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April 6, 2014
Contact Person:
Rosanna V. Villegas (spoesperson!
Contact n"m#er: 0$4%&%''0&1(1

Defend National Sovereignty:
No to U.S. Troops in the Philippine Soil!
)anila*+,-e .soon to #e sealed/ 0rame1or agreement #et1een t-e P-ilippines and t-e 2nited 3tates on
4n-anced 5e0ense Cooperation and Increased Rotational Presence (IRP! 1ill not #e ad6antageo"s 0or o"r
co"ntr7 rat-er it increasingl7 la7s t-e conditions o0 t-e co"ntr7 #eing dragged into an imperialist 1ar
0or e8pansion,/ stated Rosanna Villegas, 9o"t- 0or :ationalism and 5emocrac7 spoesperson.
9o"t- and st"dents assails t-e ongoing ;ilateral 3trategic 5ialog"es (;35s! #et1een t-e 23 and t-e
P-ilippines t-ro"g- a +<og 0or 3o6ereignt7= 1earing red #ands 1it- calls to #oot o"t 23 troops to as it
reac-es t-e %
ro"nd o0 negotiation.
According to 9:5, it is a#s"rd to pacage t-e agreement as m"t"all7 #ene0icial 1-en t-e 2nited 3tates/
main reason is to ens"re t-at t-eir 1orld -egemon7 is "nc-allenged.
+,aing control o0 Asia& Paci0ic ens"res t-e 0lo1 o0 23 merc-andise pegged at > $42 ;illion in 2012 and
trillion in 0inancial trade? it also pro6ides access to t-e largel7 "ntapped nat"ral reso"rces o0 o"r co"ntr7
and t-e rest o0 o"r neig-#o"ring co"ntries in Asia and t-e Paci0ic 1-ic- pla7s a cr"cial role in t-e
economic reco6er7 o0 t-e 2nited 3tates 0rom t-eir lingering crisis,= noted Villegas.
+;"t, t-is 1-ole strategic economic and militar7 plans cannot #e implemented smoot-l7 no1ing t-at t-e7
are also c-allenged #7 t-e emerging militar7 and economic mig-t o0 C-ina,= Villegas added.
It can #e recalled t-at last 7ear t-e P-ilippines 0iled an ar#itration case on t-e 2nited :ations Ar#itral
,ri#"nal c-allenging C-ina/s claim o6er small islands and ree0s in 3o"t- C-ina 3ea. C-ina recentl7
reiterated its position t-at it remains open in resol6ing t-e island disp"tes t-ro"g- #ilateral tals.
+As a so6ereign nation 1e m"st settle iss"es 1it- o"r neig-#o"ring co"ntries #"t 1e cannot "p-old
gen"ine so6ereign decisions as long as 1e allo1 t-e 2.3 to meddle into o"r o1n a00airs. @e call on t-e
Filipino 7o"t- to p"rs"e t-e 0ig-t and collecti6el7 str"ggle 0or o"r nation/s so6ereignt7 and patrimon7,=
Villegas emp-asiAes. BBB

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