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~OOK . m, ~ . JUU~ ~ut llifn r~u ~

t~n~l m~nij . ';".: .' : . . MV~ 10 ~~ . ': .:. '. . . Jffii.~l n~ .

~relreHeM": ,~ .. ~,' . ~n~~:m~ ','.' ~.:·n~

" .. t '-.

ruurt~~~, ~ .: -. ' '.' ~n~'ro~ '::":'" ',':'~~,~~~nl ~"~ ~~

~I tnn ., .. -. ): Dr~r':: "., ;:;:::~': ~: - ;i~~,-.,: "t:~~f~m~re :~~:,'.:':~}

,. .

~~~~J ~~::" ~,:":'" ~U'~~$lt t.. ' ,',.\,:,';;;.;:~>< 'Uj~re .. >

~nu !~~!1~ · , ;:·w~kr; :~" . ::"'; >-- '. ' Than m:lli~l ref ' .

A,laretl~: .·~mlerm ',:,:' ~Iooe!n~~rm!" •

W~OOm~!;'1'~~;' ·'!m~nU'~t!l·, ;' .. 2~"· . ...,:;;;;(.~

&IW'~ v~1~m~ II~Wi~ ~OTI~~
!I'~ 'II 11 i~n e~'~ry QaJ t~~ Jat~D ~~ ,&tJmutbr
I ~m~~Mb~ (W 1elm ~Iij in l~OO)
t~ry illtf
rh~w ~u~IAtt,~
lwl m~1mMANIA in ~ v~lum~~

edited by

Richard Alan Spiegel & Barbara Fisher published by The Waterways Project library program coordinated by

Sandra Payne, Supervising Young Adult Librarian; Staten Island Branch Libraries

Poetry Reading

at the St. George Branch

of the New York Public Library Saturday, April 13, 1991 PARTICIPATING STATEN ISLAND SCI-IOOLS -----

PS 1, PS 36, IS 27, IS 61. IS 72, IS 75 Assumption School, Concord High School, Richard Hungerford School, Moore High School, St. Sylvester School. Vocational Training Center.

Susan Wagner High School PARrrICIPA1'ING T~ACHERS -----

Ms. Diane Altman, Mr. Ashkar,

Ms. Angela Belcher, Mrs. Blumenrich, Mr. Michael Blyth, Ms. Michele Cheser, Mrs. Julia Fontano, Mrs. Donna Gullickson, Mr. Stewart Grossman, Mrs. F. Jorin,

Mrs. Evelyn M. Lacagnino, Ms. Loretta McMillen, Ms. Helen S. Settles, Mrs. Sunden, Mrs. Tedesco, Ms. Anita Verdiglione, Ms. Rhonda Whitfield

This program is made possible with support from NYC Public Schools, Office of Alternative High Schools and Programs, The New York Public Library, NYS Council on the Arts and Harper-Collins, Inc.

~ 1991, 'Ibn Penny Players Inc.



Vicki Abrams 3 Stacy Hoffman 31
Amy Berger 4 Allen Christopher 'Ircmbono 32
Chad Berkowitz I) Scott Fischer 33
Melissa Bevilacqua 6 Suzanne Sukalic 34
Ian Feinstein 8 Dominick Muzio 35
Staci Fine 9 Ebony L. Hall 36
David Gagliardotto 10 Stephanie Iannuzzi 37
Ciro Galena 12 Tracie Fallen 38
Douglas Greenberg 15 Rose Ann Fama 39
Renee Gross 16 Dana Kennerly 40
Christine Hagis 17 Christina Leehr 41
Kerl Kilcommons 18 Leigh-Anne Aparo 42
Marisa Koval 19 Amanda Ringel 43
Jennifer Lee 20 Mary Anrie Braccia 44
Erica Leanardini 21 Kathleen Curran 45
Philip Maravolo 23 Paul Raberge 46
Jennifer Margiotta 24 Debra Lumini 47
Joshua Mendelson 25 Chris Mirasola 48
AmyPendya 27 Laura Stafford 49
Andy Seaberg 28 Sandra Milo 50
Gannon Wallach 29 Anthony Montalvo 51
Melissa Mallen 52 2

WORDS Yield Abrams

Words that touch, Words that mend, Words in a poem, That always end.

I wish they would last, Go on forever,

Some are funny,

Some are clever.

Funny poems are neat, Clever poems are nice,

Romantic poems touch your heart Just like sugar and spice!

There are poems I like to read, There are poems I like to write, Some are meant to calm,

While some are meant to excite.

Words that touch, Words that mend, Words in a poem, That never really end!



There are books of all kinds

to improve our minds.

There's a mystery and suspense, Which keep us all so very tense,

Then there are spine-chilling thrillers, In which there are cold-blooded killers. There are books that are funny,

And others revolve around greed and money. Humorous books keep us laughing,

While other novels keep us gasping.

There are also books about spies,

Where uncovered, are someone's lies.

There are novels containing science-fiction, When authors use incredible diction.

Then there are tragedies

Which are ever so sad,

Take "Hamlet" for example,

in which he goes mad.

There are also biographies, Which are about someone, And people to choose from, There are a ton.

Last, but not least, there's romance and love, Which lift your spirits high above,

So when you're bored, just pick up a book. Some even have pictures through which to look. When you're in need of a type of book,

flip through this page,

And you'll become a sage.



The Poet,

King of the castle, Leader of the tribe, The poem,

A holy gift,

A celebration of life,

The product of imagination! The world of the poem, Captivating all emotions,

Words that catch the reader's eye, A clear picture of nature,

All the floating clouds in the sky, Looking through a time glass,

The distinct picture of a crystal ball, Infinite dreams and goals,

New lessons in life to be learned, In the time capsule of poetry, Life is a fragile treasure!


? ? ? ? ?

• • • • •

Melissa Bevilacqua

I'm asked to write What shall it be?

About my favorite kind of story - A mystifying mystery!

Can a woman and her cat

Who have long disappeared Return as ghosts, seek Annabel, Lead her on,

Are they feared?

The author is Beverly Butler, An amazing writer, how's that?

She wrote a remarkably witty mystery Simply entitled, "Ghost Cat".

And another animal tale, A cat-astrophe,

Starring Beth Carew and Copy Cat It's a ghost cat mystery!

For Beth is the poor girl whose summer's a bomb, 'til the Goodalls move away with their five cats - END OF CALM!

Creepy things start to happen Strange noises at night,

Toys starting up by themselves, Ghost cat, old witch, full of fright. Was that ghost cat back

haunting the old Goodall home?

Read "The Copy Cat Mystery".

But don't be alone!


Teenager Kate Clancy is awaiting her dream A holiday with Bonnie, her high school chum, They're a team!

A quiet vacation together so it was to be But Kate is never far from a grand mystery.

It seems Bonnie's grandmother tried slick foolery With signs pointing towards her-

A thief stealing jewelry.

Read "Mystery at Bluff Point Dunes" It's no mirage,

And Kate Clancy stars too,

In "Mystery at Snowshoe Mountain Lodge".

Baffling, dark, obscure, and quite mystic, Occult, puzzling, mind-boggling, concealment and cryptic, Whodunnit, what, where, when,

how and then why?

Interrogation, cross-examine, truthful or bold lie! They're disturbing, distressing,

challenging and daring,

Never dull, boring, dim, lifeless,

commonplace or wearing.

For mysteries will always sting

and whet my appetite, Forcing me to read on and on into the night. My face like a question mark, never a frown, Come electrify my brain, Nancy Drew,

Encyclopedia Brown!



Ian Feinstein

Traditions are important.

They are often carried down, From generation to generation, There are many to be found. And so it is with Tevye,

In "Fiddler on the Roof',

A man steeped in tradition, We need no further proof. Driven by tradition,

He frowns on any change.

In his little village of Anatevka, This is not exactly strange.

For most people there, will all agree, That life cannot go on,

Without their values and traditions, That their lives are based upon. And so it is with Tevye,

Who explains through all his fears, "Because of our traditions,

We've kept our balance for many, many years." Traditions are important,

We need no further proof.

As Tevye simply puts it:

"Without our traditions, Our lives would be as shaky

as a Fiddler on the Roof."




Old man Santiago had dreams of his own, with only a small shack to call his home.

He was lonely, courageous and also quite daring. Manolin, his young friend was caring.

Without a fish for eighty-four days,

Santiago set sail to end this phase.

With his lips and skin parched by the sun, Santiago's quest was to land the big one. Too far out to sea his skiff did float,

such a deep ocean is not meant

for this type of a boat.

His home land was no longer visible to his eyes, will power and inner-strength

were his only disguise.

For a while now not a fish was in sight, a tug and a pull made everything right. When on his line, much to his surprise,

an eighteen-foot Marlin swam before his eyes. It was a match of strong wills; man against fish. In the end, Santiago seized his wish.

With his prize possession tied securely in place, Santiago headed home

with a content look on his face.

When out of the deep a fin did appear, and Santiago's dreams turned to fear. His only savior, a man-made spear,

the jaws of death still drew near.

With most of his fish eaten away, Santiago feels he can face the next day. To win a prize is everyone's goal,

but, it's how 'tis done that saves the soul ...


A BOOK COMES ALIVE David Galiardotto

Early one dreary, rainy April day,

I was all alone and feeling sad and gray. Sitting in my room doing nothing at the time, Just searching the hidden compartments

of my mind.

Suddenly, I began to age

-- I was about 30 years old, People were screaming

-- I felt frightened and cold.

My sweatsuit was

the uniform of the Mudville Nine, The bat I held with my initials told me

it was mine.

The scoreboard showed two outs

in the bottom of the ninth inning, The bases were loaded, but we weren't winning. An announcer called the score -- "seven to three," The game, the crowd, the team,

all depended on me.

My nerves were shot as I held the bat steady, Whatever the pitch, I lmew I was ready.

The ball's in the air

-- I swing with might and rage, But the tension is suspended

until I turn the page.


I find that it's "Casey at the Bat" -- not really me, But it's so real as it happened -- how could it be? How many times have you been in this situation, When a book comes alive

and inspires your imagination?


PETER PAN Ciro Galeno

Michael, Wendy, and John,

in dreams they slept one night,

When Peter Pan decided to take them on a flight. What started as a lost shadow,

That he searched for in their room,

Turned into a trip to Neverland,

Into the sky, across the moon.

Ohl joyous adventure, so many things to see! Ohl mermaids, pirates, and Indians,

What else could there be?

What could there be lurking

in the forest or lagoon?

Behold! Captain Hook's pirate ship, Floating in the light of the moon!

And that endless tick tock ticking, It's the only thing you hear.

Could the crock with the clock be slithering near? "Wendy, will you be our mother?"

Peter Pan and the lost boys plead.

"We will love you always,

You can give us what we need. You will be like the rest of us, Children all our lives.

We won't grow up! We won't grow up!"

The boys loudly cried.


And so in this place of beauty. The children thought they'd stay.

It would be peaceful, warm, and happy, Every single day!

But just as dreams are ended, The peace was nevermore. Captain Hook was after Peter, He hated him to the core.

"You must go home now, children," Peter said with fright.

"I'Il show you the way across the sky, Now go into the night!"

Captain Hook was after Peter, The croe is after Hook.

Tinker Bell was angry,

She showed Hook where to look.

The lost boys trapped the pirates, Hook had Peter Pan.

To make him walk the plank, Was the Pirate's evil plan.

But somehow Hook got cornered, Into the lagoon he'd jump.

The croc had Hook to dine on, One luscious tasty chomp!

"Good-bye Peter," said Wendy, As the children took to the sky. Home is two stars till morning, And they sadly said good-bye.


They rubbed their eyes ~- Oh those dreams! They seem so untrue.

The window was wide open. The sky a brilliant blue.

But if you squinted your eyes

to block the morning sun, You could see a twinkling star,

That must be the onel

And the moral of this story, The one that Peter told,

Is no matter how hard you try, You can't help growing old.

No place is all that simple,

As in a child's mind,

Not all the world is peaceful, or loving, good, and kind.

And so all little children, No matter where you roam,

Inside you know where love lives-There's no place like home.



Douglas Greenberg

Mysteries surely stimulate my mind, And romances do touch my heart I find, But my favorite form, it stands alone; It's the one that tickles my funny bone.

Life is often serious and quite sad,

So the antidote (I guess) is being glad. Give me humor! Confuse me, amuse me, And a fall gets the loudest laugh of all.

Let not my epitaph say son nor pa,

But rather boldly etched I'd rather, "Ha."



The creak of a door,

soft footsteps entering.

The blas t of a gun,

a voice starts screaming.

A figure clad.

in black and gray.

Hiding out in the shadows of night, out of sight by day.

In comes our hero,

with magnifying glass in hand.

Puffing smoke from a pipe,

while looking for clues as he stands.

Following leads,

and questioning witnesses, Entering bars and cafes,

hoping to fmd mysterious persons.

Tracking down his man, as he finds more clues.

Chasing like a cat after a mouse, our detective pursues.

A beautiful woman enters the scene, Is she an innocent,

or part of a deadly scheme.

Will our detective make it out okay?

Or will another criminal get away?



Henry heard the battle cry.

His country called on him to try. He longed for the fight

to be given the chance

to show the North's great might.

His mother cried, she wept with sorrow for her only son would leave tomorrow. He went to war a boy at heart,

he could hardly wait to start.

After endless days of mud and heat

the two huge armies had a chance to meet.

The bullets screamed, men and landscape razed. This horror left poor Henry dazed.

The touch, the smell, the fear of death, he inhaled it with every breath.

Henry left the war a boy no more.



Dancing swiftly, as if at a ball,

Dotting those low, and crossing those tall, Sagas, unknown, so many to tell,

Drowned in the depths of the darkest inkwell.

In a world where words are within but a space, And letters, they follow, being be-chased.

Stocked with the blackest of ever black fuel, Making periods argue, and quotation marks duel.

Delving and dipping through places so grand, Carpet flights through fantasy lands.

Where princes marry, and sorcerers reign, And evil leaders die in vain.

Cauldrons bubble, and crystals shine, Days are endless, non-existent is time, Impossible is frankly real,

And hexes are locked with witch's zeal.

Dragons and demons and turrets up high, Swinging on stars in the moonlit night sky, Imagination, vivid and clear,

Is the picture of glee, thrills, and fear.

Pages swing to tell the next, Between the binds of a written text, On and on, by day or by night, Twirling and spinning, a pen writes.


BOOKS Maria Koval

Page after page of intriguing content

Some are store-bought, others lent.

Books try to teach us right from wrong

And some are short while others are long. Characters and plots jumping out from each page Like a beautiful winged bird

escaping from its cage.

Wisdom fills the reader's mind - An adventure, a mystery,

a love story of some kind.

Hours pass by and the clock ticks away

Cozy in bed, "Lights Out!" I hear Mom say So I lay down my book and turn out my light Because I know in the morning

I'll be reading till night.



On a day dark and dreary,

A girl named Kit was feeling weary.

She came to Connecticut for a better life, To leave Barbados, cares and strife,

On a ship, she meets a boy named Nat, She likes his blue eyes, and his cap.

She lives with her aunt and works day and night, But she just never can do anything right.

She befriends Hannah Tupper

who is supposed to be a witch, Cause they say, she makes spells

like "Snicklefritz".

Kit has an enemy named Goodwife Crubb,

She is haughty, nosy, and always says "Humph." The people burn Hannah's house,

Cause they say that she can turn into a mouse. Next Kit is charged with witchcraft, too,

But Nat comes to her rescue.

She marries Nat of whom she is fond, But will always remember

the witch of Blackbird Pond.


APRIL MORNING Erica Leonardini

Listen to me and you will hear the story How the British came to Lexington

in all their glory

And of a boy named Adam and of the morning The British tried to give them a word of warning.

A shot was fired, from whom no one knows, Adam's father lay dead

from the bullet's mighty blow.

Adam watched on at the chaos that followed, Sick and frightened, he found it hard to swallow.

He ran for safety, a good place to hide,

The smokehouse will do, so he went inside. What just happened he could not believe,

The British might find him, so he took his leave.

Off into the countryside, as fast as he could, Adam ran and ran til his legs felt like wood. From all directions men were walking with pride, Heading for a meeting place,

the Colonials were wise.

A plan was made in advance you see,

If the British came they knew what must be.

The Colonials must fight for their land to be free, They would take on the redcoats and bring them

down to their knees.


Adam now knew his father had a part

in this plan.

If only he could see it for himself first hand. Behind every fence and rock and up in the trees, The Colonials waited for the British with ease.

On their way back from Concord

as the British passed by,

The Colonials fired and the redcoats dropped like flies.

Adam knew as he lived through this day without joy,

His life had changed, he was no longer a boy.

As he lay in his bed that night in his home, Adam felt much sorrow and he felt all alone. He recalled his father's words of wisdom, "Our oath is in the holy name of freedom."



I've read a book that left me a fluster; about a man named General Custer. He was impatient, courageous at hand; for he had had, A LAST STAND.

Blood was spilled, bones were chilled;

for every American soldier, had been killed. Indians cheered and screamed

for Custer's demise;

but their death toll, they had yet to realize. American soldiers would be replaced;

Indians were scared of the war they now faced. This tragedy took place in a wide open valley; where the Indians proceeded to have

a great rally.

This book is like Nintendo, which I really adore; I would love to read it much, much more.



Jennifer Margiotta

A mystery is like a coil

with suspense around each turn

Or a train traveling from place to place Picking up new clues before

its final destination

A mystery is like an ancient temple Bursting with endless wonder

Or a long dark tunnel filled with doors With adventure lurking behind each one A mystery is like a cobweb so intricate That perhaps there's no start or finish A mystery is like a maze

With so many directions

A mystery is the night sky Posing the inquiry "why" as

mysticism envelopes you Mystery is ....


THE OLD MAN AND THE SEA Joshua Mendelson

Santiago, the old man, looking out to the sea, Sat pondering, is there a fish out there for me? Out of Havana he set sail.

But for 84 days he did fail.

Salao, the bad luck curse,

Kept him from putting money in his purse. A huge marlin he did not spy,

But he kept on fishing for one more try. His faithful student, Manolin,

Stood by his side and never lost faith in him. Thoughts of the Yankees and baseball

kept him going,

While over the waves he kept on rowing. On one day he did fight,

A big fish that ate his bait in one bite. He fought the fish for days on end, Hoping his strength would mend.

His dream of catching the big fish had come true, But were eaten away by the

sharks of the blue.

His heart weighed heavy with despair, When all he: had was the

skeleton of his fare.

The fish had been 18 feet from head to tail,

But the fisherman had nothing left for sale.


The moral of the story is so true, That fate may hinder and discourage you.

But perseverance wins in the end, Just like the old man, the sea, and his young friend.




Amy Pandya

How do you describe a poem? Well you can say,

A poem is a summer's day, Fresh and new,

Or as a spring bud,

) Opening to reveal a beautiful fragrance.

A poem is like autumn leaves,

There are many vivid colors of love and hope, A poem is a winter's snowman,

Happy and filled with children's laughter, But how do you describe a poem?

A poem is a gift,

To all man kind,

It is love and laughter, Hope and fresh,

It is all,

And none,

A poem is anything you want it to be.



Horris is the sight of a ghost Upon an open grave;

As the apparition floats towards you It challenges you to be brave.

Horror is the danger lurking Beyond the gruesome doorway; As the unsuspecting characters Innocently play.

Horror is the danger approaching

So you let out a blood curdling scream; Something that you never imagined, Even in your worst dream.

Horror is the hidden noose Beneath the devil's cloak;

Waiting to approach the harmless people And violently choke.

Horror is the sharp teeth of a vampire Grasping you and ready to bite; Sinking his teeth into your neck

With all of his might.

When horror lingers overhead Don't wait around to say "hi'" Run as fast as you can;

For you may be the next to die.




In a small town a baby is born

But no one could know and forewarn That a scorpion with a bite so fierce The baby's skin it would pierce

The baby's fate was unknown

If he died, Kino and his wife would be alone Kino took him to the doctor

Hoping he would be able to find the cure Leading the baby to health and safety But Kino had no money

and the doctor was greedy The doctor would not treat the baby

No matter how strong Kino's plea.

Kino went to the ocean and found a pearl With this he thought his luck would unfurl, The pearl seemed to be quite valuable

Kino hoped it would make his son's health


He struck a bargain with the physician Who then sent him on a mission

For the pearl to find a buyer

Before his situation became more dire. Kino scurried to sell his treasure

And now another plan he had to measure As he headed back towards his house

He saw only tears on the face of his spouse The house was gone, destroyed by fire

And now to a cave he was forced to retire Here in the cave the tragic event took place The loss of a son that time would not erase


Kino now took the pearl back to sea

He threw it away but there was no glee

He had learned a lesson whose price was high About life and greed and things money can't buy.



Writing can be a lot of fun and it's good to do,

If you know how to write then you'll get far, You'll always need writing until the day you die, Writing -- you'll need every day of your life,

I like to write when I get inspired,

If I look at something sad or feel glad

then I'll write,

It helps me express myself better than I could, A lot of things you write about

Can tell someone what you are thinking about, Or how you feel at that moment in time,

If you're sad, writing about it can sometimes

cheer you up, Sometimes it doesn't help,

But when people see how you write they care, They show it by helping you anyway they can, I love to write,

It's my way of life.


THE SCHOOL BOOKS RAP Allen Christopher Trembone

Today I'm here to say

that school books are A-o.k., One thing that they do, they teach you,

I'm no fool, I use them in school,

Just listen to me, o.k.?

I use my school books every day. So before you start to play,

You better use your school books every day, You better not delay,

You better use your school books every day, It will help you get a good job and good pay.




Sometime when you're feeling important, Sometime when your ego's in bloom, Sometime when you take it for granted, You're the best qualified in the room; Sometime when you feel that you're going Would leave an unfillable hole,

Just follow this simple instruction

And see how it humbles your soul.

Take a bucket and fill it with water,

Put your hand in it, up to the wrist,

Pull it out, and the hole that's remaining Is the measure of how you'll be missed,

You may splash all you please when you enter, You can stir up the water galore,

But stop, and you'll find in a minute

That it looks quite the same as before.

The moral in this quaint example

Is to do the best that you can.

Be proud of yourself, but remember ... There is no indispensable man.


WHAT YOU ARE . Suzanne Sukalic

You are nothing but a leaf on the road of life.

On the road of life you get blown around and around.

No one cares about you 'cause you are only a leaf.

You alone are a millstone in everyone's life

You are only a leaf on the road of life.


HERE WE STAND Dominick Muzio

You just stand there condemning us

with your eyes,

You never listen, you just ignore our cries, We tell of the dreams that we're chasing after Because of this we become products

of your laughter,

We've got no way out, we have no way in, All we will ever be is products of your sin, Fear is all we've ever known,

always being left alone, But we're rising fast, we're standing tall,

It's just a matter of time before we make you fall. Here we stand, together as one,

Kids of the world will fight 'til we've won.



My best friend

A piece of paper and pen, I can tell you so much,

I can fill you all in,

I love this paper so pretty and white, You tell me things,

The things I may write My best friend,

The only one in the world I count on, The only one I can truly love,

My pen and my paper,

My best friend.


AN UNDERSTANDING Stephanie Iannuzzi

We all have come to a point of an understanding a point of love

a point of being

We live together in one big place where we have That understanding of what

We must do

Or try to do True, many do not follow this

But they do not have this understanding

This place that we are upon we all must come to This point of


Or we will never grow to what we are Supposed to come to

Once we all come to a point where we understand Our purpose in such a place

We pass

Or we try

To pass this knowledge to another one like Ourselves

So that they can grow

Also with the knowledge to find the Understanding

Of what they are to come to.


SADNESS Tracie Fallen


It's a word that describes tears,

It's a word that describes fears, It's a time to cry,

And it's a time to ask why, It's a feeling of loneliness,

And it's a feeling of emptiness, It's a feeling I have.

It's a feeling I can't let go of, It's a word,

It's a time,

And it's a feeling that I don't need.

Unless I find something to be happy about. My emotions will remain as sadness indeed.


THE PAST Rose Ann Fama

The past couple of days I have cried, which is very unlikely because of my pride. I held back my feelings for such a long time. I held them inside because they are so depressing. I don't tell someone because then I'll be messing. Messing up that is, and mess up their head. I think to myself - you're better off dead. Why should I trouble someone with my problems, my guilt, and my fears. My head is so bottled. I am worth not more than a penny. I ruined my life when I went out with Lenny. I used to be kind, loving and sweet. But all that changed and I became mean, and right after that I became a fiend. I used everything and everyone, I lied so much but swore nothing was wrong. But finally one day I admitted the truth. I needed help and was so confused. In a world so cold and so dark, I needed the light, but I had no spark. I learned many things. I had to learn the hard way. Must do what I can to better my day. My friends had helped me, stood by my side and said, "They didn't wanna watch me die." I knew I had hurt them when I see them all cry.

Then I decided to make them all proud of me. I said, ''I'll be food, watch and see." I was good for a while, but it was harder than I thought. I cheated sometimes, but always got caught. Then again, I realized something else - can't do it for them, must do it for self. When I cheated, I only cheated myself. I wish I could pass this knowledge to somebody else. But I know they won't listen to what I say, they must make up their own mind and choose their own way. I'm very happy to say this, and I'd say it loud, "I've been clean for five months, and I'm very proud."



I DO·CARE Dana Kennerly

You're very kind of heart sometimes, That's why I love you so much, You're on my mind most of the day, Ijust think of you and then I pray

That the next time I see you, you're okay.

There are also times that I wonder If we will last another week or day, Or if you'll break my heart in two, I try not to think of these things,

'Cause I don't want them to ever be true, I wouldn't be able to say it's through Between me and yoti,

Because I wouldn't stop loving you, Not now, not ever,

I want you in my heart now and forever.

My heart, now yours,

I hope you keep and treasure it With thoughts real deep.

I'm. just saying I love you,

And want you to feel the same for me, too.

A DREAM Christina Leehr

A dream is said to be so many things.

I t could be as short as a child, or as tall as a man.

A dream can be made by parents or friends.

Dreams are like flowers in a garden, You can pick them to see how pretty they are.

A dream is like looking up in the sky to see how blue and beautiful it is.

A dream is everything a person could think of.



Showers of sunlight drift past her eyes,

And spring birds sing while soaring high, Virgin clouds dart across her wandering head, The child of purity is here to save us all

from death,

The innocence of her thoughts and words, Can only be destroyed by society's swords, The fists of non-believers crush her soul, With violence and seduction they try to mold, N ow as the child dies, our heads hang low, This is the innocence that would have saved

us all,

But the malice of the non-believers froze her heart,

They control us again until the innocence can start,

We now wait in agonizing pain,

To be freed by the innocent child again.


BOOKS Amanda Ringel

What is an open book?

Does anyone really know the answer

I should think not for reading a book is like finding the pathway to happiness, everyone takes a different path at different paces

I prefer the quick method

What I mean by that is I read the book very quickly and not really focusing on each word but rather the overall picture

Be creative in your style of reading just do not let the wind be the one to turn the pages.




BOOKS Mary Anne Braccia

A book is like a secret door

When opened up reveals much more

There are books of inspiration you can read That influence the kind of life you lead

There are books about rainbows and flying horses And books of ghosts and supernatural forces

There are books of truth or science fiction That when read aloud improve your diction

There are books from which we learn of history Or pass some time with a well written mystery

There are books for people of all ages

That hold the world for us within their pages


BOOKS Kathleen Curran

Books are filled with colors and words, Pictures of animals and pictures of birds,

Pictures that contain colors like blue, Some books are old, others are new,

Books that are boring may put you to sleep, But books that are sad may make you weep,

Books may be written about dogs and cats, Or maybe even about mice and rats,

So when you are bored just pick up a book, And sit yourself down in a quiet little nook.



Oh how books get thrown all over,

And even get chewed by dogs called Rover.

The students tip 'em, tear 'em and even eat them for lunch,

Sometimes the person will use their size to stop a punch.


Some are for math, some are for language arts, But their purpose is sometimes to catch darts.

Their purpose is for learning, teaching too, Only problem is, they don't stay new,

So next time you see one, treat it with dignity, And it'll last, to infinity.

BOOKS Debra Lumini

Books are great to read in the sun, They contain lots of fun,

Books make you laugh and cry, They even make you sigh, Books are about history,

And some about mystery,

Books are about people who are mean, And what other people have seen,

Books are some people's prized possessions, They tell of people's secret confessions, Books are for the young and the old,

At least that is what I was told.


BOOKS Chris Mirasola

Reading a book can be enjoyed by all, Whether the book is big or small.

When authors write they express a lot of feeling, If someone has a broken heart,

it can do a lot of healing,

There are many types of books you can buy at the store.

Some could be interesting and some a bore,

There are books that are serious

and books that are funny, It is these books that make an author

a lot of money.

If you like fear and horror is your thing, Go out and buy a novel by Stephen King.


READING Laura Stafford

Sometimes reading can give you joy,

More so even than the greatest toy,

Reading opens your mind to all that is new, Stories of adventure, horror, and romance, too.

Reading is for learning and enjoyment

just as well,

There are just so many stories that one can tell, Now one more thing before I let you go, Reading books will surely help you grow.


You are in the library,

You want to take a look, And all you see around you,

Are books, books and more books. You say to yourself,

"What choice do I have?"

And open a book, and start to read. Before your very eyes, you see Words, somewhat like a mystery. To "solve" this mystery, you have to read. As time passes, you finish your book,

and move on to the next category.

What shall it be?

Adventure, short story, tall tale, biography

or mystery?

There are so many to choose froml But I have the time,

Yes, I always have time to read Even if it means,

Getting away from the world's misery.

BOOKS Sandra Milo


WHAT BOOKS ARE Anthony Montalvo

Books are a tool,

You can get some in school,

Books are an adventure,

You can use them to do a lecture,

Books are always interesting, You can study them for testing;

.Books can show you the way, You can go to far away places or You canjust stay,

Books are always funk

You can read them in from the rain or You can read them in the sun.


BOOKS Melissa Mallen

Books are groovy, Books are cool,

If you don't read, You'll wind up a fool,

Books are large, medium, and Small,

Read a book you'll like 'em all, There's lots to read, like Tying your shoe or

Learning how to playa


So pick up a book whenever you Can,

And you'll make a lot of new friends.


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