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SAP Note Number 812919
mySAP ERP new general ledger: Migration
Note Language: English Version: 11 Validity: Valid from 27.11.2006
You want to use the new general ledger in mySAP ERP and you already use the
classic general ledger live in an R/3 release.
More Terms
Migration, NewGL, New GL, new general ledger
Cause and Prerequisites
You can only migrate from the classic general ledger to the new general
ledger after you upgrade your R/3 system to mySAP ERP.
The enhancements, the complexity of the migration and the affected data
volume can be very extensive. An extensive analysis of your initial
situation and a detailed planning of your migration are the most important
success factors. Bear in mind that the migration can only be successful if
there is an own migration project within the NewGL overall project.
You must prepare and execute this migration project with the utmost care to
ensure accounting is still in order after the migration.
To guarantee maximum security, SAP actively supports every migration
project with a migration service. This technical basic service is based on
standard migration scenarios and is provided in the form of migration
packages for a fixed price. This service is provided by a NewGL migration
back office, which was specifically set up for this purpose. After you
commission this service the migration functions are released by allocating
a license key.
The migration packages contain the following functions:
o Validation of the selected migration scenario
o Scenario-based migration program
o Preconfigured migration Customizing
o Consistency check on migration Customizing with target Customizing
of the new G/L accounting
o Technical consistency check of the data migration in test and live
o Support throughout the project for technical questions through the
NewGL migration back office
For more information about this migration service with a description of the
migration scenario, a migration guide and other useful information, see SAP
Service Marketplace at: http://service.sap.com/GLMIG.
If you have more questions about this service or wish to commission it, go
to NewGLMigration@sap.com. Bear in mind that this service only supports the
technical migration of data from the classic to the new general ledger.
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SAP Note Number 812919
mySAP ERP new general ledger: Migration
You can also get consulting support for the business concepts and the
implementation of the new general ledger of your respective subsidiary or
of certified partners. You can also find more information about this on SAP
Service Marketplace, as described above.
To access the Web page described above, you need authorization for SAP
Service Marketplace and an S-user ID. If necessary, consult your system
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Release Status: Released for Customer
Released on: 27.11.2006 15:46:55
Priority: Recommendations/additional info
Category: Consulting
Main Component FI-GL-MIG Migration NewGL
The Note is release-independent
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