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Boondocker 1964 (J) Pgs. 81-100

Boondocker 1964 (J) Pgs. 81-100

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Quantico High School Class of '64 Boondocker Yearbook
Quantico High School Class of '64 Boondocker Yearbook

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Published by: Richard "Charlie" Martin on Nov 16, 2009
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a Jt{ew World

Rosanne Allen

arnes Asbell Rita Asbell

I homas AsDelr N{ark Ball

George Banker
Susan Banks

Daphne Baronet Edward Benj amin John Bradshaw

George Brandt

Kevin Brandt

Sherwood BrunnemeYer Barbara Buckingham

Melba Burkholder Patricia Burnett



Phyllis Campbell
Connie CarPenter

Nadeen Casel'


Students Become Orientea

Bonnie Chapman

Darla Clark
Cathy Clement
Sharon Clews

Herny Commiskey

Mary Connolly Nancy Crist Charles Crossfield
Tn,rli Crntinoer

Doug Cuenin

Larry Curfiss Mary Daggett Donald Dunkleberger Vicki Dyer

Thomas Epps

Mary Eubank


Mike Field

Dave Ford


Jilliskey smiles f or photographer.


to Their Study Routine

Rodney Foss Zondra Francis

Sherry GaffneY Robert Carnet


atrici a GilIeY

-E-d\vrn GodDoIo

Science Class holds attention of Kevin Brandt
and Charles.

Jerome GoebeI Nancy Gofton
Rose Goodman

Deborah Gore
John Gossom Paula Groenewald Barbara Haake

Abigail Harris
Peter HarveY
Sandra HealY Mike Hearn Teny Heath


Risirg Freshmen Look Toutard

Christine Heitzler
Tnhn Hal m."

Jan Himmelberger

Kathryn Illg Mary Fra-nces Jitlisky

David Johnson Rebecca Juett Jacqueline K4asmarur



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Yvonne Kelley

Linda Kirby

Dennis Kelly

Georgiann Kliefoth

Robert Lang Peter Lauer

William Lawrence

Richard Likens Warren Lloyd Mary Lou Maddock Kenneth Martin Virginia May



Long Road Ahead


William MooneY

Douglas Mundell

Linda Nerthling David Nichols Jacqueline OrBrien

Steven OIson

Emile Paradis

Bill Pritchard

Rebecca Sue Randall

William Regan

Margaret Ronald

Nancy Ross Judith Rupnik Richard Salter
Deborah Sautter Sharon Roth

Jacqueline Savage
Susan Scheffer

Andrew Shimonoff Kermeth Sienko Stephanie Sigmon


Eighth Graders Make Headutal

Patricia Silva
N{aureen Simpson

Kathryn Sinclair
Joseph SkoczYlas

f(ob1n )m1tn

Daniel Stroup
Lisa Sturgell

Klm Krn I an
Emest TaYIor

Linda Vaughan

Tim Vogt

l\,lar1' Walt

Cynthia Walters

Laura Ware
Jeanne Warren

William Waskom William Watson

Maureen Westerman Teresa White

Robert Williams Beverly Wilson Richard Wyckoff

Van Wyckoff
John Young Roland Young Patricia Zaudtke Frederick Zingg

Student Council

S. C.



President -- Gail N'icMullen

Vice President -- N{ike King
Secretary -- Beverly Darnell Treasuler -- Bill Bartley

Parliarnentarian -- Jim Rauchle
County Federation President -Doug Crockett County Federation Secretary- Andy Cuenin

Chaplain -- Margaret Garrett


-- Mr.


Sandy Hunt listens to S.

C.A, minutes.


Sets Standards

Terry Tucker, Debbie Dressin, R_eg1n, clement,2nd Row: tvlichaei pashalek, l(im T"rl"r_,_ BmnncnmeyeL, Bill White, sandy Hunt, Doug Crockett, Bob Nichols, Chris Harris, Tom Horne. Brucc childcrs. Ernile Paradis.
Nlaureen Pelletier, Daphne

S. C,

A. Representatives


Kellcy Greene, Robin Smith, Nlary Daggett, }ow -- Sl'raron Cox, Patty pat

These achievements dernonstrate effectiveness of a interesting and cooperative student governrnent.

the school. Arnong the defraying of expenses of dances, sponsoring a series of radio programs, organizing the annual S. C. A, Carnival, providing Christmas baskets for the needy, operating a school store, participating in Counry Federation,

The Student Cooperative Association is the student government of Quantico High School. It is designed to be under the leadership of its President, Gail N1acl,lullen, and Vice Presidcnt Michael King, and rvith the guidance of its able sporlsor, N{r. Pritchard, the S, C. A. has fulfilled its main prupose: to benefit the student body, Each Friday aJternoon throughout the school year, members forge d forrvard, a1$'a)rs looking into the future and discussing rvays of improt'ing

S. C. A. Senators: Larry Curfis, Perry Shimanoff Janice Johnson, Beverly Darnell, Scott Schick,





3. (



INTER CLUB COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES ARE: (BOTTOM ROW) Bob Fox, Eileen Russell, Karin Johnson. (MIDDLE ROW) Diane Williarns, Patty Regan, Anne Bartley, Tom Edrington, Martha Early, Nancy Settle. (TOP ROW) Erik Ritzau, Dick Crotinger, Tyler Crew, Stanley Gill, Bob Borr'linr Barbara Dickinson, Vicki

This year for the first time Quantico High School has organized an Inter-Club Council. The club lvas sponsored by Miss Jacqueline Walker and was aided bv the caDable Ieadership of Eiieen Russell as President Bob Fox as Vice-President, and Karin Johnson as Secretary.

days the various clubs meet, and to revise the point systern, It has proved to be a very rvorthwhile and successful organization,

The main objective of the Council u/aS to co-ordinate the various school clubs, Three of its main functions were to l,\'rite a constitution, set up a schedule for the

affiliated with the Student Council.

I. C. C. OFFICERS (Left to Right) Bob Fox, Vice-President; Eileen Russell, President; Karin Johnson, Secretary.


Junior Honor Socitt)


FIRST ROW -- Thomas Edrington, Steffi Sigrnon, Georgiann l(liefoth, Cathy Clement, Robin Smith, Andy Shimanoff, SECOND ROW -- Nancy Roark, Janice Johnson, Linda Vaughan, Mary Daggett, Patricia Silva, JoAnn Frier, Lillian Collins, Betty Keene, PauI Hartle, Bob Hamilton, Maureen Russell.

Junior Honor Society members are elected twice each year frorn the eighth and ninth grades. New rnembers are chosen on the basis of outstanding scholarship, leadership, and character. These young people set an example for others to follow as they work conscientiously to rnaintain their membership,

Officers: Thomas Edrington -- Treasurer Janice Johnson -- President Paul Hartle -- Vice President




Early, Pat Clement, ROW

ROW 1: Linda Hornstein, Martha

Julie Epps, Miss Stathopou-los, Jim Rauchle, Andrea Cuenin,

Mrs. Toney, ROW 3: Doug Crockett, Bob Fox, Iouis Marucheaur Bob Nichols, Ron Pritchard.

Cox, Mary Pashalek, Kathy Kusiak, Elaine Rupnik, Perry Shimanoff, Bill Bartley, Erik Ritzau, Cindy Hearn. ROW 2: Jim Whelan, Nancy Metas, Mike Senuta, Ceorge Codrea, Janet Waskom, Beverly Darnell, Kelley Greene, Robert Daggett, Bob RotJr, Bruce Blackwell.

ROW 1: Karin Johruon, Sharon



. tapping ceremony


-- Col.


President: Bob Fox

Vice President: IPuis Marucheau
Secretary: Pat Clement Tteasutet: Doug Crockett Soorxors: Mrs. Karen ToneY


Miss Petsa StathoPoulos

F==e#=i=Gcg€tr#gw-E=g=J=INational Honor Society of Secondary Schools' membership in which is based on schorarsnrp' leadershiP, sewice, and character'

Creatiue Students Enliuen Inklings

The INKLINGS staff of Quantico High School has comoleted a vear of notable achievement under the direction of N'Ir, l\{ichael Larose, Winter and Spring editions of this literary magazine brought hours of

reading enjoyment to students, faculry, and parents alike. Pages filled r,'ith original short stories, poems, essaysJ book leviews, and art n'ere combined to form rnemorable editions of rn'hich t]-le school can be proud,


Kathy Brovming

i'r l5 '{d * tr4 . {tf . i1 l

1 {t


1st ROW -- Sharon Cox, Danny Sparkman, 2nd ROW -- Diana Rixey, Linda Hornstein, Eileen Russell, Kathy r rc4rrrt Brorn'ning, Cathy McCreery, Cheryl OtMara. 3rd ROW -- Mr. Larose, sponsor) Michael l IEdIrl) !rrruy Kelley Greene, Susan Opeka, Donna lt{ay, Kathi. Fenuessy, Jo Ann Frier,


Shoelace Keeps Students lrformed

1st ROW -- Jarnes Lang, Rosemary GiII, Pat Wismer, Betty Ward, Beth Herring, Margo Meek, Mary Pashalek, Phyllis l\{ackert, Eileen Russell. 2nd ROW -- Carol Kasica, Vicki Pickerell, Barbara Dickison, Nancy Roanc, Nancy Metas, Mike Ross, Julie Epps.

Left to Right: N{iss Sams --

Sponsor, Billy Walt -- Co-Sports Editor, Beth Herring -- News Editor, Cathy Browning -- CoSports Editor, Barbara Dickison --

Ediror-in-Chief , Al Leitherland
Feature Editor.

-- Art Editor, Eileen Russell --

Barbara Dickison

Did you stay up rvith this yearrs school news? If you didn't you werenrt an avid teader of the SHOELACE, Quantico High nervspaper. This year it was edited by Barbara Dickison, a member of the senior class. Wit1l the help of her small but enthusiastic staff, Barbara *'as able to produce a fine paper. The staff consistedof school reporters) class reportels, and editors, Thei.r prupose was to give good reading enjoyment to the student body and keep them rvell in-formed as to rvhat 'ivas going on around school, To the rnembers of the stafl, holvever, each issue represented even more. As they turn the pages they remember the long hours of planning, lr,riting, Vping, and rvorking on lay-outs, Their rvork was not in vair,, for each issue rvas a pleasant surprise and well rvorth waiting for,




With the advent of autumn carne that of an old tradition at Quantico High School: The 1963-64 BOONDOCKER, Plans ',r'ere immediately put into effect to develop this yearrs bool- into an irdividual characrer. differing from ir-s predecessors. Those who rvere bestowed with this task worked and toiled endlessly, searchlng for new ideas. Their attempts, successes, and, sometimes, failures were enjoyed, and at last overcoming all difficulties, the BOONDOCKER staff members present their completed copy of the Q. H. S, YearDOOK.

eterni$', ever holding a marvelous intrigue for its olvner as a tteasure chest of days gone by, And may all comprehend that the staJfrs travail has not been in vai.n and that its captain, \.llartha Early, has navigated her ship u'ith rnuch success!

so diligently labored upon this volume: That it rr-ray not soon ,.rio :^ ho m^n'.r" f 1^-rirs momenl. bur rhar ir live on lor

There is but one rvish rvithin the hearts of those tvho have


Martha Early

-- Sandi Beno. Sharon Cox, Mary Pashalek, Sheila Ross, Diana Rixey, Nancy Settle, Mike Ni{ong. 2nd ROV/ -- l(arcrr Co'tlorv. Pam Juett, Karin Johnson, Andy Cuenin, Sally LaHue. Carol Kasica. Arrne Bartle;. Jim Lang. 3rd ROW -- Susie Hamilton, Cindy Hearn, Charleen Ludden, Donna May, Betry Keene, Bob May, Dicl- Croti.o, r Dnr'^ Cp6qkg11.

Chest of


,,ffi"""Martha EarlY shows enthusiastic staff Publishing details,

Karin Johnson shows Martha Early her idea of a layout Clement and LYnda Hornstein look on. Itrs not bad!

as Pat

You wouldnrt

-- Left to right: BiU Bartlev -- SPorts Editor, Pat Clement -- CoPY Editor, Miss Comer -- Adviserr Martha Earlv -- Editor-in-Chief, Linda Homstein -- Associate Editor' Jim Rauchle -- Business Manager, KelleY (,1ssng -- Art
Editors Editor.


Hut Board

Secretary -- Cathy Browning Treasutet -- Jim Rauchle

Co-Presidents Bill Warren Patty Regan

Ref reshments


Nancy McCaleb
ursB LurrurrBrrarrr


of Gouernors

Clean-up Committee

Bill Vaughan

Andy Cuenin

Decorations Committee
Steve HambY

Vicki Pickerell

Board of Governors

"r.;i;;;, il:*Pir.;*a*"i""##ffi:T:::,:'"ilj:i","*:::sted parents, works.closerv_with the H.B.o' G, and Mrs' of old' it ""a *"i"taining its rulesto Prison't Dance, the welcome iig^ct Lawson to improve th" ;;;;y '"-"to'"Iitt-g .r," E*t.iil;;;;_;fi" Among the activitie.; ,;;i";;-by s."fite, as well as movie trips to washington'
Rat Dance, the

-Wi* EachyeartohelpmaintaintheHutandorganizeitsactivities,.".so'Polstudentsknown-astheHut ti'tptto"e' 'rMom'r Lawson' the ,rr" h",;

"f ";1i""-""J"-i"ui"

errnuaisfii;*H;;ki", D.rr"",*^ii"'i"i"r*"


Industrial Arts Clubs


TOOL CHEST CLUB OFFICERS President -- Ronald Pritchard, Vice President -- Steve Hamby, Secretary Stanley Gill, I. C, C, Representative -- Bob Bowlin.


Cathy Browning, Tteasurer


The Tool Chest CIub of Quantico High School is an organization composed of students who have taken or are presently enrolled in any of the Industrial Art Courses. The main purpose of the club is to promote an interest in Industrial Arts and to make the necessary materials available. This club has been quite activethisyear, Among their activiries were selling buttons and pennants before games, introducing and participating in the float contest at Homecoming, and sponsoring the Beaver-Varsity Basketball game.

The Tool Kit Ciub is the junior counterpart of the Tool Chest CIub, It was organized with the eighth and ninth graders in mind, The students, in order to be members, must have taken or be presently enrolled in any of the Industrial Arts courses. These students enjoy working together while developing useful skills.


ss$wtue#p e '';:'i'&..*l:'

L'!...$& ,cele i$"a' tr..' .'*".r!- j-.:.1


iif;!i!& tsi





[' uj

Pres. -- Mike Pashalek V. Pres. -- Mike Beasley, Sec. -Sharon OrBrien,

Treas. -- Linda Kirby I. C. C. Rep. -- Mike Beasley, Parliamen*--:-.^ Ldlrdrr -D ^-. U^^1., r\sI llEdry'


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