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Indian Hills Elementary

8401 W. 29 Mile Road

Washington, MI 48095
(586) 752-0290
May 23, 2014

To Prospective Employers,

I am writing to recommend Krista Miller for an elementary teaching position in your district. Krista
successfully completed assignments as a student teacher in a fifth grade classroom and as a long-term
guest teacher in a second grade classroom at Indian Hills Elementary where I am the principal.
Throughout this entire school year, Krista has effectively maintained a positive classroom culture,
promoted learning for all students, and professionally collaborated with colleagues in the building.

Krista recognizes the importance of creating a nurturing and organized classroomenvironment. Prior to
both of her assignments in our school, Krista voluntarily came to work with the regular classroomteacher
on numerous occasions, get to knowthe students, and immerse herself in the class culture. In her work in
our fifth grade classroom, Krista developed positive relationships with all students and went the extra
mile to support students who struggled to make good choices. As a second grade long-term guest
teacher nearing the end of the school year, Krista maintained a structured and calm class setting that
focused on learning.

Krista works diligently to ensure that all students in her class learn. As a student teacher, she
collaborated with her cooperating teacher to review assessment data and design appropriate
instruction. She also completed progress reports, report cards, and participated in parent-teacher
conferences to keep parents abreast of student progress. Krista has been actively involved in
professional development and Professional Learning Communities in our school to continue her own
learning and positively impact our building. She collaborated consistently with her second and fifth grade
colleagues to develop strong plans for instruction. In addition, she contributed many ideas for utilizing
technology to enhance student learning in our schools burgeoning one-to-one digital learning

It is without reservation that I highly recommend Krista Miller for an elementary teaching position. She is
a true professional with a strong skill-set and the desire to continue her growth. Please contact me by
email or phone to discuss how Krista would be a fantastic addition to your school community.

Best Regards,

Lisa Wujczyk
(586) 752-0290