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Surprise Lotus 6" square

designed by Sallie Moulds

Special Stitches
Beg Cl = beginning cluster made with 2 tr sts
Cluster = cluster made with 3 tr sts
LTRFP = a long tr stitch into the front post of tr sts in row 5
Hook used 3.5mm
Yarn used 8ply.
Note: This pattern is written in UK/Australian terms. Colours and colour placement are the choice of the crocheter,
therefore no instructions are given for colour changes. Simply fasten off where desired and replace the beginning ch in the
next row/round with the appropriate standing st.
Ch 4 join to make a loop
Row 1
Ch 3 (counts as 1tr), 11tr in loop, join with slp st to ch3.
Row 2
Ch3, Beg cl, ch 1 in first st , cluster, ch 1 in each tr of round 1, join with slp st to beg cl. 12 clusters
Row 3
Slp st between clusters, ch3, beg cl, ch 1, cluster in same space. ch 2, cluster ch 1 cluster in next ch1 sp,
continue around and slp st to beg cl. 24 clusters, 12 ch2 spaces.
Row 4
Dc in ch1 sp between 2 clusters. 7 tr into next ch 2 sp, dc in next ch 1 sp, continue around and join with
slp st to starting dc. 12 shells.

Row 5
Ch 6 (counts as 1 tr and 3 ch). *dc in 4th tr of shell, ch 3, tr in dc, ch 3, continue around from * and slp st
into 3rd ch of beginning chain. 24 loops
Row 6
Slp st in loop, ch 3, 2 dtr, ch 2, 2 dtr in same loop ( corner made), * in next loop 3 tr, in next loop 3 htr, in
next loop 3 dc, in next loop 3 htr, in next loop 4 tr, in next loop 1 tr, 2dtr, ch2, 2 dtr, 1 tr for corner,
continue around from * to end and join with slp st.
Row 7
Slp st to corner sp, ch 3, 4 tr in corner sp. * Tr into next 3 st, LTRFP on round 5 tr, tr in next 6 st, LTRFP, tr
in next 6 st, LTRFP, tr in next 6 st, 5 tr in corner space, continue from * to end and join with sl st. 12