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Monroe Public Schools 375 Monroe Turnpike ‘Monroe, Connecticut 06468 Monday, November 16,2009 ‘Central Office Conference Room, 375 Monroe Turapike Monroe, Connecticut 06468 MONROE BOARD OF EDUCATION AGENDA 220M, 1 CALL TOORDER I. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE Il, RECOGNITION OF RETIRING BOARD MEMBERS IV, RECOGNITION OF LORI OSTROFF THE 2010 MONROE TEACHER OF THE YEAR V. CONSENT AGENDA ‘A. APPROVAL OF WARRANTS APPROVAL OF MINUTES, popes 4-11 €—_ REVIEW OF FUND ACTIVITY STATEMENT, pages 12-24 Vi. PUBLIC PARTICIPATION VIL NEW BUSINESS ‘A. REQUEST FOR APPROVAL FOR NEW COURSE OF STUDY AND TEXTBOOK — FASHION DESIGN - FIRST REVIEW, pages 25-31 B, REQUEST FOR APPROVAL OF TEXTBOOK PROPOSAL ~ AP CHEMISTRY = FIRST REVIEW, page 32 ©. APPROVALOF FIRST STUDENT CONTRACT EXTENSION FOR TWO (2) YEARS Vin, OLD BUSINESS, A. DELETION OF POLICY #5I31.7 STUDENTS - WEAPONS AND DANGEROUS INSTRUMENTS ~ SECOND REVIEW - VOTE ANTICIPATED, pages 33-43 2. POLICY APPROVAL - BUSINESS/ NON-INSTRUCTIONAL — TRANSPORTATION: NON- [RESIDENT TRANSPORTATION FEE #3541() ~ SECOND REVIEW - VOTE ANTICIPATED, pacts ©. FEES FOR 2009-2010 REVISION - SECOND REVIEW - VOTE ANTICIPATED, page 45 1X, REPORTS A. STAFF REPORTS 11" "ALTERNATIVE EDUCATION PROPOSAL ~ Masuk taf pasts 4655 8 BOARD OF EDUCATION COMMITTEE REPORTS €— SUPERINTENDENT'S REPORT 1. STRATEGIC SCHOOL PROFILES, pages 56.99 COMMUNICATION X. ADJOURNMENT ‘raring ress scesby aque or te daables. The persona nodng pec aconmodstons howd cones ‘Monto urd Eduation no ss an seven [7 buses dos plo tothe meting wo make aangements- vL vu. CALL TOORDER PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE RECOGNITION OF RETIRING BOARD MEMBERS [RECOGNITION OF LORI OSTROFF THE 2010 MONROE TEACHER OF THE YEAR CONSENT AGENDA A. APPROVAL OF WARRANTS 1. Warrant 653, Voucer #24626 forte 2008-2009 school year dated November 12,2009 inthe aout of 30,135.53. 2 Warant #18, Voucher #24625, for the 200.2010 school year dat November 12,2009 inthe amour of $80,85791 B. APPROVAL OF MINUTES |. Blot fo Hoard review ae the minus om the Board of Eduction meting bold on Monday, Noveber 2, 2008. 2 Baclosed for Board review are the minutes rom the Spin! Boer of Education meeting kd on Monday, Novernber 9, 2008 © REVIEW OF FUND ACTIVITY STATEMENT else fr Boud review isthe Funds Activity Statement forthe period ending Octobe 31.2003/ Recommended Motion: The Bourd approves the consent agen s presente PUBLIC PARTICIPATION ‘Welcome othe Monroe Board of Edustion Meeting “The Board welcomes public participation and aks that speaker plese lint heir comments ‘Observers ae aways welcome, The following guidlines are oasis those wh wis o speak during the PublePatipaton Sesion Speakers may offer objective comment of school operations and programs that cancer then, The Board of Baton will ot permit any expesion of personal complaints or defamatory comments stout Board of Eduetion personnal nd stents, nor against any person connected withthe Moaroe Public School Sytem. There wil eno reponse to comments rated to ening Iain, State yourname and adres fo the record, Stan state nae oly “The Board Chairman as the dscation to init comment time, General three (3) minutes pr spake is lloue, The chal may allow adtoal ine Wren statement are always welcome and are alvays provided to Board of Beaton Members lnmmediote replies to questions/eoneerns should not be expected (Hoard Chairman's disrtion [NEW BUSINESS ‘A. REQUEST FOR APPROVAL OF COURSE OF STUDY AND TEXTBOOK - FASHION DESIGN FIRST REVIEW ‘The Monroe Curenlum Council reviewed a proposal rom the Family and Consume Sciences Deparment oof a ew course of ty in Fashion Design anda textbook ete, Clothing Fashion, Fabris and Construction. The couse proposal and exbook wer endorsed bythe CCurcuam Council and is being preseated for Board adoption. B. REQUEST FOR APPROVAL OF TEXTBOOK PROPOSAL ~ CHEMISTRY ~ FIRST REVIEW ‘The Monroe Curriculum Council reviewed «proposal rom the Science Departnet at Mask High School fora new Chemistry advanced placement ebook ene, Chemistry, & Eon. The textbook was endoed by the Criulam Camel and is being preset for Board adopt, VIL, _ APPROVAL OF FIRST STUDENT CONTRACT EXTENSION FOR TWO (2) YEARS - VOTE ANTICIPATED 1X OLD BUSINESS [A _DELETIONOF POLICY 5131.7 STUDENTS - WEAPONS AND DANGEROUS INSTRUMENTS ~ SECOND REVIEW - VOTE ANTICIPATED. ‘The Weapons and Dangerous Insrumects Policy #51317 is adressed more expasively inthe rectly approved Suspension, Expulsion and Due Process Policy #3114, Theefors, he Palsy ‘Commitee is ecomending the deletion of Policy 5131.7. Recommended Motion: Motion o approve the deletion of Pole #S13.7 Stent Weaps and Dangerous lnstumens, B. POLICY APPROVAL — BUSINESS/NON-INSTRUCTIONAL - TRANSPORTATION: NON- RESIDENT TRANSPORTATION FEE #35616) ~ SECOND REVIEW ~ VOTE ANTICIPATED, ‘The Poiey Commie ofthe Moar Board of Easton reviewed a propel o adopt policy to provide fee-based wansporatin fr nt-residen siden fo schools cad in Mone. The ‘Proposed policy received a fvoable review fom the Policy Commitee andi being submited for Second review and appoval with minor changer as equ bythe Boat the fist review on November 2, 2000, Recommended Moon: Motion wo approved the Transportation: Non-Resident Transporation Fee Policy #3531() a revised ©. FEES FOR 2009-2010 REVISION -SECOND REVIEW - VOTE ANTICIPATED Enclosed for Boar review and approval isasevaed Fe Schedule for 20092010 which nclades Nonresident Bus Transporation Fe. Recommended Motion: Motion to approve the revised Fee Sched for 2009-2010 whisk 1x REPORTS A. STAFF REPORTS 1. Akeroative Eduston Proposal ‘Mi. Mak Scare Mr Joseph Kobza, Mrs. Deb Simons, Mr. Pack Petrie and Mr ‘Vietr Altar wl bein atendanes to review the Alteraive Edson Proposal wih the Boa, B. BOARD OF EDUCATION COMMITTEE REPORTS. Mask High Schoo Student Board Representative Reports Bosed of Finance Linison CADE Region 6 ‘Commenictons Comite [Cooperative Educational Serves Lisson Comet Coane Finance Commitee ‘Manzoe Yeuth Commision Policy Commitee Selcan Town Council Lison ‘Sh to Si Magnet School C.—_SUPERINTENDENT'S REPORT 1. Strategie Sebo! Profiles COMMUNICATION X, ADJOURNMENT