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The Bible records 250 verses about Hell. Jesus spoke 46 verses about Hell.

18 of these
verses was about the ires of Hell.
!criptures o" hell#
$ lake of fire %&evelatio" 20#15'
$ botto(less pit %&evelatio" 20#1'
$ horrible te(pest %)sal(s 11#6'
$ devouri"* fire %+saiah ,,#14
$ place of sorrows %)sal(s 18#5'
$ place of weepi"* %-atthew 8#12'
$ place of tor(e"ts %-atthew 1,#41.42'
$ place of everlasti"* bur"i"*s %+saiah ,,#14'
$ place the/ *"aw their to"*ues %&evelatio" 16#10'
$ place of e0tre(e thirst with "o water %1uke 16#24'
$ place where people pra/ with "o a"swers %1uke 16#22'
$ place prepared for the devil a"d his a"*els %-atthew 25#41'
$ place where the/ ca""ot die3 but wish the/ could %-ark 4#48'
$ place where the/ do "ot wa"t their loved o"es to co(e %1uke 16#28'
The Bible records 250 verses o" hell3 a sufficie"t a(ou"t of war"i"*s fro( 5od so "o
o"e will e"d up there. 5od6s will is that "o"e perish3 but $11 co(e to repe"ta"ce %2
)eter ,#4'.
5od "ever (ade hell for hu(a"s3 o"l/ for the devil a"d his a"*els %-atthew 25#41'.
Jesus died a horrible death o" the 7ross i" our place so we ca" e"8o/ heave" with hi(
for eter"it/. He sa/s for us to3 9&epe"t a"d be bapti:ed ever/o"e o0f /ou3 for the
re(issio" %for*ive"ess' of si"s3 a"d /ou shall receive the *ift of the Hol/ 5host9 %$cts
Hell defi"ed#
Hell 100; separatio" fro( 5od. 100; separatio" fro( 5od6s love3 His 5ood"ess3
attributes a"d His "ature.
$ll the *ood we e0perie"ce i" life co(es dow" fro( 5od3 the ather of 1i*hts %Ja(es
1#12'. +" Hell there is "o *ood"ess3 "o 5od3 o"l/ the abse"ce of ever/thi"* that 5od is.
+" Hell#
<There is o"l/ dark"ess i" Hell because 1 Joh" 1#5 sa/s3 95od is li*ht.9
<There is o"l/ death i" hell because Joh" 1#4 sa/s3 95od is life.9
<There is o"l/ hatred i" hell because 1Joh" 4#16 sa/s3 95od is love.9
<There is "o (erc/ i" hell because )sal(s ,6#5 sa/s3 9The (erc/ of the 1ord is i" the
<There is "o stre"*th i" hell because )sal(s 18#,2 sa/s3 9+t6s the 1ord that *ives us
<There is "o water i" hell because =eutero"o(/ 11#11 sa/s3 9>ater is the rai" of
<There is "o peace i" hell because +saiah 4#6 sa/s3 9He is the )ri"ce of )eace.9