Arbors of Arlington Unit Owners Association

Rules and Regulations
Part I – General
Section 1.1 These Rules and Regulations shall be applicable to all unit owners, lessees, invitees, guests,
family members, and any other person residing, occupying, or present in any unit or on common element.
Section 1.2 Managing Agent. o person shall direct, supervise, or in any manner attempt to assert control
over, or re!uest favors from any employee of the Association or from the Managing Agent.
Section 1." #omments and #omplaints. #omments or complaints regarding the management or staff to the
#ondominium or regarding actions of other persons shall be made in writing to the Management Agent or
the $oard of %irectors.
Section 1 .& Amendment. These Rules and Regulations may be altered, amended, modified, repealed or
revo'ed by the $oard of %irectors.
Section 1.( #ompliance. The unit owners shall comply with all the Regulations hereinafter set forth
governing the building, stairwells, building entrances, patios, drives, recreational areas, grounds, par'ing
areas and any other appurtenances.
Part II – Restrictions on Use
Section 2.1 #ommon )lements. All use of the #ommon )lements must strictly conform with Section *+++
of the $ylaws, Restrictions on use of ,nits and #ommon )lements Rules and Regulations.
-a. The #ommon )lements shall not be used for the storage or placement of furniture or any other articles,
including but not limited to, plants, bo/es, shopping carts, trash, bicycles, etc.
-b. othing shall be altered or constructed in or removed from the #ommon )lements e/cept with the prior
written consent of the $oard of %irectors.
Section 2.2 oise. o person shall ma'e or permit any disturbing noises to be made in the buildings or on
the #ondominium grounds, nor do or permit anything to be done that would interfere with the rights,
comforts, or convenience of others.
Section 2." 0uiet 1ours. o person shall play or allow to be played, any musical instrument, radio,
television, stereo system, tape recorder, or the li'e at the Arbors of Arlington between the hours of 11233
p.m. and the following 4233 a.m. if the practice disturbs or annoys other residents. #onstruction wor',
hammering, or other noise5producing activities shall be limited to the hours of 6233 a.m. to 6233 p.m. %ue
to the noise created, the laundry room washing machines should not be used after 11233 p.m. or before 7233
a.m. Additionally, all residents shall 'eep the volume of any television, musical instrument, or other sound5
producing device in their units sufficiently reduced at all times so as not to disturb other residents.
Section 2.& Signs. o person shall put his or her name in any of the public areas. The Association shall
provide name plates for each mail bo/.
Section 2.( 8ardening. The planting or cultivation of flowers, plants, trees, shrubbery or crops of any type,
including window bo/es, is prohibited anywhere in the #ommon )lements without prior written consent of
the $oard of %irectors.
Section 2.9 :lumbing. The plumbing shall not be used for any purpose other than that for which it was
constructed. o sweepings, rubbish, rags, papers other than bathroom tissue, ashes, or oilier substances
shall be thrown into the bathroom fi/tures. The ,nit ;wner shall be liable for any damage to the property
of others, including the #ommon )lements, resulting from the misuse of the plumbing -of any nature or
character whatsoever..
Section 2.7 <ittering #ommon )lements. o one shall throw anything out of any windows or into the
#ommon )lements., no shall anyone use a window or #ommon )lement to hang or spread any ob=ect. o
one shall place ob=ects upon the e/terior window sills. o rugs shall be beaten in the #ommon )lements or
windows, nor shall dust, rubbish, or litter be swept from a unit into the #ommon )lements. o clothesline,
clothes rac' or laundry shall be permitted to hang on any window or patio.
Section 2.4 <aundry.
-a. ,sers of the laundry rooms are responsible for the removal of all articles which they bring into the
laundry rooms, including, but not limited to, laundry bas'ets, hangers, and detergent. o trash, other than
associated laundry articles -empty soap bo/es, laundry softener, cloths, etc.., shall be left in the laundry
rooms> trash containers. Articles shall be removed at the time the users leave the laundry rooms upon
completion of their wor'.
-b. %etergents, soaps, softeners, etc., shall be used only in accordance with manufacturers> directions to
avoid damage to appliances or plumbing and to avoid an overflow of suds in any ,nit or #ommon
-c. )ach user shall deposit the correct fee for use of coin5operated e!uipment.
Section 2.6 ?indows and %oors. No shades, awnings, security bars, security doors, storm windows, or
window guards shall be used on the outside of ,nit windows or doors without the prior approval of the
$oard of %irectors. %raperies, curtains, blinds -e.g., *enetian, vertical, etc.., shades or shutters must he
maintained on all windows of the unit at all limes, and the e/terior side of these window coverings -i.e., the
side of the covering seen from outside the building. should be of a neutral color. All windows must have
screens installed, and the screens must he maintained thereon at all limes. ?indows shall not he used for
entry or e/it.
Section 2.13 Moving. Moving may occur only between the hours of 4233 a.m. and 7233 p.m., Mondays
through @ridays. Moving may also occur from 13233 a.m. to 9233 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. )ach
resident is responsible for the proper removal of trash, debris, crating or bo/es relating to that resident>s
move5in or move5out.
Section 2.11 Trash and 8arbage :ic'ups
-a. Trash and garbage shall be placed in secured plastic trash bags.
-b. All trash and garbage must be placed in dumpsters for collection.
-c. $ul' items such as mattresses, bo/ springs, refrigerators, freeAers, stoves, wall5to5wall carpets, washers,
dryers, couches, arm chairs, and other furniture re!uire special pic'ups and shall not be left in common
areas e/cept at times and locations specifically designated by the $oard of %irectors for such special
Section 2.12 @loor #overings. +n order to prevent disturbing noise to other ,nits, at least 7(B of the floor
in each ,nit shall be carpeted, e/cluding bath, 'itchen and closets.
Section 2.1" #ar ?ash. *ehicles shall not he washed on the common elements.
Part III – Utilities
Section ".1 #onsent for Appliances. o one shall install or operate in a ,nit or #ommon )lement any
machinery, e!uipment, or appliance, including but not limited to, refrigerating or heating devices, washing
machines, washer5dryer5clothes dryer, dishwasher, air conditioning apparatus, illumination other than
electric lights, or any other devices without the prior written consent of the $oard of %irectors.
Section ".2 Safety. ;nly ,nderwriters <aboratory approved e!uipment shall be considered for approval by
the $oard of %irectors. o appliances -other than ranges in 'itchens. which use hydrocarbon fuels
-'erosene, propane, etc.. shall be allowed in any ,nit.
Section "." )/ceptions. The provisions of Sections ".1 and ".2 shall not apply to stereo, television or other
home electronic e!uipment.
Part IV – Storage and Security
o personal property may be stored on the #ommon )lements e/cept for registered bicycles stored in the
$icycle Room upon payment of a 'ey deposit.
Section &.1 Ris' of <oss. All property placed in the #ommon )lements shall be at the sole ris' of the
resident, and the Arbors of Arlington ,nit ;wners Association -AA,;A. shall in no event be liable for
any loss, destruction, theft or damage to such property.
Section &.2 %eliveries. The Association, its employees or agents shall not accept pac'ages or articles of any
description from or for the benefit of a person.
Section &." Solicitation. o commercial business solicitation is permitted on the #ondominium property. +f
any person is contacted by a solicitor, the Managing Agent should be notified immediately. 1owever, this
Section shall not apply to solicitation by any ,nit ;wner in connection with the business of the
Part V – Recreational Facilities General Rules
All persons using any of the recreational or common facilities do so at their own ris' and sole
responsibility. The Association does not assume responsibility for any occurrence, accident or in=ury in
connection with such use. o resident shall ma'e any claim against the Association, its servants, agents, or
employees, for or on account of any loss or damage to life, limb or property sustained as a result of or in
connection with any such use of any of the recreational or common facilities. )ach unit owner shall hold
the Association harmless from any and all liabilities and any action of whatsoever nature by any tenants,
guests, invitees or licensees of such unit owners growing out of the use of the recreational or common
facilities, e/cept where such loss, in=ury or damage can be clearly provided to be the result of the
negligence of the Association or its agents, servants or employees in the operation, care or maintenance of
such facilities.
Section (.1 8uests. The #ommon )lements are for the e/clusive use of residents, their guests and invitees.
)ach person is responsible for the conduct of his or her guests and invitees.
Section (.2 :ets. o pets shall be permitted in the #ommon )lements e/cept when on a leash and under the
direct and immediate control of a resident. :et owners shall curb their pets in out5of5the5way common areas
or off of the condominium property. )very pet owner shall be responsible for cleaning up, removing and
properly disposing of e/cretion and droppings of the pet and shall not allow same to be left on the #ommon
)lements. :et owners shall abide by Arlington #ounty C<eash <aws.C
Section (." @urniture. @urniture belonging to AA,;A shall not be removed from the public areas.
Section (.& #lean5up. Any person using the public areas shall remove, at the time he or she leaves the
areas, all articles which he or she brought into these areas.
Section (.( %efacing #ommon )lements. o one shall in any manner mar' or deface the #ommon
)lements. )ach violation of this Rule shall be sub=ect to an assessment for the cost of repair, replacement or
Section (.9 ;utdoor #oo'ing. The barbecue area is located on the grounds behind $uilding 2& -on the
8lebe Road side.. $arbecuing shall ta'e place in this designated area only. 8rills are to be set up away
from the building. Those using the area are to be considerate of others and clean5up afterwards.
Part VI – Parking Areas
Section 9.1 ,ses. ,nless otherwise authoriAed by the Association, the par'ing areas shall not be used for
any purpose other than the par'ing of automobiles or motorcycles. o buses, campers, trailers, boats,
recreational or commercial vehicles shall be par'ed in the par'ing lots. All vehicles shall have current
license plates, tags, and all other re!uired slate, county or municipal stic'ers and be in operating condition.
o vehicles shall be par'ed on the #ondominium property with conspicuous C@or SaleC signs attached.
Section 9.2 :roper :ar'ing. o vehicle belonging to a resident shall be par'ed in such a manner as to
impede or prevent ready access to other par'ing spaces.
Section 9." Towing. All residents shall observe and abide by all par'ing and traffic regulations as posted by
the Association or by municipal authorities. *ehicles par'ed in violation of any such regulations may be
either immobiliAed by the Association, or towed away at the vehicle owner>s sole ris' and e/pense.
Part VII – Procedures
Section 7.1 *iolations. @ailure to comply with any of the Rules and Regulations may, in the discretion of
the $oard of %irectors, result in a charge or the suspension or loss of the right to use the particular facility
by the resident found to be in non5compliance, e/cept where specifically noted in these Rules and
Section 7.2 Sale of ,nit. A resale pac'age must be re!uested from the Managing Agent at least ten -13.
days prior to the sale of the unit. A D(3.33 charge will be assessed.
Policy Resolution #
Rules and Regulations Resolution
?1)R)AS, Article .+++, Section 1 of the Arbors of Arlington #ondominium $ylaws provides that the
affairs of the ,nit ;wners Association shall he governed by a $oard of %irectorsE and
?1)R)AS, Article +++, Section 2 assigns the $oard all of the powers and duties necessary for the
Administration of the affairs of the ,nit ;wners AssociationE and
?1)R)AS, Article +++, Section 2 further states that the $oard of %irectors shall have the power from time
to time to adopt any Rides and Regulations deemed necessary for the benefit and en=oyment of the
#ondominiumE and
?1)R)AS, the $oard of %irectors has deemed it necessary to adopt Rules and Regulations related to the
operation of the properly and use and occupancy of the units and common elements,
;?, T1)R)@;R) $) +T R)S;<*)% that the following Rules and Regulations be, and hereby are,
adopted and shall become effective "3 days after the date of delivery.
Policy Resolution #!
"o#e$In%"o#e$Out Fee
?1)R)AS, Article +++, Section 2 of the Arbors of Arlington #ondominium $ylaws establishes the $oard
of %irectors as the e/ecutive and administrative entity designated to act for the Association in governing
the #ondominium, and prescribes that the affairs and business of the Association shall be managed by the
$oard of %irectorsE and
?1)R)AS, Article +++& Section 2 -e. and -f. of the $ylaws also provides that the $oard of %irectors shall
provide for operation and up'eep of the common elements and ma'e and amend Rules and Regulations
respecting the use of the #ondominiumE and
?1)R)AS, the act of moving into and out of the #ondominium causes accelerated wear and tear and is
prone to result in damage to the common areas and results in administrative and maintenance e/pensesE and
?1)R)AS, it is the intent of the $oard to establish procedures for defraying all or part of the cost of
administration, maintenance and repair to the common areas as a result of damage created by move5ins and
T1)R)@;R), the $oard of %irectors of the Arbors of Arlington #ondominium ,nit ;wners Association
has adopted the following rule to be followed in the operation of the #ondominium, pertaining to moving
in and out of the building2
1. A non5returnable move5inFmove5out fee in the amount of fifty dollars -D(3. will be levied by the
Association on all persons moving onto the community to cover any damages that might occur to common
elements during such moves.
This fee is intended to defray costs the Association assumes during resident turnover periods, including but
not limited to, including wear and tear on the common elements and the use of Management and staff time
in scheduling building repairs as a result of moves.
a. The fee is due at either of the following times2
i. in the case of a rental unit, the fee shall be paid to the Association>s Managing Agent at the
time the lease is signed,
ii. in the case of an owner5occupied unit, the fee shall be listed on the resale disclosure pac'age,
and shall be collected al the time of settlement. The settlement agent shall then forward the fee to
Association Management.
b. The fee covers any future move-out by the same party.
c. The fee in no way limits the partyGs liability for damages to common elements which occur during
the move. The party is directly liable for any damage to any common element caused by the party or
any person moving or assisting said party in moving in or out. Sidewal's must be used at all times.
d. o vehicles employed or used by the party or any person moving or assisting the party in moving,
shall be par'ed in the par'ing lots so as to obstruct the ingress or egress of residents of the
#ondominium. o vehicles shall drive onto or par' on the grass.
2. :ersons who are residents of the Arbors of Arlington at the time this rule becomes effective, whether
unit owners or lessees, will be sub=ect to a fee of only twenty5five dollars -D2(. upon moving out of the
community. This fee shall be charged against each owner>s account and shall be due and payable on the
effective dale of this Resolution.
". @ailure to adhere to this rule or to conduct a move without paying the fee will result in2 a. non5
connection of telephone service between unit and the front door entry system, and b. levying of the
appropriate fee against the account of the unit owner. +t shall be the responsibility of the unit owner to
assure compliance with the foregoing procedures.
Policy Resolution #' (A)ended*
Parking and +owing Regulations
?1)R)AS& Article 1+, Section 2, of the $ylaws of Arbors of Arlington, A #ondominium -the
C#ondominiumC. assigns to the $oard of %irectors the authority to govern the #ondominiumE and
?1)R)AS& Article +++, Section 2-c. authoriAes the $oard of %irectors to provide for the operation, care,
up'eep, and maintenance of all the common elements and services to the #ondominium and the unit
ownersE and
?1)R)AS, Article +++, Section 2-f. empowers the $oard of %irectors to ma'e and amend rules and
regulations respecting the use of the #ondominiumE and
?1)R)AS& Article +H, Section 1 provides that each unit owner and hisFher tenants, invitees, servants,
agents, employees, and any other person or persons that shall be permitted to use the #ondominium shall be
sub=ect to the $ylaws, to the #ondominium +nstruments, and to the Rules and Regulations of the
AssociationE and
?1)R)AS, Article +++, Section 2-1. empowers the $oard of %irectors to enforce the provisions of the
%eclaration, $ylaws, and Rules and Regulations of the #ondominiumE and
?1)R)AS& the $oard has determined that it is in the best interest of the Association, the ,nit ;wners and
residents to promulgate rules regulating par'ing on the common elements,
;?, T1)R)@;R), $) +T R)S;<*)% T1AT the following rules are adopted with respect to par'ing
on the common elements and are to replace all previous rules on this topic.
, Parking Rules and Regulations
A. :ar'ing Rights. )ach ,nit shall be entitled to the use of one par'ing space for approved vehicles upon
completion of a par'ing stic'er application and the submission of a copy of the applicant>s car registration.
The $oard reserves the power to designate par'ing spaces to the e/tent deemed necessary in the $oard>s
sole and e/clusive discretion. :ar'ing spaces shall be available on a first5come, first5serve basis to the
approved vehicles of all residents and their guests. )ach vehicle par'ed on the Arbors of Arlington par'ing
lot -hereinafter, the C<otC. must display a stic'er issued by the Association. )ach ,nit will be issued one
par'ing stic'er.
$. ,se of :ar'ing Areas. :ar'ing areas shall be used solely for the par'ing of approved vehicles as defined
herein. *ehicles may be par'ed only in designated par'ing spaces and areas. *ehicles must be par'ed
within the spaces provided and hi such a manner as to not obstruct other par'ing spaces or impede access.
#. Approved *ehicles.
-1. #onventional *ehicles. Any conventional automobile, motorcycle, truc' or van designed for and
used e/clusively for private passenger transportation and which is not specifically e/cluded elsewhere
in this Resolution.
%. :rohibited *ehicles. The @ollowing vehicles shall be prohibited from being operated or par'ed upon the
common elements2
-1. #ommercial vehiclesIdefined as any Cfor hireC vehicle or vehicle that has commercial signs,
lettering, advertising andFor commercial e!uipment visible from or on the e/terior.
#ommercial e!uipment includes without limitation e/terior rac's -e/cept s'i rac's and bicycle rac's.,
pipes, ladders or interior e!uipment such as supplies, propane, pesticide, fuel tan's, cabling, unsecured
tools or supplies indicative or commercial use or inconsistent with the Association>s aesthetic
appearance -e/cept for the brief deliveries of passengers or merchandise or while performing wor' or
services for a resident or the Association.. C1ummersC and li'e vehicles are prohibited.
-2. Recreational vehiclesIdefined as any boat, boat trailer, motor home, trail bi'e, dune buggy,
snowmobile, self5contained camper, mobile home, trailer, pop5up camperFtent trailer, horse trailer or
similarly oriented vehicles. :rivate or public school or church buses are unapproved vehicles under
both this definition and the definition of commercial vehicles.
-". +noperative vehicles.
-&. ,nlicensed vehicles, including but not limited to motoriAed bicycles, all terrain vehicles, mini5
bi'es, go5carts, mopeds, or dune buggies.
-(. ;versiAed vehiclesIdefined as any vehicle that e/tends beyond the length of the par'ing space
andFor e/ceeds 4(B of the width of the par'ing space. The par'ing space is defined as the area from
the curb to the end of the separator lines and between two separator lines measured from the inside of
the two lines.
-9. ;ther e!uipment and machinery.
-7. *ehicles undergoing repairs or maintenance, painting, or the drainage of automobile fluids. The
dumping, disposal or lea'age of oil, grease, or any other chemical residual substance, or any substance
or particles from holding tan's or any vehicles is not permitted on the common elements. *ehicles
shall not be washed, wa/ed or cleaned on the common elements,
-4. ,nsafe vehiclesIdefined as any vehicle par'ed or stored unattended in a haAardous condition,
including, but not limited to, vehicles on =ac's or bloc's. Tires supporting vehicles on common
elements must be inflated at all times to within 13 :S+ of the manufacturer>s recommended pressure so
that they can be moved in the event of an emergency.
-6. Stored vehiclesIdefined as any vehicle par'ed in a space, other than a designated space for a co5
owner>s e/clusive use, for a period of longer than seventy5two -72. hours.
). *isitor :ar'ing I*isitors spaces are reserved solely for visitors. Residents who par' in visitorGs spaces
will be sub=ect to towing.
Any vehicle not falling into one of the above categories shall be permitted or prohibited by the $oard on a
case5by5case basis.
II, -nforce)ent
A. otice of *iolation. The owner of any vehicle not incompliance with this resolution, and not specifically
dealt with by immediate towing as set forth in the following paragraphs, shall be notified of the violation by
the posting of a notice on the vehicle. +f the vehicle is not brought into compliance within twenty5four -2&.
hours of the time frame specified in the otice, it will be sub=ect to removal by towing. A record of such
action will be entered into the Association>s records.
$. #onditions ?arranting +mmediate Towing ?ithout otice. Any vehicle par'ed in such a manner as to
obstruct ingress or egress into or out of a space, par'ed in a designated handicapped space without
authoriAation, par'ed in a posted fire lane or within fifteen -1(. feet of a fire hydrant or in a designated fire
lane occupying more than one -1. par'ing space, par'ing perpendicular to the mar'ed par'ing space or on a
grassy area or sidewal', impeding access to sidewal' ramps or mailbo/es, or constituting a safety haAard
shall be sub=ect to immediate removal without notification by a licensed towing company contacted by a
$oard Member or Management.
#. Subse!uent *iolations. Subse!uent violations of the same provision of this Resolution by the same
vehicle committed within any consecutive twelve -12. month period shall sub=ect the violating vehicle to
immediate towing without notification.
%. Additional Remedies. The $oard reserves the right to e/ercise all other powers and remedies provided
by the Association>s governing documents or the laws of *irginia and Arlington #ounty.
). :ersons AuthoriAed to Tow. ;nly a Member of the $oard or Management may authoriAe towing of any
vehicle. The discretion as to whether to authoriAe towing of a vehicle rests e/clusively with the member of
the $oard of %irectors and Management.
III, .iability
A. The Association assumes no responsibility for any damage to or theft from any vehicle par'ed, operated
on or towed from Association property. All costs of towing and impoundment shall be the sole
responsibility of the vehicle>s owner
$. ,nit ;wners shall be held liable for any e/pense incurred by the Association as a result of any damage
done to the common elements by the use, repair or maintenance of their vehicle, or as a result of
negligence, whether on the part of the ;wner, his family, tenants, guests or agents.