. and all American families from some of the immediate and long range dangers of nuclear terrorist. Juozas Rimkvicius. Included in that letter were the following comments: I am writing to acquaint you with another gross miscarriage of justice resulting from FBI hubris and with profound consequences for . Idema has made a highly significant contribution to our nuclear security. based on information supplied by J. From Lithuania. in addition to his significant military. Lester. now Colonel. police and civil contribution to our nation. Major. Commander and Chief.S. I know a major story when I see one. Idema has told me about his work on these issues has been verified by top investigative journalists. Honor. Lithuanian Republic Ministry of Internal Affairs. wrote: Keith has dedicated his life to the service of his country. Special Operations. National police/ARAS Commandos and Interpol. Task Force 160 (the US’s most classified helicopter unit). wrote in a May 26. Several full-length articles have also been printed in magazines about Mr. who spent three decades in journalism. 1995. 1994 official letter to Judge Boyle: In this country…Keith is an American hero… He helped our country when we were young and needed assistance… We came to judge most of what we know of America and her ideals by Keith. was a CNN Vice President. That which Mr. particularly in reference to the sievelike leakage from our topmost intelligence agencies.S. Keith Idema. Keith Idema. 1997: After following his story (Idema) now I’m convinced he needs to be on the outside telling what he knows of the traffic in weapon-grade nuclear materials from Russia plus other information he acquired in the service of our country. Idema has also made several lengthy appearances on the “Barry Farber” national radio program. Ricky D. Country… Ted Kavanau. letter to Senator Arlen Specter (the same senator who repeatedly covered up for the many criminal activities that were described to him in letters that I and some of my other sources wrote to him). and. letter: As one of the key founders of Cable News Network and Headline News and as a multiple Emmy Award winning journalist of three decades experience. your family. who won the Emmy Award numerous times for top journalist. I think it is worth pointing out that his contribution is playing an important role in helping to save my family. Idema‘s situation.Forms of Terrorism Against United States 225 Talk Show Host Barry Farber wrote on April 20. Mr. … Retired U. 1995. This is because. Right now “60 Minutes“ is working on such a major story. Army Special Forces Major Jim Morris sent a September 22. was prepared to give his life for his fellow man so they could enjoy the gift of freedom. wrote in a September 30. U. and has lived according to the creed “Duty. on several occasions.

Vol. confident in the knowledge that Keith will do what he has pledged to do. Connolly was unswayed. but once given. I have never been disappointed. and the FBI assured him that Idema would break eventually. No sooner had Connolly walked out of the courtroom before he was surrounded by FBI agents threatening to investigate the finances of his Pentagon office. I discovered over the years that it is common for prosecutors and judges to work together to go after a particular target. but the federal judge ignored these. and the obvious obstruction of justice tactics by his legal compatriots in the Justice Department. the Honorable Timothy A. and tried to talk some sense into them. Connolly wrote to Judge Boyle on official Department of Defense letterhead the following comments: Keith Idema may be one of the last individuals for whom the phrase “I give you my word” still has meaning. Boyle. North Carolina. Federal Judge Supporting Corrupt Justice Department Prosecutors Not only did U. its recipient can proceed. It is never offered lightly. Elizabeth City. the Assistant Secretary of Defense flew to Idema‘s sentencing hearing in person and asked Idema be released. I have accepted it frequently in the past. To Keith. Idema never did. all in an effort to make him break his word. government. Federal Judges and Justice Department Prosecutors Protect the Corrupt System There were many other letters. and to do something that he believes. he meet with the director of the FBI.S.226 Defrauding America. but he sentenced Idema to 20 years in prison. He found little cooperation. He was more than willing to share this material with the U. but was not at liberty to divulge his sources. usually someone exposing corruption in any part of government. It was done to Richard Taus when he continued to report CIA related drug smuggling and other crimes involving federal officials. with good reason. District Judge Terrence W. The draconian prison sentences imposed to 30 U. Asking for Idema‘s release. The Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations and Low Intensity Conflict. And his word is the manifestation of that honor. He has been in confinement now for almost four years. no matter how difficult… His word.S. Connolly assured them he would not. would be disastrous for the nation. honor is everything. . and his wife has been in confinement for just under one year. Keith said the federal sentencing guidelines call for 6 to 12 months for similar offenses. He also ignored one of the most compelling letters ever sent in connection with a FBI criminal case. Two the nation. and many others who I describe in my various books.S. district judge Terrence W. When the federal judge ignored Connolly’s March 1994 letter. That was not good enough for the FBI. This is the story of a young man who came forward with vital intelligence relating to nuclear terrorism. Boyle30 ignore these letters.

Idema’s wife remarried. stated: More than 30 years ago. everything. Senate and testify before them the real story of nukes. the United States developed a lightweight nuclear device and then “extensively practiced” delivering it to an enemy harbor using a navy or Marine parachutist. Roger Heusser of the Energy Department’s Office of Declassification.Forms of Terrorism Against United States 227 silence those who expose corruption in federal government is a common tactic to keep the information from the public.” No Trust in America’s Media Idema felt that government officials control the mainstream media. his businesses. or the IDDC. Iraq. In an April 2. which saw a 104 kiloton device exploded to determine whether atomic detonations could be used for peaceful purposes such as moving earth to dig canals or create harbors. Counterr Group. One of many so-called Plowshare experiments. Eventually— denied all communication with his wife for years by Boyle’s court orders.. with a picture of a huge crater caused by a Project Sedan nuclear test explosion. I believe that what they/we were doing was the right thing to do. in print. and which has been the subject of several books by media insiders. A December 23 1986 article in the Washington Post. and righteous. and we were soldiers.S. Idema wrote. etc. and KGB/FBI.” He confirmed in a June 1997 letter one of the operations that I had described several years earlier in Defrauding America: Regarding Peregrine. but he lost his home. Losing His Wife and All Worldly Possessions Idema‘s fight with FBI personnel not only brought about his incarceration. 1997.2080 feet in diameter. I consider the CIA neutral. “It has been my dream to walk into the U.S. and how [Soviet mole] Pitts was really discovered. Among the more spectacular film released yesterday was the 1962 test entitled Operation Sedan. I’m not so sure I want to see any more info about Peregrine. my enemies are the Department of Justice. especially the FBI. a discovery that I made over many years. part of the U. arsenal from 1963 through 1989. according to materials released yesterday by the Departments of Energy and Defense. letter. Confirming the Existence of Operation Peregrine Idema had learned of my attempts to expose corrupt government personnel and we started to correspond. could be seen as a precedent for a possible current-day terrorist nuclear weapon. Wrong is things like the FBI’s COINTELPRO. Unfortunately. Idema wrote in one letter that “my loyalty is to the military. . this is the standard result when a government insider attempts to protect the public’s interest by revealing corrupt personnel or practices in government. I’ll only confirm their existence. acknowledged yesterday that the 60-pound weapon. Sedan left a crater 320 feet deep and 1. at war.

. military to whom I remain totally loyal. Bernard Nussbaum. Idema‘s old team leader. One was FBI Agent Gary Rohen.S. Idema briefed many people on the dangers of the ongoing theft of nuclear material and the suitcase nuclear devices. mission (although we were frequently misused). the second edition of Defrauding America: “I received your book. the existence of Soviet spies in the FBI. now working for the FBI. I didn’t plan on reading it for a few days. and in December 1992 and January 1993. I only tell you this so you may check out my bonifides with whoever your source was for that information.” Referring to my reference to Peregrine International. as did my good friend (but I don’t blame him for doing it) Dick Marcinko—he had his reasons for what he did exposing. Idema handcarried secret messages from Moscow to Top Secret people in the U. as they have remained totally loyal to me. Counter is still operating. receiving a promotion and job as head of the Bureau’s Emergency Management & Disaster Preparation Office. In letters commencing in early 1997 Idema told me that in March and April of 1992 he briefed Pentagon personnel. 1997. warning them of FBI double agents. men. Thanks very much. Understand that my enemy is the DOJ and not the U. I still have extensive contacts and sources in the Special Operations and intelligence community that trust me and will give me anything because I did five years in prison and never sold out any of them. Two The first paragraph on page 605 was fairly accurate but it was a much bigger operation than that. I was the director of the organization (CGA) for about five years. he briefed CIA personnel. but when I started to glance through it I was so enthralled that I could not put it down—it’s great! Especially for people like us (intelligence community). Vol. who remained silent. None showed any reaction or interest. And he met with ex-Special Forces associates.S. Counter Terrorist Group): .. I do not tell you for the purpose of exposing Counter—since I still believe in it s purpose. letter of the sister organizations: Counter Group Associate (aka Counter Group Academy—aka The U.228 Defrauding America. Idema wrote in his April 15. intelligence community revealing terrorist activities. in 1993. Iran. 1997. He briefed the Special Operations community in June 1993. I have mine for the way I will handle it. even after Justice Department prosecutors later acted to silence him. and KGB sales of portable backpack nuclear weapons (SADMs) to Iraq. letter referred to the book that I sent him. and North Korea. He directly informed President Bill Clinton‘s legal counsel. Further Corroboration of Information Provided to Me Earlier Idema‘s April 15.S. numerous times in 1993. Before the FBI acted to silence him.

this senior official who I am in contact with told me that CIA personnel came up to him and said. and foreign military dignitaries enrolled. Keith supplied all of the information to me that ran on CBS 60 Minutes. “Well. And there’s a great deal of evidence now that strongly suggests that Keith was set up for the charge that he’s now in prison for. here is this former sergeant in the Green Berets talking to Loren Fausbit (sp?) and talking to Interpol and talking to organized crime people. caused some trouble there. During a May 18. that Idema ran special operations exposition shows twice a year to which U. a few weeks later. that the CIA then “flooded Lithuania with agents. he identified for me that the New York Counter Intelligence & Terrorism Office was compromised. that Idema was clandestinely operated for the military. They did go to Lithuania. After the meeting was over. I haven’t confirmed it all. When Keith refused to cooperate with anyone but Pentagon personnel. how do you know?” The CIA really tried to downplay his information. his activities. with whom I was in contact. there was bad blood. He did link organized crime and officials to the nuclear trade smuggling. and that he was falsely prosecuted by Justice Department prosecutors. who were trained by him. was Gary Scurka. 1997. There is obviously a lot to Idema‘s story. But my source told me.” rousting Keith’s sources trying to find out information. stating he would provide information only to Pentagon personnel. One of my first meetings with Keith in North Carolina. But it sure looks like it. the CIA and FBI were indeed aware of this. and his European sources. met people who knew Idema. conversation. He dislikes people who kinda just came out and spilled their guts. And I’ve been to Lithuania twice. and how his television investigators had traveled to Lithuania. Keith’s very sensitive about being in Black Ops and he will not comment on that. this would have been April or May of 1994. he confirmed much of what Idema wrote to me.S. He did take this information to the Pentagon. I don’t think the CIA and FBI liked that very much. In attendance also were the CIA and the FBI. and confirmed what Idema told me. Those things I’m quite sure of.Forms of Terrorism Against United States 229 Media Sources Confirmed Idema‘s Credibility and Truthfulness Among the people who knew Idema and his activities. yet appeared as a private citizen and businessman. Scurka stated: I heard from a very high up person in the Pentagon (the Assistant Secretary of Defense) several years ago at one of the meetings that was held in July 1992 in the Pentagon. He explained being very familiar with Idema. Were people’s lives put in danger? Lo and behold. but an awful lot of it I have. Keith refused to provide information to them.” And the Pentagon guy said. . “This guy’s full of shit. He had worked as a television producer for CBS. while I was working for CBS.

Connie Chung Eye-To-Eye Selective Exposure The story. “According to a source in the U. the Investigative Reporters and Editors Association (IRE) awarded CBS 60 Minutes. One of these agents was special agent Pitts. Dawn. U. he provided important information to several of the broadcast and print media concerning the suitcase nuclear bombs.S. CIA. This was the result of a turf war between the FBI. Special Agent William Zinnikas of the FBI’s New York Counter Intelligence Office continued to pressure Idema. Senior officers of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Idema made it clear he would only work with the Department of Defense agencies.S. US State Department personnel requested he terminate his activities inside Lithuania and the former Soviet Union. and Gary Scurka of Enterprise Telefilms. met with Idema and Russian diplomats in December 1992. Shortly thereafter FBI requested his assistance again. The Perfect Terrorist Weapon On Eye To Eye letterhead dated October 4. and that Pitts was an influencing force in the conviction against Idema. Mr. who later pled guilty to spying for the Russians. The FBI began concerted effort to “squeeze” Idema for the names of the intelligence sources he had sworn to protect. including Larry Potts and Danny Coulsen. Vol. and used Judge Boyle to make it stick and increase his punishment. While Idema was in prison on the bogus Justice Department charges. in order to expose the FBI’s wrongful actions. formerly of the FBI’s New York Russian Squad. 1994. As a result of Idema‘s information. in June 1996.230 Defrauding America. Army . This information included top secret Russian documents and referrals to Russian and Lithuanian personnel who had provided Idema with insider information on the theft of the suitcase nuclear devices. Gary Scurka sent to Idema‘s wife. was broadcast based upon information and documentation provided by Idema and a key official in the Lithuanian Criminal police agency. News & World Report. Two Mr. the top award for the most outstanding story and investigative report of the year. and US State Department. The Vilnius Brief stated. Idema arranged for Lithuanian Intelligence sources to brief the Department of Defense at the Pentagon in July of 1992 on Russian terrorist activity. making reference to Idema and the Lithuanian official and their clash with the FBI and CIA as it related to the nuclear devices. Double Agents Were Later Discovered in the FBI Scurka told how the New York FBI office of counterintelligence and counter-terrorism particularly went after Idema to learn the names of his covert sources. known behind closed doors as The Vilinus Brief. After Idema’s portion of the briefing Department of Justice personnel requested his assistance. a letter about the story that that would eventually air on CBS 60 Minutes in October 1995.

Forms of Terrorism Against United States


Special Operations, the most common SADM deployed in Europe had an explosive yield of 6.5 thousand tons (kilotons) of TNT. According to a report prepared by the International Strategy Associates, the Eye-ToEye report stated that Soviet SADMs have a destructive yield of between one to ten kilotons and contains about two kilos (less than five pounds) of highly enriched uranium. The Eye-To-Eye report stated that during this time, Idema, who was supposed to be in the Army reserves, was assigned to various positions at active duty units, including the Army’s top secret SOT course at the classified installation where “blue light,” the forerunner to the Delta Forces was founded. SOT is where the Special Forces trained their elite Ninja-type commando teams. In 1983, Idema’s job was evaluating the instructors at the most classified counter-terrorism school in the world. An article in the San Francisco Chronicle (July 1, 1997) titled, “Pair Allegedly Tried to Sell Soviet Nukes,” stated: Miami. Two Lithuanians have been accused of trying to sell Sovietera nuclear weapons to federal agents posing as arms brokers for drug smugglers. No weapons changed hands, but the pair were caught on audio and video tape negotiating the sale of nuclear weapons and Bulgarian-made non-nuclear surface-to-air missiles, investigators said Monday. Compiled from Examiner wire reports. The Perfect Terrorist Weapon

CBS’s 60-Minute show on September 7, 1997, addressed the suitcase nuclear bombs under the heading, The Perfect Terrorist Weapon. The program omitted all reference to Idema, who had provided much of the information, documentation, and referrals to Russian and Lithuanian military personnel. Despite the gravity of the subject, the program was limited to the standard few minutes, and centered on the statements made by general Alexander Lebed, who 60-Minutes described in the following manner:

Clooney’s character, Tom Devoe, appeared in his opening scene testifying in a Congressional hearing about his alleged illegal ac-

The former senior Russian official is none other than General Alexander Lebed, a national hero who commanded Russia’s 14th Army, was highly decorated in Afghanistan and, as Boris Yeltsin’s national security adviser, was widely credited with ending the Chechnyan war, General Lebed, who has had tactical nuclear weapons under his command, says he was so concerned about the small one-kiloton nuclear demolition devices that while he was national security adviser, he began an inventory to guarantee that all of those weapons were safe and accounted for. The producers of the CBS 60-Minutes show were Andrew and Leslie Cockburn. They later sold Idema‘s story to Steven Spielberg and it became the first film released by Spielberg’s newly formed DreamWorks Studios. The blockbuster film was called The Peacemaker, and starred George Clooney as a renegade Green Beret chasing backpack nuclear weapons and terrorists in Eastern Europe.


Defrauding America, Vol. Two

tivities. Spielberg’s film, which did not acknowledge being based on Idema, differed from Idema’s story and painted the Clinton administration as being competent in the war on nuclear smuggling.
More Confirmation A Los Angeles Times article (September 9, 1997) was titled, “Exgeneral says Russia lost 100 portable nuclear bombs.” MOSCOW—Alexander Lebed, the former Russian general and presidential hopeful, has been broadcasting his claim over the past week that Russia has lost track of 100 nuclear bombs the size of suitcases. “A very thorough investigation is necessary,” Lebed reiterated Monday. “The state of nuclear security in Russia poses a danger to the whole world.” In an interview with CBS’ “60-Minutes,” aired Sunday, Lebed said the suitcase bombs were ideal weapons for terrorists because they could be armed and detonated by a single person within half an hour. One of the one-kiloton bombs cold kill 100,000 people, he said. Of 250 suitcase devices made by the Soviet Union, he said, 100 are unaccounted for. On Monday, Lebed told Interfax news service in Moscow that he had learned of the existence of the bombs 11 months ago when he was Yeltsin’s security adviser. … Lebed said the suitcase bombs, measuring about 23 inches by 16 inches and 8 inches wide, were deployed by the Soviet Union in special brigades in some of the empire’s remote regions. After the breakup of the Soviet state, many of the suitcases vanished in what became independent republics, where they could fall into the hands of terrorists, he said. Lebed’s American broadcast brought denunciations from a host of officials, including Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin, who called his contention “absolutely impossible.” Russian General Confirming Stolen Suitcase Nuclear Bombs A September 14, 1997, newspaper article stated: “Alexander Lebed, the former secretary of the Russian security council, had suggested recently that such [nuclear weapons] might be missing from Russia’s military arsenal.” That same night on CBS 60 Minutes, General Lebed confirmed his belief that Russian nuclear weapons were missing. Two days later Idema was released from federal prison. He was secretly put in an unmarked sedan inside a Bureau of Prison’s garage and driven to Detroit, avoiding any possibly media reporters. While in prison Idema had promised to provide me with additional information on what he discovered concerning the stolen suitcase nuclear bombs, but after release, he refused to provide this information which could have been used in inform the public of serious misconduct in government offices. Continuing the decades of lying to the people, Washington officials said they had no information that any of Russia’s nuclear

Forms of Terrorism Against United States


The Federal Bureau of Investigation missed multiple warnings about spy Robert Hanssen … Russia complained that a “disaffected agent,” later identified as Hanssen, tried to sell US secrets in 1993, eight years before his arrest. In 1990, Hanssen’s brotherin-law, also an FBI agent, warned that he had suspiciously large sums of money at home. A Washington Post article (April 7, 2002), headlined, “FBI says spy ratted out 50 informants,” stated: A preliminary damage assessment by the FBI of the impact of convicted spy Robert Hanssen‘s treachery determined that the identities of more than 50 people who were providing confidential intelligence information to the bureau or were being recruited to do so were disclosed to the Russians. It has been reported that Hanssen’s disclosures played a part in the execution or jailing of at least three Russians who had spied for the United States, this is the first indication that his activities put in jeopardy a far larger number of other people working clandestinely for the bureau, according to a report released last week by a special commission headed by former FBI and CIA director William Webster. When CIA spy Aldrich Ames was uncovered in 1994, it was learned that he had disclosed the names of CIA and FBI recruited Soviet and Warsaw Pact agents and that about 10 were executed. Filing Federal Lawsuit Idema filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court in the Southern District of New York (96 CV-2841) in October 1995, detailing the cover-up and abandonment he experienced from CBS 60-Minutes, Eye-To-Eye, and U.S. News and World Reports. The complaint alleged breach of contract and fraud, under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO). In that lawsuit, Idema explained how he provided these media personnel with confidential information and secret Russian documents from which they then published articles and television presentations, but left out any information that might reflect badly upon government officials in the FBI, the CIA, and Congress. By this slanted presentation of the facts, viewers were unaware of how Justice Department employees and Clinton Administration officials prevented discovery of the logistics involved in the theft of the nuclear material and devices and the people receiving them Idema‘s lawsuit explained how his information and contacts were sabotaged by Justice Department officials, preventing discovery of the logistics of the nuclear smuggling conspiracy and what groups had acquired nuclear devices. Also, that the media defendants had violated their agreement to tell the complete story and how Idema uncovered the

A Christian Science article (April 2002) stated:

weapons, whatever their size, have been offered for sale on the world’s black market.


Defrauding America, Vol. Two

nuclear smuggling operations. The lawsuit explains the agreement that he had, that they were to include, as consideration for the material, his role in these activities, without which the published and broadcast description of the suitcase nuclear devices would either have not occurred or much of the supporting material would not have been available to them. The lawsuit stated how Idema and his wife were improperly convicted as a result of FBI misconduct and witness perjury, that he was an ex-member of the US Army Special Forces, that he and his wife, Dawn Glosson, operated a trade show for the special forces community under the name of Special Operations Expositions and Conference (Spec Ops). He explained how in 1991, while traveling inside the former Soviet Union he came in contact with high ranking members of the Lithuanian and Russian counter intelligence community, gained their trust, and received from them information concerning activities of the KGB, OMON, and various terrorist groups in Lithuania, Russia, and surrounding territories. He stated in this federal court filing that: Members of the KGB were engaged in the “theft” of nuclear materials from the Russian Federation, and smuggling these devices to locations in the Middle East and North Korea. These devices and nuclear materials were available for sale to foreign countries and terrorist groups. … Members of the intelligence community in Lithuania advised Mr. Idema to be very discrete in revealing information about these activities within the United States because United States intelligence sources and the Federal Bureau of Investigation had been compromised by the KGB. This was long before Pitts and Hanssen were arrested as KGB spies in the FBI. Idema described in the lawsuit how FBI Special Agent William Zinnikas, Sr., of the FBI’s Counter-Intelligence Unit specializing in Russian information and assets, had agreed with Idema, in front of Scurka, that Idema’s wife, Dawn, would be released from prison after Idema and Gary Scurka provided a document relating to the sale, transfer, and smuggling of nuclear material. Scurka turned the document over to the FBI, the promised release did not occur. In fact, not only did the FBI violate the release agreement, but within 72 hours the document was in the hands of the KGB in Russia and Russian officials were frantically trying to find out where their leak was and identify Idema‘s covert sources in Russia. Idema’s worst fears were validated; the Idema included in the lawsuit seven sealed copies of documents relating to the theft of the nuclear material that caused the court to place the documents under seal. He also provided these documents to me. Reminders of Prior Justice Department Calamities In my books and my 40 years of discovering and exposing corrupt government personnel, a few stand out as it relates to Justice Department lawyers:

Forms of Terrorism Against United States •


Justice Department lawyers covering up the documented corruption that I discovered, initially while a federal air safety inspector. This cover-up enabled the corruption and the crashes to continue, year after year, with the most recent consequences occurring on September 11, 2001. • Justice Department lawyers engaging in conduct that insured the transfer of several dozen surface-to-air missiles to terrorists, and which occurred about seven months prior to the missile downing of TWA Flight 800. • Justice Department lawyers covering up for the people who actually placed the bomb on board Pan Am Flight 103, and the Justice Department retaliation against a covert DIA agent and a former Mossad agent for exposing the people who actually placed the bomb on board the aircraft. • Justice Department lawyers covering up for the decades of CIA and DEA drug smuggling into the United States, which continues in a cover-up status, with grave consequences upon matters of national importance. • Justice Department lawyers covering up for other criminal and subversive activities that are detailed in the books, Defrauding America, Drugging America, and Unfriendly Skies. Idema‘s Working With Northern Alliance’s General Dostum In early 2001 I heard from Idem’s current wife, Viktoria Robertson. She wrote: Keith kept a pretty low profile for a few years and rebuilt his life. He had returned to absolutely nothing except the clothes on his back. He then found himself in a whirlwind again, fighting with the DOJ about Waco (he exposed the now famous secret documents that showed the army did NOT want to assault the compound and recommended to the FBI and Reno not to do it) After that, he moved on to a new mission, finding a Czech spy in the US government, finding the real killer of a famous Green Beret Colonel’s wife. (He won the National Press Club Award in Washington, DC last summer for his story, “Spies, Lies, and Serial Killers,” a one year investigative report, which I helped coproduce). Then, comfortable in our home and enjoying life, September 11th happened. Within a month, Keith was in Afghanistan fighting the Taliban and al Qaida. That was six months ago and he has still not returned. There have been hundreds of stories about his deeds in Afghanistan; many of the stories simply refer to him as “Jack, the senior military advisor for the Northern Alliance.” Jack is how he is known throughout Afghanistan. My Early Reference to Northern Aliance’s General Rashid Dostum I first made reference to General Rashid Dostum several years earlier in the third edition of Defrauding America. A friend of mine, Ronald Rewald, who had been the head of a secret CIA financial opera-


Defrauding America, Vol. Two

tion based in Honolulu, had played a role in negotiations between General Dostum and CIA and FBI personnel in Los Angeles. Post 9/11 Actions of Keith Idema After 9/11, Idema formed a crew and went to Afghanistan, hunting for Osame bin Laden. The government had put a $25 million bounty on his capture, which was a financial incentive. Also, the four-person crew included a journalist-photographer, Ed Caraballo, for which a documentary was to be made. Arrested in July 2004 Under Questionable Conditions Newspapers in the United States reported the arrest of Idema and his crew, claiming they had their own jail containing Afghans that they had capture, and that the captives had been tortured. Idema claimed he was acting with the approval of the Department of Defense and other Washington officials, and was in frdequent contact with the office of Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. A New York Times article (July 23, 2004) stated: American military officials in Afghanistan said that they had accepted but later released an Afghan prisoner handed over to them in May by an American [Idema] now accused of running his own freelance antiterrorism campaign. Jonathan K. Idema, a former Green Beret who has said he was working in Afghanistan with the approval of senior Pentagon officials. Mr. Idema and two other Americans are beieng tried by the Afghan government on charges of hostage-taking, operating a private jail, entering the country illegally and illegal weapons possession. Before his court appearance in Kabul on Wednesday, Mr. Idema told reporters that he had been in direct contact with Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld’s office “five times a day.” Mr. Idema said he had correspondence, tape recordings and e-mail messages to prove this. On July 5, Afghan police raided the house Mr. Idema rented in Kabul and found eight Afghan men being held prisoner. Mr. Idema is well known among journalists in Afghanistan. After he arrifved in 2001, he offered his services as a security expert and produced videos of training camps of Al Qaeda. Radio Appearance from Afghan Detention Facility During a radio talkshow appearance (January 25, 2005) from his Kabul detention facility with host Chris Chaos of WFNC-FM in Fayetteville, North Carolina, Idema blamed the charges and his incarceration on the FBI, saying: The Afghans didn’t do this to me. The FBI did this. Because we were beating them at every step of the way. We were beating them in the investigation on the bombers; these guys were going to kill Marshall Fahim, who was the only guy that could successfully oppose Karzai, for the presidency. Marshall Fahim was the Minister of Defense. The U.S. didn’t want him as Minister of Defense any-

Forms of Terrorism Against United States


more. Because he wasn’t willing to let the Taliban come back into power. He wasn’t willing to do this Departmedent orf State power sharing broker deal. And that’s what this is all about. It’s about the Department of State saying, “Why fight the Taliban when we can just assimilate them into the new Government?” You know, the same old dthing of appeasement. Well, that’s not gonna work. It’s gonna work for about six months and then all hell is gonna break loose. The FBI came in July and confiscated all our documents, all of our viedeo, and an Armada laptop computder. They confiscated our MARSAT phones, our encryption; everything they confiscated. They confiscated our MARSAT phones, our encryption; everying was confiscated. They did this because they didn’t want anyone to know we had that stuff, which we would not have if we weren’t working with the government. Theyn also took, more importantly, all tdhe videos and all the documents, including the authorization letters signed by Vice President, the Minister of Interior, and the National Security Council here. They took 200 tapes; they had erased more than twenty tapes. And they completely confiscated all the tapes that had conversations with high-level Department of Defense people. So now we are left with no evidence. But they were stupid enough to do what the Afghans made them do; which was sign for it. On one hand you have the American government trying to screw us completely. On the other hand, the Department of Defense is strying not to screw us. And the Afghans, tdhey are caught in between both sides


Defrauding America, Vol. Two

It was in Lillehammer. focused on the many killings by the Mossad. including eight German scientists hired by a company in Miami and who were traveling back and forth to Iraq. Victor Ostrovsky and Claire Hoy. During that same time frame. and particularly its intelligence agency. Ari Ben-Menashe. Israel agreed in January 1996 to Profits of War.31 Israeli assassination squads killed Bull to halt his development of the weapon project. A television production aired on June 17. four Iraqi businessmen. that a Mossad Kidon team headed by Harari killed a Moroccan waiter who they thought was their intended victim. Without the assistance of the Israelis. 32 ibid. inflicting great harm upon the American people. and possibly worse in some respects. Victor Ostrovsky. Gerald Bull. They included a German scientist.32 Israeli agents murdered nineteen people within several weeks in 1990. aided and abetted many of the criminal activities described within these pages. with a wife and two children. Israel was needed to transship the arms to Iran and to act as end-users on the bill-oflading. The Other Side of Deception. in 1974. By Way of Deception. the Mossad doesn’t hesitate to assassinate people whose lawful conduct irritates the Israelis. 1993. and two Pakistani scientists in Britain. Israeli agents were assassinating others.CHAPTER NINE Israel and America Misconduct: Catalyst for Mideast Terrorism sraeli officials and agencies. the victim was a plain waiter. the Mossad. including the botched killing in Norway of the wrong person by Mossad operative Michael (Freddy) Harari. some of the treasonous and subversive acts against the United States would not have been possible. especially the October Surprise operation. 31 I . Norway. Instead. a Canadian scientist who developed the Super Gun used by Iraq. Hans Mayers. Ali Hassan Salameh. as reported by former Mossad officers Ari Ben-Menashe and Victor Ostrovsky in their books. was killed by the Mossad at his Brussels apartment in March 1990. Killing People Who Disagree With Israeli Policies Similar to CIA activities. in a car “accident” in Munich.

S. killing over a hundred people. Mossad. Although the plastic explosive was small in size. it usually caused fatal injuries. Ostrovsky told of the shooting down of a Boeing 727 operated by Libyan Arab Airlines by two Israeli jets. often with the help of the CIA. He told how two Israel agents killed Arab scientist Yahia El Meshad by slipping into his apartment with a passkey and then cutting his throat while he slept. who didn’t know the attacks were planned and directed by the Mossad. many of them specifically authorized by Israel’s prime ministers including Golda Meir.” The article related how Israelitrained assassins. The article admitted the mistaken assassination of a waiter in the Norwegian town of Lillehammer. He also told how the Mossad killed a PLO official in Paris who was preparing to meet with the French Secret Service. divided into three teams consisting of approximately twelve men each. Two pay compensation to the widow and daughter of $283. thinking the victim . was headlined. funded by U. the passenger was Jewish.S.240 Defrauding America. Ironically. One of their favorite assassination stunts was to put a pressure sensitive plastic-explosive bomb in the victim’s bed. leaving a trail of unsolved and unreported killings. cutthroat bunch the Palestinians were. which ended in the killing of one of the passengers. and its intent was “to show what a deadly. The December 14.000. The report explained how the United States is funding Mossad‘s criminal operations in Third World countries. He also tells how Mossad agents paid Palestinians to seize the Mediterranean cruise ship Achille Lauro in 1985. 1992. When the intended victim lay on the bed the bomb went off. Ari Ben-Menashe wrote in his book Profits of War that the attack upon the cruise ship was financed by Israel. issue of Spotlight carried a story about Israeli assassination squads operating in foreign countries under the title. “Israeli official admits unleashing assassins. Israel‘s Admission of Worldwide Assassinations A London Observer article carried in the San Francisco Examiner on November 24. taxpayers. Vol. concluding that the assassination was run by Israel’s intelligence agency. inflaming the American public against the Arabs.000. are entering the United States. A panel of Norwegian judges convicted five Israelis of the murder. Ben-Menashe‘s book portrays the Mossad‘s hiring of Arabs who unknowingly carried out terrorist attacks against Americans. the bomb would be set off by a signal carried over the telephone wire. and the caller identified him as the intended victim. detailing the composition of the Israeli assassination department inside the Mossad as a small internal unit called “Kidon“. 1993. Another tactic was to place plastic explosives in a telephone handset and when the person answered. “Foreign Killers Run Loose in U.” The American public was told that the attack upon the Achille Lauro was a Palestinian operation when in fact it was engineered and financed by Israel.” The article described the practice of Israel‘s militarysecurity establishments carrying out assassinations on a global basis. Victor Ostrovsky detailed the specifics of several of the killings by Israeli agents. and to the son of $118.

bloodshed. as they were in Vietnam and other CIA operations. The U. In 1991. Liberty. The Liberty carried clear markings indicating it to be an American ship.S.S. the powerful U. (i. a fact known to Israel.S.S. revealed the radio communications intercepted by his office in Lebanon on that fateful day in 1967. Israeli forces deliberately machine-gunned and bombed a virtually unarmed U. former U. which were slowly and belatedly leaking out. publicly accepting Israel’s apology that the attack was an accident. U. the U.. Ali Hasan Salameh. But that Egyptian supply ship was in Alexandria.S. Intelligence Agencies. Even White House officials acted to protect Israel. and torpedoes were used to kill thirty-four U. Seeking to evade blame. military personnel by Israel was shown through radio messages intercepted by the American embassy in Beirut.Israel and America Misconduct: Catalyst for Mideast Terrorism 241 a waiter in the Norwegian town of Lillehammer. violence and disorder. The American public never learned the truth. Navy men and injuring 171 others. Ambassador. Spreading Oppression Actions carried out by the Mossad has brought “nothing but oppression. and Israel felt the Americans would expose the sneak attack. of course. it has been precisely those African nations where the Mossad has been most active—Sudan. but felt that the information should have remained secret. taxpayers money. and Israel knew that. sailors had intercepted Israeli radio communications relating to a planned attack on Syria that occurred the following day.) It worked. corruption and ultimately turmoil” to the backward regions where it operated. Somalia. Navy communication ship.S. For damage control.S. 1967.e. Zaire. cruelty. Israeli officials admitted the disclosures by retired Major General Aharon Yariv on state-controlled Israeli Television. Murdering American Military Personnel with Impunity Israelis didn’t limit their assassinations to Arabs. Liberia—that have suffered the worst outbreaks of famine. The American service men were expendable. As the Israeli aircraft approached the Liberty. thinking the victim was a PLO terrorist. napalm. (The same. off the coast of Lebanon on June 8. to prevent the American public from learning the truth.S.S. Israel asserted that they thought the Liberty was another ship. They were lying. revealing that Israeli commanders knew the ship was an American ship and . Dwight Porter.) The Spotlight article quoted Lagerkrantz: Since Congress has decided to grant the most aid to governments who agree to let Israel train and equip their security troops. the El Quseir. applies to U. “It’s an American ship!” Tel Aviv disregarded the pilot’s protests and ordered the fighters to attack. the fighter pilots radioed and protested to their base.-funded Israel lobby in the United States sprang into action with disinformation to the media and pressure on members of Congress who were recipients of their political contributions. The ugly truth of the deliberate killing of U. during which time missiles.S. The brutal and bloody assault continued for almost half an hour.

The media ignored the June 7.34who was present in IDF headquarters for several hours before starting the attack on the U. I don’t need the Mossad35and Shin Bet36 knocking on my door.S. authors Andrew and Leslie Cockburn write about the symbiotic relationship between the United States and Israeli intelligence networks. 34 Israel Defense Forces.242 Defrauding America. Maine. and assigned to the IDF war room during the Six-Day War with Syria. Dangerous Liaison goes into detail concerning the cover-up of the nuclear fuel theft by U. operating under the Metsada section of the Mossad.S. In 1996. Pennsylvania in 1968. despite his long history of terrorist activities. thereby protecting the perpetrators of the murderous act. performing for the military. and sold to foreign countries. Vol. .” His knowledge of Mossad’s assassination squads and their practice of assassinations. stolen. including relations with the Medellin drug cartel. Two that they were killing American sailors. He told Ha’aretz.S. and their role in the Guatemalan death squads. much of it funded by the United States. The orders to attack the U. “Everyone is after me now. certainly justified his anxiety.S. Mintz expressed “grave anxiety over the media interest in him” relating to the Liberty affair. Military Secrets Secret weapon technology sent to Israel has been repeatedly copied. 1991. and that is what I’m afraid of. The Mossad’s assassination unit is called Kidon. violating agreements with the United States. keeping the American public from learning the truth about the brutal attack upon Americans. abdicating the loyalty to the United States and protecting those inflicting harm. who later became Israel‘s Laborite Prime Minister. Their book portrays the role played by the CIA and Mossad in drug trafficking. citizen who went to Israel in 1962. and Israeli officials. Israeli and CIA involvement with the Medellin drug cartel and Guatemalan death squads. 36 Shin Bet acts in a similar manner as the Mossad. 35 Mossad is the Israeli highly secret intelligence service and a worldwide network of agents. Porter’s revelations are supported by Seth Mintz.33a Major in Israel‘s IDF. President George Bush‘s White House staff tried to portray Israel’s Rabin as a peacemaker. 33 Residing in Houlton.S. and other treasonous activities.S. He was a U. In Dangerous Liaison-The Inside Story of the U. the stealing of nuclear fuel by Israel from the Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corporation plant at Apollo. 1997 memorial services held by the surviving Liberty crewmen. communication ship. causing him to recant his earlier statements. Shortly after Mintz made these statements he was threatened by Mossad agents. Navy communication ship came from a high Israeli official. joining the Israeli Army in 1965. reportedly General Yitzhak Rabin.Israeli Covert Relationship. In a dispatch in Ha’aretz on November 7. a person intending to fund a TV documentary on the Israeli attack upon the Liberty was killed. Stealing U.

in which U.S. using money supplied by U. Israel sold the Patriot missiles and their technology to other countries. components in an Israeli weapon system or disassembling the weapon to discover how it works and then constructing its own. interests was the Dotan affair. New York Times and Wall Street Journal related the long pattern of illegal sales by Israel of U.S. It is believed that the millions of dollars diverted from engine orders of United Technologies and General Electric 37 New York Times. taxpayers. Both General Electric and Pratt and Whitney knew the United States was being defrauded but it was profitable for them to remain quiet. technology by ordering U. some were adversaries of the United States. and espionage. taxpayers. the bribes coming from U. despite the fact that U. insider trading. interests.S. Falsified bills of lading and shipment of fictitious equipment were all part of the scheme that was paid by U. A General Electric official. Herbert Steindler. Shell companies were used for facilitating the payoffs. Over $11 million in bribe money was diverted from General Electric Company through a small New Jersey front company to European bank accounts controlled by Israel Brigadier General Rami Dotan. The case involved bribery.S. Dotan Affair Another example of Israeli attacks upon U.S. as is required of all other countries. and pleaded guilty to defrauding the United States in the sale of military equipment to Israel. . 1992. officials to carry out its dirty work against the United States. April 4.S. Israeli officials impeded the investigation by U. investigators in Israel not to check on the destination of U.S. money laundering. corporations paid bribes to Israeli officials. The report told how Washington officials protected this unlawful transfer of U.S. in clear violation of U.S. law. officials.S. technology sent to Israel. selling the secret technology to foreign countries who may be hostile to the U.S. weapon technology.Israel and America Misconduct: Catalyst for Mideast Terrorism 243 Reports in the March 15. General Electric agreed to pay $69 million in fines. military technology to Third World countries.S.S. was considered a partner in the illicit schemes. retains powerful Washington law firms and bribes U. But the facts speak otherwise. Instead. Duplicating its denial of involvement in the October Surprise affair.S. funds were involved.S. taxpayers. The articles revealed that Israel does this by either installing the U. Israel. to become co-conspirators.S. the Israeli government claimed itself innocent in the Dotan matter. including China. A State Department report37 accused Israel of engaging for nearly ten years in a systematic pattern of reselling cutting-edge U. and violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Israel received Patriot missiles worth hundreds of millions of dollars from the United States and was required to keep the technology secret. 1992. penalties and damages. who was convicted by an Israeli military court of theft and fraud.

The treasonous and subversive CIA October Surprise operation could not have occurred without the cooperation of the Mossad and other Israeli officials. its investigative arm. from the treasonous activities of October Surprise to the devastating drug epidemic destroying America. Jonathan Jay Pollard.S. they have inflicted immeasurable financial and other harm upon the American people.S. Congressman and House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman John Dingell stated that Congress has been reluctant to embarrass Israel politically. Both engage in worldwide assassinations. to steal military secrets. gave me details of the role played by the Mossad in drug trafficking into the United States. by Chief District Judge Aubrey Robinson in Washington. the Mossad. for instance. Israel. and White House officials. Several of my CIA contacts have warned me against saying anything unfavorable about the Mossad or Israel in my book. Most of the diverted money came from U. were present at many of the drug transshipment points and especially in Panama. Pollard Affair Israeli agents paid a U. some of whom were pilots with me in the Middle East.S. They told how Mossad agents. relating to the drug trafficking from South and Central America into the United States. 1986. resulting from dissembling of the Star of David on the bags. Israel paid Pollard for his treasonous activities from the money given to Israel by the U. Navy intelligence analyst. But Israel’s Zionist lobby in the United States protected Israel from any fallout. This attitude exists because of past retaliatory measures inflicted upon members of Congress by the Israeli lobby when Israel’s activities were questioned. They knew the October Surprise operation was defrauding the United States and became co-conspirators. These CIA people described their direct personal and business contacts with the Mossad. Vol. Together. making reference to the pattern of assassinations by the Mossad when they believe their interests are adversely affected. foreign aid programs destined for Israel. CIA in Collaboration with the Mossad The CIA and Mossad have a symbiotic relationship. It was profit- .244 Defrauding America. including Michael Harari and David Kimche. They also told me about the joint shipment of CIA and Mossad drugs in CIA and DEA aircraft with the Mossad drugs identified by triangles on the drug packages. and Drug Trafficking Several of my CIA sources. the General Accounting Office. jointly inflicting great harm upon the United States. using a Washington apartment owned by lawyer Harold Katz. Two through front companies were for the purpose of Israeli covert operations. This money-diversion had been known to be standard and unlawful practice for years to members of Congress. The seriousness of the spying operation was reflected by the life sentence given to Pollard on June 4.

loans and grants that are rarely repaid.S. as related to me by Russbacher and Ari Ben-Menashe. ADL has turned to. 38 JDL. including Presidents Ronald Reagan and then George Bush. The ADL lauded a major Jewish crime figure. and Paris meetings. which conformed to statements made to me by several CIA people with whom I had been in frequent contact for several years. It is risky business for a public official to defend U.” also known as the Meyer and Bugsy Gang. Through its powerful Zionist group it can fund campaigns to defeat politicians not adhering to Zionist wishes. whose parent is B’nai B’rith. In American Jewish Organizations and Israel.S. Israel was then able to blackmail officials in the government of the United States. ADL blocks any exposure of wrongful activities by Israel and its Mossad.aggressive measures. is a group founded in the late 1960s to fight those opposed to Israel. including Russbacher and Riconosciuto. Much of the money used to bribe members of Congress and other federal officials is sent to the United States by Israel. Top ADL officials have admitted the use of clandestine surveillance techniques. who regularly donated heavily to the ADL. which obtains the money from U. It spends huge sums of money to oppose members of Congress whose interests are not aligned with Israel.. author Lee O’Brien describes the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith (ADL): In later years. Lansky and Siegel were members of the original “Murder Incorporated. Jewish Defense League. Much or all of this money comes from the U. Dalitz was called Chairman of the Board to such crime figures as Meyer Lansky and Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel. JDL38 chairman Irv Rubin was accused in 1992 of plotting a murderfor-hire operation. via their consulates and embassy. Former Mossad agent Ben-Menashe described Israel‘s involvement in the October Surprise operation. via the FBI. Apparently anyone who disagrees with Israel is anti-Semitic.Israel and America Misconduct: Catalyst for Mideast Terrorism 245 able for Israel. ADL has been able to defuse any attention focused upon unlawful activities of people connected with Israel or the Mossad. interests when it means confrontation with the Zionists. and the vast control by Israel over the U. the results of which are fed into both the Israeli intelligence-gathering apparatus. Enormous Power of the Israel Lobby One of the most powerful forces in the United States is the AntiDefamation League. taxpayers who provide loans or grants that are not repaid. Morris Barney Dalitz of Las Vegas. . One tactic used to silence those who report or criticize the Mossad or Israel’s conduct is to label them an anti-Semite....S. Israel knew the October Surprise operation was an act of treason. Israeli agents were at the Madrid. media will make certain the American people hear this version.. Barcelona. and they aided and abetted in this operation. and American domestic intelligence.S.outright surveillance of individuals and groups.

peasants. The Israeli government regulates and controls almost every facet of personal and business endeavors. Vol. accountants. and some had heart problems or were crippled. and encouraged death squads operating in El Salvador. Gerard revealed that he was a former CIA operative and had evidence that the CIA trained. 1993. and engineers.246 Defrauding America. . Following its standard practice of lying. They were driven into a no-man’s land in the mountains as winter approached. The scandal surfaced after it was discovered that San Francisco police inspector Tom Gerard39 was stealing police intelligence files and selling them to the ADL. “This was not good guys versus bad guys. “This was evil. And I wanted no part of it. According to an April 9. a CIA spokesman denied that Gerard had any relationship with the Agency. and clergy throughout Central America. Two The Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith has been functioning as the action arm of the Israeli Mossad in the United States. Only those with Jewish mothers have full stature in Israel. and he left the CIA in 1985. some were elderly. and a member of a panel appointed by Governor Pete Wilson to recommend the names of lawyers for federal judgeships. Honduras and Guatemala during the 1980s.” Gerard said. after which it was learned that the ADL had been acting as proxy for the Mossad. Christians and Moslem Palestinians are deprived of their basic human rights in Israel. supported. forcing them into the mountains and barring relief supplies that the Red Cross tried to deliver to them. An Israeli human rights group40 charged their government with rou39 40 San Francisco Chronicle. This helps explain why the inordinately high percentage of federal judges are Jewish. Hochman was a prominent ADL figure. evil. lecturers. this was something the devil himself was involved in. Gerard said that the San Francisco police and the FBI have joined forces to discredit him. Los Angeles Times article the ADL disguised payments made to Bullock by funneling the money through Beverly Hills lawyer Bruce Hochman. the Israeli Center of Human Rights in the Occupied Territories. In late 1992. and the United States has been subsidizing this Israeli socialism.” Gerard told how the CIA supported the death squads that tortured and murdered thousands of people in Central America. who in turn paid Bullock. including political opponents. The sheer brutality of the carnage was too much for him. a form of apartheid. May 8. Israeli officials deported 415 Palestinians from their homes. In 1993. It was learned during the investigation that Roy Bullock was an ADL operative spying on numerous individuals and groups in the United States. During a three-hour press interview in the Philippines. “Civil Rights” in Israel Many civil rights are largely ignored in Israel. Israel’s form of apartheid. an ADL spy scandal erupted in San Francisco. lawyers. 1993. Betselem. Those deported included doctors. union members.

S. Israel literally demanded that the U.” American Taxpayers Fund These Activities Israel depends upon the largesse of the United States government and its powerful Israel lobby. More inside and secret information on the activities of the Mossad has been described in earlier pages. including those of Jewish faith. including their assassination teams. If Israel defaults on the $10 billion loan and the American taxpayer is forced to make the payments. plus the interest on the money. By this time the money had already been used. 1993. This indictment of those operating under the flag of Israel does not indict the average citizen of Israel any more than the criminal activities by U. which did not have to be repaid.000 Palestinian prisoners jailed in the previous year had been tortured. lobbyists. New York Times article was entitled. which is required only on money grants. the Mossad. while Palestinians reported that the percentage was much higher. Billions of dollars in loans have been given to Israel that will never be repaid.S. their appreciation was reflected in the 1991 statement by Israel’s Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin as he attempted to lay a guilt trip on the United States. In 1991. An April 3.41 Israeli Citizens Have Similar Problems With Corrupt Government and Intelligence Agencies Government officials in control of Israel‘s foreign relations. oversight. and there was no control over how it was used.4 billion in loans that would never be repaid. interest and principle have been reported to total $116 billion over a 30-year repayment period. to fund these activities.S. savings bonds for which the United States paid Israel over $34 million in interest (on the money that the United States gave to Israel in the first place). reporting. public relations firms. Israel then invested these funds in U. as well as other Zionist groups.S. and more follows. 41 Spotlight. 1992. The reason the White House officials referred to the money transfer as loans in the first place was to avoid U. “Violence and ill-treatment have become an expected part of interrogations.000 of the 25. Israel received $16.” The report stated that at least 5. have engaged in a pattern of criminal acts inflicting great harm upon American citizens.S. The loans were secretly converted to grants. . August 24. “ Israeli Study Finds Torture Common. officials indict the average American. and bribing U. and its intelligence agency. claiming it had an obligation to help settle Soviet Jews in Israel through the guarantee of the $10 billion loan. and members of Congress. In 1991.Israel and America Misconduct: Catalyst for Mideast Terrorism 247 tinely torturing Palestinian political prisoners. Despite the enormous amount of gifts to Israel. the cost of which must be borne by the American taxpayer. the United States taxpayers paid over $4. guarantee $10 billion in loans to build housing for Jews in land taken from Jordan. From 1974 to 1989.3 billion in aid to Israel.

43 42 .S. 1986. 45 U. He described the thousands of Jewish assets in various countries. its drug trafficking (as my contacts had frequently described to me). Vol. forcing some of the U.S. because of the nonparticipation of France in the bombing of Libya. was concerned about the conduct of a controlling faction in Israel‘s Mossad. and kept this information from the Americans so as to continue the hostilities between the Americans and factions in the Middle East. including the United States.S. Israel and the Mossad felt that removal of the Soviet threat would lessen Israel’s strategic value to By Way of Deception. The Mossad funded several terrorist organizations in Europe. and monitored their telephone and radio communications. Ostrovsky left the Mossad in the late 1980s. Instead. to accomplish what Israel. including the United States. He was troubled by its use of Kidon assassination squads in friendly countries. or the Mossad. Ostrovsky describes how the Mossad plans events so that the blame will be on another party.42 Ostrovsky described how the U. and which President Ronald Reagan used as an excuse to bomb Libya. resulting in bombing Libya. This hostility continued the strategic value of Israel to the United States. 44 La Belle discotheque. France recognized the Mossad’s role in Operation Trojan. only French hostages were released. who secretly feed information to the Mossad that is often harmful to the host country.248 Defrauding America. In this way he kept aware of Mossad activities. He describes how the Mossad knew about the impending bombing of the Marine barracks in Beirut that killed nearly 300 American soldiers. Colonel Victor Ostrovsky. The Mossad called this plan. Two Former Mossad Agent Reveals Secrets Of Israel‘s Intelligence-Espionage Agency Former Mossad officer. The Mossad’s code name for Maxwell was the “Little Czech. This bombing caused hostage takers in Lebanon to break off negotiations with the Americans and the British concerning the release of the hostages. aircraft to fly from France to bomb Libya. wants to achieve. undermining foreign governments. Operation Trojan. but retained secret contacts with high-level Mossad officials. and refused to allow U.S.45 killing many women and children. aircraft to fly from England and refuel in the air. invasion of Panama dried up much of the Mossad’s funds derived from shipping drugs into the United States. and exposed these practices in his books. aircraft bombed Libya on April 14. He described how the Mossad made possible43 the explosion in a West Berlin night club44 that killed one US serviceman and wounded several others.” Maxwell had threatened to expose the Mossad’s attempts to halt the democratization of the Soviet Union. Mossad‘s Assassination of World-Famous Figure Ostrovsky writes in The Other Side of Deception how and why a Kidon team killed long-time Mossad asset and British citizen Robert Maxwell. Lion of Judah. The Other Side of Deception.

1992. IranContra. The large number of Israel sympathizers in England and the United States. While preparing to assassinate Maxwell.S. including the media. Ian Spiro was found dead in a car parked in the desert. Maxwell warned that if Israel did not provide this help. Later. A Kidon team was then dispatched by boat. or sayanim. My initial reports linked the deaths with Israel’s Rafi Eitan. One of my sources. while Maxwell was on his boat. he would publicize Israel’s attempt to prevent the end of the Cold War. A spy would be another name for a sayan. Gunther Russbacher. whose father. in the San Diego area. killing Maxwell and throwing his body into the ocean.Israel and America Misconduct: Catalyst for Mideast Terrorism 249 the United States. Spiro had connections to the CIA. is a Jewish asset in a foreign country. but he is known in the intelligence community as an assassinator. Mossad‘s Brutal Killing of an America Family in California Ian Stuart Spiro. Spiro had worked with Oliver North in the arms-for-hostages schemes. while Israel‘s Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir eulogized the man that Israel’s Mossad had killed. Spiro had become very concerned about the harm being inflicted worldwide by the U. He was helping Riconosciuto collect documents to present to a federal grand jury conducting hearings into the Inslaw matter when he was killed. Maxwell was buried on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem. 1991. which was run by Jonathan Wise. and the Lebanese hostage crisis. California). British. resulting in a major reduction in financial aid and military equipment. and began exposing some of their worse secrets. Another one of my sources. and was now in need of immediate financial help himself. Spiro’s wife and three daughters were killed in their home near San Diego by large-caliber bullets into their heads. the Kidon team climbed on board the yacht. and to get there via his yacht. said that his intelligence agency contacts revealed that the Spiro murders were carried out by Israel‘s Mossad and Britain’s M-5 intelligence agencies. . having died from ingesting cyanide. The maid who worked part-time for the Spiro family had identified Rafi Eitan from pictures. and Mossad46 intelligence agencies. 46 A sayan.. his wife. including October Surprise. He had been involved in various CIA operations. and three small daughters were killed on November 7. told me that Spiro was planning to duplicate a nationwide 900-sexually-orientated business. British. was a CIA asset. Ron Veatch. Maxwell had financially funded many prior Mossad activities. John Wise. the Mossad instructed Maxwell to meet them in Los Cristos on the island of Grand Canary. in a typical snow job. New Media Telecommunications (located in La Jolla. as having been to the Spiro home several days before the Spiro murders. obtaining information for Israel and the Mossad. and during the evening of November 4. have kept the facts of this and other Mossad assassinations from the public. This doesn’t prove that Eitan committed the murders. and Israel intelligence agencies.

1992. who was president of the Communications 900-type business was also CIA/NSA federal front. Vol. and tried to draw me into their scheme. another CIArelated activity. activities. described Corson’s role with him in CIA and DEA drug trafficking. He was found dead in July 1993. Ian gave me some CIA/FBI top-secret papers to hold and he was murdered by CIA/FBI-directed Mossad. Ephraim and other contacts informed Ostrovsky that Spiro was a sayan50 November 4. Valley Center. Before his death. from Ron Veatch stating: I had spoken to Ian Spiro a few days prior to his murder. 1993. was killed by a bullet in the head on November 14. and a unit directly under Israel‘s prime minister. Corson reportedly worked for the CIA and in the CIA’s drug and arms trafficking. I received a letter on October 20. Ostrovsky described how he was reminded of their deaths by his high-level Mossad contact that he identifies only as Ephraim. Nassen Beydoun. This discovery added additional intelligence/espionage agency involvement in the death of the Spiro family. The Other Side of Deception. He begged me for help.250 Defrauding America. Ostrovsky published his book. a unit of the Mossad operating in the United States.S. 1992. Two Russbacher had told me in the past that one of the methods the CIA uses to blackmail people. Corson had also been involved in the looting of savings and loans. 48 47 . Another death related to Spiro and his activities was Howard Cerney. lawyer from New York City. When I quizzed Russbacher about this information he said that New Media Telecommunications was an CIA operation and that John Wise had been a CIA asset for many years. Jose Aguilar. Ian was working for a CIA cover and he became aware that Jonathan Wise. was later shot and killed. was found dead in an El Paso motel room47 a day before Gail Spiro and her three children were found. including politicians. Jonathan called me the next day after the murders and missing of Ian. Basil Abbott. which described the murder of the Spiro family by a Mossad Kidon team. gathering information about U. was through the promotion of the 900-sexual numbers and pedophile activities. California. A possible witness who could identify the killers was found dead shortly after the Spiro family was killed.48 Aguilar reportedly identified a picture of Mossad agent Rafi Eitan49 as a visitor to Spiro’s home shortly before the Spiro family was found dead. 50 A sayan is a Jewish Mossad asset in a foreign country. A business associate of Ian Spiro. Ian Spiro told friends that he was receiving phone threats from the CIA or Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). 49 Rafi Eitan was a member of the Mossad‘s LAKAM. a tree trimmer who worked at the Spiro property. who had worked with Spiro and Oliver North. In 1994. One of my sources. who represented Ian Spiro on some of Spiro’s legal matters. Robert Corson.

leaders did nothing to motivate Israel to vacate the seizure of the West Bank and the Gaza strip that was seized from Jordan in 1963. Lawyers Dexter Jacobson and Paul Wilcher are two typical examples. from Spiro’s Lebanese contacts. are allies. In those days. the mother and three young girls were shot. and British intelligence. As frequently happens. Beirut. contributing. with U.Israel and America Misconduct: Catalyst for Mideast Terrorism 251 who had years of contacts with Israel‘s Mossad. Baghdad. Deadly Effects Upon America by Israel‘s Mossad In evaluating what Israel‘s Mossad has done to the United States and its citizens. the Mossad. these revelations by a high-level Mossad officer went unknown to most of the American public. But this changed with the one-sided lavishing of arms and money on Israel. I visited Palestinian refugee camps. and Spiro claimed that he had given the money to the Lebanese.N. . consider the Mossad’s role in sending drugs into the United States. rather than to their respective countries. and these intelligence agencies appear to have a greater loyalty to each other. despite U. Incredibly. Consider the Mossad’s killing of Americans. And as usual. The Mossad wanted their money back. including Michael Harari‘s involvement in killing those army officers who sought to expose the drug trafficking associated with Operation Watchtower. After his Lebanese contacts discovered Spiro‘s links to the IranContra affair. they refused to deal with him.S. The conduct and final report of the Spiro deaths by the San Diego sheriff’s department indicated a cover-up. the Arabs were friendly to Americans. the local police cooperated. leaders aided Israel to obtain the nuclear weapons denied to its neighbors. Leaders’ Middle East Policies and Terrorism Years earlier I resided in various Middle East locations while spending several months each year in 1953 and 1954 flying Muslim pilgrims to Mecca and Medina from such places as Jerusalem. U. the FBI pressured the media to report that Spiro had killed his family and then committed suicide.S. Spiro was then taken into the desert. Tehran. When the Mossad Kidon team arrived at Spiro’s home in the San Diego area on November 7. to cover up for CIA-related activities. Ron Arad.S. Apparently Ian Spiro had received a large sum of money from the Mossad with which to obtain the release of an Israeli airman. 1992. and could not get the money returned. Further. to the national security threat posed by the destabilizing effects of drugs. as happened with many other deaths where intelligence agencies are involved.S. U. partly due to the massive media cover-up. While protesting and bombing Arab and other countries for building nuclear power plants and weapons. the CIA. intelligence agencies. resolutions calling for such removal. where he was fed poison. U. These are only a few examples of how intelligence agencies of other countries are contributing to the demise of the United States as it existed prior to the formation of the CIA. causing his death. Abadan.

large sections of the world have developed a fatal hate for America and its people. is bringing down upon America and its people. Ironically. leaders continue to heavily fund and support Israel‘s brutal occupation of Palestine.252 Defrauding America. supplied weapons to kill Arabs.S. As a result.S. fueled by our support of a brutal occupying force.S. Liberty. service people. facilities and the events occurring on September 11. and using its Mossad to smuggle drugs into the United States.S. Incredible and Deadly Irony Despite these attacks upon the United States.S.S. Vol. including the murder of many U.S. the brazen killing of U. In the process. The events of September 11. Two Israel built settlements in these seized areas and demolished Arab homes.S. Any politician who speaks out on these matters becomes targeted for defeat at the next election. . which generated worldwide bombings of U. are only one morning’s example of how this hatred. spying on the United States as in the Pollard case. Arabs resorted in desperation to suicide bombing attacks. Feeling helpless. navy personnel on the U. Muslims throughout the world grew to hate the United States and Americans. Israel inflicted great harm upon the United States. using U. 2001. 2001. U. U. Despite the dire consequences for the United States. funded by Israeli interests. furnishing heavy military weapons being used against defenseless citizens. generating a deep-seated hatred to kill Americans. leaders continue their policies that are inflaming a major segment of the world’s population against Americans.

52 October 27. and more so in the several editions of Defrauding America.. Without their criminal conduct.51 none of these criminal activities could have been perpetrated or continued. Justice Dept. their aiding and abetting.CHAPTER TEN Justice Department: Greatest Direct Threat to Americans any people in control of key positions in the three branches of the federal government were. these are criminal acts for which prison sentences are provided.. As stated in the 1978. and 1990 editions of Unfriendly Skies.S.S. Obstruction of justice. 1991. Department of Justice and federal judges.S. The same applies to the mainstream media and to members of Congress. and are. With thousands of investigators in the Department of Justice. My letters and my federal actions made certain that they knew of the federal crimes.point to a widespread conspiracy implicating government officials in the theft of Inslaw‘s technology. criminal cover-up. all of whom played key roles in the obstruction of justice. persecution of whistleblowers. their complicity of cover-up. Organized Crime in the U. Justice Department The heading in the Forum section of the Sacramento Bee52 read “Organized Crime in the U.” Inslaw. informants and protesting victims. The article stated in part: “Indications. Either way. Their dereliction of duty. or were involved in the cover-up. either directly involved in the activities described within these pages.” accurately reflecting the decades of criminality in the most misnamed agency of the federal government. these crimes could not have escaped detection. For 30 years. bad as it was. caused and made possible the infliction of incalculable harm upon the American people. at the epicenter of the corruption described within these pages are lawyers and officials in the U. 51 M . constitutes only the tip of the iceberg. 1980. Justice Department lawyers blocked every attempt that I made to report the government corruption that I initially discovered as a federal investigator.

254 Defrauding America. including that committed by the CIA and DEA.S. Trustee. the responsibility for ensuring that the laws of the United States are properly enforced falls to the United States Department of Justice. Every one of these divisions has been routinely used to commit the federal crimes that they have a duty to prevent. which is under the control of the U. responsible for investigating the many crimes that I reported to it. Decades of financial deprivation and financial problems for individuals and the United States itself will result from the savings and loan debacle. for instance. a whale trapped in the Arctic ice fields. Two If my reports of the pattern of criminality had received the reaction in the three branches of the federal government and from the media that a properly functioning government requires. In practice. Many deaths in fraud-related airline crashes would not have occurred if Justice Department lawyers had not engaged in the cover-up. Even now. who retaliated against me for exercising lawful and constitutional protections to halt the barrage of civil and constitutional (and criminal) violations inflicted upon me. The President of the United States appoints him or her. the criminal activity continues and increases in frequency and severity as the public concerns itself with such trivia as ball games. there could not have been the epidemic corruption that now exists in government. Succession of Corrupt Attorney Generals A succession of Attorney Generals have been implicated in corrupt acts and federal crimes. Vol.S. the civil rights division. with the responsibilities to investigate the civil rights violations that I reported to them. responsible for preventing the many criminal activities that I reported to them (including those perpetrated by Justice Department personnel seeking to block my reports). retaliating against me for reporting the federal crimes that I uncovered. the U. This is the Justice Department that has persecuted me continuously since mid-1987. Responsibilities of Justice Department Under federal law. These include. Department of Justice are numerous divisions. responsible for preventing the massive drug trafficking. the criminal division. who is responsible for preventing the rampant fraud in bankruptcy courts that I and others reported to that office. but have escaped prosecution because they held . the Attorney General routinely misuses the Justice Department to protect the criminal acts of those who appointed him or her. the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Attorney General. Thousands of people have been financially destroyed and their lives made miserable by the coordinated theft of their assets in Chapter 11. Responsible for Protecting Civil Rights Within the U. the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). or an endangered species of cockroach being threatened by much-needed development of natural resources.S.

went to prison for his activities. The House and Senate Judiciary committees had requested the Attorney Generals to request appointment of an independent prosecutor in each of these matters. 1991. Meese was then used to protect Reagan and Bush from the October Surprise scandal and others that followed. he was replaced by Richard Thornburgh. Attorney General Edwin Meese. 53 54 October 27.” President George Bush. This was followed by protecting the rampant drug trafficking into the United States by the CIA and DEA. who continued the criminal activities of Inslaw. the obstruction of justice activities. Attorney General John Mitchell. Sometimes called independent counsel. including those that directly involved the Justice Department and the CIA.S. Attorney General. Barr as U. Barr blocked investigations into the major scandals that were surfacing almost daily. Attorney General. Justice Department lawyers and officials have engaged in obstruction of justice and other crimes of cover-up. Barr has a long history of CIA relations. He was implicated in the 1980 October Surprise scheme that helped bring the Reagan-Bush team into power.S. . As a reward. and the persecution of whistleblowers and informants. a former California lawyer and Alameda County District Lawyer. A Pennsylvania newspaper identified Thornburgh as the “Harrisburg Mafia. In addition to the October Surprise criminality. for instance. then appointed53 William P.54 Barr refused to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the White House’s funding of Iraq’s military build-up. Subsequent Attorney Generals have committed federal offenses involving far more serious crimes.Justice Department: Greatest Direct Threat to Americans 255 the highest law enforcement position in the United States. Barr blocked an investigation of the part played by Justice Department officials in the Inslaw affair. In every area of major criminality implicating federal personnel. Justice Department officials misused this powerful agency to steal the software from the Inslaw people. was prominently associated with an escalation of the sleazy and corrupt activities in government. When the stench from Meese’s activities forced him to resign. showing their corrupt mindset. who had a long-time relationship with the CIA. denying the request by the House Judiciary Committee for an Independent Prosecutor. the Reagan-Bush Administration appointed Meese U. From the very beginning. or to protect the ReaganBush team from prosecution in that scandal. and were never prosecuted or called to task by the checks and balances in government. He refused to appoint an Independent Prosecutor to investigate Inslaw. Barr refused to appoint an independent prosecutor to investigate the White House’s role in the Bank of Lavoro scandal. Barr was General Counsel of the CIA while Bush was Director of the Agency. Thornburgh left the Attorney General position in 1991 to run for the Senate seat vacated by the death of Senator John Heinz in a plane crash in Philadelphia.

What did Aguilar do? He allegedly made false statements to an FBI agent who talked to the judge on the beach at Waikiki during a Hawaiian vacation. acting with Oliver North and other drug traffickers. Aguilar halted the deportation of refugees that Justice Department lawyers wanted deported. Prosecuting Federal Judges Who Don’t Cooperate Justice Department lawyers. no one was harmed by Aguilar’s acts and he made no money or profited in any way. Attorney Russoniello in open court. Vol. Bush was heavily involved in the overall drug smuggling activities. or the FBI’s pattern of lying to grand juries and trial juries.S. Unlike the continuing Justice Department and judicial corruption. who was noted for rendering decisions contrary to those . threatening Russoniello with contempt of court. was that Aguilar often disagreed with the Justice Department prosecutors in judicial proceedings. misusing the power of the U. District Judge Aguilar in June 1989 with misusing his judicial position in a racketeering enterprise (RICO) and obstructing justice.S. Another source. He also suggested to an lawyer the use of a particular defense in the trial of Aguilar’s brother-in-law. Another judge charged with a crime by Justice Department officials was former U. and former CIA operative Terry Reed said that he personally saw Barr in drug-related activities. government. have tremendous ability to destroy persons who threaten to expose their dirty games. compared to the monumental offenses committed by other federal judges and Justice Department officials. he was legal counsel for the CIA’s Southern Air Transport.S.S. This problem reflects one of the major flaws in our constitution. He also engaged in a heated argument with U. Attorneys are selected to insure that this plan works. Gene Tatum.S. Attorney Joseph Russoniello at San Francisco. Further.S. and act as damage control. charged U.S. Aguilar told his brother-in-law not to call him because the brother-in-law’s phone may be tapped. Two Decades of Obstruction of Justice It has been a common practice to appoint someone to the highest law enforcement position in the United States who has been involved in criminal activities.256 Defrauding America. Also. also personally encountered Barr in similar activities. and it would be only “normal” to put one of their own at the head of the nation’s top law-enforcement agency. This same general practice is applied to the political selection of federal judges who then act to block any prosecution or revealing civil actions. Compare the alleged offenses charged against Judge Aguilar with the pattern of obstruction of justice and felony persecution of informants by Justice Department personnel. The real reason for prosecuting Aguilar for these relatively minor offenses. It was visibly reflected during the presidency of Ronald Reagan. U. Attorney General by President George Bush. Before William Barr was appointed U. and Bill Clinton. U. George Bush. District Judge Claiborne in the Las Vegas District Court (1986).

very possibly making it the key cog in the pattern of racketeering activities against the American people. the criminality in the U. When they accepted their position. by stretching facts clearly out of proportion to reality. in fact. The mere investigation by the FBI arm of the Justice Department can cause a member of the U. which I initially discovered while a federal investigator. would you believe. Justice Department lawyers charged her with perjury and. and the prestige. they assumed the responsibilities that went with the pay. as these pages reveal. Lisa Jones was victimized in the battle between Drexel and Justice Department lawyers and sentenced to eighteen months in federal prison. These Justice Department lawyers have made it standard practice to misuse Justice Department facilities to falsely charge dozens of informants and whistleblowers with federal offenses to block their reporting of crimes implicating federal officials. Since then. do any of the acts described within these pages. But this was no excuse for them aiding and abetting the criminal activities. If Justice Department personnel did. The young woman suffered the indignities accompanying federal . had devastating consequences in the aviation areas that I brought to their attention.S. a 24-year-old dropout and runaway who became financially successful at the Wall Street investment firm of Drexel. these same personnel would have to misuse the power of the federal government and of the Justice Department to block the reporting of these crimes. Senate and House to lose an election. The Justice Department can easily fabricate charges. Department of Justice has increased many times over. Claiborne’s accountant had failed to list the profit made on one of several real estate transactions on his income tax report.S. the perks. was one of the first witnesses called by Justice Department lawyers investigating insider trading and other security violations at Drexel. Senate from 1991 to 1993 refused to respond to my multi-page petition to investigate the corruption I brought to their attention. They had a duty to perform. She refused to fabricate testimony requested by Justice Department lawyers.S. Pattern of Criminal Activities by Justice Department For thirty years I have been intimately connected with the criminal acts committed by Justice Department officials and their various divisions. Placing Young Ladies in Prison A federal judge sentenced a young lady to federal prison (1989) for failure to remember details of stock transactions that happened several years earlier while she was a stockbroker for Drexel Burnham Lambert.Justice Department: Greatest Direct Threat to Americans 257 wanted by the Justice Department. especially conspiracy or misprision of felony offenses. Justice Department prosecutors then charged Claiborne with income tax evasion. obstruction of justice. Possibly the fear of what the Justice Department can do was one of the reasons every member of the U. Lisa Jones. Their misconduct in the 1960s. who then retaliated when she could not remember details of the stock transactions.

I mailed to the federal judge on April 25. Seeking to show that the Judge who sentenced Helmsley to prison did himself commit a serious federal crime. 1992. one simple fact seems certain: Lisa has virtually no assets. Is it any wonder the United States has the highest percentage of its citizens in prison? 56 55 . The indictment subjected Fisher to ten years in prison and a fine of as much as $250. leaving behind her 81-year-old husband who could be expected to be dead before she would be released. Two imprisonment. San Francisco lawyer Daniel Bookin stated: “It is inconceivable to me that Drexel would sue Lisa after all that she’s gone through. The accountants who made that determination were never charged with any wrongdoing. In response to Drexel’s claim that they would sue Ms. All issues of compassion and decency aside.C. Ten Year Prison Sentence for a Telephone Conversation On December 7. Drexel’s lawyers sued the young lady for payment of legal fees that Drexel had agreed to pay. however.55 He refused to receive our evidence. Helmsley’s income tax forms were made out by professional tax preparers. Jones for the amount of money that they had advanced. handcuffs. to ten years in prison on a conspiracy charge. who determined that the deductions were business related. the mother of two infants. 1992. Helmsley paid over $4 million federal income taxes in the disputed tax year and the amount owed by the disputed charges was a very small percentage of that amount. and body cavity searches. I reminded him of the mandatory requirements that we give our evidence to a federal court and that the court receive it. Justice Department prosecutors found time on December 15. she could not even begin to repay the cost of her legal representation. § 4.” Sending Senior Citizens to Prison Justice Department prosecutors charged Leona Helmsley with evading income taxes and sentenced the 72-year-old woman to four years in federal prison. 1990. to indict56 Bobby Fisher for playing a chess game in Yugoslavia. Judge Samuel Conti sentenced a young black girl from Oakland. charging him with violating the presidential order barring business relations with communist countries. and sending informants to prison. Helmsley’s accountants had claimed as business expenses charges that Justice Department lawyers considered personal items.258 Defrauding America. and in view of her serious psychological problems. The young girl had a telephone Title 18 U. California. While aiding and abetting and covering up for the serious crimes. developed psychological problems. a list of the criminal activities that my CIA sources and I were trying to report. Lisa Jones joined the many thousands of citizens who became victims of Justice Department and judicial corruption and. understandably. After all this.000. Vol. and demanded that he receive our testimony and evidence. including frequent transportation with leg irons. Fisher violated a June 1992 executive order by President George Bush restricting commercial relations with Yugoslavia.S.

Levi charged me with criminal contempt of court.S.S. In retaliation for refusing to commit perjury. including his Justice Department employer.Justice Department: Greatest Direct Threat to Americans 259 conversation with another person concerning the sale of drugs. Another example of how the public is victimized by the mindset in the Justice Department: A woman in Texas with five children drove her boyfriend’s van into Mexico and was arrested at the border when she was returning home.) Prison for Refusing to Commit Perjury Justice Department prosecutors charged a Sacramento area real estate developer. Levi was the U. This plan insures that Justice Department prosecutors are successful in federal court. But this will never happen because crooked federal judges and Justice Department lawyers have a stranglehold on the justice system. The jury. assuming that Justice Department officials would not prosecute an innocent woman. U. but federal agents. She knew nothing about having been used as a “mule. charged the girl with conspiracy. The conversation never went any further.” Making these outrages even worse is the fact that their sufferings are shared by thousands of others who become forgotten victims of corruption by Justice Department lawyers. having no idea cocaine had been hidden in her van. Attorney who charged me with criminal contempt of court when I filed federal actions reporting the criminal activities implicating federal officials. . with a federal offense for refusing to testify falsely against a bank official that Justice Department prosecutors wanted to convict.S. U. as with many other federal judges.S. (Conti was one of the federal judges rendering unlawful and unconstitutional orders barring me for the remainder of my life from federal court access. Marcel was willing to testify. He. Marshals drove her back from the federal courthouse in San Francisco to the Dublin Federal Detention Center after Judge Samuel Conti sentenced her to ten years in a high security prison. voiding for me the legal rights and protections under the laws and Constitution of the United States. causing her to receive a 10-year mandatory minimum sentence. should be impeached and sentenced to a long prison term. In retaliation for reporting the crimes and for exercising federal defenses. Attorney David Levi of Sacramento wanted Marcel to testify against a bank official and alter the facts in his testimony. She was in tears when U. It is standard practice to appoint Justice Department officials to the federal bench. Levi was appointed in 1992 to a federal judgeship in Sacramento. but would not commit perjury to enable Justice Department prosecutors to falsely convict the person. monitoring the phone call. rendered a decision holding her guilty. Marcel Cordi. Attorney Levi charged Marcel with fraud based upon an incorrect statement on a prior loan application relating to his length of employment. This same judge played a major role in blocking my exposures of the criminal activities and in protecting the many people who were implicated in the attacks upon me.

Justice Department personnel. White House officials. judges. The aircraft broker had no way of knowing how the plane was to be used. The broker was willing to testify. Mike Scarlett from Texas. . in the Wall Street Journal. The aircraft broker was subsequently put on trial with 32 other defendants. primarily because they were able to snitch on others. excusing those in the inner circle of government corruption. often enabling Justice Department prosecutors to obtain many other convictions of lesser figures. the media. Later. The broker was in a county jail near Memphis waiting for trial when he witnessed the fatal consequences of arrogance by federal agents.260 Defrauding America. Vol. There are hundreds of peripheral drug players in prison facing long mandatory prison terms while those government officials (and of course judges) guilty of far more serious drug offenses are free. Misprision of Felony A frequent charge for sentencing innocent people to prison is charging them with the federal crime. all of whom have committed this crime. Two Cases have been cited57 where major criminals are not charged by Justice Department prosecutors on the basis of information that they gave relating to other drug operations. they requested that the aircraft broker fabricate testimony in order to assist in obtaining convictions. but refused to lie. His cellmate.” Knowing that Scarlett was 57 Including a December 26. holding that he was part of the drug trafficking operation. An example of the misuse of this criminal statute occurred when a Memphis aircraft broker sold a used aircraft to a customer who later used it in drug-related operations. even though he never committed a single offense. when federal authorities were building a case against the suspects. Suicide Induced by Federal Tactics Another example of the harms inflicted upon innocent people was related to me by the aircraft broker in the preceding example. Justice Department lawyers then retaliated against him. the unsophisticated jury accepted the prosecutors’ charges as true. who apparently were guilty of drug-related offenses. 1990 article by Harry Hellerstein. Without competent legal counsel to protect his interests. Long prison terms for drug offenses become even more preposterous when it is realized that the CIA and DEA have engaged in largescale drug trafficking operations into the United States for decades. charging him with misprision of a felony on the basis that he failed to report to federal authorities that the aircraft was to be used in unlawful activities. Anyone who knows of a federal crime and who does not promptly report it to a federal judge or other federal tribunal is guilty of this crime. had been enticed by federal agents into making the controlled substance “speed. punishment for this crime is reserved for citizens. This statute has no exclusions and applies to members of Congress. misprision of felony. In practice. nor was he required to become an investigator. He was then sentenced to five years in federal prison. Assistant Federal Public Defender in San Francisco.

which may arguably share a greater blame than the person responding to the demand. Minor drug offenders are sentenced to twenty or more years in prison for a onetime offense while vicious killers are often released in a fraction of the time. 58 Wall Street Journal.Justice Department: Greatest Direct Threat to Americans 261 having serious financial problems supporting his family. Justice Department prosecutors were protecting CIA people involved in subversive and criminal activities.58 He allowed two loads of dirt to be dumped in a low spot as a base for a shed. and setting him up with the equipment and a location. When the judge reduced the sentence to six months in prison.” which has been made a crime by the same members of Congress whose crimes of cover-up far exceed the crimes for which non-violent offenders are in prison. Outrageous prison sentences are imposed for often-minor offenses. seeking to have Kafkaesque imprisoned for almost three years. teaching him how to produce it. Justice Department prosecutors sought to have him imprisoned for 27 to 33 months. Justice Department prosecutors appealed. and that Scarlett hung a bed sheet over the prison bars. On the first day Scarlett started to make it. Sometimes a person charged with a spoonful of drugs receives a far longer prison sentence than a person who brutally kills another. While in prison. Also. as is often done. federal agents encouraged him to produce the drug. 1992. such as filling in swamps on one’s own property or being found with small quantities of drugs. Scarlett discovered that his wife was sleeping with one of the federal agents who had set him up. . Prison for Filling in a Mosquito-Breeding Mud Hole Justice Department prosecutors sent Allen Kafkaesque to prison for filling in a mosquito-breeding low spot on his 103-acre ranch. Outrageous Prison Sentences America reportedly has the greatest percentage of its population in prison of any country in the world. and prosecuting innocent people to silence or discredit them. was very distraught-looking after phoning his wife. November 18. Inslaw. looting of financial institutions. they were perpetrating major crimes against the American people. Scarlett then stepped off of the toilet and hung himself. Behind the sheet Scarlett stepped onto the rim of the toilet and tied a strip torn from a bed sheet to a grill near the ceiling. as if he wanted privacy for sleeping. charging him with manufacturing amphetamines. these same federal agents arrested him. Simultaneous with these prosecutions. judicial looting of Chapter 11 assets. Scarlett. financing the operation. He described how the inmate wrote what was later discovered to be a suicide note. including drug trafficking. Al told me that his cellmate. Often the drug offender is a person simply filling the demand created by a drug-crazed society. while they were obstructing justice in each of the scandals described within these pages. Federal officials then charged him with filling in “wetlands.

Navy. such as the U. In From the Secret Files Of J. homosexual and other activities. Edgar Hoover was skilled at obtaining incriminating and embarrassing information on political figures. Prosecutors will lie to imprison an innocent person or to . or to plead guilty to a greater offense than they were guilty of after Justice Department prosecutors threatened to imprison their parents or wives. Trading of human life in court is like kids trading marbles. Blackmailing Members of Congress It is well known that FBI Director J. Two These outrageous prison sentences are legislated by the same members of Congress who have committed crimes associated with their cover-up of the criminal activities described within these pages. The book shows that Hoover’s activities did not die with him. but continue to this date. Other intelligence agencies have similar activities. They had no part in the offense charged. the author describes Hoover’s interest and ability in gathering scandalous information about prominent political figures. In this way the brave lawyers in the Justice Department coerce defendants to plead guilty (who may be innocent) or to plead guilty to charges greater than what were committed. Edgar Hoover by Athan Theoharis. allowing them to be convicted to satisfy a debt to their adversary’s legal counsel or to placate a judge who may want the other party to prevail.S. Threatening an Aged Parent or Wife to Obtain a Confession A favorite stunt of Justice Department prosecutors is to charge the wife or an aged parent with a crime. Numerous inmates told me how they were forced to plead guilty to something they hadn’t done. Lawyers often sabotage their own clients. Robert Kennedy’s affair with Marilyn Monroe. and had a file on almost every member of Congress. and an offense may not have even been committed. Justice Department prosecutors threatened to charge Russbacher‘s wife with a crime if he did not plead guilty to misusing government fuel and aircraft when he had the CIA Learjet fly him to Seattle and then to Reno in 1989. Buying and Selling Human Lives Judges. The army had a blackmail program called Operation Orwell. Judges are paid off to rule favorably on particular cases. prosecutors and lawyers often buy and sell cases and human lives as if they were commodities. Kennedy‘s affair with Inga Arvad.262 Defrauding America. Criminal lawyers will plead a man guilty just to pay back a prosecutor for not prosecuting another client. The court reporter can change the transcript to indicate the reverse of what is actually in the record. Marines. Army. Prosecutors will let a defendant go free in exchange for the life of another man. A clerk can lose a key file or piece of evidence. The CIA does the same thing to exert control over members of Congress. Vol. These congressional felonies are often worse than the offenses that place thousands of people in prison for years of confinement. Eleanor Roosevelt’s affair with Joseph Lash. The book describes FBI reports on John F.

The public doesn’t perceive this misconduct as a threat to themselves. for possible obstruction of justice. I fell into that trap in the past until I learned that Justice Department lawyers lie and cheat as a standard tactic. with a single call to the President—if that can happen. Attorney General Griffin Bell. and others.S. as a Wall Street Journal article once stated. regardless of the human tragedy it brings. I had given Eichler information on the criminal activities I experienced in Chapter 11. federal trustees. or so they think. Attorney Martson from office. Justice Department lawyers win year-end bonuses and personalrecognition awards for putting people in prison. prosecutors. Attorney in Philadelphia threatened too many politicians involved in political corruption. Is it any wonder the Justice Department cleared their boss of any wrongdoing? The same tactics were used by Justice Department officials against Assistant U. Some Justice Department lawyers justify their lying. Unfortunately for the victims of this prosecutorial misconduct. Prosecutors lie to imprison innocent persons or to greatly increase the length of sentence for the purpose of making their record look good. including unsophisticated members of the grand jury. the grand jury would indict a ham sandwich if the prosecutor told them to do so. Dismissing Investigators Who Expose High Level Corruption A common method for covering up evidence of the ongoing criminal activities is to dismiss investigators who report evidence of the crimes. guilty or not. and that’s what did happen—our federal criminal-justice system won’t work. implicating federal judges. No amount of rhetoric will ever convince the bagmen and the fixers that they can’t pull strings in Washington. Otherwise the accused would not be charged. When the Justice Department prosecutes a party for an alleged crime. Speaking before the Washington National Press Club on January 25. the average person. and law firms. because they’re sure that strings got pulled in Washington. assumes that the party is guilty.S. Cases are fixed by paying judges. Eichler . using the argument that the defendant lies so why shouldn’t they do likewise.Justice Department: Greatest Direct Threat to Americans 263 cause his incarceration for years longer than the law provides for the offense that was actually committed.S. President Carter reportedly pressured the Justice Department to remove U. Martson stated: If a single Congressman can remove his hometown prosecutor who’s actively investigating public officials. For instance. Trustee Gregg Eichler in the San Francisco area when his investigations exposed the part played by federal judges and Justice Department officials in the corrupt Chapter 11 courts. The Justice Department—controlled by the United States Attorney General. when the investigative activities of the U. police. 1978. who is appointed by the President of the United States— investigated President Carter and his political friend. But a defendant may lie to avoid prison.

. Justice Department officials fired one of their investigators in retaliation for testifying in the Inslaw affair. Investigator Lloyd Monroe was forced to quit the Justice Department after he discovered connections between the savings and loan scandal and the CIA-related Southmark Corporation in Dallas. Instead of acting on the report. said59 that he had been harassed by the FBI to suppress his reports of drugs smuggled into the United States in the bodies of dead GI’s sent back from the Vietnam War. after he exposed the corruption by trustee Charles Duck. Howard recommended the appointment of a special counsel to investigate the corruption by federal judges and trustees in Ninth Circuit Chapter 11 courts. The former head of the Los Angeles FBI office. during which time he obtained evidence of widespread drug dealings at Fort Bragg. Justice Department officials reprimanded assistant U. Justice Department officials arranged for the removal of Chapter 11 Judge George Bason from the District of Columbia bench after he ruled in favor of Inslaw.S. wherein they protect themselves. closely associated with the Justice Department’s criminality in the Inslaw matter. Blum went to Manhattan’s District Lawyer Robert Morgenthau with his evidence. and then arranged for the Justice Department’s lawyer defending against the Inslaw charges to replace Judge Bason. becoming a private investigator. describing the judicial corruption in Chapter 11. The FBI has its own way of dealing with whistleblowers. Ted Gunderson. Numerous CIA assets have given me data confirming this sordid practice. Vol. February 22. Two was dismissed from government service in late 1991. Jack Blum. was the widely publicized death of 59 United Press. After Sanford’s committee blocked the investigation into BCCI. Attorney Dave Howard in the San Francisco office after he filed a highly sensitive eleven-page report on July 11. was forced to resign when he pursued the investigation of BCCI corruption when the committee wanted to drop it. By packing the courts in this manner. North Carolina. Gunderson retired from the FBI in 1979. just as they blocked the exposure of every other scandal described in these pages. and as he was going after the judges. 1990. Justice Department officials censored Howard for preparing the report. Gunderson told the United Press reporters that the FBI and Justice Department had tapped his business phone and smeared his name. corrupt Justice Department officials gain control over the judicial process. Deaths of Those Exposing Justice Department Corruption Mysterious deaths of people exposing Justice Department and CIA corruption have been repeatedly reported throughout these pages. on Senator Terry Sanford’s committee. One of the main murders. Justice Department officials repeatedly blocked the exposure of the BCCI corruption.264 Defrauding America. resulting in criminal prosecution against powerful lawyers who sold their country down the river for financial wealth. 1986.

Humberto Machain. Justice Department lawyers have sanctioned and ordered the seizure in foreign countries of foreign citizens. Fidel Kosonoy.S. or the shooting down of an Iranian airliner by a trigger-happy U.S. Dr. Arrogance on an International Level The mindset rampant in the Justice Department has no bounds. Using this reasoning. Many of these people had never been in the United States. killing hundreds of Panamanian citizens. hundreds of federal officials. or the acts that may have been legal in the country where they were committed. In one instance involving a resident of Mexico. invaded Panama. did not occur in the United States. 1992. was responsible for administering the drugs that kept an American DEA agent. engaging in drug trafficking in partnership with the Central Intelligence Agency’s sanctioned operations. He had allegedly assisted in torturing a U. Iranians could justifiably sneak into the United States and abduct American citizens to stand trial in Iran for having committed crimes under Iranian laws. Entered into the court records were the declarations of a Mexican informant that another doctor. The September 10. Making the seizure of Manuel Noriega more bizarre.S. or undermined the lawful governments of other countries. Applying this tactic to other nations. dirty-trick squads. DEA agent in Mexico. Enrique Camarena. Justice Department personnel paid bounty hunters $50. to capture the head of a foreign country (who has never committed a crime in the United States). the Justice Department had no jurisdiction over them. alive so that the agent could be tortured for obtaining additional information. for having trafficked in drugs in Panama. Kosonoy was the per- .S. especially those in the CIA. including interference in Iranian governmental activities. Humberto Machain. The Vietnamese government could sneak into the United States and abduct American officials for their part in causing the deaths of tens of thousands of Vietnamese in the Phoenix program. The U.000 to kidnap him and bring him into the United States to stand trial. Dr. Navy crew that had invaded Iranian waters. Supreme Court Approval of Unlawful Seizure Federal judge in Los Angeles threw out the indictment against the Mexican physician. reporting that there was a need for a further investigation into Casolaro’s death and the link to the Justice Department officials. there is far more “justification” for other nations to kidnap American citizens based upon the crimes inflicted in their country by the CIA and other U. he was formerly on the payroll of the same CIA. Congressional Inslaw report addressed this link.Justice Department: Greatest Direct Threat to Americans 265 Danny Casolaro. Under law. could be seized for the crimes that they caused to be inflicted as they invaded the sovereignty of foreign countries such as Vietnam and Nicaragua. Civilized international law procedures require that extradition be requested of Mexican officials.

Chile‘s most important newspaper.. with gunfire that may even injure or kill innocent bystanders? Chilean Socialist leader Marcelo Schilling said of the Supreme Court rule that it was “the law of the jungle in which the weaker countries will lose out...S. The United States has given federal bounty hunters carte blanche to violate a widely held principle of international law.266 Defrauding America. or Philadelphia.S. There was an exception: Justice John Paul Stevens called the decision “monstrous. The Supreme Court Justices held that it was legal for American bounty-hunters to invade the sovereignty of a foreign country. Chief Justice William Rehnquist upheld this shocking violation of international law on the basis that “the treaty says nothing about the obligations” of the two countries “to refrain from forcible abductions.S. William P. testified before Congress in 1985: How would we feel if some foreign nation. reacted to the Supreme Court’s ruling with the heading “Caramba! they’ve legalized terrorism. Vol. using force if necessary.. legal communications to extradite that individual? In 1989. or Boston. bounty hunters can kill foreign citizens in foreign countries if the extradition treaty says nothing about that issue. and letters. legal adviser to the State Department.” which it was.because we refused through the normal channels of international. The Justices of the U. implying that foreign countries can do the same to U. Colombia or some other country. 1992. And what happens if U. Judge Abraham Sofaer. citizens. including killing foreign citizens. U. El Mercurio. These are the same Justices who obstructed justice when I repeatedly brought the corruption described within these pages to their attention via petitions. Justice Department prosecutors withheld this declaration that contradicted their charges against the Mexican doctor. Supreme Court upheld the right of Justice Department officials to invade a foreign country and seize their citizens in this manner.” The June 23.S. with Justice Department-appointed “defense” lawyers.S.” Using this rationale. Foreign nations and their media strongly criticized the United States Supreme Court for this position. violates national sovereignty and opens the door to acts of reprisal among nations.” Guatemalan President Jorge Serrano called the Supreme Court’s ruling an “unacceptable judicial monstrosity. held that the FBI could legally seize suspects in foreign countries. even though they had never been in the United .” When asked what he thought of the kidnapping doctrine.—clash with police in Mexico. bringing them to the United States for trial. a Mexican drug trafficker. Barr.came over here and seized some terrorist suspect in New York City. agents— or people cooperating with the U. the Assistant Attorney General in charge of the Office of Legal Counsel. Two sonal physician of Rafael Caro Quintero. appeals. editorial summarized the arrogance: The decision promotes contempt for the rule of law and the right of due process.

the United Nations Convention Against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs came into force and passed a resolution stating in clear text that a treaty party “shall not undertake in the territory of another Party the exercise of jurisdiction and performance of functions which are exclusively reserved for the authorities of that other Party by its domestic laws. California (October 2. In response to the U. No marijuana plants or drugs were found on his property. 1992). they conducted a commando-type raid. the Los Angeles Police Department. breaking into Scott‘s home while he was sleeping.S. didn’t want to sell. Donald Scott. Instead of going to the ranch in a peaceful manner with a search warrant. near Malibu.S. This new law was Mexico’s response to the U. Killing a Nearly Blind Rancher Another of several examples of the vicious mindset of ATF and Justice Department agents was the shooting death of a wealthy and nearly blind rancher. The invaders were from the Los Angeles County sheriff’s department. 60 .Justice Department: Greatest Direct Threat to Americans 267 States and had never committed any offense in the United States.” The article described the “new world disorder in which the United States.. But Scott.S. Drug Enforcement Administration. Supreme Court upholding that act. Federal personnel had tried to buy the ranch to expand the adjacent Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. the Mexican senate approved an amendment to the Mexican criminal code imposing a 40-year sentence on anyone who kidnaps Mexicans on behalf of the United States or any other foreign authority who may wish to duplicate America’s invasion of a foreign country’s sovereignty to kidnap foreign citizens.” It was the invasion of Mexico under orders of Justice Department officials that required this restatement of international law. The United States ratified that convention agreement in 1990 and then promptly violated it by seizing a Mexican citizen in Mexico in 1992. killing him as he came out of his bedroom. torture and assassinate citizens from other nations. A multi-agency drug task force of over two dozen heavily armed California and federal agents60 mounted a military-type assault upon Scott‘s home. the U. The resolution was introduced by Canada and Mexico and approved by the United Nations group. 1990. the National Park Service and the California National Guard.” On November 11. Supreme Court ruling in June 1992 that approved the 1990 kidnapping of the Mexican doctor from Mexico.can kidnap. a recluse. partially blinded by recent cataract surgery. They said they were looking for a field of marijuana they claimed that a federal agent spotted from a plane flying a thousand feet over the 200-acre property in the hills above Malibu. kidnapping of a Mexican citizen and the U. So intense was Mexican anger toward the United States that the bill was approved unanimously and then approved by President Carlos Salinas de Gortari. The heading in the Mexico City newspaper El Financiero read: “Bush and the Culture of Terrorism. called Trail’s End..S.

Vol. he could not suddenly dispose of it down the toilet. ATF and FBI personnel instituted a plan to retaliate against Weaver. The young boy cried out. and ordered him to appear in federal court. Weaver finally did what he was requested to do. The boy lay there. Scott’s wife had been a former user of drugs and if the slightest trace of drugs could have been found on the property. Weaver was on the Justice Department’s hit list for refusing to cooperate in an undercover operation against a group of local skinheads.S. Investigation showed that the real motive was not a search for drugs. the five million dollar ranch could be seized under the draconian federal forfeiture laws. After ATF persistence. “You’ve killed my dog.” At that point Randy Weaver came out of the house and hollered for his son to come back. three chil- . Subsequent investigation revealed that federal agents had obtained a property appraisal before invading Scott‘s home. but a desire to seize Scott‘s ranch under federal forfeiture laws. Federal personnel in charge of the raid advised the attacking agents to look for evidence of drugs so as to justify seizing the property. FBI and other federal personnel. Two There was no reason for this commando-type raid. An undercover agent of the Bureau of Alcohol. bravely massed to do battle against the father.” As the boy ran toward the house one of the marshals fired seven shots at him. Weaver Family Against ATF and Justice At an isolated mountain-top home in Idaho 400 heavily armed ATF and FBI agents. his wife. Justice Department prosecutors charged Weaver with violating federal firearms law. they shot and killed the animal. the mother.S. When Weaver failed to appear (due to an error in the reporting date made by the court clerk). as there was no need for the element of surprise. marshals then retreated. six heavily armed U. showing the value of adjoining property and indicating the desire to seize the property. battle-ready. and the peaceful serving of a search warrant was all that was necessary. a former Green Beret. and eventually died. Tobacco and Firearms pressured Weaver to sell him sawed-off shotguns. and their four children. after which a family friend. local law enforcement agencies (supported by military vehicles and tanks).268 Defrauding America. which Weaver at first refused to do. hitting him in the back. who had gone with the young boy to investigate. Weaver had been asked to infiltrate the group. U. Kevin Harris. returning with a force of over 500 heavily armed.S. but after attending a few meetings. The remaining U. If Scott had actually been growing fields of marijuana. killing the marshal that murdered Sammy. selling two of them that were allegedly 1/4 inch short of the minimum legal length. Sammy hollered. marshals in camouflaged clothing sneaked onto Weaver’s mountaintop property. Dad. Harris. Weaver’s dog spotted the intruders and started barking. and 14-year-old Samuel Weaver went to investigate. As the dog approached the intruders. marshals. he didn’t want anything to do with the plan. witnessed the killings and shot back. suffering. “I’m coming. surrounded a small house occupied by Randy Weaver.

Although only a small percentage of Americans cared. During this siege the father went to a storage building adjacent to the house to view the body of his slain son. Wall Street Journal. Several members from a concerned citizens group in Hawaii arrived. According to a Wall Street Journal article. as did people from throughout the state.. The indictment against the Weaver family (including the children) read in part: Vicki Weaver and other members of the family did unlawfully.. That indictment.62 an internal FBI report shortly after the siege commenced. Weaver served a prison term for failing to show up for a court appearance. Blood spurted from her wound as Weaver pulled his wife inside and laid her down on the kitchen floor. Despite the trauma of having witnessed the killing of his wife and son. Frightened. What did you have?” asked the agents in at least one exchange. as the U. For eight days they waited in fear. The FBI took charge and ordered the small army to shoot anyone seen outside the house. expecting to die at any moment. 1992). splitting her head apart. September 25. and a friend. Justice Department prosecutors obtained an indictment against the remaining Weaver family from a rubber-stamp federal grand jury in Boise (September 16. January 10. . We had pancakes for breakfast. included the infant whose mother had been killed. the FBI used microphones to taunt the family. 1992. deliberately. 1995. but held him guilty of a relatively minor offense. Weaver and his children lay on the blood-splattered floor. willfully.S. protesting the slaughter. Promoting Killers The jury in the subsequent trial held Weaver innocent of the charges filed by Justice Department officials. No shots were ever fired from the cabin. taxpayer-financed army threatened to kill them all. as worded. asserting that they had put themselves in harm’s way. Vickie Weaver. when a federal agent shot her with a large caliber rifle. issuing a 61 62 Spotlight.shoot. Weaver.61 Included in this armada against the family under siege were tanks and other weapons of war. A sharpshooter from this small army then shot him in the back. Mrs. was standing in the opened doorway holding her infant daughter. kill and murder one William F. The article stated: Court records show that while the woman’s body lay in the cabin for eight days. failure to appear in court for a hearing. Their presence may have saved the remaining hostages from being murdered as happened to young Weaver and his mother. Weaver and her son. Justice Department officials launched an investigation. justified killing Mrs. Degan.Justice Department: Greatest Direct Threat to Americans 269 dren. outraged neighbors and people from all over the country converged on the site. “Good morning. His wife. charging the victims with federal crimes.

Freeh said that the shot that killed Mrs. There were about a hundred people inside the residence. The U. attacking the building with loud shouts as if they were attacking a drug cartel. and then promoted several of them. Marshall Service.S. wanting to be left alone. The award mentioned “their exceptional courage. on March 1.” Enlargement on the Weaver Tragedy The Weaver tragedy received very little press coverage. They also knew about the Weaver tragedy and others. Glenn became head of the Salt Lake City FBI office. about one hundred heavily armed Alcohol. their sound judgment in the face of attack. As is common in Texas. The religious group resided in a large building on property known as Mount Carmel. This FBI mindset was blasted by lawyer Gerry Spence who labeled Freeh’s actions as: A total whitewash. the group frequented gun sales and had accumulated a large cache of various types of weapons. and their high degree of professional competence during the incident. 1993. as in every other form of corruption implicating federal officials. Freeh issued oral and written reprimands (big deal) to several of the people responsible for the killings. to constitutional rights. As usual. gave to those who murdered members of the Weaver family its highest award for. 1996.” The award called the men “heroes. 1995. Deval Patrick. refused to take this action. Weaver. to earn extra money. we’ll stand behind you. was a “tragic accident. harming no one. The clear message is: “It’s all right to kill innocent women. we’ll even promote you. Vol. primarily women and children. E. By ignoring it. Upon hearing the shouting hoard of heavily armed paramilitary . They were more aware of the government arrogance than most Americans. Two 542-page report in 1995 recommending criminal prosecution of federal officials. They were a relatively peaceful group. who was appointed to the second highest position in the FBI. while she was holding her baby.” Despite this example of the vicious mindset of Justice Department officials. Tobacco and Firearms agents (ATF) invaded the residence of a religious group in Waco. Texas. On Sunday morning.270 Defrauding America. On January 6. the pattern continued and worsened. Assistant Attorney General for civil rights. Florida office. valor. very few Americans saw the threat to themselves and others. owned by a religious group known as Branch Davidians.” Freeh absolved the sniper of blame in that murder. and didn’t want the same to happen to them. including Larry Potts. and the dangerous mindset in government. February 28. The censure means nothing. even though it indicated a very dangerous mindset by ATF and Justice Department officials. claiming that the murders of Sammy and Vicki Weaver were justified. The promotion means everything. would you believe. Congress did nothing about this misuse of a federal agency over which they had supervisory responsibilities. Michael Kahoe became head of the FBI’s Jacksonville. Eugene F.

surely the envy of many Third-World military leaders. knocking down walls that fell inward upon the residents. the heavy smoke. knocking burning lamps onto the piles of hay. and shook the building with the movement of huge military tanks. the government misconduct didn’t directly affect them. Several of the besieged residents gave up and left the building. The large building in which the occupants were trapped was an old wooden building and highly flammable. and unable to escape. the eye irritation caused by the tear gas. while the lanterns burned inside the building. Inside. The ATF agents were joined by FBI agents and National Guard troops. using armored vehicles and tanks. including a two-year-old girl. The government’s Wurlitzer-like manipulation of the media sought to make the besieged victims the culprits. killing eight people inside. they were sadly mistaken. Apocalyptic Assault Early in the morning on April 19.Justice Department: Greatest Direct Threat to Americans 271 group descending upon them. at which time they were immediately arrested and charged with conspiracy and murder of the four ATF agents who had invaded their residence. The blackness of the early morning hours. roaring through the holes ripped in the building by the tanks. A fire starting inside the structure could be expected to spread rapidly. As in Hitler’s Germany. creating a high fire risk. followed by a nearly two-month standoff. escape would be very difficult. forcing the residents to use kerosene lanterns for illumination. 1993. As if this weren’t enough. The wind was blowing at over thirty miles an hour. The residents placed bales of hay against the gaping holes in the walls and where the windows were knocked out. scared. the Branch Davidians naturally shot back. and the paramilitary force retreated. sections of sheetrock and wood rained upon the frightened occupants. killing four of the assaulting ATF agents. Government agents blasted the occupants twenty-four hours a day with loud noises. causing them to ignite. Once fire started inside. Federal agents ordered electricity cut off to the compound. . ready to do battle with the frightened religious group consisting mostly of women and children. the war-ready heavily armed military force commenced an attack. fanning the flames started by the overturned lanterns. Firing then stopped. They were brave men. If the besieged residents had any hope that public pressure would bring a halt to the siege. especially if the winds were blowing hard as they often do on the Texas prairie. ATF agents broke windows and shot into the residence. equipped with heavy attack vehicles and tanks. over 200 tear gas canisters were thrown into the building. As heavily armed agents started breaking windows and entering the building. The leader of the religious group rushed through the building handing out gas masks and instructing the people to put them on immediately. the residents were trapped. Inside the building. the religious group locked the doors and braced for an attack.

Vol. saying the residents committed suicide and they were to blame for the horrible outcome.” U. the head will often explode. permitting the horrible consequences to be watched by a largely apathetic nation. Possibly never in the history of the civilized world had such an arrogant government attack upon a group of religious people occurred. stating they saw the residents starting the fires. The two of them had approved the attack upon the religious group. insuring the fiery death of everyone inside. the coroner stated that because of the condition of the bodies it would be difficult to determine bullet wounds and that the immense fire left very little of the bodies to examine. or it was totally fabricated. made escape impossible for most of the residents. Attorney General Janet Reno echoed his words. an explosion sent flames hundreds of feet into the air. it appeared to work.” Interviewed on Good Morning America on April 23. Federal officials reported that many of the bodies had bullet holes in them. Suddenly. This possibility required oiling up the nationwide misinformation network controlled by various federal agencies. 1993. It is very possible that the person bending over was trying to put out the many fires started when the lanterns were knocked over. stated: “There is absolutely no evidence of that. Clinton and Reno had other reasons for blaming the victims. Once the fires took hold. But they did report as fact. heading the Tarrant County Coroner’s office in Fort Worth. He added. The same federal agents who inflicted that great tragedy upon the religious group sought to absolve themselves of blame. some of them with their clothes on fire. that the blame for the holocaust was upon the victims and not upon the attacking military . which had kept the news of the Weaver tragedy from the American people. Many of the frightened women and children huddled in fear. feeling the effects of the searing heat. except for those people who were informed about this form of government arrogance. Clinton said government agents and officials weren’t responsible because “a group of fanatics tried to kill themselves. President Bill Clinton appeared on TV. they spread in firestorm fashion. Texas coroner Dr.” The mainstream media. “When a corpse is exposed to such intensive heat. as far as we are concerned at this stage. Oiling Up the Disinformation Machinery The Waco tragedy had the potential of waking up the American public to the mindset of their leaders.S. an event seen throughout the world on television screens. implying the leader of the religious group shot them to prevent them from escaping the flames. Nizam Peerwani. While the residence was still burning. couldn’t hide the Waco tragedy as they did the Idaho assault.272 Defrauding America. Two and the piles of debris in the hallways. They sought to support this far-fetched statement on allegedly seeing someone in the building bending over. Eight managed to flee the searing heat. that the group had committed suicide. over and over again. as the flames reached the butane fuel escaping from a ruptured tank.

even though they were contradicted by the independent statements of the survivors and by common sense. the Bureau of Alcohol. Gray confirmed. Tobacco and Firearms. Start of Another Congressional Cover-Up Appearing on the Larry King Live television show within a few days of the holocaust. and had been selected by the ATF to conduct the investigation. Eight members of the religious group escaped the inferno and were immediately arrested.Justice Department: Greatest Direct Threat to Americans 273 force. stating the occupants themselves decided to set the building and themselves on fire.” After hearing the facts stated by the survivors. DeConcini repeated the statements of the Justice Department and President Clinton placing the blame for the deaths on Koresh. press conference what he had stated several days earlier: that the victims were responsible for their deaths. Clinton repeated during an April 23. “I do not think the United States government is responsible for the fact that a bunch of fanatics decided to kill themselves. Gray taught at the ATF‘s academy. The survivors described the chaos in the building as the tanks inflicted heavy damage. Treasury Secretary Lloyd Bentsen called for an independent review to determine . the difficulty of moving about because of debris from the collapse of the walls and the heavy smoke and tear gas. speaking for one of the religious group members. Subsequent Report In response to pressure from groups of concerned citizens. When questioned separately by their lawyers. His statement blaming one of the victims came after there was overwhelming evidence showing Justice Department agents to be lying. The smoke caused total darkness inside the building.” stated lawyer Dick Kettler. each of them described what happened inside the building. Lawyer Dick DeGuerin stated that his client told him “there was pandemonium. 1993. “You couldn’t see your hand in front of your face. They described how the kerosene lamps had been knocked over by the tanks crashing into the building. and the resulting fires. they knew they were trapped. This dogmatic statement indicated his pre-judgment of the matter and his determination to protect government personnel. The wife of the team’s leader. It was difficult to move around even before the fire started because the tank battering had damaged the inside of the compound.” Most of the gullible public believed this tale. “This fire was intentionally set by persons inside the compound. Senator Dennis DeConcini said he would head a senate investigative committee investigating the Waco affair. a team of “investigators” came upon the scene several days later and defended the onslaught. worked for the same people who started it all. The “Investigators” Never at a loss to find people willing to assist Justice Department mischief. Remos Avraam. Paul Gray.” Clinton used the disinformation given by Justice Department agents to support his statements.

from Springdale. he turned the guns over to the ATF. his wife who didn’t wish to be inconvenienced. Several of the survivors started corresponding with me in 1994. Eight months after ATF notified Stewart that his two pistols were put onto the banned list. Gun Owners Beware Millions of gun owners who legally purchased guns that were legal at the time of purchase can end up in prison and be financially destroyed. What did bureaucrats in ATF and Justice Department consider a crime? Stewart had legally purchased two semi-automatic handguns that were legal to own at that time: a small 22 caliber and a 45 caliber semi-automatic pistol from Holmes Firearms Company. It was obvious that the charges used to “justify” the attack upon the compound were the usual fabrication of government. W. Simultaneously. solely at the whim of a bureaucrat from the ATF and Justice Department. As a result of his imprisonment. Arkansas was charged with a federal offense by the ATF. most of the public was indifferent to the crime perpetrated upon this religious group. One gun owner. ATF and Justice Department lawyers caused him to be sentenced to federal prison for twenty-seven months. Long Prison Term for Survivors The jury found the survivors innocent of most charges. Vol. Justice Department prosecutors obtained a grand jury indictment against him. Department of Justice officials released a report clearing Attorney General Janet Reno and other federal officials (who had given approval to the attack).S. the same people responsible for the Weaver family and Branch Davidians massacres (and others). similar to those owned by millions of people in the United States. defending the use of the paramilitary force on the residence occupied mostly by women and children. except aiding and abetting. Stewart lost his business. and gave me details of the vicious attack upon the group. who owned an auto wrecking . blaming the tragedy on field personnel. and after Stewart voluntarily turned the guns over to them. As usual. Two what really happened. the Treasury Department released its report. and his money.J. 1994) of as much as forty years to eight survivors of the Waco holocaust. ATF bureaucrats decided. Chip Stewart. Shortly after ATF agents notified Stewart that the guns that he had legally purchased were now unlawful. which would more appropriately apply to many federal personnel. that the widely sold semi-automatic guns could be converted by a gunsmith to become an automatic weapon and were therefore illegal. The aiding and abetting charges. They had gotten his name from the gun manufacturers’ registration records.274 Defrauding America. after many of these guns were sold. Stewart. In September 1993. District Judge Walter Smith handed down sentences (June 17. U. permitted Judge Smith to render long prison terms for those who had suffered so greatly. The report admitted that there was a pattern of deception by senior officials in the aftermath of the bungled operation. his credit worthiness.

and each of the Justices of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Widespread Involvement of Federal Judges The direct and indirect involvement of federal judges in almost every one of the criminal enterprises shown in these pages has already been mentioned. could have been served peacefully with the warrant for his arrest. Fortunately for Stewart. Ninth Circuit Judges. In December 1994. not a single member of Congress. Edward Garcia. White House police shot and killed a homeless man who had a knife on his side. Milton Schwartz. District of Columbia judges and justices. O’Neill. He posed no immediate harm to anyone. I repeatedly appealed and petitioned the Justices of the U. which made them guilty of federal crimes. and who was simply standing in position. Supreme Court to intervene. The killing was needless. has been sent to prison. but the official who fired several shots point blank into the victim was never charged with a crime. he could have met the deadly fate of Scott. including Marilyn Patel. either because of violating some obscure statute or by being falsely charged. or the many others who were killed by the brave men of ATF and FBI.Justice Department: Greatest Direct Threat to Americans 275 business and was a relatively permanent member of the community. Even in the Savings and Loan scandal. Instead. Simultaneously. as they had a duty to do. In Chapter 11 courts they were directly involved in the theft of billions of dollars a year from Americans who trusted their government and exercised the statutory protections of Chapter 11. for instance. the Branch Davidians. thousands of American citizens are charged and put in prison for committing some minor offense. sixteen heavily armed ATF and FBI agents and local sheriff’s department personnel converged upon his home. 12. Samuel Conti. The victim had been earlier kicked by the same officer.S. With this type of mindset almost anyone can be financially destroyed and put in prison. or imprisoned on thumped-up charges. Otherwise. Fifth Circuit judges at Chicago. Scandal after scandal by members of Congress has surfaced and rarely has a member of Congress been criminally prosecuted. he wasn’t home. Second Circuit judges and Justices at New York City. Green. the Weavers. The judges blocked the reporting of federal crimes. Stephen J. they refused to respond. Federal judges63 were repeatedly put on notice through my federal court filings of the criminal activities described within these pages that a group of CIA insiders were ready to testify. or 13. the nation’s worst financial debacle that will adversely affect Americans for decades. Raul Ramirez. and every time. breaking down the door. including those who openly solicited money to block regulators’ actions. The Crimes by Congresspersons The public has a short memory. including Stanley Sporkin. Members of Congress limited their investigation of the Keating63 Including. . Silberman.

Judge-Decreed Immunity for Corrupt Prosecutors The San Francisco and Los Angeles area legal newspaper. and that not one of the individuals involved was sanctioned.. It is well-documented that in reality there often is no effective sanction for prosecutors who engage in unethical conduct. Two Five to “ethics” violations. Possibly I hold a record for the number of years that I have reported the escalating corruption in government.. decided that it is “better to leave unredressed wrongs done by dishonest officers than to subject those who try to do their duty to the constant dread of retaliation.” Although appellate courts sometimes threaten to dismiss a case based on prosecutorial misconduct. the Supreme Court ruled that a Los Angeles deputy district lawyer who intentionally suborns perjury cannot be sued by the defendant who is wrongfully convicted. violation of defendants’ Fifth and Sixth Amendment rights. Government whistleblowers. which is comparable to limiting the charges against the Murder Incorporated assassins to ethics violations. 1994) stating in part: Prosecutorial misconduct is encouraged–if not indirectly condoned–by pervasive judicial abstention and “buck passing. and give citizens the right to sue anyone who violates their rights. have reported to members of Congress for years about the crimes described in these pages. because prosecutors are absolutely immune from suit. Similar reasoning is used by judges to hold themselves immune from their wrongful and oftentimes criminal acts. and mistreatment of witnesses. the Supreme Court. carried an article (September 22. .S.. Even here. Congress couldn’t hold that those who aided and abetted the greatest financial debacle had violated any ethics.. knowing presentation of false information to the grand jury.leaves the genuinely wronged defendant without civil redress against a prosecutor whose malicious or dishonest action deprives him of liberty. 424 U. In Imbler v.. they rarely do so. 409. The report documents the fact that the Justice Department effectively ignored the courts’ findings of governmental abuse. thereby raising “serious questions regarding what the Department considers ‘prosecutorial misconduct. Vol. Pactman. quoting an earlier case.This misconduct included violation of grand jury rules. And in the English language. Daily Journal. either finding the wrongdoing “harmless” or suggesting alternative remedies such as contempt. and to this day there hasn’t been a single meaningful response. They argue that to hold judges liable for unlawful acts would dampen the judicial spirit. 431 (1976). that includes judges.276 Defrauding America.’” There is virtually nothing that an aggrieved party [defendant] can do when a court declines to sanction unethical government conduct. concerned citizens with knowledge of government crimes. Federal statutes have priority over judge-made case law.

or placement in the witness protection program with long-term income provided. on the basis of perjured testimony given by a person who is protected against the perjury by the prosecutors who often reward the perjurer for making the false statements demanded by the prosecutor.” .Justice Department: Greatest Direct Threat to Americans 277 People have been fraudulently sent to prison. The reward for perjured testimony may be release from prison. If the lawyer incurs the wrath of the Justice Department or federal judges. as the prosecutor responsible for such charges is orchestrating the perjury. and literally find themselves out of business. these lawyers can find themselves without any court-appointed cases. Liberty and Freedom in United States: Theory Versus Reality The United States may be the only country in the free world where thousands of its people have been sentenced to prison for crimes that never occurred and for which there was no evidence—other than a prosecutor’s witness testifying for “profit. even for life. dropping of charges. Financial Loss if Public Defender Offends The Justice Department or Federal Judges On the state and federal levels. The income of the court-appointed lawyers arising from representing defendants is often either the sole or a major source of income. private lawyers are selected to represent defendants who lack sufficient money to hire their own lawyers. The witness giving false testimony need not fear being charged for perjury.

Vol.278 Defrauding America. Two .

The House Committee on Government Reform conducted the hearings and released a two-volume report (February 3. several of my CIA sources had described the FBI using hit men to assassinate people for various reasons. Even President George Bush II assisted in obstructing the investigation. the Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI” or “Bureau”) began a course of conduct in New England that must be considered one of the greatest failures in the history of federal law enforcement. 2004) consisting of 3.CHAPTER ELEVEN FBI’s Use of Murderers as Informants S tarting in the mid-1980s. Even though I found these sources credible in other areas. This report discusses some of the disastrous consequences of the use of murderers as informants in New England. [Greatest failures in the history of federal law enforcement] Beginning in the mid-1970s. Years later. titled. It discusses primarily the . and the rewards paid to brutal murderers.” Despite the blocks by Justice Department people and even President George Bush II. the report described the culture and the criminal activities of FBI agents. their complicity in the murders of many innocent people. which was then followed by lawsuits against the government by victims’ families. investigative journalists for Boston newspapers started printing stories of this practice in the Boston area.518 pages. including the events of 9/11. I felt they were exaggerating and did not use the material in my books. Routinely Using Known Killers in FBI Activities The executive summary of the report stated in part: Federal law enforcement officials made a decision to use murderers as informants beginning in the 1960s. Known killers were protected from the consequences of their crimes and purposefully kept on the streets. while Justice Department officials continued the cover-up of the criminal acts in which they were complicit. These actions forced members of Congress to conduct hearings. “Everything Secret Degenerates: The FBI’s Use of Murderers As Informants. as he did with other investigations. This Committee report focuses on only a small segment of what happened.

as part of his plea agreement. and that Vincent James Flemmi (“Jimmy Flemmi”) and Joseph Barboza committed the crime a few days after Patriarca gave his assent to the murder. federal officials appear to have taken affirmative steps to ensure that the individuals convicted would not obtain post-conviction relief and that they would die in prison. Stephen Flemmi. In order to understand the FBI’s misuse of informants in New England. The story of this trial and subsequent events provides a foundation to assess what happened during the 1970s. the Justice Department had microphone surveillance information indicating that Patriarca sanctioned the murder of Teddy Deegan. 1980s. has also implicated Connolly in providing information that resulted in the murder of others. the subsequent prosecution of six defendants for that murder. false testimony in a state death penalty prosecution. [Innocent Men Knowingly Sentenced to Death] As a result of Barboza’s false testimony. Connolly now stands convicted of obstruction of justice for his role in helping Whitey Bulger escape by tipping him off to his impending indictment. and 1990s. This report finds that: Federal law enforcement personnel appear to have tolerated. In all probability. Vol.280 Defrauding America. it is essential to examine the Deegan murder prosecution. Two 1965 murder of Edward “Teddy” Deegan. Raymond Patriarca was one of the most significant organized crime figures in the United States in the 1960s. Evidence provided to the Committee indicates that four of these individuals did not commit the crime for which they were convicted. It is now clear that FBI Special Agent John Connolly developed an improper relationship with Whitey Bulger and others who served as government informants. According to documents provided to the Committee. and perhaps encouraged. Furthermore. four men were sentenced to death. Two died in prison and the other two spent in excess of thirty years in prison. his testimony was contradicted by a compelling body of evidence collected by federal law enforcement. He was one of the Justice Department’s top targets for prosecution. and the actions of federal law enforcement officials to protect cooperating witness Joseph “The Animal” Barboza and government informants Jimmy “The Bear” Flemmi and Stephen “The Rifleman” Flemmi. When Joseph Barboza testified in the 1968 trial of six men for the murder of Teddy Deegan. . when Stephen Flemmi and James “Whitey” Bulger allegedly murdered at least 19 individuals while serving as government informants. Most of this evidence was kept from defendants and prosecutors. there have been no adverse consequences for those who permitted the false testimony. To date. this happened because informants were being protected and some officials at the FBI adopted an “ends justifies the means” approach to law enforcement. and two men were sentenced to life in prison.

Edgar Hoover] Senior staff close to FBI Director J. many documents that might shed light on whether false testimony in the Deegan murder trial was tolerated to develop Jimmy Flemmi as an informant have been redacted by the Justice Department. did federal officials refrain from indicting Patriarca for the applicable federal crimes relating to the Deegan murder because the federal government would have been compelled to provide all defendants with evidence from the microphone surveillance of Patriarca that would have undermined Barboza’s testimony? [Allowing Innocent Man to be Killed] The FBI had microphone surveillance that Joseph Barboza and Jimmy Flemmi intended to murder Teddy Deegan. First. “No doubt about it. and the Committee has been unable to do a thorough investigation of this matter. Jimmy Flemmi was assigned to be developed as an informant by FBI Special Agent H. stated. the Justice Department has withheld potentially significant information pertaining to informants. was Flemmi spared prosecution for murder because of his role as a government informant? Second. it is difficult to provide a definitive answer to these questions because the Committee has been denied access to potentially relevant evidence. Nevertheless little [nothing!] appears to have been done to prevent Deegan from being killed. as a “Top Echelon” informant? Unfortunately. [Keeping Known Killers on Government Payroll] Compelling evidence indicates that Jimmy Flemmi did participate in the murder of Teddy Deegan. Stephen “The Rifleman” Flemmi. Two unanswered questions arise from these facts. First. Paul Rico. he was not prosecuted for the murder. This leads to three areas of particular concern. federal prosecutors were able to obtain the cooperation of Joseph Barboza. Unfortunately. was Jimmy Flemmi spared prosecution for murder because the federal government was using his brother. which has created additional investigative hurdles. thereby implicating Jimmy Flemmi? Second. and that Raymond Patriarca was involved in the conspiracy to commit this murder. [Paying Killers Approved by FBI Director J.FBI’s Use of Murderers as Informants 281 When asked if Patriarca would have been complicit in the Deegan murder. then a top federal prosecutor intimately involved with cooperating witness Joseph Barboza. was Patriarca not prosecuted for his involvement in the Deegan murder because Joseph Barboza would not tell the true story about the Deegan murder. Furthermore. Nevertheless. was Joseph Barboza permitted to leave Flemmi out of his testimony in exchange for testimony against others? Third. Edgar Hoover were kept personally informed of steps taken to develop Joseph Barboza as a cooperating witness. Hoover or other senior law enforcement officials were in possession of information that could have led them to . Judge Edward Harrington.” Later. On the same day that the murder occurred.

and he said that it had.” the FBI continued its efforts to develop and keep Flemmi as a Top Echelon criminal informant. 2002 Committee hearing whether prosecutorial discretion had been exercised on behalf of Bulger and Flemmi.282 Defrauding America. One ‘hit man’ in this area as a contract killer” and that Flemmi had committed seven murders. including officials in FBI Director Hoover’s office. he is going to continue to commit murder. If Barboza had not been permitted to lie at trial. It appears that federal law enforcement actively worked to prevent homicide cases from being resolved. Connecticut. [Personal Involvement of FBI Director] Senior FBI staff—and possibly FBI Director J. Notwithstanding the fact that these officials had received reports by memorandum that Flemmi wanted “to become recognized as the No. Vol. [FBI-Sanctioned Murders Committed in Several States] The Committee received testimony and other evidence that major homicide and criminal investigations in a number of states— including Massachusetts. when Barboza was part of the Witness Protection program. A review of documents . California. it concluded in 1997: “There is no evidence that prosecutorial discretion was exercised on behalf of James Bulger and/or Stephen Flemmi. Nevada. affirmative steps were taken to help him escape the consequences of a murder he committed in California. “and. from all indications. [Attempted Cover-up by President Bush] When the FBI Office of Professional Responsibility conducted an investigation of the activities of New England law enforcement. There was no evidence that anyone expressed concern that Jimmy Flemmi would kill people while serving as a government informant. Stephen Flemmi. [Over 20 Murders Committed While on Government Payroll] Numerous murders—well in excess of 20—were allegedly committed by government informants Jimmy Flemmi. Furthermore.S. Florida and Rhode Island—were frustrated or compromised by federal law enforcement officials intent on protecting informants. Former U. those indicted would not have been convicted. Attorney Jeremiah O’Sullivan was asked at the December 5. were well aware that federal informants were committing murders. This is consistent with what happened later when agents in the FBI’s Boston office used Stephen Flemmi and James Bulger—who appear to have been involved in at least nineteen homicides—as informants for nearly a quarter of a century.” This is untrue. Director Hoover’s office was aware of these initiatives. Oklahoma. Edgar Hoover—appear to have been personally involved in decisions relating to the development of Jimmy Flemmi as an informant. and James Bulger. Two the conclusion that Barboza was committing perjury in a capital murder case. Evidence obtained by the Committee leaves no doubt that at least some law enforcement personnel.

and other information pertinent to the Committee’s investigation. Former State Senate President and now former University of Massachusetts President William M. Upon learning that O’Sullivan circumvented the FBI. however. That was the holy of holies. his knowledge of whether FBI personnel assisted his own political career. O’Sullivan stated. They will cause major administrative problems for me as a prosecutor. [Retaliation if Revealing FBI Criminality] Former U. for example.” O’Sullivan also testified that it “would have precipitated World War III if I tried to get inside the FBI to deal with informants.S. whether state government actions discouraged investigations of James Bulger. That the Justice Department concluded that prosecutorial discretion had not benefited Bulger or Flemmi— while at the same time fighting to keep Congress from obtaining information proving this statement to be untrue—is extremely troubling. the head of the Boston FBI office berated O’Sullivan for targeting Bureau informants for investigation.” O’Sullivan had so little confidence in the FBI that he recommended that federal agencies other than the FBI participate in a state investigation of Bulger and Flemmi. Attorney Jeremiah O’Sullivan testified that there were fundamental problems between federal prosecutors and FBI investigators. used his authority improperly and with impunity to punish those who investigated his brother. they will try to get you. “If you go against the FBI. inner sanctum. in turn. Bulger’s exercise of his Fifth Amendment rights before the Committee in December 2002 delayed Congress’s receipt of his testimony regarding Bulger’s possible knowledge of the favors done by FBI agents for James Bulger. his relationship with convicted former FBI Agent John Connolly. [Lying by President of University of Massachusetts?] William Bulger’s testimony before the Committee. They will wage war on you. this information would never have been shown. with respect to the FBI’s efforts to contact him regarding his brother’s whereabouts appeared to be inconsistent with a former Special Agent’s recollection and his contemporaneous report of his efforts to contact William Bulger. They wouldn’t have allowed me to do anything about that. [Protecting Massachusetts Politicians] The use of James “Whitey” Bulger as an informant specifically undermined public confidence in the integrity of state government by raising serious questions about whether the FBI used its authority to protect former Massachusetts State Senate President William Bulger from scrutiny by law enforcement or to advance his political career and whether he.FBI’s Use of Murderers as Informants 283 in the possession of the Justice Department also confirms this to be true. Nor could the Committee substantiate William Bulger’s testimony that he informed his lawyer . Had the committee permitted an assertion of executive privilege by the President to go unchallenged.

Commenting specifically on the situation of Joseph Salvati. Vol. Paul Rico’s use of Stephen Flemmi in efforts to obtain Joseph Barboza’s testimony in the Deegan murder case. former FBI Director Louis Freeh stated that the case is “obviously a great travesty. disgraceful to the extent that my agency or any other law enforcement agency contributed to that. Evidence related to those ongoing law enforcement efforts. It also had significant negative consequences for many states. Paul Rico for the 1981 murder of Oklahoma businessman Roger Wheeler. The Justice Department failed to made adequate effort to provide the Committee with important FBI 209 interview summaries that purportedly document former FBI Special Agent H. notwithstanding the certainty that a terrible injustice occurred. particularly.284 Defrauding America. a number of steps were taken that were a major impediment to the Committee’s investigation: [Obstructing Justice Through Executive Privilege] Executive privilege was claimed over documents important to the Committee’s investigation. making it difficult to understand the substance and context of the factual information communicated. Two stantiate William Bulger’s testimony that he informed his lawyer who informed law enforcement of a telephone call with James “Whitey” Bulger after he fled. Unfortunately. and a number of law enforcement tools are being justifiably strengthened. that undercurrent traveled to Washington and through the highest levels of the FBI. including the testimony of John Connolly has not been available to the Committee to date. [Obstruction of Justice by Justice Department People] The Justice Department made it very difficult for this Committee to conduct timely and effective oversight. and.” Nevertheless. Although the Committee eventually obtained access to the documents sought. the Federal Bureau of investigation. Perhaps the greatest tragedy of the Boston debacle is the doubt cast on the integrity of the men and women who work for the Justice Department. a great failure. it is particularly important to remem- . At a time when the United States is faced by threats from international terrorism. months of investigative time was lost.” It is true that there was an undercurrent of failure and corrupt practices. Edmund Burke said: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. Many documents received by the Committee were unnecessarily redacted. [FBI-Sanctioned Murder in Oklahoma] The plea agreement of Stephen Flemmi has implicated John Connolly in other murders and resulted in the arrest of former FBI agent H.

who had a bunch of kids. walked in to get a pack of cigarettes. This person lives in a three-story house but Barboza has never been able to line him up to kill him. DiStasio got two in the back of the head and O’Neil got three. The trouble was. 1968. everyone in his way got it. Barboza killed them both because he didn’t want any witnesses. Barboza was reported to have killed more than twenty people. Upon questioning by Patriarca. When he tasted blood. which discusses information obtained by microphone surveillance: Joe Barboza requests permission from Patriarca to kill some unknown person. It was a shame. An example of Barboza’s extreme disregard for life is found in a memorandum addressed to FBI Director Hoover. or in the event he starts to climb out a window. even the administration of justice. He was unpredictable. the FBI had considerable information that he committed a large number of particularly brutal homicides.FBI’s Use of Murderers as Informants 285 ber that Lord Acton’s words are true: “Every thing secret degenerates. That’s why he was so dangerous. He also explained that the first floor apartment was occupied by the intended victim’s mother. 64 John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton.” 64 Joseph “The Animal” Barboza was described by the FBI as “the most vicious criminal in New England” and “a professional assassin responsible for numerous homicides and acknowledged by the professional law enforcement representatives in this area to be the most dangerous individual known.) . and he would not care whether the mother died or not. Lord Acton and His Circle 166 (Abbot Gasquet ed. Barboza said that he had planned to cut the telephone wires so that the individual could not call for assistance and also to ring false alarms in other sections of the city so that the engines could not respond quickly. O’Neil.” In addition to the Deegan murder. and he killed at least one person while part of the federal Witness Protection Program. Another description of Barboza’s cold-blooded nature was provided by mafia informant Vincent Teresa: Barboza went into the club searching for a member of the McLaughlin mob named Ray DiStasio and caught DiStasio cold. This apparently caused no concern to Barboza who stated it was not his fault that the mother would be present. a poor slob named John B. Barboza would have two or three individuals there with rifles to kill him as he started to step out a window or door. Barboza told Raymond that he plans to pour gasoline in the basement part of the house and set it afire and thus either kill the individual by smoke inhalation or fire. I mean. this O’Neil was a family man—he had nothing to do with the mob. Barboza should have waited.

stating in part: My previous letter of October 31st made reference to what I considered to be a serious crime within government that is . Vol. Two Congress’ Blind Faith That FBI Culture Would Suddenly Reverse After all that. stating in my certified letter: To this date the Federal Bureau of Investigation has never once contacted me for the specifics of the alleged crime that I brought to its attention. I sent a letter to Hoover.” But to have forced meaningful changes required courageous actions. I sent a letter to FBI Director J.. They used mafia and other criminal personnel to attempt to kill Fidel Castro. or looked over any of my myriad evidence. The hearings into the blame for 9/11 intelligence failures showed massive problems within the FBI. With this type of culture within the FBI. then we have the added problem of the felony of harboring the crime which would be at- . Decades of FBI and Justice Liaison With Organized Crime Figures FBI and Justice Department people have for decades worked closely with organized crime figures.” Sure! Again. the most that the committee recommended was that “the FBI must improve management of its informant programs to insure that agents are not corrupted. proper response to actions by terrorists could not be expected. and they certainly do. and other material pertaining to my allegations.. and the history of congressional responses to the criminal activities I and other former government agents provided to members of Congress showed a total absence of such courage. Edgar Hoover. creating aviation chaos with one example being the intimate association with the Salt Lake City crash of November 11. If the criminal activities actually exist.286 Defrauding America.. while still employed by the Federal Aviation Agency. In a later speech. which could be expected with the history of prior misconduct in FBI offices. To this date I have not been contacted for the details and evidence that I possess except for a brief discussion with a local FBI agent who of course wasn’t equipped for conducting the intensive investigation . the public is getting the short end of this failure to investigate. My Earlier Findings of FBI Director’s Cover-up While I was a key federal aviation safety agent seeking to report the deadly corruption that I had discovered. 1965. Hoover never responded. and protected from prosecutions the drug smuggling activities between CIA drug smugglers and organized crime figures. The FBI surely knew of the many other criminal activities involving government personnel described within these pages. Hoover later said: “The best way to solve the crime problem is by swift detection. facts.. prompt prosecution and sure punishment.

the information you have heretofore forwarded me and regret that I am not able to be of further service. The FBI received my serious allegations. including matters of life and death. Waldie sent me a copy of Hoover’s letter. I replied and asked Waldie to obtain from Hoover the specific data to support his investigative claims. and asked that Waldie pursue the contradiction that had serious implications. Waldie replied: Although I have read and re-read your letters of March 12th and March 14th. asking Waldie to keep his reply confidential. I contacted Representative Jerome Waldie from California and explained the FBI cover-up and requested that Waldie obtain an explanation from Hoover. from which a determination was made that no violations of Federal laws were involved. Stich. The date that the FBI alleges to have contacted me and examined my material. The only way that I will feel free to proceed on this matter is to assume that Mr. I asked: 1. the scandal was that much worse. Stich has also corresponded with this Bureau. I did not receive the letter sent to you by this individual. would take at least several hours if not longer. and sacrificing the lives that would be lost. Mr. Cover-Up by FBI Director J. I am returning for your file. However. and they never received any. and never pursued the matter any further. Edgar Hoover’s letter to me of February 27th. and based upon the data he has set forth there has been no violation of Federal law coming within the investigative jurisdiction of the FBI. Rather than let the matter drop. Hoover’s Confidential Reply Hoover replied to Waldie‘s letter. If the FBI was lying. Hoover is misinforming me as to the fact that his agency has examined your material and has concluded that no violation of Federal law occurred. and copies of official communications written by Mr.FBI’s Use of Murderers as Informants 287 tached to anyone knowing of it and refusing to bring it to immediate justice. In response to your inquiry and for your confidential information. The mere coverage of the multitude of Federal criminal. Rodney F. stating to Waldie: I have received your letter of February 10th. I still cannot overcome the hurdle of J. Mr. Thinking I could force Hoover to receive my evidence. a multitude of . Issues of Major National Importance Ignored Issues of major national importance were involved. Hoover or Me? I replied to Waldie’s letter. Stich has been interviewed by a representative of this Bureau. safety and Civil Service laws. Who’s Lying. Edgar Hoover The FBI never asked for my evidence. I am not willing to make that assumption. describing the discrepancies in Hoover’s letter. for which the FBI has responsibility. Hoover stated that the FBI had contacted me and that the FBI had interviewed me. There are at least eight criminal laws.

one day. What material was examined. Vol. Hoover refused to provide the requested data. most print and television personnel avoided any reference to these matters. A civil action is not an investigation of hard-core government corruption. Significance of FBI and Justice Department Culture Among the alarming implications of this FBI and Justice Department culture is the effect on this type of conduct on carrying out such duties as addressing the problem of terrorism against the United States. In Above the Law. Yet. I hardly feel that my memory is so bad that I recall none of these actions taking place. the cost to conduct such litigation would be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.288 Defrauding America. and Civil Service Commission regulations included in this area of responsibility. information which Mr. both through correspondence and personal interview. Media Blackout of the FBI Misconduct Despite the gravity of the FBI and Justice Department misconduct. and probably longer. has been considered and indicates no violation of Federal law within the investigative jurisdiction of the FBI. and it isn’t my function to exercise the responsibilities for which members of the U. Books have been written about FBI misconduct for years. Over the years I would discover that cover-up of criminal misconduct implicating people in government was standard procedure. virtually no one addressed this problem. it would take at the very minimum. author David Burnham (and author of A Law Unto Itself) wrote of the FBI: The problem of an out-of-control FBI doing the White House’s political bidding clearly had not begun with Richard Nixon. in fact. some of which would imply fraud in statements to Congressmen. Senate and House are paid and entrusted to perform. hundreds of pages of correspondence. the matter was so sensitive no attorney would handle it. The systematic politicization of the FBI. These specific areas would require considerable explanation to provide any investigator with an understanding of the allegations. I encountered this cover-up by media people starting from when I was a federal agent in the 1960s. the civil litigation would not have the benefit of subpoena power. Waldie wrote back: I would now suggest that you proceed through a civil court action.S. To examine these. 2. stating: As indicated in my letter to you of February 27th. appeared to have been . There are 3500 pages of hearing records. and watched the cover-ups expand into massive outright lying during the administration of President George Bush II. In an apologetic manner he asked Hoover for this information. Waldie surely recognized the seriousness of the implications. Two Federal safety laws. especially as it related to the deadly invasion of Iraq. Stich has supplied the Bureau. but the problem is virtually unknown to the general public.

Involvement of University of Massachusetts’ President A Christian Scientist Monitor article (December 6. [Referring to William Bulger’s fugitive brother] Eventually it became clear that Whitey had been more Godfather than Robin Hood.FBI’s Use of Murderers as Informants 289 a natural and continuing part of the Washington scene for more than three decades. 2003): Ethnic politics may be declining in Massachusetts. William Bulger testified that he talked to his brother by phone in 1995 while his brother was a fugitive from justice. a place that prides itself on being the birthplace of American democracy. During earlier grand jury testimony. political investigations had the blessing of the nation’s highest elected officials and were not the work of rogue agents or a rogue agency. He conspired with the local FBI office in order to take down . Bulger announced Wednesday that he’ll resign after seven years at the helm of the university system—and will take a severance package reportedly worth nearly $1 million. Politics here has long been a king-of-the-hill sport. often illegal. Instead of providing testimony as his position of trust required. The ethnic politics that had protected him and others in Massachusetts could no longer protect him as the majority Irish population changed. failure to report to police information on a fugitive would be a criminal offense. The resignation of University of Massachusetts president William Bulger signals a changed climate for traditional political cliques. When questioned why he didn’t tell James to turn himself in. he refused to testify on the basis that his testimony might incriminate himself. William Bulger held a position of trust as president of the University of Massachusetts. who liberally quotes Shakespeare and Greek myths. The FBI’s improper. In many jurisdictions. 2002) stated: In an investigation to determine FBI-mob ties a Congressional committee journeyed from Washington to Boston in December 2002 to obtain the testimony of William Bulger. As longtime chief of the state Senate. James Bulger was on the FBI’s ten mostwanted list at that time and had been accused of killing 21 people. It’s my hope that I’m never helpful to anyone against him. The resignation of powerful politico William “Billy” Bulger from the presidency of the University of Massachusetts may mark a subtle but significant shift in the political culture of the Bay State. This was described in a Christian Science Monitor article (August 8. came to embody the potency of the IrishCatholic political establishment. where winners like Mr. the brother to fugitive James “Whitey” Bulger.” Murderer’s Brother Forced to Resign as President of University of Massachusetts William Bulger was finally forced to resign as president of the University of Massachusetts. this Irishman. William Bulger responded. Bulger gain great privileges of power. “I don’t think it would be in his interest to do so.

William. murder. One of Connolly’s defenses was that he was following FBI guidelines and that Washington officials knew what was occurring. Bribes were delivered to Connolly and his FBI supervisor. and other offenses. providing them with confidential information on wiretaps so as to escape detection of criminal activities. He’s now accused of 21 murders. it was discovered that FBI Director Hoover and the Justice Department in Washington had known for years about this sordid and criminal relationship. the La Cosa Nostra. John Morris by mobsters. and it was felt that Justice Department officials didn’t want to have him apprehended so as to prevent further disclosures. History of FBI Relationship with Irish Mafia Connolly. Bulger still had not been apprehended. . was seen as being evasive and fuzzy.290 Defrauding America. indictments were handed down against Bulger and several other members of his gang on September 28. These crimes included drug smuggling. Connolly would receive promotions and bonuses for having helped bring about the downfall of the Italian Mafia and Bulger would benefit by taking over their criminal activities. approached Bulger in 1975 and offered him a deal. And under questioning by a congressional committee in June. causing Bulger to flee. Vol. Connolly promptly relayed this information to Bulger. They were charged with protecting known murderers. and that three men in one instance were falsely accused of murder and sent to prison. After investigative journalists in the Boston area started exposing the FBI relationship with mob figures and murders. providing information that would knowingly result in other government informants being murdered by the Winterhill gang. the protection of murders performed by the Bulger group while being paid by the United States. Connolly would become Bulger’s handler as a government informant against the Italian Mafia. Connolly would protect Bulger against the crimes the Winter Hill gang were committing. FBI Agents Connolly and Fitzpatrick Indicted After the indictment of Bulger the FBI had to file criminal charges against Connolly and Robert Fitzpatrick for the activities that the FBI and Justice Department heads in Washington aided and abetted for years. Then William Bulger admitted to advising his fugitive brother not to turn himself in to authorities. In exchange. 2000. who’s normally sharp and witty. Connolly started providing Bulger information about wiretaps and pending investigations that protected Bulger from being charged with criminal activities. Bulger provided Connolly with money and other financial benefits. and is on the FBI’s most-wanted list. and other offenses. who grew up with Bulger. At the time of this book’s publication in 2005. During their 1991 trial. Two his Italian-mob rivals.

Written between 1964 and 1987. Vincent J. A Massachusetts jury trusted his word and convicted six men in the Deegan case. One ‘hit man’ in this area. One of the men recruited by Boston FBI agents. in a dispute over money. J. on March 12. FBI headquarters in Washington knew its Boston agents were using hit men and mob leaders as informants and shielding them from prosecution for serious crimes. the Associated Press has learned. 1965. The AP found 20 memos from Boston agents to the FBI director’s office.. John Connolly. William Sessions and William Webster headed the FBI in the years when the memos were written. A week later.” The article stated: For more than 20 years. Flemmi and two others identified as the killers in the memos to FBI headquarters were never charged. one former FBI agent. has been convicted of racketeering and obstruction of justice. Two died in prison. and the story began to stumble out. the memos made it clear to Washington that the informants had killed and were likely to kill again. memo. Edward “Teddy” Deegan. Headquarters also knew that one informant who masterminded a murder was allowed to go free as four men were sent to prison in his place. After the conviction. as the killers and described the murder. Flemmi. including murder. Boston agents reported that mob enforcer Joseph “The Animal” Barboza had joined the plot. Hoover sent a personal re- . Mass. FBI files show the bureau stood by as Barboza’s false testimony convicted four men innocent of the murder. Barboza became star witness in three Mafia trials. agents also recruited Barboza. FBI memos show. showing that headquarters was told of the abuses and condoned them.” the agents told Washington in a June 4. including Flemmi and Barboza. “Top levels at FBI Involved In Boston Mafia scandal. he awaits sentencing. along with six replies. two were released in recent years when the scandal finally broke. With the promise of a light sentence for the Deegan murder. Both had accepted bribes from the informants they were protecting. So far. field memo requested commendation for Barboza’s handlers. spoke of “plans to become recognized as the No. Another agent was granted immunity for testimony. right down to who fired the first shot. memos show. Edgar Hoover. a memo to headquarters named six men. Soon. when Massachusetts state police and federal drug agents finally built a racketeering case against the Winter Hill Gang. Hours before the murder. 2002) stated. 1968. Deegan’s body turned up in an alley in Chelsea. The arrangement stayed secret until 1995. 1964.FBI’s Use of Murderers as Informants 291 The headline on an Associated Press article (July 28. At least four field memos informed headquarters that Flemmi planned to kill a small-time hoodlum. a July 31.

000 bribe to Connolly from Bulger. He said Bulger liked to brag that he had corrupted six FBI agents and more than 20 police officers in Boston. Barboza was threatening to recant his testimony unless given $9. Prosecutors said that Connolly ignored two decades of murder. Late last year.” stated: A jury on Tuesday convicted former agent John Connolly of four counts of corruption. A former Bulger lieutenant. that he warned them in 1994 as federal indictments were about to be returned against them. Stephen “the Rifleman” Flemmi. The move. memo to their supervisor in Washington. “Ex-FBI agent guilty of taking bribes. 2002) titled. which marked the first such use of the power by Bush and was lauded by GOP legal experts.292 Defrauding America. Weeks said.000 for plastic surgery to change his appearance. 23. was sharply criticized by Rep. President Bush invoked executive privilege in refusing to release documents relating to the FBI’s handling of its Boston mob informants. bribery and alerting New England mobsters to impending indictments. were stumbling over them- . Flemmi and Salemme that arrests were imminent. however. who include those who aided and abetted murderers in the Boston Hill Gang. Two ply: “The successful prosecution of these subjects was a direct result of your noteworthy development of pertinent witnesses. Francis “Cadillac Frank” Salemme and others. extortion and other crimes committed by notorious mobsters James “Whitey” Bulger. The decorated former agent grew so close to his informants. In a Feb. tipping off Mafia. A Los Angeles Times Article (May 29. Barnes. recalled delivering a $5. federal prosecutors Edward Harrington and Walter Barnes urged that Barboza be given the money. some money was approved for Barboza. Seeking to Appear Vigilant by Making A Crime Out of Nothing Justice Department personnel. 1970. Bulger gave law enforcement officials envelopes stuffed with cash. Connolly cultivated mob informants as the FBI attempted to topple the New England Mafia.” [Blackmailing the FBI] Soon. John “the Animal” Martorano told jokes as he described killing more than 20 people as a hit man for Bulger’s Winter Hill gang. which for years kept an iron grip on the loan sharking and narcotics trades in Boston. and told him to warn Bulger.1994. Testifying in exchange for a reduced sentence. prosecutors said. “He used to say that Christmas was for cops and kids. Connolly was found guilty of racketeering. 12. Kevin Weeks.” Weeks also said Connolly came to the Winter Hill gang’s headquarters in a Boston liquor store on Dec. Dan Burton who chairs a House committee that examined the issue. Until his retirement in 990. said that as best he can recall. now retired. Vol. As if he were handing out gratuities.

In an unrelated but interesting matter. That person sells his stock in the company before the official report is released. In affidavits. No crime.000 a year until 2010. but this is the type of legislation passed by the same members of Congress who for years have been criminally covering up for such crimes as the CIA drug smuggling and other activities described within these pages. But if an officer of the company reveals insider information to that same person and that person sells the stock. Bulger ran and is still a fugitive. Prior to the hearing. that person is guilty of a crime that could result in years of incarceration. dinner parties were held and that one of the agents had been lent $ 5.FBI’s Use of Murderers as Informants 293 selves to portray themselves as competent and honest law enforcement personnel. that he was given the name of a key Cosa Nostra informant. The government successfully proved that Bulger had not been a legitimate winner but had paid the real winner $700.000. Pending ap- .000 in cash for the one-sixth share. that it was losing money.9 million. Martha Stewart was accused of insider trading. and that Bulger was tipped about the present indictment which came down in January of 1995. Flemmi also claimed: that he had been warned of a coming indictment in 1969. One Boston media article stated: Flemmi. Before taxes it would have amounted to over $1. It was a method of laundering illegal money. that the FBI kept him out of a 1979 indictment. that he was told to avoid a certain place that the FBI had bugged. the feds turned over evidence to the defendants that included material from Flemmi’s FBI informer files of Flemmi. Let’s look at that. Bulger lost an expensive court case in his absence. He had claimed a one sixth interest in a Mass Millions lottery win of $14. Hardly makes sense. He and his absent codefendant. That wasn’t all. Flemmi claimed that he and Bulger enjoyed a very friendly relationship with the FBI. James (Whitey) Bulger had been on and off FBI informants for decades. if true. These were devastating charges. He stated that gifts were exchanged. A person hears a rumor that a company will shortly report in its periodic filing what had been known for months. his FBI handlers had given him permission to commit crimes and thus the charges against him should be thrown out. They investigated Martha Stewart for possible crimes in an area where there is virtually no distinction between a crime providing for years in prison and common-sense response to a rumor. All the defendants also claim FBI agents lied to a federal judge to get permission to plant bugs and that the resulting taped conversations are tainted and should not be used as evidence against them.3 million. claims that in return for his insight into mob doings. Bulger was to get $119. a long time FBI informer.

i During eight days of testimony. In 1982. At first. Naturally. John Morris. the FBI handler of Flemmi. former supervisor of Boston’s Organized Crime Squad. A former agent testified that there was in house suspicion by some FBI agents that agent Connolly was protecting his source.” a book which details the FBI’s bugging operation which captured a Cosa Nostra induction of four New England Cosa Nostra members. Gianturco said that famous undercover agent Joe “Donnie Brasco” Pistone was present at one of the dinners with the hoods that he hosted. Edward “Brian” Halloran. Mark Wolf. Vol. In addition. Nick Gianturco admitted a “mistake in judgment” in accepting gifts from the two Winter Hill leaders and acknowledged having them for dinner four times and eating at the home of Flemmi’s parents. . of leaking information when Wolf was an assistant district attorney. Connolly has denied this and many other allegations that have surfaced but when called to testify at the hearing he invoked his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination and refused to testify. has also admitted taking a total of $7000 in cash. Bulger. If these revelations were not enough. the judge discovered a mid1980’s memo he wrote about his suspicions that either former agent Dennis Condon or agent John Morris (now retired) had leaked information about a bribery case involving a state representative. In his affidavits. At the hearing. the agent did not go to the rendezvous. Bulger is out the $700. Morris. Connolly has told the press he only spoke to Flemmi and Bulger about Halloran after he was killed.000 cash plus the nearly $2 million in payoffs. Both Flemmi and Bulger denied any involvement in the killing but refused to take a lie detector test. It is not clear if this meeting was part of Pistone’s undercover assignment. Wolf revealed that he had “found” some personal papers that indicated he had been involved in another Flemmi case while working in the DA’s office. his life was saved when Connolly was tipped by Flemmi and Bulger that Gianturco was going to be killed at a scheduled meeting. the next ones were stunners. Halloran was gunned down. As the pretrial hearing continued however.294 Defrauding America. admitted telling Connolly of the informer’s claims about Bulger. Flemmi also accused the presiding judge. Gianturco claimed that while working undercover. both the defense and prosecution agreed that the judge could be impartial. In another startling development. on three different occasions. who testified under a grant of immunity. Retired FBI agent. A New England Jai Alai operator had been gunned down in 1981 and an underworld informant. had claimed that the deed was done by Bulger. Two peals. also exchanged gifts with the two hoods. Pistone wrote the introduction to “The Ceremony. it was revealed that at least some of Flemmi’s claims were true. Gianturco said John Connolly.

the FBI scored a historic coup when it bugged an induction ceremony of the New England mob. reporting how a Boston police lieutenant warned William Bulger that there was a tap on his phone. In the 1970’s. Back in the mid 1960’s. but these recordings were legal and led to a conviction and life sentence for Anguilo. on his home phone and to instead take a message from his brother at another location at a given time. Stay tuned. Involvement of Boston Police “Ex-Police Officer Sentenced In Mob Case. In October of 1989. Jerry Anguilo. murder and a host of other crimes. James “Whitey” Bulger. The newspapers had a field day publishing tales of political corruption. The hearings certainly expose some pretty murky business dealings between FBI agents and informers. the fact these misdeeds took place does not mean that Flemmi and Bulger had permission to commit crimes. under pressure. 2003). “Whitey” Bulger. was also the victim of an FBI bugging. which state that he did not have permission to commit crimes. It is unclear whether there will be further revelations of FBI misdeeds in the weeks to come. There does appear to be at least some good news for the prosecution. the FBI. The article stated: Boston—A retired state police lieutenant was sentenced Wednesday to 118 months in federal prison for obstructing the FBI’s investigation of the New England mob. This warning alerted William Bulger not to talk to his fugitive brother. Whitey Bulger is a former FBI informant wanted .” was the headline on an Associated Press article (June 26. Flemmi and the others. Patriarca’s underboss from 1964 to 1984. released transcripts of some of their illegal recordings made in the office of then New England boss.FBI’s Use of Murderers as Informants 295 from the two informants. signed by Flemmi. These fascinating proceedings are just the latest in a series of “stunners” concerning the New England Family. The next shocker was the roll over of mob associate Vincent “Big Vinnie” Teresa. Salemme. Richard Schneiderhan was convicted of trying to warn University of Massachusetts president William Bulger that investigators had wiretapped his phone in their search for his fugitive brother. He claims that Connolly actively played a role in obtaining the money from Bulger and Flemmi. Schneiderhan acknowledged that he warned William Bulger about the wiretap. They have produced FBI documents. Raymond Patriarca. This accomplishment has been used numerous times to “prove” the existence of Cosa Nostra and had been instrumental in jailing a number of members of the New England Family. police on the take. The legality of this recording is now being challenged by the defendants. he co-authored two books that detailed his mob career and Teresa became a professional informant till he was discredited as a hype artist. Furthermore.

and that the FBI should terminate its relationship with Bulger. the false testimony against innocent men. a benevolent mobster who delivered turkeys to the poor and kept local violence in check. and contained the bodies of Deborah Hussey. 2001) related to the corruption stated: Once upon a time. Tommy King. some of whom later died in prison.296 Defrauding America. who knew about the crimes. He disappeared in 1995 after FBI agent John Connolly warned him of a coming racketeering and extortion indictment. the spreading cancerous culture of corruption in a government agency that is probably the most dangerous to the American people. and then was killed when she threatened to end it. One burial site was in Dorchester. and Arthur Barret. and now. who worked at a phone company and found out about the tap. along with his brother-in-law. Schneiderhan was charged in November 2000. Civil Lawsuits Against FBI and FBI Agents Numerous civil lawsuits were filed by relatives of men and women slain by the FBI’s protected killers and by families of men falsely imprisoned. Vol. . and Deborah Davis—another girl friend of Flemmi who disappeared after telling Flemmi she was breaking off the relationship. including heads of departments. Hussey had a sexual relationship with Flemmi. on the sixth anniversary of Whitey’s disappearance. Massachusetts. informants such as Kevin Weeks revealed the location of burial sites for many of the victims of the Winter Hill gang. A Dateline show (January 5. Fitzpatrick appeared on a CBS 60 Minutes show (April 2001) stating that he repeatedly warned his superiors that FBI agent Connolly was providing confidential information to the Bulger gang. Linda Reardon. Little remains of that myth. Connolly is serving a 10-year prison sentence for his role. who told him about the wiretap. “Whitey” Bulger as the Robin Hood of South Boston. Also. FBI corruption and murder. Duff and Reardon both pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice and were sentenced to one year probation. and who aided and abetted by their silence many murders and other crimes in the Boston area. Remains of Murder Victims Recovered Years Afterwards In exchange for sentence reduction. there was a fairy tale about fugitive mob boss James J. Fitzpatrick was a former assistant special agent in charge of the FBI’s Boston field office in the 1980s. Included among the named defendants was FBI agent Robert Fitzpatrick. John McIntyre. in Dorchester. leaving us with a chilling story of violence. and Duff’s daughter. None of the many Justice Department lawyers. Two in connection with 21 murders. contained the remains of Paul McGonagle. were ever prosecuted. a Bulger rival. Another burial site. legend and FBI protection have been stripped away. Edward Duff.

federal agents arrested Connolly and took him to the Boston federal courthouse in handcuffs.FBI’s Use of Murderers as Informants 297 In early January.” On December 22. Bulger. the Massachusetts State Police and the US Attorney’s Office had finally beaten the odds and amassed enough evidence to indict Bulger. and headed out on a road trip that has lasted six years. Stanley missed her children. The indictments charged that Connolly acted as delivery boy for Bulger’s $7000 in bribes to John Morris. 1995. when he was found hiding out in Florida. and illegally leaking to Bulger and Flemmi confidential information about grand jury probes and wiretaps. Things only got worse for Connolly. As they were approaching the city. Six years ago today. The next day. In a fourcount indictment. Connolly. Stanley heard a radio report detailing the Flemmi’s arrest. 1995. Connolly. On October 11. where they spent the night. Theresa Stanley. Bulger exited the highway and headed back to New York City. and Whitey was nowhere to be found. had been monitoring the grand jury investigation in part through his contacts in the FBI. Bulger and Flemmi were charged with racketeering. and was in constant communication with Bulger and Flemmi about the investigation. which was the source of the tip to Bulger. conspiracy to obstruct justice. who remained close to Flemmi and. Bulger was traveling toward Boston with his girlfriend. Catherine Greig. Judge Mark Wolf issued factual findings September 15. 1999. particularly. Flemmi and Salemme in quick succession on January 5. Salemme was not captured until August. and obstruction of justice. He had been on an extended vacation since late 1994. Included in the charges was Connolly’s tip to Bulger about the 1995 indictment. Most shocking was the section which Wolf addressed how Bulger eluded authorities in 1995: “The court concludes that in early January. racketeering conspiracy. He then picked up his other girlfriend. and the constant arguments her homesickness caused convinced Bulger to take her back to South Boston. 1999 identifying 18 FBI supervisors and agents as having committed illegal acts regarding the handling of informants. his right-hand man Stevie “The Rifleman” Flemmi and reputed New England Mafia boss Francis “Cadillac Frank” Salemme on 35 counts of racketeering and extortion. Bulger dropped Stanley off in a Boston parking lot. but they only managed to nab Flemmi. The plan was to arrest Bulger. The ruling put Connolly in the middle of nearly every instance of FBI wrongdoing. Pursuant to a federal investigation into FBI wrongdoing in the Bulger case. as well as accusations of regularly falsifying reports to cover up Bulger’s crimes. he was linked to three mob murders in a federal indictment that accused . when former FBI agent John Connolly informed him that a grand jury had convened to investigate him and that indictments were in the air.

tearfully told Joe Salvati. According to the superseding indictment.” . making it clear that Bulger was not just a mob boss. your story of family. William Bulger was president of the Massachusetts Senate. Christopher Shays. a Massachusetts husband and father of four. Man Imprisoned 30 Years for Crime FBI Knew He Didn’t Commit An Associated Press article (May 04.S. At that time. he was a particularly cold-blooded repeat murderer. Salvati.. obstruction of justice and making false statements.. who later became U. Although Bulger was accused of a host of crimes.” Rep. attorney in the San Francisco office. No Justice Department Incentive to Catch Bulger Although the FBI listed Bulger among the ten-most-wanted criminals. Mr. Many Others Involved Head of the U. And we cherish it. Two him of furnishing the Winter Hill gang with the names and whereabouts of three confidential informants who later turned up dead.S. Connolly helped the gang run the rackets with a free hand for more than 20 years. 2001) by David Shuster and Sharon Kehnemui referred to the 30-year imprisonment of Joe Salvati brought about by the FBI corruption. your story of courage and perseverance is a gift to your nation. and who was involved with the Rodney Matthews matter described in other pages. the brother to the head of the Winter Hill gang. The discovery of several bodies presumed to be victims of Bulger and his gang led to a 32-count federal indictment on September 28 of last year. racketeering conspiracy. accusing Bulger of participating in 18 murders. “Your testimony will insure no one else has to endure the outrageous indignities and injustices you. it was felt that the last thing FBI officials wanted was for him to be caught and thereby reveal even more information about FBI corruption. have suffered. raising questions about the influence the Winter Hill gang had on Massachusetts’s politics.298 Defrauding America. and was charged with racketeering. “Your story of faith. The FBI had only one agent assigned to find the fugitive. The article stated: Representatives on the House Government Reform Committee showed a rare display of emotion on Thursday. Marie. Investigators made several gruesome discoveries over the course of last year. attorney’s office in Boston at that time was Bill Weld. and your family. attorney’s office was Mueller.S. conspiracy to obstruct justice. he had never been accused of murder. as they heard the story of a man who spent 30 years in prison for a crime the FBI knew he did not commit. Weld was a friend to William Bulger. R-Conn. who later became Republican governor. and your family. Also in the Boston U.. which expands on charges brought against him last December. Vol.

” replied the ex-agent. “It’ll be probably a nice movie or something. stated: A former FBI agent says the FBI is at least partially responsible for murders allegedly committed by fugitive Boston mob boss James J. who was an assistant special agent in charge of the FBI’s Boston field office in the 1980s. Documents also showed then-FBI director J. Later in the hearing. Bailey later filed a sworn affidavit that his client had testified falsely. It didn’t matter the truth. It took 26 years for Salvati’s lawyer. when pressed on the matter. the first Boston mobster to enter the witness protection program. who back in 1967 owed Barboza $400. 2001. “It was more important to the FBI that they protected their prized informants than it was for innocent people not to be framed. and the undying strength and love he gained from his wife over the years. retired Boston FBI agent H. Garo was less forgiving. Through tears. but at the same time admitted the wrong man went to jail for the crime. During the interview. Lee Bailey. The truth be damned. tears?” Rico shot back at Shays. Victor Garo. In an interview to be broadcast Sunday night on CBS’s “60 Minutes. Marie Salvati told of how she raised their four children without her husband at home. who was exonerated earlier this year four years after his sentence was commuted. Several of those informants later committed other murders. “Whitey” Bulger. broke down Thursday while testifying about his experience. to uncover documents proving FBI agents and Boston police decided to prosecute Salvati to protect the identities of a few informants they believed would be endangered if the real murderer were identified. “What do you want.” he told the panel. Fitzpatrick said he repeatedly warned his superiors that Bulger should be terminated as an FBI informant after learning of the numerous murders he committed.” Ed Bradley will interview Robert Fitzpatrick. Fitzpatrick also said he warned top FBI officials that former FBI Agent John Connolly was leaking confiden- . who accused the agent of feeling no remorse for his role in case. in an attempt to cover up the real killer’s identity. who represented Boston mobster Joseph “The Animal” Barboza.FBI’s Use of Murderers as Informants 299 Salvati was 34 when he was sent to prison in 1967 for a 1965 Boston murder. but always with him in their heart. Edgar Hoover knew of the misconduct and false testimony but let the case go on. Salvati. He had apparently owed money to an informant who told officials Salvati committed the murder. with the knowledge of FBI agents. A Dateline show of April 6. Paul Rico defiantly denied he helped frame Salvati. Barboza falsely implicated Salvati. Also testifying at the hearing was lawyer F.

The report stated: Hanssen escaped detection not because he was extraordinarily clever and crafty. his computer savvy and his ability to avoid face-to-face meetings with his Russian handlers.300 Defrauding America. 2003) by the Justice Department’s inspector general identified the years of subversive activities by FBI agent Robert Hanssen. It’s ironic that the same agency that once protected Bulger now keeps him on display on their Ten Most Wanted List. Bulger was able to skip town shortly before being named in a massive racketeering indictment. Vol. missed numerous signals that could have led to Mr. a Justice Department report released today states.I. The report from the department’s inspector general provides many previously undisclosed details about how the F. The inspector general’s report sought to debunk the widely held belief that Mr.B. regarded as the most damaging spy in F. helped them to elude investigators. John Connolly. officials knew as far back as the mid-1980s that Robert P. history. managed to elude detection for so long largely because of his craftiness. He denies the charges.B. Hanssen’s capture years earlier. claiming that he followed FBI guidelines for the handling of top-echelon informants. Hanssen had re- . Bulger and his Winter Hill Gang were shielded from investigation while they engaged in murder. but because of long-standing systemic problems in the FBI’s counterintelligence program and a deeply flawed FBI internal security program. Typical of Culture Throughout Government A report (August 14. who spied for the Soviet Union and Russia from 1979 until 2001.I. 2003) stated: F. Hanssen. Hanssen. Two tial information to Bulger -information that allowed Bulger and his crew to elude investigators and escape indictments.B. was charged last fall in an eight-count indictment charging he protected Bulger and Flemmi. Hanssen. drug dealing and a wide array of other criminal activities. who was Bulger’s handler. He has been on the lam for six years. In exchange for informing against his rivals in Boston’s Italian mob. and leaked information about three of Bulger’s rivals who were later killed. After using information allegedly provided by John Connolly. a New York Times article (August 15. colleagues and supervisors that Mr. had repeatedly mishandled classified data and violated procedures but did nothing to prompt an investigation.I. Referring to the FBI ignoring evidence that FBI Agent Hanssen was a mole for the Soviet Union. the longtime agent and convicted Russian spy.I. when he was exposed by a Russian intelligence officer. The report states that by the mid-1980’s it had become obvious to his F.B. Whitey Bulger was one of the FBI’s top-echelon informants for more than 25 years. extortion.

the inspector general said. The criminal activities.S. But because of cultural and systemic problems at the F.B. and which he was required to receive under various criminal statutes. who was promoted to Director of the FBI by President George Bush II.I. A similar article in the Associated Press (August 15. In this example I refer to Robert Mueller. allowed Mr.” it says. The federal crimes that I sought to report to Mueller. 2001.” said Sen. Hanssen was promoted. including national security.I. the report says. 2003) stated: Some members of Congress say it is clear Hanssen simply took advantage of a lackadaisical FBI attitude toward internal security. which was a criminal act under the same crime reporting statute. but there’s also no excuse for the FBI’s failure to take seriously his obvious and repeated security violations. Instead of receiving my information and evidence. included those that affected created the conditions enabling terrorists to hijack four airliners on September 11. attorney in San Francisco where I reported to him in 1997 areas of criminal activities in the bankruptcy courts. he committed to more “serious and flagrant security breaches. assisted in making possible the continuation of the great harm upon national interests.” the report says. a senior member of the Senate Judiciary Committee. he covered up for them. On the basis of his obstruction of justice in these matters. and after becoming chief of the F. Hanssen to give the Russians reams of secret data that led to the execution of several Soviet moles and compromised some of the most important military.’s National Security Threat List unit in 1992. Culture Remained the Same One way of judging whether changes were being made in the culture is by examining the background of people put into key positions. Mr. in the federal courts.B. agent could possibly be a mole—nothing was done to investigate his behavior.and a mindset of denial that an F. The overture was “remarkable for its recklessness and self-destructive quality.I.. and his cover-up of them. “There’s no excuse for Robert Hanssen’s treason. Charles Grassley. Mr.FBI’s Use of Murderers as Informants 301 peatedly mishandled classified data and exhibited brazen and reckless behavior. nuclear and intelligence operations of the United States from the time he began spying for the Russians in 1979 through his arrest in 2001. it is natural to assume that he would continue the cover- . Hanssen sought out a Russian agent in a parking garage and tried to give him a package with classified data.B. including much of what is detailed in the first and second volumes of Defrauding America. and the Russians were so concerned that they were being set up that they filed a formal protest with the United States government. In 1993. That failure. Mueller was the U. the report says.

302 Defrauding America. He surely knew of the false charges against the Libyans and knew the Syrian terrorists who actually placed the bomb on Pan Am under an Iranian contract in retaliation for U.S. Covering Up for Massive Bankruptcy Court Fraud in California He was the U. . a law firm with reported ties to the CIA. attorney in San Francisco during the massive bankruptcy court corruption involving Justice Department trustees. He came to the U. If he had acted. Two ups in the ultra political office of U. These matters are detailed in this and other books that I have written. BCCI was one of the world’s largest banking scandals that caused people throughout the world to lose their life’s savings.S. Vol. attorney in Boston during the time that the Boston FBI office was protecting organized crime figures and murderers in the Winter Hill gang. and which continues to this date. attorney general. Schumer stated “There is possibly a cover-up or conspiracy. and very possibly have discouraged terrorists from plans for more attacks upon U.S. Charles Schumer. interests.S. forces shooting down an Iranian airliner that killed 290 people. it was revealed that a U. or any of the other people that I notified had acted. Robert Morgenthau. The Manhattan District Attorney. Customs agent took a $4. He surely knew of the retaliation by Justice Department officials against the people seeking to report facts that contradicted the Justice Department’s claims of responsibility for the placement of the bomb on Flight 103. attorney’s office responsible for prosecuting people involved in the BCCI bank scandal that was more of a cover-up than prosecution. who conducted his own investigation of BCCI.S. actions could have been started that most probably would have prevented the successful terrorist acts on September 11. accused the Justice Department of failing to pursue the case and refusing to share material evidence to prosecute the guilty. attorney’s office in San Francisco in 1976 after leaving his lawyer role at the San Francisco law firm of Pillsbury Madison and Sutro. This is detailed in Defrauding America. Acting U. judge-appointed trustees. Attorney in Boston During Height of FBI Corruption Mueller was acting U.S. made a report claiming Justice Department personnel were refusing to pursue the case.S.S.000 kickback from an informant and that a prosecutor failed to disclose that information to the defense. representative from New York at that time. During his tenure in the San Francisco office.” saying the failure to pursue the criminal activities was because there were too many prominent politicians that had connections to BCCI. Cover-up in Matters Relating to Bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 Mueller was involved in the prosecutions related to the bombing of Pan Am flight 103.S. and federal judges.S. a U. Involved with Cover-Up in the BCCI Scandal He was in the U.

After repeatedly proclaiming the program as revolutionary records-management software. . Mueller was also blamed for the failure of the FBI’s highly touted software program called Virtual Case File (VCF). Drugging America.FBI’s Use of Murderers as Informants 303 Mueller was also involved in the sham prosecution of a DEA asset. which I describe in my book. Rodney Matthews. he was finally forced to abandon it—after having spent over $170 on it.

304 Defrauding America. Vol. Two .

This relationship was headed by Supervisory Agent R. and Gregory described to me the practice of FBI agents providing his father with the names of government informants. His father was a key member of one of these families.. I have so much more information that goes back to the 1960s. Gregory Scarpa. Scarpa had provided me considerable information on eliciting information from one of the terrorists related to the bombing of the World . and Gregory Scarpa. would burglarize banks while they were closed for the weekends. Gregory Scarpa Sr. began approximately 1979. FBI agents telling us where the FBI was placing wiretaps so we can avoid them.) day-to-day criminal activities in which the FBI agents assisted in the Mafia killings success. His name was Gregory Scarpa. One of his letters (August 27. Lindley DeVecchio. Valhome. and Jr. which also includes FBI agents giving Scarpa [Sr. and also myself. involvement with being a lookout while me. 2002) to me referred to this practice: My information will consist on how and when the FBI and high-ranking members of the Colombo Crime Family in New York worked together and eventually caused an internal war in the crime family. The member was my father.. Because of numerous murders and their numerous indictments. Also. was on both sides (FBI and Mobster) for three decades going back to 1963—before DeVecchio. could track them down and kill them. Jr. my father. But Gregory Sr. and others.] the names of other FBI snitches. enabling Scarpa to put them in harms way. who his father would then kill. handing over the addresses of Scarpa’s enemies in the Colombo Crime Family war so that Scarpa. Jr. the other FBI agent was Mr. while shielding his own illegal operations. fabricating evidence against Vic Orena and other Scarpa adversaries so they would be sent to prison. Sr. Sr.CHAPTER TWELVE Similar FBI Culture in New York Area T hrough my many contacts in prison. a big cover-up ensued. For much of this I have documentation.. Jr. I came into frequent contact with a former member of one of the Mafia families in New York. My information consists of not only ignored Scarpa’s (Sr. Gregory Scarpa.

These included the sale of drugs and the murder of at least two people in the mid-1980’s. Sr. Jr. Jr. one agent is assigned to a criminal informant (CI). continuing until the 1990s. Gregory Scarpa Hired by the FBI 65 In the 1970’s.. Gregory remembered his father saying. Gregory assumed they were OK. FBI Agent’s Drinking Problem Made Him Unreliable Scarpa’s relationship with the FBI agent was made difficult because of the agent’s heavy drinking problem. and started involving Gregory in criminal activities at a young age.306 Defrauding America. Normally. A top-level informant is a person in a position to provide highly sensitive information concerning activities involving an organized crime family. taught Gregory how to shoot a gun at the age of 16. the Wimpy Boys Club. He learned that. FBI’s Informant Program The FBI employs general informants. Villano advised Gregory that he was a good fighter. to FBI Agent Anthony Villano. with whom he was in prison facilities at the Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC) in New York City (1996). The meeting occurred at a gymnasium where Gregory was training for the golden gloves. including Patrick Porco and a teenager whose nickname was “Meatballs” Since these activities were known to FBI agents. and that the FBI agents with whom his father was associated received substantial sums of money and other perks. Vol. Ramzi Yousef. Sr. Two Trade Center in 1993. stating that the two of them worked closely together. An FBI 209 report contains information received from informants. as part of the cozy arrangement. but that there were easier ways to make money. and also top echelon informants (TE). Gregory was 16 years of age at that time. which were provided to them by FBI agents. Eventually Scarpa established a similar relationship with FBI agent Lindley DeVecchio. This is detailed in my other books. introduced his son. Scarpa. Affidavit at §3) . Terrorism Against America and Subverting America. called criminal informants (CI). Teaching His Son the Tricks of the Trade Gregory Scarpa. 66 (This information appeared in court proceedings as Exhibit R: Scarpa. “The relationship with DeVecchio 65 Scarpa’s relationship with the FBI commenced in 1962. The FBI 302 form is a document that is submitted in court proceedings. FBI agents were providing his father with confidential FBI in66 formation and protecting him from prosecution. Mafia Headquarters Viewing FBI Surveillance Tapes In the mid-1980s Scarpa was showing FBI surveillance tapes taken outside their headquarters. Gregory learned later that instead of his father working for the FBI. He encouraged Gregory to work with his father—which was primary various forms of criminal activities in liaison with the FBI. that the FBI agent was working for his father. Gregory Scarpa.

my father instructed me to allocate a portion of the proceeds from his numbers racket to DeVecchio.000 from my father. On a number of occasions DeVecchio also provided my father with surveillance tapes including FBI tapes of the Wimpy Boys Social Club. FBI Agent Received Percentage of Bank Robbery Loot Gregory provided information stating that in one instance DeVecchio played a role in a bank robbery Gregory committed. One of my duties was keeping the tally on my father’s numbers (racket. 1991 or Spring. Schiro also testified that she was present when DeVecchio told Scarpa that there was an arrest warrant out for Gregory on credit card fraud. or even be murdered. Linda Schiro. and DeVecchio secretly met two to three times a week 67 at Scarpa’s home. 1992 my father told me that Joseph Ambrosino was a “rat” but that he didn’t have 67 (Exhibit V at § 6) . Over the years. which was paid for by my father.” This relationship started in the early 1980s. .Similar FBI Culture in New York Area 307 was even going to be better than with Villano. in order to insure that we were not arrested. Frequent Secret Meetings Between Mafia and FBI Scarpa. Gregory stated: During this period I worked for my father in his various enterprises. In this connection. For example my father killed Joseph DiDomenico (“Joey Brewster”) because DeVecchio told him that Joey was getting too nosey about my father’s business and may have known that my father was an informant. After my father received the information he killed the individuals who were reported to be a threat to him and \ then reported the murders to DeVecchio. and that DeVecchio assured Scarpa that he would intervene to where a prison sentence would be replaced with probation. DeVecchio knew that Scarpa would then track down these people and receive physical beatings. DeVecchio received over $100. This amount covered all of the favors that DeVecchio did for my father. DeVecchio was present during a bank robbery at which I was present. DeVecchio provided information to my father regarding the identification of individuals who were informants and who could be a danger to my father. present. DeVecchio provided my father with information concerning the location of his loan sharking customers. with Scarpa’s wife. In addition. which I viewed along with my younger brother Joseph Schiro. After my father killed Brewster he reported the killing to DeVecchio who protected him by attributing the murder to another crew. Schiro would later testify that Scarpa requested and received from DeVecchio’s the addresses and phone numbers of delinquent loan sharking customers. including an all expense trip to Aspen Colorado in the 1980’s. Sr. DeVecchio’s cut of the proceeds came out of my father’s numbers racket. In late Fall.

DeVecchio and my father planned to destroy the entire Colombo Family and create a leadership vacuum in which a “Scarpa” family would emerge with my father at the head. 69 Joseph Schiro. As a result of the attacks. Victor Orena went into hiding. Gregory stated: In the early Nineties. were sentenced to prison on RICO charges. Gregory. As a result of the attacks. My father told me that he and DeVecchio rode in one car 70 and my stepbrother. Sr and FBI agent DeVecchio initiated a war between the rival factions so that Scarpa could be recognized as the boss. and the Colombo Family. But after he and his son. In another deposition. Joey. was introduced to and became an integral part of his father’s criminal activities from the time he was a teenager. Joseph Schiro was 16-17 years old. which carried the guns in the trunk. Two to worry because Ambrosino wouldn’t hurt him. My father told me that he and DeVecchio rode in one car 69 and my stepbrother. Joey 7. Carmine Persico had been the head of the Colombo family for over 20 years. DeVecchio and my father came up with a plan to create dissension within the Columbo family and in the process eliminate anyone who could be a danger to my father. They parked some distance from the house and my father and DeVecchio watched while Joey planted the guns under the deck. Vol. Gregory stated: DeVecchio provided my father with the addresses of the men who were loyal to Orena. Linda Schiro’s son. Scarpa. Bonnano Family. Gregory Scarpa stated: DeVecchio provided my father with the addresses of the men who were loyal to Orena. Orena’s arrest was supposed to be a “trophy” for DeVecchio. drove another car. his father. had taught him to fire a gun and involved him in his criminal activities including the sale of marijuana and cocaine and the murder of at least two . DeVecchio and my father had a plan to plant guns at the house where Orena was staying to ensure Orena’s arrest and conviction. started a murderous fight among various rivals to become head of the Colombo family. DeVecchio and my father had a plan to plant guns at the house where Orena was staying to ensure Orena’s arrest and conviction. Referring to the in-fighting among the Colombo crime family. Sr. Fueling Gang-Fights in Colombo Crime Family In the early 1990s a power struggle erupted between rivals in the 68 one of the New York’s five crime families: the Colombo family. Orena’s arrest was supposed to be a “trophy” for DeVecchio. The facts indicated that Scarpa. Victor Orena went into hiding.308 Defrauding America. drove another car which carried the 68 Five crime families existed in New York: Gambino Family. Sr. was introduced to and became an integral part of his father’s criminal activities from the time he was a teenager. Linda Schiro’s son. during a deposition. Alphonse. Larry Mazza disclosed to your affiant that by the 70 Joseph Schiro. Larry Mazza disclosed to your affiant that by the time Scarpa’s son. Genovese Family. Lucchese Family. between Scarpa’s faction and that of Orena. At another time.

) people in the mid-1980’s. killing many people in the process. 1973. and also the name and location of the DEA’s primary witness against Gregory. They parked some distance from the house and my father and DeVecchio watched while Joey planted the guns under the deck. As early as 1987. which he contracted during surgery in 1986 from a blood transfusion from a member of the Colombo family. FBI agent DeVecchio met with the judge in chambers before sentencing. stated that Scarpa. not in on the scheme. New Jersey FBI office and threatened to “reveal everything. (Scarpa died of AIDS in 1994.S. was a target in a fraudulent bond case. along with Greg. Sr. DeVecchio was kept busy protecting Scarpa and his son Gregory.” In a FBI memo dated October 9. Mazza observed Scarpa. imaginable pertaining to the FBI. Cosmo Catanzaro. The prosecuting U. make jokes. and Joseph Schiro viewing FBI surveillance tapes taken outside the Wimpy Boys Club (Exhibit G: Mazza 302 4/28/94 at 5). including Patrick Porco and a teenager whose nickname was “Meatballs” (See also Exhbit G: Mazza FD-302 dated 4/28/94 and Exhibit F: Meli 302 5/26/94 at 6). DeVecchio provided Scarpa with information about Gregory’s imminent arrest. Scarpa then arranged to have Catanzaro killed. while testifying before Congress in 1987. ask about your family and then when dessert came he would just whack you right on the spot. and Judicial Protection At another time when a U. attorney indicted Scarpa on credit card fraud (1986). A DEA investigation into Gregory’s drug activities threatened to bring about Gregory’s arrest. an FBI agent in the Newark office provide further information and to notify the FBI director in Washington. Scarpa. One example of Scarpa’s brutality occurred in response to criticism of his son’s handling of a bank robbery by associate Dominick Somma. He would laugh. Blackmailing the FBI In 1973 a U. Jr.S. 71 October 9.S. Justice Department. that Scarpa had a long criminal history and that he should be incarcerated. Scarpa pulled out a pistol and shot him dead. Sr. Repeated FBI.Similar FBI Culture in New York Area 309 guns in the trunk. attorney. New Jersey. Martin Light. . Scarpa pleaded guilty. Scarpa was a “Top Echelon” informant for the FBI for 30 years. Charges were dropped. outraged. contacted 71 the Newark. stated at sentencing before Judge Leo Glasser that Scarpa was one of the biggest distributors of counterfeit credit cards in the New York metropolitan area. attorney in Newark. Scarpa Sr’s Brutal Activities Scarpa’s former attorney. Despite this brutal nature. aided and abetted by FBI agents and FBI Washington headquarters. scheme and technique. causing the sentence to be probation. Coming to the rescue. 1973. apparently on the basis of being advised by his handlers that he would not go to prison. described Scarpa as a psychopathic killer: Greg was the type of guy who would arrange to have a dinner with you.

Eppolito and Stephen Caracappa. One of the defenses raised by Gregory at his criminal trial was stated by his lawyer: If one thought one was acting with the reasonable approval of law enforcement authorities. only the public suffered. for instance. He was responsible for investigating the La Cosa Nostra. without facing the consequences of his criminal conduct. Endemic Culture Throughout Law Enforcement The culture in the FBI has spread throughout law enforcement. the court wouldn’t allow a lot of firsts hand info I had with the FBI and my father. The victims. which also denied Gregory his legal rights at trial: Here are my transcripts to give you some information from m y younger days as an associate and when I was inducted into the mob. if one thought one was assisting law enforcement authorities in their investigation. “Retired Detectives Plead Not Guilty in Mafia Killings.S. or in prison. Kings County style. actively aided and abetted murderous conduct. the murder . 2005). are either dead. For instance. though. The guilty never paid the price. so that’s what this is all relevant to. Judge Blocking Testimony Revealing FBI Complicity In one letter (January 6. Department of Justice. Two None of the Guilty in the FBI and Justice Faced Prosecution People in control of the FBI and the U. some for life. DeVecchio. for example.” stated: Two retired city detectives accused of betraying their badges to become paid Mafia killers were formally arraigned in Brooklyn yesterday pleading not guilty to committing at least eight murders for the mob. Washington officials that aided and abetted the crimes were promoted and enjoyed financial rewards. The charges in the case include. struck the opening note in what promises to be a spectacular trial. one would not have mental criminal culpability. My testimony was very limited because my court appointed attorney wouldn’t go into the murders that the FBI had full knowledge about. he was the supervisor for investigating crimes of the Bonanno Cosa Nostra family and then the Colombo Family. condoned by the FBI and other info gives dates and crimes all condoned by the FBI (DeVecchio). a New York Times article (April 22. Gregory described how a federal judge acted to protect the FBI conduct. Italian organized crime (LCN). Louis J. titled. DeVecchio was with the FBI for 33 years and retired in 1996. retired on full pension. Also.310 Defrauding America. The arraignment of the two. In 1983. for years. From 1980 through 1992 DeVecchio was in the criminal division of the Organized Crime section. Vol. 2003).

Similar FBI Culture in New York Area 311 FBI Practice of Rewarding Vicious Criminals Justice Department prosecutors.S. Justice Department personnel placed Gravano in the Witness Protection Program and provided him with funds. on drug charges. that the primary interest of prosecutors is to obtain guilty verdicts. son. and then rewarded Ellard by releasing him from prison and drug charges. and rewarded a drug smuggler who admitted playing a key role in the placement of a bomb on an Avianca Airline jet that exploded and killed over 100 people. seeking the conviction of defen72 dants. and son-in-law. for which this serial murderer was provided immunity for the murders he committed. with purchasing thousands of Ecstasy tablets that were then sold in Arizona. Stancell. carrying out assignments for U. 95 CR 503 (N. as a government witness in the prosecution of a deep-cover contract agent. 1996). along with his son. to join him in Phoenix where Gravano said he had a crew ready to operate a drug smuggling and sales operation. and it helps their careers. including some sentenced to life in prison. represented him as an honorable and trustworthy witness. Gravano started the drug operation upon arrival in Phoenix. Knowledge that Gravano Would Continue Criminal Activities Shortly before Gravano was to be released in 1994. Arizona authorities arrested Gravano. Gravano’s lying came out in a subsequent case. Larry Mazza. Several years later.D. Prosecutors Gone Amuck I had learned years earlier. protected. in February 2000. United States v. Just as he said he would. a recorded telephone conversation showed that Gravano was asking another prisoner. an associate of famed drug smuggler Pablo Escobar. Ga. Justice Department Embracing Terrorist One example that I write about in Defrauding America shows how Justice Department personnel embraced. It is financially beneficial for prosecutors to put people in prison. Jimmy Ellard. federal prosecutors in Brooklyn charged Gravano and his son Gerard. set him up with funds in the witness protection program. . Gravano ended up back in prison. as have many others. Rodney Matthews. Customs in San Antonio. daughter. Justice Department prosecutors had Ellard sitting at the government’s table during the trial against Matthews. along with a “retirement” compensation while in the Witness Protection Program. where they will die. Some months later. had Gravano testify falsely. when he recanted the testimony he gave in the earlier Orena trial. contradicting his prior testimony. allowed Ellard to keep the millions that he 72 Gravano testified that he participated in over nineteen murders. and while he was in a prison facility. Gravano conformed his testimony to what the federal prosecutor wanted. Despite knowing this. even of people they know to be innocent. his wife. Justice Department prosecutors used admitted drug trafficker.

As it May Once Have Been In a long-ago decision. If it had been included in the report. It is as much his duty to refrain from improper methods calculated to produce a wrongful conviction as it is to use every legitimate means to bring about a just one. while he may strike hard blows. As such. so as to fraudulently imprison a courageous undercover agent who now has a life-in-prison sentence. letter. therefore. Scarpa Providing Information on Similar FBI Corruption to Committee Investigating FBI Matters in Boston and Lawyers In one letter (April 3. 2003. convicted. which indicated a cover-up by that committee since it made no mention of these matters in its two-volume report. but of a sovereignty whose obligation to govern impartially is as compelling as its obligation to govern at all.S. he is not at liberty to strike foul ones. the project that I have been working on with you was temporarily sidetracked because of numerous legal visits I received from investigators and attorneys who needed information for a Congressional hearing on FBI misconduct and coverups. U. is that I know for a fact my father committed the murders during the Colombo War. was an institutional problem rather than localized. and are doing life in prison which in fact had nothing to do with the murders charged. United States. 633 (1935) . in a criminal prosecution is not that it shall win a case. 2003) Scarpa wrote that he provided information to the committee holding hearings on the FBI misconduct in Boston. 73wrote: The United States Attorney is the representative not of an ordinary party to a controversy. Scarpa’s letter stated: Rodney. The investigators also wanted and received information about the terrorists I spied on which was covered up. Vol. 295 U. Ellard went free. but that justice shall be done. Supreme Court Justice Sutherland. it would show that the criminal activities of the FBI. United States. both local and Washington headquarters. 78. They’re bringing the information to the congressional hearing also. 629.indeed. the twofold aim of which is that guilt shall not escape or innocence suffer. he should do so. in a written decision in Berger v. Justice Department Prison Officials Blocked Scarpa From Providing Additional Details on FBI-Justice Corruption In a June 22. 55 S. he is in a peculiar and very definite sense the servant of the law. He may prosecute with earnestness and vigor. Two had stashed away.312 Defrauding America. But. As soon as I receive a copy of the affidavit I will send it to you. when corruption was not as endemic as it became.Ct.S. 88. Scarpa wrote: 73 Berger v. How I know they sere wrongly charged or framed. and whose interest. I gave them a 36-page affidavit on certain people from the mob who were charged for murder. Justice.

and As a Federal Aviation Administration air carrier operations inspector I was given the task to correct the conditions causing the worst series of aviation disasters in the nation’s history. I sought to report this serious matter to various government officials because it revealed a dangerous culture within the FBI and Department of Justice. DC 20515 Certified: 7002 0860 0003 9592 6405 Ref: Former government agent with information on FBI misconduct in New York City offices similar to that in Boston office in the Bulger matter. Canada. Terrorism Against America Lawyers and Judges—American Trojan Horses Member Association Former Intelligence Officers (AFIO) Association of National Security Alumni International Society of Air Safety Investigators Lawyers Pilots Bar Association (LPBA) Web sites: www. I wrote numerous books on misconduct that I discovered and have appeared as guest and expert on over 3.74 a veteran in the aviation field.druggingamerica.S. I was an FAA inspectorinvestigator for a number of years.” My Attempt to Report FBI Corruption in New York Area With the information that Scarpa was providing to me. That July 4. Box 5. Navy in 1940. either “I’m not allowed to say this. numerous letters and informative documents that I sent to you. I am making the following statements that raise responsibilities under federal law. 2003 letter follows: From the desk of Rodney Stich P. conducted a sixmonth-long hearing. a confidant to many other government agents. Drugging America.com ww. I was a multi-engine patrol plane commander (PPC) during World War II. Representative Tom Davis (with copies to every other member of the committee). phone: 925-944-1930.unfriendlyskies. FAX 925-295-1203 Author of Defrauding America. I wrote to the chairman of the committee that conducted hearings on the FBI misconduct in the Boston area.” or “not allowed to say that. CA 94507.O.000 radio and television shows in the United States.Similar FBI Culture in New York Area 313 Rodney. 75 I joined the U. 74 . including the federal crime reporting statute (18 U.com July 4. § 4): • I am a former federal agent. Alamo. Throughout this period I was a flight instructor.C. are returned to me. 2003 Representative Tom Davis. and also provided by other inmates in the same prison who had frequent conversations with Scarpa. Chairman Committee on Government Reform 2157 Rayburn House Office Building Washington.75 an investigator for many years.S. and developed a transcript that further proved my charges of corruption within the FAA that made possible a number of preventable aviation disasters. To Representative Davis and the committee on government reform: For the record.com www. for one reason or another.defraudingamerica. Unfriendly Skies. I was captain for several international airlines after World War II. Mexico and Europe. In this position I acted as an independent prosecutor.

S. by Justice Department prosecutors. attempted to report criminal activities that I discovered in my official duties that played. The Justice Department’s Bureau of Prisons has recently blocked that insider from providing me. I have acquired a great amount of information on criminal activities implicating certain government personnel that enabled the infliction of great and irreparable harm upon national interests and the lives of many people. which is the area of your present limited investigation into FBI misconduct in Boston with the Bulger crime group. having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States. including those under federal criminal statutes. and the government informants were subsequently murdered.S. when I filed federal actions under the federal crime reporting statute (18 U. 77 The clear and specific wording of the federal crime reporting statute says: Title 18 U. Two activist against corruption in government. This is the same type of misconduct.S. CIA and other government sources. shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years. Whoever. and cover-up. were authorized to be taken. For instance: o FBI agents in the New York City area were providing confidential information on government informants to certain members of the New York crime families. were required to be taken. or both. The key issue here is the deep-seated pattern of corruption implicating key people in the government’s aviation safety offices. § 4. and from my many FBI.C. This pattern will continue until certain people—such as you and members of your commission— meet their legal responsibilities. The present tactic to keep this matter from the public is to place the blame for 9-11 on the more innocent “intelligence failures. when the preventative measures were known. conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States. This information was given to me in writing by a former member of one of those crime groups. and continues to play. § 4)77 and 28 Information on FBI/Justice Department corruption has been acquired over many years from my personal experiences as a government agent. as an activist. that caused the conditions to exist that enabled 19 hijackers to seize four airliners. 76 . Misprision of felony. and were not taken. a problem that will continue until exposed and meaningful corrective actions taken. an investigator and author. As it relates to Deep-Seated FBI Culture of Corruption: • As it relates to FBI misconduct. I have acquired information76 showing that the subject of your Boston hearings is not limited to the Boston area.314 Defrauding America.. a major role in a series of fatal airline crashes.C. o Repeated charges of criminal contempt of court against me.” o FBI retaliation against a veteran FBI agent (and holder of several medals for bravery in Vietnam) when he continued to report drug-related and other criminal activities of CIA and other government personnel in the New York City area. Vol. as a federal air safety agent. o Cover-up by various divisions of the U. with additional information that would have been used to promote national interests. Department of Justice when I.

2001. 459 U.S.2d 1070 (9th Cir. McDonnell Douglas Corporation and United States of America. violations of federal air safety laws. Documented complicity of federal judges: • Felony cover-ups and obstruction of justice by large numbers of federal judges to block the reporting of these criminal and subversive activities. and taking corrective actions. District of Columbia. and attempted to report deadly misconduct in key government aviation safety offices that caused or enabled numerous major aviation disasters to occur. DC (1-02CV01172). threats against government inspectors not to report safety violations and misconduct). This documented misconduct includes. § 4). documented. federal judges blocked the reports. denied. 685 F. would be another aspect of the 911 tragedies. • The complicity by those who knew of these crimes. denied. et al. Central District California. U. Nos. • Why. Amicus curiae brief filed on July 17.C.. seeking to report the corruption in the government aviation safety offices (and in other offices that I and a group of other former and present government agents had discovered).)(table). United States. for instance: o Repeated refusal by federal judges to receive evidence of criminal and subversive activities from present and former government agents. district court.) (table).C.)(addressing the long standing FAA misconduct.78 • Among the most recent aviation disasters made possible by this documented misconduct were the hijackings of four airliners by 19 hijackers on September 11.Similar FBI Culture in New York Area 315 As it relates to decades of aviation disasters—including 9/11: • As a federal aviation safety agent I discovered. the need for FAA management to order the simple and inexpensive preventative measures that would halt the decades of fatal hijackings. which U. cert. the authority and responsibility to act on these (and many other crash-related) aviation tragedies occurred opens the window on understanding. ob78 These fraud-related aviation disasters are detailed in my documentary book. Washington.S. MDL 172. The federal crimes which we initially sought to expose related to aviation disasters. making possible repeated crashes from the same sequestered problems). 1975.S. 434 U. under the federal crime reporting statute (18 U.S. and either did nothing or who actively covered up. and eventually. National Transportation Safety Board. 554 F.2d 446 (9th Cir. 86-2523. I and other federal aviation safety agents had reported.80 In every instance. 80 Federal filing in the U. cert. Stich v. the misconduct that enabled 19 hijackers to seize four airliners on 9-11.S. § 1361. Flanagan v. 920 (1977)(addressed hard-core air safety misconduct. . 861 (1982))(addressed repeated criminal falsification of official airline accident reports. and other actions filed by Stich seeking to expose and correct the powerful and covert air disaster misconduct. 872214. Civil Action 74-808-PH. and how. years earlier. v. 79 Initial attempts to report criminal activities included the following lawsuits: Stich v. omitting highly sensitive air safety misconduct. of which the coverup of the DC-10 cargo door problem was one of repeated instances of tragedy related misconduct). o My attempts to comply with this important crime reporting statute commenced in the late 1970s79 and continues to the present time. Unfriendly Skies. on the corruption in government that continues to spread like a cancer. in the Paris DC-10 multi-district litigation. Department of Justice.S.

Their obstruction of justice—as in prior judicial obstruction of justice—will enable the continuation of fraud-related tragedies upon the United States and its people. Edwards. unconstitutional. blocking present and former federal agents from reporting criminal and subversive activities. and Garland) rendered an order filed March 26. including those that enabled 19 hijackers to seize four airliners on 9-11.000 deaths on September 11. federal judges issued a series of orders permanently barring me access to the federal district and appellate courts. These unlawful. 81 The judicial orders. If not blocked.S. These include. this retaliation violated other criminal statutes. Sentelle. Following my appeal (02-5240) of that unlawful dismissal. Repeated refusal to receive evidence of other criminal activities implicating people acting in government positions. for instance. Title .. Henderson.82 o o o was sua sponte dismissed by judge Henry H. including chief judge Michael Murasey. and for the resulting harm America and its people to continue. federal judges blocked a similar filing submitted to the U. district court for the Southern District of New York that was submitted on August 8. Tatel. including those that made the events of 9-11 possible. (These other criminal activities are detailed in the books that I have written in collaboration with a group of other former and present government agents). and judicial and Justice Department retaliation. the evidence would have enabled actions to be taken that would have blocked the actions of 19 hijackers on September 11. 2003. Repeatedly charged me with criminal contempt of court for attempting to report criminal and subversive activities. to continue. 2001. and the order permanently depriving a former federal agent of his civil and constitutional rights guaranteed by the laws and Constitution of the United States. for instance. upholding the district court’s blocking of the reports of federal crimes related to 9-11. In addition to the obstruction of justice crimes. Vol.C.S. along with the filing fees and all required papers. district of Columbia judges (Ginsburg. and many other offenses against national interests and national security. These judicial acts are felonies. but not rejected. 2001. § 4). Rogers. district judge Stanley Sporkin rendered an unlawful and unconstitutional order permanently barring me access to the federal courts. and felonious81 orders permanently barring me access to federal courts also show the willingness of federal judges to not only obstruct justice but also to subvert the laws and constitution of the United States relating to civil rights. legal schemes were initiated to corruptly strip me of the $10 million in real estate assets that funded my public-spirited exposure activities. Randolph. Kennedy immediately after filing on the basis that in 1991 U. Two structing justice. 82 Felonies arising from retaliating against a former federal agent and witness for seeking to report criminal and subversive activities are based upon. Seeking to block these reports of criminal and subversive activities. 2002. showed the filing was blocked. In addition. Simultaneously. Letters to the court. That action sought to report criminal and subversive activities to a federal court under the federal crime reporting statute (18 U. drug smuggling into the United States by people acting in government positions and the cover-ups and obstruction of justice by others who knew of these federal crimes.316 Defrauding America. Sporkin blocked my attempt to report these federal crimes. By these unlawful acts—and many not stated here—these judges are covering up for people involved in criminal and subversive activities. making possible the continuation of the conduct resulting in the 3. enabled major criminal activities to go unreported.S.

Assaulting. the events of 9-11 to occur. or threatens another person. Southern District of New York.C.S. or attempts to do so. The continuation of these criminal activities was made possible by the cover-ups (obstruction of justice) by members of the House and Senate. or (2) forcibly assaults or intimidates any person who formerly served as a person designated in section 1114 on account of the performance of official duties during such person’s term of service. (a) Whoever knowingly engages in any conduct and thereby causes bodily injury to another person or damages the tangible property of another person. or (2) any information relating to the commission or possible commission of a Federal offense . This filing was accompanied with the filing fee and all required documents.C. opposes.. victim. document.. or an informant. combined with public indifference and cowardly state of denial. and the aiding and abetting by appellate judges in the District of Columbia. (a) In general.–Whoever– (1) forcibly assaults. the guilty are being protected against prosecution. or imprisoned . and in all other cases.S. § 111. or both. Tampering with a witness. Their complicity insures continued cover-ups and continued obstruction of justice. 18 U. intimidates.S. or interferes with any person designated in section 114 of this title [federal agent] while engaged in or on account of the performance of official duties. the guilty will remain unpunished and the tragedies made possible by the corruption will continue as before. or impeding certain officers or employees. the primary blame for the events of 9-11 are being withheld from the people. or other object produced by a witness in an official proceeding. [1988 amended reading] Title 18 U. be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years. • Refusal of judges in the district and appellate courts in Washington. . with intent to ── (1) influence... Retaliating against a witness. shall. and which. This relates to the federal filing seeking to report the criminal and subversive activities. or both. the sua sponte dismissal. which concurrently blocked the reporting by former federal agents of criminal and subversive activities.. By this judicial obstruction of justice. be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year. § 1513. resists. remain in place. for instance. or both. or an informant──(b) Whoever knowingly uses intimidation or physical force.000 people. • There is much more information on corruption in government offices that I and my group of other former government and present government agents discovered. or threatens to do so. district court. or any testimony given or any record. or engages in misleading conduct toward another person. § 1512. including those primarily responsible for the conditions that enabled 19 hijackers to seize four airliners and kill 3.. With the continued cover-ups by the broadcast and print media that keeps the public uninformed. as in prior judicial obstruction of justice. and the conditions enabling the events of 9-11. DC to receive information from government insiders of criminal activities that enabled. and sought to report criminal activities that I and other former government agents had discovered as part of our official duties. and many prior tragedies. enabled the federal crimes to continue that resulted in prior tragedies. delay or prevent the testimony of any person in an official proceeding: shall be fined . with intent to retaliate against any person for──(1) the attendance of a witness or party at an official proceeding.C. where the acts in violation of this section constitute only simply assault. Title 18 U.Similar FBI Culture in New York Area 317 Most recent judicial obstruction of justice includes: • Federal judges refusal to file papers submitted to the U.S. resisting. impedes. victim.

In a letter (July 1. Vol.318 Defrauding America.S.” The problem with that letter was that I had given the committee none of the details or evidence and simply made reference to having contact with a former member of the Mafia families in New York who provided me details of the FBI misconduct—an area that the committee had not investigated. Representative Henry Waxman. While he was held in the in the Manhattan Correctional Center . Terrorism Against America. from my home state of California. despite the gravity of the charges and the continuing consequences if the matters were not openly addressed. That section in my letter stated: For your information. airlines. However. I added information that should have received their immediate attention and request for information from me. and then to Pakistani. 2001. Jr. and he was then extradited to the United States. Another Issue Related to Scarpa and National Security As a result of the incarceration of Gregory Scarpa. he found himself in prison with Ramzi Yousef. 2003) requesting a copy of the opening remarks by the committee the day that William Bulger testified. who was the key mastermind behind the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center. first to the Philippines where he planned the bombings of the 11 U.” No interest was shown in receiving my information. Pakistan police arrested him in February 1995. as did all the other members. I will keep your letter on file and contact you should additional information be needed. He has provided me with information showing similar activities between FBI agents and organized crime in the New York City area. Yousef fled. Waxman’s response (July 14. 2004): “Thank you for your correspondence regarding the House Government Reform Committee’s recent hearings on the Department of Justice’s use of informants. also covered up. Rodney Stich Chairman Tom Davis said in a subsequent letter: “I am in receipt of your materials regarding FBI misconduct in New York City and circumstances surrounding September 11. the name of the former Mafia member who told me details of the FBI relationship with murderers. The Committee is currently bringing its investigation into the misconduct in the use of FBI informants to a close. among the many sources that I have acquired over the years since becoming an activist.. After the 1993 WTC bombing. particularly as it relates to FBI agents revealing the identities of government informants to organized crime figures. I include some of this continuing influx of information in my latest book. is a former member of the Colombo crime family. Two Sincerely. Thank you for contacting me. No response. followed by the murder of these revealed informants.

Government installation and wants the details prior to the event taking place. Scarpa then provided the following information: Firstly. which was obtained verbally and subsequently written down by Scarpa.S. Scarpa eventually obtained copies of these reports. Blowback. which did subsequently occur. Scarpa stated that he will receive the details on the planned events before they happen because Yousef wants Scarpa to “do something” to a U. The note conveyed that Scarpa was getting a telephone number for a company called ROMA to give to Yousef for overseas calls. and a few of the highlights are shown here. Scarpa advised that the note was a second written copy of a note delivered by Scarpa to Yousef. who then prepared FBI 302 reports on what they were told by Scarpa. Highlights of these FBI 302 reports.” . When questioned regarding the incident to take place within the next two to three weeks and the incident associated with the Olympics. The terms of the interview related only to matters of terrorism and were defined at the beginning of the meeting. New York. and Cover-ups. Scarpa stated that Yousef knows this information would be useful because Scarpa’s people only know how to “burn things” and “shoot people. Jr. The note also contained Yousef’s response. was interviewed at Manhattan Correctional Center (MCC) at 159 Park Row.S. An individual. possibly Bojenka. Scarpa stated he believes these are two separate events and both will involved U. Scarpa stated that his people on the outside were also interested in terrorist actaivities. he met where Scarpa. New York. Scarpa transferred a hand-written note to SA XXXXXXX. This person may already be in the United States. To gain Yousef’s confidence. is coming from England to Atlanta to check security measures at the Olympics.S. Yousef responded asking for the telephone number and questioning how he could use the fax. was also being held. which he provided to me. airliners and flying them into buildings. Scarpa was advised o the identity of the interviewing Agent and the nature of the interview. He believes that the first event may take place within the next week or two as approximately one week has already elapsed. One of the FBI 302 forms stated in part: Gregory Scarpa. and described the planned hijackings of U. Scarpa expects to obtain the information regarding secreting bombs on airliners whether Yousef goes through with his plans or not. Scarpa passed this information to FBI agents. described impending bombings in Africa. airliners. pending trial. Scarpa also wrote that a fax number would be available to Yousef. describing how bombs could be smuggled on board airliners. Yousef revealed numerous terrorist secrets. 9/11. are shown in my book.Similar FBI Culture in New York Area 319 (MCC) in New York. Scarpa did not know through what channels Yousef will receive the information.

Jr. declaration filed by Edwards. 2002) by attorney Flora Edwards. the attorney wrote: Apparently. I again relayed this information to my attorney who in turn contacted the office of the US Attorney. Immediately thereafter. I was remanded to the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York City where I was housed on the same tier as Ramsey Yousef and others who were awaiting trial for the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center and other terrorist activities. Larry Silverman. [This did happen. I continued to talk with Yousef and ultimately provided the FBI with photographs of diagrams of plans to make bombs and notes on the planned murder of Garcia. In my attorney’s presence I offered to arrange a meeting between undercover FBI agents and Yousef’s operatives who were on the street. In addition I was able to provide the FBI with detailed information regarding the methods the terrorists used to smuggle weapons and explosives past airport security. then contacted the US Attorney. who he said was a prosecutor on his trial and he also asked me to arrange the murder of FBI Agent Williams. my offer was rejected because they told me that the Bureau would not authorize the $2.. Yousef was discussing plans to make an airplane explode. Eventually Yousef started talking about killing an Assistant US Attorney Garcia. Vol. Scarpa’s relationship with the FBI cooled. However. They did not appear very interested and simply told me that they would let me know. I told them about Yousef’s plans to plant bombs in airplanes.S. Two A May 20. an Assistant US Attorney Fitzgerald and other FBI agents from the FBI anti-terrorism task force in Washington. Agent Leadbetter. Embassy in Qatar. 1996. or another one in another country if it is easier. Shortly thereafter I was brought to a meeting attended by AUSA Valerie Caproni. His . who I believe.500 payment to the terrorists that would have proved the conspiracy.320 Defrauding America.] Declaration Provided in Another Criminal Trial A declaration by Gregory Scarpa. I became concerned … so I contacted my attorney. In that March 30.C. I offered to submit to a polygraph and even consented to have a bug placed in my cell. made reference to Scarpa’s efforts to elicit information about terrorist activities from Yousef: Following my indictment in 1995. presented in a New York criminal trial (March 30. FBI 302 form stated: Yousef also suggested [via coded message to his source outside the prison] to attack the U. For a year I continued at great personal risk to provide information regarding planned terrorist activities including the bombing of a US military barracks in Saudi Arabia. D. I met with the FBI and was provided with a miniature camera. 2002.

which Yousef said would happen. Sole Media Publicity Hoorelbeke’s charges eventually caught the attention of syndicated columnist Jack Anderson. The Government characterized the information he provided as a “scam.S. Van had also been involved in criminal activities. with considerable evidence of a missile. did occur. But when he started reporting criminal activities involving government personnel. the government released a sealed Affidavit sworn to by AUSA Patrick Fitzgerald dated June 28. Gregory’s attempts to have the FBI act on this evidence were without success. and then became a government informant. 1981) was titled “U. Justice Department prosecutors then filed false charges against him and he ended up in federal prison at Florence. TWA Flight 800 was downed on July 17. 2001. who produced a series of articles appearing in national newspapers. who is now in private law practice in Los Angeles. 1996.” … In August 2000. After Scarpa was confined to the federal prison at Florence. Colorado. They have been accused of delaying or failing to pursue grand jury action against underworld figures in California and Hawaii. Investigates Its Own Troops In Crime War:” Current and former members of the federal strike force in Los Angeles against organized crime are themselves under investigation by the Justice Department. Colorado. Hoorelbeke had earlier provided me with information about corruption in another division of the Department of Justice and the retaliation he suffered when he sought to report these criminal activities. My associate Indy Badhwar has learned that the targets of the investigation are the current strike force chief. And four airliners were hijacked on September 11. Colorado . he became friends with Gerald Van Hoorelbeke. Terrorist Attacks That Were Forewarned—and Ignored The bombings in Africa. stating that a follow-up investigation corroborated the information which Scarpa had provided regarding the terrorists. during the pendency of Scarpa’s appeal. and his predecessor. 1999. Richard Crane. providing information to Justice Department personnel on criminal activities that he discovered. a month after Yousef warned of similar attacks. One such article (August 6. 2001. His information caused the conviction of numerous people engaging in criminal activities. Jim Henderson. The investigation by the Justice Department’s Office of Professional Responsibility was begun under pressure from Federal Penetentiary at Florence. with whom I had been in contact. Given the events of September 11. it appears that the Government made no effort to follow up on the information and has still to acknowledge Scarpa’s efforts to forestall a national disaster.Similar FBI Culture in New York Area 321 warnings went unheeded and his efforts were certainly unrewarded.

Vol. As I reported yesterday. titled. the feds put him in deadly jeopardy. a Justice Department special prosecutor. It took congressional pressure to get the Justice Department to investigate the charges after years of delay. Van. a special investigator for the House committee has interviewed organized-crime figures and state and local law enforcers in California and elsewhere. has been cooperating with state and federal authorities since 1979. however. Attorney Paul Corradini. “Government Put Informer In Jeopardy. best organized and most profitable arson ring in the country. Charles B. This is also the opinion of Assistant U.322 Defrauding America.Y.” stated: When Van started to “sing” to a congressional committee about alleged misconduct within the Justice Department. has been Jerry Van. Van’s charges against the federal organized-crime strike force in Los Angeles led Rangel to ask Smith to investigate allegations of official corruption and dereliction of duty relating to narcotics enforcement in the Southwest …. In January 1980. Van “gave full and complete information to the federal grand jury. has led to almost a dozen indictments and convictions for such crimes as murder. he is in the witness protection program while in prison. Federal and local lawmen describe Van as one of the most valuable and credible witnesses against organized crime figures in more than a decade. a self-described muscleman for California’s top racketeers and arsonists. Schloss told the judge. “A very large percentage of that in- . as well as his testimony before grand juries and in criminal trials. Information he has given investigators. Because of threats on his life. The House committee’s special investigator told my associate Indy Badhwar that he believes that Van was given a bad deal. who acknowledged the valuable help Van provided in breaking up the biggest. Van received a punitive prison sentence after promises were made to intercede for him in return for his cooperation. mail fraud and white slavery. where he could have been easy prey for the mobsters he had helped to send up. adding. testified that Van had been cooperating in federal investigations of arson.S. Rangel (D-N.” Van feels that he was betrayed by authorities who didn’t like his charges against their strike force colleagues. Over the past year.) chairman of the House Select Committee on Narcotics Abuse and Control. arson for profit. several federal agents testified in Van’s behalf at his pre-sentence hearing. mail fraud and drug smuggling. Another Jack Anderson article in the Washington Post. now serving a prison term on extortion and assault charges. His principal informant. Two Rep. He was abruptly withdrawn from the Justice Department’s witness protection program and turned loose among the general prison population. Dennis Schloss.

1983) to U. [Dick Crane](6)(7)(C) [two lines blacked out in letter]. they are rarely touched because the current chief. as well as allegations involving Eddie Nash. Jim Henderson. Michael E. he is the ████████ for the Alladin Hotel Casino and ████████ the Barbary Casino. This information was given to us by Jerry Vann. After receiving these allegations. replied with the standard and meaningless “we have initiated an inquiry into Mr. Jim Henderson. In addition to these allegations.Similar FBI Culture in New York Area 323 formation has been corroborated by independent investigative means. Van’s allegations are directed specifically against the Los Angeles strike force. When Crane’s clients had problems with the Los Angeles strike force [according to Van]. head of the Office of Professional Responsibility.” Through the Freedom Of Information Act. Crane. Vann’s allegations are directed specifically against the Los Angeles Crime Strike Force. When ███████ clients have problems with the Los Angeles Strike Force. resigned his position and went into private practice. there were no indictments in the Nash case until 1983. chairman of the Select Committee On Narcotics Abuse and Control.” These articles caused Congressman Charles Rangel. Van was able to get a copy of another letter Rangel wrote (November 15. Vann described DEA “hand-to-hand” buys involving one ████████ in a case . James Henderson] and its [former head. Van surmised the indictments only occurred when the strike force realized the House select committee was looking into the matter. Van’s allegations.” Rangel urged the Justice Department to “undertake a vigorous investigation” of the charges. its [head. a convicted felon who was Van’s boss. its former chief. to write a letter to Attorney General William French Smith. supervisor of the strike force in Los Angeles for 13 years.” Rangel added: “Mr. Mr. a California prisoner in the United States witness protection program. The copy which Jerry Van received was heavily censored with many of the names blacked out: This Committee recently received information concerning allegations of official corruption and dereliction of duty related to Narcotics enforcement in the southwest area of the United States. this Committee conducted a preliminary investigation to look into these allegations on behalf of the Select Committee. According to Mr. Vann. Though the allegations were first made in 1979-80. is a friend and former subordinate of Crane. Richard Crane. and its current leader. Attorney General French Smith. Mr. stating that Van provided information “concerning allegations of official corruption and dereliction of duty relating to narcotics enforcement in the southwest area of the United States. they are rarely touched because ███████ is a friend and ███████. Shaheen. ████████ clients are organized crime figures. to determine if there was any substance to them. “Mr.S.

particularly what conditions have changed that would diminish the need for Mr. He would rail against what he saw as legal loopholes that let crooks pick the public’s pockets. attorney’s office [In Los Angeles. to the extent possible. While I do not want to draw conclusions from this act.S. Discussions with dozens of other people and an examination of documents indicate that authorities are looking into whether Mr. with no indictment until 1983. Vann surmised the indictments only occurred when the Strike Force realized the House Select Committee was looking into the matter. Mr. shortly after Mr. he once said. Pitt abused his broad powers as a federal prosecutor to enrich himself or protect certain people who were helping him do investigations. Sincerely. I have every confidence that the Justice Department will obviate the need to do so. I bring this matter to your attention and strongly urge you to undertake a vigorous investigation. the results of your inquiry. Finally. Mr. however. he was transferred from protective custody into the general prison population. attorney and put under investigation by a federal grand jury and the Justice Department’s internal-affairs office. it raises certain questions. Rangel Chairman Wall Street Journal Article Identified the Task Force Misconduct A Wall Street Journal article (October 20.” Now. Two as far back as 1979-1980. Vol. Charles B. In July of last year. he was quietly suspended from his post as an assistant U. Vann to be under witness protection. The article stated: As a federal prosecutor in the U. Stock fraud. there are indications that in his journey through the world of swindlers. Vann made these allegations.S.324 Defrauding America. While it is not my intention to interfere with or involve this Committee with investigation allegations of misconduct by Federal officials. 1990) listed some of the same people that Gerry Van had identified with the Los Angeles strike force. . Drew Pitt] immersed himself in the labyrinthine world of big-time securities fraud and the smooth-talking con men who populate it.” The con men lit and passed around the overvalued shares until a victim gets burned. I again urge you to inquire into this matter and share with me. Pitt may have ended up in league with some of them. and the resulting inquiry on the part of this Committee. was like a “burning match.

He encountered judges who accepted blatantly false testimony as the truth. Making these crimes even worse. protecting their relationship with prosecutors and judges. as I and countless other former government personnel. hoping someone would hurt me once the word spread. Mr. Hopeless Situation Facing Anyone Targeted by the System Van discovered.” cleared the Strike Force from any wrongdoing— which is not uncommon for that agency to clear their own. If it wasn’t for Rep. Mr. He wrote: “Just before I was sentenced my lawyer looked at me and said. while still an active prosecutor. There is growing evidence of widespread fraud in the sale of small-company stocks ranging from putting out false financial statements to bribing brokers to peddle shares to customers. have been investigating this. Van is enduring the 25-year prison sentence inflicted upon him in retaliation for exposing corrupt officials in the corrupt system. “Office of Professional Responsibility. the nearly hopeless situation of anyone exposing corruption in the “system. to provide false testimony. to make a long story short. Pitt and his wife gained control of a publicly held company. In 1994. And jurors who believed everything the prosecutor and prosecutor’s witnesses stated while refusing to accept any of Gerry Van’s defenses. Charles Rangle’s quick response to the Attorney General. Mr. who were compensated. It destroys the lives of thousands of people and .’” Today. and brokers. In his work. the federal government lap-dog agency. I could have very well been murdered and written off as just another prison murder that would have been written off as unrelated to Rangle’s inquiry into Los Angeles Strike Force corruption. Anyway. Pitt was in a position to plug into the network of suspect stock deals.S. and then had government witnesses. promoters. Typical Sabotage by His Own Lawyer Van discovered another common problem: sabotage of his defenses by his own lawyer. In one of his letters to me.” He was falsely charged with seeking to purchase cocaine. according to SEC filings by the company and people familiar with his work. At least four federal grand juries around the U. Through it. The key question for the Justice Department is what role if any he took in that network beyond his authorized investigative one.Similar FBI Culture in New York Area 325 Stock-Promoter Network The stakes go beyond the fate of a single prosecutor. Pitt did business with people he had been investigating. ‘I’ll bet you will never tell on another AUSA again. this system wide corruption extends throughout government. Van explained one of the tactaics used by Justice Department personnel to retaliate against him: Because I exposed the Strike Force corruption I was taken off the program and cast in the middle of a prison compound where the feds put a snitch jacket on me.

has to offer the citizens of America. Attorney General John Ashcroft. pages 3. how he tried to make this information known to the FBI. I also had the opportunity to discuss this case file with the person it involved (Ramsey Yousef). about the bombings that were to take place before they happened. Vol.I. and started exchanging information. and their indifference.B. Van attempted to report these terrorist plans by writing letters to FBI Director Louis Freeh. Colorado Van and Scarpa were both assigned to the federal penitentiary at Florence.I’s 302 forms that consist of Scarpa’s statement to the F.) I am the only inmate that had access to Ramsey Yousef on a daily basis. None responded.I. because I believe it is of national concern.B. Georgia being bombed. whereas.B.’s branch of the Federal government involved the World Trade Center terrorists. Colorado. and others. and not wait until something terrible happens before you act. I am writing to you like this. I still believe this matter deserves your immediate attention. Several weeks before the explosions.B. Scarpa’s cooperation with the F. and with all the resources the F.” I forward this sensitive information to you. the threat appears to attack the very soul of our nation. because I think the B. [Bureau of Prisons] would botch this investigation.S. letter to FBI Director Freeh stated: I had the rare opportunity of inspecting the above FBI 302 forms that were furnished to me by informant Gregory Scarpa who worked this case for the FBI. including the events of 9/11 and the political lying used to justify invading Iraq. Two families. Scarpa warned the F. His February 15. 2001.P.I. Scarpa and Van Exchange Information at Florence. and Van induced Scarpa to contact me.. and about the Olympic games in Atlanta.I. U. . on 5/6/96 about Yousef’s knowledge of a plane bombing. After hearing the details of Scarpa’s contact with the terrorist. if any. I learned details of how Gregory discovered terrorist plans to hijack airliners and fly them into buildings in the United States. And in view of our personal difficulties. Scarpa warned the F. members of Congress.O. Through Hoorelbeke and Gregary. After I showed him the file. soon Bin Laden will use your own planes as bombs to take down the World Trade Center. to the point where I question sending you this information.326 Defrauding America. (See F. President George Bush’s office.I. I trust you will follow these allegations up with great interest. and after many conversations. the attached 302 forms disturbed me. he uttered in disgust: “This don’t mean shit.B. and their children’s future. It affects all aspects of government activities. 9. I had been in contact with Van prior to this time. Nevertheless I can only hope you do the right thing. Attempting to Report Terrorist Plans—Prior to 9/11 Van had also been in contact with Yousef.B.

Former FBI Agent Provided Additional Information on Terrorist Activities. not even an acknowledgement of receipt. He was obviously a key al Qaeda insider. as did Justice Department officials in Washington. duplicated what I had encountered for the prior 35 years The Same National Culture That Enabled September 11 to Occur Yousef was the mastermind of the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center. He was the mastermind planning to bomb eleven airliners. media personnel.” Their encounters with cover-ups. sent copies of these letters to such media sources as 60-Minutes. Richard Taus. we received NO response from the 9/11 Commission to our submission. Charles Swan. whom I write about in other pages and in other books. the Executive Director of The Justice Lobby.S. Having been in the U. Along with FBI Obstructions One of my sources for many years was a former FBI agent in New York. and outright criminality. The “Butterfly Effect” of these Matters Upon National Tragedies An understanding of what I and other insiders discovered over the years. Chairman of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States. that made possible decades of brutal consequences for many people and for the United Stataes. it is obvious to me that the culture responsible for that easily preventable catastrophe is even worse today that it was then. Navy when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. and received no response. Dresch replied: “In answer to your question. and tragedies.Similar FBI Culture in New York Area Gerald Van Hoorelbeke 327 Others Tried to Provide Warnings After discovering Hoorelbeke’s letters. a highly decorated Vietnam helicopter pilot. shows a multitude of what can be called “butterfly effects” of the various forms of misconduct and cover-ups that led to horrendous personal consequences and terrible national tragedies. His attempts to report corruption in government offices. My files are filled with records of such cover-ups. In answer to my request about the response from the 9/11 Commission. indifference. and everyone else who were made aware of these matters. the 9/11 commission. Director Stephen Dresch of Forensic Intelligence International also sent letters. FBI personnel ignored this insider information elicited by Gregory Scarper and Hoorelbeke. including one to Thomas Kean. which I write about in my various books. Despite all this. members of Congress. The “butterfly effect” is described as the “cumulative large effect that a relatively small force may produce over a period of time. including CIA drug smuggling with .” It is so-called based upon the notion that the fluttering of a butterfly’s wings may set off currents that will grow into a large storm. indifference. others tried to help.

spoke directly to the FBI New York Field Office on everything and requested FBINYO to interview the Pakistani and me. he often mentioned that we Americans do not know the depths of hatred and ill feelings toward us by Middle Easterners. New York. His story about his acquaintance with Atta indicated he was very friendly with Atta. Two organized crime in the New York area. resulted in false charges made against him by federal and then state prosecutors in New York. prior to the 9-11 disaster. such as NYPD Captain Rudy Blaum. Prior to 9-11. I said I would contact my law enforcement friends on the outside. Vol. since NYS DOCS was unsure about how to handle the information. He knew Atta and asked him why he was so dressed and Atta replied that he owned a flight school operation in Florida. Taus was sentenced to prison and incarcerated at the state prison in Danemora. Mohamed Atta. he knew that attacks were being planned and he was stunned when 9-11 occurred. within a week. Repeatedly. They were arrogant. He was indeed expecting something to happen. (That I deeply resented since I served this nation in war and peace with honor and courage. saying to me. uninterested and ill prepared for the interview. and while there. though he said there would be terrorist attacks. It was not until after the first national alert of another pending attack [weeks later] that two “county-club” agents finally interviewed me. In one of Taus’ letters to me he wrote: Farooq said that in 1996 he met Mohamed Atta at JFK International Airport dressed in an airline captain’s uniform. My friends. probably in late September or early October 2001. he was in contact with a former Pakistani air force captain who knew one of the terrorists involved in the 9/11 hijackings. the Pakistani said they were incompetent! They knew nothing about terrorist or foreign counterintelligence work! [FBI Incompetence Halted Key Information On Terrorist Plans] He then refused to give them any further information. the CIA agent that handles the Pakistani came here and . especially after they tried to disparage me.328 Defrauding America. working for the CIA. I found the Pakistani to be more honorably and respectful of me than the incompetent FBI agents who knew of my military and FBI service!) [CIA Handler Warned Him Not To Disclose Knowledge] Later. he approached me to contact trusted FBI agents to give his story. In fact. but it was not until the 9-11 tragedy that he finally spoke about some of his knowledge. In short. when they later interviewed the Pakistani. I immediately notified prison officials as to the value of this information and they were cooperative. He felt it could and should have been prevented. that it was Mohamed Atta and his associates that did the awful deed.

he told me about their implied threats to him. and disinterested in doing its most important investigations. (I could easily get into the many other minor cases that the FBI pursues. the Pakistani decided to wait until something positive happened with his own criminal appeal. With no response from FBI Headquarters. the Pakistani again shared some information. I feel the reason is that CIA is claiming a working relationship with him. Isn’t it the same government that supplied both sides in the IranianIraqi War with weapons! Now it is all coming back to haunt U. probably in October or November 2001.Similar FBI Culture in New York Area 329 warned him not to say anything to anyone. Again. the Pakistani asked me to arrange an interview with her.S. And the FBI’s failure to address the information from the Pakistani and me. After the second national alert. Herein is the FBI complacency. Again in confidence. that the FBI was not paying any attention to their investigative duties and responsibilities. a sort of “gentlemen’s agreement” on using informants. if not complicity in these terrible events. which was exactly what I was told to do by prison officials here. as long ago as 1986(!).S. but I will bite my tongue for now. psychopaths and evil men. I advised prison officials who let me proceed. From my experience. Even FBI Director Mueller commented on the shambles of archaic and assorted computer equipment that the Bureau is still using. the FBI has been set up to be ineffective in doing its FCI and counter-terrorism tasks. under-trained. When the U. Finally. biological and chemical) capacity. intelligence. we can expect the worse. I explained to Rowley that she should call the Superintendent and fax them reasons why she wanted to interview the Pakistani. There is no doubt that his revelations would also confirm the information I had told the FBI about. She was complaining about the non-responsiveness of the FBI. and thereby preventing the FBI from interviewing him. mailing her information and phoning her. Blocking Report on Terrorist Activities from Atta’s Friend Taus described how he had sent Rowley a 40-page report describing what the Pakistani was willing to tell her or any other FBI agent. . just as CIA-trained Osama bin-Laden has done. in a timely fashion and with proper resources (interviewers) proves this real conspiracy against all Americans who rely upon their law enforcement efforts. As I often said the FBI is deliberately ill equipped. whether former CIA agent or source. when FBI SA Rowley spoke out. asking me to see if the FBI would do anything. The United States government is more concerned about who gave the Iraqi the NBC (nuclear. and here she was non-responsive to some of the most valuable information about the 9/11 hijackers and their terrorist organization. government engages and works with criminals. The Pakistani says he has not heard from Rowley.

told him to “clam-up. (2) unlawful funding and arming of Iraq by the Regan-Bush administrations.330 Defrauding America. “I believe he has been truthful and that he knows much more. Taus wrote. Vol. I told him that if the CIA were going to do anything to help him. FBI SAs Steven Weisknopf and Thomas Longerhan were not interested in hearing our stories. Two [Fearful to reveal terrorist plans because of CIA threats.] In another letter. No competent intelligence entity would ignore such a source and such information.” otherwise the CIA would not help him with his appeal. the CIA let him go through the trial. Department of Agriculture loan guarantee program. He was a key source. but is fearful of CIA reprisals. They conducted the interviews only because there was another national alert and the FBI already had egg-on-its-face from the 9-11 WTC tragedy.S. and an intelligence officer in Pakistan. including the FBI’s involvement in numerous murders and assassinations. separately. or (4) other unknowns. among other corruption in key government offices. [Rowley was the FBI whistleblower that was given widespread media attention for sending a letter to the media complaining about FBI inaction—something known for decades. in the past. although he possesses sensitive information on the terrorist investigations. He could have been a gold mine of information for preventing further terrorist activities. have been interviewed by FBI agents from the Plattsburgh Resident Agency Office of the FBI. FBI Indifference To Information From Atta’s Close Friend Taus wrote in an earlier letter: He and I. Taus wrote (August 23. and only her. Refusal to obtain the Pakistani’s information could be due to (1) danger of focusing attention on how the FBI silenced Taus when Taus was exposing CIA drug smuggling. Former FBI Agent Describing FBI Director’s Dubious Past Former FBI Special Agent Richard Taus described the role played by FBI Director Mueller in protecting the Winter Hill organized crime activities in Boston.” Taus included details about what he had earlier discovered about terrorist activities while head of an FBI investigative group. about his discovery of the funding and arming of Iraq through the U. after the abortive interviews and lack of any relief for him from the CIA or anyone else. he said he would speak to FBI SA Coleen Rowley. a friend of Atta. For whatever reason. he would have already been out on bail. Finally. (3) incompetence. and the CIA-drug smuggling.] I should also note that prison authorities have been very cooperative with me since this information effects Homeland Security. Farooq was also interviewed by a CIA agent here who. a former Pakistani pilot. Speculation As To Refusal To Obtain Terrorist Information I can only speculate as to the reasons the FBI did not contact the Pakistani for his information. 2002): .

He’s implicated in the Boston FBI cover-up and trial of former FBI agent John Connolly back in May-June 2002.” . In [the New York U. Lindley DeVecchio who covered for Mafia Capo Gregory Scarpa. the Manhattan District Attorney felt the same kind of frustration with main Justice that Agent Rowley now feels about FBI headquarters. Mueller also refused to respond to the certified letters that I sent to him in that San Francisco position. attorney’s] attempts to prosecute the case.Similar FBI Culture in New York Area 331 Getting back to FBI Director Mueller. and the certified letters that I sent to him after the success of 19 hijackers on that date. the Boston police department stated that the FBI has for more than 30 years protected the mobsters and stymied their (BPD) investigations. we raised questions about his handling of the BCCI scandal while he was head of the Criminal Division in the early 1990s. The Boston FBI case is similar to my case with the Supervising FBI SA R. Mueller was the acting US Attorney in Boston when the FBI continued its cover-ups of Mafia and other mobsters. Muller Covering Up For Criminal and Subversive Activities Detailed In Defrauding America Mueller also covered up for the criminal activities that I brought to the attention of FBI agents in the San Francisco office while Mueller was in charge of that office. most notably Whitey Bugler. we wrote. Lindley DeVecchio. Mueller Cover-Up In BCCI Scandal A Wall Street Journal editorial (May 31. put the Bureau “in the hands of someone who will turn over no rocks and rock no boats. His appointment. 2002) stated of Mueller: Prior to his appointment [to FBI director]. The Boston FBI case is similar to my case with Supervisory FBI SA R. after he became director of the FBI prior to September 11.S. 2001. Because of former acting US attorney Mueller involvement.

332 Defrauding America. Two . Vol.

especially during the Denver air safety grievance hearing. It was the legal fraternity within the FAA and NTSB that covered up for the air safety and criminal acts that other federal inspectors and I found at United Airlines and within the FAA. He was a former lawyer with T . Justice Department lawyers enlarged upon these cover-ups and obstruction of justice.E. they proceeded to repeatedly charge me with criminal contempt of court from 1987 to the present date in retaliation for reporting the government-related criminal activities. I wrote of this in the first two printings of Unfriendly Skies—an Aviation Watergate in 1978 and 1980. using state judges and lawyers in the process. J. This group consisted of the CIA-related law firm of Friedman. And when these activities failed to stop me. Report Government Crimes. or was grossly incompetent. He either sabotaged my exposure efforts from the very start. Sabotage of my exposure activities in the air safety field began with lawyers in the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board. Several lawyers expressed shock at what I told them. Sloan and Ross. For the past thirty years Justice Department lawyers have blocked every attempt to report the crimes revealed in these pages. federal judges and Justice Department personnel. but never did. and greatly enlarged upon that in the 1990 Unfriendly Skies. This revised Defrauding America expands upon the sordid and criminal nature of this legal fraternity group.CHAPTER THIRTEEN Complicity by Legal Fraternity he common denominator in the entire sordid mess was the legal and judicial fraternities. the legal fraternity in and out of government proceeded to destroy me financially. I sought legal representation to help expose the FAA corruption while residing in Oklahoma City. I presume they talked to another lawyer in the Justice Department and that ended their interest. and they said they would get back to me. Go to Prison After failing to block my exposure of these criminal activities. Kuttler. This was compounded by the Denver lawyer whom I hired to assist me in that hearing. I asked Oklahoma City lawyer Clyde Watts for help to expose the corruption.

In 1989. 1969). ACLU Protecting Civil. They all then avoided me. making the expert witnesses nothing more than brokers of disinformation. his associate greeted me. Some of the largest law firms in Salt Lake City. I repeatedly notified the ACLU of the civil right violations inflicted upon me. and wished me luck. The sordid deception practiced by the defense lawyers in the Simpson murder trial is an example of what is routine in the legal fraternity. Two the Department of Justice in Washington and planned on questioning some of his Justice Department friends when he went to Washington. When I went to his office to pick up my papers. but they upheld. Los Angeles lawyer Ned Good contacted me and said he would use my testimony in a lawsuit against United Airlines concerning a Boeing 727 crash into the Pacific Ocean at Los Angeles (January 18. Vol. and who was placed in a federal prison hospital on the argument that he had mental problems. Other lawyers advised that they would check the matter and get back to me. looked at me sadly. The sequence of events suggests that Good simply threatened to use my testimony if United Airlines did not agree to a financial settlement dictated by the lawyer. and Criminal Activities in Legal Fraternity The American Civil Liberties Union. attempted to block the introduction of my evidence into the trials relating to the United Airlines crash at Salt Lake City. They advised me that they would publicize my evidence. during which she upheld the right of Justice Department lawyers and federal judges to . The same occurred in the New York City and Denver crashes when I attempted to introduce evidence I had acquired while I was a federal air safety investigator on that very same program at United Airlines. when in reality they simply used it to extract more money from PSA and its insurance carrier. the Executive Director of the Nevada ACLU. Lack of Integrity At Air-Crash Trials The level of integrity at court trials is at the level expected from the legal fraternity. Lawyers demand that the expert witnesses they hire slant their testimony in favor of their client. he wouldn’t talk to me. They not only refused to provide help. who the federal government was trying to silence. When Watts returned to Oklahoma City. Constitutional. Watts was defending General Walker. The first contact was in 1965 and continued through 1989. and the Utah State Bar. played a key role in the pattern of hard-core civil right violations judicially inflicted upon me. Shelly Chase. and the damage to the judicial system and our constitutional protections. the self-professed protector of civil rights. This same problem occurred again when lawyers contacted me to obtain information on the crew partying and NTSB cover-up associated with the PSA San Diego crash (that was the world’s worst air disaster at that time). aided and abetted the escalating civil right violations. and I appeared on Reno radio station KOA. why it was being done.334 Defrauding America.

The ACLU often protects the most vicious and seamy side of society. Members of Congress proposed legislation in mid-1989 to authorize federal employees in various government agencies to shoot down private aircraft in the druginterdiction program. She upheld the right of California judges to void divorce judgments rendered years and decades earlier. Lowell Jensen. Despite the fact that people were dying from aircraft hijackings. They proposed that aircraft should be shot down if they did not respond to signals from an intercepting Customs or other government agency aircraft. and proposed immunity for those shooting down and killing the occupants of the aircraft. most of whom are lawyers. often working to inflict harm upon others by protecting the guilty. The Friedman law firm that played a key role in the ten-year-pattern of civil right violations was a key member of the ACLU in the San Francisco area. there was an average of over two dozen attempted airplane hijackings a year. Ronald Reagan brought into the White House many California lawyers including Edwin Meese (former district lawyer from Alameda County near San Francisco). even though these acts were gross civil and constitutional violations. California Segment of Legal Corruption Corruption in the legal fraternity is rampant throughout the United States. Supreme Court justices described in these pages.83 The ACLU opposed drug testing of transportation employees. Entire families can be wiped out by gunfire in this manner. the hijacking attempts dropped dramatically. While some of their stated motives and actions are meritorious.S. But after airports commenced using metal detectors in 1973 to screen passengers for weapons. Upon becoming President in 1981.Complicity by Legal Fraternity 335 imprison citizens who report crimes committed by federal officials. there are many who question whether their goals enhance the quality of life. but that segment based in California has probably inflicted more damage upon the United States than any other segment. using their control of the Justice Department to protect themselves from criminal 83 Between 1968 and 1973. ACLU argued that the security devices violated the Fourth Amendment protections against “unreasonable search and seizure. and others. They were all involved in scandal after scandal. they opposed using metal detectors to screen passengers for weapons. the present number of scandals could not have been possible and would have been nipped in the bud in its infancy instead of escalating into the epidemic corruption that now exists. Heavy Lawyer-Type Integrity in Congress Without the cover-up by members of Congress. They argued repeatedly to allow brutal murderers to go scot-free because of some minor procedural requirement dreamed up by the same U. The Senate voted to authorize the Customs Service and other federal agencies in August 1989 to fire upon small planes that do not respond to interception. The ACLU gets large financial donations from the public on the argument that they protect civil and constitutional rights.” . even though studies indicated that excessive alcohol consumption was a serious problem among railroad employees.

When I first decided it was time to exercise federal remedies for the massive civil and constitutional violations in the California courts. In the sham California action the lawyers refused to raise the defenses in mandatory statutory law and under federal law. Vol. The substituted lawyer knew nothing about the unusual issues arising in the bizarre action filed against me. contrary to our employment agreement. seeking legal representation. constitutional and criminal violations. Washington. and some openly sabotaged my position. although the problem is national in scope. My experience with lawyers revealed that they were either ignorant of the law. Douglas Page of Walnut Creek. up to and including the Judges in the California Supreme Court. It was federal judges in the State of California who have made it an imprisonable offense to report government crimes. I knew the law but recognized that in propria persona defendants (also pro se). Idaho. . I contacted over thirty lawyers during the next few years. That lawsuit named as de84 The Ninth Circuit consists of the states of California. The federal lawsuit filed by Reed exercised federal remedies for the civil rights violations and to obtain a declaratory judgment upholding the validity of the five judgments that established decades earlier my personal divorced status and property rights. He wasn’t much on California law relating to the underlying action filed against me by the Friedman law firm. or to exercise federal protections to defend against civil. usually end up on the losing side due to judicial prejudice. Two prosecution. The lawyers that I hired were equally abominable. Nevada. It was the California legal fraternity that acted as a front in the sham action filed against me in the California courts. California. appearing without legal counsel. I finally had to appear without lawyer to get the law into the record that barred the actions taken against me. they didn’t wish to offend the judges by showing they were wrong.336 Defrauding America. It was necessary to sue state judges to obtain declaratory and injunctive relief. I fired both lawyers. who taught civil and constitutional law in the local law school. jeopardized my defenses by substituting a young lawyer right out of law school to argue important matters of law at a critical hearing. My first lawyer. The lawyers and judges in the Ninth Circuit federal district84 constitute the largest block of legal fraternity corruption that I encountered. I engaged Sacramento lawyer James Reed. something very few lawyers will do. It was California judges. and Hawaii. fearing judicial retaliation. some admitted that their careers would be seriously harmed if they were to defend me against the judges and Justice Department lawyers. but he used the law I researched and got it into his federal briefs. arguing instead fifty-year-old case law that permitted judges to do what they please. Oregon. who aided and abetted the scheme through a ten-year pattern of massive civil and constitutional violations.

until he recognized the nature of the problem. so I tried a different approach. causing me to look for another lawyer specializing in civil rights violations. clearly violating many federal statutes and related case law. he admitted the gravity of the violations committed in the California action but told me he couldn’t represent me in federal court because of his part-time magistrate position. 1987. The Solano County bench warrant for my arrest was still outstanding. I advertised in the San Francisco newspapers for an lawyer. In 1985. Saperstein called and said that he had succeeded in getting the bench warrant lifted. Reed then changed residence and became county counsel at Mammoth Lakes. and asked him for his calling card. along with the Friedman law firm.S. I contacted lawyer John Moulds who specialized in civil and constitutional law. Another Imposter I wasn’t doing very well in finding lawyers by referrals. or even on blind calls. as it normally requires a noticed hearing to have the matter heard. Saperstein said he would come to Reno the next day. This sounded fishy. and for reporting the federal corruption I had uncovered. I asked him if he . Sounded strange. District Judge Raul Ramirez. seeking to escape the worst of the California judicial tactics. Over my objections he amended the complaint eliminating them as defendants. Saperstein came to my Reno residence on January 23. Moulds was the part-time magistrate who in 1987 sentenced me to prison for filing three federal actions seeking declaratory and injunctive relief from the civil rights violations. After Moulds looked over my papers. I resided in Reno then. and never raised the objection.S. Jensen issued a bench warrant for my arrest. He pulled out a hand-written calling card. Even though California law permitted appearance by a lawyer and the judge knew I could not physically be in two places at the same time. His warrant was issued after I had a lawyer appear on my behalf during a hearing in Solano County Superior Court. This substitution— legally permissible—was necessitated by my appearance in U. It appeared that Reed was pressured to drop the judges as defendants. who quickly dismissed the action. He had known that earlier. This federal action was assigned to U. receiving a telephone call from an lawyer who represented himself as Sid Saperstein with offices supposedly in San Francisco.Complicity by Legal Fraternity 337 fendants Solano County Judges Dwight Ely and Michael McInnis. District Court at Sacramento in a civil rights action in which that same California judge was a defendant. and I wanted a lawyer to get that removed. claiming that he had connections in the courts and could get the bench warrant lifted. He asked for money and I wrote him a check. I was unable to visit California because California judge William Jensen in Fairfield had rendered a bench warrant for my arrest. but possible. stating he had changed offices and that his printed cards had not yet arrived. Several days later.

The California Court of Appeals had already given me a time extension. upon returning to California.” he answered. Two had the judge’s order in front of him that vacated the bench warrant. Further. Forty-eight hours before the filing deadline I forced Pegg to give me an answer concerning the briefs that he had not even started to pre- . on his desk.S. It was urgent that the lawyer file several appeal briefs with the California Court of Appeals that were coming due. That was the end of Saperstein. Pegg has a prestigious looking office and a charming picture of Rhonda Fleming. to have the bench warrant removed and to file appeal briefs that were due. I asked Saperstein to read to me the exact wording on the order that he stated a few minutes earlier was right in front of him. Then. Harry Low. and I felt confident that I could trust him. and it came back with a post office notation that the address didn’t exist. Attorney David Levi at Sacramento had charged me with civil contempt of court for filing federal actions to have the validity of the five judgments declared under federal law and seeking relief from the civil right violations.000 retainer and from that point he started sabotaging me at every turn. I was appealing decisions that would overturn the past three years of illegal and unconstitutional orders by the California judges and which affected the ownership of ten million dollars of property. I paid Pegg a $20. What I suspect happened was that the Friedman law firm saw my advertisement for an lawyer in the San Francisco legal paper and got Saperstein—or whoever he was—to contact me for the purpose of giving me false assurance that it was safe to return to California. Donald King. and he said that he did. causing me to ask which court issued the order. There was no Judge Schwartz in the Solano County courts where the warrant originated. “Judge Schwartz. Saperstein had a scheme going that obviously smelled to high heaven. He couldn’t do this because there was no such order. Friedman would make certain that I was arrested. I asked him the name of the judge who signed the order.S. Joel Pegg.” he replied. were anxious to find some excuse to dismiss the appeals. seeking to vacate the orders rendered in the sham divorce action that had been rendered without jurisdiction and which violated blocks of California and federal law. I never saw or heard from him again. and Zerne Haning. supposedly one of his clients. District Judge Milton Schwartz and U. Vol. His services were also needed as U. The San Francisco courts had no authority over the order rendered by the Solano County courts. I sent a certified letter to the address that he gave me as his office. I hired a Sacramento lawyer. and the three judges. He looked impressive and said the right words. “The Superior Court in San Francisco. the actions reported the early stages of the federal corruption that I had uncovered up to that time. but Pegg repeatedly put off preparing and filing the briefs.338 Defrauding America. He stated he would call me back shortly.

and the Chapter 11 seizure of my assets left me without funds to hire other legal counsel. but by this time the judicial corruption had progressed to such an advanced stage that it became necessary for every state and federal judge to protect the earlier judicial conduct. refused to even consider the briefs. California. so I checked to determine if he was lying. he answered that he had requested a time extension from the court and the court had granted it. His refusal to seek this basic relief forced me to seek relief in Chapter 11. Both Bradley and Landish agreed before I hired them that they would seek relief from the federal judge in Chapter 11 from the illegal orders of the California judges. This didn’t take too long as I had already prepared a draft for Pegg. I then sought relief from the Justices of the California Supreme Court. repeating the misstatement of facts and law that had kept the sham California action going for the past six years. But then . but the three judges in Division Five.S. He then hired Las Vegas lawyer Joshua Landish to handle the filing of the Chapter 11 papers in Las Vegas. It also showed Moulds that there would be no lawyer to file appeal briefs and other post-conviction defenses. and I now faced prison for having exercised federal remedies to defend against what was being done in the California courts. As stated earlier. Joel Pegg was to seek removal of the lis pendens placed upon my dozens of properties in the sham divorce action that halted my business operations and caused loss of valuable properties. The briefs were filed. The system protects its own. By that time Pegg had my money. I wrote Pegg a letter and asked him for an explanation. The Bankruptcy Scene I obtained other counsel. who was to represent me both in the California action and in the Chapter 11 proceedings. Pegg notified Magistrate John Moulds that he wanted to withdraw from the case. District One. The clerk advised me that there was no request for an extension and none was granted. He repeatedly said he would do so and then never did. Attorney David Levi and Judge Schwartz converted the civil contempt into a criminal contempt. seeking to force a federal judge to exercise his duty and provide the declaratory and injunctive relief to which I was entitled. Pegg represented me in the defense against the criminal contempt charge. but refused to raise the defenses that would expose the scheme by Justice Department prosecutors and the federal judges. I telephoned the Clerk of the Court of Appeals at San Francisco.Complicity by Legal Fraternity 339 pare. U. Pegg had lied to me. asking if an extension of time was requested and if it was granted. Appeals by people appearing without lawyers are usually denied in California courts. and in 1987 sought relief in Chapter 11. I then had to quickly prepare and file my own appeal briefs. By this time my opinion of lawyers was about as low as it could possibly get. Just before the trial commenced. which he refused to give me. They fraudulently said that the decisions being appealed were not appealable orders. I hired lawyer Vernon Bradley of Sausalito.

refusing to accept jurisdiction. I would later learn that this is a common trick used by lawyers after they have recommended to their clients that they seek Chapter 11 relief. Vol. This was the hearing at which federal Judge Robert Jones rendered an order abstaining from hearing the cases. This was not the full relief I wanted. and ordering that the two cases be dismissed in 60 days. They argued that the sham California divorce action filed by the Friedman law firm caused me to seek relief in Chapter 11 and. California to represent me in the bankruptcy proceedings. Through their lawyers. home. and he too agreed to file briefs to remove the illegally appointed trustee. Inc. but it removed the lis pendens and permitted me to pay off the mortgage loans that had come due. Landish kept notice of the seizure from me until after the ten-day period to appeal passed. 1987. He didn’t tell me that the Cali85 Robil. That hearing took place on September 28. The two lawyers made a passionate argument on my behalf and. and assets on both the personal and corporate Chapter 11 cases via appointment of a trustee. I discharged Landish. the lawyers and trustees generate huge fees as they plunder the assets. 1987. they refused to file the necessary papers to obtain the relief. if federal law were applied requiring the California judges to recognize the five prior judgments. Lawyer John Landish appeared at a hearing limited to the personal Chapter 11 filing and limited to removal of the automatic stay on several mortgages. Two when they became lawyers of record. whom I had hired specifically to protect my properties. I was present at the first hearing on the Chapter 11 cases on September 11. there would be no reason for my seeking relief in Chapter 11. they argued in my defense.. and Superior Home Loans. and then to liquidate the assets. They praised my business acumen that had built up a multimillion-dollar equity estate in twenty years. and which would have been shortly paid off since Judge Jones ordered removal of the state lis pendens that had blocked the refinancing. then requested Judge Jones to vacate the earlier order providing me relief. These lawyers then sabotaged my defenses. ever since the 1930 depression days. the Bank of America was famous for jumping the gun to seize the properties of their clients. I did not learn what occurred at that hearing until several months later. to seize the business. . leaving me penniless. without my knowledge. The mortgage holder85 sought to foreclose on the properties on which the mortgages had come due.340 Defrauding America. after I obtained taped recordings of the court proceedings. I hired other legal counsel. I hired lawyer Raymond Goodman of Concord. and the integrity problems continued. The lawyers then strip their clients of all assets! In this manner. although they failed to raise the civil and constitutional violations that forced me to seek Chapter 11 relief. Landish. but by that time he had done the damage.

I asked for a public defender to defend me against the false imprisonment. I then retained lawyer Robert Ayers of Walnut Creek. I discharged him and filed my own briefs. who repeated the tactics of the prior lawyers who refused to argue the controlling law and would not prepare adequate briefs. A court hearing of this type is limited to a brief verbal argument and is totally inadequate and not intended to present the dozens of case laws. Judge Raul Ramirez appointed Assistant Federal Public Defender Carl Larson. . I discharged Larson and requested another lawyer. He refused to return phone calls. After six weeks of failing to file the required briefs. arguing that he would give a verbal presentation. constitutional protections. Larson refused to file briefs raising the many fundamental constitutional and statutory defenses that were violated. California and paid him a retainer. and other complex issues. Seizing My Assets and Stripping Me of All Defenses After Pegg abandoned me. At first this request was refused and I had to present briefs in pro se status. But he kept the money I gave him. Larson refused to obtain the hearing transcript or the records required to prepare a defense. who operated as a puppet for the Department of Justice. He too duplicated the prior counsel misconduct and again I had no alternative but to discharge him. Sacramento sole practitioner Clifford Tedmon. Also. Larson refused to acknowledge the grotesque violations of law and constitutional safeguards. he then told me he was no longer representing me. Larson was protecting his employer. whom I had never seen and who turned out to be a disaster. It was hopeless to obtain defenses under this pattern of legal misconduct. Finally. Brian DeAmicis. Finally. he notified Judge Jellen that my earlier appeals would be withdrawn. He refused to file any briefs on my behalf. That was totally unacceptable. What has been stated about lawyer misconduct in these pages is only a small part of what occurred. William Rubendall. and supported the retaliatory actions taken against me. and the federal judges. Court rules and proper defense tactics require filing a written brief addressing the dozens of statutory and case laws and constitutional protections. the Justice Department. He failed to file opposition briefs and refused to file the briefs to remove the illegally appointed trustee as was agreed before I paid the retainer. federal judges appointed another lawyer. I even had trouble getting my files back. Contrary to my instructions. he didn’t tell me that he would turn my Chapter 11 cases over to an associate lawyer.Complicity by Legal Fraternity 341 fornia state bar had suspended his right to practice law. Larson refused to perform any of the fundamental legal requirements needed to defend me. None of them would file motions for my release or raise any of the glaring violations of law. He refused to file a motion for stay of my imprisonment pending appeal. which is a right under law. Federal judges appointed still another lawyer.

I was totally grid locked in every state and federal court. by Sol Stein. Nevada lawyers said to me that I probably could never find a Nevada lawyer to file a malpractice action against Landish. Vol. The legal fraternity had me grid locked in the California and federal courts while simultaneously using the courts to destroy me financially and take away my freedom. I learned later that in judicial and Justice Department corruption of this magnitude the legal system bands together to protect itself. and then called me a vexatious litigant for seeking relief. Power of the Legal and Judicial Brotherhoods In With Justice For None. In A Feast For Lawyers87 the author describes the hacks. and I wondered how they would protect themselves from a malpractice action. I contacted at least half a dozen California malpractice lawyers concerning the misconduct by California lawyers. who sabotaged me and caused the loss of my ten-million-dollar estate. Two How Would They Protect Against Malpractice? The conduct of these lawyers was hard-core misconduct. and the judges who feed on the public. Mr. Eventually the California and federal judges settled on two quick responses to strip me of all defenses. Judges for Sale The practice of buying decisions is firmly embedded in the legal fraternity. protecting the rights of people adversely affected by injustice. described the power of the legal and judicial fraternities and that most judges are the lackeys of big-money interests. vultures and scoundrels in the legal fraternity. A typical example was San Francisco Bay Area lawyer Suren 86 87 Times Books. I filed a complaint with the Nevada State Bar and the Governor of Nevada concerning the misconduct of lawyer Joshua Landish.” The “we” being the legal fraternity and “them” being the uninformed public. Spence spent much of his life representing insurance companies and government contractors and later. Evans & Company. and they held the conduct to be proper. Most had already heard about the judicial involvement and wanted no part of it.342 Defrauding America. the judges unlawfully dismissed the actions. When I filed malpractice actions in the State of California against the lawyers. even though the actions taken against me represented attacks upon fundamental constitutional rights and revealed a corrupt judiciary.86 the author and lawyer Gerry Spence. In this way they stripped me of all statutory and constitutional protections and protected the legal and judicial fraternities from the consequences of their actions. but refused to help. and none would take the case. such as the case of Karen Silkwood against Kerr-McGee. They held that the lawyer conduct was proper. He describes the mentality of “we against them. . I filed complaints with the California State Bar Association concerning Pegg and other lawyers. Gerry Spence. reflecting the cohesiveness of the legal fraternity. as the lawyers protect each other. He also sympathized with me when I sought his help in 1988. They placed a frivolous label upon anything I filed.

The first indication I had of that relationship was when a lawyer in Las Vegas told me about it in early 1991. Often. accompanied by California judges whose expenses he paid. spousal support. in sworn declarations and numerous letters and statements. Crooked lawyers leave envelopes containing money with particular judges or the judge’s law clerk in payment for favorable rulings. The decision had been reached in private conversations before the hearing on the matter. the bribing of U. This entire cast 88 January 22.88 The following year several of my CIA contacts described the clandestine CIA activities in which lawyers. Russbacher described numerous covert CIA locations at which he saw members of this group and how they received payoffs. when the lawyer appeared before a judge that he controlled. Stinnett and MacDonald at secret CIA meetings in Central America. In return. who filed the sham California action against me and who the California and federal judges protected. law firms. 1991. the lawyer received favorable decisions. Russbacher described seeing Las Vegas federal Judge Robert Jones at Atlantic City gambling casinos and the method of paying judges via gambling casinos. even though the public is repeatedly victimized. when judgments are entered that defy logic or common sense in child custody matters. . The legal fraternity has no interest in cleaning up the system that benefits lawyers and judges. there would be virtually no arguments raised in support of the decision sought. not realizing that the opposing lawyer regularly bribes that judge with financial favors. Effect of Judicial Corruption on Local Matters The average citizen may experience this corruption. a lady friend of mine.Complicity by Legal Fraternity 343 Toomajian who spent his vacations in Palm Springs and other places. One of his clients. but not recognize it. told me that Toomajian had a practice of canceling hearing dates until the court clerk assigned the case to a judge which the lawyer controlled. and judges are paid off. the role played by law firms and lawyers in covert dealings with the Central Intelligence Agency and the Justice Department. Ties Between Law Firms and Covert Government Activities I learned that the San Francisco law firm of Friedman. Russbacher described the presence of Chapter 11 trustee Charles Duck and his related law firm of Goldberg.S. Supreme Court Justices is described in detail. Daily Journal. In an in-depth May 1995 article in the legal paper. Sloan and Ross. CIA and ONI agent Gunther Russbacher described. trustees. and other judgments. Bribing judges is routine. was a covert Justice Department and CIA law firm wielding immense control in the courts. He described how these lawyers do covert legal work for the two government agencies and how they play a key role in the Chapter 11 corruption.

The cases (where lawyers receive large sums of money from estate or litigation settlements and then steal the funds intended for their client) are endless.S. In 1992. but the entire judicial system including the Justices of the U. trustees and law firms. District Judge Stanley Sporkin of Washington. Vol.. Despite their key role in the hundreds of billions of dollars in fraudulent transactions. The law firms associated with covert CIA activities. especially in California. Ireland receives and disburses funds for these payoffs.C. It’s all blatantly unlawful. Two of characters was the players in looting my assets in Chapter 11. I know of no law firm that was criminally prosecuted. incurring huge legal fees and losses that usually destroy the assets. which is described in more detail elsewhere. Legal Fraternity in Chapter 11 Corruption The legal fraternity is deeply implicated in the massive Chapter 11 corruption that is inflicting billions of dollars of fraud upon American citizens every year. escaped the financial penalties. Supreme Court protects the multi-billiondollar a year racketeering enterprise. Russbacher described the role one of his companies. however. This is what the law says. D. It is all part of the vast secret government looting assets of the American people. fraudulently stating that the Chapter 11 court will provide the extra time. U. “Thievery by Lawyers Is on the Increase. the fraud starts immediately. and assets. Donald Lutz.S. The trustee then liquidates the assets at firesale prices. numerous law firms were charged by various federal agencies with helping to carry out the looting of the savings and loans.” headlined the Wall Street Journal article (November 26. The same person who was a CIA asset in the CIA-associated Silverado Bank Savings and Loan is reportedly the Chief Executive Officer of Shamrock. The telephone listing is under Shamrock Overseas Courier Service. The federal judges order a trustee to seize the person’s properties. Legal Fraternity in Savings and Loan Debacle The legal fraternity was heavily implicated in the savings and loan debacle. The . Lawyers often encourage their clients to file Chapter 11 to gain a little more time to pay a particular debt that has come due. With Duped Clients Losing Bigger Sums. business. The owner who built up the business and assets is ordered to vacate. Dozens of articles like this appeared in the legal publications throughout the United States. asked: “Where were these professionals? Why didn’t any of them speak up?” Sporkin was involved in the 1980 October Surprise scheme and his judicial appointment was probably his reward by the Reagan-Bush administration for helping to carry it out. Shamrock Overseas Disbursement Corporation in Dublin. Blasting the role played by lawyers in the fraud involving Lincoln Savings and Loan Association. National Brokerage Company. played in the money trail to the overseas company that serves as the payoff center for federal judges. and to block any judicial exposure or prosecution activities. 1990). But in practice.344 Defrauding America. This criminal enterprise is one of the best-kept secrets in the United States.

depriving widows and orphans of money they would receive if the corruption did not exist. in some cases. Lawyer “Watchdogs” Complaining to State Bar Associations about incompetence or outright thievery by lawyers is almost always useless. An article in the Journal of the American Bar Association described the probate courts as “one of the most viciously corrupt systems ever devised by the inventive minds of the greedy.. but the Chapter 11 courts are even worse.. There are many cases where the surviving widow or children had to go on welfare. the charges exceed the assets. Connecticut lawyers conspired with their lawyer friends in the legislature to pass a law taxing inter-vivo trusts that were .” A leading professional journal involved in probate reporting. But it was good public relations. Lawyer fees are astronomical in relation to the time that the lawyer spends on the case. and their appointment results in the heirs receiving nothing. 1992) about the sharp rise in larceny by lawyers against their own clients. dividing up the loot among lawyers. What a system! There is virtually nothing a victimized heir can do as the system protects its own. Lawyers have turned the probate field into a system to loot the deceased’s assets. and more crooked. In many states the probate system is a means of plundering estates. while a million dollars or more of assets were tied up in probate by crooked judges and their lawyer cohorts..” But the fees extracted from probate estates often consume most of the assets and. Legal Fraternity in Probate Even in death. The New York Times reported “The probate procedures in many areas border on the scandalous. Local party bosses often select probate judges who will continue the practice of looting assets of the deceased. the bar association oftentimes will refuse to suspend the lawyer’s license to practice. Trusts and Estates. The practice of lawyers stealing money received for their clients is endless and. and divide the assets as they see fit. the legal and judicial fraternities continue their sordid conduct. Lawyer fees come from the assets before the heirs receive their inheritance.Complicity by Legal Fraternity 345 Daily Journal legal newspaper wrote (January 9. Sporkin‘s role in treasonous and criminal activities makes him the last person to point a finger. In addition. some judges will find fault with them.Most of the work is done by the lawyer’s secretary.. judges. increasing even further the lawyer charges and kickbacks to the judge. reported the routine nature of probate work as being “cut and dried. and their fronts.” This is basically true. when this is reported. regardless of how corrupt the lawyers and judges may be.very little of the lawyer’s own time is consumed. Even when wills have been made. even when the lawyers appointed by the judges are unnecessary. declare that the person died intestate. probates that could be quickly settled are dragged out for months and years longer than necessary to inflate the lawyer’s already padded charges.

If this was a book on probate it could be filled with horror stories of lawyers and judges stealing money from innocent people through probate fraud that they call legal. Confirming that no one can lie like a lawyer.” said the U. supplied information to Justice Department lawyers about his client and other defendants in order to get them convicted. Ferraro. This law requires a person filing an inheritance tax return due on a probate-exempt trust to pay huge fees to the local probate judge. Zaccaro stated to a New York Times reporter that no one told him that he couldn’t use someone else’s money for his own use. as it is devastated.S. John Zaccaro. Ronald Minkin of Los Angeles. Typical Legal Sabotage Another example illustrating how an lawyer will sabotage his own client occurred during a trial on drug smuggling charges. It has been said that it costs over one hundred times more to probate an estate in the United States than the same size estate in Britain.S. the public remains unresponsive. The written ruling by the judge said that the defendant’s lawyer. who block almost every effort by the public to protect themselves against these parasites. Like Wading in a Septic Tank Outrageous as this is. had taken $175. Vol. I experienced this lawyer misconduct over and over again and learned of many other cases similar to this.000 from an elderly woman for whom he had been appointed conservator. Attorney’s office for “outrageous misconduct” because he encouraged the defendant’s lawyer to mislead his client. it was revealed that her lawyer husband. Two islature to pass a law taxing inter-vivo trusts that were circumventing the probate racket. “The conduct of the Justice Department in the investigation and prosecution of Steven Marshank was so outrageous that it shocked the universal sense of justice. he used part of it as a deposit to purchase property for a client of his real estate company and part of it to pay tax and mortgage payments for another client. financially and otherwise. The examples of lawyer misconduct that I describe within these . During the 1984 presidential campaign of Vice Presidential candidate Geraldine A. Through this misconduct the lawyer was able to collect thousands of dollars in legal fees and stood to gain millions of dollars when the prosecutor seized his client’s properties under forfeiture laws. As if the money was his own. The legislatures on the state and federal level are controlled by lawyers. 1991) against a person charged with drug smuggling on the basis that the defendant’s lawyer conspired with lawyers for the Justice Department to get him convicted. and takes over ten times longer to do it. District Judge. even though that person performed no services in connection with the trust. It is a firmly established mindset and accepted code of conduct of this sordid group.346 Defrauding America. The public doesn’t understand the gravity of this misconduct. Like sheep. A federal judge in San Francisco dismissed charges (November 15. The judge blasted the U.

” said Neal Sonnett. repeating what has been written in many other articles. a profitable change for the lawyer. New York State passed legislation in 1993 preventing this onerous practice. but it’s an area that sometimes the government has to work in. Lawyers taking advantage of their female clients.” for having killed one of his female clients. demanding sex. The routine violations of the canons of ethics by lawyers. 1991) said. followed by outrageously excessive fees resulting in loss of the property to the lawyer. In the case against Manuel Noriega. Lawyers have even murdered their clients.S. saying that the intrusion is justified. An article in the Wall Street Journal (September 11. leave no hope for reform.” Lawyers involved in the profitable sabotage of their own clients have even agreed to keep Justice Department prosecutors informed of their client’s future crimes. Forcing Sex Upon Women Needing Legal Help A standard practice of lawyers is forcing female clients to have sex with them in order to be represented. Sjonborg was charged by Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge with being “one of the most dangerous sociopaths that I have ever seen. they allowed the indictment against the victimized client to stand.Complicity by Legal Fraternity 347 pages are only examples of many other instances. District Judge Lynn Hughes held.” said a federal appeals court in Atlanta (1987). But whether this will stop the abuses is questionable. 1991). Dealing with this group reminded me of wading in a non-functioning septic tank.S.” The article told of the situation in Houston where the lawyer became a government informant against his own clients. U. However. however. “The notion of lawyers as informants. California. is so rampant it is hardly news anymore. “It’s obviously a treacherous area for the government to work in. “Lawyers Who Tattle On Clients Prompt Concern. This practice was so outrageous that New York and California passed legislation barring sex between a lawyer and client. a former lawyer told why he gave up his law practice. and the State Bar refusal to prosecute for such violations. Those Unable to Stomach It In a full page Newsweek article (November 4. Sam Benson wrote: . is an area that we’ve seen sporadically over the years. a Miami criminal-defense lawyer. lawyer Norman R. Seizing a Client’s Properties One of the scams used by lawyers is to take a deed of trust on a person’s home or properties to insure payment of legal fees. Attorney Turow in Chicago approved the treachery. Assistant U. “We do not condone the government’s use of criminal-defense-lawyers as informants against their clients. particularly as informants against their own clients. that tape recordings made by the lawyer of his client could be used in criminal proceedings against the client. An example: San Jose. Justice Department prosecutors obtained the help of an lawyer who formerly represented Noriega and who turned government informant. In his book.

Corrupt Lawyers Protected by State Bar Associations In case after case these corrupt practices continued without any corrective measures after people made complaints to the State Bar Associations. September 30. . Vol. It was an uneasiness. they aid and abet the activities. 1992. an uncomfortableness that was always there for me.000 from members of the Trial Lawyers’ Lobby. The rest goes to the lawyers. It was not any single event that pushed me over the edge. but when hard-core corruption is involved that would bring adverse public reaction upon the group. My complaints to the California and Nevada Bar Associations relating to the pattern of lawyer misconduct resulted in approval of the misconduct. Crockett had first telephoned me in 1991 when he heard about my contact with CIA op89 Daily Journal. This lobby has become the Democratic Party’s most important special interest group. Election of lawyer Bill Clinton to the presidency of the United States with his lawyer wife didn’t help the problem. Lawyers in the trial lawyer lobby control sufficient Democrats to block any vote in the Senate on changing the liability laws. They exert great influence upon politicians through their political contributions or bribes.348 Defrauding America.000 trial lawyers. But most of all. I brought these activities to the attention of Professor Ulysses Crockett of the University of California at Berkeley. especially with Clinton’s role in Arkansas scandals. They have the legal knowledge and the duty to act. These legal institutes of learning know of the criminal activities implicating federal judges and Justice Department lawyers. Powerful Trial Lawyer Lobby The Trial Lawyer Lobby is one of the most powerful lobbies in the United States. Congressmen vote against the wishes of this lobby at risk of being targeted for removal. supposedly more powerful than government unions. and Senator Ernest Hollings (D-SC) who received over $400.89 The bundling of contributions from these lawyers and their family members and the political-action committee can buy virtually any Senator’s votes. Two I am astounded that I was able to practice law for more than two years of my life. Studies have shown that less than 40 cents of every dollar paid to settle litigation goes to the person who suffered the injury. Two prominent names on the list of financial recipients of the Trial Lawyers Lobby were Senator Howard Metzenbaum (D-OH). Major law schools and universities have a responsibility to act when a pattern of judicial activities destroys the rights and protections under our form of government. I was tired of the chicanery. So-called public interest advocate Ralph Nader gets a major share of his contributions from the triallawyer groups. consisting of over 60. I was tired of the deceit. I was tired of the misery my job caused other people.

There are thousands of examples of the sordid conduct of state and federal judges. he was allegedly “performing” by placing Federal Reserve Notes in the private parts [vagina] of the prostitutes. 1985. who was deeply involved in most of the scandals I have mentioned in this book. having been caught up in a police vice squad raid on a house of prostitution on January 25. Associated Press. “These are people who do [lie. On a lighter vein was the conduct by U. Robert H. Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing From this sordid group come state and federal judges. I wondered if Crockett was simply trying to find out how much information we had about the scandals in which his fellow lawyers. Crockett has been a prosecutor in the same Alameda County District Lawyer’s office as Edwin Meese. Schnacke was in the audience of an adult theater on Market Street. “These are not the good guys. “Months of Lies to the Press.” The article stated in part: A judge who has a reputation of siding with the big corporations and who. were involved. and justice. when the vice squad officers arrested 11 women performers on lewd conduct charges. to whom I sought to report in 1974 the criminality I uncovered in the aviation environment. Schnacke.” Famed defense lawyer Gerry Spence described during a 90-minute speech to the Montana Trial Lawyers Association (July 22. Reflecting on Schnacke’s personal life. to say the least. District Judge Robert H. such as Edwin Meese. July 23. 1993. I confronted Crockett with his responsibility to intervene. 1993)91 his observations of the lying by Justice Department lawyers in criminal trials. is anything but squeaky clean in his own personal life. Instead.” 90 91 March 1989. He exhorted the lawyers to challenge federal prosecutors and not accept as true anything that they say.S. and then seemingly took an interest in what I was doing. who try to present to the public an appearance of honor. the headline in The National Educator90 stated: “Kindig fights Pan Am and cathouse judge. One way or the other. which took place in San Francisco. fabricate evidence] what they believe is necessary to bring about a conviction. Many judges require everyone in the court to stand up when they enter the courtroom. especially in the nearby San Francisco federal action against me. did not make the news media until the San Francisco Chronicle finally reported it on March 16th.Complicity by Legal Fraternity 349 erative Gunther Russbacher. I wrote to these professors and only one responded. expressing a lack of interest. . integrity. as if they are someone to be revered. the judge was more than in the audience. The federal judge. According to one of the arresting officers. After that.” Spence stated. he referred me to several law professors in New York and Massachusetts that he said owed him a favor. the raid.

eight of who died.. Vol. Judge Sol Wachtler. Creating a Dangerous Mindset Nationwide The endemic corruption within the legal and judicial fraternities.and they made the entire family the conspirators.. 1993. the abominable lack of integrity. These two groups are at the center of every corrupt activity within these pages. was upset over the ending of his four-year secret love affair with Manhattan socialite Joy Silverman. Amazing That More Lawyers and Judges Are Not Shot by Their Victims It has always amazed me that more lawyers and judges are not shot by their victims. threatened to kidnap her fourteen-year-old daughter. who was married. He disguised his voice while making threatening phone calls to his former mistress. and shot over a dozen people. sent obscene letters and pictures to the daughter. And these are the two groups most responsible for upholding the laws and Constitution of the United States and establishing a guideline for acceptable conduct. Their conduct has created a mindset of corruption throughout America. Justice Department lawyers “charged him with conspiracy. some of who have lost through judicial and legal corruption their life’s assets and now must face their remaining years in abstract poverty. Former Chief Judge of New York’s Court of Appeals embarked on a two-year pattern of sending vulgar. These were obscene and criminal acts.350 Defrauding America. destroying the moral fiber of the United States. The federal government now has the audacity to say that members of a family are members of a conspiracy. 1993.” Highest Judge in New York State Sentenced to Prison One of the highest-ranking judges in New York State was sentenced to prison on September 9. Spence said that after killing Weaver‘s wife and son. Two Spence had just finished the trial in which Justice Department lawyers tried to imprison Randy Weaver after they had killed his wife and son as they stormed their humble cabin. The individual lawyer or judge who gets shot receives little publicity. the victims are unaware of the mechanics of how they had been financially destroyed. and committed other despicable acts. Often. but the many judges and their co-conspirators that strip innocent people of their life’s assets or their liberties commit far greater harm. and threatening letters and phone calls to his former mistress and her daughter. . Spence told the group: The siege against Weaver brought in enough [weapons of war] to take over a small country for this little man sitting in this little plywood cabin. along with their families. little children are members of a conspiracy. But in one case the publicity was nationwide when a client stormed a San Francisco high-rise office building on July 1. harassing. infects government and nongovernment activities throughout the United States.

Complicity by Legal Fraternity 351 This is the climate and conduct permitted to occur by a largely illiterate and indifferent public. The addition of judicial power and self-ruled immunity from their acts makes for terrible injustice against the American people. and the “we against them” mentality do not disappear. Personality Traits Carryover The sordid conduct and mindset. when a lawyer becomes a judge. whose apathy makes this possible. .


Defrauding America, Vol. Two


Complicity by Supreme Court Justices


any of these criminal activities and resulting harm could not have continued without the cover-up by each of the Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court. In the 1970s, I brought the corruption to the attention of the Supreme Court justices as it related to the air safety and criminal violations associated with a series of air disasters and the felony cover-up by Justice Department lawyers and federal judges. These federal crimes included those perpetrated by officials in the Federal Aviation Administration the National Transportation Safety Board, and various divisions of the U.S. Department of Justice. I had first brought these crimes to the attention of federal district and appellate judges in the Ninth Circuit at San Francisco and Los Angeles, and each of them were improperly dismissed. From 1990 to the present date, I continued to report even worse criminal activities, those described within these pages, demanding to produce testimony and evidence from myself and a large number of former CIA and other deep-cover sources. Federal judges, including Supreme Court Justices, repeatedly prevented me from producing evidence as required by the clear language of the federal criminal statute. They also openly violated their duty to supervise federal judges and officers of the court in the federal judiciary. I also filed petitions, from 1983 to the present date, that addressed the pattern of judicially inflicted civil and constitutional violations seeking to silence me, but also to report the criminal activities that I uncovered that were major violations of federal law. If any one of the many criminal activities that I uncovered, and which I repeatedly brought to the attention of the Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court, are true, and the Justices refused to receive my evidence or take action to bring the crimes to justice, they are clearly guilty of several federal criminal statutes associated with cover-up and obstruction of justice. This is very serious. Federal judges had mandatory responsibilities under federal statutes to provide me with a federal court forum, to provide relief from the ongoing civil and constitutional violations perpetrated in an obvious criminal conspiracy, and to receive my evidence relating to the criminal


Defrauding America, Vol. Two

charges. Some of the crimes were obvious from the record. It is a federal crime92 to inflict harm upon a victim or informant, for reporting federal crimes, as federal judges and Justice Department prosecutors did to me from 1987 to the present date. It is a federal crime93 to inflict harm upon any citizen for having exercised rights and protection under the laws and Constitution of the United States. Refusing to Meet Statutory Responsibilities Another type of culpable omission occurs when a statute creates a duty to act, and the perpetrator fails to do so. Federal judges have a mandatory duty to provide a federal court forum and to provide the relief and protection in federal statutes. They cannot by law decide who shall receive the protections guaranteed by the laws and Constitution of the United States. But this is what they have done, and are continuing to do. A criminal act, such as an assault or battery, can be committed by an omission to act when there is a duty to act.94 Forcing Supreme Court Justices to Perform A Mandatory Duty, or Engage in Felony Cover-Up Toward the end of September 1994, I filed several petitions for relief with the Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court. I had received notice that the remaining $300,000 in my formerly $10 million estate would be distributed by court order on September 22, 1994, to the very people
92 Title 18 U.S.C. § 1512. Tampering with a witness, victim, or an informant– (b) Whoever knowingly uses intimidation or physical force, or threatens another person, or attempts to do so, or engages in misleading conduct toward another person, with intent to (1) influence, delay or prevent the testimony of any person in an official proceeding: shall be fined...or imprisoned...or both. [1988 amended reading]. Title 18 U.S.C. § 1513. Retaliating against a witness, victim, or an informant. (a) Whoever knowingly engages in any conduct and thereby causes bodily injury to another person or damages the tangible property of another person, or threatens to do so, with intent to retaliate against any person for–(1) the attendance of a witness or party at an official proceeding, or any testimony given or any record, document, or other object produced by a witness in an official proceeding; or (2) any information relating to the commission or possible commission of a Federal offense.... 93 Title 18 U.S.C. § 241. Conspiracy against rights of citizens. If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any citizen in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or because of his having so exercised the same; ... They shall be fined ... or imprisoned ... or both; 94 See W. LaFave & A. Scott, Criminal Law 21011 (2d ed. 1986). In People v. Burden, 72 Cal.App.3d 603 (1977), a similar analysis was made. Barclay’s Official California Code of Regulations, Title 11, 1081 (1991), for instance, describes the law requiring officers to prevent crimes, protect life, ensure equal justice, and other acts. In prosecuting government officials for failure to perform their duty, it is necessary only to prove the omission, the mens rea, the willfulness of the non-action. California statutes, including for instance Government Code section 1222, approvingly cited in People v. Pringle , 151 Cal.App.3d 854, 858 (1984), provides for punishment of officers failing to perform their duties “here no special provision is made for the punishment of such delinquency.”

Complicity by Supreme Court Justices


who played key roles in the scheme to silence me, including the San Francisco law firm of Friedman, Sloan and Ross, the Texas resident who served as the catalyst for the sham “divorce” action against me, and various law firms. I promptly filed a petition for writ of mandamus and prohibition with the Ninth Circuit court of appeals at San Francisco, citing federal law showing the orders taking my assets were void orders, based upon absence of jurisdiction and violation of important statutory and constitutional protection. Court of Appeal judges promptly denied the petition, refusing to render findings of facts and conclusions of law. Simultaneously, judges of the large Ninth Circuit court of appeals rendered a July 28, 1994 order, barring me for the remainder of my life from access to the court of appeals, as is available to other citizens. This order enlarged on what district court judges had done earlier, which barred me access to federal district courts and voided for me the rights and protections under the statutes and Constitution of the United States. These orders were unlawful and unconstitutional, and obstructed justice by blocking me from reporting to a federal court, as required by federal criminal and other statutes, that federal courts receive reports of federal crimes. They also blocked me from defending against the enormous harm judicially inflicted upon me for the past decade. I then filed a petition for writ of certiorari with the U.S. Supreme Court, describing the pattern of civil and constitutional protection judicially inflicted upon me, including the corrupt seizing and looting of my assets. To circumvent the practice of Supreme Court clerks refusing to file my petitions, I sent by certified mail a copy of that petition, and a copy of the second edition of Defrauding America, to every Justice of the Court. They were therefore put on notice of the criminal activities, including that of judges and officers of the court over whom the Justices had supervisory responsibilities. I also reminded the Justices that they had vicarious criminal liabilities if they continue to refuse to perform their duties. The petition, and the letter, were straightforward, factual, devoid of any emotion, and left no doubt that the criminal activities were making the federal judiciary a criminal enterprise. Within a week of signing for the certified letters and petitions, the clerk of the Supreme Court returned them to me, refusing to file the petition that he is required to file under law. I was totally grid locked. The protection of the laws and Constitution of the United States were judicially denied to me while these laws were being judicially violated, inflicting major and devastating harm. In 1995, the U.S. Court of Appeals in San Francisco rendered a similar order, barring me access to the appellate courts. And the United States Supreme Court refused to file any petitions that I submitted. All of these acts violated the laws and Constitution of the United States, but they blocked me from reporting the government crimes in which they themselves were implicated.


Defrauding America, Vol. Two

The criminal activities that I initially sought to report to the federal judges continued to play a causative or permissive role in a continuing series of airline crashes that could have been prevented if my evidence had been accepted. As a matter of law, and under Supreme Court procedures as specifically provided by Rules of Court of the Supreme Court, a person has the right to petition an individual Justice for relief. Also, under federal crime-reporting statutes, the law clearly provides that a citizen must report federal crimes to any federal judge. Implied in the law, a federal judge must receive the evidence. Every time that I exercised these rights and responsibilities the Supreme Court Justices blocked me. Implying the Seriousness of My Charges Only once did a Justice of the Supreme Court make any type of response, and this was highly unusual and significant. A Justice simply does not write personal letters to a litigant, especially a pro se litigant. In response to my petition addressed to Justice Byron White, which he refused to grant, he stated in an October 28, 1991, letter: As a single Justice I can be of no help to you. I am returning your petition. My charges were specific and of serious national importance. If any one of them was true, a serious undermining of the United States was under way. I was a former federal investigator holding authority under law to make such determinations. A check of prior federal actions would have supported certain of my charges. I offered government documents to support some of my charges. A corollary would be similar to a federal investigator offering evidence showing why a series of aircraft disintegrations were occurring, and no one would listen. The charges were serious; the harm inflicted upon the United States was of a catastrophic nature. No one had the moral or legal right to refuse to receive my evidence. Vicarious Criminal Liability Under law, the head of an organization is financially and criminally responsible for the actions of those over whom he has supervisory responsibilities. This liability increases if he knows of the criminal acts and allow them to continue, and if he fails to report the acts to proper authorities. The Justices were the head of the federal judiciary involved in the corrupt and criminal acts. These acts could not continue without them aiding and abetting them as they were doing. C0-Conspirator Law Under universally applicable conspiracy laws, co-conspirators are criminally responsible not only for their own criminal acts, but also for the actions of their co-conspirators performed within the scope of the conspiracy, and in furtherance of the conspiracy. A 1994 article in the San Francisco legal newspaper, Daily Journal, descr