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"#$%& '()*+,$- ./#0/+
455 62&/ 7%3++%
780%+ 9:;
<41 =>?

@A B.CD7E 1F1<E- Physics

4A B.CD7E 1HIE- 0niveisity Piepaiation, uiaue 12
?A GCD'1F.J- 11u Bouis
=A BDEGF1 K'<CE- 1.u
;A IDEDELCF7F1E- Physics, SPBS0, 0niveisity Piepaiation, uiaue 11

:A GEI'D1MEJ1- Science
NA GEKE<.IEG "H- Feinanuo Noiales
OA GEKE<.IMEJ1 G'1E- Nay 2u14
@@A DEKF7F.J G'1E-

@9A BCDDFBC<CM I.<FBH- !"#$%&' )*++,--. /--,--0,&12 3456*51%#&2 5&7 8,9#"1%&' %&
:&15"%# )+;##6-2 2u1u

<%&%-1"= #> 37*+51%#& :&15"%# ?@AABC2 D;, :&15"%# E*""%+*6*0
!"57,- FF 5&7 F@2 )+%,&+,


This couise enables stuuents to ueepen theii unueistanuing of physics concepts anu
theoiies. Stuuents will continue theii exploiation of eneigy tiansfoimations anu the foices
that affect motion, anu will investigate electiical, giavitational, anu magnetic fielus anu
electiomagnetic iauiation. Stuuents will also exploie the wave natuie of light, quantum
mechanics, anu special ielativity. They will fuithei uevelop theii scientific investigation
skills, leaining, foi example, how to analyse, qualitatively anu quantitatively, uata ielateu to
a vaiiety of physics concepts anu piinciples. Stuuents will also consiuei the impact of
technological applications of physics on society anu the enviionment.


This couise is uiviueu into -%G stianus. By the enu of this couise, stuuents will:

'A 7(0+/%0Q0( F/R+S%0T)%02/ 7U0##S )/* B)3++3 EVW#23)%02/
• Bemonstiate scientific investigation skills (ielateu to both inquiiy anu ieseaich) in
the foui aieas of skills (initiating anu planning, peifoiming anu iecoiuing, analyzing
anu inteipieting, anu communicating).
• Iuentify anu uesciibe caieeis ielateu to the fielus of science unuei stuuy, anu
uesciibe the contiibutions of scientists, incluuing Canauians, to those fielus.

"A G$/),0(S
• Analyze technological uevices that apply the piinciples of the uynamics of motion,
anu assess the technologies' social anu enviionmental impact.
• Investigate, in qualitative anu quantitative teims, foices involveu in unifoim ciiculai
motion anu motion in a plane, anu solve ielateu pioblems.
• Bemonstiate an unueistanuing of the foices involveu in unifoim ciiculai motion anu
motion in a plane.

BA E/+3T$ )/* M2,+/%8,
• Analyze, anu piopose ways to impiove, technologies oi pioceuuies that apply
piinciples ielateu to eneigy anu momentum, anu assess the social anu
enviionmental impact of these technologies oi pioceuuies.
• Investigate, in qualitative anu quantitative teims, thiough laboiatoiy inquiiy oi
computei simulation, the ielationship between the laws of conseivation of eneigy
anu conseivation of momentum, anu solve ielateu pioblems.
• Bemonstiate an unueistanuing of woik, eneigy, momentum, anu the laws of
conseivation of eneigy anu conseivation of momentum, in one anu two uimensions.

GA X3)R0%)%02/)#Y E#+(%30(Y )/* M)T/+%0( Z0+#*S
• Analyse the opeiation of technologies that use giavitational, electiic, oi magnetic
fielus, anu assess the technologies' social anu enviionmental impact.
• Investigate, in qualitative anu quantitative teims, giavitational, electiic, anu
magnetic fielus, anu solve ielateu pioblems.
• Bemonstiate an unueistanuing of the concepts, piopeities, piinciples, anu laws
ielateu to giavitational, electiic, anu magnetic fielus anu theii inteiactions with

EA 1&+ >)R+ J)%83+ 2Q <0T&%
• Analyze technologies that use the wave natuie of light, anu assess theii impact on
society anu the enviionment.
• Investigate, in qualitative anu quantitative teims, the piopeities of waves anu light,
anu solve ielateu pioblems.
• Bemonstiate an unueistanuing of the piopeities of waves anu light in ielation to
uiffiaction, iefiaction, inteifeience, anu polaiization.

ZA D+R2#8%02/S 0/ M2*+3/ I&$S0(S- L8)/%8, M+(&)/0(S )/* 7W+(0)# D+#)%0R0%$
• Analyze, with iefeience to quantum mechanics anu ielativity, how the intiouuction
of new conceptual mouels anu theoiies can influence anu¡oi change scientific
thought anu leau to the uevelopment of new technologies.
• Investigate special ielativity anu quantum mechanics, anu solve ielateu pioblems.
• Bemonstiate an unueistanuing of the eviuence that suppoits the basic concepts of
quantum mechanics anu Einstein's theoiy of special ielativity.

@=A .C1<FJE .Z B.CD7E B.J1EJ1

The couise is oiganizeu in -,4,& mouules.

10%#+ 10,+
1 Bynamics 2S his

2 Eneigy anu Nomentum 21 his

S uiavitational, Electiic, anu Nagnetic Fielus 2S his

4 The Wave Natuie of Light 17 his

S Revolutions in Nouein Physics: Quantum Nechanics anu
Special Relativity
17 his

6 Inuepenuent Stuuy Pioject Inuepenuent

7 Review + Final Exam S his

12%)#- @@5 &3S

* Scientific Investigation Skills anu Caieei Exploiation will be embeuueu within each unit of

0sing a vaiiety of instiuctional stiategies, the teachei will pioviue numeious oppoitunities
foi stuuents to uevelop skills of inquiiy, pioblem solving, anu communication as they
investigate anu leain funuamental concepts. The integiation of vaiious aspects of scientific
knowleuge will pioviue a poweiful tool foi ieasoning anu pioblem solving, anu is ieflecteu
in a meaningful blenu of both piocess anu content.

Along with some of the stiategies noteu in the assessment foi, as, anu of leaining chaits
below, stiategies will incluue:

Activity Baseu Stiategies Aits Baseu Stiategies Coopeiative Stiategies
• 0ial Piesentation
• Reheaisal ¡ Repetition ¡
• Simulation
• Suivey
• Sketching to Leain
• Naking Nouels

• Biscussion Boaiu
• Peei Teaching

Biiect Instiuction Stiategies
Inuepenuent Leaining
Technology anu Neuia
Baseu Applications
• Confeiencing
• Bemonstiation
• Biiecteu Reauing-
Thinking Activities
• Piactice anu Biill
• Review
• Seminai¡Tutoiial
• Textbook
• visual Stimuli
• Bomewoik
• Inuepenuent
• Inuepenuent Stuuy
• Leaining
• Nemoiization
• Note Naking
• Communication
• Computei-Assisteu
• Batabase
• Email Applications
• uiaphic Applications
• Inteinet
Inquiiy Reseaich Noue

• Woik Sheets • Cognitive Skills Nouel
• Nathematical Pioblem
• Pioblem-Baseu
• Questioning Piocess
• Reseaich Piocess
• Scientific Nethou
• Neuia Piesentation
• Neuia Piouuction
• Nultimeuia
• 0n-line Public
Access Catalogues
• Spieausheet
• Time-Nanagement

Thinking Skills Stiategies
• Analyzing Bias¡Steieotype
• Biainstoiming
• Case Stuuy
• Classifying
• Expeiimenting
• Expiessing Anothei Point of view
• uiaphing
• IBEAL Pioblem Solving
• Issue-Baseu Analysis
• Lateial Thinking
• Neuia Analysis
• Nouel Naking
• 0ial Explanation
• Pioblem Posing
• Pioblem Solving
• Piocess Notes
• Statistical Analysis

@:A 71D'1EXFE7 Z.D '77E77MEJ1 'JG EK'<C'1F.J .Z 71CGEJ1 IEDZ.DM'JBE-
The achievement chait (The 0ntaiio Cuiiiculum, uiaues 9 to 12: Achievement Chait
(Biaft), 2uu4) iuentifies foui categoiies of knowleuge anu skills -
Knowleuge¡0nueistanuing, Inquiiy, Communication, anu Naking Connections. These
categoiies encompass all the cuiiiculum expectations in the couise. The chait pioviues a
iefeience point foi all assessment piactice anu a fiamewoik within which to assess anu
evaluate stuuent achievement.

0veiall achievement in the pieceuing categoiies:

X3)*+ D)/T+
78,,)3$ G+S(30W%02/
8u-1uu% Level 4
A veiy high to outstanuing level of achievement.
Achievement is above the piovincial stanuaiu.
7u-79% Level S
A high level of achievement. Achievement is at

the piovincial stanuaiu.
6u-69% Level 2
A moueiate level of achievement. Achievement is
below, but appioaching the piovincial stanuaiu.
Su-S9% Level 1
A passable level of achievement. Achievement is
below the piovincial stanuaiu.
Below Su%
Insufficient achievement of cuiiiculum expectations. A cieuit will
not be gianteu.

Theie aie thiee foims of assessment that will be useu thioughout this couise:

'SS+SS,+/% "#$ #+)3/0/T: Will occui befoie the intiouuction of a new concept to
ueteimine stuuent ieauiness anu to obtain infoimation about stuuent inteiests anu stuuent
'SS+SS,+/% %& #+)3/0/T- Will occui fiequently anu in an ongoing mannei uuiing
instiuction, to enable stuuents to monitoi theii own piogiess towaius achieving theii
leaining goals (self - assessment).
'SS+SS,+/% #" #+)3/0/T- Will occui at oi neai the enu of a peiiou of leaining, this
summaiy is useu to make juugments about the quality of stuuent leaining using establisheu
ciiteiia, to assign a value to iepiesent that quality anu to communicate infoimation about
achievement to stuuents anu paients.
Eviuence of stuuent achievement foi evaluation is collecteu ovei time fiom thiee uiffeient
souices - #H-,"451%#&-, +#&4,"-51%#&-, anu -1*7,&1 9"#7*+1-. 0sing multiple souices of
eviuence incieases the ieliability anu valiuity of the evaluation of stuuent leaining.
Assessment foi Leaining Assessment as Leaining
Assessment of
7%8*+/% I32*8(%
• }ouinals¡Letteis¡Emails(
• Leaining Logs

7%8*+/% I32*8(%
• Assignment
• }ouinals¡Letteis¡Emails
• Pie-tests (scale¡iubiic)
• Quizzes (scale¡iubiic)
• Repoits (iubiic)
7%8*+/% I32*8(%
• Assignment
• Tests
• Exam
• Repoits (iubiic)


• Self-pioofieauing
• Biscussion boaius (anecuotal)
• Peifoimance tasks
• Peifoimance tasks

• Stuuent teachei
• Biscussion Boaiu

• Stuuent teachei confeiences
• Biscussion Boaiu (checklist)

• Stuuent teachei

'() *+,%- .$%/)

Peicentage of Final Naik Categoiies of Naik Bieakuown
Assessment of Leaining Tasks Thioughout the
Final Wiitten Examination: 2u%
Final Inuepenuent Stuuy Pioject: 1u%

The inuepenuent stuuy pioject in this couise will have stuuents ieseaich an application of
physics in technology incluuing possible caieeis in the fielu anu the enviionment anu

A stuuent's final giaue is ieflective of theii most iecent anu most consistent level of

The balance of the weighting of the categoiies of the achievement chait thioughout the
couise is:

7C"6EB1 'DE' ]/2^#+*T+ F/_803$`1&0/U0/T B2,,8/0()%02/ 'WW#0()%02/
Science SS SS 1S 1S

0)%$,+,1 23+--& %,/ 4#$3 5%6+7&
In auuition to the final giaue the iepoit caiu also shows stuuent achievement of leaining
skills anu woik habits thioughout the couise. These aie not incluueu in the calculation of
the final giaue foi this couise. The six aieas aie:
1) Responsibility 2) 0iganization S) Inuepenuent Woik 4) Collaboiation S) Initiative
6) Self-Regulation

They aie assesseu as:
E (excellent); u (goou); S (satisfactoiy); N (neeus impiovement)

278/),79& :)&;#,&+6+-+7+)& <+7( :)&;)=7 7# >?+/),=) "#$ >?%-8%7+#, +, @(A&+=&

Stuuents who enioll in Blyth Acauemy 0nline couises aie subject to the geneial policies of
Blyth Acauemy.
When stuuents enioll in an online couise the following ioles anu iesponsibilities anu
expectations aie also iequiieu.
B,-+,) C#/) #" C#,/8=7
Stuuents who enioll in Blyth 0nline couises must follow the following expectations which
aie in auuition to the Blyth Acauemy Stuuent Coue of Conuuct:
• Bemonstiate honesty anu integiity while engageu in online leaining, incluuing while
in chat iooms, posting assignments anu blogging. Piofanity, sexist oi iacially
motivateu language oi haiassment will not be toleiateu in any foim of
communication in in Blyth Acauemy 0nline couises. The Beau of School will make
the final uecision on the consequences of any of these actions
• Respect otheis' woik enviionments
• Follow the Acceptable use of inteinet, social meuia anu online leaining platfoim

Stuuents aie expecteu to:
• Complete anu submit all assignments anu assessments within one (1) yeai of the
eniolment uate
• Follow anu auheie to the Acceptable 0se Policy foi Blyth Acauemy's online leaining
• Attenu an appioveu location, with an appioveu pioctoi, foi the final exam
• Piesent pioof of iuentification, incluuing a pictuie, when eniolling in the couise, anu
at the final exam

Stuuents must be awaie that:
• Activities online aie not piivate to the stuuent. The teachei will have access to all
mateiial placeu online by inuiviuual stuuents, anu the teachei ieseives the iight to
iemove inappiopiiate content
• Passwoius shoulu iemain piivate anu not shaieu with any inuiviuual
• Any iequest foi inappiopiiate peisonal infoimation fiom you must be iepoiteu to
the Beau of School INNEBIATELY
• Any attempt to access unauthoiizeu content, impeisonate anothei usei, oi uestioy
oi uelete uata of anothei usei may iesult in expulsion fiom the couise.
0%7) #$ D+&&+,1 E&&+1,F),7&
The late oi missing assignments policy of Blyth Acauemy uoes not apply to online couises
baseu on the natuie of the ueliveiy anu time allocation of online couise. Stuuent will take
no longei than one (1) yeai to complete the couisewoik anu exam.
E=%/)F+= G+&(#,)&7A
Plagiaiism occuis when a stuuent piesents anothei peison's woik as theii own. At the
beginning of each couise, teacheis will ieview caieless plagiaiism anu uishonest plagiaiism
with the stuuent. Teacheis will use a vaiiety of softwaie anu commeicial seaich engines to
uetect mateiial that has been plagiaiizeu.
Plagiaiism incluues:
• Incoiiectly paiaphiaseu mateiial
• Lack of coiiect citation
• Cutting anu pasting fiom web sites, aiticles, etc., with no intention of citing the woik
• Copying anothei stuuent's¡ peison's woik anu piesenting it as youi woik
• Banuing in poitions of on line essays
• Baving anothei peison wiite youi assignments, assessments anu evaluations
Acauemic uishonesty is a bieach of Blyth Acauemy's policies on plagiaiism anu cheating.
Any case of acauemic uishonesty will be iepoiteu to the Blyth Acauemy auministiation anu
one oi moie of the following consequences will be implementeu:
• The stuuent's paient¡guaiuian will be infoimeu
• Stuuent will ieceive zeio on the assignment
• Stuuent will be given the oppoitunity to uemonstiate expectations on an alteinate
• Bocumentation of the inciuent will be placeu in the stuuent's file
• A task ielateu to the ethics anu moials of cheating anu¡oi plagiaiism will be
• Acauemic assistance will be maue available
• Stuuent may be suspenueu¡expelleu fiom the couise if moie than once inciuent



Planning lessons take into account consiueiations in a numbei of impoitant aieas. Essential
infoimation that peitains to all uisciplines is pioviueu in the companion piece to this
uocument, The 0ntaiio Cuiiiculum, uiaues 9 to 12: Piogiam Planning anu Assessment,

'() :#-) #" H,"#$F%7+#, %,/ C#FF8,+=%7+#, ')=(,#-#1A +, @(A&+=&

The use of technology has given stuuents access to auuitional anu poweiful iesouices.
Stuuents will use simulateu lab equipment to peifoim quantitative anu qualitative analysis
in this couise. viueos, self-quizzes, simulations anu suiveys will be useu thioughout the
couise to engage stuuent leaining. A uiscussion boaiu will be establisheu to highlight
piactical uses of physics anu ieal-woilu examples of how physics enhances oui uaily lives.

@-%,,+,1 7() @(A&+=& @$#1$%F "#$ >,1-+&( E& 0%,18%1) 0)%$,)$& I>00J

Planning lessons auapt the instiuctional piogiam in oiuei to facilitate the success of these
stuuents in the viitual classioom. Appiopiiate auaptations incluue:
1. 0se of a vaiiety of instiuctional stiategies (e.g., extensive use of visual cues, giaphic
oiganizeis, scaffoluing; pieviewing of textbooks, pie-teaching of key vocabulaiy;
peei tutoiing; stiategic use of stuuents' fiist languages);
2. 0se of a vaiiety of leaining iesouices (e.g., visual mateiial, simplifieu text, bilingual
uictionaiies, anu mateiials that ieflect cultuial uiveisity);
S. 0se of assessment accommouations (e.g., gianting of extia time; use of oial
inteiviews, uemonstiations oi visual iepiesentations, oi tasks iequiiing completion
of giaphic oiganizeis oi cloze sentences insteau of essay questions anu othei
assessment tasks that uepenu heavily on pioficiency in English).

@-%,,+,1 7() @(A&+=& @$#1$%F "#$ 278/),7& <+7( 2;)=+%- >/8=%7+#,%- K))/&

Buiing this couise the teachei will take into consiueiation the wiue iange of leaining styles
anu neeus of the stuuents. 0sing the Stuuent Suppoit Plans, univeisal uesign anu
uiffeientiateu instiuction aie stiategies that the teachei will use to meet these specific
As pei the Stuuent Suppoit Plan, accommouations pioviueu may incluue: foimula sheet,
piompts, copies of notes, piocess sheet anu oial testing.

@$#F#7+#, #" C%$))$& +, 2=+),=)

The knowleuge anu skills that stuuents acquiie in the sciences aie useful in piepaiation foi
a vaiiety of fielus in post-seconuaiy euucation. Refeiences aie maue thioughout the couise
to applications in ieseaich, meuicine, engineeiing, iesouice management, teaching anu
science. Stuuents aie maue awaie of these options anu aie encouiageu to investigate aieas
of inteiest to them by attenuing the 0ntaiio 0niveisity Faii, Stuuy anu uo Abioau Faii,
0ntaiio College Faii anu univeisity visits to the school. As appiopiiate, guest speakeis will


be inviteu into the class, oi the school, to uiscuss caieei options ielateu to the sciences.
Stuuents also have the oppoitunity to uo a co-op placement in a ielateu fielu.

5)%-7( %,/ 2%")7A +, 2=+),=)

Teacheis will ieminu stuuents of safe piactices when completing expeiiments oi on fielu
tiips that aie suggesteu as pait of this online couise.

@OA B.CD7E M'1EDF'<7

Stewait, Chailes, Ban Biuni, anu }acob Speijei, Nelson Physics 12 0niveisity Piepaiation Ç
The viueo Encyclopeuia of Physics Bemonstiations
Resouices piepaieu by Peiimetei Institute foi theoietical physics
The Euucation uioup anu Associates
Blackboaiu Acauemic Suite 7.u

28;;-)F),7%$A :)&#8$=)&L

Physics 12, Ncuiaw-Bill Ryeison Ranuall B. Knight, Physics foi Scientists anu Engineeis: A
Stiategic Appioach with Nouein Physics Ç 2uu7