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We meet again, WIFE?

by ForeverCeCee
(Xander Del Castillo's Love Story)
"You were inlove,then you keep it as a SECRET. Wasn't it so HARD......and PAINFU
Amber did everything para lang matago ang kanyang sekreto. She did her best just
to hide her true identity "The runaway wife of the famous construction engineer
Then she went back to the Philippines as the project architect.....BUT what if t
he head boss engineer is her husband? ohh NO.
All the romance and dramas between them continue as they search for happily ever
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Chapter 1: Meet Xander del Castillo
woahh...this is my first time writing a tagalog story.


Xander's POV

Tinawagan ako ni lolo and he told me to come in his mansion because we're going
to talk about some important things.TSK.. So now here I am knocking on his door
Then the maid open the front door with a flirty smile.
Aish. She's not even pretty..Not even close to the beauty of my wife------wait..
..wait..why am I thinking of her again. She's out of my life 4 years ago, almost
five years.
"Ummm sir tuloy po kayo" The maid wink.
Okay. I know na I'm deadly gorgeous, sexy, hot and handsome...well almost..I mea
n MOST of the girls told me that..even the guys.I am once a casanova during my h
igh school and college days..well until now I guess.
I just rolled my eyes heading my way to my grandpa's room.
I knock three times before he said " Pasok"
Tiningnan ko siya. He's lying on his bed. "Hey"
Tumawa siya " Akala ko hindi ka na darating"
"Na traffic lang po"
He raised his eyebrow "Well"
"Sabahin niyo na po, ang gusto niyong sabihin" Straight to the point kong sinabi
He just laughed "I want Amber back in your life"
Parang napako ako sa kinatatayuan ko.
I gasped for some air. Damn.
"But why?" I breathed "Remember siya yung naglayas after a week kaming kinasal" heard it right.
Amber is my wife...My runaway wife...
My lolo just smiled "That's my condition and your dad's condition bago namin i-b
igay sayo ang kompanya"
"You heard me right apo"
Without a second thought I moved away and call my secretary.
"Hello sir?" My secretary is a married woman. Well if single ang secretary ko wa
lang maayos na trabaho ang magagawa niya..she's just going to flirt with me.
"You still remember, where my wife's place is?"
She paused for a moment "Si....Miss Amber po?"
Miss? aish. "Yes"
"Ummm..we had lost track on her" She shiver.
My anger burst "What! di ba noon paman sabi ko sayo, you need to keep an eye on
Yes..noon paman alam ko kung saan nagtatago si Amber and everytime she sense na
pinapahanap ko siya....naglalaho naman siya na parang bula.
"Ipapahanap po namin siya sir. "
"You better" I hang up.
I need her back and when I get her back..I'll never let her go.
By the way I'm Xander del Castillo 24 years old. The famous Civil Engineer not j
ust in the country but in the world. My family owns the biggest companies around
the globe. I have cute eyes and dimple across my cheek. If you notice medyo s
ingkit ang mata ko just because my mom is half Korean and Filipino and my dad? w
ell he's a Spanish decent...well my Lola is a pure Spanish.
Enough with this family background I have to think of a better idea.
I want I want my company.
"Bro" Matt called out. My best friend.
"Ohh Ba't nakasimangot ka?"
Then I told him everything.
"Really bro? Si Amber papabalikin mo? wahaha" Tapos tumawa lang siya.
Peste naman oh " Hoy!" Binatukan ko siya "Wag ka ngang tumawa diyan"
Pinipigilan niyang wag matawa "But really bro...Pinapabantayan mo siya for almos
t five years at ngayon mo lang siya kukunin...hahahha" Ayan tumawa na naman ang
" I just have watched over her" My voice were serious kaya tumigil narin si Matt
sa pagtawa.
"But what? after we're married she cheated on me" I said hatingly
"She thought na pinagpustahan lang natin siya" Matt patted my shoulder.
I shook my head "She heard it wrong..."


Nandito sa bahay sina Ken at Matt. My buddies, since one year nalang ga-graduate
na kami. Matt as an Electrical Engineer and Ken as a Geodetic Engineer and me??
? Ha! Civil Engineeri..
Nag-iinuman kami sa backyard.
"Dude, paano ba yan talo kami" Ken said.
"Oo talo kami...mukhang napa-ibig mo na si Amber the mysterious pretty girl sa C
ollege of Architecture" Sabi naman ni Matt.
Ken patted my shoulder "Yeah..talo kami sa pustahan. Galing mo talaga pare"
Then we heard something nabasag. Vase ba yun?
but we just ignored it baka si Manang Cecil lang yun.
I smiled at them "Ako yung talo..because I think I'm falling in love with her..w
ith my wife"
"Naks..wife talaga" Sabi ni Matt.
And speaking of her ba't ba ang tagal niya?
"Sir--sir?" Nagmamadaling sabi ni Manang Cecil
"Bakit?" I stood up from my seat.
" Maam Amber po biglang umalis and nagbigay nang note" She handed me the
I read it:

I'm leaving you----I'm going with Kurt

"Fuck!" I cursed "Ba't di mo sinabi manang?"
"Kasi sabi nya...magbabakasyon lang siya"
"Who's Kurt?" I asked her raising my voice.
"Bro easy lang" Sabi ni Ken.
"Easy???Damn. Sumama sa ibang lalaki ang asawa ko..and two weeks palang kaming k
asal" I looked at manang again "Who's Kurt?"
"College best friend po niya...Yung nasa Fine Arts"
"Ohh...Kurt Reyes" Sabi ni Matt
"I'll kill him" I said walking away but Ken blocked my way.
"Dude....easy... I have a plan" He said.
At parang natigilan ako nun "What if ipasundan mo nalang siya then give her spac
e" Sabi ni Ken
"May narinig po kasi siya na kinagagalit niya" Manang Cecil said " Sabi niya na
may narinig daw siya na pustahan pero hindi ko siya maintindihan...Nabasag nga
niya yung vase sa may dulo" She pointed at the broken vase.
"Shit!...tol baka ang akala niya pinagpupustahan natin sya"
"I need to give her some space" Sabi ni Matt

End of the Flashback

My phone rang waking me up from my daydream
"Bro, cellphone mo nag ri-ring" Sabi ni Matt.
I pick up my phone "Hello?"
"Sir we found her" Sabi ng secretary ko.
I smirked.
I'll see you soon, wife.

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Chapter 2: Meet Amber Lewis-del Castillo
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Amber's POV

"The design and materials of the base building.Freedom of the customer a warm m
odern environment. Wood-like materials, fabrics and indirect lighting will filt
er the direct sunlight during the day and provide surfaces to light in the eveni
ng.The overall appearance will be clean and contemporary. " I smiled at the boar
d members as I present my data design for the new mall here at L.A.
I saw Kurt smiled back at me and mouthed the word 'Good Job'
I continued my discussion " For the material. Tenants are encouraged to use mate
rials and methods in the design of their storefront that enhance the overall des
ign intent of the renovation. A wide variety of materials are acceptable, howev
er they must be executed in a clean and still a contemporary style. "
Mr. Kevin Reyes, father of Kurt asked "How about the design concept?"
I just smirked... a cool smirk "While the design concept is consistent throughou
t each retail criteria zone, height and minor detail conditions vary."
I gasped some air. Kaya mo to Amber "Refer to the Lower Level Plan and Details i
n this Criteria Manual for information on locations of zones and the distinct co
nditions that apply. In all cases, the store fa?ade, interior design and genera
l construction shall reinforce the mall?s design ideals, and be comparable in qu
ality with the shopping center overall."
I showed them the interior design "It's an open space with a high ventilation. P
eople can enjoy the view even though their inside the mall."
"Wow" That's all I heard from them.
Mr. Kevin Kurt stood up "Good job Architect. You did it well" He smiled at me.
"Thank you po tito"
Then Kurt hug me "Galing mo talaga best"
I hug him back "Thank you for everything"
"By the way..he's looking for you" He whispered.
Ano daw?
No he can't find me...Ngayon pa na masaya na'ko
"But since all the people know you as Architect Lewis except ni papa,then it'll
be hard for him to find you" Kurt said again.
By the way I'm Amber Lewis-del Castillo 22 years old. 5"3 ang hieght,half britis
h, I have a curly wavy hair and a pale white skin but I'm just plain simple and
of course the wife of Engineer del Castillo.
Tama si Kurt mahihirapan talaga si Xander na hanapin ako.
I breathed hard.
People know me as Architect Lewis not Architect del Castillo. Tinanggal ko na an
g apleyedo na yun, the moment na nilayasan ko at iniwan si Xander. But of course
, all my documents, from my license papers my surname is still del Castillo. Pat
i nga nung gumraduate ako the dean called me Miss Amber Lewis-del Castillo o yu
ng nakapasa ako sa architure board exam ang nakasulat din Del Castillo, Amber Le
wis. See? yun yung hindi ko na mababago. Oo matatago ko talaga ang sarili ko....
but not all.
"Hey okay ka lang...hmmm daydreaming sa kanyang gwapong asawa?" Sabi ni Kurt.
Pinisil ko siya sa kamay.Yung malakas na pagkapisil.
"Ouch it hurts" Napa ungol siya.
"Hoy, wag mong ipalabas ang pagka bakla mo" I laughed at him.
"Hmmm kung hindi lang ako bakla...baka hahalikan na kita" He pouted his lips.
"Sige nga" I leaned forward.
He shrugged "Ewww"
Yes Kurt is a certified gay. People don't notice it but his family and me knows
it. And it's one of the reasons why siya yung napili kong itanan. Hahaha.itanan
I know maybe right now Xander thinks I'm cheating on him. Well ngayon we're equa
My telephone rang
"Architect Lewis?" Mrs. Jade the manager departmet said.
"Ummm speaking?"
"I need to talk to you" Then she hang up.
Anong problema nun? Hahaist.
"What?!" I gasped "But--maam"
"I won't take no for an answer"
I closed my eyes. Peste naman to ohh.
"I can't go back to the Philippines just that---" But damn she cut me o
She move her chair "Architect Lewis. You're the best architect here in
d our client needs the best architect" She give me a smirked "Besides you've bee
n a project architect a dozen times"
"Mr. Reyes is already agreeing on this" She give me some papers "Here, he just s
igned this an hour ago..." She raised her eyebrow "Don't put his name in shame"
She's right.
Tinulungan ako nina Mr. Reyes to be in this position.. I just can't let them do
"This client is really something powerful" I muttered
"Indeed yes, Mr. Reyes want him so badly" she extend her hand "So?"
Inabot ko yung kamay niya. Bahala na to.
"What! babalik ka sa Pinas?" I nodded as Kurt asked me.
"Wait, I'm gonna call dad" He pick his phone out.
"No, it's okay"
He looked at me "You sure?"
I nodded again.
"What if mag kita kayo dun?" His question made me wake up.
But I have one word.
"Bahala na. Baka ito na yung chance na magka-usap kami..." I said.
Baka kung mag-kita kami..divorce yung hahanapin nya. Besides sa Vegas naman kami
kinasal so may divorce doon.
"I wish you a good luck" Kurt hug me.
"Thank you"
Kaya heto ako ngayun. Pa landing na yung airplane. Woahhh kita ko na ang Maynila
. Bat ba ako kinakabahan?
The flight stewardess just announced na we're in Manila na.
I grab my things at sumakay sa taxi. Dumiretso na ako sa Hotel na pina-book ng K
ompanya. It's nice to be back for good.
and hope I'll fix things up..or should I say I hope I can still design things up
Xander's POV

I saw her na sumakay sa isang taxi. Wow, she look so exquisite. Well, she's alwa
ys been beautiful and sexy...and may I add? she's also hot.
I smiled knowing na napa-uwi ko narin siya.
And this time...I'll do everything to make her love me....and I'll do my worst o
r best plan to keep that bastard Kurt out of her life.
So Mrs. del Castillo we will meet again tomorrow . I thought to myself.
I'll show her how much I miss her, the architect of my life. Then I'll fix thin
gs up or should I say I'll construct things up between us. And I'm gonna make it
sure na kahit bagyo o lindol man ay hindi kayang patumbahin ang na-construct ko
I sucked some air and still staring sa paalis na taxi na sinakyan niya.
"Let's go" Sinabi ko sa driver ko.

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Chapter 3: You! Ohh NO
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Amber's POV

Nagising nalang ako ng nag-ring yung cellphone ko.
My eyes is still close when I picked up my phone doon sa side table.
"Architect Lewis?" an unfamilliar voice caught my attention.
My eyes were already half open "Yes speaking"
"Ummm, may I remind you na mag sa-site visit po kayo ngayung 9:00 am" She said i
n a low and humble voice.
Ohhh NO. I looked at the clock and it's eight am. Shit.
"Uhh yes, don't worry"
"Thank you po" Then she hang up.
I breathed hard and started to find some suitable dress.
Okay.... I just grab a white polo shirt that will clung on my fit body...showing
my curves and a tight skinny jeans.
Pumunta na agad aq sa shower and dali-dali nag shower.
God.. I need to be there on time.
After 10 minutes lumabas na ako sa bathroom. Hahahhahahaha...ang bilis ko na lig
Then I put on my dress .
Naglagay nalang ako ng kunting make up. Mascara lang ang inilagay ko noh at tsak
a lipstick. Red lipstick.
Hindi na ako nag lagay pa nang blush on..just because my cheeks are already pink
ish. Lalo na kapag na a-arawan..hay nako...pumupula-pula ang cheeks ko. Paled wh
ite kasi ako..nag-mana sa banyaga kong ama.
I took a glipmes in the mirror.
Perfect I thought to myself as I let my curly brunette hair lose down.
Then I went out.
After mga 40 minutes nandon na ako sa site contruction lot.
Hahaysss late na naman ako ng 15 minutes.
Sinalubong agad ako ng staff "Architect Lewis?"
"Wow" Her eyes is full of amazement.
"Wow?" Napatanong ako.
She smiled at me " I never thought na napaka ganda ng Architect"
Ignoring her comment " So dito pala i-tatayo ang Hotel" I look around "What's th
is place again?"
"Tagaytay po"
Ayh..Oo Tagaytay nga pala.
Hmmmm so dito pala i-tatayo ng client ang building nya.
I love the spot....tama lang. At tska nasa good perspective ang location.
I wonder who's my client.
Then a man approached us. Yung edad nya baka nasa 45 years old.
He extend his hand "Finally I met the Architect" He breathed "I'm Leo Kim"
Mukhang Koreano nga.
Kinuha ko ang kamay niya "Nice to meet you too sir"
He laughed
I raised my eyebrow "Kayo po ba ang client?"
He laughed again.
"Pwede narin. But I have my partner, actually he's my nephew and he's also the h
ead boss Engineer for the project" He explain.
"well, that's good"
He gave me a cool smile "So are you married Architect?"
Parang natameme ako "Excuse me?"
Tumawa lang siya.
But I answer his previous question "I don't talk about my private life sir"
"Kasi sa papers mo" He muttered "Nakalagay sa status mo married"
What? how come. Hindi naman ako nag bigay ng papers ko ahh.
"Joke lang" He laughed " Kung makapag-react ka parang totoo"
Pinaglalaruan ba niya ako?
Buti nalang may staff na lumapit sa kanya at may binulong.
I just looked away.
"So may deisgn ka na ba sa project, Architect?" He asked me suddenly.
I gave him an assurance smile "When I design, I need to study the place first"
"Then feel free to take a glimpse"
"Actually, I am" I said.
I look around at may lumapit na guy sa amin ni sir Leo. Siguro mas matanda siya
sa akin ng four years and he also looks handsome.
"Hey" He said with a cool voice.
"Hi?" I raised my eyebrow.
"I'm Marco Santos, one of the Engineer" He extended his hand
I laughed at him.. hmmm ang bilis niya hah. I took his hand at nag hand shake ka
"Nice to meet you, I'm Architect Lewis" I smiled.
"Wow, so you're the project Architect?" Hindi parin niya binibitawan ang kamay k
"yeah." Tipid kong sabi.
"Ang ganda naman ng Architect" still holding my hand while he said those words

Xander's POV

Nasa malayo pa ako but kitang kita ko na siya.
Then I parked my BMW car.
I got out at lumapit na sa akin yung staff . May staff then sa bandang dulo.
"Sir, the Architect is already here"
" I know"
I walked towards her naka talikod siya sa akin at si tito lang yung naka harap s
a aking pwesto. Then parang napako ako. I saw her laughing with another man, the
man turn around in a side view position. Si Marco? what is he doing here?
Nakita ako ni tito at ngumiti ng pilyo.
Of course he knows that Amber is my wife.
Nag-init ang ulo ko ng napansin ko na mag kahawak ang kanilang kamay.
Lumapit na ako sa kanila at hindi parin ako pinapansin ng dalawa na nag-uusap.
"Ang ganda naman ng Architect" Dinig na dinig kong pagkasabi nya.
Hoy! asawa ko yan!
Puta naman ohh.
Napansin siguro ni Tito Leo ang pagka-inis ko kaya nag salita nalang siya.
"Ohhh, Miss Architect meet the head boss Engineer" Tinuro ako ni tito sa likuran
ni Amber.
My wife pulled out her hand just to turn around my direction.
Then her eyes were shock at naka buka yung bibig niya.
Her face was priceless... but still beautiful.
"You? ohh NO" Bulong nya..pero I heard what she said.
I extended my hand and to my surprise she took my hand too but she's still in t
he process of shockness.
When our hand touched electricity flowed in my veins.
God I missed her.
Kaya hindi ko napigilan ang sarili ko I pulled her closer to me.
Then I hugged her.
I lean down just to whisper this words to her sabay amoy sa kanyang pabango. Woa
hhh nag-init ang aking katawan.
But I controled myself and said "We meet again, wife?" Alam kong kami lang dalaw
a ang nakakarinig sa sinabi ko.

Amber's POV

"We meet again, wife?" Yun yung sinabi niya habang niyakap niya ako.
Ohhh no.... ohh no.
I felt his breath on my neck. Naka lean down kasi siya.
Parang nakuryente ako sa katawan niya.
I need to act properly so I pulled away then I looked at him.
I regret looking at him. He still utterly handsome. His hair is messy, and I can
see the dimples across his cheeks.
I breathed.
"He--he---l--lo" Utal-utal kong pagkasabi.
At buti naman nag salita si Marco " Engineer del Castillo, naka points kana agad
kay Architect Lewis" Marco looked at me.
Then I looked at Xander again. Parang nanginginig parin ako.
Xander's eyes looks really serious as he looked at Marco.
Then "But, I saw her first so she's mine" Sabi ni Marco.
Wow? ano ako price kung sino ang naka una. No way.
But sa mukha ni Xander parang papatayin niya si Marco. Then suddenly he smirked.
"Let me rephrase it to you, Engineer Santos. She's not Architect Lewis, she's Ar
chitect del Castillo" walang pag-aalangang sabi ni Xander.
Ohh no.... what are you doing Xander! shit,,,,,, naman talaga to oh...
Sakit na ng tiyan ko sa mga nangyayari.
"So she's your relative then?" Marco laughed, na para bang nanalo.
"Nah, actually she's my wife" Xander said without a second thought then he pulle
d me towards his side "I miss you babe" He whispered sabay kiss sa aking pisngi
Nagyelo ang aking mga tuhod.
Then I noticed na nanglaki ang mga mata ni Marco.
Parang kailan lang naglayas ako sa bahay ni Xander..then now his holding onto me
"I think you two should talk" Sabi ni sir Leo. " Let's go Marco"
"But--" Pero hinila na siya ni sir Leo papalayo sa amin.
Hinarap ko si Xander, hoping na nanaginip lang ako ng gising.
Pero hindi ehh.. totoo to.. nandito siya sa harapan ko nakatayo.
What am I going to do now?
"You still remember my name huh?"
I look at him and his eyes is in pain.
I nodded.
"For almost five years, I give you space" He smirked "But now" he pulled me aga
in closer to him. Yung nagkakadikit na katawan namin "I'll never give you spac
e, na kahit hangin man ay hindi makakaraan sa pagitan natin"
"I love the way you say my name" He said as he lean down and trace his nose on m
y cheek,
There's something in me.
I was heating up.
I pushed him away.
He laughed "I have something to tell you"
I raised my eyerow
"Kailangan mapaniwala natin si lolo at papa na were back together" He hold my ha
nd "Para ma ibigay na nila ang company sa akin"
I flinched away.
So heto pala yung habol niya sa akin.
Kahit kailan del Castillo hindi ka parin nagabago. Bwiset!.
Act Amber, show him that you can also wipe him down I told to my self.
"Sure, basta may makukuha akong part sa company" Then I walked out.
Gosh, sakit malaman na ginagamit pa din ako ni Xander for his own good.
Then suddenly he hold my hand.
"I forgot to do this" Then he kissed me.
Our lips met. Then he hold my chin down to part my lips.
Without a second thought he shove his tongue in my mouth.
I gasped as I respond with his kisses
Xander what have you done in my body?
I close my eyes as I feel the sensation in my body.
He pulled me closer to him then I feel something poking on my tummy.
Making me to move away "Xander Stop" But he continue kissing me on my neck.
Then I felt it again.
Ohh NO....I wake something up down there.
I push him away again " I said stop"
The last time I check, Xander was my first kissed. He kissed me during our weddi
ng day in Vegas and it was our last kiss the moment I decided to leave him.
"What's your problem, woman?" He was pissed.
I move my eyes down towards his touser and he followed my gaze.
I blushed.
He smirked.
"Let's go?" He change the topic.
"Gonna show you my house, our house" He said.
I frozed as he said the word "our".
"And I want you to pack your things at the hotel you where staying in" He added.
"Because you're staying with me, in our place" He said as he move closer to me a
nd he lean down to kiss me but before he kiss me, he said something "Mrs. del Ca
stillo" then our lips met.
He kissed me soft this time and he's the one who pulled away.
He smiled and my heart melt. I know I shouldn't felt this way. No.
He's just using me.
"So let's go" He kis my forehead.
No Amber my mind screams.
" I can't"
"Babe,I think you need to choose. Either sasama ka sa akin ng mapayapa o bubuhat
in kita patungo sa kotse ko" He hold my hand.
Ohhh NO I move away " I think you made your choice" He said with a evil grin.
Then....he lift me up. Carrying me in a bridal way.
"del Castillo! PUT ME DOWN" I screamed.
But he just laughed.
At ngayon ko lang napansin na kanina pa kami pinagtitinginan ng mga staffs.




Chapter 4: A Breakfast With Him
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Amber's POV

Naka sakay na ako sa car.
Haytsssssss naman to oh!
Matapos niya akong halikan sa harap ng mga staff and pinilit niya talaga akong
sumakay sa kotse niya.
I frowned.
Ano nalang kaya ang sasabhin ng mga tao sa akin. Sa amin?
I breathed hard.
Gusto ko talaga siyang iwasan, pero bakit para kaming magnet? He move, I moves..
It's like we were meant to be together.
AHHH! I shouldn't be thinking of that. He couldn't love me. And if I let myself
fall for him...I know at the end ....I'll be the one who would be left broken.
So habang maaga pa, I should control myself not to fall in love with him. Never
I look at him as he drive.
He's always been so attractive that all the girls are drooling for him.
I shook my head.
"So? yun lang ang pakay mo sa akin?" I said through my teeth "Para maipamana ang
company sa iyo?"
Oo, naiinis ako, because part of me is hoping na one day he's going to realize t
hat I am imprtant to him.
But hell! I was wrong.
Still same old Xander.
I saw him nod.
I laughed, a wicked laughed "Mr. del Castillo, you amuse me" I hide the pain ins
ide my heart "Ano naman ang makukuha ko kung papayag akong sumama sa iyo at mag
panggap that we're okay?"
He stop the car "Mrs. del Castillo" He said and I shiver as he said Mrs del Cast
illo "Kung papayag ka, choose everything you want and I'll give it to you" He e
xplained as he look me in the eye.
I look away "Uhmmm"
Think Amber my mind told me so.
"What if divorce after that?" Shit. what am I talking about.
"I'm afraid I can't give you that" He started to drive "Baka bawiin ni lolo sa a
kin ang mana" He explained but I can see his pissed.
"What?!" I crossed my arm "Fine, lemme think again"
I saw him smile.
Why is he smilling? Ayaw ba niyang maki pag-divorce sa akin? thinking of that th
ought makes my heart jump for joy.
Ughhhh. Diba....hindi dapat ako mahulog sa kanya. Peste naman ohh.
"Paano kong hindi ako papayag sa deal mo?" Tama! hindi nalang ako papayag sa dea
l namin. Atleast makaka-iwas ako sa kanya.
He smirked " Babe I told you earlier, that you wouldn't get away from me" He tak
e a glimpse on my side "At kung tatakas ka, pumunta ka man sa dulo lang mundo, o
sa impyerno man susundan kita at papabalikin dito" He give me a 'trust me I wou
ld do that' smile.
I felt scared as he said those words. Parang kaya niyang pumatay para lang makuh
a ako ulit.
Damn! Xander why are you always so dangerous?!
"Fine.Papayag na ako" I saw him form a curve line on his lips "But only in one c
"Anything babe" He stated.
"I will be part of the company and one more thing" he look at me as I said those
words "You will let me go when the time comes na I'll be falling inlove with so
I saw his face harden "Okay" Matipid niyang sagot.
So it's easy for him to let me go?
Gaga, hindi ka nga mahal! my mind screams and it tore me apart.
I change the topic "Yung mga gamit ko pala ay nasa sa Manila Hotel pwede bang---
Hindi na niya ako pinatapos "Pinakuha ko na ang mga gamit mo" Flat yung boses ni
Ano bang nang yayari sa kanya. Lately he was smiling and now??? parang gusto niy
ang may suntukin
Xander's POV


You will let me go when the time comes na I'll be falling inlove with someone

You will let me go when the time comes na I'll be falling inlove with someone

You will let me go when the time comes na I'll be falling inlove with someone

Her words keep playing on my mind.
NO! Fuck NO... I would never let her go.
NEVER. Yeah you heard me right guys. She's mine...and she's always and will alwa
ys be MINE.
Possessive na kong possessive, I know I don't exactly know what I felt for her.
...but one things for sure...I can't bear seeing her with someone.
Hinayaan ko na siya dati, nang umilis siya kasama ang peste na Kurt na yun.
And NOW? Hah! I can't let her fall in love with someone.
But HOW? nagtatanong ang isip ko.
I keep my eyes on the road and I know on the other side Amber was looking throug
h the window.
What if ma in love siya?
I shook my head....NO.....
Then I smirk an evil smirk..Of course may naiisip na akong plano.
She can't fall in love....because I'll make it sure that the only person she wou
ld love is ME.
Yeah...ako lang dapat ang mahalin ng asawa ko. Ako.
I took a glimpse at her.
God,she's beautiful.
She looked like an angel.
"Hey" I said.
She still ignoring me.
"Hey, angel face?"
she raised her eyebrow.....
"Excuse me?"
"Why are you calling me angle face?" her face looks surprise.
I give her my handsome smile "Because you look like an angel"
She blush then she look away.
Her blush makes my body come into life.
Woahhhh Xander easy.....I should conrol my self.
"So have you eaten your breakfast angel face?" I asked , I noticed na its 10 am
na pala.
"No" Tipid niyang sagot.
"Ayyy hindi'yes' " Her voice sounded pissed.
And she's pissing me off too.
"Don't talk to me like that." I said in a command sound.
"Then stop calling me angel face!" She snapped then look away.
Kaya pala.
"Why, because it's making you blush?" I hide my laugh as I said those words.
"Blush?, as if you can make me blush" Inirapan lang nya ako "My blush is caused
by the heat of your car ang hina kasi ng aircon " She added rolling her eyes.
She hit my ego.
"Really?" I cocked my head "Let's try then, if I can't really make you blush" I
said as I unhook my set belt.
"" Utal utal niyang pagkasabi as I lean forward
towards her face.
"Simpe. I'm just going to kiss you and let's see if you'll blush or not" I said
as our nose touched.
Then.....her face became red as tomato.
"Hahhaha" I laughed " Hindi pa nga kita hinahalikan nag ba-blush kana" I stated
as I kiss her temple.
And she gasped.
Then push me away from her but ofcouse she can't, I'm stronger than her.
"Shit" I heard her cursed.
"Look, angel face if you're referring your blush because of the heat dahil hindi
makaya ng aircon ng car ko ang init" I breathed her perfume "Then you're right.
.just because my new BMW car can't take my hotness" I said and I kiss her lips l
ightly then I pulled away.
Her eyes is still glossy.
"So maybe, let's have some breakfast" I said as I continue to drive and head tow
ards the restaurant.
"Hindi ako kumakain ng breakfast" She said as she breath hard.
I stop the car at front at the restaurant "Kaya pala ang payat mo na" I look at
Then she look at her body "My body is perfect"
"Really?" I smirked " I wanna feel how perfect your body is" I said trying to mo
ve closer to her.
"Ang manyak mo talaga" She whispered but I heard her.
"Yes, I'm perv specially when I'm hungry" I said and now I'm inches away from he
Ohhh.. I love the sound of my name in her voice
I unhook her seat belt as she close her eyes.
I laughed as I look at her so closely "Let's eat some breakfast, before I change
my mind and eat you" For the third times I kiss her lips again. Pero light lang
..I don't wanna lost control.
She pushed me away so I let her and she rolled her eyes.
I got out and open the passenger door.
"After you, angel face" She moved out and walked faster.
Pssttt iniwanan agad ako.
But of course naka catch up naman ako sa kanya.
Then I hold her hand.
"Xander..." She said as she felt my hand against her hand.
"What? you're my wife and I had the right to hold you" Sabi ko sa kanya and I sa
w her form a smile.


Amber's POV

Ba't ba ang sweet niya?
Kanina pa tong gagong to huh!
"What's your order maam?" The waiter asked me and give me a cute smile.
Hmmmm nag papacute ata tong waiter na to huh.
"Hey" Xander suddenly popped out. Nag cr kasi siya.
He kiss my forehead. Damn.Ba't ba nag wawala ang puso ko pag lumalapit siya.
Then he look at the waiter, actually he's giving a dead stare at the waiter.
Then his eyes back to mine "Angel face what do you want?"
Hindi parin ako nakaka recover sa endearment niya sa akin.
I blush.
How I wish I can hide my blush.
"Coffee with milk and sugar" I smiled at Xander and I don't know why I'm smillin
g at him "And..pan cakes with strawberry cream"
Xander look at the waiter and the waiter nodded.
"Ka....yo...po....sir?" Utal utal na pagkasabi ng waiter.
Ang galing talagang mang takot tong si Xander.
"Dark coffee and ham sandwitch" He said as he sit beiside me.
Then the waiter walk away.
"Hoy, Xander doon ka nga umupo" I said and pointed the other seat na kaharap ko.
He put his hand on my shoulder "No, I want to be near to you always"
I turn my head towards his direction.
Ba't mo ba ako pinapahirapan Xander?
"Fine" I said.
Then dumating na yung order namin at tamihik nalang kaming kumakain.
After namin mag breakfast he look at my plate.
"Busog daw pero ubos niyong pagkain" He stated.
Inirapan ko lang siya "Sayang yung pag kain"
I never thought that one day....we will have a breakfast together...
For being with him is utterly impossible.....
Parang kailan nag-layas ngayon? kasama ko na ang nilayasan ko.
Well..actually he's the reason why I'd ran away..For I'm scared that one day..I'
m gonna wake up and find myself falling for..HIM...
And falling for him means only hurting myself and my heart.
Ayoko ko nang masaktan pa.....the moment na nalaman ko na pinagpupustahan langni
la ako...I felt like my heart being ripped into two.
Kaya tama na to.
I never thought that he was looking at me.
"Angel face, you look unhappy. What's the problem" He lean down and touch my fac
Xander....why are you doing this???
"Nothing" Simpleng kong sagot.
He just smile at me "So let's go" Tumayo na siya,
I stand up too and started to walk. Syempre na una akong lumakad but then I feel
a hand on my waist.
"I told you,I want to be near to you" He said as he lean down and kiss my hair.
Tama na Xander ohh....
Pinapalala mo lang ang ating situation.
But I can't help it....But I know should.
I look at him..and he was looking at me too.
He give me dazzling smile and to my surprise I smiled back at him.
I blush again.
Hindi ko na ata mabilang kung ilang beses na akong nag ba-blush ngayo.
And it's so DAMN ANNOYING.
He open the passenger seat door.
I get in.
He started to drive.
"May ipapakita ako sayo pag dating natin sa Quezon" He said as he drive.
Ano naman to Xander huh?
"And what is that?" I said again as he drive.
"It's a surprise angel face" I can hear the amusement in his voice.
Xander you never failed to surprise me I said in a silent tone.


Chapter 5: Emotions
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Xander's POV

It's quarter to 12 in the afternoon....As I drive I take a glance at her.
She still asleep....
Nasa Quezon na kami...and bilis ng time kahit binagalan ko na ang pagdra-drive..
I stop the car at the front of my house...well my old house to be exact.
"Hey.." I touched her cheek "Wake up"
She raised her eyebrow before opening her eyes...
Then I smile at her as she opened her eyes..suddenly she look away.....BLUSHING.
There's something about her..telling me not to let her go...
Is this right to let her show the house I design with anger and pain?
My friends asked me...specially si Matt. na after daw umalis si Amber parang hin
di ako na a-apektohan....well this is the reason....
Kasi sa pag design ng house na to....I put all the pain, hate and anger in it.
I keep my smile para hindi siya mag hinala na nate-tense ako "How's your sleep?
"Good" Then she look around "Where are we?"
I got out and opened the passengear seat "Take a look"

Amber's POV
After he opened the passengerseat I got out from his car.
I tour my eyes around and I realized we where infront of an alluring two-storey
zen house.
Wow.....ang ganda.
but...............there's something really different in this house....
I can feel it.
He saw me looking at it so intensely
"So.....Architect del Castillo...what do you think?" He said.
Hindi parin ako sanay tawaging del Castillo....
Weird but.....I guess I need to be called at that way.................for legall
y I am married to him.
"That house looks good..not bad at all" I mumbled.
He laughed "C'mon Amber....I know you're better than that" He breathed and move
closer to me "Feel the house Architect" I can feel his hot breath.
AND WAIT...HE CALL ME's been so long since I heard him call me by m
y name.
Maganda pala pakinggan ang name ko galing sa kanya.
I shook my head....what was I'm thinking...?
So I focus my attention to the house.
"You really what to hear my opinion huh?" I said as I scan my eyes at the house.
I breathed "Well, whoever the owner of this house... I guess..ayaw niyang mag p
apasok sa kanyang bahay...literally means ayaw niyang may pumasok sa buhay niya.
.. Kasi masyadong mahaba yung windows and the sided then" I look him
"But the big open windows of the house...stated..that the owner is still waiting
I shifted my eyes at other corner part of the house "Pero..parang away namang ma
gtiwala niya..kasi try to look at the house design...there's a lot of
liko-liko..." I said "Then the materials's so hard...parang..ayaw na n
iyang bumuo ng pamilya..."
I can feel the tension against Xander.
I look at the house again "Over all..the house is really captivating....but it
was made by a person with a broken heart...One sided color lang kasi ang ginamit
..niya...and based on the design..the owner is a guy with a broken heart."
Tahimik lang si Xander and I can feel na medyo galit na siya.
"Keep going" He mumbled I continue "But I really don't know who's emotions lies in the design
of the is because of the architect, or the engineer...or maybe the
owner told his architect to design this house based on his experience...." I ta
ke a glance at the house.
Then a man approach Xander "Sir, kailan po ba ang renovation sa bahay na ito"
Wait.........the man talking about house.
"Uhmmm" Xander look at me then he shifted his eyes at the man "Maybe next week o
r before next week..I'm gonna call you"
The man nodded "Sige po sir..."
"Xander..." I began.
Then he cut me off "I'm the owner of this house"
Tama pala ang hinala sinabi ng mama.
I just stay quiet.
"And also I design this house" He shook his head as he look at me "I design this
house the moment you left"
I felt like the world stop as he said those words....
"Let's go, then" He said as he walk towards his car and open the passenger seat.
Nandito na kami sa condo ni Xander..hmmmm the place looks really cozy.
Mas pinili kong kalimutan nalang ang nangyari kanina...well....para hindi awkwar
And beside I really don't understand him.
"Nice place"
"Thanks" He smiled at me.....
Ayan naman po yung pamatay smile niya.
Pero parang may halong galit ang smile niya...
"Yung gamit mo pala ay nasa kwarto ko" He said as he went to the counter.
Wait..did he say 'Nasa kwarto niya ang gamit ko?'
"Ahhh, Xander hindi pwede tayong-----------"
"Please Amber pasakit ang ulo ko, not now"
"Pero hindi tayo matutulog sa i-isang kwarto" I mumbled
Ba't pa ang moody niya? Parang may PMS diba babae lang ang pwedeng mag PMS???Ays
He didn't reply.
"I can't understand you...!" I shouted at him and then started to open the front
door para lumabas but shit! wrong move.
He walk towards me and grab my arm "Where are you going, huh?"
"Mag-papahangin lang, ang init ng ulo mu kasi"
"Hindi ka lalabas"
I give him my glaring stare "Who the hell are you anyway?"
"I'm your husband!" He stated with anger.
Oppss...medyo galit na galit na siya and I need to stop
"Alam mo ba sa sinabi mo kanina tungkol sa bahay..made me remember the pain..whe
n you left me?!" Galit na sabi niya.
Galit narin ako "You're the one who told me to say my opinion! Kaya wag mo akong
"Oo, kasalanan ko na..Kasalanan ko naman dati diba? Kaya nga galit na galit si d
addy sa akin ehh" He grip my arm "Just because I'm the reason why you left away.
"Oo, galit yung daddy mo..kasi..alam kaya lang tayo pinakasal dahil sa
business, RIGHT?!" Medyo galit narin ako.
Maskit ang pag hawak niya sa braso ko "Aray,Xander masakit"
He loosen his grip then he went to his room.
Pumunta nalang ako sa living area at napaupo nalang ako sa sofa....God...nakakat
akot siyang magalit.....ganun na ba ako kasamang tao? Para magalit siya sa akin
nang ganun-ganun, I have my reason..naman ehh..
Then suddenly he's now infront of me.
He tossed me an envelop "Open it" He command.
Then binuksan ko na ang envelop.
Napa nga-nga ako "Xander this is not what you think..I umm..." I said as I keep
scanning my eyes at the picture kasama ko si Kurt.
And sweet namin tingnan..pero..yucks....bakla si Kurt..He's a gay...
"Now what exactly I think huh?, fool me lady" He said with anger "Just this once
Amber....magagalit mo na ako sa iyo" He look at me in the eye "Akala ko matatag
o ko ang galit ko ehh..pero hindi..kasi no matter what you cheated on me"
"Akala ko..kaya kong humarap sa yo nang masaya...naka ngiti....pero....ang totoo
nung na kita kita gustong kong sabihin sa iyo na iharap sa aking yang pesteng K
urt para bogbogin" He breathed hard full of hate "But I washed all of it...para
lang sa yo!"
Parang ang galit na pinapapakita ni Xander ngayon ay ang buong galit na hindi ni
ya pinakita noon....parang inipon niya ang galit niya.
"At kong ayaw mong ibigay ko yan sa daddy mo" He said referring to the photos. H
e lean closer to me..but I can still feel his anger "You would do everything I
From that my anger burst at na itulak ko siya "Do you know why I left....kasi a
ng selfish mo!"
He just smirk....with pain.
"I hate you" I murmured as tears streaming down my face.
He move closer to me, I look at him and I can see his anger shifted into softnee
s in his eyes "Just hate me, but I wont let you go..." He wiped my tears "Never"
I push him away.
"Wag kang lalabas" He said as he open the front door "Aalis lang ako, at may pag
kain naman sa ref kung nagugutom ka"
"So ako hindi pwedeng umalis..pero ikaw pwede" I stated.
He smirked "Kasi pag ako umalis...babalikan parin kita" He look at me "But you?
baka sumama ka na sa pesteng Kurt na yun"
By that he close the door.
Then the tears keep fallen from my eyes.....
You never failed to hurt me Xander.


Nakatulog na ako sa kakahintay kay Xander pero..hindi parin siya umuwi....baka n
ang ba-babae na yun....
At hindi niyo maalis yan sa isip ko..Xander was a womanizer before I met him.
Then I heard a footstep in the living area....
Nandito kasi ako sa kwarto namin--I mean kwarto ni Xander.
"Angel face?" I heard him call out.
I went to the living room and saw him sitting on the sofa..drunk.....
"Asheshesllo babeshh"
I close my eyes....this must be the married life.
Well, welcome to it Amber. my mind told me so.
I just went to the kitchen at pinag-timpla siya ng kape.
"Here drink this"
Ininum naman niya...after niyang inumin yung kape humiga na siya sa sofa.
"Hoy, Xander magbihis ka muna"
"Aishh" Yun lang yung sinabi niya.
Bahala siya sa buhay niya.
So pumunta nalang ako sa kwarto at natulog....
I wake up when I feel something moving against my side. Nakatalikod kasi ang pos
ition ko.
Then I gasped.
I feel something on my waist.
I turn my head a little bet and only saw Xander...I was blown lapit n
amin...Oo alam ko nang he's really handsome..pero iba yung feeling na nasa malap
it mo natanaw ang ka-gwapohan niya.
I turn to my side again at nakatalikod ako sa kanya habang yakap niya ako behind
my back.
Looking at the clock and I realized 2:30 am na pala.
Then I felt Xander stirred behind me......but.
My heart jumped as I feel him lightly kiss the nape on my neck.
"Xander" I moan.
"Shhhh" Gising na siya..
Ohh God!
"Xander" I protested as he keep kissing my neck.
"You smells so good" He lightly bite my neck.
I brethed hard.
"Xander please" I said...pero parang part of me ayaw itigil ang ginagawa niya.
"Please what?" Hindi na ata siya lasing ahh.
"Please stop" I said.
He laughed and kissed my neck again "Right" He kissed my shoulder "But remember
this you're mine"
I close my eyes as he still keep kissing my neck down to my shoulder.
I pulled his hand away from waist but he only held my hand and hug me tightly.
"Just let me hold you, wife" He said and I can feel his hot breathed "I'm so sor
ry kanina" He whispered "But I'm not sorry sa sinabi would do everyt
hing I tell you so" He kissed my hair.
A-akmang mag-sasalita pa ako...pero walang lumabas na words sa bibig ko.
He lean closer and kissed my temple again "Goodnight wife" He said and I can fee
l he close his eyes.
Tama bang..sumunod sa mga sinasabi niya???
Baka ito na yung sinasabing karma?
Pero ba't ba ako lang ang kina karma...pwede bang kasama din si Xander..ehhh may
kasalanan din siya..
Aytss......I think I need to sleep....nakaka-stress....
With that I close my my husband holds me tight.
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Chapter 6: A Visitor
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Xander's POV
I watched her asleep as I hold her tight.
Ang himbing ng tulog niya....she really look like an my arms.
Napapikit nalang ako..nang naalala ko ang nangyari kahapon....
God, am I too harsh???
Baka natakot ko siya? Ehhhh kasi noon paman she never saw me na nagalit....well
sa mga tauhan ko or sa mga maids nagagalit ako. Takot ang mga tao na lumapit sa
akin...but never ko siyang nasigawan noon.
And I regret shouted at her yesterday.
Maybe my anger take my mind at that time........
Should I say sorry to her?
Pero tuloy parin ang plano ko...the only way na hindi niya ako iwan is...i-black
mail siya. may sounds bad...BUT hindi niyo ako masisisi....
NOON paman...I do really want her... as my dad introduced her as my fiancee.
"Son, I have something to tell you" My dad said as I put my bag down...galing ka
si ako sa school...and medyo busy narin kasi graduating.
"Uhhh?" I said "What is it?"
"Our company needs expansion" He mumbled as he looked at me in the eye "And I ne
ed your help"
I smirked "Need my help? That's new to you"
Yes, my dad never call up my need..he always think that I'm not ready.
And that's bullshit!
Kaya heto ako ngayon...claiming on the that my dad noticed me...
I am one of the hottest student at my school and ofcourse running for com laude.
Yes, it's maintain my grade lalo na't Civil Engineering ang course ko.
...but I should put extra effort...I want to show to my dad, that I can be like
him...or better than him.
He laughed "Well, I guess I really do need your help"
"Then go ahead and tell me" I said
"You have to marry the only daughter of Anthony Lewis" He said "Mr. Lewis is one
of the most influence person in England...he live their but now...he's staying
in the Philippines when he married a Filipina, well a business woman to be exact
He give an envelop then I opened it "That's Amber Lewis"
Wait..her face looks familliar.
"The only daughter of Mr. Lewis" My father laughed "Me and Mr. Anthony agreed th
at you two will be married as soon as possible" My father tapped my shoulder as
I keep staring at the girls's photo "Don't put my name in shame, son"
With that I nodded
"Umm. Xander?" I looked at my dad as he call my name.
"They're waiting at the garden" My father told me so.
"They're...?" I asked.
"Mr and Mrs Anthony Lewis and of course their daughter" My father stated.
"Dad, hindi pa ako nakapag-bihis"
"You look fine son"
And by that we went to the dinning garden.
Ang una kong nakita ay isang babaeng nakatalikod at tinitingnan ang mga rosas.
"ohh, they're here..." My mum said kausap niya ang isang babaeng ka edad din niy must be Mrs. Lewis.
Then the girl turn around at kung hindi ako nagkakamali she's the girl I would m
arry, Amber.
As she turn around then our eyes locked and Damn! I held my breath away..she was
beyond beautiful..words couldn't express how stunning she is.
Kaya pala familliar ang mukha niya..kasi we're both studying in the same univers
"Is he your son Don Adolfo" Mr. Lewis said to my father.
"Yes, he is" And they shake their hands.
"And by the beloved daughter Amber" Mr. Lewis held Amber's hand.
My father smiled at him "This is Xander" My dad motion me to extend my hand.
"ohh...hi sir" I said as Mr. Anthony Lewis took my hand.
Halatang na i-ilang ang anak ni Mr. Lewis..kasi she just keep her head down.
Her mum noticed it..kaya lumapit narin siya sa tabi niya together with my mum.
"Why wont we leave them" Mrs. Lewis suggested "So that they could get to know ea
ch other."
Great...a one on one with her.
I smiled.
"Yeah....." My mum said and patted my shoulder "C'mon gentlemen" Then my mum gra
b my father's hand as the exit.
Befor Mr. Lewis went together with them he kissed her daughter's forehead "Take
"I will dad" She said to her dad.
And for the first I heard her voice.....sounds like a melody of an angel.
Then Mr. Lewis exited.
And we're both alone.
I smiled at her "Hello, I'm Xander del Castillo"
"I know" She said.
"You know?"
She raised her eybrow "Well, who wouldn't know? you're the hottest guy in our sc
"So you think I'm hot?" I asked while smirking.
Xander easy lang
She laughed "You wished"
I chuckled "Care to introduce yourself?"
She raised her eyebrow before she said "I'm Amber Lewis"
Soon to be Mrs del Castillo My mind said silently.
I give her my alluring smirked "Now, finally I meet the mysterious pretty of the
college of Architecture"
Then she smiled "My pleasure to meet you, the Casanova of the college of Enginee
From that moment.. I promised to mapapasaakin din siya.
And I really don't know what I's weird.
But I know I want her.
Nagising ako sa pag-alala sa mga nangyari noon nang may nag do-doorbell.
Damn sino naman kaya yun?
Before I got out from the bed I kissed Amber's cheek first.
Then I went to the front door.
Pag bukas ko ng pinto..parang natigilan ako.
"Ohhh...honey I miss you!" She said as she hug me.
"Kailan pa kayo umuwi?" Galing kasi siya ng Korea..ofcourse with my dad.
"Ngayon lang..yung daddy mo kasi nag pa iwan" She pouted "Ang dami pa kasi niyan
g tina-trabaho"
"Workaholic as before" I laughed.
"Ikaw are you?"
She sit on the sofa as I get her juice "I'm fine mum"
Amber's POV
Nagising nalang ako na wala na sa tabi ko si Xander.
O baka na nanaginip lang ako kagabi.
I touched my neck...but those kisses seems real.
Suddenly I heard a laughed from a lady at the living area.
May dinadala bang babae si Xander..dito sa condo niya?
Parang masakit isipin na may ibang babae si Xander....pero bakit ba ako nasasakt
Then the laughter seems volumed and I also heard Xander laughed.
Damn..sino bayang yan....naiinis na ako!
Kaya nag ayos mo na ako......sinigorado ko na pag labas ko maayos ako at pretty
of couse.
Then I got out.
Parang napahinto ako.
"Tita---I mean mum?" Halatang nagulat ako.
"Ohh Amber it's that you?" Then tita hugged me "Kailan ka pa umuwi?"
"Kahapon lang po" I mumbled
She seems didn't naglayas ako.
"Kaw naman kasi...nag-aral kapa sa L.A." She pouted "Yun tuloy naiwan si Xander"
Nagulat ako.So tinago talaga nila ang nangyari sa amin ni Xander.
"Ummm sorry po" I said.
"Darling it's okay.....sabi kasi ni Xander na he visits you atleast 3 times a we
ek" She stated.
I looked at Xander with a look 'What the hell?'
Then he just smirked
"So may nabuo na ba?" His mum asked.
"Po?" I was dazzled.
Tit----I mean my mum laughed "May baby na ba sa tiyan mo?"
What the----
I blush.
"Mum, easy" Xander said as he put his arm on my shoulder.
Sweet-sweetan lang....pero kagabi parang papatay ng tao.
Iba talaga tong si Xander.
" God son...4 years na kayong kasal" She said.
Ganon na ba katagal?
"And besides...Architect na si Amber and ikaw naman Engineer na" She breathed "A
lso Amber is twenty-two..and you..son you're twenty-four" She added "Dapat na ta
lagang magkapamilya na kayo"
Ohhh God....sumasakit ang ulo ko...namumula ang pisngi ko.
"Mum, SOON" Xander said "And we're planing into it,diba babe?" Xander said while
looking at me with a smirk.
"Yes po ma" Sabi ko. Ohhh Amber ano ba tong pinasok mo.
"Ohh fine.....wait...have you eaten your breakfast?" Sabi ni mama.
"Hindi pa ma" Si Xander na ang sumagot.
"Okay..I'll just cook" Sabi ni mama habang pumunta sa kusina.
"I'll help you,ma" I said papunta narin sa kusina.
She smiled at me "No, mukha puyat ka kagabi" She stated "Si Xander talaga pinuya
t ka."
A blood strikes at me face.
I'm blushing to death....
Did she kami ni having....okay..should I say
I just leave kusina...baka kasi ano pa ang sabihin ni mama.....nakakah
Pumasok na ako sa kwarto..then I saw Xander sitting at the edge of the bed.
He looked at me "I'm so sorry..of what I did yesterday" he said.
Unti-unting tumulo ang luha ko "Xander"
He walked towards me and wiped my tears "My anger just sweep my brain away..." H
e looked me in the eye "But.....just make it sure that you would do everything t
hing i tell you so...susunod ka sa akin" He looked away "That's my condition.
And by that he started to walked out.
Then I hugged him behind his back...
Parang natigilan siya "Xander, I'm sorry...of what I did"
"I know" He turned around and kissed my forehead.
So papayag na talaga ako na sumunod sa gusto niya?
Well, as if I had a choice....
Xander wants..Xander gets....Haytss...
"Son, come here hurry up" His mum called out.
Lumabas na kami ni Xander.
"Look" She said as she wants us to look at the tv screen.
' Engineer del Castillo kissing a girl at the construction site...who's this mys
tery girl...?'
May picure na pinalabas...and it was me and Xander kissing torridly.
"Ohhh and sweet niyo talaga" Sabi ni mama.
Namula naman agad ako.
Then suddenly Xander held his cellphone and dialed a number.
"Hello...yes...ohh yes mag papa interview ako" Then he ended the call.
"Xander?" Taka kong sabi.
"Get ready babe magpapa-interview tayo ngayong hapon" He said while holding my h
I breathed hard and nodded. talaga tong pinasukan ko!
Chapter 7: Introducing
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medyo...may iniisip lang.....

>///< kainis.....



Xander's POV

Nagsusuot ako ng damit ko ng may nag doorbell ulit.
Langya naman uhh!
Kung tinatanong niyo kung asan c mama at Amber....hmmmm....
Si Amber andon pa sa banyo...kay tagal talagang maligo, si mama naman ayon nagba
-bake ng cake....hobby niya kasi yun...
Haist, sakit ng ulo ko..paano ba't hindi sasakit si lolo panay yung tawag.
Ehh, nabalitaan nila na may kahalikan ako at hindi pa talaga naniwala si tanda n
a asawa ko yun...sabagay malabo na yung mata niya. Hahaha.
Buti nalang si mama yung kumausap.
Natigilan ako sa pag-iisip ng nag salita si mama "Xander! Kanina pa yang nagdo-d
Aish...kaya lumabas na ako galing sa kwarto ko.
Nakita ko na medyo busy din si mama sa pagsla-slice ng cake.
Hmmmm mukhang masarap.
I went to the front door and open it.
My eyes bulged! Damn.
"Dude, tagal mo naman naka bukas ng pinto" Sabi ni Matt.
Ken patted my shoulder "Headline kana sa news ahh"
They're talking about the news na lumabas nung nag halikan kami ni Amber.
"Who's the lucky girl, huh?" Si Ken ulit ang nag salita.
I motion them to get inside "Not your business"
Itatago ko ba sa kanila na napauwi ko na si Amber?
"Tol, are you cheating with your wife?" Ayan na naman si Matt concert lang ang t
Hindi ko na siya pinansin...patuloy lang ako sa paglalakad patungong living area
"Uie, nandiyan pala yang mga kaibigan mo..." Sabi ni mama "Here, guys I bake a c
"Wow, tita miss na po namin yung luto niyo" Ken breathed "Pero kagagaling lang n
amin kumain ehh"
"Yah, next time nalang po" Yun naman ang sabi ni Matt.
Pstt sip-sip talaga tong dalawa.
My mum smiled at them "Of course"
I was about to sit down when Matt asked "Hoy, sino nga yung kahalikan mo?"
I raised my eyebrow "Hindi ba halata kung sino?" I sit down
"Hindi, masyado ehh pero she looked familiar" Matt said sitting beside me.
Then the unexpected happen.
"Xander have you seen my----" Si Amber lumabas ng pinto galing sa kwarto namin w
earing only her bathrobe, at basa pa yung buhok niya.
I heard the two mongrel gasped "Dude" Sabay nilang sabi.
Napahilamos nalang ako sa aking kanang kamay.
"Uhhh hello?" Amber said looking away.
Tapalunok si Ken. Ehh sino ba yung hindi mapalunok....and hot ng asawa ko sa rob
e niya. Pati nga ako nagbabaga sa init. Bwesit!
Binatukan ko si Ken "Keep your thoughts off" I warned him.
Langya..kahit kailan si Ken talaga ang pinaka manyak sa aming tatlo.
Matt just laughed "If I'm not mistaken you're Amber right?"
Amber just nodded with disbelief.
"Hmm, mukha alam ko na kung sino siya" Yun lang yong sabi ng mokong.
Hindi ko nalang siya pinansin at agad-agad kong nilapitan si Amber "Hey" I said
as I was infront of her. Oo sa harap talaga blocked those eyes who st
ares at her....Ken's eyes to be exact.
"Ummm Xander" Parang na i-ilang siya.
"Let's get inside" I said as I motion here towards OUR room.
"Hoy, tol di kana maka tiis agad-agad?" Yun yong biro ni Ken pag pasok namin sa
Radam ko nalang na namumula parin si Amber.
"Gosh, I didn't know they are here" She suddenly mumbled.
I just laughed "Tulad ka parin ng dati....mahiyain pag dating sa ibang tao"
She just sit on the edge of the bed "So?" She pouted.
I smirked "Don't do that"
"Do what?"
I hold her chin up for her to look at me "Don't pout your makes me fe
el what to kiss you"
She shrugged and pulled away "Then control yourself"
Hmm..she know how to play huh?
"I'm your husband....and I shouldn't conrol myself..interms of my needs to you,m
y dear" I hide my laughed as I said those words...Hahaha yung mukha niya kasi hi
ndi maipinta.
"Don't you ever think!" She walked away heading towards the walk-in closet.
I follow her.
"Stop right there!" She breathed "Baka mahawa pa ako sa ka manyakan mo!" Napalak
as ata niya yung boses niya.
"Shhhh, baka nakakalimutan mo may bisita tayo" I warned her.
She just rolled her eyes "Nasan ba yun" She whispred as she scan the dresses.
Yung mga dress niya kasi ay nasa right, sa akin naman yung nasa left.
See? Pinaghandaan ko talaga ang pag-babalik niya.
"Ano ba yung hinahanap mo?" I said as I help her scan her dresses, then our shou
lder touches.
Bigla siyang lumayo "Stay away from me or else------"
"Or else what?" I said smirking walking towards her.
Napa-atras siya "Xander"
I just continue walking towards her "Yes?" Pilyo kong sabi.
Hangang nakasandal na siya sa pader then our nose are inches away.
"Xander naman..I hate this game...nagmamadali tayo diba?" She signed.
"Fine" I said trapping her in my arms. Wala talaga siyang takas.
" back off...will you?" She said in a low voice.
I smirked an evil smirked "Kaw kasi gusto lang kitang tulangan sa paghahanap. Eh
h ang dumi ng isip mo" I breathed her scent "So dumumi narin yung isp ko" I said
as I kiss her jawline.
"Xander..please ....stop" She moaned.
Shit! hindi na ito foreplay....nag-iinit na talaga ako.
I close my eyes as I feel the sensation running through me.
I should contol myself...baka mas matakot lang siya sa akin.
"I'll stop" I breathed hard...HOH! ang hirap mag-pigil "Only in one condition"
Halatang naubos na ang kanyang sa pasensya "Xander" She warned me.
"Okey..di wag" I said through my teeth "Gusto ko rin tong posesyon na to" I kiss
her nose "Yun bang hawak-hawak kita..." I give her my evil smirked.
"Damn" She cursed "Ano yung condition mo?"
"Kiss me"
"HUH?" Nang laki yung mata niya.
"I said kiss me" I smiled wickedly at her.
"Ayaw mo?" Mas hinigpitan ko pa ang yakap ko.
"FINE!" Medyo napasigaw siya.
I smiled for my victory "C'mon hurry up...baka mala-late tayo sa interview"
Then mas nagulat ako sa ginawa niya "You what a kiss?" Then she grab my neck pul
ling me towards her....
I close my eyes as she kiss me hard and fast.
I lossen my grip on her..then the last thing I know wala na siya sa mga bisig ko
"Awwww, there you are" She said as she grab her dress.
Ako naman hindi bitin ako nun hah....
Yung apoy sa katawan ko parang nagliliyab na....
"Xander are you alright?" She said smirking at me.
She'll be the death of me.
"I need a shower again" I said as I exit.

Amber's POV

Naka bihis na ako at si Xander naman ayon nasa sala nauna na sa akin.Pag-babae k
asi ang tagal mag-ayos. Hahaha...nakakatawa yung nangyari kanina.
He looks..hmmm like he's in a high pitched of fever kanina. Hahahaha
Buti nga! Manyak kasi.
Then I touched my lips....Ohhh GOSH.... I kissed him....Oo aaminin ko I was real
ly seduced by him. WEll sino ba ang hindi ma-seduce....he's sizzling HOT.
I close my eyes... I can't believe I'm saying this...This is so not me.
Actually I was really nervous right now....ehhh sino bang hindi? Si Xander magpa
pa-interview....kasama pa ako.
I don't usually do this kind of things.
I look at myself in the mirror...Oo nga pala....I was married to the one of the
most famous Engineer not just here in the Philippines but of course to the other
"Amber!Matagal pa ba yan!" Ayan na naman po yung boses ni Xander.
I take a look again in the mirror...
Perfect I thought to myself...Light lang ang make up ko and I just put sa mascar
a to inhance the beauty of my alluring eyes.
Simple din ang suot ko...just a black cocktail dress with a black heels.
Then I got out.
I was shocked all eyes were on me.
"Wow" I heard both Ken and Matt said.
"Stunning" Doon ko lang na malayan na ang lapit na ni Xander sa akin.
Namula ako. God, I felt like a high school student.
"Thanks?" I look at him..then he smiled at me.
Nagtitigan kami hanggang " look really beautiful" Sabi ni mama
Nilingon ko siya " Thank you po, ma"
Xander hold my hand "We better get going"
Ken just smiled at us "Swerte mo pare"
"Makakahanap ka rin" Xander just laughed at him.
I can't help but blush again.....I know I hate to feel what I'm feeling right no
w..but there's a part of me can't help to think that maybe there's possibilities
between me and Xander.

Nandito na kami sa studio...well sa backstage palang kami.
Sumilip ako....GOD! ang daming reporters....ganino ba ka sikat ang asawa ko---I
mean si Xander?
"Are you nervous?" I heard Xander said.
I just nodded.
He hold my hand "Don't worry I'm here"
The way he said those words..parang hindi na siya aalis sa tabi ko.
"Ehhhh Xander, I've never done this before" I breathed "Oo, my dad is a big fish
in a different business field but dad never allow me to go in pub
I feel him clitch his teeth "Sorry, I didn't know" He look at me "Just stay here
.....I'm gonna take care everything" He kissed my forehead....
And I feel love by him. Kahit minsan..hindi naman siguro masama na mangarap na m
ahalin ako ni Xander.
"Pero Xander----------"
"I can handle everything" He winked at me and went out.
I saw Xander take a sit..infront of the media.
"Good afternoon everyone" He smile at them.
Sanay na talaga si Xander sa mga ganito...
Then a girl stand next to me..together with her friends....actually tatlo sila.
"God, ang gwapo talaga niya" Sabi nung girl.
"Oo, nga...and guess what? He's only 24" Her other friend giggle.
Nag-init ang ulo ko.
"Buti ka pa girl dito ka nag-tratrabaho" Her other friend told her so "Ehhh kasi
anytime pwede mo makita si Engineer Xander"
They all laughed "I had a copy of a magazine the feature si Xander" She said "Ca
n't you believe it? at his early age..he's one of the famous Engineer not just i
n here but also international."
Inirapan ko lang sila...bwesit!
Wala talagang alam na meron ng asawa si Xander...they keep it so well.
I just ignored them and focus my eyes towards Xander.
"Engineer del Castillo sino po yung babae sa picture?" The man asked to Xander w
th no hesitation.
Xander give them a smile "She's very specially to me"
The girl on my side gasped "Girlfriend niya?"
"Baka ka fling lang niya! Hmmmp" Her friends answer her.
Sumasakit ang ulo ko...sarap sabunotan ang mga ito....
"Our source told us that she's also part of your new big building project" The r
eporter asked.
"Maybe" Xander just said.
Why he's playing a game with the media....???
"Engineer del Castillo some of the witnessed said that she's the project Archite
ct" The other reporter said.
I heard Xander gasped.
Oo nga pala may mga staff din nakakita sa amin.
But Xander play it cool but then the reporter asked "Sir, paano niya po kayo na
akit....she must be really sexy then" Aba bastos tong reporter na to huh! well s
a mukha palang niya manyak na.
Atleast si Xander manyak na gwapo..ehhh siya? parang aso ang mukha.
Parang galit na si Xander "I don't answer fudge question" Then he stand up.
"Engineer del Castillo..siya po ba si Architect Lewis?" Yung manyak na lalaki na
reporter ang nagtanong.
How did he know me.
Oo sa LA some reporters know me...pero dito? I think...walang nakakaalam sa akin
Remember I hide from Xander....before.
Xander turn around to look at him "Who is she to your life po?" The other report
er asked again.
"She's my-----"
Hindi ko na kaya ang nang yayari...Parang nahihirapan din ako pag nahihirapan di
n si Xander.
So I got out.
Then camera flashes against me.
I close my eyes...then as I open them I saw a pair of worried eyes.
"I told not to----" hindi kosiya pinatapos.
"I can't bear it" I said.
Then I look at the reporters.
"Maam kayo po ba yung babae sa picture?" They keep asking.
"Maam, are you Architect Lewis?" Panay nilang tanong.
"Ehh, maam are you just one of Engineer del Castillo fling?"
Hindi ko na kaya...sana hindi nalang ako lumabas....
God, I'm such an idiot.
"Xander" I said.
But they keep on asking "Paano niyo siya naakit?"
Then I felt Xander's anger heat up "Okay....SHE'S MY WIFE!" Xander shouted at th
Nag bulungan ang mga reporters.
"How can you keep your private life..Engineer del Castillo?"
Xander look at them "I want to have a private life with my wife....then one day
she surprise me sa site construction saying she's the project Architect I was ov
erwhelmed and kissed her there" He said na medyo hindi na galit.
Ang galing niyang gumawa ng scenario. He's really good at playing games.
"So I answer your question...will you excuse us" He said at hinila na niya yung
kamay ko.
I look at Xander as we walk holding hands.
Now he introduce me as his wife...and I really don't know what will the changes
heading for me and part of that is to act properly as the wife of Engineer del C

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Chapter 8: Opposites Do Attract





Amber's POV

Ugh. Ang sakit ng ulo ko.....
Now I'm here in my company nilang Xander.
Kahit ngayon I can't believe it namay sarili akong bongga office slash drawing o
ffice room.
Grabe ang laki naman kasi ng office ko. It's like my dream may drawin
g area.
Pero kahit maganda ang office ko...Haytss...nagtambakan naman ang mga gawain ko.
Kaya heto ako ngayon, making some new design for the hotel sa Tagaytay. Three ho
urs na akong nag-iisip ng design..pero floor plan palang ako.
I look at the floor plan design I had made.
I pouted "UGH, this is not right!" Kaya pinunit ko nalang ang drawing ko.
Napasandal ako. I need to think better than this.
I move away from my drawing table and walk towards my office table. I turn on my
laptop and try to look at the lot elevation kung saan itatayo ang hotel.
Hmmm....Medyo polygon yun lot.....and hindi pwede straight space lang ang floor
I smiled as an idea strikes in my brain then hurriedly went to my drawing table
and start working.

After another one hour and thirty minutes I already finish the floor plan..then
I start my drawing for the design elevation of the building.
"Ummm Architect del Castillo?" My assistant called out. Kahit kailan hindi pa ta
laga ako sanay na tawaging Architect del Castillo or Mrs. del Castillo for it se
nd me goosebumps.Kahit almost one week narin ang nakakalipas noong ipinakilala a
ko ni Xander sa lahat that I'm his wife hindi parin ako sanay ehh.
At I may add kararating lang pala ni Xander galing England...well he visit my da
d there. Okay...fine my dad wants to talk to him...five days din siya nasa Engla
nd and I really don't know kung ano ang pinag-usapan nila.....ayaw akong ipasama
ni daddy ehh.
"Yes?" I said as I put down my pencil.
"Si Engr. del Castillo po pinapatawag kayo"
I raised my eyebrow "Why?"
"Hindi ko po alam Architect ehh. He just said that he needs to talk to you" She
"He could have called me" I said "Tell him..if he wants to talk to me...." I smi
led evilly "Siya dapat pumunta sa office ko"
"Po?" My assistant blinked her eyes
I smiled at her "You heard me, dear"
"Pero Architect mainit po ang ulo ng asawa niyo---I mean si sir" Takot niyang pa
"Pagpinagalitan ka niya...ako ang bahala sayo" I winked at her "Now go and tell
him to come in my office" I smirked.
I continued my work....Hmmm kung inaakala ni Xander that he could boss me up...w
ell he's wrong.Di porke siya yung head boos Engineer ng team ay basta-basta lang
niya akong utos-utosan. I have my own moves.
Then my door suddenly open.
I raised my head up..Ohhhh speaking of the devil he's already mukhang
bad mood talaga.
He close the door and......shit he locked it.
Ohh...I smell trouble.
"You really put me in shame" He said walking towards me.
"Put you in shame?" I give him my innocent tone.
"Don't play with me Amber" He warned.
Pag-naiinis siya sa akin he always call me with my name "I'm not playing games w
ith you"
He put his both hand above my drawing table while leaning down "Ba't hindi ka pu
munta sa office ko?"
I stop from working "What's the big deal of that?" Pagtataray kong sabi "Ehhh Xa
nder busy ako"
"Busy?" He look at my work "God Amber! pwede naman niyang i-autocad yan!" Wow, m
edyo sinigawan niya talaga ako.
I stand up and lean up "Engr. del Castillo, yes pwede yang ma autocad but for Pe
te-sake Xander anyone can do this with autocad" I breathed "But you know what?Wh
at they can't do is this" I grab my designs "The skills of an Architect"
"Well, I can do that" Paghahamon niya.
This is one of the reason why I hate working with a Civil Engineer as if they kn
ow kasi everything that an Architect knew.
"Really?" I smirked.
He closed his eyes as if controlling his anger "Amber, time consuming yang ginag
awa mo next week na natin ipre-present yan sa board" He change the topic.
"And why are you changing the topic?" I move to his side "Engineer del Castillo
why wont you try what I am doing right now" I whispered "Do the manual drawing"
He turn to my side.
Shit, and lapit niya sa akin..I can feel his hot breath.
"Architect del Castillo" He smirked "Your husband is a Civil Engineer and precis
ely our field is in the structural design" He move closer to me.
I step back "Now you got the point, Engineer del Castillo I'm in the architectur
al design and your in the structural stay where your field is!" I s
He just laughed. Aba't tinawanan lang ako "But since magaling ako" He said "I ha
ve a proposal design for you"
"Why thank you" I breathed "But I can handle everything" I said moving away from
"Why wont you go to my office and try to look at the design" He said.
I sit down "No thanks" Ma pride ako ehh.
He laughed again "Just try to look at it" He move to my side "And you can change
the design"
"I said no---"
"Amber, we're team here" He breathed hard "We should help each other"
Ugh. Ba't ba may point siya?
"Akala ko ba mainit ang ulo mo?" I change the topic. Ma pride nga ako!
He give me playful smile while he lean down putting his both hands on the each s
ide of my chair. Trapping me to exact!
"Parang may mali sa sinabi ng iyong assistant" He said as our nose touched "Kasi
hindi ulo ang mainit sa akin" He mumbled and we're inches away. God I can feel
his hot breathed that sent chill sensation to my body.
"Ehh, kung hindi ulo ang mainit sayo......Anong mainit?" Without thinking I aske
d him.
He just give me a seductive smirked "My body"
Namula ako ng bonggang-bongga.
I tried to move my face to the other side so that we're not facing each other.
Then we heard a knock through my door "Architect---" My assistant called out.
Wew! Buti nalang locked yung door.
I can feel his lips on my left cheek "Hindi ako aalis dito kung hindi ka pupunta
sa office ko"
Amber lunukin mo na ang pride mo my mind thought so.
"FINE" I said "Now, move away" I said...kasi panay ang katok ng assistant ko sa
pinto. Baka isipin niyang ano na ang nangyayari sa amin ni Xander, kung bakit lo
cked yung pinto at------SHIT nahawaan na yata ako ng kamanyakan ni Xander.
He kiss my cheek before he step back. UGH at naka kiss pa talaga ang mokong. Hin
anayaan ko nalang siya at tumayo.
"After you" He said as he open the door.
Then as we got out, all eyes were at us including my assistant.....and trust me
guys I know what they're's written all over there face.
Bewsit tong si Xander pati yung mga employee nahawa narin sa kamanyakan niya.
I am blushing to death as we get inside his office.
"Ohhh why are you blushing?" Pilyo niyang sabi.
I just ignored him "Where's the design?"
He give me the tracing paper "Here"
I scroll it then my eyes scan at the design "Maybe sa front view gawin natin ton
g polygon shape-wall" I said "Tapos open view din to" I pointed some of the rear
elevation. "Then dapat yung style medyo french style with blend of contemporary
Then tumawa lang siya.
"What?" I hissed.
"Ehhh, kasi the way you said the design" He put his hand on my shoulder "It's ve
ry perfect"
I blush. Nag-blush na naman ako.
"" Utal-utal kong pagkasabi.
He smiled at me "Diba, I told you we're team here" He take a look at his watch "
But maybe we should finish this later."
I was perplexed "Why?"
I fix his things up at his table "Because it's lunch time Architect"
Ohhh. I almost forgot.
"Ohh, you go ahead I still need to------------------"
He cut me off "Nah, were going to eat our lunch together"
"I'm not really hungry" I insist.
But he hold my hand leading me away from his office "Xander----"
"Shut up or I'll kiss you" He warned.
Kaya heto ako trying to shut my mouth....ehh ayaw ko na naman halikan niya ako s
a harap ng mga staff ulit.
"Ummmm Xander?"
"Kukunin ko lang yung bag ko sa office ko" I said.
He looked at me "Okay...just hurry up"
"Opo boss" I said sarcasmly.
Then I hurriedly walk towards my office and immediately grab my bag. Haytss ba't
ba under ako ni Xander...kainis!
I got out and try to find Xander as I turned around I saw him talking with.....a
hhhh si Engineer Marco Santos.
I walked towards them "Hey" I said to Marco.
He give me a flirt smile "Architect Lewis--I mean del Castillo" He said giving m
e a peek kiss on my cheek.
Then Xander pulled me away from him "We should get going. Me and my WIFE will go
ing to have our lunch" He said at hinatak niya talaga ako palayo kay Marco.
When we were inside the elevator "May alcohol ka?" Xander suddenly asked.
Anong problema nito?
"Oo sa loob ng bag ko" I muttered "Bakit?"
"Akin na" He extent his hand.
So I get the alcohol from my bag "Ohh" I said as I handed him the alcohol.
Naglagay siya ng alcohol sa kamay niya "Don't move" He said. Tapos pinahid niya
yung alcohol na nasa palad niya sa mukha ko kung saan hinalikan ni Marco.
"Baka mahawa ka sa germs ng Marco na yun" He muttered as he keep putting alcohol
on my face.
I push away "Xander!" I hissed.
"What!" He gasped and move away.
I grab my alcohol from his hand and I put it in my bag "Don't do that again"
"And why?"
"Ehhh kasi-----"
HIndi na niya ako pinatapos "Ahhh kasi gusto mo rin mag pahalik..tss" Then he wa
lked away pagbukas ng elevator.
Aba't nang iwan talaga.
"Hoy!" I said "Akala ko ba mag lu-lunch tayo?"
He turned around to look at me "At akala ko ba hindi ka gutom" He said.
I raised my eyebrow "Ehhh nagugutom na ako" I pouted.
"I told you not to pout your lips" He warned.
"Basta maglu-lunch tayo" At ako na ang humila ng kamay niya.
Parang gusto rin ng gago ahh...kasi nagpahila din siya.
Nasa parking lot na kami....hmmm parang tagtatampo parin si Xander..ehhh kasi hi
ndi niya ako pinagbuksan ng pinto sa kotse niya.
Bwesit na iinis na ako.
"Xander..." I warned him.
Siya lang ang pwedeng magboss-bossan?
"What?!" He snapped.
Aba't daig pa talaga ang babae base sa mood swing niya.
So I just turn away and walk out.
Then suddenly I felt a hand on my waist "Hey"
I turned around then I look at him "E hey mo mukha mo!" I snapped.
I feel him control his anger "Look, Amber I just didn't like the fact that other
guy or guys are touching you" He stated.
Parang tagilan ako sa sinabi niya.
"So from now on stay away from Marco" He added "Remember you'll do everything I
Ano tong sinasabi niya?
"So let's go...kakain pa tayo" Then he hold my hand.
I just nodded.
SHIT. Dapat nga akong magalit sa mga pinagsasabi niya kasi he is so BOSSY but wh
y I am feeling the opposite of it?
I feel happy and.......kinikilig din ako.
No! erase---erase---erase......wew!
I look at our hands as we walk....
UGH... Xander what have you done to me? Ba't mo ba ako napapasunod?
Baka gusto mo na siya my mind told me so.
No way! Hindi ko gusto si Xander....maybe this is just an attraction....kasi hin
di ko pwedeng magustohan si Xander o mahalin man kasi at the end I know I would
be the one who would left broken
Wala na akong maisip guys ehh... :)
Chapter 9: Happenings


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whole equation of this story cannot be denoted nor solve without you, the READER
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Xander's POV

I am driving right now towards my condo.
I take a look on my side...and saw Amber sleeping. Her head is being lean on the
side window of my car.
Napagod yata siya sa trabaho. She?s really a hard working woman....and that?s an
other thing I like about her.
Buti nalang kumain na kami ng dinner.
I smiled out of nowhere. I still can?t believe that she?s here with feel
s like I am still dreaming. But if I am dreaming right now, then I don?t want to
wake up again.
My phone vibrate waking me up from daydreaming.
I pick my phone out then I notice five messages na pala.
And all of it ay kay Matt. Langya ano naman kaya ang problema nito?
Before I open his message, he was already calling me.
?Dude?? I mumbled.
?Tol,hindi kana talaga nagpapakita sa amin? He complained but of course he said
it in a tease tone.
I laughed ?Para ka namang bakla! Agad-agad na mi-miss ako? I joke
?Gago nito! I just want to hear what's new to you again? I heard Matt chuckled ?
Of course aside sa napa-uwi mo na si Amber?
And speaking of Amber again, I take a glance at her again ?Fine? I said ?Meet me
sa dating bar parin?
?Okay....sasama ko narin si Ken? He muttered.
?Okay? Then I hang up.

Kalalagay ko lang ni Amber sa kama namin. She was still peacefully sleeping. Sud
denly she parted her lips.
I groaned.
Temptation is running all over my body... making me hot.
I close my eyes. Trying to control myself again.
Amber...what have you done to me? It feels like I am my losing control every tim
e I am near to you.
I lean down and kiss her forehead ?Sleep tight, angel face?
Then I stood up walking away.

Nasa bar na ako ngayon.
Then I saw Matt wave at me.
I look around at the place...well....the bar is still the same.
Before, this place is where I want to be. Noise, music, wild dance, alcohol but
now? All I wanted is to be with Amber. And it freaks me out! In my twenty four
years of existent I never felt this way. My feeling for Amber is new to me.
?Bro!? Ken patted my shoulder.
?Hoy, hindi ka pa nakakabayad sa ginawa mo? I suddenly mumbled.
?Anong ginawa ko?? Pagtatakang tanong ni Ken sa akin.
I give him my serious look ?The way your eyes stare at my wife.Pssst akala mo ba
nakalimotan ko na yun??
Tumawa lang siya ?C?mon dude,joke ko lang yun" He give me a light punches on my
chest "Para mag-selos ka"
I rolled my eyes "Selos?Gusto mo to?" I said as I stretch up my fist.
Then "C'mon you two..stop being immature" Matt commented.
Tumawa lang kami pariho ni Ken "OL ka talaga bro" Ken muttered with a smug on hi
s face.
"OL?" Pagtatakang tanong ni Matt.
"Out of Love" Ken said as he tried to hide his laughed.
My laughter burst. Gago talaga tong si Ken. Hahaha..Yung..ano...hahahha mukha n
i Matt parang iwan.
"Pstt" Yun lang sinabi ni Matt.
Ehh..totoo namang Out of Love talaga yang si Matt. He never believes in love. Fo
r him it's just a game.
"Bro, makakahanap ka din" Ken said out of nowhere "Yung bang katulad nina Xander
at Amber...ehhhh nakakakilig"
I just ignored him.
"Shut up Ken" Matt warned him "So Mr. del Castillo....what's new to you now?"
I smirked "It's still the same" I laughed "Para kaming aso't pusa ni Amber. The
feeling when we keep on arguing then at the end medyo nagkakasundo din"
Ken giggled like a child "Tol, baka inlove kana"
Matt shrugged "So it means the Casanova's Heart gives in?"
"I don't know...I mean I never felt this way" I said seriously "Yung bang I want
to keep her only for myself.....I felt angry whenever a guy was looking at my w
ife. Noong hinalikan siya ni Marco" I breathed hard "I want to ripped that basta
rd away from my wife"
Ken laughed "Then what had happen bro?"
So I told them everything what had happen between me and Amber noong hinalikan s
iya ni Marco sa pisngi.
"Wahahhaha" Ken laughed "Really bro? hahaha...nagawa mo yun?"
Tawa lang siya ng tawa "Bro, grabe ka naman magselos..pati alcohol dinamay mo pa
"I am not jealous" I stated.
"'t ka nagalit?" Ken asked again.
"I dunno" I said as I drink some beer.
"Selos yan bro" Ken laughed.
I look at him "Gusto mo ipa-inom ko sayo yung alcohol?"
"Ito naman di mabiro" Ken patted my shoulder.
"Then you have to find out by your self" Matt mumbled seriously "Ikaw ang makak
apagsabi if you are really inlove or not"
"Or baka lust lang ya bro" Ken smirked "Ang hot kasi ng asawa mo"
I give him my deadly stare.
"Joke....." Ken give me peace smile look.
Langya tong si Ken, pinapalala naman ang kamanyakan niya...Kung si Matt Out of
Love itong is Ken naman Full of Lust.
"Paano kung umalis ulit siya?" Matt's question makes my heart jump.
I look at him.
"Paano lang naman" He suddenly added.
I shrugged and move my shoulder "Then....I'll do everything para hindi na siya
"How?" Matt keep asking.
"I'll get her pregnant" I don't know why I'd said those words but I mean those
Parang natapon ang ininom na beer ni Ken "Tol, totohanan na ba yan?"
"Kung yun lang ang paraan then YES" I said as I open some beer.
"Then good luck" Yun lang ang sabi ni Matt.
Amber's POV

I wake up when I heard the sound of the shower at the bathroom.
I lean up and I realize I am still wearing my office uniform.
Wait.........How did I end up here in the bedroom.?Ahhh shocks, nakakahiya naman
ni Xander...he had to carry me up here.
I get up and started taking my clothes off. I was about to zip my slacks down wh
en the bathroom door open.
My jaw drop to the ground as I stared at his perfectly sculpture body.
He's so hot wearing only a piece of towel on his waist. I can see his abs I mean
his six pack abs.
"Loving the view, dear?" His voice popped my imagination out "Because I am also
loving the view here" He added teasingly.
And that I also realize that I am only wearing a black bra and of course my slac
k pants.
My face burn.
I instantly grab the blanket to cover my self up "Perv" I muttered to him.
"Perv? I am just playing fair" He said while brushing his hair with his right ha
nd. Damn he is so hot. "Besides you stared at my body too" He said cockily.
He went towards the walk in closet as he close the door I hurriedly grab my bath
robe na nasa den chair.
I put my bathrobe on,then I follow him towards our walk in closet.
He was putting his shirt on when I got inside.
"I'm gonna get my dress" I said as I grab my night dress.
He laughed "Kung ito nalang kaya ang suotin mo?" He muttered showing me the sexy
lingerie I brought in Paris last year.
My face heated up "I don't wear that"
"Really? Ehh ba't mo to binili?" He suddenly asked "For Kurt?" His face is kinda
Woah.....galit na ata siya.....Even thought I'm going to wear that lingerie in f
ront of Kurt..he is just gonna throughout at me.
" just that---umm" I closed my eyes
"Wear this" He instantly said tossing me the lingerie.
"I can't" I said trying to convince him. Bipolar talaga tong tao na to! Hmmp.
"Why?" he raised his eyebrow.
I gulped "Kasi....ano...." I paused "Kasi I can't wear it because I'm with you"
I put the lingerie back "Xander, I only wear this sa my room....ALONE" I
I saw him smile "Then what's the big deal? I'm your husband" He move closer to m
Ugh....Here we go again.....
I move away "Basta! I won't wear that!" Tapos lumabas na agad ako heading toward
s the bathroom..I need a half bath.

When I got out from the bathroom wearing a t-shirt and a pajama. I saw him readi
ng a book while leaning on the bed headboard.
Why he is still awake?
I move towards the other side of the bed. Sa right side. I lie down and close my
Then I feel him close his book....tapos humiga na rin siya.
He move closer to me putting his left hand on my waist.
Uh--uh...I pretend to sleep but then I feel him kiss the nape of my neck. Kasi n
akatalikod ako.
"Xander.." I warned him.
But he wouldn't listen.....he keep his magic on my neck.
"Xander!" Ayan napalakas na ang boses ko "Move away" I said.
Bwesit tong tao na to! Ugh....I should stop him...before I give in.
Then I feel him move away tapos....tumalikod na siya on the other side. Hmmmp.
Bahala siya!
After......thirty minutes... I couldn't sleep. I keep on moving.
Ahhh.. yung lampshade sa side ni Xander "Xander?"
"Uhhh?" He's still awake.
"Yung lampshade....turn it off" I said.
Then he extend his hand to turn the lampshade off "Thanks" I said.
Another thirty minutes hindi pa rin ako makatulog.
Then he move closer to me and hug me from behind "Sleep well" He said.
I was astonished as he said those words....then the moment I feel his heat on my
body...I felt like I was in a safe arms.
So I close my eyes. Dami ko pa kasing arte...yakap lang pala ni Xander ang kaila
ngan ko.
I silently laughed.

I opened my eyes as I feel the ray of the sun.
What a refreshing day. I heard the pour of the shower at the bathroom. Si Xander
di na ako ginising.
Then my phone rang.
"Hey it's me Kurt" My mouth hang open "I'm here in the Philippines"
I was about to say something but the bathroom door burst open....
Mesmerize by the man standing in front of me.
God, he's hot.
"Sino yan?" Xander asked walking towards my side.
I blinked my eyes a couple of times "No.....nothing" I smiled falsely as I put m
y phone down.
"Loving the same guy, all over again and it's damn hard"


Chapter 10: Riot
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So here's the next chapter.

Amber's POV

I am here in my office now.
I breathe hard. Nandito si Kurt sa Pinas?
I look at the finish product of my design. And yes I had already finish the desi
gn.....I'm going to present it in the board right after tomorrow.
Buti naman natapos ko na.
Then my phone suddenly rang.
Si Kurt tumatawag na ulit.
I sign. Buti nalang hindi naghinala si Xander kanina.
Or maybe he was just playing cool.
Bahala na to.
"Hello?" I said.
"Hey you gonna help me" Kurt said in a trouble tone.
"Help you?"
"I mean I need 'ya help" He mumble.
I brush my hand on my hair "And how can I help you?"
"I gonna tell you later" He pause "But right now I need to see you"
Ohhh boy...he sounds like he's really into big trouble.
Gusto niya akong makita? Paano si Xander? Magwawala yun kung malaman niya na uma
lis ako.
"Kurt, I can't leave right now" I mutter "Baka magalit si Xander"
Ang loyal ko no?
He pause for a moment "Ohhh that...." He mumble "You have to explain me that"
"Na nagkabalikan na pala kayo" He said "And didn't even told me....I'm your best
Ohhh...nagtatampo si sissy.
"C'mon you know how busy I am" I explain.
"Really?" He said unconvinced.
"But of course...." I smile " I wanna make it up to you" I added.
"Then help me" He said "Meet me here in the cafe shop"
Do I have choice?
"Okay....fine" I finally said.
Then he hang up.
Wala thank you? Haist.
I call my assistant.
"Yes Architect?" She said sweetly.
I smile at her "May pupuntahan lang ako. So if hanapin ako ng asawa ko....tell h
im not worry.....sandali lang ako" I wink at her.
"Yes..po Architect"
Then I went out from my office.

"What?!" Napalakas yata ang boses ko "No....Kurt"
"Please" He give me a puppy look.
"Kaya mo na yan" I stated as I cross my legs.
He laugh "Kaya?" He breath "Ayaw ko pang mamatay Amber. Baka patayin ako ng asaw
a mo"
I give him a serious look "C'mon Xander is not that bad"
"Not that bad? Tss" He raise his eyebrow "This is all your fault" He suddenly sa
I gawk "My fault? How come?"
"Ehh kasi po....kung hindi ka lang sumama sa akin" He look at me "Hindi sana gal
it si Xander sa akin...."
"So you're saying regret....helping me?" Medyo galit na ako.
He hold my hand "'s no that... I mean...." He look down "I mean dapat give
and take tayo...right?"
I keep raising my eyebrow.
"I help you before...then you should help me too" He stated.
Oo nga no? Ugh..may sense talaga tong bakla na to.
"Fine" I finally said "Paano kita tutulungan?"
He clap his hand and giggle "All you have to make him sign this" He giv
e me an envelop."Kasi kapag nagkita kami..baka suntok ang sasalubong sa akin"
"Bakit niya ako susuntokin? Isn't it obvious?" He bite his lips.
I rolled my eyes "I mean....why I have to make him sign this" I said referring t
o the envelop.
"Silly..of course company namin ang supplier sa mga materials na gagamitin niyo
sa bagong hotel" He explain "Mrs Jade didn't told you?"
I shook my head "No"
Kurt smile "Xander plan this well"
"You mean...alam ni Xander na sa inyo ako nagtra-trabaho?" I said holding my cof
fee cup.
"Yes! Exactly" He giggle again "Xander even give my dad a good shot business tal
k and he won my dad's attention" He smile at me.
"Xander did that?" I gulp.
"Yes dear...He really wants you so.....hmmmm badly" He drink his coffee.
I just ignore Kurt and continue to drink my coffee.
"Dapat nga hind siya magalit sa akin" Kurt pout his lips "Kay Justin dapat siya
magalit.....For Justin is your suitor right?" He laugh.
"Shhhh" I said "Kurt.....I had rejected him long time ago"
Fine. Justin, he's my suitor in L.A. And God knows friendship lang talaga ang na
kikita ko sa kanya. Dapat kasi sinabi ko sa kanya na may asawa na ako. Ang kulit
niya kasi...still he is my closs friend.
"Nagawa mo yun? Ang gwapo kaya ni Justin...." Kurt wink at me.
"Kurt" I warned him "I am married"
He chuckle "The loyal wife of the year" Kurt tease "By the way hinanap ka sa aki
n ni Justin.....kasi pag dating niya sa L.A. galing Canada wala ka na doon" He a
I look at him "Then anong sinabi mo?"
"The truth.....that you are here in the Philippines" He answered "But baka sunda
n ka niya dito sa Pinas" Kurt smirk.
I put my hand on my temple "Ohhh..boy"
"Pero 'baka' lang naman" sabi ulit ni Kurt.

Xander's POV

"Fuck!" I curse as I get inside my office.
Nasan na naman kaya si Amber?
I knew it......something really weird into her....kanina the way she said 'nothi
ng' or the way she look at me.....she's hiding something.
Mababaliw na ako sa kakaisip kung nasan na siya.
I pick out my phone and dial my secretary's number
"I need you to find where my wife is" I said angrily.
"Nawawala po si Maam Amber?" She asked.
Mas nagalit pa ako "NO....hindi siya just that------I just need yo
u to find her...ipa-trace mo!"
"Yes sir" She said immediately.
Hindi ko na namalayan na nandito pala sina Ken at Matt sa loob ng office ko.
"Bro? Init ng ulo mo hah?" Ken voice burst out "Nag-away kayo ni wifey?"
Pag ako naubosan ng pasensya kay Ken.....lagot talaga to sa akin.
"Shut your mouth Ken" I warned him. Then I look at Matt coolly "Ba't pala kayo n
Si Matt na ang sumagot "JC is back"
So he's back huh?
Haist......isang hamak lang siya sa buhay ko.....
"I don't care" I said "I have a lot things to do....than unahin siya"
"I think ikaw ang pakay niya" Ken stated as he sit down.
"Really dude? Hindi ka na a-apektohan kay JC......baka isiksik niya ang sarili n
iya sa pamilya mo" Matt said out of nowhere.
Ken patted Matt's shoulder "But he has right di ba?"
I shot them a dead glare "No....he doesn't have any fucking right! He's the reas
on why my mum always wear her fake smile"
"Pero ka-----"
"Shut the fuck up Ken!" Ayan galit na talaga ako.
Then my phone rang.
"Yes?" I said.
"Sir, we found her" After my secretary said that. I hang up.
" I need to go" I said.
"Hoy....Xander!" Ken shouted back.....pero I just ignore him.

Amber's POV

"I really had a great time" I said as I hug Kurt.
He pulled away "Thank you"
"Your wel-----"
Then a fist landed on Kurt's face making him fall to the ground.
I turn around.
My knees froze.
Then he walk towards Kurt "Gago ka!" He punch him again.
Ohhhh God...Si Kurt.
My tears started to fall "Xander please.....stop" I hug him from behind.
He push me away "Langya! You're cheating on me my again!"
Nakita ko nang galit si Xander. Pero right now.......he's ragingly angry.
"It's not what you think.....Xander" I tried to hold his hand.
But he pulled it away "Don't you dare touch me".
I saw Kurt struggling to get up, so I run towards him and help him up "Are you o
kay" I whisper
"Do I look okay" He whisper back "Papatayin ako ng asawa mo te"
Then Xander pulled me away from Kurt "Lalapit ka talaga sa kanya huh?" Xander sa
Tapos hinawakan niya sa kwelyo si Kurt "Ito ba ang pinalit mo sa akin" He said w
hile looking at me "Amber ginagago mo talaga ako? Para tong bakla, ang lampa"
Kurt's eyes started to get wet. Nakakaawa si Kurt. He doesn't deserve this.
"Amber...Please" Kurt look at me with a teary eyes.
"Xander...let him go" My tears streaming down my face "Please"
Xander smirk, an evil smirk "Fine" Then he toss Kurt away....making him stumble
to the ground.
"Kurt...." Lalapitan ko sana siya ulit ng magsalita si Xander.
"Don't you dare" Xander hold my arm tightly.
Then I notice people are staring at us.
"Xander...please..not here" I look at him "People are staring"
He look at Kurt again....."Are you ashamed dahil nahuli kita na nakikipaglandian
Gusto ko siyang sampalin. Pero.....pinipigilan ako ng puso ko.
Nakatayo ulit si Kurt "Hindi pa tayo tapos!" Xander said.
"Please let's go" I put my hands between his face "Don't make a scene....."
He nodded but the anger is still in his eyes.
Tapos hinila na niya ako palayo, patungo sa kotse niya.

We were inside in his condo now.
Pumuta siya sa living room....Sinundan ko nalang siya.
"Talk" He command. me. I close my eyes.
Pero hindi ko mapigilan ang galit niya....Binasag niya ang vase na nasa sala.
"Fuck!" He curse "Ano ba ang nagawa kong mali" He look at me.
" don't understand" I cried.
"Then make me" He hold my shoulder "Damn many times you said those
It's time that I should explain this to him.
"The moment I'd ran away.....I was hurt at that time" I explain as tears keep fa
llen from eyes "Kasi pinagpustahan niyo lang ako"
"You heard it wrong" He stated angrily.
"Wrong? Xander hindi ako bingi!" I push him away.
He stared at me for a moment "'s not the reason para sumama ka sa iba!"
"Kurt is my best friend...He's a gay for Pete-sake Xander" Ayan sinabi ko na sa
"Gay?" He laugh wickedly "That's an old alibi"
I slap him "Sinabi ko nga sa iyo ang totoo.....hindi ka pa rin naniwala" I breat
h hard "Sana maniwala ka naman"
He instantly grab my shoulder "Then give me a good reason...why I should believe
I push him away "You want a reason huh?" I wipe my tears "Then here it is.....I
want you to believe me because I know.....we will still going to work out"
He give me a disbelief look "Fool me"
Ang sakit ng sinabi niya.
Sinampal ko siya ulit "Alam mo ba kung bakit ako umalis....kasi alam ko na masas
aktan mo lang ako....I just want to guard myself up" I wipe tears away "Pero ba'
t parang mas masakit ito.......Maybe I was hoping too much that you are better t
han this or maybe I was hoping na baka may halaga din ako sayo"
Grabe ang sakit. Sobra. Nahihirapan na ako.
That's it! I'm done with him
So I walk away.
Then to my surprise he hug me from behind "God....I'm so sorry" He hug me tightl
y "I'm so sorry..please....forgive me."
He turn me around and I can see tears in his eyes.
"Let's start all over again" He said as he lean down and kiss me.
I put my hand on his neck to kiss him hard. He bite my lips making me
en he shove his tongue in my mouth.
God, the sensation was running in my body.
We kiss long and hard. But I think he wants more as he massage my back boldly. H
e started to unbutton my blouse and kiss my neck. He suck it long....and I know
magma-marka iyon.
"God, I want you" He said as he push his thigh..then I feel his erection.
"Ohhhh" I moan.
I should control my self "Xander.." I moan as he keep kissing me "Stop...please
He stop and look at me. "Why?" I can see the desire in his eyes.
"I'm still not ready" I blush. God, nakakahiya.
He laugh and kiss my nose "Right...sorry....for pushing you hard" He hug me "I t
hink I need a cold body is still in heat" He pulled away.
"I'm so---" He kiss me again.
"Shhhh...I can wait......" He said as he kiss my forehead.
Then he went towards our room.
I touch my lips.....those kisses seems real....
I felt love.
Then I remember what he had said.
'Let's start all over again'
I smile knowing........maybe this could be real.


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Chapter 11: Thrill


"He saw me, I saw him. I look away, but then I look back. He was looking at me"


Amber's POV

Nandito ako sa hotel where Kurt is staying. I really can't wait to see him....Na
g-aalala talaga ako sa kanya.
"Kurt, ito ohh.. I have something for you" I said as he open the door.
I gasp. God, markang marka talaga ang mga suntok ni Xander sa mukha niya.
Kurt pout his lips "Don't you dare...look at me like that" He walk towards the l
iving area "Kasi this is all your fault"
Nilagay ko ang mga pinamili ko sa table ng living area niya "Kurt.....You don't sorry I am right now"
"I know...pero girl...." Parang gusto na nyang umiyak "Grabe..I didn't expect na
mangyayari yun"
I sit next to him "Hush.....sorry talaga"
Inirapan lang niya ako "So...anong nangyari....?Are my bruises are worthy?"
I raise my eyebrow.
"Nako...Amber.....wa'g mong sabihin na hindi pa kayo bati ni Xander...Kasi kahit
bakla ako maruno akong lumaban....Not sa suntukan....Pero sasabutan ko siya ng
bonggang-bongga" He explain.
I can't help but giggled as he said those words.
"You do me huh?" I mumble.
"Eh...kasi po....your my sissy best friend"
I hug him.
"Ouch...masakit ang katawan ko girl" He complain as I hug him.
Suddenly my phone rang. Si Xander tumatawag naman.
"Kurt....excuse lang huh?" I stood up and walk away.

"Where the hell are you?" He asked.
Kailangan talaga i-monitor niya ako. Haist....pangbihira.
"Amber......" He warn me.
Ba't ba ang init ng ulo niya?
"I'm here at Kurt's place" I mutter as I take a look at Kurt. Who is happily eat
ing the foods I'd brought.
"Ohhh" He pause for a moment " sundiin kita?"
"No need....."
"Fine...but just be back before 12....maglu-lunch pa tayo" He said in a soothing
"Yes, Engineeer" I tease him.
He just laugh "So...see you soon...Architect"
"I'll see you soon" Then I hang up.
I look at Kurt and he's gawking.
"Ohhh..I hate the way you look at me" Sabi ko sa kanya.
"Lemme guess...Nagka-ayos na kayo nuh?" Sabi niya sabay tayo papunta sa akin.
"Isn't obvious?" I chuckle.
"So....maynangyari na sa inyo nuh?...Yummy ba siya?" He question pope my brain o
"Kurt!" I hiss "Hindi no......walang nangyari sa amin"
"Pinigilan ko siya" Sinabi ko sa kanya ang totoo. "Kasi hindi pa ako ready....yu
ng bang...I wanna make love to him...pagmahal na namin ang isa't-isa"
Darating pa kaya ang arawa na yun?
He look shock "Huh? Bakit? God...Amber..kahit sinuntok niya ako...nako...may pag
nanasa pa rin ako sa asawa mo"
Bwesit tong bakla na to hah!
" your mouth" I warn him as I give him my serious look.
"Ito naman...di mabiro....Nagka-phobia na ata ako sa asawa mo"
Then the guilt rush my heart out ""
He just hug me "That's what friends are for diba?"
Gusto ko nang umiyak "Thank you....."

I look at my watch as I step out in elevator. Eleven fifteen na pala.
"Architect?" A familiar voice caught my attention.
I turn around only to find Marco "Engr. Santos" I smile at him.
"Kumusta na pala yung design?" He ask as he step closer to me.
"Fine...I'm going to present ti tomorrow" I explain to him.
Tumawa siya "So..hindi kana busy ngayon?"
"Hindi naman"
He look into my eyes and said "So....pwede bang mag-friendly lunch tayo...ngayon
I frown "Nako...sorry...maglu-lunch kasi kami ng husband ko"
"Si Xander?"
"Syempre si Xander....." Natawa ako sa tanong niya. May iba ba akong asawa. Haha
"Ahhh..okay....lang..." He smile bitterly "Mauna na ako.
Then I walk towards Xander's office.

I can't help but remember what had happen last night. I smile. God I felt like a
teenager now.
Kinikilig ba ako? Kasi pa'g iniisip ko yung nangyari kagabi I can't help but to
Last night was one of the best night......Yes, we didn't made love....but we pea
cefully asleep in each others arms...with no hesitation.
I knock.
"Yes..come in" He said in a dominant tone.
As I get inside I saw him..having a paper work.
"Busy ka yata hah?" Sabi ko sabay ngiti sa kanya.
He look at me for a moment "No....may tataposin lang ako"
So I sit sofa ng opisina niya...then I grab some magazine to read.
I am really happy right now.Kasi knowing the both of you exerting an effort....i
s really mean so much to me.
But there's one thing I want Xander to do.
"Hey baby" He call out.
See? ang lambing ng asawa ko no? Sana nga this is not just a pretend.
"Tapos na ako" He said as he stood up.
I smile at him "Can I ask you a favor" I said walking towards him
"Anything" He said while holding my hand.
"I want you to sign the documents....The finance materials document" I said look
ing at him.
Kumunot ang noo niya " should be the Reyes Builders ang nagpapa-sign
sa akin yan?"
"Ahh..Oo" Nako....pumayag ka na.
"'t nasa sayo yan?" Tinaasan niya ako ng kilay.
Anong sasabihin ko? Ugh. Sabi ko na nga ba....magtatanong talaga si Xander tungk
ol nito.
He smirk and lean down a bit towards my face "I know what you look when you're l
Well....I better tell him the truth.
"Si....ano" I breath hard "Si Kurt dapat ang magpapa-sign sayo yan"
"Then...why he's not here?"
Okay lang siya?
"Matapos mo siyang bugbugin?" I look at him in disbelief "Malamang hindi na siya
magpapakita sayo"
Guilt was running on his face "Tell him...siya dapat ang pumunta dito" Tinitigan
niya ako "Or else hindi ko yan pirprimahan"
"Xander!" Kinurot ko siya sa braso niya.
Tiningnan ko siya ng masama "Pirmahan mo na kasi yan"
"No...not unless...siya ang magpapapirma sa akin yan" He confirm.
"Xander...alam mo naman na-------------"
He cut my words off "Because I wanna see him and say mga nangyari"
Natigilan ako sa sinabi niya.
Siya? Magso-sorry?
"Hey....don't look at me in that way" He hold my chin up.
I smile at him.
"No..I'm just happy" I tell him the truth.
He chuckle and pulled me closer to him "I love making you happy"
I hide my blush by looking away "Then let's go...nagugutom na ako."

Xander's POV

Nandito na kami ni Amber sa french restaurant.
Then people were looking at us. Wanna know why? Simply because......gwapo ako eh
Hahaha...Mahangin na yata ako ngayon.....just because I know I have the most bea
utiful girl in the world...and I am holding her hand right now.
The way she said those words kagabi it blown me away. Oo...mahirap paniwalaan, b
ut I trust her with all my life.
"I want...Baby Back Ribs with mash potato and pineapple juice" She said as the w
aiter ask her order.
Then the waiter's eyes never leave her face...he keeps staring at her.
"Pare...matutunaw na yata ang ASAWA ko sa kakatitig mo" Sabi ko with a deadly st
are at him.
Napalunok ang waiter "Sir? Kayo po....anong or------"
"Beef steak, french steam vegetable Salad and an orange juice" I said while look
ing at Amber, who is now smiling.
"Ye.....yes po sir" He said nervously then we walk out.
Amber was smiling as she look at me "You...know..shouldn't have done that"
"Why? I hate the way he look at you" I stated.
"Why? Because I'm a selfish person" I answer while grinning.
Kumunot ang noo niya. Para bang nagtataka.
I smirk "Yes...I hate sharing"
"Ohh? What's the connection?" She suddenly ask.
Ang inosente talaga ng asawa ko.
"Because you're mine and I don't share what's mine" I wink at her.
Then I saw her blush. Ang ganda talaga niya.
Tumawa nalang ako habang namumula siya.

Pagkatapos naming kumain ni Amber back to work na agad. So now here I am nasa of
fice ulit.Medyo busy ehh....knowing bukas na namin ipre-present sa board ang rep
ort tungkol sa bagong hotel na itatayo.
Excited na ako..kung paano ipre-present ni Amber and kanyang report design.
But I know Amber...can do it. She's very good.
Then the door burst open.
I was shock as I saw the man walking towards me.
"Dad?" I stood up.
"Nice to see you son" He patted my shoulder.
Kumunot ang ulo ko "Ba't kayo nandito?"
"Why? Ayaw mo ba?" He smile at me.
"No...I surprise me." I chuckle.
He scan his eyes around my office "I love your office....very masculine"
"Thank you po"
"So...bukas na ang presentation?" I nodded as he ask me "I am looking forward sa
presentation Engr. del Castillo"
"Then I wont let your expectation down, dad" I give him my reassurance look.
My dad laugh "You never failed me"
"My pleasure"
All my life...I want my dad to be proud of me. And I'll do everything para mas i
pagmalaki niya ako sa lahat.
"Good luck son" Then he started to walk away....pero bago pa siya lumabas he sai
d "By the way babalik dito JC and I want him to handle some of the company's pr
operties" He said.
Then he close the door.
I was froze as he said those words.
"Damn!" Napa-upo "No...Hindi pwede"
May kahati na naman ako. Okay lang sana....kung hindi siya isang bastado.
Kaya umalis nalang ako sa opisina pauwi sa bahay. Nakakawalang ganang mag-trabah

Amber's POV

Habang nagtra-trabaho ako nagri-ring na naman ang phone ko.
Tss. Isturbo.
"Please come home" Boses ni Xander "I need you"
The way he said those words...parang malungkot siya. My heartache knowing how sa
d his voice is.
"Okay....just wait"
Then siya na ang unang bumaba sa telepono.
I call my assistant "Uuwi mo na ako ng maaga. May a-asikasuhin lang" I said to h
er "So..pag may naghahanap sa akin..ipa book mo nalang bukas or sa susunod na ar
"Yes po..Architect"
With that...I hurriedly went home.

Pagbukas ko agad sa pinto...tumambad agad sa akin ang amoy alak naming living ar
Then I saw Xander sitting in the sofa...with a can of beer in his hand.
Nilapitan ko siya....then I saw four empty can of beer.
He look up to look at me "" He reach out and hold my waist and pulle
d me down so that I am sitting next to him.
I put my right hand on his cheek "What happen?"
He didn't look at me "Wala" But his hand on my waist only tighten "I am just hap
py....that you're here in my side"
Alam kong my problema siya. But I rather shut my mouth....kasi feel ko na mas ma
kakabuti sa kanya.
I hug him back "Okay"
Then he look at me while putting the beer down "I am so glad you're here"
"Shhh" I smile at him
To my surprise he kiss me. He mouth taste like beer. But it's the sweetest beer
I had taste.
He deepen the kiss.....then after that he pulled away..leaning his forehead to m
"Promise wont leave me again" Then he drowse down.
Hay....nakatulog na sa kalasingan..kaya inayos ko ang pagkahiga niya.
I kiss his forehead "I promise"

"Love has no distance"
Chapter 12: Blast


"Now baby I'm dancing...but I'm dancing with another man. He did all the things
you should have done, when you were my man"


Xander's POV

Nagising ako sa ring ng cellphone ko. I move to the other side and realized wala
na pala si Amber. Hindi niya ako ginising?
Baka nag-tampo sa akin yun...UGH. FUCK. Nagpaapekto na naman ako. Damn HIM.
Yan tuloy baka inakala ni Amber na may problema kami ulit..kasi nag lasing ako u
Kagabi ginising lang niya ako para mag-dinner. Tapos natulog na siya.
Kung sino man yang tumatawag.....well..maghintay siya...kasi mas importante ang
asawa ko. First I need to say sorry to her.
Kaya I went out to our room.
Wala siya sa sala? Kinabahan ako...baka umalis na naman siya?
"Amber?!" I said in a load voice "Am---"
" Xander....kung maka sigaw ka parang gusto mong gisingin ang lahat ng t
aong natutulog" Kumunot ang noo niya as she said those words.
Nasa kusina pala siya.
I walked towards her "I thought you" I closed my eyes "Sorry"
"It's okay" She smiled at me "Wait nagugtom ka na ba? Sanda----"
I kiss her...Aish ang dal-dal kasi "Sorry kahapon nag-lasing ako"
She touched my cheeks "Atleast sa bahay ka naglasing......."
I hugged her "I'm just so happy"
She hugged me...then her head titled "Xander....yung phone mo nagri-ring"
Yeah....right "Sasagotin ko mo na to" I winked at her.

"Hello dad?" Si daddy pala ang tumatawag. Patay lagot ako nito. Diba after lunch
pa ang presentation sa board?
Bakit kaya siya tumatawag.
"Good morning" Bati niya. Good mood ata to si dady ehh "I just want to inform yo
u na na-move yung suppose to be presentation ng team mo"
Na-move. What the hell?
Hindi siya kaagad sumagot "I want JC to be around as your team presents your pr
JC na naman? Hindi pa nga siya nandito....binibigyan na siya ng special treatmen
Sino ba siya sa tingin niya?
"So....I'll just going to inform you kung kailan niyo ipre-present ang inyong pr
oposal" My added.
Nag-init ang ulo ko "Alam ba to ni mommy?"
"Na na-move ang------"
"Na" Napalunok ako "Si JC"
Biglang tumahimik si dad.
"Dad...." I warned him.
"No...hindi niya alam...Pero-------" I can't continue listening to his lies agai
So I put my cellphone down.
Okay....lang na bumalik si JC...but seeing mom cry....I can't bear it.
Ba't ba kailangan niya kami guluhin?
Pera ba ang gusto niya?
"SHIT" I curse hard sabay suntok sa pader "Damn...Damn"
Natigilan ako nang pumunta si Amber sa gilid ko "Xander? anong problema--"
I look at her "Please...not now"
She held my hand "Are you okay?" Tiningnan niya ang kamay ko.
"Wala to" I pulled my hand away and walk towards our room.
But then sinundan niya ako "Xander...."
Nag-init na naman ang ulo ko "Amber please just shut up!"
She looked at me in horror and I realized there's tears in her eyes "Sorry" Tapo
s tumalikod na siya.
Natauhan ako "Amber....."
But she ignored me.
I held her arm and pulled her closer to me "Sorry" I turned her around and I can
see pain in her eyes. Mas nagalit ako sa sarili ko. I hurt again.
I hugged her "Shhhhh" I rested my head in the crook of her neck "Sorry. May prob
lema kasi sa kompanya"
She pushed me a little bit and I look into her eyes "Na-move kasi yung presentat
Inirapan niya lang ako tapos kumalas sa pagkayakap ko.
Stubborn as I ever.
?Amber come back here? I muttered
She turned around ?I thought you want me to disappear??
I walked towards her ?No...It?s not what I Yan nilalambing ko nalan
g siya.
? ?Amber please just...shut up? ? She mimicked the words I have said ?Seriously
I instantly held her shoulder ?Sorry.....?
?Sorry? Kainin mo ang sorry mo!?
I put my hand on her waist ?I?ll explain---?
She covered her ears using her hands ? I can?t her anything?
I shut her up by kissing her. She looked shocked...but then after I kissed her.
She kissed me back too.
I held her so tightly. Yan nanggi-gigil na naman ako sa kanya. Hanggang kailan
kaya ako maghihintay?
She opened her mouth so that I can shove my tongue in her mouth. God, she tastes
so good. I pushed her towards the wall.
She moaned as I kissed the nape of her neck. Trust me guys I really want to rip
her dress off.
So without thinking my hand roamed towards her breast.
I groaned ?Baby? She put her hand inside my shirt and massage my back. My body w
as on fire. And I am burning.
Nakakapaso ang kanyang haplos.
So I started to unbutton her dress....the urged to touch her is burning on my ha
I kissed her cleavage and she was moaning while her hands are till in my back.
My lips travelled towards her jaw line ?Should we stop?? She suddenly asked.
No my body screamed.
I pulled away ?Are you ready?? I know she can see the desire in my eyes.
I smiled and I was about to kiss her when she said ?But I want it special....not
just because you kissed me and seduced me?
I smirked...I never regretted marrying this girl ?Just what I thought?
She smiled at me ?Sorry?
I laughed hard ?Then you have to make it up to me? I stepped back ?How about goi
ng out today...since na move yung presentation natin??
Amber bite her lips
I groaned ?Try to do it again...and I?m sure as hell I won?t be able to control
She just giggled ?Fine....but first mag-breakfast mo na tayo?
?Huh? Akala ko ba...breakfast na yung ginawa natin.? I winked at her.
?Nabitin ako ehh? She joked at me...while laughing.
May ganitong side pala si Amber.
?So gusto mo talaga yung breakfast kanina?? I chuckled.
She looked at me ?Hindi masyado....may masarap pa pala? She teased me.
But I don?t like her joke. Nag-init ang ulo ko.
Don?t tell me na may nakakahalik pa sa kanya...except sa akin. Just thinking abo
ut it...para gusto kong pumatay ng tao.
?Amber...don?t you dare---? I said harshly but she cut me off by leaning up just
to kiss my lips lightly.
She pulled away ?Joke...lang...alam mo naman na ikaw lang ang lalaki na nakahali
k sa akin? Medyo namumula siya.
?At hahalik pa sa iyo? I leaned down and kissed her then I pulled away baka saan
pa to mapunta.
As usual she was blushing...and I love the fact I?m the reason of her blush.

Amber's POV

Alam kong hindi dahil sa na-move ang presentation kaya nagalit si Xander. I know
he?s hiding something.
Pero mas mabuti nalang hindi na ako maki-alam pa. Maruno naman akong umitindi...
.and if he really wants to tell me then I am willing to listen.
Right now...I just want him to be happy.
Kaya nandito kami sa mall. Hahaha syempre sa ladies section.
?Baby..hindi ka parin naka pili?? He complained.
?Malamang hindi pa? Inirapan ko siya.
?Pstt...ito nalang kaya? He picked out the dark blue dress.
I looked at the dress. Uy maganda nga ?Ang galing mong pumili ha?? I teased him
while kinuha ko ang dress na napili niya ?Baka bakla ka rin? I added winking at
But then he pulled me closer to him ?Ba?t di mo subukan?? He brushed his hand on
my tummy ?Para malaman mo kong bakla ba talaga ako? He whispered.
I shivered ?Xander....? Nag-init yata ang mga pisngi ko.
He laughed ?Yan...kasi..nang-aasar? He kissed my cheek.
Feel ko namumula na naman ako.
?I?m just going to try this? I said as I went to the dressing room.
He nodded.
I hurriedly put the dress on...but before I went out so that Xander can see the
dress in me, tiningnan ko muna ang sarili ko.
I looked beautiful. The dark blue colour enhances my creamy skin.
I went out then nakita ko nalang si Xander nilalandi ng isang saleslady.
Nag-init ang ulo ko.
?Baby? I called out ?What do ?ya think?? I said in a British accent tone.
He looked dazzled. Tapos nilapitan na niya ako.
?Words couldn?t express how perfectly beautiful you are? He put his hand on my w
aist ?Damn? He cursed ?Nag-iinit na naman ako? He added.
I blushed ?Uy, umayos ka?
He laughed at turned around ?We?ll get this miss? He said to the saleslady.
The saleslady just nod.
Tapos bumalik na ako sa dressing room.

Nandito ako ngayon sa national bookstore at kung itatanong niyo kung nasaan si X
ander? Ayon pinabili ko muna ng juice. Nauuhaw ako ehh.
Papunta na sana ako sa counter ng may nakabangga akong babae.
?Oh my...I?m so sorry miss? Sabi ko tapos nitulungan ko siyang pulutin ang mga a
klat na nahulog.
Then I stood up as she looked at me her eyes sparkled ? She bre
athed hard ?Are you Architect Amber del Castillo??
I blinked my eyes ?Yes...? Nagtataka ako.
She giggled ?Pwedeng magpa-signature...Fan na fan mo kasi ako? She give me a mar
ker ?Dito nalang sa t-shirt ko?
Then I do what she wants me to do ?Thank you? Sabi niya ?Pwede din bang...ummm p
I nodded then instantly she hugged me.
Na shock ako.
?Nako...sorry huh? I really love your design kasi? She explained ?Pwede bang ika
w yung gumawa ng design sa resort na naming? Here sa Philippines?
Hindi ako makasagot.
?Vanessa nga pala. I?m Vanessa Sanchez? She smiled at me sweetly while extending
her hand towards me.
I took it ?Amber...Amber del Castillo?
?I know? She smiled at me again.
And I realized na mukhang mayaman siya. She has a short straight her, ang ganda
din ng mata niya, ang tangos ng ilong niya....mas matangkad din siya sa akin and
of course she look pretty in her perfectly tan skin.
?I have to go.....? I said.
?Wait...umm can I have at least your calling card?? She mumbled ?Kasi we?re plan
ning to have a resort sa Samar...and I want you to be the architect?
I don?t know why...but I can?t say ?no? to here ?Sure? I handed her my calling c
?Thank you...ang bait mo pa la? She giggled.
Then a hand landed on my shoulder. I look up and saw Xander.
?Engineer Xander del Castillo right?? Vanessa?s eyes widen ?Wow....ang bagay niy
o talaga...wait...pwede bang magpa-picture sa inyo?
Xander raised his eyebrow while looking at me.
?Sure? I said.
Then she get her iphone ?Ummm excuse po? Sabi niya sa babae ?Can you please take
a photo of us?
Pumayag naman ang babae kaya pumunta na siya sa side ni Xander.
Then after that she smiled at us ?I hope I?ll see you soon. I have to go pa kasi
?Yeah...I do hope so? I told her.
Then hinila na ako ni Xander palayo sa bookstore.
?Who is she?? He asked as we reached in his car
?Ummm Vanessa Sanchez? I said honestly.
He put his hand on my waist ?Okay.....? Tapos pina-andar na niya ang kotse niya.
He handed me the can of coke ?Xander...ano to??
?Diba nagpapabili ka ng juice?? Sabi niya.
?Juice Xander...hindi coke...? I said tossing the coke away.
?Ugh.....ang haba kasi ng pila sa---? He started to explained.
?But that?s not an excuse? Medyo naiinis na ako ?Hindi ka ba nag-iisip? I don?t
drink coke..Ugh and liit naman ng utak mo? Oppps. I didn?t mean to say those wor
He stopped the car ?Alam mo...? He looked at me seriously ?Kahit maliit ang utak
ko...ikaw lang ang laman nito? Sabi niya as he winked at me.
Nawala na ang galit ko sa kanya at alam kong this is just one of his strategy to
eased my irritation.
I blushed ?Mag-drive ka nalang?
Kinurot niya ang pisngi ko ?I love seeing you blush? Then he started to drive.
Langya ka Xander.
Ugh...what have you done to me?
Tama ba tong magtiwala sa kanya? Tama bang MAHALIN siya ulit?
I laughed silently... did I say ?mahalin??... well bakit ko pa itatago. It?s rea
lly obvious that I do really love my just that..natatakot ako.
What if.....hindi niya ako mahalin?
I?m not really scared of loving him, it?s just I?m scared of getting hurt.

?Being in love it taking a big risk in your life?




Chapter 13: Presentation
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"Sky isn't the limit, when there's footprint on the moon"

Xander's POV

"Mukhang hindi na dadating si Jc ahh?" Ken said smirking while holding a coffee
mug. He sit next to Matt who is now reading some newspaper.
"How do you know?" Matt put the newspaper down and looked at Ken.
Ininom mo na niya ang kanyang kape "I just heard it sa baba" He chuckled.
Matt give him a serious looked "I don't believe you" Then he continue reading th
e newspaper.
"Fine...fine" Ken said and leaned up to looked at me "I asked watch
ed his moves...there sa America"
I smirked..just what I thought.
"So?" Sabi ni Matt saby tayo "May magbabago ba? He's still going to come back" H
e give the newspaper to me "Read it"
It's my father's interview about sa new hotel na itatayo sa Tagaytay.
Don Adolfo del Castillo statement about his new luxurious hotel
"I know this will be the best hotel here in the Philippine. I have the best team
...and the best person from the states who'll handle the hotel....And with that
I am very---extremely thankful of it" (quoted)
Pinunit ko yung newspaper. Damn. How could my father do this? So ako yung nag-hi
rap tapos iba ang makikinabang. It's a lame action.
Ba't ba si JC ang laging panalo sa aming dalawa? He'll just going to sit in the
corner and do nothing, then dad keeps honoring him. What about me?
Ano bang iniisip ko? Of course...I will never be his first priority....even thou
gh I should be the one in JC's shoes.
I hate to be pathetic.
So I smiled at my friends "Just let it be"
Natigilan si Ken "Dude? And bait mo ahh?"
Then my dad walked by towards us "Gentleman" He greeted
"Tito" Ken stood up and hugged my dad "You look young" He added.
Matt just stared at me dad and suddenly he smiled "Nice to see you tito"
My dad chuckled and it's making the devil inside me came into life. How dare him
chuckled in front of me? Knowing the stupidity he had done.
"The best construction team" My dad said.
Yes, Matt and Ken are part of my team. And if you'll going to ask me bakit hindi
sila palaging nandito sa office...because...nasa site sila. Specially si Ken...
he's a Geodetic Engineer...Si Matt naman..well he has his own business so busy d
in siya.
"Kinikilig naman ako tito" Sabi ni Ken. I admired Ken's attitude for he knows ho
w to blend in easily. Hindi rin maiinitin ang ulo...yung bang he takes thing ser
iously as the same time in a cool way.
My dad just give me a mischievous smile "So son? Nandoon na si Amber sa meeting
room. Let's start the presentation"
I give him my cold smile "Ba't hindi pa siya nandito?" I smirked "Gusto ko na ka
si siyang makita"
I heard Ken gasped "Dude diba----" Hindi na niya tinapos ang kanyang salita saka
dahilanang sinipa siya ni Matt patago.
My dad raised his eyebrow to us "He's busy" He started to explain "So, let's go"
Busy? Kailan pa?
Before I move my foot "Just an advice, just play with JC's before..
.noong bata pa kayo" He whispered.
Matt really is my armor. He knows how to tricked....maybe it's because of his pa
st childhood memories.
"Dude, cool ka lang" Sabi ni Ken.
Habang si Ken naman he's my temper cooler. He knows how to balance my sensitive
part of my mind.
I smirked at them "Thanks bro"

Amber's POV

Anga tagal naman ni Xander.Nandito na ang mga board members.
Ba't ba ako kinakabahan? This is not my first time presenting a design proposal.
I have done this a dozen times. But now? I felt like this is my first time doin
g this, dahil ba alam kong this is the first na makikita ako ni Xander doing my
thing. Or dahil I want to be the perfect wife of Xander.
"Gentlemen" I heard Xander's dad called out as he, Xander, Ken and Matt enter th
e meeting room.
I stood up "Hello po" Then Xander's dad hugged me.
"Nice to see you Architect" He greeted professionally and move to the front side
Xander put his hand on my waist "So...Architect del Castillo" He whispered "You
look very stunning today"
Stunning? This is just me in a office attire.
I laughed "Bolero"
He kissed my right cheek "Good luck"
"Aray" Ken suddenly burst out.
Napalingon kami sa kanya "Bakit?" I said in a concern tone.
"Kinagat na kasi ako ng mga langgam" He said smirking "Kasi ni lalanggam na kayo
I blushed while looking away.
"Shut up Ken" Xander warned at him "So people let's start" He added sitting down
Pumunta na ako sa harap.
Kaya ko to. My eyes landed towards Xander and I smiled at him.
"Good afternoon gentlemen" I flashed a smile to them " DC have been the one of m
ost admirable and extensive company here in the Philippines. Throughout the year
s DC never failed to accommodate the best satisfaction homes to people, like bes
t condos not just here but around the world, also the best extravagant apartment
, and a highly cost flat "
I sighed "But DC isn't just for condo, flat, or apartment. It also provides tran
scendent and outstanding hotels around the globe. Gladly...Tagaytay is DC's tar
get to put out another first-class hotel. So gentlemen bear with this"
I let them see the site ground "This is where we're going to build the hotel. To
tal lot area 60 by 50 or 3000 square meters. So the floor plan seems has it's wo
n function."
Next pinakita ko naman sa kanila ang floor plan "I just design it in a simple wa
y. 25 square meter in each ordinary rooms kasama narin nito ang toilet and bath.
For the family it's 35 square meter. But the high class room it's 60 square met
er....also added a deck for jacuzzi. Total rooms 100 each."
"For the north, south, east, west elevation" Pinakita ko sa kanila ang mga eleva
tion "As you can see gentlemen the style is contemporary mix by Mediterranean st
yle. The columns, and the open windows gives peaceful look....Not like other hot
els who are just for steels and glasses..."
Xander winked at me.
I giggled silently "For the design's a Romantic green architecture.
Why? because I want to preserve the green surroundings around the hotel that gi
ves passion, with that the front elevation is an open window to connect the view
around the green surroundings"
So this is it "Here's the perspective view"
Xander's dad stood up "It's a romantic way of design"
"Yes for this hotel is going to be called 'Mi Amor' means 'My Love' " As I said
those words I look at Xander.
And I hope he can see love in my eyes for him. He's my inspiration why I made th
is concept...every inch of my works arehe's the main thought.
All the board member stood up and they clap their hands. While Xander walked tow
ards me and give me warn hugged.
"I love it" He suddenly murmured.
I pulled away and my eyes landed at his face "The design concept?"
"No...the name of the hotel" He kissed my temple as if we're alone "Mi Amor" He
said in a husky Spanish accent.
I blushed as my heart beats faster.
"God job Architect" Xander's dad approached me.
"Thank you sir------"
" me dad...remember?" He hugged one more time while Xander is holding m
y hand.
"Thank" I mumbled consciously.
He patted my shoulder "I have to go...."
When he was gone, Xander pulled me closer to him again.
"Hoy, dude kung makayakap ahh..parang wala ng bukas" Ken joke.
But Xander's hold only tighten as Matt smiled at me "Congrants Architect" Then h
is eyes shifted to Xander "As I look at both of you...I think I wanna believe in
love" He smiled at Xander.
"OL ka talaga dude" Ken said as he throw light punches at Matt.
Tapos tumawa lang kami lahat.
Xander's POV

Nauna ng umuwi si Amber. Why? kasi sabi niya ipagluluto niya ako ulit. Ang sweet
talaga ng asawa ko....nakaka-inlove.
Natigilan ako sa 'nakaka-inlove?'
I started gathering my things. I really in love with my wife?
I smirked. Sino ba ang hindi ma-iinlove sa kanya? She's every guys' dream girl.
Mabait, maganda, ahhhh basta lahat ng quality of a perfect girl.
Mahal niya kaya ako?
Sasabihin ko nalang kaya sa kanya?
Baka hindi niya ako tanggapin? For I will never be the best husband for her. I h
ad hurt her a thousand times.
Ahhh...basta...babawi ako sa kanya....
Hindi ko muna sasabihin sa kanya and pag-ibig ko...but I'll gonna show her how b
adly inlove I am to her.
"Sir?" My secretary popped in "Naiwan po ni Don Adolfo sa kanyang table...." She
hand me a white envelop.
"Ohhh...sige...I'll going to give this to my dad" I said while leaving away.

Kaya here I am nandito sa bahay ng dad ko. I went directly to his office.
I knocked.
"Come in" Dad said.
As I got inside my eyes widen "Son?" Tumayo si dad at lumingon naman ang kausap
Take it cool Xander. I said to myself.
I falsely smiled at them "Naiwan mo kasi ito sa office" I handed him the envelop
My dad chuckled "Tumatanda na yata ako...." He laughed.
And the man beside him also laughed. Para bang close na close na sila. Damn it!
Damn him.
"Umm Dad I have to go" I said tapos tumalikod na ako sa kanila.
"Xander? Hindi mo ba babatiin si JC?" My dad suddenly said making me turned arou
nd towards them again.
Shit. Nag-iinit na ang ulo...kasi si JC naka ngisi.Then I remember what Matt tol
d me.
Play with his game.
I give him my evil smirked "It's nice to see you" I sighed "......Kuya"
JC stood up "Good to see you too.......little brother" He playfully smiled.
I smirked at him again.Tapos umalis na ako.
Paglabas ko..gusto kong magwala....o gusto kong pumatay ng tao.
Fuck him! Damn him!
I need to see Amber...siya lang ang napapa-kalma sa galit ko.
So I drive fast towards our home.

Nandito na ako sa condo. I went directly sa kitchen, where I can see Amber cooki
ng happily.
A soft flow touched my heart.
I walked towards her then I hugged her from behind.
She gasped and turned her head "Xander!"
"Shhhh....." I kissed her hair "Let's just cuddle for awhile"

"It's the feeling when you looked at the one you love and felt warm and happy"

Chapter 14: Fairy Tale
Sorry this is just a short update.


Amber's POV

We were having our dinner right now. But the silence is killing me. Ano bang pro
blema nito? Pagdating niya kanina....napaka tahimik niya.
"Ummm Xander" He looked at me "Paki-abot yung steak sauce"
I poured the sauce in the steak, pero wala parin siyang reaction. Hindi ko na si
ya maintindihan, lately he was sweet, now he's bitterly quite and I don't even k
now why.
"Masarap ba ang niluto ko?" I asked..ehhh kasi hindi ako sanay na tahimik lang s
He stared at me for a second and he nod head "Amber? Masama ba akong tao?"
Natigilan akong kumain "What are you asking?"
He closed his eyes "I don't know what to do......" He breathed hard and walked t
owards me "But promise me, you'll stand by matter what happen...."
He knelt in front of me "Promise me"
I don't know why but I feel the pain he kept inside "I promise" I said to him as
I held his hand.
I can feel he's crying "Xander....ano bang nangyayari sayo?"
"" He stood up "I need a shower"
Then he went towards our room.

Xander's POV

Alam kong hindi ako maiintindihan ni Amber ngayon......I hate seeing here in pai
n just because of me.....
Gusto kong sumigaw....Akala ko okay na ako...but the pain inside me is killing m
I don't wanna lost Amber...the way I had lost Elena.
Amber is one of the most important thing in my life, the most the important thin
g ever. Like...I can't bear the pain of the thought she'll leave me again....or
like I couldn't live in a life where she doesn't even exist.
Hindi ko alam kung kailan ko minahal si Amber...but one thing for sure I will lo
Because of JC all the pain I felt from the past is coming back...haunting me dow
Pero alam ko dapat hindi ako magpapaapekto sa kanya.
I turned on the shower. The coldness of the water waking me up.....dapat hindi k
o ipadama kay may problema ako...I couldn't bear seeing her na nag-aa
lala sa akin.
So I'm gonna leave all worries behind...Yes...JC can't harm Amber...he wouldn't
harm her for I'm going to protect her...Oo natatakot ako na baka gagamitin niya
si Amber laban sa akin...
Amber is my weakness.
I sighed.
I turned off the shower.
And when I got out nakaligo na si Amber "Saan ka naligo?" I said as I scanned my
eyes at her body....
She's wearing a sleeping shorts and t-shirt.
God, nag-iinit na naman ang katawan ko for I can see her blushed as she realized
I am only wearing a towel.
She smiled at me "Main bathroom sa labas" She explain "Ang tagal mo kasi"
The way she said those words...parang may halong lungkot...Damn...kasalanan ko t
o! I ruined the perfect night.
"Amber...." I reached out "Sorry..."
I smiled at her "Sorry...dahil...sinira ko ang gabi na to"
She give me warm smile "It's okay....Ano bang problema mo?"
Ugh...heto na naman tayo...
"Nag-away kami ni daddy ehh" I answered.
Atleast I didn't lied to her...well just a half lied....Kasi part of my anger is
also because of my father..........and JC of course.
She pulled me down...para level na ang aming mga muka, then my heart stops beati
ng as she kissed my forehead...."Everything will be alright"
'Everything will be alright'
As she said those words all the pain I had kept vanished.
God, I really love this girl.
I smiled...a genuine smile "Thank you" Then I kissed her, and the desire in me b
uild up.
I kissed her as my hand roamed her body.

Amber's POV

We were kissing hungrily and yes...I am kissing him back torridly. I don't know
why....but my body needs him
His touched.
His kisses.
His hot breath.
I wanna feel him against my body.
I put my right hand on his neck.....I rubbed my body against him and I can feel
his hard on.
He put his hand under the back of my shirt and run his hands all over my body.
I moaned. God his touch burn my skin.
He smirked "No bra?" And nibbled my ear.
I moaned because of the sensation I felt.
He groaned and stop kissing me "We have been playing cat and mouse long enough,
baby" He said and kissed my neck "I think it's time for us to get serious"
I pushed his hand away from my neck and looked at him "Serious?"
"Yes" He kissed me again and I open my mouth. His hand went down i
n my shorts.
I gasped...ohhhh God....I am burning with desire.
"Make love to me" He said as he tugged my shirt off of my body...then he looked
at me for a moment.
I blushed...tama ba ang narinig ko "Love?"
"Yes,love" He take off my shorts and put me down in the bed, with that he take h
is towel off.
I was captivated by the man in front of me.
And yes, I am deeply in love with him...and now..I am willing to give myself, my
love for him.

I am smiling knowing we finally 'did it.' Si Xander mukhang pagod....diba dapat
ako yung pagod? Hahaha siya kasi ang mahimbing.
Maybe I can't sleep..because of the soreness between my legs. But it worth the p
ain, the way his body moves....the way he kissed me..I can feel love...
I looked at him...and smiled again....If this is just a dream I don't wanna wake
I get I put my robe on and walked towards my drawing table...then I grab
my sketchpad,hard brush and charcoal pencil
Pu-pwesto ako sa harap niya kung saan nakaharap ang kanyang mukha.
I started sketching his face.
His perfect, his lustful lips, his masculine chiseled jaw...his bla
ck wavy seductive hair....and his pointed nose.
All about him...are refreshing to looked at.
Every pages of my sketchpad ay siya ang laman....
From the first day t I had meet him.
Our wedding day.
His face when he's angry.
His face when he's happy.
His face when it's blanked.
His face when he's irritated.
His face when he's sad.
I laughed...knowing I captured all of it....
For almost five years...I had also thought that only in my sketchpad I felt he w
as mine.
But right I sketched his face...I felt like...Hindi ko na kailangan a
ng sketchpad ko...I don't know why...maybe because...we are taking steps between
us slowly.
I looked at my I dreaming?
Because as I sketched his face I saw love.
Finally....I sketched his face when he felt LOVE.
As I finished my portrait of his face.....I kissed his forehead,nose, his two ey
es, his cheeks and lastly his lips.
"I love you Engr. del Castillo" I said softly and I know he couldn't hear it.
But someday...malalaman din niya to...and when that day will come...I hope he'll
say it back, the right words I long to hear......

HAHAHAHHAHA. Sorry for the lame BS....I know--I know... XD
It's just that I am only 17 and for me to wrote a matured BS is not really my th
ing...hahaha baka mabasa to ni ate...hahahha patay ako. XD
Anyway pag 18 na ako...hahhaha magle-level up na ang BS..:P
Chapter 15: Confusion
Kay?DUDES we?re going to take ?THE TWIST? one by one?..

Xander?s POV

I am staring right now to the woman who captured my heart. I felt like I am floa
ting or dreaming?wanting to ask myself ?Is this true??
I touched her right cheek.
Last night was the best night in my 24 years of existence?Yes, I had bed so many
other women before I had met Amber, but the moment I had married her?she?s the
only one I dream for and I long for.
Dream come true?I guess?
BUT I hope the fairytales is just begun.
I stared at her. She?s peacefully asleep in my arm, like she was born to be here
in my side, in my arms. Yes, at that night?part of me knows that I?m going to b
e her first. Oo alam ko ng ako yung makaka-una sa kanya. But it feels great know
ing napatunayan ko na ako lang ang lalaki sa buhay niya, and I?m going to make i
t sure ako ang una at huling lalaki sa buhay niya.
She moved to my side, accidentally she brushed her right leg on my thighs.
I groaned.
It?s early in a morning and she?s turning me on.
?Baby? I mumbled. I think it?s time to wake her up. Nag-iinit na kasi ditto. Hah
aha. Uhhh it feels so good?knowing for almost five years I never get laid. Hahah
a?ang tagal na nuh? BUT it?s something worth the wait?or beyond the feeling of i
She stirred and still not awake.
?C?mon?wake up? I said as I kissed her neck.
But my seduction is not working, so I roamed my hand all over her body since she
was naked under the sheets.
I feel her gasped ?Xander!?
Finally she?s awake.
Her eyes are half opened when she said ?What?s time is it??
I hugged her tightly and nuzzled her neck ?Nine thirty?
She groaned and throw her head back ?I?m still tired?Kaw kasi pinagod mo ako?
Tumawa ako ?Mas pinagod mo ako baby? I kissed her nose "Masakit pa ba?"
Namula siya at umiwas tingin sa akin "Okay....lang naman"
God, I love seeing my wife blushed "So....did you like it?"
"Xander!" Kinurot niya ang braso ko.
"What?....I am just asking..." I winked at her sabay halik sa kanyang pisngi...
Mas namula pa ang kanyang pisngi "'s not good to asked it"
I pouted "Why? I love knowing if I had please my wife"
Boldly she kissed my pouted lips "You do really please me kagabi"
Ang bilis ng tibok ng puso ko. Yung bang ang tibok ng puso ko nalang ang aking n
aririnig "Why thank you.....Hindi pala masama ang maraming experience"
I am looking at her as I said those words. Oppss paring galit na si wifey ahhh.
"Experience? You're impossible...." Inirapan niya ako "Kailangan talagang ipa-mu
kha sa akin na ang dami mong babae....." She move away from me "Pang ilan kaya a
ko nuh?"
I give her my lopsided smile "Ikaw yung una at huli....."
"Ano ka pa-virgin effect?.....Mukha mo!!!" Mas lumayo pa siya sa akin.
"Una.....Because as I made love to you....You're the first woman made me felt sc
ared..." I pulled her closer to me "Yes,kagabi natatakot ako baka masaktan kita,
baka hindi mo magustohan o baka ayaw mo sa akin....Also you're the first woman
that made me feel nervous at that time...para bang when it comes to min
d shuts down."
Natahimik siya...para bang gulat na gulat "And you're the last kasi alam kong ik
aw lang ang pang-huling babae sa buhay ko"
I moved on top of her and started kissing her neck...."Architect....Is there's a
nything you wanna say?"
She put her hands on my back and he looked at me in the eyes "Kissed me"
Hindi na niya kailangang ulitin yun..for I am kissing her right now.
?Wag nalang kaya tayong pumasok? Kasi late naman tayong gumising? As I said thos
e words I kissed her lips ?So?what do you think, Architect??
To my surprised she kissed my neck ?I think I like that idea? Sabi niya sabay ta
?Ohhh, I have another better idea too? I pinned her, me on top of her ?Round two
? I whispered and started doing a hot session with her.

Amber's POV

Nandito na ako sa kitchen....after two hours of love session...hahaha..kasabay n
a rin yung love session sa bathroom.....nakakapagod talaga. Kaya I decided to co
ok nalang for our breakfast slash lunch. Hahaha
So now I am cooking a fresh vegetables salad,an omelet and Pork chop . Samantala
ng si Xander naman ay nililinis ang kwarto namin....I never thought maglilinis s
iya without any complain.
Hindi parin nawala ang ngiti at kilig sa puso I remember his words kani
Ako lang ang huli...and I hope totoo yun.
I gasped as I feel him hugged me from behind "I'm done" He said and nuzzled my n
I tilted my head to give him more access "Malapit na rin tong matapos"
"Nagugutom na ako" His hands on my waist only tighten.
"Just wait....okay?" I turned around and kissed his lips lightly.
He chuckled "Kaw nalang kaya ang kainin ko?"
"Hindi ka ba nagsasawa?" I teased I blushed.
He suddenly bite my neck lightly "Kahit araw-arawin ko...I never get tired of wa
nting you" He said as I can feel his hard on.
"Xander!" I hissed.
"Fine..fine..." He said and kissed my left cheek "Ito na ohh...u-upo na" Then he
sat down.
"Good" I turned to looked at him and he was pouting "Breakfast is ready" I pinch
ed his nose.
"Mukhang masarap ahh" Sabi niya..pero hindi naman siya nakatingin sa pagkain...
He's actually staring at me.
Namula ako. Ba't ba mas lumalala ang pagkamanyak niya?
Sinubuan ko siya "Masarap....ang pagkain.....PAGKAIN Xander"
He swallowed the food "Sabi ko nga ehhh" He started plating up "Pero..mas masara
p ka"
"Say it one more time" I warned him "Matatamaan ka talaga sa akin"
"Ehh....natamaan na yata ako sayo" He winked, tapos kumain na siya.
Ang bilis ng tibok ng puso....parang lalabas na siya sa dibdib ko "
"Atleast gwapo" He smiled at me. A sexy smile to be exact....that every girls wo
uld swoon if they see his smile.
"Mahangin" I teased him.
"Really? Babe?" He laughed...A sexy seductive laughed "Because I am not convince
d....the way you moan kanina o kagabi...the way you scream my we reach
"Xander!" I warned him.
"Hahaha" Yun lang tinawanan lang niya ako..then his phone ring "UGH...disturbo"
I raised my left eyebrow "Just answer the phone"
"Kaw na ang sumagot" Sabi niya tapos pinagpatuloy lang niya ang pagkain.
May magagawa pa ba ako? So I answered the call.
"Architect?" Ohh....I think this is his secretary.
"Ako nga...."
"Ummm....Nandiyan po ba si Engineer del Castillo?"
I looked at Xander who is now having fun staring at me "Yes...kumakain pa"
"Ay, sorry po Architect....kasi.." His secretary paused for a moment. Yun bang n
aghahanap pa kung ano ang isasabi sa akin "Kasi....may gustong ipa-trabaho si Do
n Adolfo sa kanya"
Sabi ko na nga ba....Scaping our works isn't good. But atleast we're having a go
od time with each other.
"Okay...I am going to tell Xander" Then I hang up.
"Sino yun?" Xander asked while he still wearing his smile.
"Secretary mo...may ipapa-trabaho daw si papa sayo" I said while eating my food.
"Shit" I heard him cursed "Parang ayoko kong pumasok sa opisina"
Kumunot ang noo ko "Xander...baka importante yun.....papasok rin ako" I winked a
t him.
"No" He suddenly said "Pagod ka pa" He bite his lips to avoid laughing "Save yor
energy...mamayang gabi"
"Uhhh...Uhhh" I am still chewing my food.
Suddenly he extend his hand towards the side of my mouth "Kahit kumakain ang hot
talaga ng asawa ko" He wiped the sauce out of my lips.
Namula na naman ako "Will you just please continue eating?"
He laughed "My pleasure" He said in a spanish accent.
Ba't ba ang hot niya? Specially when he's using his Spanish accent.
"Ummm don't want me to go to the office....Can I visit Kur
t?" Sabi ko sabay pa cute sa kanya.
"That's great" He stood up "Sasamahan kita...Hindi pa kasi ako nagso-sorry sa ka
nya" He put the plates in the sink.
"Bingi ka ba?" Lumapit siya sa akin " kita?"
"Ang hangin mo rin nuh?" I stood up then I put my hands on his waist. God, feel
na feel ko yung muscle niya "Thank you"
He smiled "Anything for my baby one"
"Baby one?" I asked
He put his right hand on my tummy "Kasi nandito si Baby two"
I blushed as I realized what he was saying "Hahaha...malay mo baog ka?"
"Gusto mo patunayan ko ulit sayo?" He voice sounds pissed off.
"Hahaha...Gusto ko sana" I bite my lips then he groaned "Pero.....wala ng time e
"Psst" Yun lang ang reaction niya.

Xander's POV

"Hoy bat ngayon----" Natigilan si Kurt ng nakita niya ako.
"Hello?" I said in a pleasant tone.
Awkward "Hi....." Kurt looked Amber "Pasok kayo"
Hinila naman ako ni Amber papasaok. Ugh....nahihiya ako sa lahat ng ginawa ko ka
y Kurt.
"Juice, coffee?" Kurt said while trying to smile.
"No....Thank you" Sabi ni Amber "Ahhh....may sasabihin pala si Xander sa iyo" Sh
e winked at me.
Langya....I am not used to this....
Ano bang pinakain ni Amber sa akin? She's changing me into a good one. Damn.
"Ahhh..tol?" Sabi ko...pero alam kong nagpipigil ng tawa si Amber "Napirmahan ko
na yung material papers"
Kurt smile. A real smile "Thank you"
Kinurot ako ni Amber "Hoy....ang sorry?" She whispered.
I breathed hard "Ummm..Hinatid ko lang si Amber....and also to say...." I paused
and looked down "Sorry"
Napa nga-nga si Kurt.
"Yeah....sorry....for what I've done....and ahhh basta sorry" I said nervously.
Kurt laughed "Wow? Anong pinakain ni Amber sayo...." He teased "Okay na yun....k
asi okay na kayo"
I laughted too "Friends" I extend my hand.
He took it "More the freinds" Kurt winked at me.
"Kurt!" Amber hissed and we all laughed.
"I have to go" I said and pulled Amber so that I can hugged her "See you soon...
"See you soon" She said and I kissed her temple.
Tapos lumabas na ako.

I am still smiling as I got inside my office.
"Mukhang masaya si little brother ahh" I froze as I heard his voice.
I turned around and saw JC leaning on the wall "What are you doing here?"
He smiled at if close kami "I just want to see your office. Wala pa kasi
akong idea kung ano ang gusto kong interior design sa soon to be office ko"
What the heck?!
"Are done checking my office" I mumbled angrily "You're free to go"
"You talked as if you're the Chairman" JC said.
I give him my bitter smile "Bakit do you think ikaw ang magiging next in line fo
r CEO?" Nilapitan ko siya "You're not even a del Castillo"
I know I hit his pride.
"Ako pa rin ang unang anak ni papa" He defend "Kahit hindi del Castillo ang dala
kong pangalan"
Langya! I wanna punch him.
"Kuya" Nakakasukang sabihin ang salita na iyon "Malaki ang kasalanan mo sa pamil
ya na to"
Ayan..nakita ko na ang galit sa kanyang mga mata.
"That was an accident...Damn it!" He snarled.
"Accident?" I laughed wickedly "No...kasalanan mo kung bakit nawala si Elena!"
"Shut the fuck up!" Hinawakan niya ako sa kwelyo "Ikaw ang dahilan kong bakit ak
o naglasing ng gabing iyon"
I pushed him away " don't even know...kung bakit ko yun nagawa"
"Ang ano? Agawin ang girlfriend ko?" JC said in a loud voice.
I laughed "Hindi ko inagaw ang girlfriend mo! She's a slut...kusa siyang lumapit
sa akin" I breathed hard "And God knows...hindi ka galit girlfriend
mong slut...because you don't even like her..."
"Oo...hindi ko gusto si still betrayed me" He complained. Galit
na galit na si JC.
"Dahil sa pride mo..kaya ka nagalit noon.....JC I never betrayed you....but you
never listen to me when I tried to explain to you kung ano talaga ang nangyari"
Lumapit ako sa kanya. I give him my cold stare "And because of that....nawala si
Elena!" Sinigawan ko siya.
He's going to punch me when the door burst open "Anong gaguluhan to?"
"Wala lang dad....." JC said..pero halata ang galit sa kanyang boses.
I turned around and there's my dad..wearing his irritated looked.
I pushed JC away again "I have to go" I said.
Nakalabas na ako sa opisina ko..pero sinundan pa rin ako ni JC.
Bago ako makalayo he said "I had met your wife...she's really something special"
Napahinto ako but I just ignored it and continue to walked.
As I got inside in my car I called Amber.

Amber's POV

Naghahanda ako ng pagkain sa condo ni Kurt when my phone rang.
"Baby...." Si Xander
Hahaha kinikilig ako.
"Susunduin na kita diyan" He said
Parang may iba sa boses niya. Hay....baka nag-away na naman sila ng papa niya.
"See you soon" Paglalambing niyang sabi.
"See you soon too" I giggled like a teenager.
Then he hung up.
Nagpatuloy ako sa ginagawa ko ng nag-ring na naman ang cellphone ko. I didn't bo
ther to look at kung sino ang tumatawag....baka si Xander na naman yun.
"Xander napatawag ka ulit?" I said in a sexy tone.
I heard a paused of silence tapos may nagsalita na "Ouch.....Si Justin to"
Natigilan ako. Si Justin? Bakit siya tumatawag sa akin.

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Chapter 16: One By One
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me wanna strive hard.

Recap (Amber's POV)

Nagpatuloy ako sa ginagawa ko ng nag-ring na naman ang cellphone ko. I didn't bo
ther to look at kung sino ang tumatawag....baka si Xander na naman yun.
"Xander napatawag ka ulit?" I said in a sexy tone.
I heard a paused of silence tapos may nagsalita na "Ouch.....Si Justin to"
Natigilan ako. Si Justin? Bakit siya tumatawag sa akin.
Amber's POV

?.Justin?? I gasped ?Kumusta ka na??
Napa buntong hininga siya ?My life is a mess right now?
Ramdam ko ang lungkot sa boses niya ?Justin Cruz?? I mumbled his full name ?I me
t you as strong guy?and I know you?re strong enough. RIGHT??
He chuckled ?Pinapa kilig mo na naman ako?
I laughed ?I just want cheer you up. We?re friends right??
Hindi siya basta sumagot ?Justin? Are you still there??
?Yeah?? Napa buntong hininga siya ?Are we just going to be friends? That?s all??
Heto na naman siya.
?I understand? He laughed but I can sense it?s just a fake laugh ?Can I see you?
Wait?he wants to see me?
Tama ba ang hinala ko?
?So?you?re here in the Philippines??
?Kailangan ehh? He?s voice was just a whisper.
I don?t know what he meant those words but right now?I feel glee as I realized n
a nandito pala si Justin. He?s my good friend.
??..So can I see you?? He asked again
I smiled ?Ye----? I was going to say ?yes? to Justin when I heard Xander?s voice
?Baby..sino yang kausap mo?? And to my surprise?yakap na ako ni Xander behind my
Pero bago pa ako makasagot sa tanong ni Xander I heard Justin said ?Nandiyan na
pala ang asawa mo. I?ll text you later? Then he hung up. did Justin know na may asawa na pala ako? O baka naman nabasa niya sa
magazine ang tungkol sa amin ni Xander.
?Sino yang kausap mo?? Xander?s voice sounds pissed off.
I turn to looked at him ?Just my client?
Mali bang magsinungaling kay Xander? I just don?t like na magalit siya sa akin?
Not when we?re okay.
?Babae o lalaki?? Xander asked again.
I raised my right eyebrow as I continue my work preparing foods ?Xander?what kin
d of question is that??
?Just answer my question? He said with a dominant voice.
?A girl? Babae?ang kausap ko kanina? Kinakabahan ako sa pagsisinungaling ko kay
?Okay? He just simply replied.
Ang tamlay niya ngayon ahh?.
?Why did you ask me...that lame question?? I stared at him as I said those words
?You look restless as I saw you talking with someone in the phone? He put his bo
th hand on my waist,
I blushed as I feel his right hand massage my waist ?May problema kasi? I said.
He pulled me closer to him? Yun bang I can feel his legs on my body ?Just relax?
He whispered seductively.
?Yes?.Baby?? He looked at me.
?May problema ba?? I put my right hand on his left cheek ?Ang tamlay mo kasi?
He laughed but I can sense he?s hiding the pain ?Matamlay?....Hmm? To my surpris
e he kissed me. Quick but long hard kiss ?Why won?t you try me?.so that you wou
ld know?kung matamlay ba ako?
?Huh?? Ano ba ang pinagsasabi niya?
He leaned down again but this time he kissed my neck ?Baby?.pagdating sa?yo hind
i ako tinatamlay?
It takes a long minute to realize what he was talking about ?Xander!?
Pero hindi ehh?. Hindi na talaga mapipigilan ang pagka manyakis ng asawa ko for
he was sucking my neck really hard. His right hand move upper towards my breast.
I moaned ?Ohhh----?
?Ahermmm---Baka nakalimutan niyong?Hindi niyo to bahay? Kurt voice popped in.
We jumped away from each other?s arms.
?Shit? Xander was cursing silently.
?Hmmm kaw best?.ahh?? Inilapag ni Kurt ang kanyang pinamili ?Nawala lang ako sag
lit?.naging motel na tong condo ko?
I blushed.
?Sorry dude? Si Xander na ang sumagot ?I just couldn?t take my hand off of her?
Kurt giggled ?Hahahahaha?..Uy?
Mas lalo pang uminit ang aking mukha ?Whatever? Tapos pumunta na ako sa sala.
Sinundan lang ako ni Xander ?Baby?
He hold my hand ?Ba?t ka ba naiinis??
Grabe ah! Itatanong pa ba yun? He?s being insensitive! UGH
I pulled away from his hand gripping my right arm ?Xander?dapat kasi hindi mo yu
n ginawa? I turned my back at him.
He move closer to me ?Baby?I can?t control it? Pagdating sayo nag-iinit ako? Ram
dam ko yung hininga niya sa batok ko.
Then he moves his hands on waist. Yakap niya ako mula sa likoran.
?Tulad nito? He started kissing my neck again.
I closed my eyes. UGH ang sarap sa pakiramdam.
??..Xander? I moaned.
?Hmmm?? He moves his hand towards my breast again.
God?baka Makita ulit kami ni Kurt sa ganitong posesyon.
??.Ohhh? But I can?t help it.
?I want you? He seriously said as he turns me around to face him.
?We need to stop?..? I said as I tiptoed and kissed him lightly on his lips.
He hugged me ?Baby let?s go home?
And I know why he wants to go home right now.
Tumawa lang ako ?No?.Magsasaya pa kami ni Kurt ehh? I put my right hand on his b
ack ?Besides?He?s cooking for us?
?Hindi ako gutom?sa pagkain ngayon? He pinched my nose ?I?m hungry for you? He w
hispered huskily.
?Then?let?s just say? I traced my left fingers down towards his hard tummy. God
kahit my damit feel na feel ko yung abs niya ?After natin kumain ng dinner dito?
I lightly massage his tummy ?Sa bahay na naman ang dessert?
His fist curled up ?You don?t know how much control I put in myself right now?so
that I can?t take you right here? He?s body tensed up.
?Uy..guys kain na tayo? Kurt suddenly said then he gives me a malicious look ?Ma
maya na yang landian?
Tumawa lang si Xander tapos hinila ako patungo sa kusina.
?Mamaya ang dessert ko ah?? He kissed my hair.
?Ayy? Tumili naman si Kurt.
Tapos kumain na kami.
While we?re eating Kurt just keep on talking.
?Uy?..Alam mo best?. I saw Justin sa department store? He suddenly said without
thinking kung ana ang sinasabi niya.
Napalunok ako habang si Xander naman tumigil sa pagkain.
?Ju?Justin? Sino siya?? Parang nagdadalawang isip si Xander sa pagbigkas sa pang
alang ?Justin?
?He?s just our friend in LA? I answered my husband as I give Kurt a warning look
Xander continued to eat ?So he?s a foreigner??
?No, Kababayan natin? I honestly said.
?Ex suitor siya ni---------oppss--ouch? Hindi natapos ni Kurt ang sasabihin niya
dahil sinipa ko na siya sa ilalim ng lamesa.
?Kanino siyang ex suitor?? Pagtatakang tanong ni Xander.
UGH. Kurt what have you done?
?Sa friend namin sa LA? I put a lame excuse.
Pero Xander really had a mind ?Ex suitor mo?? He asked without a second thought.
Kurt gasped.
Bwiset! Kasalanan to ni Kurt.
I nodded.
Napamura nalang si Xander ?Why is he here??
?He is still my friend? I defended myself.
?Why is he here?? He asked again.
?I do not know?.? I sighed ?Maybe he wants to have a vacation?
Tapos ng kumain si Xander ?Don?t you dare plan to see him? He warned me.
?Why? He?s my friend after all? I sucked some air to breath.
?I just don?t like his name? Tapos tumayo na siya ?Magpapahangin lang ako sa bal
I nodded.
?Ugh?Kurt naman ehh? I pouted.
Lumapit si Kurt sa akin ?Uy, sorry na?
Inirapan ko siya ?Ba?t mo pa kailangan i-singit si Justin??
?Na overwhelmed lang ako no? Kasi naman po mas gu-gwapo siya ngayon? Kurt explai
Gwapo naman talaga si Justin ehh? Pero mas gwapo si Xander.
?Iwan ko sayo? Tapos tumayo narin ako.
?Saan ka pupunta??
I looked at Kurt ?Pupuntahan ang aswa ko?
Kurt giggled and clapped his hands ?Kaw ha? Lumalandi ka na naman?
Namula agad ako sa sinabi ni Kurt ?Kurt!?
Tapos tumawa lang siya at nagligpit sa mga pinagkainan namin.
Then I hurriedly went to the balcony where I can see Xander. Nakatalikod siya at
may hawak na beer sa kanan niyang kamay.
I moved closer to him and boldly I hugged him from behind.
I know he was surprised kasi medyo napatalon siya ehh.
?I hope Kurt won?t mind?.? He said ?Ang sarap kasing uminom ng beer ngayon? He e
I can smell his perfume ?And I hope you don?t mind?that your wife right now is h
ugging you?
He chuckled and turned around ?She could hug me forever?
I smiled at him and hugged him tightly ?Like this?
?Like this? He hugged me back ?Baby..let?s go home?
I bite my lips as I looked at him.
He groaned ?Basta uuwi na tayo? Then he kissed me tapos hinila na niya ako palab

Nasa loob na kami ng condo niya ng siniil niya ako ng halik.
?God?Baby I want you so bad? His hands started roaming my body.
I kissed him back ?Then take me?
He grinned ?I would love to?Ohhh baby? Napa-ungol siya ng halikan ko ang kanyang
Tapos nitulak niya ako sa my pader ?You?re mine? He whispered as he kissed my ne
ck ?Say it?
?Xander?? I moaned his name when he started unbuttoning my long-sleeves.
?Say it baby? He massage d my breast ?Say it?.that I?ll be your first and last?
He was licking my shoulder blade and I was gasping some air.
Woahhh?.and init.
?I?m yours? I whispered breathing.
Then my long sleeves is already on the floor ?Promise me that I?ll be the only g
uy who feel your body?
He cupped my face by both of his hand ?Baby promise me?
Si Xander lang ang lalaki sa buhay ko. He?s the only one who took my virginity?a
nd I never regret it.
Then he kissed me.
And he takes off his clothes. He was only wearing his boxer right now?.and he lo
oked smoking hot.
?Let?s continue this in bed? I said winking at him.
?My pleasure? He said in a husky voice.
Nang nakarating na kami sa kwarto namin agad naman niya akong inihiga sa kama.
He was doing a wonderful sensation in my body.
?Beautiful? He said as he takes off my undies.
Then he was touching me down ?there?
Making me moan and gasp some air to breath.
He smirked ?I love how you say my name baby? Then stands up to take his boxer of
?Just------? He didn?t let me finish my words as he kissed me again.
?Shhh?.just shut up? He kissed my neck ?And let me love you?
Parang huminto ang mundo.
And let me love you
And let me love you
And let me love you
Mamaya ko nalang iisipin ang sinabi ni Xander. Right now I wanna feel him.
Umaga na ng magising ako sa tunog ng cellphone ko.
I looked to my right side and I notice wala na pala si Xander. Then I realized n
asa shower pala siya, kasi I can hear the pouring of the water in the shower roo
I picked up my cellphone sa side table.
?Good morning? I know that voice ?It?s me Justin?
?Hey? I said.
?Bagong gising ah? He chuckled
?Umm yeah? I simply said.
He paused for a moment then he said ?Can I see you? I just want to talk to you?
Tama dapat kausapin ko na si Justin. To clear things up?to tell him that he shou
ld stop admiring or liking me kasi I am married.
And I love my husband.
?Yeah sure?
?Really?? May halong tuwa ang kanyang boses ?Magkita tayo ngayon sa coffee shop?
Yung Italian Coffee shop?
?Okay?I know that place? I said. Then I heard the footsteps from the bathroom ?I
have to go, bye? Then I hung up.
I put my cellphone down as Xander walked towards me ?Good morning baby? He kisse
d my forehead.
God? I feel so special when he do that ?kissing on the forehead? thing.
?Good morning too? I said then I had remembered what he had said last night.
And let me love you
I hope as he said those words he meant all ofit. Kasi ako?I am not just falle?n
for him. I?m in love with him.
I smiled baka ?I love you? na ang susunod nito. Sana nga?.sana mahalin din ako n
i Xander.
?Ako ba ang iniisip mo?? He touched my cheek.
?Why do you say so?? I teased him
He pinched my nose and laughed ?Kasi ako lang naman ang nagpapa-ngiti sayo ng ga
?Tulad nito?? I give him my alluring smile.
?You want me?.to take you again baby?? He sit next to me sa kama.
Tinakpan ko ang sarili ko ng kumot.
I laughed at him as I put on his big t-shirt ?Xander ahh! Maliligo na ako? Tapos
pumunta na ako sa banyo.
?Mamaya nalang gabi ahh?? Pahabol niyang sabi.
I silently laughed.
Then I turn on the shower.
Pagkatapos ko naligo naka bihis na si Xander.
?Wow?.ang hot ahh? He said as he scanned his eyes towards my body.
I am only wearing a piece of towel.
?Uy?..Xander ayan na naman ang kamanyakan mo?? Inirapan ko siya.
?Hahahaha? Tumawa lang siya ?Sa sala nalang ako maghihintay sa iyo?baka hindi ko
ma-control ang sarili ko sa iyo? But before he leave he kissed my forehead firs
Wahhhh??hindi na ako teenager pero kinikilig ako ng bongang-bonga.
Pagkalabas niya pumunta na ako sa walk-in closet naming.
For my outfit today, I just choice my black skinny pants and a professional whit
e long sleeves.
Hahaha ang hilig ko sa long sleeves no? Kasi?this is really my casual dress kung
papasok ako sa opisina.
I pair it with a black stiletto. Tapos I put on some light make up.
Then I went out.
May kausap si Xander sa phone paglabas ko. Halatang galit ang boses niya.
??..What?! Bakit nagkulang ang mga materials?.sa landscape!? Galit niya pagkasab
i ?Okay?pupunta na ako diyan? Then he hung up.
?Baby? Finally he notice me ?Kanina ka pa?? He pulled me closer to him.
I snake my arms on his waist ?Hindi naman?
?Shit? He cursed as his phone vibrates ?I need to go?
?Hindi ka magbre-breakfast kasama ako? I pouted
He kissed me lightly on my cheek ?I love to..pero baby..may problema sa construc
tion ehh? He explained.
?Maybe I can help?? I winked at him.
Niyakap lang niya ako ?Ayokong mapagod ka? He said sabay halik sa noon ko ?Besid
es?Marami kanang trabaho sa office at sa site?
I nodded ?Saan ka pala pupunta??
?Sa construction site? He answered happily.
?Sasama nalang ako? I said ?Beside I am part of the team?
He give me his boyish smile ?Pero?paano niyong plano na tataposin mo??
Ay?Oo nga no.
I frowned.
He cupped my face by both of his hand ?Uuwi din ako mga around 6:00 pm?
?Yes?baby? He deep down and kissed my lips lightly ?I have to go?
?Take care Engineer del Castillo? I winked at him while biting my lips.
He groaned
?I?ll see you soon then, Architect del Castillo? Then he gives me his crooked sm
ile I love the most.
Nandito na ako ngayon sa coffee shop kung saan magkikita kami ni Justin.
Then the door open and I saw Justin walked in.
He?s really handsome but he?s just an inch compare to Xander.
Xander is gorgeously handsome.
?Hey..pretty lady? He said in a flirt tone ?Kanina ka pa ba??
?No?Hindi naman? I said.
He looked at me for a moment ?God?.Amber?you are still deadly beautiful?
I don?t know why but his words didn?t make me blush.
?Thank you? I simply said.
As we were drinking our coffee?he suddenly extends his finger towards the side o
f my lips.
?May caramel kasi? He said.
I pulled away and shoot him a bad glance ?Justin?.you can?t just do that?
?Why?.because you?re married?? He asked while holding his coffee cup.
I close my eyes ?Yes? Then I looked at him.
He laughed. A wicked one
?Amber Lewis-del Castillo? He mumbled ?That surname suits you well?
?Paano mo nalaman niyan?? I asked.
He raised his left eyebrow ?Everybody knows it Amber?
I just smiled at him again.
?Do you love your husband?? He seriously asked.
Before I said those words?I take a glance down at my wedding ring.
?Yes? Then I looked at Justin as I answered his question ?I don?t know why?but I
fell in love with him each and every day?.and I love him every second, minute a
nd hour in each and every day?
He brushed his right hand on his messy short hair ?Then Xander?is a one hell luc
ky man?
It felt weird as he articulate the word ?Xander??.Parang kilala niya na niya ito
?I have to go? I said and I stand up.
Sinamahan niya ako sa labas.
?Ouch? I suddenly said
?Bakit?? He asked and looked at me.
?Ang sakit ng kanan kong mata? My right eyes is burning.
He hold my face ?Stand still?Lemme me see it? I opened my right eyes lightly par
a ma examine niya.
?Oh, may eyelashes pa lang nakapasok sa iyong mata? He calmly said ?Ayan okay na
Umiwas ako ng tingin kasi ang lapit ng mukha niya.
?I have to go? I mumbled again.

Third Person?s POV

Galit na galit siya habang nakatanaw sa bintana ng kotse niya, pinagmamasdan si
Amber at Justin.
Tapos my mama na pumasok sa kotse niya.
?So? Did you take a photos of them? Tanong niya sa lalaki.
?Yes?.maam?ang sweet nga po nila? Tumawa lang ang lalaki.
Tiningnan niya ulit ang paalis na koste ni Amber ?She so flirt?.May asawa na nga
siya?lumalandi pa?
?Maganda kasi siya maam?Kaya gustong-gusto siya ni Sir-----?
Hindi na niya pinatapos ang lalaki sa pagsasalita ?Shut up! Now?.GET OUT?
Umalis agad ang lalaki palayo sa kotse niya.
?No hindi pwede to. I?m going to make her repay all the burdens she puts in my l
ife.Humanda ka Amber. You?ll going to pay all my sufferings. I?m gonna make your
life a living hell? She thought to herself.
Then she picked out her cellphone and called someone ?May ipapadala akong envelo
p sa iyo?..and I want you to send this envelop to Engineer Xander del Castillo a
t dapt walang makaka-alam sa akin?
?Yes maam? Sabi nung kausap niya.
Then she hung up?
Niligay na niya ang mga lawarang nakuha ng lalaki sa envelop. Mga lawaran nina A
mber at Justin.
Ano kaya ang sasabihin ng asawa ni?.Amber? Pagnalaman niyang?.nakikipagladian si
Amber sa kanyang KUYA??? Mukhang Masaya to ahh. Sabi niya sa kanyang sarili.
Tapos pina-andar na niya ang kangyang kotse.

wanna guess kung sino yung girl na yun?
Yes part of the twist is JC and Justin are the same person.
That is not the major twist.
Hugs and Kisses
Chapter 17: Bitter Sweet
Because I get a good grades this summer class.
I'm going to update.
*Yes JC and Justin are the's part of the twist but that's not the majo
r twist.

Amber's POV

Nandito ako sa condo ni Kurt ngayon.
Hindi pa kasi umuwi si Xander?mga around 6:00 pm pa yun.
?So nagkita kayo ni Justin?? Kurt asked as he handed me a glass of juice.
I nodded.
?Gwapo niya no?? Parang kinikilig si Kurt.
Natawa ako.
?Mas gwapo si Xander? I muttered.
Kurt didn?t argue with that ?Alam ko na yun. Sino nga ba ang hindi ma gua-gwapoh
an kay Xander no? With his messy sexy hair, his almond seductive eyes, his point
ed nose, plus the dimple across his left cheek, chiseled masculine cheekbones an
d of course his devilish crooked smile that every girl dies for?
Speechless ako.
??..At kung si Justin naman. Well he has a look?.His boyish black curly short ha
ir, His cute brown eyes, pointed nose, his jaw bone structure and his ohh?so?yum
my lips and plus his playful boyish smile that every girl can?t resist it.? Kurt
added while giggling.
?Sino kaya ang mas matangkad sa kanila no?? He asked me while thinking things up
I laughed ?Mas matangkad ng konti si Xander....If I?m not mistaken ang height ni
Xander ay mga 6?1?
?Oo nga no? Mas matangkad si Xander ng konti?Pero kung titingnan mo para magkasi
ngtangkad lang sila? He winked at me
?Kurt? I warned him ?Stop comparing them?
Pero hindi talaga nagpa-awat si Kurt ?But you know what?? Kurt said seriously ?W
hat Xander made him hotter than Justin is, he has this tan skin and a masculine
look. Kung baga si Xander he has this rebellious heartthrob look while Justin he
remain the charming boy next door.? He mumbled playfully.
Ang galling talaga ni Kurt sa bagay ng mga lalaki.
Pero mas nagulat ako sa sinabi ni Kurt ?Alam mo?.para silang magkapatid??
?Ehh?.kasi naman?kung?kung hindi lang medyo mistiso si Justin mukhang magkapatid
talaga sila? He mumbled smilling at me.
Oo nga no? Ba?t di ko naiisip yun? Ahhh..basta mas gwapo talaga si Xander.
?Well, it?s your opinion? I honestly said ?But I don?t care?Xander will always b
e the most attractive, gorgeous, seductive, and handsome man I had met?
Napatili si Kurt ?Ayyy??.In love ka na no??
?Isn?t it obvious?? Wala na akong ma-itago pa.
?Grabe ka girl? Pabirong hinampas ako ni Kurt ?Akala ko ba ayaw mo siyang mahali
?There?s a lot of reason why I should not love him? I looked at my wedding ring
?But there?s only one reason why I keep on loving him???and it?s I LOVE HIM? I w
as smiling when I said those words.
Then my phone rang.
?Hmmm?baka si Xander na yan? Kinikilig si Kurt ?Answer it?
?Excuse me? I said as I stood up.

I breathed hard ?Hello??
?Baby? Hays?.ayan na naman na siya pinapakilig ako ?Sabi ng assistant mo maaga k
a daw umuwi. Nasaan ka??
I smiled ?Nasa condo ni Kurt?
?Umuwi ka na? Paglalambing na sabi niya.
?Huh? So nasa condo ka na?? Pagtataka kung sagot habang tiningnan ang relo ko. P
atay 6:20 pm na.
?Hindi pa?
?Diba sabi mo?mga 6:00 pm ka na uuwi? I pouted ?6:21 pm na ohh?Sunduin mo na ako
Tumawa siya. Wahhhhhhh kinikilig talaga ako?.
?Hmmm hindi pa ako pwedeng umuwi ehh? Sabi niya.
What?! Hindi siya uuwi?
Napa buntong hininga ako ?Bakit? Saan ka pa ba pupunta??
He chuckled ?Medyo possessive na misis ko ahh? Tumawa siya ng konti ?Basta umuwi
ka nalang?matatagalan pa ako dito?
Napamura ako ?Sige?bye?
?Uy?galit ata si baby ahh? Naglalambing na naman siya.
?Hindi no? Why should I?? I can?t hide the sarcasm in my voice.
?Amber?.sige na?.I have to go? He muttered ?See you soon? Then he hung up.
What?! Yun lang! Hindi niya ako lalambingin?
Kinabahan ako?.Baka may ibang babaeng kasama si Xander. Baka nagsawa na siya sak
Dahil ba simple lang ako?
Baka naman dahil hindi ako magaling sa kama?
God? pre-pressure na ako.
?Kurt?I have to go? I said picking up my bag.
Tumayo si Kurt ?Hindi ka susunduin ni Xander??
UGH. Nakakainis si Kurt.
?Ummm no? I honestly answered his question tapos umalis na ako.
Naiinis ako. Kasi yung utak ko?nag i-imagine ng kung ano-ano. Si Xander may iban
g kayakap na babae?nagsasaya sila ngayon? UGH? O baka may masamang nangyari sa k
Ba?t naman kasi ako?pina-uwi ni Xander, tapos hindi pa niya ako susunduin?.

So now here I am. I?m home,
Pero kinakabahan ako. Wala nga si Xander kasi hindi pa bukas ang ilaw. So I turn
it on, pero wala paring ilaw. Brownout ba? Ehh may ilaw naman sa corridor ahh?T
apos alam ko may generator dito pero ba?t walang ilaw?
Nako ahh?takot pa naman ako sa dilim.
UGH. Xander?where the hell are you?
?Ba?t ba ang tagal mo Xander? Pagmumura kong sabi.
Then suddenly there?s a spotlight dazzling my eyes.
?Ahhhh? Napa sigaw ako habang pinipikit ang mata. Nabigla ehh.
Tapos??my favorite music plays.
My world started to froze as my heart beats faster.

Thank you for this moment
I've gotta say how beautiful you are
Of all the hopes and dreams I could have prayed for here you are

Then there?s Xander standing in the living room with a bouquet of rose in his ar
?For you? He handed me the flowers.
I was speechless. Hindi ko maibuka ang bigbig ko.
I was just looking at him as the music keeps on playing.

If I could have one dance forever
I would take you by the hand
Tonight it's you and I together
I'm so glad I'm your man
And if I lived a thousand years
You know I never could explain
The way I lost my heart to you
that day

?Baby sorry kung pinag-alala kita? He kissed my forehead.
Xander naman ohh?..Mas lalo mo akong pina pa-inlove niyan Gusto kong sabihin sa
But all I can do is hugged him ?Tha?.than?? Napalunok ako ?Thank you?

But if destiny decided I should look the other way
then the world would never know
the greatest story ever told
and did I tell you that I love you

?So can I have this dance?? He kissed my cheek
I nodded as I put the flowers on the sofa.
Then I put my hands on his neck as he hands snake on my waist.
?You?re so beautiful? He kissed me lightly on my lips.
I just give him my genuine smile as we dance together.

Then he started singing as we dance ?I don't hear the music. When I'm looking in
your eyes. But I feel the rhythm of your body. Close to mine. It's the way we t
ouch, it soothes me. It's the way we'll always be, your kiss your pretty smile,
you know I?d die for?..oh baby you're all I need?
Para akong nasa langit.
Mahal na kaya ako ni Xander? Napapikit ako?.
I must say Xander really has a great voice.
Mas lumakas ang kanyang mala-angel na boses ? And if I lived a thousand years. Y
ou know I never could explain. The way I lost my heart to you that day but if de
stiny decided I should look the other way then the world would never know the gr
eatest story ever told and did I tell you that I love you just how much I really
need you did I tell you that I love you tonight?
After the song ended Xander said ?I miss you baby? Then he leaned down just to k
issed me.
?Xander?.Thank you for everything? I said between our kiss.
Mahal na mahal kita My heart screamed silently.
We kissed passionately and we made love like a couple filled with love.

I am here in the office. Medyo hindi naman ako busy kasi nagawa ko ng maaga ang
mga design documents.
?Architect? My assistant said ?May board meeting po?
Kasama ako?
Malamang asawa ka lang naman ng next in line for the chairman position My mind t
hought so.
?Oh sige?
Then I started walking out but a voice caught my attention.
Natigilan ako.
Wait?..I know that voice? I turned around and my eyes widen.
He walked towards me ?Yeah?it?s me?
Bakit siya nandito?
?Why are you here?? I asked confusedly.
He gives me his boyish laughed ?Dito na ako nagta-trabaho ehh.?
?Really? What kind of position? I giggled.
He smiled at me ?Finance manager slash secret? Tapos tumawa na siya.
Tumawa ako ng may nagsalita, dahilan kung bakit ako napalingon.
?Amber!? Boses yun ni Xander.
Lumapit si Xander sa akin ?Baby?.susunduin dapat kita sa office mo para sabay na
tayong pumunta sa meeting room? He said looking at me?then he looked at Justin
with a deadly look.
?Let?s go? Sabay hawak ni Xander sa aking kaliwang kamay.
?Engineer del Castillo? Sabi ni Justin ?I am still having conversation with your
wife..tapos hihilahin mo lang?
Oh-my-God Justin naman ohh?.ba?t ka pa nagsalita.
?Shit? Xander cursed silently as he looked at Justin ?Aalis na kami ng asawa ko?
Justin smile coolly ?Brother?I am still having fun?It seems like you don?t want
me to meet your wife?
Magkakilala sila? Magkaibigan?
Alam kong galit na si Xander, nagpipigil lang..
I squeezed his hand and I looked at Xander. He looked down to looked back at me,
so I smiled at him ?Umm Mr. Justin Cruz?I think we have to go? Ako na ang nagsa
Nawala ang ngiti ni Justin then he nodded.
Nang nakalayo na kami, huminto sa paglalakad si Xander.
?Bakit?? I asked.
Pero hindi siya sumagot instead he leaned down and kissed me hard. Napahinto tul
oy ang mga tao sa paglalakad.
He pulled out ?Let?s go, baby?
I was blushing to death?.Eh kasi nagtili-an ang mga staff sa amin.
?Xander ahh? Kinurot ko siya sa braso.
But he just kissed my hair ?You smell so good?
?Just for you baby? He laughed silently.
Parang kailan lang galit tong mokong na to?tapos ngayon tumatawa na.
Pero may mali ehh?.Parang magkakilala na sila ni Justin, iba yung aura sa kanila
. I can?t explain it, but I feel something really weird.
Nag meeting na kami kasama ang board?May mga konting presentation, pero si Xande
r parang wala sa sarili eh..Hindi na kikinig sa pinag sasabi ng papa niya.
Baka magkagalit parin sila.
Pagkalabas naman inalalayan ako agad ni Xander ?Mauna ka na sa office mo, may tr
abaho pa kasi ako? Ang sweet ng boses niya.
?Sige ingat? I tiptoed and kissed him on the cheek.
Natigilan siya sa ginawa ko at kahit ako nagulat din sa ginawa ko ?Sor---? Mag s
o-sorry na sana ako ng halikan niya ako.
?Thanks for the kiss baby? Then he left.
Napatili ako ng di oras. Wahhh?.Grabe?Kinikilig ako?.AS IN!
?Architect pinatawag po kayo ni Mr. Cruz? My assistant said.
?Si? Justin??
She nodded.
Bakit niya ako pinapatawag. Hindi ko na to gusto nalaga. But I need to talk to h
?Na saan yung office niya?? I asked her.
?Nasa bandang kanan po? She explain ?Yung dating office ni Don Adolfo?
?Okay? I started to walked.

Nang nakarating na ako sa harap ng pinto sa office ni Justin.
I knocked three times before he answered ?Come in?
Pumasok na ako and I saw Justin smiling at me ?Architect? Formal niyang sabi.
I fake a smile ?Bakit mo ba ako pinatawag??
?Wala lang I just wanna talk to you? Pabiro niyang sabi.
?Justin?.? I warned him.

Justin?s POV

Ang ganda niya talaga kahit naiinis na.
And if you?re going to asked me why I like her. Dahil napaka mabait niya, ahhh b
asta lahat ng quality sa girl ay nasa kanya na.
?Justin? She warned me.
Ay.. Oo nga no? mahal pala niya ang kanyang asawa.
I thought I had a chance?.I thought hindi na niya babalikan si Xander. But I was
wrong?dahil mahal na mahal niya pala ito.
And I can?t do nothing about it.
I can?t stop her from loving me brother.
My brother who used to be my best buddy but he put my name in shame and betrayed
Oo noon paman I know that she?s my brother?s wife?.and yes, at the very start I
had planned to used her for revenge.
But I couldn?t do it. Masyado siyang inosente at mabait para saktan
At sana naman hind siya saktan ni Xander.
?Hahahaha? I laughed at her ?Ito naman di mabiro?
Inirapan lang niya ako.
?Here?s the folder for the budget sa next design mo? I handed to her the folder.
She smiled at me ?Thank you?
Hindi ko na mapigilan ang sarili ko. Na miss ko siya ehh?.So I instantly hugged
?Justin!? Napasigaw siya.
Pero biglang bumukas ang pinto and there?s Xander with a lion look?ready to atta

Amber?s POV

Niyakap ako ni Justin ng bumukas ang pinto sa kanyang opisina.
Napalingon ako at tinulak si Justin.
Agad napasugod si Xander at sinuntok si Justin.
?What the hell!? Pagmumura ni Xander ?I told you to stay away from my wife?
Ngumisi lang si Justin ?I couldn?t?
Susuntok na naman si Xander ?Damn you? Tapos hinagis niya ang envelop na hawak n
Nagsilabasan ang mga larawan?. Lumaki ang mata ko sa nakita ko.
Kami ni Justin to ahh.
?Xander?.? I sighed.
?Don?t you dare to speak to me!? Galit na sabi ni Xander.
?And don?t you dare raise your voice to her!? Galit na rin si Justin.
Nilapitan ko si Xander ?Let?s talk?
?Para ano? To believe your lies again?? Grabe ang sakit ng mga sinabi ni Xander.
Napaluha nalang ako at pinulot mga larawan. Tiningnan ko yun.
Yun yung kahapon, noong nagkita kami ni Justin sa coffee shop.
Yun yung sumakit ang mata.
?Xander?.this is? Napalunok ako ?This is not what you think?
?Fool me woman? He mumbled angrily ?Kasi magkayakap kayo bago ako pumasok dito a
t basically magkayakap din kayo sa mga lawaran na yan?or worse magkalapit ang in
yong mga mukha...?
Tapos tiningnan niya si Justin ?Do you know him?? He asked me.
I don?t want to lie to him again.
?Oo?.I met him sa LA? I answered.
?So?siya ang sinasabi ni Kurt na Justin, na ex suitor mo sa LA.? He said in a bi
tter tone.
I nodded.
I was shocked when he punched Justin again ?Langya ka! Pinag-isipan mo talaga to
. Ang galing ng plano mo!?
Justin planned all of this?
Justin just looked at Xander?and for the first time nakita kong galit ang kanyan
g mga mata.
?I didn?t plan this? He explained ?Pero?let me asked you a question?? Nilapitan
niya si Xander at may binulong.
Nagwala agad si Xander ?No?.I won?t let you JC?
Justin laughed ?Try me?
I can?t understand what they are talking about at bakit sila magkakilala?
Xander stared at me in horror ?You just broke my trust?
As he said those words I felt like I was stabbed ?Xander?.I didn?t do wrong?
?Wala nga ba? Nakikipagladian ka sa kapatid ko, na sumira sa buhay ko? He scream
ed out.
Kapatid niya si Justin? How come?
?I don?t know na?.? I can?t finish my words.
?Screw you Amber? Galit na galit si Xander ?I don?t wanna see you or even look a
t you again??
Dahil sa sakit ng sinabi niya na sampal ko siya as my tears streaming down my fa
ce ?Ganon na ba ako kasama Xander ha? Kasi kahit ako?hindi ko alam kung ano nga
ba ang mali sa ginawa ko?
Hindi siya makapag-salita.
Lumapit sa akin si Justin ?Amber?.? He comforted me?as Xander was looking at us
?Yan?yan ang mali na ayaw kong makita? Sabi ni Xander as he walked away, slammin
g the door hard.
?Xander?? Hahabolin ko na sana siya ng pigilan ako ni Justin ?Let go? I said to
?No?I can?t masasaktan ka lang? He said in a comforting tone.
I closed my eyes ?I said ?let go??
?No? He tighten his hold ?Ayokong makita kang na sasaktan?
?Mahal ko siya? I mumbled as tears keep fallen from my eyes ?Mahal ko siya kahit
na nasasaktan ako?
Justin let go of me and I didn?t turn to look at him for I was running to death
para habolin si Xander.
Mahal ko si Xander.
Mahal ko siya kahit masakit.
Mahal ko siya kahit pa masaktan ako.
Mahal ko siya kahit na nasasaktan ako.

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Chapter 18: Realize
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Xander?s POV

?Pare tama na sa pag-inom? Saway ni Ken.
Nandito ako sa bar kasama si Ken, si Matt kasi busy daw. Gusto ko makalimutan an
g lahat, ang mga larawan na nakita ko. Gusto ko mawala ang sakit na nararamdaman
ko ngayon.
JC, bakit ka pa bumalik? Galit na nagtatanong ang isip ko.
?Dude ano ba ang problema?? Tanong ni Ken.
Tumawa ako, yung tawa na may halong lungkot ?Ito?ito yung problema? Turo ko sa a
king dibdib ?Hindi ko alam na ganito pala ka sakit?
?Gusto mo i-kwento mo nalang sa akin?? Sabi ni Ken sabay tapik sa aking braso.
Napapikit ako at nagsimulang mag-kwento. Nakapikit habang sinasabi kay Ken ang l
ahat, nakapikit ako para hindi ako maiyak.
Oo maliit na bagay lang yun kung titingnan mo. Pero para sa akin hindi, bakit? K
asi mahal ko Amber at alam kong mas malamang sa akin si JC in terms of being ?th
e good boy thing?.
Natatakot ako na baka magka-gusto sa kanya si Amber.
Kitang-kitang sa larawan kung paano napangiti ni JC si Amber. And that?s damn hu
Pero alam niyo kung ano ang mas masakit? Hindi dahil sa mga larawan na nakita ko
, kasi ang dahilan kung bakit ako galit na galit ngayon?ay kung paano tingnan ni
JC si Amber. He looked at her the way a man looked at his woman. He looked at h
er like more than just a friend.
At dahil doon nagalit ako, nagalit ako kasi alam kung may dahilan si JC kung bak
it kaya niyang pasayahin si Amber at yun ay dahil ?gusto din niya si Amber.?
?Dude?asawa mo na si Amber? Nagising ako sa sinabi ni Ken ?And your brother can?
t do nothing about it?
?Gusto niya si Amber?
Tumawa si Ken ?And now the history repeats itself?
?May pagkakaiba na ngayon? I stated while drinking my bear ?Dahil noon hindi ko
mahal si Lysa at hindi rin siya mahal ni kuya, nagkataon lang na napa-ikot niya
kaming dalawa ng kuya ko.?
?At ngayon, mahal mo na si Amber pero gusto din siya ng kuya mo? Ken said while
looking directly at my eyes ?How ironic?
Wala na akong ma-isagot kay Ken, kaya tumahimik nalang ako.
?Nang dahil kay Lysa kaya kayo nagkagulo ni JC? Ken suddenly said.
Damn, ayaw ko nang isipin pa yun.
?No?.? I sarcastically said ?Handa akong humingi ng tawad kay JC noon, pero nada
may si Elena sa gulo at dahil doon, dahil kay JC nawala si Elena?kasabay ng pagk
awala ng ngiti sa mukha ni mama?
Ken looked down when he said this words ?What if hindi si JC ang nasa larawan? M
aybe hindi ka gaano kagalit ngayon?
Natigilan ako.
Galit ba ako kasi may ibang kasama ang asawa ko? O dahil ang kasama niya ay si J
?I have to go? Yun lang ang sinagot ko kay Ken.
Ken stood up ?Listen up bro? He said seriously ?If you do really love her?You?ll
give her time to explain things up?
Tama si Ken.
So I just nodded and went home, pero bago pa ako umabot sa parking lot my phone
Someone just send me a picture message and it?s unknown number.
I opened the message at nagdilim ang paningin ko.
A photo of JC and Amber again, I think this is way back when Amber was still liv
ing in L.A. Kitang-kita sa larawan kung gaano kasaya si Amber kasama si JC.
As I was looking at the photo, I tried to understand that they are ?just friends
But then my phone rang and it?s the unknown number who is now calling.
I want to ignore it but still I am curious so I answered the call.
?Hello? I mumbled as I hide my anger.
Then I heard a laugh. Boses babae.
?Engineer del Castillo? She mumbled in a flirty tone. Pero halatang she?s hiding
her true voice ?Lemme tell you this. Nakasama mo lang si Amber just a couple mo
nths but Justin? He?s with her for almost three years? She mumbled in a weird to
ne ?Mas lamang yata ang kuya mo sa iyo?
Alam niya na kuya ko si JC? Pero tama ang kanyang pinagsasabi.
?Kung ako sa iyo, you better not leave your wife with Justin?for he is so into h
er? Then she hung up.
Gusto kong ibato ang cellphone ko dahil sag alit.
Tama nga siya. Mas matagal nakasama ni Justin si Amber, kahit na asawa ko pa si
Amber mas marami namang alam si Justin tungkol kay Amber.
UGH. I couldn?t bear the pain anymore.

Amber?s POV

Hindi ko na naabotan si Xander. And I don?t know where is he right now, I couldn
?t help myself but to cry as I realized that I could lost Xander at any moment.
Kaya umuwi nalang ako sa bahay, nagbabakasakali na nandiyan lang si Xander. Sasa
bihin niya sa akin na mag-usap kami ng matino.
Pero nang nasa loob na ako ng condo, wala siya.
Ang sakit, kasi ang taong mahal na mahal mo ay hindi ka kayang pagkatiwalaan. Pe
ro ito yung mas malala, yun yung kahit na sasaktan ka na mahal mo parin siya.
I breathed hard ?Xander?..? Hindi ko mapigilan ang sarili ko.
Napako ako sa aking kinatatayuan nang bumukas ang pinto.
Si Xander. Bakas parin ang galit sa kanyang mukha.
Lalapitan ko na sana siya ng, lumakad siya patungo sa akin ?Xan---?
Hindi na niya ako pinatapos kasi siniil na niya ako ng halik. He kissed with ang
er. At dahil doon my tears started to fall again.
?Stop? I said between our kisses. But it seems like he didn?t hear me as he cont
inue savoring my lips. He started to take off my t-shirt.
My tears keep falling ?Please?Xander stop? Pagmamakaawa ko, pero mas hinalikan p
a niya ako.
He kissed me over and over again when he tore my shirt leaving the half of my bo
dy with lacy bra and I can see the lust and anger in his eyes as he looked at me
?Do you like JC?? He asked me.
I shook my head.
Then he deep down and kissed my neck ?You are mine, right??
I nodded.
He smirked. A devil smirked ?So stay away from JC?
?Pero kaibigan ko si Justin? I explained
?Hindi kaibigan ang tingin niya sa iyo? He held my shoulder ?Stay away from him?
His hold tighten.
?Xander bakit ka ba galit na galit kay Justin?? I breathed hard and held his han
d ?Diba ikaw na rin ang nagsabi na kapatid mo siya??
He pulled his hand away from my grip ?Just stay away from him? He repeated his c
?Xander, try to understand? I begun to explain pero hindi niya ako pinapakinggan
?Cut?that bullshit reason Amber? Pasigaw niyang sabi tapos humiwalay na siya sa
akin ?I?m going to sleep? He said while walking towards the sofa.
Sa sofa siya matutulog?
Humiga na siya sa sofa at pinikit ang kanyang mga mata. Nilapitan ko siya.
?Xander?let?s go to our room? I said while looking at him.
Nakapikit parin ang kanyang mga mata ?I want to sleep alone?
Dahil sa sakit ng kanyang mga sinabi, I decided to walk towards our room.

Nagising ako sa tinik ng sikat ng araw, I looked at the wall clock at it?s alrea
dy 11:20 am. Napuyat kasi ako kagabi. I hurriedly went out pero wala na si Xande
r then I notice he left a note.
?Pumunta ka sa Villa Dalampasigan beach resort, may family gatherings?
Kaya agad naman akong naligo at nagbihis.
For today?s outfit I decided to wear a khaki black shorts and I match it with a
white fitting sleeveless dress. Then I apply a light make up to enhance my face.
Nag flat sandals lang ako ngayon.
Pagkalabas ko ng condo nilapitan ako ng isang lalaki ?Architect del Castillo??
?Yes? Sagot ko naman.
?Pinapasundo po kayo ni sir Xander maam? He stated.
?Where is he?? I asked as he leads me towards the car.
He opened back seat door ?Sabi po niya maam mauna nalang po siya sa inyo?
Nalungkot ako sa sinabi ng mama ?Ahh, okay? Matamlay kung sabi.
Nang nakarating na kami sa Villa ay agad naman akong sinalubong ng mama ni Xande
?Iha I am so glad you came? She kissed my cheeks ?Ba?t hindi mo kasabay si Xande
Naglakad kami ?Hindi po ba nandito na si Xander??
Napa-iling si mama ?No, hindi pa siya nandito?
I looked down, ayoko namang umiyak sa harap ni mama.
?Is there?s something wrong? Between the two of you? His mom asked.
I was about to answer her question pero biglang dumating si Xander. I held my br
eathed away as he walked toward us.
Why he always so beautifully handsome? He now is wearing a white short jeans and
a blue v neck shirt with a vans shoes.
He looks so attractive when pulled up his ray ban.
?Mama? He kissed his mom?s right cheek.
Pero para lang akong hangin sa kanya, hindi man niya ako kinausap.
?Let?s go?na foods are already serve? Sabi ni mama sabay hila ng kamay ko.
Uupo na sana ako ng dumating si Justin with a smile on his lips. He was smiling
as if walang problema.
I looked to my side and I saw Xander with a angry look ?Umupo ka na? Utos niya s
a akin.
Pero nilapitan ako ni Justin ?Amber? He boldly hugged me in front of Xander?s fa
?Justin? I said in a low voice.
Tapos umupo na si Justin sa harap ko, magkatabi kami ni Xander pero ang layo ng
kanyang upuan.
The entire guess looked up as Don Carlos show up. He is Xander?s grandfather. Na
patayo kaming lahat.
Don Carlos chucked ?C?mon everybody sit down?I am not that special? He said as h
e held his wife?s hand, Donya Isabel.
?Lolo? Bati ni Xander.
Tapos tiningnan ako ni Don Carlos ?The last time I saw you, you were just a beau
tiful girl but now? He winked at Xander ?Look at you attractively beautiful?
I blushed ?Thank you po..Don---?
?Child just call me ?lolo?? He said as he sit down with his wife.
?Thank you po lolo? I said.
Habang kumakain kami nagsalita si lolo ?So Xander really brought you home? He sa
id referring to me.
I just nodded.
Tumawa ang matanda ?You really are a del Castillo Xander?
May na hulog na kutsara kaya napalingon kami lahat kay Justin ?Sorry? He is stil
l wearing his smile.
?And you?re also home JC? Don Carlos mumbled ?So are you going to change your su
rname to del Castillo??
Justin smirked and looked at Xander ?Am I derserving??
Don Adolfo chuckled ?Of course you do son?
?But sad to say papa, I prefer to be called ?Justin Cruz? instead of?..? He paus
ed for a moment and give Xander a victorious smirked ?Justin del Castillo?
?It?s your decision son? Don Adolfo said as he continued to eat.

Tapos na akong kumain ng tumayo ako para tingnan ang beach. Si Xander kasi busy
sa business talk and he is still treating me like as if I don?t exist.
?Ang lalim ng iniisip ahh? A voice caught my attention.
?Justin?? I pulled up my sun glass.
He looked at me from head to foot ?You look so alluringly beautiful today?
Bakit niya ba to sinasabi sa akin?
?Thank you? Matamlay kong sabi.
I walked out but then hindi ko namalayan na may bato pala sa paanan ko kaya nata
pilok ako ?Ayy? Pero agad naman akong nasalo ni Justin.
?Easy princess? He said as our eyes locked into each other.
Magpapasalamat na sana ako kay Justin ng may humila sa aking kamay.
I looked up ?Xander??
Hinila lang niya ako palayo kay Justin. Kaya nandito na kami sa may kanto, kung
saan walang tao.
Humarap si Xander sa akin ?Sana naman kung makikipaglandian ka, yung walang maka
kakita? Galit na sabi niya.
?Xander hindi naman---?
?I don?t want to hear your excuses? He stated with a raging tone ?Paano kung mak
ita kayo ni lolo ha? Ano kaya ang iisipin niya. Na hinahayaan ko lang ang aking
asawa na magkipagharutan sa iba? Amber naman?mawawalan ako ng mana sa ginagawa m
o!? His voice is kinda loud.
Hindi ko na napigilan ang sarili ko. Nasampal ko si Xander ?I?m tired? Yun lang
ang sinabi ko, tapos tumalikod na ako paalis.
Hindi ako pinigilan ni Xander, nakatayo lang siya.
What was I expect for? Nahahabolin niya ako? How pathetic I am.
Ang laki kong tanga.
Naglalakad ako palayo nang lapitan ako ni mama ?Amber? Paalis ka na??
I fake a smile ?Opo ma, kasi I have a lot of things to do?
?Si Xander hindi ka ba niya ihahatid?? Xander?s mom said as she smiled at me.
Pinipigilan ko lang ?wag ma iyak ?Umm?he?s kinda busy right now. Mauna na ako ma
? Then I kissed her cheek.
?O sige..take care? She hugged me.

Nasa labas na ako ng Villa Resort when I called Kurt.
?Hello?? Agad naman niyang sinagot.
?Sunduin mo ako sa Dalampasigan beach reason? My voice is crack fighting back th
e tears.
?I know something is wrong?Okay susunduin na kita diyan? Kurt mumbled.
?Thank you?.? Now my tears are already on my cheeks.

Medyo matagal din bago pa nakarating si Kurt. Grabe wasak na wasak na talaga ang
puso ko ngayon. Dapat kasi pinigilan ko ang aking sarili na mahalin si Xander,
ayan tuloy nasugatan ang puso ko.
?Kurt?.? I hugged him as he went out from his car.
?Shhhh? He comforted me.
?Take me away from here?? Yakap ko parin si Kurt habang nagsasalita ?Please??
He pulled out to looked at me ?Get in?
Nang nakasakay na ako sa kotse ni Kurt, saka ko naman kinukwento sa kanya ang la
hat ng mga nangyari.
?Nako ah?sarap sabunutan ni Xander? Reklamo ni Kurt as he parked the car.
Nasa tapat kami ng Condo ni Xander.
?So anong plano mo ngayon?? Kurt asked as he reached my hand.
Napaiyak nalang ako ?I wanna leave all worries behind? I wiped my tears ?Aalis n
a ako?
Kurt breathed out ?Are you sure??
I nodded.
I want to leave, hindi dahil sa galit si Xander sa akin. Kung hindi dahil sa hin
di ko na kayang magpakatanga pa. I want to leave, because I wanted to stop mysel
f from loving Xander. Baka pag-umalis ako mawawala na ang pag-ibig ko sa kanya.
?I wish all the best? Niyakap ako ni Kurt.
Bago ako umalis sa kotse ni Kurt I called my dad first.
?Hello dad??
?Princess? Is this you?? His voice looks surprise.
I laughed with a pain in my heart ? me dad?
?So why are you calling me this early?? He asked.
Ay..Oo nga pala 7:00 am pa pala sa London ngayon.
?Awww dad sorry. I didn?t mean? I mumbled ?I called because it?s emergency?
?Emergency? Why? What happen?? His voice sounds in alarm.
I laughed. Na miss ko si dad.
?Nothing serious? I lied ?I just want to visit you there in UK?
?Really?! That sounds exciting. So when are you and Xander going to visit here??
My dad really sounds so happy right now.
I frowned as he said the word ?Xander.?
?No dad, just ?me?? I said in a flat tone.
?Just you?? He sounded disappointed ?But how about Xander??
I looked at Kurt, tapos tinaasan lang niya ako ng kilay ?He?s kinda busy right n
ow? I answered.
?I see?.?
?Oh Dad?? Napalunok ako ?Can I use the private plane? I wanted to leave now?
My dad paused for a moment bago niya sagotin ang tanong ko ?I know there?s somet
hing wrong sweetie, but yeah?.you can use the private plane?
Napapikit ako ?Thank you dad, I love you?
?I love you too? Then he hung up.
Kurt stared at me for a long moment before he said ?So..Hindi ka na talaga mapip
?I don?t know? My answer is unsure.
?Umm?Sis can I barrow your phone? Pag-iibang sabi ni Kurt ?I have to text my dad
, wala na kasi akong load.?
I nodded and handed my phone to him ?Just be hurry, aalis na kasi ako?

Kurt?s POV

Hindi ko alam kung paano pigilan si Amber. I am driving towards my condo. Kung i
tatanong niyo kung nasaan si Amber? Well she?s in Xander?s condo?Packing things
She?s leaving and it?s kinda lame. Bakit ba hindi nila pag-usapan ng maigi ang k
anilang mga problema?
Nandiyan na eh? Na fe-feel ko na mahal din ni Xander si Amber, maybe it will tak
e time para masabi yun ni Xander how much he loves Amber. But how will Xander go
ing to tell his feelings for Amber when right now Amber is leaving?
Kaya I made a plan, kinuha ko ang number ni Xander sa phone ni Amber. Kung hindi
sila kikilos para magkabati sila?well ako ang kikilos, sayang eh.
I called Xander.
?Who?s this?? Napaka suplado ang kanyang boses.
?Si Kurt to? I said
?Then?? Aba ang sungit talaga ni Xander.
Para kay Amber hindi kita sisigawan Xander ?She?s leaving..?
?Si?.si Amber?? Halata ang lungkot sa kanyang boses.
?Oo? I honestly said ?I have a question for you, kaya mo bang mawalay ulit sa iy
o si Amber??
Hindi siya sumagot at naiinis na ako.
?Well, silent never always go with a ?yes? answer right?? Hindi ko mapigilan ang
sarili ko ?Xander you had lost her once, are you just going to stand and let yo
ur stupidity flows? Wake up! Because I am telling you right now if you won?t do
anything?You will end up losing her in a second time.? I mumbled.
Sana naman magising ka Xander.
?She?s leaving? I breathed hard ?She?s going to London using their family privat
e plane. You?re big and wise enough Xander, I?m sure you can handle things up an
d I hope you will handle it in a right way. The decision is yours? Yun na binaba
ko na ang cellphone ko.
Kasalan na ni Xander kung hindi niya pipigilan si Amber. It?s his lost, not mine

Xander?s POV

Hindi ako sumagot sa tanong ni Kurt.
Kaya ko bang mawalay si Amber sa akin? Napapikit ako?ayaw ko nang maranasan pa a
ng sakit noong nawala si Amber sa aking piling. Hindi. Hindi ko na kaya.
Pero nag patuloy lang si Kurt sa pagsabi sa akin ?Well, silent never always go w
ith a ?yes? answer right?? Sabi niya ?Xander you had lost her once, are you just
going to stand and let your stupidity flows? Wake up! Because I am telling you
right now if you won?t do anything?You will end up losing her in a second time.?
His last words make me wake up.
?She?s leaving? He breathed hard ?She?s going to London using their family priva
te plane. You?re big and wise enough Xander, I?m sure you can handle things up a
nd I hope you will handle it in a right way. The decision is yours? Yun lang at
binaba na niya ang cellphone niya.
Napasuntok ako sa pader.
I have to stop her from leaving. I don?t care of what had happen between us?the
only thing I care is that I love her.
At sasabihin ko to sa kanya.

Kaya binilisan ko ang pagpapatakbo sa kotse ko.
Sana maabotan ko pa si Amber sa condo. Sana hindi pa siya naka-alis.
UGH, ang laki kong tanga.
After I had parked my car, I went out immediately and run towards the room of my
condo. Pagbukas ko ng pinto, ramdam ko na nakaalis na si Amber. But I would?nt
give up.
?Amber!? I called out, but there?s no sign of her.
I went to our room walking towards our walk in closet. Napaluhod ako nang nakita
ko na wala na ang mga damit ni Amber.
Nahuli na ako. I lost her again, I lost her again in a second time.
Mas masakit ito kaysa noon. Mas masakit ito dahi mas minahal ko siya ngayon. Mah
al na mahal.
Nakaluhod ako nang may makita akong bagay na importante kay Amber. Ang sketch pa
d niya. Ang isang bagay na ayaw niyang ipakita sa akin. Hindi ko alam kung bakit
ko yun pinulot galing sa ilalim ng shoes drawer ni Amber,pero tinulak ako ng pu
so ko na buksan ang sketch pad ng asawa ko.
I breathed as I open my wife?s sketch pad. Nang laki ang mga mata ko, sapagkat m
ukha ko ang laman ng kanyang sketch pad.
From the first day she met me
Our wedding day.
My face when I was angry.
My face when I was happy.
My face when it?s blanked.
My face when I was irritated.
My face when I was sad.
She had captured all of it. But what really caught my attention is when I looked
at my portrait the first time we?d made love. Under the sketch of it she had wr
ote something.
?His face after we had made love for the first time? for the first time I give m
y purity to this man and for the first time I saw his face who is now filled wit
h love. And I can?t help it but to sketch his face, the Engineer of my life?
Hindi ko na napigilan ang luha ko. I am so sorry Amber, I am so sorry I hurt you
Pero hindi pa huli ang lahat diba?
Tumayo ako at tinawagan ang secretary ko ?Ipa- ready mo ang private plane, I am
going to London?
?Yes sir? She instantly obey my command.
Dali-dali akong lumabas sa kwarto namin ni Amber.
Huminga ako ng malalim at napapikit. ?Susundan kita Amber, kahit sa dulo pa ng m
undo? I muttered silently.
Then I opened the front door. Lumaki ang mata ko sa nakita ko.
??.Amber?? Ang lakas ng tibok ng puso ko. Hindi niya ako iniwan ?Bumalik ka??
Napaluha nalang siya ?Oo bumalik ako?
?I am so sorry Amber? I walked towards her ?Ang tanga ko?
Pero sinampal niya ako ?Sana naisip mo yan ng maaga Xander? Umiiyak na siya ngay
on ?Para hindi na ako nasaktan?
Hindi ako makasagot sa kanya.
?Pero alam mo kung bakit ako bumalik? I can see the sorrow in her eyes as she sa
id those words ?Dahil hindi ko kayang iwan ka?Xander hindi ko kaya?kasi mahal ki
Her last words shake my body out.
??Mahal mo..a?a..ako?? Utal utal kong sabi.
?Oo maha kita! Mahal kita gago ka!? Hinampas niya ako sa dibdib. Then she looked
at me ?Xander I love you, that it seems like leaving you is the hardest thing t
o do? Her tears keep streaming down her face.
Hindi ako maka kibo. Totoo ba tong naririnig ko? Baka naman na nanaginip lang ak
o? Pero kung panaginip to, ayoko nang magising pa.


What can you say DUDES? :D
Hugs and Kisses
Chapter 19: Blast from the Past
"I never get tired thanking you guys...THANK U SA SUPPORT"
As what I have promise.
Here's the next chapter


Xander?s POV

Her words is like melody in my hear. Staring at her as she said those words and
yes, it seems like impossible?like it?s hard to believe that the girl standing i
n front of me is confessing how much she loves me.
Never imagine that this could happen, but I am a one hell lucky guy for my wife
is in love with me. Amber is in love me, she loves me.
?I?m sorry? I said as I tried to reach to her.
She flinched away ?Sorry? Bakit Xander makakain ko ba ang sorry mo?? Amber wiped
her tears as she said those words ?Mahal kita! Pero ayoko nang maging tanga, ak
ala ko kasi magiging okay ang lahat pagsinabi ko na sayo na mahal kita.? She gra
bbed her travel bag ?I am such an idiot, what was I?m thinking? Sabi niya sa kan
yang sarili sabay lakad paalis.
Aalis siya? Akala ko ba hindi niya ako kayang iwan?
Naglakad ako papunta sa kanya at tsaka hinila ang kanyang braso para iharap siya
sa akin ?Where are you going??
She pushed me away ?Don?t touch me!?
I smirked ?The last time I check, you liked the way I touched you?
Namula siya agad ?Are you kidding me?? Hinagis niya palayo ang kanyang bag dahil
sa galit. ?Do you think this moment is amusing? Wow? I don?t know how you const
ructed this game up but I quit. ? She extended both of her arms on the air ?If t
his is how you design your game, then you win.?
?Are you implying to me that I am player?? I cocked my eyebrow up.
?If you say so? She looked away and I can see the pain in her eyes.
Mas lumapit pa ako sa kanya ?I thought you love me?
Nag blush siya at hindi niya ako kayang tingnan sa mata ?I thought that was my l
ame joke to you.?
Joke? Ako ba ang kanyang niloloko?
?You are such a lousy liar? I said as I held her shoulder then I lean down so th
at our faces are in the same level ?Don?t go, don?t leave me, stay with me and s
tand by me? I whispered.
Tiningnan na niya ako sa mukha ?Xander?I don?t want to play this game again?
I pushed her towards the wall, buti nalang walang tao dito ngayon sa hallway.
As her back touched the wall, I trapped her between my two arms ?Yes, in my game
I am the player but behalf of it, you are the coach. Amber I am nothing to you
for you are the coach of my player heart. You taught how to feel.? I reached her
hand and I put it on my chest ?How to breathed with a happiness, how to smile p
urely? I moved closer to her as our nose touched ?But the best lesson you had ta
ught me is that I had learned how to love.? I cupped her face by both of my hand
Her tears are started to fall again ?Xander?. Bakit mo ba sinasabi sa akin to? P
ara paasahin ako??
I shook my head ?Because you are the coach of my heart, the architect of my life
? I kissed her with passion burning with love ?I love you Architect Amber del Ca
As I ended the kissed, I can see the surprise in her face ?Amber mahal kita, hin
di ko alam kung saan nagsimula ang pag-ibig ko sayo? She closed her eyes as I sa
id those words ?Pero tanging alam ko lang mahal na mahal na mahal na mahal kita?
She opened her eyes at mas lalo pa siyang naiyak at tinulak ako.
?Bakit?? Reklamo ko but she just looked away.
?Let?s get inside?baka may taong dumaan sa hallway? Sabi niya pero alam kong may
Akala ko ba mahal niya ako? Ito na nga ehh, sinabi ko na mahal ko rin siya pero?
bakit mukha siyang natatakot?
Nang nasa loob na kami ng condo ko, humarap siya sa akin.
?May problema ba?? I hugged her ?Amber mahal kita? Inulit ko ang aking sinabi, b
aka hindi niya masyadong na dinig o baka ayaw niyang maniwala sa akin.
She pulled away ?I am scared? She confessed as I moved closer to her again.
?Why?? Our forehead touched.
She bite her lips before she answered ?I am scared because I love you more now a
nd I could not bear the pain if I will get hurt again?
Huminga ako ng malalim ?Hindi kita sasaktan, kasi mahal kita. Hindi kita sasakta
n kasi mas masasaktan ako?
Then finally she smiled ?Say it again?
?I am truly, deeply, madly, foolishly in love with you, my wife? I kissed her fo
rehead ?I love you very much, Amber? I kissed her after I had said those words t
o her.
We were kissing torridly when I started to take off her sleeveless shirt. As her
shirt is already tore away from her body, I started roaming my hands all over.
?I want you? I said between our kisses ?Let?s go to our room? Hinila ko na siya
patungo sa kwarto namin.
She smiled at me when we were now inside our room ?I love you? She said again.
Hindi ko na kayang pigilan pa ang aking nararamdamang saya. Hinalikan ko siya, g
usto kong ipadama sa kanya na mahal na mahal ko siya.
?I love you too? I said as my lips traveled on her neck, on her shoulder blade a
nd down to her cleavage ?Let?s make love, baby? I said as I unhooked her bra.
But she just gave me again her dazzling smile, the smile the send electricity in
my body.
God, how I love my wife and right now and I will do everything just to change wr
ongs onto right.

After we had made love, I still can?t get enough of her. She?s like a sweet hero
in to me, her kisses are my addiction and just a blink of eye she can make my bo
dy crazy for her.
Kaya nagshower nalang ako ngayon, para pakalmahim ang nagbabaga kong katawan.
Pagkalabas ko ng shower nakita kong gising na siya ?Should I say good evening??
She said as she brushed her hair with her right hand.
I sounded like gay right now?but my wife looks hot.
Napailing nalang ako sabay tawa ?Right?. God evening? Tapos pumunta na ako sa wa
lk in closet para mag bihis.
Agad naman nakong bumalik sa bedroom where I can see my wife lying so exquisitel
y but her face looks serious.
?Hey?seryoso ka na naman? I said as I lay beside her.
She looked at me ?I wanna hear all stories?
I can?t understand what she?s talking about ?Stories??
Niyakap niya ako ?Kung bakit kayo magkagalit ni Justin? Diba magkapatid kayo??
?We?re half brothers? I re-correct her ?And I don?t want to talk about my past o
r our past?
?Xander, I love you? She said
?I know? I replied coldly.
She frowned ?Then how can we move on? when you are stuck in the past. From your
Natigilan ako sa kanyang sinabi. Tama na naman siya.
?You do really want to know?? I asked as I kissed her forehead.
She stared at me before she nodded.
?Then listen carefully angel? I mumbled as I recall the past from my past ?Anak
ni papa si JC sa kanyang unang kasintahan, ngunit pera lang pala ang habol sa ka
nya ni papa? kaya humiwalay si papa sa kanya ngunit hindi niya alam buntis na pa
la siya sa mga oras na yun? Huminga ako ng malalim ?Kaya anim na taong gulang na
JC nang nalaman ni papa na anak niya pala ito sa una niyang kasintahan, at apat
na taong gulang na ako noon. Nalaman ni papa na anak niya si JC noong namatay a
ng ina ni JC, kaya sa panahon na iyon kinopkop na ni papa si JC at nitanggap nam
an siya ni mama.? Tiningnan ko ang aking asawa bago ko pinagpatuloy ang aking kw
?Tinuring ko siyang tunay na kuya..pero lahat nagbago sa isang iglap lamang? I
added as I recall the blast from my past.



Second year high school na ako at si kuya naman ay fourth year high school, we a
re studying in the same school.
Kuya JC is one of the hottest hunk sa school namin, every girls like him, everyb
ody wants him.
?Kuya, may game ka ba ngayon?? Nagtanong ako kay kuya JC.
Tumawa lang siya ?Wala eh, si Lysa kasi gustong lumabas kami?
Girlfriend ni kuya si Lysa Gonzales, batchmate ko pero section B siya at tatlong
buwan na silang mag-on. Pero alam kong iba ang pakay ng babae na yun sa kuya ko
. I know she doesn?t love him at si kuya naman nagpa-uto.
?Kuya mahal mo ba si Lysa?? I asked
Hindi siya agad naka sagot ?Umm?. Oo naman?
Baka sigoro mahal ni kuya si Lysa at sana naman mahal din siya ni Lysa. Pero kun
g iibig man ako I don?t want to be in my brother?s posesyon, yun bang hindi alam
kung mahal niya ba ang kanyang girlfriend. Kahit pa sabihin ni kuya na mahal ni
ya si Lysa, iba ang sinasabi ng kanyang mga mata.

Pauwi na ako nang nakasalubong ko si Lysa ?Nasaan ang kuya mo?? She asked.
?Nasa basketball court? Tapos nagsimula na akong maglakad.
?Xander?? She called out ?Sabi ni JC he?s going to change his last name to del C
Napahinto ako ?Oo, bakit??
She smiled at me. A flirt smile ?But for me mas bagay sa iyo ang del Castillo?
Napakunot ang noo ko. Is she flirting with me?
?Sabi kasi ng kuya mo? She moved closer to me, and then she leaned up ?Pagmagigi
ng del Castillo na siya, he will be better than you.?
Dahil sa galit ko natulak ko siya ?JC is not that kind of person?
?Really?? She laughed
?I have to go? Tapos umalis na ako.
?Dude!? Tawag ni Matt sa akin at kasama niya si Ken.
Napalingon ako ?Oh??
?Alam mo ba ang kumakalat na balita dito?? He asked me as he raised his eyebrow.
?Wala, ano naman??
Matt?s face looks really serious ?Na may gusto ka daw sa girlfriend ng kuya mo.?
Ano daw? Nang laki ang mga mata ko.
?What the hell!? Pagmumura ko ?Hindi yan totoo. Sino naman ang nagsabi sa balita
na yan??
?Si?Lysa? Sabi ni Matt.
?Bro, you should fix things up.? Ken mumbled ?Bago pa malaman ni JC ang kumakat
na balita?
Kaya hinanap ko agad si Lysa para kausapin, syempre kasama sina Matt at Ken. Nap
ahinto kaming tatlo sa mga boses na narinig namin sa hallway ng library. Boses m
ga babae.
?Galing mo girl, nauto mo talaga si JC? Sabin ng babae.
?I don?t like him? Boses ni Lysa yun ?I prefer his brother?
Nagdilim ang paningin ko , pero patuloy lang sila sa pag-uusap.
?Ginamit ko lang si JC para mapalapit kay Xander? Lysa confessed.
Hindi ko na kaya ang galit na nararamdaman ko ?Really?? Sabi ko papalapit sa kan
Napalingon sila sa akin ?Xander?.? Sabi ni Lysa ?Xander..let me explain?
Natawa ako ?Explain? I don?t need your explanation, but I guess my brother needs
?Galit ka ba sa akin?? She walked towards me.
?Hindi? Sabi ko and I can see she smiled at me ?Dahil nasusuka ako sag alit sa i
yo? I added and then she frowned.
?Xander?ginawa ko lang yun..dahil gusto kita?gusto na gusto kita? Sabi niya saba
y hawak sa aking kamay.
I pulled away ?But you?re not my type and you will never be.?
?No?? Tapos bigla nalang niya akong hinalikan.
?So totoo pala ang balita? Natulak ko si Lysa dahil narinig ko ang boses ni kuya
Napangisi si Lysa ?Oo totoo ang lahat?
Shit. Ano ang pinagsasabi ni Lysa?
?Hindi kuya---?
?Shut up Xander!? Galit na sabi ni kuya ?Ginago niyo ako? Tapos umalis na siya.

Dahil sa mga nangyari, nagpalabas na naman ng balita si Lysa na kami na. Pilit k
ong itanggi pero ibang klaseng babae si Lysa. She?s the ?queen bee?.
Kaya dumating sa puntong pinapahiya ni Lysa si kuya sa harap ng mga tao, at dahi
l din kay Lysa na kick out si kuya sa basketball team. Hindi ko alam kung paano
nagagawa ni Lysa yun, pero ang gusto kong mangyari ay magka-ayos na kami ni kuya
at mawala na sa landas namin si Lysa.
Isang gabi gusto kong humingi ng tawad kay kuya.
?Kuya?? Nasa garage siya naglalasing.
Sinuntok niya ako ?Diba sabi ko sa iyo wag na wag mo akong tatawaging kuya ulit?
?Wala akong alam sa lahat? Sabi ko.
?Wala? Xander tanggap ko na sana na mas gusto ka ni Lysa? Sabi niya sabay tulak
sa akin ?Pero utusan si Lysa na pahiyain ako? At i-kick out sa basketball team?
Xander ganyan ba kalaki ang galit mo sa akin??
?Wala akong kinalaman sa pinagsasabi mo!? Tumayo na ako ?Kuya hindi ko yan magag
awa sa iyo.?
Tapos biglang sumulpot si Elena. Si Elena del Castillo na aking bunsong kapatid
at limang taong gulang na siya.
?Kuya Xander,Kuya Justin are two you fighting?? She asked as she held my hand.
?No baby? Sabi ko.
Paalis na si JC ng habolin siya ni Elena ?Kuya Justin? Where are going it?s gett
ing late na??
Napahinto si Justin at binuksan ang pinto ng kanyang kotse ?Mamamasyal baby? Sab
i niya at halatang lasing na si JC.
?Can I come kuya?? Elena giggled.
?Elena come here? Utos ko ?Matutulog ka na?
Sinamaan ako ng tingin ni JC ?Gusto ngang sumama sa akin ni Elena, pati ba naman
si Elena aagawin mo sa akin??
?Kuya lasing ka!? Sabi ko ?Let?s go Elena?
Pero ayaw talagang paawat ni JC ?Baby, you wanna go with me? Sabi ni JC kay Elen
a ?Get in?
Tapos sumakay na si Elena sa kotse ni JC at mabilis namang napa-andar ni JC ang
kanyang kotse, umalis na sila. Sana naman walang masamang mangyari sa kanila.

Alas kwatro ng madaling araw nang ginising ako ni mama ?Xander wake up?
?Bakit po??
?Sina Justin at Elena na-aksedente? Sabi ni mama at umiiyak ?Okay na si Justin p
ero malala ang kondisyon ni Elena?
Napabangon ako at agad nagbihis. Pero pagdating namin sa hospital wala na si Ele
na, isa nalang siyang malamig na bangkay.
Walang tigil ang pag-iyak ni mama hanggang ilibing si Elena at hindi ko na kayan
g itago pa ang galit na nararamdam ko okay JC.
Galit ako sa kanya dahil sa kanya nawala si Elena, ang pinkamamahal kong kapatid
Pagkatapos nang libing ni Elena, ayon si JC naglalasing na naman. Nag dilim ang
aking paningin at nasuntok ko siya.
?Kasalanan mo to!? Sigaw ko ?Justin Cruz wala kang karapatan maging del Castillo
dahil sa sakit na dinulot mo sa pamilyang ito!?
Hindi sumagot si JC at tumayo nalang paalis ?Aalis ako bahay na to at pagbabalik
ko aayusin ko ang gulo na dinulot ko? Yun lang ang sinabi niya.
?Ang kapal ng mukha mo!? Hindi na siya kumibo sa mga sinabi ko at patuloy sa pag

End of the Flashback


Pagkatapos ng kwento ko lumayo ng konti si Amber ?Hindi kasalanan ni Justin ang
lahat, kasalanan ni Lysa ang lahat lahat? Sabi ni Amber na may halong galit.
?Amber----? Nasampal niya ako.
Bakit niya ako sinampal? Dahil ba naaawa siya kay JC?
?Anong problema?? Tanong ko.
?Totoo pala si Lysa? Sabi niya ?Akala ko kasi hindi siya totoo?

Amber?s POV

Ang sarap pakinggan na mahal ka rin nang asawa mo. Pero nang narinig ko ang pang
alang ?Lysa? sa nakaraan ni Xander, hindi ko mapigilan ang magalit. Siya din kas
i ang dahilan kung bakit ako nag layas.
Sigoro ang alam ni Xander kaya ako naglayas ay dahil pinagpustahan nila ako. Oo
isa yun sa dahilan but the main reason is naglayas ako noon dahil kay Lysa.
?Baby magsalita ka naman? Sabi niya sabay yakap sa akin.
?Gusto mo malaman ang lahat.? I smiled bitterly at my husband ?Kung ano ba talag
a ang dahilan kung bakit kita iniwan noon.?
Napakunot ang noo ni Xander ?Pero sinabi mo na yan sa akin.?
?I am not that honest Xander? I looked at husband ?Kasi ito yung totoo.?



Ang saya saya kong umuwi galing sa paaralan kasi makikita ko na naman ang asawa
ko, si Xander. Mahal ko na yata siya.
I am here in the living room when I heard something ringing.
I looked around and I found out its Xander?s cell phone.
?Nako iha, kanina pa yan nagri-ring? Sabi ni manang Cecil ?Si Xander kasi nasa g
arden kasama ang kanyang mga barkada. Mabuti pa sagutin mo na yan?
Tumango nalang ako and I answered the phone.
Pero sumikip ang puso ko sa narinig kong boses ?Hey sweetie, si Lysa to. I miss
you na. I miss your touch and I miss how I moan your name?I miss you so so much
Hindi ko na kayang makinig sa pinagsasalita ng babae na yun so I hung up.
?Oh sino daw ang tumawag?? Tanong ni manang Cecel.
?Wala ehh.. hindi sumagot? I lied as I walked towards the garden.
Nang nasa malapit na ako kina Xander narinig ko ang kanilang pinag-usapan.
"Dude, paano ba yan talo kami" Ken said.
"Oo talo kami...mukhang napa-ibig mo na si Amber the mysterious pretty sa Colleg
e of Architecture" Sabi naman ni Matt.
Pero hindi pa sila tumigil "Yeah..talo kami sa pustahan. Galing mo talaga pare"
Ken said.
Pinagpustahan lang ako ni Xander? Bakit? Dahil kay Lysa?
Baka naman mahal na ni Xander yung babae niya? Yung si Lysa ba yun? Grabe ang sa
kit sa puso kasi pinaglalaruan lang pala ako ni xander. Pwes magsama sila ni Lys
Agad naman akong umalis sa kinatatayuan ko pero pagtalikod ko agad namang na tum
ama ang kamay ko sa vase dahilan kung bakit nahulog at nabasag ang vase, kaya da
li-dali nalang akong tumakba patungo sa kwarto ko.
I want to get out in here, I want to leave hangga?t kaya ko pa.
So I called Kurt and make a plan.

End of the Flashback


Hindi nakapagsalita si Xander sa kanyang nalaman, pero yakap parin niya ako sa b
ewang kaya alam kong na te-tense na siya.
After a short pause of silence tiningnan niya ako ?Amber?I?m so sorry?
Napapikit ako para hindi naman maiyak ?Are you sorry because you hurt me? Or are
you sorry because you have an affair??
?I never had an affair? He touched my cheek ?Lysa and I are done, I never saw he
r again after I had met you?
Ang sarap pakinggan, pero nagsasabi kaya siya ng totoo?
?So?.may relasyon talaga kayo??
He nodded ?Yes, after JC left but our relation was like a fuck buddies.?
Wow, napaluha na ako ?I need a time to think.? I pushed him away as I started to
get up and I covered myself with a blanket for I am still naked.
Pero sadyang matigas ang ulo ni Xander kasi palayo na sana ako nang yakapin niya
ako mula sa likoran ?Kung may pagkakataon lang ako na baguhin ang aking nagawan
g kagagohan noon, gagawin ko. Wag ka lang masaktan ngayon, dahil hindi ko kaya.?
He turned me around to looked at him ?I?d rather hurt myself than to cause you
pain Amber, ganon kita ka mahal? Tapos niyakap lang niya ako.
Gustuhin ko mang magalit sa kanya pero hindi ko kaya. I want to move on, I want
to be happy with him.
?Mahal din kita Xander? I hugged him back.
Sa dami ng mga nangyari ngayong araw na ito isa lang ang nagustuhan ko, yun ay m
ahal ko Xander at mahal din niya ako.
?Amber I love you so much to the point that I couldn?t live in a life where you
don?t exist? He mumbled as I realized na may luha na pala sa mga mata ni Xander
?I love you now? He kissed my forehead ?I love you today? He kissed both of my c
heeks ?I will love you tomorrow? He smiled and kissed my nose ?And I will love y
ou the day after forever? After he said those words he kissed my lips with love
and passion.
Maybe telling him how much I love him wasn?t that hard and maybe trusting him is
the easiest way of saying ?how much my heart loves Xander.?
"I am trully, madly deeply, foolishly in love with you"
-Xander del Castillo
Chapter 20: Frozen Tears
Note: This is not all about Xander and Amber, this is all about Justin and more.
Sasa's picture and the sad girl photo is on the side-------->

So I guess ENJOY
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Amber?s POV

I was invited to be one of the honor guess sa isang photo exhibit. So now here I
am roaming around and I never regret to be here seeing dazzling photos. But the
re is this one photo really caught my attention and made me stop.
The photo entitled ?Frozen Tears? and I don?t know why but my right hand automat
ically touched the alluring human-size photo. It?s a photo of a girl who was sad
ly crying. And wow? I mean this photo really captured the sad moment of this gir
Then I realized there was a note below the edge of the photo.
?Someday my tears will be frozen and you will never see them fall?
Sasa? So she must be photographer? I must say napakagaling niyang photographer f
or she really handle the sadness and the bitterness of the girl and positively t
he photo held the emotion.
?Do you like this photo Architect?? A familiar voice caught my attention.
I turned around ?Va?Vanessa??
She smiled at me before she gave me a girlie cheek to cheek kissed ?So you still
remember me huh??
?I think you are hard to forget? I mumbled
Niyakap niya ako ulit ?Really? Totoo pala ang mga sinsabi ng mga tao no? Na ang
bait mo daw?
Kumalas na ako sa pagkayakap niya sa akin ?Tha..thank you?
Suddenly nag-iba ang kanyang aura when she looked at the photo ?So, what can you
say about this photo, Amber??
This is the first time she articulate my name without the word ?Architect.?
?This is my favorite? I stared at her ?I love the emotions?
?Frozen Tears? She suddenly mumbled ?Architect, are you familiar with the story
Romeo and Juliet??
Kumunot ang noo ko ?Yeah, why??
She laughed ?Everybody knows the love story of Romeo and Juliet but no one ever
knows the first love of Romeo?
?Diba si Juliet ang first love ni Romeo?? I mumbled as I stared at her.
Napatawa siya ?See? Kahit ikaw hindi alam kung sino nga ba ang first love ni Rom
eo? Tiningnan niya ulit ang larawan ?Before Romeo fell in love with Juliet, he w
as first in love with Rosaline.?
?I don?t get the point? I honestly said for we were just talking about the sad p
hoto and how come it leads to Romeo?s first love?
?The photographer of this photo was inspired by Rosaline?s pain when her Romeo
left her? Vanessa smiled at me.
?So may kwento ang picture?? Tiningnan ko ang larawan
Hindi siya sumagot but she only nods her head.
?Frozen Tears? I said silently said.
?Please continue? I mumbled to Vanessa.
?Maraming nakakaalam sa love story nina Romeo at Juliet, pero kahit kailan walan
g nakakaalam sa luha ni Rosaline ng iniwan siya ni Romeo. Rosaline was Romeo?s f
irst love, una siya pinangakoan ng kasal, una siyang sinabihan ni Romeo ng ?maha
l kita?. Rosaline believes Romeo was meant to be her, but everything changes whe
n Romeo met Juliet? Vanessa looked at me weirdly ?Una sinabi ni Romeo kay Rosali
ne, that Juliet was nothing to him?he will just use her for revenge? Tumawa si V
anessa ?But Romeo eat his own words for at the end he fell with Juliet and left
Rosaline with a broken heart? She added as she brushed her short straight hair u
sing her right hand.
Hindi ako nakapagsalita agad.
?Wow?ang galing ng photographer to have a nice concept? I mumbled in disbelief ?
How come you know the story behind this photo??
?The photographer was a friend of mine. A very close friend of mine? She smiled
dazzlingly ?Actually this photo-concept was her own love story. Her painful love
I raised my left eyebrow ?So it means?para siyang si Rosaline tapos iniwan siya
ni Romeo??
?Exactly? Her broken heart was her inspiration to capture a nice, sad and heart-
wrenching photo? She smiled showing me her white teeth.
Napa-ngisi nalang ako ?So who?s the photographer then? Can I meet her??
?Aww, too bad Architect umalis na siya but her name is Sasa? She smiled.
Gusto ko sanang itanong kay Vanessa kung ano ang apleyido ni Sasa pero dumating
si Xander eh.
Then Xander wrapped his hand on my waist ?Hey? He kissed my hair ?Kanina pa kita
I blushed ?I was just talking to Vanessa?
He looked at Vanessa ?Yung sa bookstore??
I laughed as I put my right hand on my husband?s back ?Yes?
?Hello, Engineer del Castillo? Vanessa extended her hand toward Xander.
?Hi? Xander took her hand then pulled away ?What a small world?
Vanessa smiled at us ?Yeah? but I am not really invited, I was just with a frien
Baka si Sasa yung friend niya.
?Guys?I need to go? my dad just texted me? She explained.
I hugged her ?Thank you? I said.
?Bye? She just mumbled then she left.
?Let?s go?? Sabi Xander at hinala na ang aking kanang kamay.
?Saan tayo pupunta?? I gave him my dashing smile.
He groaned ?Secret? Then he stopped from walking ?By the way I love you? He wink
ed at me.
I was boldly surprised ?Why? I love you too?
Those simple words really melt my heart away ?Saan ba kasi tayo pupunta??
?Sa bahay lang? Casual na sabi niya.
I pouted ?I thought you have special surprise for me?
He kissed my pouted lips ?Every moment I spend with you is the true meaning of ?
Wala na?wala na akong masabi.
?You sounded so gay? I teased him.
Natawa lang siya then hinila niya ako papalapit sa kanya ?Not in bed, angel face
Then I blushed as he his laughter grows.
Well, we are just two people who are hit with this so-called ?love.?

Justin?s POV

Nasa coffee shop ako nang may nakita akong pamilyar na tao sa akin, a person who
was part from my past. Napakunot ako ng noo tapos lumabas ako agad sa coffee sh
op. Tiningnan ko ulit siya at kahit nasa kabilang daan siya alam kong hindi ako
nagkakamali sa nakita ko.
Si Sasa.
Hindi ako nagkamali si Sasa nga ang aking nakita, kahit na mas maiksi ang buhok
niya alam kong si Sasa siya.
I walked to crossed the road tapos nilapitan ko na si Sasa.
She was texting when I move closer to her ?Sasa?
Napahinto siya at tumingin sa akin ?Ju?.Justin??
Hindi ko alam pero na miss ko siya kaya napayakap ako sa kanya pero agad naman s
iyang kumalas.
?You are acting as if nothing happens? She moved away from me ?I have to go?
Oo nga pala sobra ko siyang nasaktan noon.
Pero pinigilan ko siya ?I am sorry?
Tiningnan niya ako ng matagal ?Bakit ngayon ka lang nagso-sorry sa akin? Sana no
on mo yan sinabi.?
?Because I was so ashamed? I mumbled.
?Nahiya ka?? She laughed but her laughter seems so sad ?Wala yan sa hiya na nara
mdaman ko, noong iniwan mo ako sa mismong kasal natin?
?I have reasons? I began to explained.
?Reasons? Ay oo nga pala? She looked away ?Sabi mo sa akin kaya ka umayaw sa kas
al natin?kasi hindi ka pa ready? That you are not complete, that you still need
to find yourself at that time?
?Sasa? I tried to stop her kasi ang sakit ng mga sinabi niya sa akin kahit totoo
May luha na ang kanyang mga mata habang nagsasalita ?Hinayaan kitang umalis at i
wan ako, kasi ang sabi mo sa akin pagnahanap mo na ang sarili mo babalikan mo ak
o. Pero anong ginawa mo pinaghintay mo ako?pinaghintay mo ako ng tatlong taon, p
inaghintay mo ako sa wala.?
I can?t look at her, I can?t bear looking at her not when she?s hurting.
?I?m so sorry I didn?t told you how badly sorry I am before? I breathed hard.
She wiped her tears ?Sabi mo sa akin Justin?hindi mo siya mahal, sabi mo gagamit
in mo lang siya para saktan ang kapatid mo?.pero bakit, bakit iniwan mo ako dahi
l sa kanya??
?I thought I was in love with you? I said through my teeth.
Nasampal niya ako and I know deserve that slap. Dapat kasi noon ko pa siya kinau
sap, dapat kasi noon ko pa to sinabi sa kanya ang lahat at dapat noon ko pa sina
bi sa kanya how sorry I am for causing her pain. Pero wala eh?gago ako? nasaktan
ko siya.
?But you?re in love with her, right?? Huminga siya ng malalim ?Too bad?.She love
s her husband so much?
Hindi ko alam kong ano ang gagawin, I was speechless.
Kaya nagpatuloy nalang siya sa pagsalita ?Ano ba ang meron sa kanya na wala ako?
Bakit mo ako iniwan Justin?? Patuloy ang pagpatak ng kanyang luha.
?You are every man?s dream, Sasa? I said as I held her hand ?But I was not the r
ight man for you?
Binawi niya ang kanyang kamay at sinampal ulit ako ?Niligawan mo ba ako noon par
a hindi ako wala sayo? Kasi lahat ng tao na nasa paligid mo iniiwanan ka.? She s
aid with anger in her voice ?Justin hindi ako katulad nila?You were my best frie
nd, but sadly I fell in love with you pero sinabi ko lang naman na mahal kita ka
si hindi ko na kayang ilihim pa. Pero niligawan mo ako, pinaasa na mahal mo rin
ako, inalok ng kasal at iniwan.?
Sana maibalik ko yung panahon na magkaibigan lang kami, kasabay ng mga ngiti sa
kanyang mukha?hindi tulad ngayon puro luha.
?Minahal kita Sasa? I said as I held her shoulder.
?Minahal mo lang ako..para hindi kita iwan? Tiningnan niya ako with a flashed o
f anger in her eyes ?I was contented of me being just your best friend..kasi kah
it best friend lang kita hindi kita iiwan Justin, kasi mahal kita noon pa man. P
ero wala eh?sinira mo lahat, ikaw yung nang iwan sa ating dalawa.?
?I miss you, my best friend? Real words just came out from my mouth.
But yes, I do miss her?and the girl I thought she was. Pero kasalanan ko naman t
o lahat, kasalanan ko kung bakit galit ang nasa puso niya ngayon.
Sinampal niya ako ulit ?I hate you? Sabi niya as the tears fall from her eyes ?B
ut I hate myself more for letting you hurt me.?
Niyakap ko siya ?I am so sorry?
Tinulak niya ako ?Sorry? I don?t need your pathetic sorry.?
May huminto na kotse at agad namang lumakad si Sasa patungo sa pulang kotse.
She looked at me as she opened the backseat door of the car but before she get i
n she said this words ?Someday my tears will be frozen and you will never see th
em fall.? Tapos sumakay na siya.
Palayo na ang sinasakyang koste ni Sasa pero ramdam ko parin ang kanyang malamig
na boses.

I hate myself for hurting her.
"Someday my tears will be frozen and you will never see them fall"
(so what do you think of Sasa? Her heartaches? The painful love she felt for Jus
NOTE: This is UNEDITED so sorry for the errors. Just bear with it.
Hugs and Kisses
Chapter 21: Sweet and Pain
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6 days more to go and my 2nd year college first semester will start and I can't
promise you guys a constant update.
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Amber's POV

Hawak ni Xander ang aking kanang kamay habang naglilibot kami sa mall ngayon, of
f duty kasi namin ngayon so we decided to have quality time with each other. Sa
nakaraang araw kasi medyo busy kaming dalawa dahil malapit na ang opening ng Mi-
Amor sa Tagaytay.
"Xander slow down" Reklamo ko, ehh kasi ang bilis kung maka lakad.
Tumigil siya sa paglalakad "Sorry" Sabi niya sabay akbay sa akin tapos hinilikan
niya ang aking balikat "You smell so good, angel face" Sabi niya habang hinahal
ikan ang balikat ko,naka sleeveless lang kasi ako.
I pushed him away "Xander ahh, ayoko ng PDA" Saway ko sa kanya.
"We are married" He mumbled as he put left hand on my waist "Kaya hindi naman ya
ta masama kung makita tayo in Public Display of Affection"
I looked at him in disbelief "Xander it doesn't mean na mag-asawa tayo we could
just do intimate things in public."
"Fine" Sabi niya at sumimangot nalang.
Here we go again.
I rolled my eyes "Xander ang mukha mo." Saway ko ulit sa kanya.
He gave me a sarcasm smile and then he rolled his eyes.
Gusto kong matawa pero naiinis din ako sa kanya "Bipolar" I whispered.
"Atleast gwapo" He said with a confident.
Tiningnan ko siya "Weehh? Saang banda?"
He raised his eyebrow "Tiningnan mo ng mabuti" Mas inilapit pa niya ang kanyang
Namula agad ako sa lapit ng mukha namin. Nakakainis pero ba't ba laging talo ako
pagdating sa kanya. I was mesmerized as I looked into his eyes. I was captured
as I stared at his God-like face.
He smiled showing me his dimple "See? You are drooling all over me."
I blinked twice as his dimple takes my breath away "Mayabang"
"Gwapo nga ehh" Inakbayan ulit niya ako.
Tumahimik nalang ako, eh gwapo naman talaga si Xander at ayoko ng i-deny pa yun

As we walked around, bigla nalang tumigil si Xander tapos hinila nalang niya ako
pakaliwa. I was shocked for we are heading towards the babies area sa mall.
He smiled and looked at me.
"Xander, why are we here?" I said as I felt him smirked.
He turned me around to face the store na puro gamit pangbata while my back was p
ressed on his chest "I am just excited to have a family with my own."
Gusto kong maiyak sa kanyang sinabi. I turned my head to look at him "You want a
Niyakap niya ako mula sa likuran "Isn't it obvious?"
"Gusto mo pumasok tayo sa store?" I giggled "Kahit hindi pa ako buntis, pwede na
man sigoro tayong tumingin-tingin lang."
He chuckled "You never failed to amuse me, angel face."
Tumawa nalang ako at hinila siya papasok.
Halos hindi mawala ang ngiti ni Xander pagpasok namin sa babie's store area. Aga
d naman niyang tiningnan ang gamit pangbata.
Nakakataba ng puso ang mga ginagawa ni Xander, somehow I believe we were meant t
o be.
"Umuwi na tayo" Sabi niya.
"Xander hindi pa tayo nakapag-grocery." I said as we walked towards the way out.
"Eh wala na ako sa mood."
Sabi ko nga eh, bipolar na tao ang asawa ko "Why?"
He pulled me closer to him and then he whispered "Because right now all I think
is you, me, the bed and our soon to be babies."
Namula ako at hinampas siya "Xander....." I warned him.
"What? I am just telling the truth, because right now excited na talaga ako na m
abuntis ka" He winked at me.
Tumawa nalang ako "I wonder why hindi pa ako buntis, well baka you are being too
"Too slow? Are you criticizing my moves?" He said it as if I hit his ego "Maybe
it just you, who can't take my oh-so-hot special moves."
"Ba't pa ang pikon mo?" I teased him.
"Amber...." He warned me
Natatawa ako "By the way I love you" I suddenly said and I kissed him on his lef
t cheek.
He stopped from walking and then he looked at me in disbelief "What?" I said as
he stared at me in a creepy way.
He then smiled showing off the dimple across his cheek "I really want to give yo
u a long hard kiss right now but--"
"But.... I just keep pinching myself we are here in a public place" I can see ho
w much self control he put in his self right now.
I laughed and we continue to walk towards the grocery section.
He held my right hand "Amber...."
"I love you too" He moved closer to me and he kissed me on my right cheek.
We sound so cheesy right now but hey, so what? We are just a victim by the stupi
d cupid arrow.

I felt like people staring at us as we walked in the hallway of the grocery sect
ion, I don't know why if they are criticizing us or maybe they are judging us ri
ght now. I wonder what's inside in their mind and I hope it's not negative, stil
l I don't care because the only thing I cared is that 'I love Xander' that's all
"Hey" Xander nudged my arm as he stroll the grocery cart.
I looked up since Xander is so tall "What?"
"Your thought is deep as the pacific ocean" He mumbled.
So he was watching me?
"No matter how deep my thought is" I said as I grab some potato chips "It's stil
l going to end up thinking of you."
He chuckled and pulled me closer to him "It's my pleasure".
I blushed as he said the word 'pleasure' I don't know why but he articulate it s
o hotly and so sexy, it made me remember the passion nights we've shared. Or may
be it's just me who over think.
"You are blushing my dear" He whispered "Are you also thinking of me, you, the b
ed and our soon to be babies?" Wika niya habang hila-hila parin ang cart.
Kinurot ko siya "Xander...please just behave yourself." I said while hiding the
blush on my cheeks.
He just laughed "You are so beautiful especially when you are blushing, my wife.
"Yan na naman ang bola mo para hindi ako mainis sa'yo" Inirapan ko siya habang n
amumula na naman.
"Nah, you are really so beautiful" Wika niya ulit habang inakbayan niya ako.
My heart beats so fast and I never felt so happy in my entire life, just now. Ju
st now in my husband's arms.

Nakakapagod pala ang mag ikot-ikot sa mall, grabe ang sakit ng paa ko. So now we
are heading home. Si Xander focus lang sa pagdra-drive habang ako nakatingin ng
sa labas.
Then a girl caught my attention.
Si Vanessa ba yun? She looks in trouble and she looks tipsy.
"Xander...stop the car" I murmured.
Agad namang hininto ni Xander ang kotse "Why?....Hey saan ka pupunta?" Tanong ni
Xander nang nagmamadali akong lumabas sa kotse niya.
"I just need to fix this" I said.
Lumabas naman agad si Xander kasunod ko.
I am walking towards Vanessa right now and gosh she looks horrible.
"Hoy! Babae kung maglalasing ka wag naman dito sa daan!" Sabi ng mama kay Vaness
Nilapitan ko si Vanessa "Hey, are you alright?"
Tiningnan lang ako ni Vanessa pero malungkot ang kanyang mga mata "Architect....
why hello"
"I am her friend, ano ba ang nangyari?" Tanong ko sa mama.
"Nako miss paki-bantayan naman 'yang kaibigan mo paglasing!" Tinaasan niya ako n
g boses.
Tapos bigla nalang dumating si Xander "Try to raise your voice at my wife again,
and I'm sure as hell you don't like what I going to do to you" Xander warned hi
m while his fist curled up.
Hinawakan ko ang kamao ni Xander at agad naman siyang kumalma "Shh... Xander."
Si Vanessa sumandal sa aking balikat at mukha walang paki-alam sa mga nangyayari
sa amin.
Hindi parin nagpaawat ang mama "Sino ka ba sa inaakala mo? Purke mayaman ka?"
"Para sa 'yo hindi na ako magsasalita pa." Xander whispered to me.
And I can't help myself but to smile silently.
"Umm sir? Ano po ba ang nangyari" Kalma kong sabi.
"Ehh, 'eto kasing kaibigan mo tumawid ng daan lasing buti nalang nailoko ko yung
sasakyan ko kaya hindi ko siya nasagasaan pero ako naman ang muntik mabangga sa
poste." He explained in a calm voice.
"I am so sorry sa nagawa ng kaibigan ko." I said genuinely
"Sorry? Hindi yata pwede yan... nagasgasan ang kotse ko ehh" Wika ng mama.
Agad namang kinuha ni Xander ang wallet niya "How much for the damage?" Inis na
sabi ni Xander.
"Mga five thousand." Ngumisi ang mama.
Binigyan siya ni Xander ng seven thousand "Save it" Sabi ni Xander.
"Uy, salamat pare ahh" Wika ng mama at umalis na.
"Pahamak talaga tong babae na 'to" Pagmumura ni Xander.
Tiningnan ko siya ng masama "Xander...Just stop complaining at buhatin mo nalang
si Vanessa mukhang hindi na niya kayang igalaw ang kanyang mga paa."
Walang magawa si Xander kung hindi sundin ako. Inilapag niya si Vanessa sa backs
eat pero bago pa siya nakabitaw kay Vanessa nasukaan ni Vanessa si Xander.
"Langyan!" Pagmumura ng asawa ko.
Gusto kong matawa pero alam kong mas lalo lang maiinis si Xander.
"Okay ka lang?" Tiningnan ko siya.
"Do I look okay?" He said sarcastically
Hindi na ako sumagot pa, alam ko na kasi na naiinis na si Xander at ayaw ko nama
ng iniisin pa siya.
Xander started to drive at ako naman tinitiis ko lang ang baho sa loob ng kotse.
"Saan ba siya nakatira?" Tanong ni Xander.
Oo nga pala no? Hindi ko rin alam kung saan nakatira si Vanessa.
"Xander....ummm hindi ko alam?" Pa-cute kong sabi.
"Damn...Amber" Galit na talaga si Xander "Don't tell me na isasama natin siya pa
uwi? Dahil hindi talaga ako papaya." He takes a glimpse at me.
So I think of a better idea at napansin kong may dalang shoulder bag si Vanessa.
Kinuha ko yun at naghanap ng mga gamit na may kinalaman kung saan siya nakatira
Then I found her condo ID address.
I smiled at pinakita ko kay Xander ang card ng condo niya.
"This is one of our company's condos" Xander mumbled.
"Mas mabuti" Yun lang ang sabi ko.

Nasa loob na kami ng condo ni Vanessa, agad naman kaming pinapasok dito kasi thi
s building is one of the property of the DC cooperation.
Nasa kama narin si Vanessa at mahimbing na natutulog.
"Let's go" Aniya ni Xander.
"I think I need to stay with her, tapos pagnagising na siya I will call you para
sunduin ako" I said.
Sumimangot si Xander "No"
"Xander....baka anong gawin ni Vanessa." Paalalang sabi ko.
"I know you wouldn't change your mind." Xander sucked some air "But fine...just
call me."
"I will."
Hahalikan na sana niya ako, nang pigalan ko siya "You smell so bad" I said.
"This is all Vanessa's fault" He mumbled
"C'mon she was drunk" I defended Vanessa.

Xander cocked his head "I have to go then..."
"I'll see you soon then..." I smiled at him.
"I love you" He said while keeping his distance.
I laughed "I love you but I think you need to go home and have a bath. You do sm
ell so horrible"
Xander just smirked then he went out.
Pagkalabas ni Xander agad ko namang inilibot ang aking mga mata sa long condo ni
Vanessa. Well walang masyadong gamit kaya medyo malaki ang space. But what real
ly captured my attention is that there's this one face of wall that full of pict
ures. A strangers pictures to be exact, puro lahat stolen shot and I find it so
Ang galing naman niyang kumuha ng litrato kaya sigoro nandoon siya sa photo exhi
Pero one thing that I notice all her photos was full of sadness.
I don't know why but I feel the emptiness towards her craft.
Pumasok na ako sa kwarto ni Vanessa, mahimbing parin siyang natutulog and I noti
ce na kailangan ko pala siyang bihisan dahil nasukaan din niya ang kanyang damit
So as I opened her drawer at may nahulog na mga larawan. I picked it up and I re
alized kung ano ang mga larawang iyon. Larawan namin ni Justin and it's kinda th
e same as the pictures I saw noong nagalit si Xander. This pictures are the reas
on kung bakit nag-way kami ni Xander
And there's only one thing na gusto kong itanong kay Vanessa ngayon 'Siya ba ang
nagpadala kay Xander ng mga larawan namin ni Justin?'
And I need an answer.

Medyo gabi na ng nagising si Vanessa and she looked shock as she saw me inside h
er room.
"Feeling better?" I asked hiding the anger in me.
"Yeah...thanks and sorry for my lame actions" She looked up at me.
Tinaasan ko siya ng kilay "Bakit ka ba naglasing?"
She looked away "Just some old pathetic problem, I guess"
Ayoko ng magpaligoy-ligoy pa "Vanessa what's meaning of this." I show to her the
pictures I'd found in her drawer.
Nagulat siya "How did you find this?"
I laughed "Does it matter? What I really want is the answer. What is the meaning
of these pictures?"
She stared at me for a moment and then she smirked "There's no point in lying, r
"So ikaw nga ang nagpadala ng mga larawan kay Xander?" Naiinis na ako sa kanya.
She laughed; an evil laughed "My dear, you are absolutely right." Tapos tumayo n
a siya.
Lumapit ako sa kanya "Bakit? Bakit Vanessa? Did you hate that bad?"
"I don't hate you Architect Amber Lewis-del Castillo, I just don't like you." Sh
e mumbled haltingly.
"That is not the reason I want to hear!" Medyo tumaas na ang aking boses "Alam m
o bang muntik na kaming maghiwalay ni Xander dahil sa larawan na yan!"
"Kulang pa yan... sa sakit na nadama ko." Her tears started to fall.
"Ano ba ang kasalanan ko sayo?"
She wipped her tears "Ikaw lang naman ang umagaw kay Romeo palayo kay Rosaline."
"I don't get you." Pagtataka kong sagot "Inagaw ko sa iyo si Xander? Isa ka ba s
a mga ex niya?"
She raised her eyebrow "No... Hindi si Xander."
There's only one guy left.
Tumawa agad si Vanessa "His name sounds so good in your mouth"
So siya nga, si Justin nga ang Romeo ni Vanessa.
"It's not my fault kung bakit na inlove si Justin sa akin" I mumbled.
"Yeah...It's not your fault but you are still the reason of my agony." She grabb
ed the photos out of my hand "I am so sorry for all my actions but it didn't cha
nge the fact that I still don't like you."
"Sorry? Vanessa ano ba talaga ang kasalanan ko?"
"Nang dahil sayo iniwan ako ni Justin, dahil sayo nilalamon ako ng insecurities
ko, dahil sayo I feel so worthless. Bakit ba kasi nasa iyo na ang lahat?" She lo
oked away as she said those words "Mahal na mahal ka ng asawa mo pero ako, I can
't make Justin love me the way he did before."
Ramdam ko ang sakit na nasa puso ni Vanessa.
"Alam mo Amber? Mag-asawa na dapat kami ni Justin ngayon...Maybe kung natuloy la
ng ang kasal naming noon...maybe we have been married for five years now...just
like you and Xander." She cried with tears streaming down her face "Pero nakilal
a ka si Justin and all my fairytales turns to an unhappy ending."
Hindi ko alam pero nasasaktan ako sa mga sinasabi ni Vanessa, dahil ba alam ko r
in na may kasalanan din ako sa kanya?
"Amber wala kang kasalanan, pero ikaw ang dahilan kung bakit ako nasasaktan at u
miiyak ngayon." She wipped her tears.
"I didn't mean to be the reason of your burdens." I breathed hard.
"I know and I hate myself for being too mellow dramatic but you can't blame me A
mber." She looked me in the eye "I may not know you that much but I still don't
like you because you are the reason why I can't have my happy endings."
"Will you like me if I am not the girl Justin fell in love with?" I voice out.
"Maybe... maybe I still want to be your friend" Huminga siya ng malalim "Thank y
ou kanina, I am so sorry for the photos but right now I want you to leave."
I nodded before I go out and leave.
Tinawagan ko na si Xander.

Nasa kotse na ako ni Xander and I told him everything.
"Siya? Siya ang nagpadala ng mga larawan?" He said while driving.
"At fianc?e siya dati ni JC?" I can see the amusement in his eyes "I can't belie
ve JC was about to get married at sana natuloy ang kasal nila para hindi ka na n
ilalapitan ni JC ngayon."
I rolled my eyes "Xander... sana nga para wala ng problem."
"Si JC naman talaga ang nagdala ng mga problema dito." Xander mumbled.
"Xander...kuya mo siya."
"So?" Tinaasan ako ng kilay ni Xander.
Natawa nalang ako "Para kang bakla."
"Bakla? May bakla bang napapa-ungol ng babae?" He cocked his head boyishly "Beca
use as far as I remember walang baklang marunong gumawa ng----hmmmm" Tinakpan ko
ang bigbig ni Xander.
"Oo na hindi ka na parang bakla" Sabi ko habang namumula na naman.
Tumawa si Xander "Hahahaha.. ang cute mo pagnamumula" Sabi niya.
"Mag dinner nalang tayo sa restaurant." I suggested.
"Your wish is my command, angel face." He winked at me.
Pinisil ko ang kanyang mukha "I love you..."
"Kasi hindi na ako mabaho?" Paglalambing na sabi niya.
I laughed "No, I love you because I love you."
"Naks...sarap pakinggan ahh." He parked the car sa gilid ng restaurant.
Then Xander went out "I love you too, angel face" He said and smiled showing me
his dimple as he opened the passenger seat para lumabas na ako.
I smiled at him.
But part of me what's to know kung ano talaga ang nangyari sa love story nina Ju
stin at Vanessa, and why it's ended so sadly.
I can feel Vanessa's pain for I know she's not a badass girl who wants to take r
evenge. Maybe she is just carried away with her pain and foolishly sends those p
hotos to Xander.
I want to know Vanessa and behind those sad photos she captured.
Then maybe we could be friends.
"I love you because I love you"
-Amber Lewis-del Castillo
(this is a simple but meaningful reason why you love him/her)
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Chapter 22: Alright
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Amber's POV

I am grabbing my paper stuffs since the board meeting is over. Everyone is excit
ing for the opening of Mi-Amor and even me I can?t help but also to rejoice.
?Hey gorgeous.? Xander?s voice suddenly popped out.
I turned around ?Hey??
Umupo si Xander sa silya kaharap ng office table ko ?So you?re busy?? Tinaasan
niya ako ng kilay.
?It?s that a question or a statement?? I giggled while I continue my work.
?Oh right??It?s a question? He mumbled ?So shall I rephrase then. ?So you?re bus
y??? He chuckled while toying the pen on the table.
I looked up and I saw him smiling showing his dimple ?No really, why?? I said.
Before he answered he gave his lopsided smile ?I wanna take you out.?
Tumawa siya bago tumayo ?Nah, its like ?family date?.?
Sumimangot ako.
Naglakad si Xander patungo sa swivel chair ko ?Don?t worry angel face, we have p
lenty of time. Just the two of us? He said in a husky voice.
Inirapan ko lang siya. Bwesit to oh.
?Oh yeah...Whatever? I said in my British accent, like not pronouncing the ?r? s
o it goes like ?whatevah?.
?Damn?you.? He cursed sexily ?You sound so hot.?
?Xander?stop fooling me? I said.
He smirked ??..?Xander stop fooling me?.? He mimicked the words I have said and
also he said it in a British accent.
I laughed ?Hahaha?. You sound so gay.?
Alam ko kasi na ayaw talaga ni Xander na tinatawag siyang bakla?but hey? I can?t
help it, ang cute niya kasi pagnaiinis.
?Gay?? Tinaasan niya ako ng kilay habang iniyuko niya ang kanyang ulo. Bumilis a
ng tibok ng puso ko sa lapit ng kanyang mukha sa mukha ako.
Our faces are inches away.
Just a blink of eye his lips touched mine, then my world stop spinning. Yung fee
ling na labi ng ni Xander ang nararamdaman kong gumagalaw and the rest? I don?t
freaking care.
The moment I was kissing him back we were interrupted when my assistant knock at
my door ?Architect??
?Xander may kumakatok? I said between our kiss.
His hand moved toward my shoulder ?That?? He angled his head so that he can kiss
my neck ??.Can wait?
?Architec?? Tawag ulit ng assistant ko.
So I pushed Xander away with all my force then I can see on his face he is reall
y pissed off.
?As what you?ve said?there?s a plenty of time for us? I stood up and winked at h
im. Then I walked toward my office door.
?Sorry?it?s?.um? I locked my door? I said as I opened the door.
I can see that my assistant?s eyes shifted to Xander, who is now sitting on my o
ffice chair ?Sorry to interrupt you but---?
?It?s okay we were just?.doing nothing? Aniya ko habang namumula.
Then Xander?s unthinkable words just popped out ?You ruined our mood?
Grabe gusto kong sapakin si Xander ngayon kasi pagkatapos niyang sabihin yun ang
mukha ng assistant ko ay hindi na maipinta.
?Just?.? I closed my eyes while blushing ?Don?t listen to him? I added as I open
ed my eyes. God I sound so stupid right now.
Naiilang na ang aking assistant ?Pinapatawag po kayo ni Mr. Cruz? Wika ng assist
ant ko habang hindi parin makatitig sa akin.
Napatayo agad si Xander nang narinig niya ang sinabi ng assistant ko.
?At bakit pinapatawag ni JC ang asawa ko?? Tinaasan ng kilay ni Xander si Marie,
ang assistant ko ?
?Hindi ko po alam sir?? Nakayuko na sabi ni Marie.
Lumapit si Xander sa amin ?Then tell him?if he wants to talk to my wife then siy
a dapat ang pumunta dito? He said in a command voice.
I gawked.
?Xander you can?t just---?
?Of course I can. I am the boss.? Paalala niya sa amin ?Now go tell him? He said
to my assistant.
?Yes sir? Tapos lumabas na si Marie.
I looked at Xander in disbelief.
?What?? Inis na sabi ni Xander.
?Teka?Diba dapat ako yung naiinis?? Wika ko.
Mas lumapit pa siya sa akin ?And why??
?Kasi tinatakot mo yung assistant ko!? Napalakas na ang boses ko.
?It?s not my fault kung natakot siya sa akin? He walked toward the chair in fron
t of my office table ?Bakit ba kasi kailangan ka pang ipatawag ni JC? He added w
hile sitting on the chair.
May sasabihin pa sana ako ng may kumakatok sa pinto ?Come in? I said.
?Hey sexy? Justin said sweetly while settling inside my office.
Xander growled.
Tapos doon lang nalaman ni Justin na nadito pala si Xander sa office ko ?Hi, bro
ther? Justin said in a teasing tone.
Mas nainis naman si Xander ?Kuya?.anong kailangan mo sa asawa ko??
Justin?s face turns into a gray clouds. Naiinis narin si Justin ?Right?asawa mo.
Then Xander victoriously smirked.
?I just want to inform you, Architect del Castillo? Justin turned his attention
to me ?That I already released the budget for the things needed sa interior ng M
?Right?? Hindi ko alam kung ano ang sasabihin ko ?Thank you? I said sweetly.
Then Xander rolled his eyes ?Thank you? C?mon Amber that?s his work.?
UGH. Ba?t ba ang seloso ni Xander.
?Okay?? Xander raised both of his on the air for his surrender.
I turned my attention to Justin ?Thank you.? I said.
Justin just nodded. Pero may halong lungkot ang kanyang mga mata.
?I have to go? Justin said.
Pero bago pa siya makalabas sa opisina ko, nagsalita ulit si Xander.
?Kuya?? Sabi ni Xander.
Natigilan ako sa sinabi ni Xander?. Tama ba ang narinig ko?
Napahinto si Justin at humarap kay Xander ?Oh??
?Pupunta ka ba mamaya?? Xander asked.
Napakunot ng noo si Justin ?Bakit ayaw mo??
?I didn?t say that.? Xander mumbled as he stood up ?So pupunta ka??
?Yes? Justin just simply said.
Xander smirked ?You should bring Vanessa then.?
Hindi agad nakasagot si Justin.
?Xander!? I hissed. Konti nalang talaga at sasapakin ko na talaga si Xander.
?So you knew?? Tumawa lang si Justin ?Baka ayaw sumama ni Sasa sa akin?
I blinked twice ?Sasa??
?Oo. Vanessa Sanchez ?Sasa? for short? Wika ni Justin.
?So she?s the photographer of the Frozen Tears? I mumbled out loud.
?Frozen Tears?? Tanong ni Justin sa akin.
Tiningnan ko siya ?Oo yung?napakagandang larawan sa photo exhibit.?
?Anong photo exhibit yun?? Agad namang tanong ni Justin.
?I forgot na name, pero ang venue ay nasa Manila Hotel? Wika ko. Nakita ko nalan
g na papalapit sa akin si Xander.
?At si Vanessa rin ang mastermind sa pagkuha ng mga larawan na nakita ko, yung m
agkasama kayo ni Amber? Sabi ni Xander sabay akbay sa akin.
Parang hindi makapaniwala si Justin ?No?it?s impossible. Sasa can?t do that.?
?Then ask her. Basta pagsabihan mo yang ex-fianc?e mo? Seryosong sabi ni Xander.
Tumango lang si Justin tapos umalis na siya.

Justin?s POV

I can?t believe it! Si Sasa ang nagpadala ng mga larawan?
Bakit ba siya nagkakaganyan? She?s turning into a mad woman.
I called my secretary ?Sir?? Aniya niya.
?I want you to purchase a photo portrait called Frozen Tears.? I handed her the
address. Yes, nag-research ako agad sa photo exhibit na yun.
?Yes po? Agad namang sabi ng secretary ko.
?At tsaka yung pinapahanap kong address?? I reminded her.
?Yes ito? She handed me a piece of paper.
I smiled at her ?Thanks? Then umalis na ako.
I read the address and luckily her condo unit is one of the company?s finest con
do units.
Sasa you better get yourself ready I thought to myself.
Nandito na ako sa harap ng pinto ng condo unit ni Sasa.
Should I knock? UGH ba?t ba kinakabahan ako.
Bahala na to, kaya kinatok ko nalang ang pinto at sana hindi pa naka-alis si Sas
Nang bukas na ang pinto, gulat na gulat ang mukha ni Sasa ?Why are you here??
?Diba dabat ang sasabihin mo ?Come in??? I teased her.
But she held herself emotionless ?That?s for friends, but we aren?t?
Tinulak ko nalang ang pinto ng condo niya at napa-atras naman si Sasa tapos naka
pasok na ako.
?Can you just get out?? She hissed.
?Sorry, I am stubborn. Remember?? I smirked and then she looked away.
?Again, why are you here?? She asked with anger.
I walked toward the living area ?I just want to clear things up between us.? I s
aid as I sat down on the sofa.
?Can you just?leave me alone??
Tiningnan ko siya ?Ikaw ba ang nagpadala ng mga larawan kay Xander??
?So nagsumbong pala si Amber sa iyo?? Wika niya.
?No. Xander told me.? My gaze never leave her ?So ikaw nga??
She gave me a bitter smirk ?Yes?
Napatayo ako ?Sasa? This is not your kinda thing. Ang manira ng buhay ng iba.?
?So ano yung ?kinda thing? ko?? She asked and finally she looked at me.
I stared at her for a long moment ?You are kinda of girl who knows what?s right
and wrong, who put her dignity, you?re a girl who never hurt other people and I
know you, I always will and it?s because you are my best friend Sasa.?
?I was your best friend? She corrected me ?I am not the girl you thought she was
?Why are you doing this?? I moved closer to her then I held her shoulder.
I can see tears in her eyes now.
?Because I was hurt?no? She shook her head ?Because I am hurt.?
Napabitaw ako ?I said I?m sorry?
?I thought I am okay now.I thought when I?ve face my past everything will be al
right.But why? Why I am still hurting inside?? She was fighting back her tears.S
he looked at me ?Maybe the wound heals but the scar remains? Her tears is stream
ing down her face ?And every time I see your face the scar in my heart open up l
ike a fresh wound.?
Niyakap ko siya ?Sasa, please tama na?
Tinulak niya ako ?Aalis na ako?
Aalis na siya? Pero bakit may lungkot sa puso ko as she said those words.
?Are you stupid? I?m tired of living a life full of hatred? She gasped some air
?I can?t hurt Amber, not when she?s not the girl I thought she is.?
Hinawakan ko ang kanyang kanang kamay.
?Xander is so lucky to have her? She smiled at me and it?s her real smile ?Maybe
if Amber choose you, you will be lucky as he is right now.?
I kissed her hand, although she wants to pull her hand away but I insist ?Kung a
alis ka, can I take you out to meet my family??
?Meet your family?? She pulled her hand away ?Justin enough with this bullcrap!?
?No, listen up? I breathed out ?Si mama na mi-miss kana siguro niya?
Oo, kilala ni mama si Sasa. She met her noong pumunta siya sa graduation ko sa C
?For tita pupunta ako.? She mumbled ?But it doesn?t change the fact I still hate
you and I still can?t forgive you.
Napabuntong hininga ako ?I know?
?By the way nagkita kami ng ex mo? She said.
Napakunot ang noo ko ?Ex ko??
?Si Lysa? She smirked as she sat down on the sofa.
Umupo na rin ako ?So anong nangyari??
?You are acting as if close na tayo Justin? Tumayo siya ulit ?Nothing?I just hel
p her sa bar? Para siyang naghihingi ng pera doon. She looked like a slut, naawa
ako ehh so tinulungan ko siya kasi she was stating na may dapat daw siyang baya
ran sa hospital.?
?She knows about you?? I gripped her arm.
?Good, baka mapahamak ka pa sa Lysa na yun? I anxiously said.
She pulled her arm from my grip ?Concern? C?mon Jas is not like she?s a stranger
, she?s your ex remember??
?Whatever just stay away from her? I warned her ?And be ready now may pupuntahan
pa tayo?
She just rolled her eyes and went towards her room.
I gasped some air.
"Maybe the wound heals but the scar remains"
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Chapter 23: Summer Love
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Amber's POV

?Hello po ma.? Wika ko habang niyakap ako ng mama ni Xander.
Nandito kami sa bahay ng mga magulang ni Xander. 25th Anniversary ng mga magulan
g ni Xander and I am so happy for them.
Xander?s mom smiled at me ?Bakit ba lalo kang gumaganda iha.?
?That?s why I can?t take my eyes of off her, mama.? Xander suddenly put his righ
t hand on my waist.
I blushed.
?Aww, son you sound so madly in love.? His mom giggled ?But I think pupunta mu n
a ako sa kusina and baka nasunog na yung niluluto ko.?
?I can?t wait to taste your dish again, ma? Xander said as he hug his mom. Tapos
umalis na rin ang kanyang mama and leaving the two us alone.
?Nasaan silang lolo, si papa and si lola?? I asked.
We started to walk ?Si lolo mamaya pa yun dadating at si dad naman baka nagtra-t
rabaho pa yun sa office niya.?
Then suddenly I realize we were heading towards the stair ?Xander diba we should
be in the living area? Why are we heading up??
He laughed and pulled me closer to him ?I just want to show you the entire house
. So let?s go Architect.?
Napangiti nalang ako habang paakyat na kami.
I can?t help it to notice how Xander?s family is very old fashion. The entire in
terior design of the house is in Spanish-Contemporary Style. They preserve the c
lassic chairs and furniture with a mix of contemporary style. Like when we heade
d towards the second storey of the house you will see that as you walk by on the
stairs its corner side was a wide Spanish window, where you can take a look tow
ards the garden.
Now we are here in the second floor and it?s more on Spanish-modern style for th
e length of the window is a kinda bigger than the first floor.
And the furniture? It?s fascinating to look at, but the numbers of the furniture
are decreasing compare to the furniture of the first floor. And it?s because th
e space is smaller than the first floor and to make the space bigger it should h
ave less furniture. Pero para naman hindi mahalata na konti ng mga gamit sa itaa
s medyo mas malaki ang mga furniture dito compared sa baba.
?So? What can you say Architect?? Xander hugged me from behind.
I turned my around ?Hmm? Very ?del Castillo? ang design.?
He kissed my nose ?Wanna see my room before??
I nodded.
Tapos hinila na niya ako pakaliwa.
His room was in the last corner of the second floor.
Binuksan na niya ang pinto with a smile plastered on his lips.
Nanlaki ang mata as I saw his room. It?s very plain, simple slash dark modern st
yle. It?s very masculine style??.and sexy?
?So what do ?ya think?? Hay?bat ba ang hot pakinggan ang Spanish accent ni Xande
r? Nakakalambot ng tuhod.
I smiled at him ?Kung ang bahay na ito ay very ?del Castillo? ang style.? I move
d and put both of my hands on each sides of his waist line. ?But this room? It?s
very ?Xander? style.?
?Uh-uh? I said biting my lips.
?Did I tell you ?I love you? today?? He cocked his head playfully.
I smiled seductively ?I dunno?I forgot??
He walked slowly in a backward way while pulling me with him ?Shall I say it the
n?So that you won?t forget it.?
?Maybe? I moved my right hand on his neck ?Or maybe you could just show it to me
He stopped moving as his feet is on the side foot of the bed ?Show you, huh??
I bite my lips.
?Damn? He said before he deep down and kiss me hard and long. He pulled me close
r to him as his hands are on my back, caressing it.
?I love you? He said as he kissed my ear.
I moaned ?Xander?.? His mouth is now tracing wet kisses on my neck.
Then a knock on the door made us a jump away from each other ?Xander? The dinner
is already served? Boses yun ni mama.
Xander groaned ?Not again? He murmured. Tapos hinila na niya ako para halikan ul
Tinulak ko siya ?Kakain na Xander?
?I am not hungry for food.? He stated as he started to hike my dress up. I can
feel his hand on my tummy.
?Xander?? I moaned his name.
?Just fifteen minutes baby? He kissed the base of my jaw ?Fifteen minutes?
?Xander? Honey? Kakain na? Sigaw ulit ng mama ni Xander.
And that?s it I need to stop Xander or else I won?t be able to control myself ?X
ander stop? Tinulak ko siya ulit.
I pushed his hand away ?Stop?okay?? I gathered myself.
?Ba?t ba lagi nalang akong bitin?? Pagmumura niya.
Tiningnan ko siya ?That?s your fault, if you weren?t so aggressive hindi ka sana
bitin ngayon.? Inayos ko ang aking sarili ? do I look??
?Hot as always baby? He said huskily.
I rolled my eyes ?No, what I mean is halata ba??
?Halata ang?? He raised his eyebrow.
I blushed ?The make out thing??
He chuckled ?Secret?
?Xander? Amber? Kanina pa kami naghihintay sa inyo? Tawag ulit ng mama ni Xander
Dali-dali ko namang binuksan ang pinto ?Sorry ma? Sabi ko at hindi ko pinahalat
a na namumula ako.
?Okay?then let?s go.? Sabi ni mama at nagsimula ng maglakad.
Sinilip ko si Xander sa kwarto niya ?Xander let?s go.?
?Babe? I think I can?t walk.? He stated.
Nilingon ko si mama ?Ma? I think kailangan kong gisingin muna si Xander nakatulo
g kasi siya.? I gave her a lame excuse.
Tinaasan ako ng kilay ni mama ?Nakatulog??
?Ahhh? O..Oo? I looked away.
?Okay?.just hurry up iha? Then she walked away.
Nilapitan ko agad si Xander ?Ano ba ang problema mo??
?Ito? He drop down his gaze towards his trouser.
I gasped. Kitang-kita ang hard on ni Xander, like it?s standing proudly and want
ing to get out inside his pants.
?So? What can I do?? I blushed.
?I just need to finish it.? He mumbled as he sat down on his bed.
I raised my eyebrow ?Finish it? Magsha-shower ka??
He started to unbuckled his belt ?Maybe..or maybe I am going to use my hand? He
?Xander? I bite my lips.
?Stop biting you lips. You don?t want me to rape you, right?? He said seriously.
His pant is on his ankle right now and his arousal is very clearly in my sight.
I looked away ?I should go?
?No, wait for me? He said and he walked toward his bathroom. And as he walk by,
he stop when he reach in front of me ?Wanna join me??
?Xander?? I warned him.
He just laughed ?I just need to cool down.?

Tapos ng mag-shower si Xander and pababa na kami heading toward the dining area.
Kumakain na sila nang naglakad kami patungo sa vacant seat.
Then I realized na nadiyan nap ala si Justin?.at kasama si Vanessa.
I was surprised but I feel happy for them.
?Akala ko ba it?s suppose to be our anniversary..pero bakit inunahan niyo pa kam
i? Xander dad said jokingly to us.
I blushed.
?Nag-shower lang ako dad.? Xander explained ?Tapos hinintay lang ako ni Amber.?
?That?s all?? Sabi ni papa nang naka-upo na kami.
?Well?that?s all but right after mama knocked at my room?s door three times? He
Namula ako sa sinabi ni Xander habang tumawa naman silan..well except for Justin
and Vanessa.

Justin?s POV

Naiinis ako dahil parang sila lang dalawa ang nandito. Oo halatang mahal na maha
l ni Xander si Amber pero saktan lang niya to hindi ako magdadalawang isip na ag
awin si Amber sa kanya.
?So iha, saan kayo nagkakilala ni JC?? Tanong ni papa kay Sasa.
Sasa flashed her fake smile. Alam ko kasi kilalang-kilala ko siya.
?We met in Canada kasi doon kami nakatira ng parents ko.? She explained.
Tiningnan ko ulit si Amber and Xander, but as usual they have their own world an
d it?s damn irritating.
?So how long have your family live there in Canada?? Tanong naman ni lola.
?When I was five years old?.so mga twenty years na rin? Sasa said.
My lolo stared at Sasa for a moment ?Are you JC?s girlfriend??
?No? Sasa answered bitterly.
?His friend?? Tanong ulit ni lolo.
Sasa looked at me ?We just know each other. Nothing more, nothing less.? Then sh
e looked down.
Sumikip ang dibdib ko sa mga sinasabi ni Sasa. Oo nasasaktan ako. Napatigil nama
n silang Xander sa pagkain sa sinabi ni Sasa.
?Ummm?.I think we call it cheers guys.? Xander stood up ?A long and happy marria
ge for mama and papa.? Xander smiled and he looked at me saying silently ?Do som
ething, you idiot.?
Aba, walang galang na yata ang aking kapatid ngayon. Baka nakakalimutan niya mas
matanda ako sa kanya.
?Cheers? I stood up too ?I am happy for the both of you mama and papa.?
Napaluha naman si mama ?Aww, my two sons.?
Ito yung dahilan kung bakit ako napamahal ni mama. Yes I used to hate her but I
just can?t, kasi hindi ko man akalain minahal ako ni mama the way she love Xande
r. And I am such a lucky bastard.
?I couldn?t asked for more? Sabi ni papa at hinalikan si mama sa cheek.
Tapos sina lolo and lola nagyakapan.Pero naiinis naman ako nang nakita ko si Xan
der hinalikan din si Amber, kaya umupo nalang ako.
?Such a painful scene, isn?t it?? Sasa whispered to me.
?Vanessa right?? Sabi ni lolo as he sat down.
?Yeah. Vanessa Sanchez.? Sasa said with no emotion.
?Sanchez? How are related to Mr. Armando Sanchez??
Sasa chuckled ?He is father.?
?I have one of your company?s cars collection and I must say its first class.? M
y lolo stated.
?My father?s Car Company, it?s not mine.? Naiinip na sabi ni Sasa.
?I can?t understand? Wika ni lolo.
Sasa smiled bitterly ?You see Mr. del Castillo, ang gusto kasi ni papa for my co
llege course was Business Administration but since I chose a Photography kaya na
galit siya. But pinayagan niya ako because once upon a time I was so madly in lo
ve with a guy who used to be my dad?s favorite?kasi best friend ko din siya at t
he same time?.? Tahimik lang ang lahat na nakikinig kay Sasa ?But everything cha
nge when the guy I fell in love with asked me to marry him?of course I said ?yes
?. Then at the end hindi niya ako sinipot sa kasal namin and to end the story sh
ort?nagalit ulit si papa sa akin.? Sasa laughed and I know she?s close to tears
?So now?here I am a fifth college student studying Business-Ad.?
She looked at me ?Happy?? She whispered ?I have to go then---?
?Iha? Tumayo si mama ?I am sorry for what---?
Sasa stood up ?No okay.? She looked down to stared at me ?For I am no
t the only one who?s in pain right now. I really?have to?go.? Then she walked ou
Tiningnan ako ni mama ?Do something Justin.?
Napakunot si papa na para bang wala siyang alam?.pero ramdam kong nahalata na ni
Tumango nalang ako at lumabas na.

Vanessa?s POV

Akala ko kaya ko na, pero ang sakit pa rin. Hindi ko na kayang pigilan pa ang m
ga luha ko. Bakit ba kasi mahal ko pa rin siya? Bakit siya pa?
I thought I can let go, but I just can?t stop myself from loving him. I know he
is not worth the pain I felt right now; if I could just stop my heart from lovin
g him?I would do that?so that I won?t be crying right now.
Nilingon ko siya ?Go away?please?
?Advance happy birthday?? Justin said and moved closer to me.
I looked at him. So he still remember my birthday.
?Remember? I used to be the first person who will greet you ?happy birthday?? He
laughed boyishly ?So para akong yung una?.I will always say it right the day be
fore your birth day??
Bakit? Bakit pa niya pinapaala-ala sa akin ang mga araw na yun. And I know? I ca
n?t help the ?longingness? in my heart right now.
So surprisingly I hugged him and cried in his arm.
?Sasa?I am so--?
?Please no more sorry? Tears streaming down my face ?Justin just for now?I wanna
forget the pain. Just this night I want to remember the happiness from the past
He wiped my tears ?Sasa??
?So this night let?s forget the pain, the heartache?.let?s forget all about Ambe
r and all about them.? I put my hand on his cheek ?It is just the two of us like
we used to.?
He hugged me ?Just the two of us.? He kissed my forehead ?Let?s go?

So now here we are in a public videoke house?.like we always do sa Canda nag vi-
I must say I miss my best friend.
?I just want to sing? I whispered to him.
He smiled at me ?I miss your voice when you sing??
I laughed. My real laugh ?Then you should listen carefully.?
?I will?
Tapos umakyat na ako sa mini stage nila ?This summer I must say it is one of the
best summer because finally I am with best friend right now? I smiled at Justin
?I wanna do the cover of One Direction?s song Summer Love and this is for you,
my best friend. Thank you for spending the last summer night here with me.?
Then the music plays?..
Can't believe I?m packin my bags
Tryin so hard not to cry
Had the best time and now it?s the worst time
But we have to say goodbye
Don't promise that you're gonna write
Don't promise that you'll call
Just promise that you won't forget we had it all
Cause you were mine for the Summer
Now we know its nearly over
Feels like snow in September
But I always will remember
You were my Summer love
You always will be my Summer love
Wish that we could be alone now
If we could find some place to hide
Make the last time just like the first time
Push a button and rewind
Don't say the word that's on your lips
Don't look at me that way
Just promise you'll remember
When the sky is grey
Cause you were mine for the Summer
Now we know its nearly over
Feels like snow in September
But I always will remember
You were my Summer love
You always will be my Summer love
I know I will love him but I guess I have to let go? as I let go the painful hea
rtaches. I know this is not easy but I have to. I have to move on and start new
and happy life.
So please don't make this any harder
We can't take this any farther
And I know there's nothin that I wanna change, change
Cause you were mine for the Summer
Now we know its nearly over
Feels like snow in September
But I always will remember
You were my Summer love
You always will be my Summer love
You always will be my Summer love
You will always be my Summer love
But just this night?.I wanna be happy with Justin?Just this summer night I wanna
feel the summer love.
And I know I might have to let go of him, but there?s always a piece of me wishi
ng at the end?fate will bring us together?maybe not now?but someday.

And I know?I will always keep him as my first love as the night end?my summer lo

And I know I might have to let go of him, but there?s always a piece of me wishi
ng at the end?fate will bring us together?maybe not now?but someday.
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Hugs and Kisses
Chapter 24: New Agony
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Here's the next chapter...


Vanessa's POV

?Four, three, two, one!? Justin hugged me ?Happy birthday?
It?s already twelve and we are here in the bar, having my birthday celebration.
I hugged him back ?Thank you?
?Hoh!? Sigaw pa niya habang iniinum ang bailey ?This night is so great!? Tumawa
Tumawa naman ako. Tumawa ako kahit alam kong bukas o makalawa kailangan ko ng pa
kawalan ang pag-ibig ko sa kanya.
Oo masakit isipin pero ito yung tama.
?Lalim ng iniisip ha?? He said as he was staring at me.
I smiled at him ?I am just happy.?
?So friends?? He extended his hand.
Friends? Bakit masakit pa rin isipin na kaibigan lang niya ako? Bakit umaasa pa
rin ako na mamahalin niya ako?
I was in love with my best friend and I am still in love with him, my best frien
?Friends?? I said and I took his hand.
?Malungkot ka na naman.? He stated.
He really knows me so well.
Tears started to fall ?Sorry ha? Kasi nasasaktan pa rin ako?kasi mahal pa rin ki
?Sasa?? He wiped my tears away.
?Pero...Promise sa ikalawa natin pagkikita, hindi na ako ang dating Sasa na pata
y na patay sa kanyang best friend. I will move on.? I said as I held his hand.
Nakita ang ko ang lungkot sa kanyang mga mata, hindi siya makapagsalita.
?But you?re always be my first love Justin...? I leaned toward him and kissed hi
m on his forehead.
Niyakap lang niya ako ?If fate will give me another chance to choose the girl I
would love..? Tiningnan niya ako sa mata ?I would definitely choose you??
I shook my head ?But for me? I would choose another guy instead of you, Justin.
So that my heart wouldn?t broke apart??
I can see the pain in his eyes.
I touched his cheek ?I need to go to the comfort room.? Then I walked away.
Wala masyadong tao sa girls? CR, kaya napasandal ako sa pader habang umiiyak. ?P
romise?this is last time I would cry for Justin? I said to myself.
Tapos may pumasok na babae sa CR and she look so familiar.
?Vanessa right?? She said.
I wiped my tears ?Ly?Lysa??
?I knew it! Diba kasama mo si JC? Justin Cruz?? Hinawakan niya ako sa braso.
I flinched away ?No?.?
?No? You are such liar...? Sabi niya habang nanglalaki ang kanyang mga mata ?Nak
ita ko kayo dito..?
?What do you want?? I asked moving away from her.
Umiyak siya ?Do you still remember what I told you before? Noong tinulungan mo a
ko? Noong una tayong nagkita??
I nodded ?But I don?t believe you?? I said.
?Tadhana na ang nagdala sa akin dito. I need your help..Kasi kung kaibigan ka ni
JC then you must know Xander?.and his wife.? Hinawakan niya ang aking mga kamay
Napalunok ako ?What do you mean??
?Kailangan kong sabihin kay Xander ang totoo..? Sabi ni Lysa habang palapit sa a
kin ?Si Xander lang ang makakatulong sa akin?? Tears fallen from her eyes.
?Are you out of your mind? Pwede tong makasira sa buhay nina Xander and Amber? I
pushed her away.
?Pero?wala na akong panahon pa? Lumuhod siya sa harapan ko ?Please?Vanessa help
?I need to go? I said.
Lalabas na sana ako, nang pigilan niya ako ?Ito yung cellphone number ko? Inabot
niya sa akin ang isang papel ?Totoo ang lahat ng mga sinasabi ko?Please help me
? Lysa was crying.
I took the paper ?Let see? I said tapos umalis na ako.
Nang nakalabas na ako sa CR hindi ko pa rin maalis sa isip ko ang mga sinabi ni
Sinalubong ako ni Justin ?Ang tagal mo naman? He said.
?Masakit ang ulo ko Jas..? I mumbled ?I want to go home..?
?Okay? He said.
Hindi ko alam kung ano ang pipiliin ko. Kung totoo man ang sinabi sa akin ni Lys
a noon?then maybe she really need my help.
?Ang lalim ng iniisip mo ha?? Justin voice caught my attention
Nasa tapat kami ng pinto ng Condo ko ?I really had a great time?? Niyakap ko siy
a ?Thank you Jas?
Hinalikan niya ako sa noo ?No, thank you.?
?Jas can I say the ?words? I wanted you to hear?just for the last time? I put my
hands on his neck.
Hindi siya makapagsalita.
I tiptoed and kissed him lightly on his lips ?I love you, Justin Cruz? I said as
I pulled away ?But I guess good bye.?
Niyakap niya ako ?No?I will see you soon??
I smiled at him tapos pumasok na ako sa loob ng condo ko.
Napapikit ako at pasandal sa pader. Kaya ko bang kalimutan si Justin?
Pero kailangan kong kayanin.
I walked toward my room then I dialed Lysa?s number.
I think I need to do the right thing?.Hindi dahil lumalapit na ang grasya para m
asaktan si Amber, kung hindi dahil ito yung tama para sa akin.
?Hello?? Wika ni Lysa.
?This is Vanessa and just make it sure totoo yang sinasabi mo?? I said ?By the w
ay you have my words, I will help you? I added while sitting on my bed.
?Talaga?? Halata ang saya sa boses niya.
?Bukas pumunta ka sa condo ko, ite-text ko sayo ang address? Tapos pinutol ko na
ang linya.
I am so sorry Amber, but I think this is the right thing to do and I will help V
I smiled bitterly.
Sa buhay talaga kailangan may masasaktan.

Amber?s POV

?Good morning wife? Sabi ni Xander habang nasa kama pa kami.
I hugged him while my head is resting on his chest ?Good morning too??
He moved on top of me ?Every day I wake to angel, more beautiful than w
ords could say.They said It wouldn't work but what did they know? He started sin
ging a song for me ?Cause years passed and we're still here today? He kissed me
hard as I put my hands on his neck.
He continued the song he was singing ?Never in my dreams, did I think that this
would happen to me. As I stand here before my woman I can't fight back the tears
in my eyes.? He was singing while he was tracing his nose on my neck ?Oh how co
uld I be so lucky, I must?ve done something right. And I promise to love her for
the rest of my life?
The happiness in my heart turns to tears. He wiped my tears ?I promise to love y
ou for the rest of my life, angel face...?
I kissed him ?I love you?.each and every second of my life?
He smiled at me and then he deep down to kiss me hard?our romantic morning turns
to a hot and erotic love making.

Nasa kusina na ako preparing our breakfast.
When I felt Xander hugging me from behind, he kissed the nape of my neck ?Xander
?.nagluluto ako?
?So? I think gutom pa ako??
Siniko ko siya ?Xander ha? Ayan na naman ang kamanyakan mo??
Tumawa lang siya sabay halik sa balikat ko.
?Tapos ka na maligo??
?Oo..bango ko no?? Mas humigpit ang yakap niya sa akin.
Inamoy ko siya, napakunot ang nook o ?Lumayo ka nga!? Tinulak ko siya ?Ang baho
ng shampoo mo? At yung sabon mo.?
?Hah? Ehh I thought this is your favorite scent? Diba ikaw pa nga ang pumili nit
o para sa akin..? Nakasimangot siya.
?Ako? Weird?pero ang baho mo----? Hindi ko na tinapos ang sinabi ko kasi nasusuk
a ako.
Tumakbo ako agad papunta sa sink at doon na sumuka.
?Hey?angel face? Okay ka lang?? Lumapit si Xander.
?Wag kang lalapit ang baho mo. Nasusuka ako..? Tinakpan ko ang aking ilong kasam
a na rin ang bigbig ko.
Xander chuckled.
?You find this funny?? Tinaasan ko siya ng kilay.
?I think you are pregnant baby? Tapos niyakap niya ako.
Ako buntis? Napangiti ako sa sinabi ni Xander
?Lumayo ka nga? Sabi ko, kasi nakayakap siya sa akin.
Lumayo naman siya ?I think you are pregnant?kasi you used to love the scent of m
y shampoo and soap?tapos na susuka ka na ngayon..? Napatalon siya habang nagsasa
Parang baliw to oh. Pero baka nga?baka buntis na ako.
?Iwan ko sa iyo! Maligo ka ulit? Tinulak ko siya paalis sa kusina ?Shampoo at sa
bon ko ang gamitin mo..?
He hugged me one last time ?I love you? He said while pulling away from me.
Kahit mabaho si Xander , kinikilig naman ako.

Pero sana nga?sana buntis na ako.
"I love you..each and every second of my life"
-Amber del Castillo
NOTE: This is UNEDITED so SORRY FOR THE ERRORS. But just BEAR with it guys...
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Hugs and Kisses
Chapter 25: Perplex
Grabe na-stress ako sa school..Prelim palang pero ang hirap.
Grabe ang mga apat na math subjects ko plus limang major subjects ko. Hahaha...
still hindi ko pa rin alam kung kailan ako makakapag-UD again
Xander?s POV

We decided na hindi nalang kami papasok sa opisina ni Amber.
?Xander? Pwede naman tayo pumanta bukas ah? Dapat talaga ngayon?? She said tappi
ng my arm.
I frowned ?I am just so excited??
Oo excited akong malaman kung buntis nga talaga si Amber? Okay lang kung hindi?m
as gagalingan ko pa? Pero iba ito? I can feel it?I?m going to be daddy soon.
I pulled her closer to me ?Sige na naman angel face?? I leaned down and kissed h
er shoulder ?Please?
She looked up to stare at me ?I am scared?. Paano kung hindi talaga ako buntis?
I don?t want to disappoint you??
I smiled sweetly at her ?I love you angel face?. And if ever hindi ka talaga bun
tis? Then I will still love you?
She pouted her lips ?Xander naman ehh?
Wow? This is just once in a blue moon na naglalambing ang asawa ko sa akin? and
I am sure as hell na buntis talaga si Amber.
I laughed and then I kissed her pouted lips ?Believe me, angel face? I love you;
I will always and will always love you??
I can see her blush.
?Kahit na hindi ako buntis??
?Hindi ka pa nga sure na hindi ka buntis..? I hugged her
?What are you saying?? She looked astonished.
Nakangisi lang ako habang tinitingnan siya.
?Xander! I am asking you a question?.? She hissed.
?Right? Hmmm? I kissed her again ?I am just stating a fact na kailang tayong mak
a-sure na buntis ka ba talaga o hindi??
?Paano kung hindi?? She gave me her puppy look.
?Then uuwi tayo dito?? I put my hands on her waist ?We?re going to get home and
start making babies again?.at pag hindi pa rin, then we will try again??
She smiled at me.
?So let?s go??
?Do I have choice?? She bites her lips.
I groaned ?No, you don?t have any choice.....but if you keep biting your lips? H
mmm medyo matatagalan tayo?? I moved my right on her thigh.
She gasped ?Xander!?
Tumawa nalang ako ?Hahahaha? we better go.? Kasi nag-iinit na naman ang katawa k
?Manyak ka talaga? She mumbled as we get inside in the elevator.
?At least gwapo..? I said in a confident tone of voice.
Tiningnan niya ako ?Yan lang masasabi mo? Kasi gwapo ka?? Aniya
Tumawa ako ?Oo kasi yun ang totoo..? Sabi ko naman sa kanya sabay pa-cute.
?Mayabang ka talaga?? Sabi niya tapos lumayo ng konti sa akin.
Timing naman kasi may pumasok ng dalawang babae sa elevator. Tiningnan ako ng da
lawang babae at tumitili pa habang nasa left side ko sila?.Akala nila siguro hin
di pa ako kasal. Si Amber kasi ang layo niya sa akin.
?Gwapo niya no?? Sabi naman ng isa.
Psss? naiinis ako.. Pero kung si Amber magsasabi sa aki ?yan. Hahahaha kikiligin
talaga ako. I sound so gay but who cares? I love my wife.
?Oo nga no?. model siguro siya? Ang tangkad ehh? Sabi naman ng kasama niya.
?I need to have his number? Bulong naman ng isa? Pero ang lakas ng pagkabulong n
Tumawa naman ang kanyang kasama ?Sige girl.?
Lumapit sa akin yung isang babae. She walked in a flirty face and I don?t give a
?Ummm Excuse me?? She winked at me.
Tiningnan ko si Amber. I was shocked her face looks like she?s ready to slap the
girl?s face.
?Excuse me?? Nagpapa-pansin pa rin yung babae sa akin.
I gave her my dashing smile ?Yes??
The flirt girl blinked her eyes ?Ahhhh..ummm?
Sabi ko nga ba na-speechless siya ?Miss? What?? Naiinip kong sabi.
?I? I just want to be your friend? She winked at me ?And maybe we could catch up
?? She bite her lips.
Did she do that? Parang gusto kong masuka ahh.
I smirked ?Sorry you are not my type.?
Namula siya hiya ?Seriously? Every guy likes me?? She touched my left hand ?And
I am good in bed..?
Baliw na yata tong babae na to.
?I am married? I show her my ring on my finger.
?Honey, married guy seems so fun to be with? And I am sure as hell?.I am better
than your wife or even prettier??
Nagpapatawa ba siya? Hindi nga niya kayang pantayan ang paa ng asawa ko; mukha p
a kaya niya?
?Yeah? I don?t describe my wife as pretty?? I said tapos ngumiti siya sa akin ?B
ecause she?s beautiful??
And then the elevator door open up? I looked at Amber and her face was shocked a
nd surprised.
Hinila ko siya papalapit sa akin ?By the way? I looked at the two girls ?This is
my wife and if you think you are or you two are better than her, then maybe bot
h of you should think twice?or trice.?
Hinawakan ko si Amber habang paalis na kami.
Huminto siya sa paglalakad ?Nakakainis ka!? Sinapak niya ako sa braso ko.
?Nakakainis ka!?
?What?s your problem woman?? Wika ko habang hinahawakan ang kanyang mga kamay, b
aka kasi masapak na naman ako.
?Why do you have to flirt?? Aniya.
I raised my left eyebrow ?Flirt? C?mon angel face? sila ang unanag lumapit.?
?And you grab their intention? She frowned.
?No I didn?t?
?Yes you did!? Sinigawan niya ako.
I pulled her closer to me like we are inches away from each other ?Why would I d
o that? Kahit pa sinong babae ang lalapit sa akin, they are nothing??
?Mukha mo!?
?Oo mukha ko gwapo?? Pilyo kong sabi.
?Ugh! I hate that statement??
I blinked my eyes twice ?Wha?.Wa?Why??
?Kasi totoo yun??
I smirked ?Na??
She looked at me before she said ?Na gwapo ka..ay mali pala na?ang gwapo mo sobr
a?That every girls are drooling all over your feet and it made me want to think
if bagay ba talaga tayo? Xander I am just a plain girl.?
?Plain? I think sira na yata ang mata mo ehh? I put my right hand on her cheek ?
Just make it sure you?ll wear an eyeglass if you are going to look at yourself i
n the mirror, kasi hindi mo nakikita ang nakikita ko. Amber you are the most all
uringly beautiful girl I had met??
She hugged me ?Alam ko naman na maganda ako? It?s just that it?s good to hear it
from you?
Hahahaha? grabe ang mood swing na asawa ko ngayon..parang kailan lang sinasabi n
iya na hindi siya maganda
?Mayabang ka rin no?? I kissed her cheeks as I said those words.
She giggled ?Bakit? Ikaw lang ba ang mayabang? Nagmana yata ako sa?yo?
Napatawa ako sa kanyang sinabi.
And that?s why I love her.
?Okay?Let?s go? I held her hand.

We are now waiting for the result.
And then?.
?Mr and Mrs Del Castillo?? The nurse called out.
I immediately stood up and pulled Amber with me. I am sweating as hell right now
? Magiging daddy na ba ako? Sana nga?.
Nang nakapasok na kami sa doctor office mas kinabahan ako.
?Xander? what if--?
?Shhh? I kissed her temple.
Humarap na sa amin ang doktora and she?s wearing a smile ?Hindi ko alam, pero yo
u two are really cute together?
?Thank you po? Wika ni Amber.
?Anyway?? She looked at the paper she was holding in her hand ?Congrants! She?s
two weeks pregnant?
Ano daw? Tama ba ang narinig ko?
?Po?? Hindi makapaniwalang sabi ni Amber.
?Misis you are two weeks preganant..? The doctor said again ?But---?
?But? Ano dok?? I said instantly.
?Pero her pregnancy is very sensitive?? Wika ng doktora.
I looked at Amber then my eyes shifted to the doctor ?What do you mean??
?I mean?Hindi siya pwede ma stress or mapagod?Dahil mahina ang kapit ng bata..?
She looked at us then she started to write something ?But I can give her vitamin
s for her and for the baby. Here? Inabot niya sa akin ang isang papel.
?Thank you? I stood up.
Nasa kotse na kami ng nagsalita si Amber ?I can?t believe it? Magiging ina na ak
I smiled at her ?At magiging tatay na rin ako??
She started to cry
?Uy?Shhh baka ma stress ka? I reached out and wiped her tears away.
?Xander we are going to be a family?? She held my right hand.
I leaned towards her and kissed her lips lightly ?I love you?
?I love you too Xander.?

Amber?s POV

Ngayon na ang opening ng Mi- Amor and now I am getting ready for the party? Kont
ing re-touch nalang.
?Ang ganda niya talaga? Sabi ng hair dresser ko.
Oo.. Dahil big event to I need to have a makeup artist. And of course a very goo
d designer.
?Honey?The gown looks good in you? Sabi ng designer.
I smiled at them ?Thank you?
I am wearing a backless white silver gown with a diamond floral, at dahli nga bu
ntis ako I decided that gown would be flowing from my tummy down to my feet.
?Amber? Hurry up?.? Xander called out.
?Ayan te, tinatawag kana ng asawa mo? Sabin g baklang hair dresser ko.
Hay?.Sabi ko kanina kay Xander sa condo nalang namin kami magbibihis?but he insi
st. Kaya heto nandito ako sa bahay nila sa Tagaytay. Malay ko bang ang dami pala
ng bahay nilang Xander dito.
Nang lumabas na ako, I saw Xander sitting on the sofa. Waiting patiently for me.
?Are you tired of waiting for me?? I sighed as Xander turned around to look at m
Napalingon din yung mga tao sa mansion.
?Wow?what a stunning gown..? Puri ng assistant ko.
Napa-iling si Xander ?No, what a stunning woman? Sabi ng asawa ko sa akin.
His words made me blush ?Xander??
Napalingon nalang ako, then I realized na lumabas na pala ang mga bisita papunta
sa event.
I was astounded as Xander pulled me closer to him; I stared at his deep brown ey
?You are so beautiful?? He kissed my right hand ?You don?t know how utterly brea
thtakingly beautiful you are right now??
My heart was melted away by his words ?Really??
?Silly?angel face?? He deep down and kissed my lips lightly since ayaw niyang ma
sira ang lipstick ko ?Angel face, you?re stunning and I don?t even think any Web
ster dictionary can define your beauty??
I put my right hand on his neck ?You do look good tonight?? I said seductively.
?Really?? He nuzzled my neck.
?Yeah?dashingly handsome babe? I giggled as I said those words.

Nandito na kami sa venue ng Mi-Amor and different personalities are also here.
Me and Xander walked on the red carpet hall way and everybody is looking on us.
?Relax?? Xander said as he kissed my hair.
Then pagpasok na namin sa venue event, I heard murmuring.
?Siya ba yung asawa ni Engr. Del Castillo??
?She looks pretty in person?
?They look good??
I smiled?buti nalang hindi negative ang comment nila sa akin.
?I heard she design this hotel??
?Kilala din siya sa LA as best Architect?
All eyes were looking at me but I regain my confidence and smiled towards them.
?Good day, ladies and gentlemen. I am glad na nakapunta kayo dito and it?s reall
y my pleasure? I heard Don Adolfo said ?Welcome to the opening of Mi-Amor. I jus
t want to say thank you, to my lovely wife and to my two sons; Justin and Xander
. But of course thank you to my daughter in law Amber, for designing this extrav
agant hotel. I want to call my family up here to join me and toss for success??
Hinawaka ni Xander ang aking kamay papunta sa center stage together with his mom
Nang nasa harap na kami kinuha ni Xander ang microphone.
?Before we toss, can I just say a few words? He looked at his father ?Dad? Thank
you for the support, mom? Thank you for your undying love.? Then Xander looked
at Justin ?Bro? Kuya? Thank you for understanding me despite our?well difference
s? and lastly I wanna thank my wife for not leaving me and standing beside me ri
ght now?? He pulled my closer to him ?To all of us?cheers guys.?
After that the party started.
?Angel face, try this French steak? Sabi ni Xander habang pilit isubo sa akin yu
ng pagkain.
Nasusuka na naman ako.
?Xander? I don?t like that??
?Pero wala ka pang kinakain? Bulong niya sa akin.
Nag-pout ako ?Because I don?t like the foods??
?What do you like?? Lambing niyang sabi sa akin.
?Luto mo? Sabi ko.
Nang-laki ang mata ni Xander ?You mean? Gusto mo akong magluto??
I nodded.
?Kung hindi lang kita mahal. Okay?pag-uwi nalang natin sa bahay?but right now ea
t something please? He put his hand on my shoulder.
?For you??
?That?s my wife?
After I ate some foods, kinuha ni Xander ang kamay ko ?Let?s dance?
I smiled at him ?I don?t dance?you know it.?
He stood up at the same time pulling me up too ?You don?t have to, just leave it
all to me??
We walked together towards the dance floor and I know everybody was looking at u
s. But who cares?
?Sway your hips and forget everything. Just you and me?? He kissed my forehead.
?You and me?.?
Then the music starts playing ?So Close?
?I love you??
?I love you too? I said as I started to sway my hips as my husband held me tight
and safe.
?Xander can I talk to you?? Vanessa popped in out of nowhere.
I turned around and I notice Justin with an expressionless face. But I know some
thing isn?t really good will happen.
?My wife and I are still having a great time? Saway ni Xander.
Vanessa looked at me ?Would you mind??
I was perplexed ?No?Yeah? No, Xander you can go??
?Follow me? Vanessa said.
Xander just nodded and before he follows Vanessa he kissed my lips first ?I love
I smiled at him.
Lumapit sa akin sa Justin ?I hate seeing you in pain?? He said as he led me to h
ave a sit.
?What do you mean??
He laughed but I know it?s a fake ?Nothing??
?Very funny Justin??
Tapos bigla nalang sumulpot si Vanessa.
?Where?s Xander?? I asked.
Hindi siya nakasagot agad, so I roamed my eyes to find Xander ?Sino ang kasama n
iya?? I asked as I saw Xander exited with a lady beside him.
?Damn!? Pagmura ni Justin ?Remember what I told you Sasa??Tapos umalis na Justin
papalayo sa amin. And I know he is angry right now but I don?t know why.
?Wala yun Amber? she is just a client?? Vanessa explained.
?O?.okay? I said.
Then she hugged, I was so surprised.
?I hope you would understand. I am so sorry Amber? Vanessa said with sincerity.
?Sorry? Dahil sa nagawa mo noon?? I smiled at her ?Vanessa okay na kami ni Xande
r, okay na lahat. Hindi ako galit sa?yo and you don?t have to say sorry?.?
She held both of my hands ?Bakit ba ang bait mo??
?So friends?? I said
?I have to go? She stood up ?By the way si Justin na daw ang maghahatid sa?yo pa
uwi, medyo matatagalan kasi si Xander?..?
Then she walked away.
Why is that I have a feeling that something bad will happen?
But one thing for sure ?I won?t give up? I won?t let anything bad will come betw
een us?not when we?re going to be a family. Me, Xander and our soon to be baby.?
"You?re stunning and I don?t even think any Webster dictionary can define your b

Chapter 26: Glance
NOTE: It's been so long since I had updated a chapter so just an advice in order
for you guys to remember some scenes just re-read chapter 25... for you to reme

Amber?s POV

It?s been three days since the party incidence. I feel so happy for all this tim
e I feel like our love grows each and every day.
Just what Vanessa said, hinatid ako ni Justin pauwi kasi my business talk pa si
Xander. But you know what?s weird is? Justin just kept his mouth shut while driv
ing. I mean? It?s really bizarre for I know he is not with himself at that time
and I don?t know why.
But one thing for sure?..
Justin looked guilty at that time.
?Hmmm?? Nakadapa lang siya sa kama at para bang pagod.
Ehhh sino nga ba ang hindi mapapagod? Gabi na siya umuuwi kasi lagi niyang tinat
apos ang paper works niya para weekend bonding time na namin.
At ganyan ako kamahal ni Xander.
?I want some ice cream? I murmured as I sat beside him.
Huminga siya ng malalim ?Give me 15 minutes angel face?
I pouted ?C?mon I can?t wait? I tapped his broad shoulder.
He moved his head to my direction?.tapos hinila na niya ako. Me on top of him.
?Ang aga-aga pa? He kissed my temple down to my neck.
I pouted again ?Pero?Gusto ko talagang kumain ng ice cream?
He looked at our table clock ?It?s still 8:00 am?. By the way nagluto na ba si M
Yes, he called manang Cecil para hindi na ako mapagod pa, kasi daw buntis ako an
d he wants me to be safe, me and our baby.
Besides dalawa naman daw yung kwarto dito sa condo niya. Yung isa nga ginawa lan
g niyang stock room at ang isa naman ang kwarto namin. Kaya pagdating ni manag C
ecil dito pinalinis niya agad yung isang kwarto.
?Okay here?s a deal? He traced his nose on my shoulder ?We will eat our first br
eakfast ...then second breakfast before we buy some ice cream?
?First?.second?? Hindi ko siya ma-gets ehh.
Then suddenly his right hand was on my left leg, massaging it. And I think I kno
w it already.
?You are so naughty Mister.? I chuckled.
?Pwede pa naman ehh? At least sinusulit ko yung time na ?pwede pa?? He gave me h
is lopsided smile before he kissed me hard and long.
And who I am to object right? Besides it?s getting hot in here.

?Ang tagal niyo yatang gumising ahh?? Sabi ni manang Cecil while she?s plating u
Namula ako.
Si Xander naman tumawa lang ?Ang sarap kasi ng tulog namin manang??
Napangiti si Manang ?Hala sige?kumain na kayo..?
?Sabayan niyo na po kami.? I said.
?Naku iha nauna na akong kumain, kasi lalabhan ko pa ang mga damit niyo? She exp
lained while I sat down.
Umupo na rin si Xander ?Ummm Manang just use the washing machine?baka kasi mapag
od kayo..?
Tumawa lang si Manang ?Oh sige salamat.?
Nang makaalis na si Manang bigla nalang akong sinubuan ni Xander ?Say ?ahhh? an
gel face?
?Xander!? Pero huli na ehhh? nasubuan na niya ako.
?Dapat?. Marami ang kakainin mo?? He winked at me.
?Tataba ako yan Xander?.? I pouted.
He kissed my pouted lips ?Hindi ka naman tataba eh? Lalaki lang yang tiyan mo ka
si buntis ka..?
Almost three weeks na akong pregnant and part of me is excited and half of it?is
?Oo naman you are still hot?? He gave me his sexy, mega smile.
Napatawa nalang ako at sumubo ng pagkain.
?By the way ?I love you?? Out of nowhere niya yung sinabi.
Napatigil ako sa ginagawa ko and I look into his eyes.
Mix emotions were all I see in his eyes; love, happiness but then there?s this a
nxiousness I see making me wonder.
I smiled at him ?I love you too??
?Promise me? you will never leave me angel face?? He leaned towards me and cuppe
d my face using both of his hand.
Why he is telling me this?
?I won?t??
Then his phone rang.
He kissed my forehead first, before he stood up and answer the call with a pain
in his eyes.
So I continue to finish eating my breakfast, gutom na kasi ako.
After 10 minutes bumalik na si Xander na nakakunot ang kanyang noo.
?Hey? something wrong?? I touched his arm.
He looked at me ?Just business??
?Tell me?
He breathed out ?I don?t want to stress you up? Let?s eat?
I don?t want to bug him about his mood of swings today? baka kasi mainis sa akin
si Xander.
Nang tapos na kaming kumain pinuntahan ko muna si Manang Cecil.
?Nandiyan ka pala iha? Nakangiti niyang sabi.
?Ayy, oo kasi pupunta muna kami ni Xander sa mall. Medyo naglilihi ako ng ice cr
eam? I shyly said.
Manang Cecil laughed and giggled ?Ang saya ko nang nalaman kong buntis ka? sabi
ko na nga ba na kayo talaga sa isa?t isa?
Namula ako sa sinabi ni Manang.
?Salamat po??
She held both of my hands ?Wag na wag kang susuko kahit ano man ang mangyari iha
. Tandaan mo mahal na mahal ka si Xander??
Napakunot ang nook o ?Why are you telling me this??
?Kasi minsan ka nang sumuko dati, pero sana ngayon ?wag?? She explained.
?Bakit? May masama po bang mangyayari sa amin?? I asked directly.
She looked away from me ?Lahat may pagsubok iha? Then she let go of my hands.
I nodded ?Tama po kayo? pero hinding-hindi na po mauulit ang nakaraan??
Ngumiti si Manang Cecil.
?Amber?? Tawag ni Xander ?Mag shower ka na?.tapos na akong mag shower?
?Naku iha?tinatawag ka na ng asawa mo?. May pupunta pa kayo? Paalala ni Manang.
?Sige po? Paalam ko.
Then I went towards our room.
Pagpasok ko palang abs na ni Xander ang nakatambad sa harapan ko. He is shirtles
s while drying his hair up using a towel.
One word HOT
?Stop drooling baby? He teased me.
I bite lips ?No, I am just checking you out??
He laughed ?Just take a shower?bago pa may mangyaring ?round two dito?? He smile
d wickedly.
Damn! Can?t he be less sexy and hot? It made me want to grab that ?round two? t
I gave him my flirt smile ?Maybe tonight?.?
Then his expression became blank ?I?um? I?not tonight??
Is he rejecting me?
?I have a work to be finish??
Napakunot ang noo ko ?What? It?s Saturday Xander?.?
?I know? but this time it?s emergency? He explained holding both of my hands.
Workaholic as ever.
?Fine? I sadly said.
He cupped my face ?Don?t be sad angel face? I am only doing this for you.?
He kissed my forehead.
?I know?
?I love you so much? He hugged me.
I can feel the tension of his body.
Something is really not good.
?I?I love you too?
?Xander!? Reklamo ko, nang ubusin niya ang ice cream ko. Nakakainis naman to oh!
Akala ko baa yaw niyang kumain ng ice cream, pero nagkamali pala ako sapagkat p
ati ice cream ko inubus pa niya.
Nakasimangot na ako habang inirapan siya ?Ang sama mo?? Pagdadabog kung sabi.
Naka-smile lang siya ?You want me to buy you a new ice cream. There?s a new flav
or there angel face? He said soothing me.
Tinaasan ko siya ng kilay ?Ano ako bata??
Tapos kinurot niya ang mukha ko ?Bibili nalang ako ng ice cream..? He winked at
Napangiti nalang ako na para bang iwan.
Pagkatapos namin kumain ng ice cream we decided na mag-mall para makapag-grocery
na rin.

Nandito na kami ni Xander sa mall, sa grocery section.
?Ummm Xander mauna na ako sa counter ang haba pa kasi ng pila? Sabi ko.
?Sige?kukuha muna ako ng dish washer soap?? He said but then before he left he g
ive me a quick kiss tapos lumakad na iya papalayo sa akin.
Ayon tuloy pinagtitinginan kami dito. Mostly mga teenager s pa.
Nakapila na ako sa counter as I saw Vanessa on the other side ?Vanessa??
Nabigla si Vanessa ?Amber anong gina----?
Naputol ang kanyang sinabi ng may batang sumulpot sa kanyang harapan ?Here?tita
Vanessa? The child give her a chocolate bar na agad namang nilagay ni Vanessa sa
?Pamangkin mo?? I asked.
Hindi siya magkapagsalita.
?Hi? Sabi ng batang lalaki.
Then I looked at the child?. Na parang bang nakikita ko sa kanya si----
?Daddy?!? The child suddenly run off towards my direction.
Then I turned around to see kung sino ang tinatawag niyang ?daddy?.
I know this is just a short update?for I am so busy with my subjects.
Just keep on reading and keep on voting.
I promised as the sem-break strikes I will update constantly. But right I just c
Put your patience in a high pitch and I promise I won?t let you down guys.

Chapter 27: This is Not A Dream
I don?t just sketch?.I IMAGINE
I don?t just draw??I DESIGN
If any of you had forgotten some scenarios of the story I advice that you should
re-read the previous chapter. Anyway?.


Amber?s POV

I can?t believe what was happening right now? I don?t have any clue.
I close my eyes?trying to deny what I am seeing in front of me.
The little boy is now hugging Xander?s waist as he called him ?daddy.?
Xander?s eyes shifted to mine, I guess he?s trying to read my facial expression.
But I know it?s all written on my face the question I wanted to ask.
Why is the child calling him ?daddy??
Who is he to Xander?
I wanted to ask these questions to Xander?.I wanted to know the truth.
?Amber?? Narinig kong sabi ni Vanessa sa akin.
Nilingon ko siya.
?I know?naguguluhan ka ngayon?but---? She started to explain things up.
I rolled my eyes ?I just wanted Xander to explain everything??
Then I turn my head again towards Xander and the little boy he was holding in hi
s arm.
My heart ache
I wanted to erase my nonsense thought? That I think it?s possible that this chil
d is must be Xander?s.
Magkamukha silang dalawa.
The child turn to my direction as Xander settled him down to his feet, and then
the child walks towards my way as he holds Xander?s hand.
?Dad? Is she the one that mama keeps talking about?? The child asked Xander.
Xander only nodded.
Ginagawa lang to ni Xander pag hindi niya alam ang gagawin niya o kinakabahan si
To my graciously surprise the child hugs me.
I wanted to flinch away and scream at him but I couldn?t. My hand automatically
caress the child?s back.
?Are you going to be my second mom?? He asked looking up at me.
I look at Xander.
?Roman?? Finally Xander find his words.
Roman? Roman ba ang pangalan ng bata to?
?Sorry? The child muttered and then he stared at me again ?Hi, ako nga pala si R
oman Francisco? He smiled at me.
I tried to smile, pero hindi ko kaya.
?Xander sorry?nasa hospital kasi si Ly---? Vanessa said.
Xander cut her words off ?I understand?
?Roman doon ka muna kina tita Vanessa mo?? Lumuhod si Xander sa harapan ni Roman
Roman pouted ?Pero dad, akala ko isasama muna ako??
He hugged Roman ?I will??
Hindi ko alam pero?naawa ako sa bata na may halong galit.
?Let?s go Roman? Kinuha na ni Vanessa ang kamay ni Roman ?Naghihintay na si tito
Justin mo..?
?Really?? Masayang sabi ni Roman.
Wait?.did I hear it right?
Alam na to ni Justin?.at ngayon ko lang na-realize na kaya pala ang lamig na ni
Justin sa akin ay dahil nagi-guilty siya.
Nang naka-alis na sina Vanessa nilingon ko si Xander.
?I need an explanation?.? I said walking away.
Nakita ko nalang na binayaran ni Xander ang aming pinamili sa cashier and then s
inundan na niya ako.
We drove home silently.
Nasa condo na ngayon kami ni Xander.
He?s sitting on the sofa while he?s rubbing his head.
I know this action of him means ?frustration?.
?Amber?? He called out again bago pa ako makapasok sa kwarto namin.
I close my eyes before I said this words ?Hindi ko yata kayang malaman ang totoo
I can?t control my emotions right now.
Halata naman diba? Na anak ni Xander yung bata?gusto kung hindi maniwala sa inst
inct ko pero hindi naman ako tanga.
He stood up and started walking towards me ?Roman is my son??
I slapped him ?Tama na? I said as tears started to fall from my eyes.
?No, Amber you need to know the truth?? He holds both of my hands ?Hindi ko kaya
ng magsinungaling sa?yo?
I pulled my hands away from him ?Magsinungaling?? I bitterly laughed ?C?mon Xand
er you?d already lied to me! How could you!?
?I know?I am sorry? He looked at me with a pain in his eyes ?Just let me explain
I calmed down as I move towards to the sofa ?Fifteen minutes? I said
Agad namang lumuhod si Xander sa harapan ko ?Anak ko siya kay Lysa??
Napapikit nalang ako sa sakit ng kanyang mga sinsabi.
?Roman is four years old na, he?s going to be five years old this year. Remember
what I told you that I and Lysa are?well? ?good? buddies before I had met you.
The last time we had sex was when I was very drunk and I forgot to put on a cond
om...But that was a month before I had met you?? He tried to reach out but I pul
led back.
?Are you sure that Roman is really your son?? I asked?baka naman kasi nagsisinun
galing lang si Lysa.
Xander nods his head ?Oo, nagpa DNA test si Roman and anak ko siya?
?Kailan pa?kalian mo pa nalaman na anak mo siya sa kanya?? Tanong ko kay Xander.
Napa-iling nalang siya ?Noong party at opening ng Mi-Amor??
Ganon niya ako pinagmukhang tanga? Kaya pala?kaya pala umalis siya noong panahon
na yun..umalis siya para puntahan ang mag-ina niya.
?I can?t believe this is happening to me?? I stood up and walked toward our room
Xander immediately followed me ?Angel fa---?
?Don?t you dare call me on that endearment? I creamed out and started to walk aw
?Where are you going? He asked me as I open the door.
Pagbukas ko sa pinto nakita ko si Manag Cecil, she looks sad.
?Magpapahangin? I said
But then Xander holds my right hand making me to stop from moving ?Don?t leave?
?Let go, Xander?
?No? He?s stubborn.
?Pag hindi mo ako binitawan kakamuhian kita.? I said without turning to look at
?Pag binitawan kita, iiwan muna ako.? Napabuntong hininga siya ?Amber hindi ko k
I can?t help but turn around and look at my husband.
?Xander?just let me think things up?.Please? I mumbled.
Naramdaman ko nalang na dahan-dahan tinanggal ni Xander ang kamay niya sa kamay
ko ?I will wait? He said and then I close the door leaving him inside in our roo
?Tatagan mo ang loob mo iha? Manang Cecil wiped my tears away.
?Hindi ko yata kaya manang? I said as I cried ?I have to go?I need space?
After I said those words I got out and leave.
?Free ka ba?? I asked Justin ?Busy kasi si Kurt and I need a friend?
Napabuntong hininga siya.
?Tito?paano po to laruin?? I heard Roman?s voice on the phone.
?Mukhang busy ka rin? I said.
Natagalan bago pa nakasagot si Justin ?No I am not. Sasa can handle things up he
re? He said ?Saan tayo magkikita, just wait for me..?
?Ite-text ko nalang sa?yo? I said then I ended the call.

Pagtext ko palang kay Justin, within just more ten minutes nandito na siya sa pa
?Hey? I smiled at him.
He studied me first then ?You looked in pain??
?I think you already know ?why?? I glance away from him.
Umupo siya sa tabi ko ?Sorry?
?Sorry? Kasi pati ikaw nagsinungaling sa akin? O sorry kasi na-aawa ka sa akin??
My eyes started to get wet.
He holds my hand ?Sorry because I can?t cast away the pain in your heart??
I looked at Justin then I pulled my hand away ?You don?t have to do that?.?
?Bakit?.bakit ba kasi si Xander pa ang minahal mo?? He touched my face ?You coul
d have love me so that your heart wouldn?t broke apart?
?Minahal mo ba si Lysa?? I ignored his confession and instead I ask him a questi
?Si Lysa??
I nodded
Tumawa nalang si Justin ?I don?t know?maybe before nahulog ako sa karisma niya?B
ut I can?t call it ?love??
Hindi na ako sumagot pa ang tumingin nalang ako sa langit.
?You know what?Roman is a good boy?? He break the silence between us ?Hindi nga
ako makapaniwala na napalaki siya ni Lysa ng maayos, maybe because of Lysa?s hus
Tumingin agad ako kay Justin.
?May asawa si Lysa?? Tanong ko kay Justin.
He looked at me ?Yes, hindi mo ba napapasin Roman?s surname its Francisco.?
?Akala ko kasi?single mom si Ly?.Lysa? I struggled to pronounce her name.
?Yes, right now she?s a single mom? Justin explained it to me.
Nagulat ako ?Hiwalay na sila ng asawa niya??
Kaya pala dumidikit siya ngayon kay Xander?
?No, namatay ang asawa ni Lysa, mga last six months na rin? Sabi ni Justin sa ak
Mas nagulat ako sa sinabi ni Justin ?Anong kinamatay niya??
?Sakit daw? Sagot naman ni Justin.
Balik naman kami sa pagiging nahimik.
Now some things are clearer.
Biglang na ring yung cellphone ko ?Hello??
?Amber? Si Ken to?
?Ohh bakit??
He paused for a moment ?Si Xander kasi lasing na lasing nasa bar kasama namin.?
?Pakihatid nalang siya sa condo naming nandoon ,naman si Manang Cecil? With that
I ended the call.
Gago pala tong si Xander?naglalasing ehh hindi naman kayang umuwi.
?Sino yun?? Nakalimutan ko may kasama pala ako.
?Si Ken? Simple kung sagot.
?Naglasing si Xander?? He smirked at me.
I nodded.
?Amber gaano mo kamahal si Xander?? Justin?s question made me shiver.
I stared at him.
Then tears started to fall ?I really don?t know kung gaano ko siya kamahal??
To my surprise Justin holds my cheeks using both of his hands ?Kaya mo ba siyang
Hindi ko tapos ang salita ko, when he started to lean down and move closer to mi
I pushed him away ?Justin!?
?Amber just a kiss from me, baka kasi kaya kung mabura sa puso mo si Xander? He?
s hand move to my arms to hold it.
I flinched away.
?I have to go? I said as I stood up.
Pero tumayo agad si Justin para habolin ako ?Just be with me? Amber I can make y
ou happy?Just be with me and forget all about him?? He said reffering to Xander.
Nilingon ko siya ?I cant. Hindi ko kaya. Justin you had asked me kung gaano ko k
amahal si Xander? Well I love Xander so much that I couldn?t live in a life wher
e he doesn?t even exist?. I love him in the way I only want to be with him. Only
with him that?s all?.?
After I said those words umalis na ako. Umalis ako habang alam kong nasaktan ko
ulit si Justin.


Xander?s POV

Late na akong gumising dahil sa hang over ko. Naalala ko pa na hinatid ako ni Ke
n?matapos siyang babaan ng telepono ni Amber.
Tuluyan na kaya niya akong iwan?
Gago talaga ako.
Pumunta nalang ako sa kusina para hanapin si manang. Ang bango naman ng niluluto
ni manang nagyon. As I walked in the kitchen?my breath held away. I was frozen.
Totoo ba tong na kikita ko? Or I am just still dreaming because of my hang over.
I even pinched my arm just to make it sure?na gising na ako.
One thing for sure?THIS IS NOT A DREAM.
Nilingon niya ako ?I told you?I wouldn?t leave? She said.
How I could I be so lucky? I thought she would leave me again?but I was wrong fo
r there she is? Ganito ba ako ka swerte? I must have done something good.
Dahil hindi na ako nakasagot she continue her words ?Xander?Yesterday I had real
ized something when Justin offer me to be with him instead of coming back to you
Ginawa yun ni Justin?
Langya siya! He even use this problem of us para lang makuha si Amber ulit. Gago
?So anong sinagot mo?did you say ?yes? to him?? I asked hiding my anger.
?Nandito pa kaya ako kung tinanggap ko ang alok niya?? Kamado niyang sagot.
Napa-iling nalang ulit ako.
She really is my wife.
?Thank you? I said.
She looked confused ?Thank you??
?Thank you?.for being here with me? I blush as I said those words. Oo kaming mga
lalaki ay nagblu-blush din?when we know we meant to say those words.
My wife is the only girl who could make me blush like a crazy person.
?Diba sabi ko sa?yo I had realized something. I had realized that?I am your wife
I should be the one who will understand you and I should not leave you alone wi
th this problem?because you are my husband?..? Buong puso niyang sabi.
I can?t believe Amber is saying these words to me.
I know this may sounded so gay?.but I feel like crying ?Amber?.?
?But Xander it doesn?t mean we?re okay?.and back normal na tayo? My anger is sti
ll here? Tinuro niya ang kanyang dibdib ?Just give a time to accept the changes
one by one??
I nodded ?Just promise me?.you wont leave??
?I will stand by you? She said with a warm love in her eyes.
I wouldn?t let anything ruin the relationship we?ve built. Kaya namin to ni Ambe

You might ask me ?bakit hindi lumayas si Amber?. You see it?s LOVE and when you
hit by this so called ?LOVE? you will be knockdown?you will get hurt and you wil
l feel pain?but this two feelings of love isn?t the reason to back out. Fix thin
gs up?remember the memories you have shared to that person and you would feel yo
u have a reason to hold on and this reason is ?you love that person?. And that?s
what Amber felt.
Sorry guys/dudes it took me a long---long time to update as you can see I have b
een busy with my studies?. But now? I promise to update.
Hugs and Kisses
Chapter 28: Blackout
Note: I change Roman?s age kasi nagkamali ako as I re-read na chapter 27. It?s s
upposed to be 4 yrs old going five yrs old instead of 5 yrs going 6 yrs. Theref
ore Roman?s age is 4 yrs old going 5 yrs old.



Xander?s POV

It?s been a week since the incidence happen. Oo naging malamig na ang pakitungo
ni Amber. She didn?t allow me to touch her oven hold her hand.
I really don?t know pero nakatira nga kami sa iisang bahay but her presence seem
s not even here. I can?t feel her anymore. Hindi na siya ang Amber na nakilala k
o. Hindi na siya sweet sa akin, hindi narin niya ako kinakausap.
Pero mas mabuti na?to kaysa iwan niya ako, dahil ikakamatay ko talaga.
Mas pinili ko nalang na hindi dalhin sa condo si Roman dahil baka mas makasama p
a to sa pagbubuntis ni Amber. Bawal kasi siyang masyadong ma stress. At salamat
na rink ay Vanessa na tumutulong sa pag-aalaga kay Roman.
?Pare malalim yata yang iniisip mo?? Tanong ni Matt sa akin.
Nandito kami sa bahay ni Ken.
Nilingon ko siya ?Hindi ko na alam ang gagawin ko??
Tinapik ni Ken ang balikat ko ?Dude?nandito lang kami??
I breathed hard ?Salamat..?
?So anak mo talaga siya kay Lysa?? Biglaan ang tanong ni Matt sa akin.
I smiled bitterly ?Yes?
?Kailan mo lang nalaman dude?? Tanong naman ni Ken.
?Mga last month na rin.. Yung sa opening ng Mi-Amor? Pinuntahan ako ni Lysa.? Pa
liwanag ko.
?Talaga? Paano siya nakapasok?.ehh diba for invited person lang yung party niyo?
? Nagtataka tanong ni Ken ulit.
Tiningnan ko siya ?Tinulungan siya ni Vanessa??
?Yung ex fianc?e ni JC?? Matt asked as he handed me the wine glass.
I nodded.
?Magkakilala pala sila? Ken said.
Napa-iling ako ?Siguro. I don?t know kung paano sila nagkakilala? I didn?t bothe
red to asked?
?I wonder why?. Lysa didn?t told you na nabuntis mo siya? Bakit ngayon niya lang
sinabi, sana noon pa lang?para hindi masyadong magkagulo ang lahat.? Yung lang
ang sinabi ni Matt while he drink his wine.
Sasabihin ko ba ang totoo?
Sasabihin ko ba ang lahat ng sekreto ni Lysa?
I shook my head, of course not. I had promised to Lysa na hindi ako magsasalita
tungkol sa kalagayan niya.
?Dahil nakahanap na siya ng taong minahal niya ng tunay?? Paliwanag ko.
?Akala ko ba?na baliw na baliw siya sa iyo?? Pagbibiro ni Ken.
?Nah, maybe noong high school and college years. But I think she had hit by love
when she had met her husband?? I chuckled.
Parang nagulat si Ken ?May?May asawa si Lysa??
?Yes dude??
?I can?t believe it, the great Lysa Gonzales knows how to love? Ken said with a
smirk on his lips.
I laughed ?Correction she?s not Lysa Gonzales, she?s Lysa Gonzales Francisco??
Napatawa na si Ken sa sinabi ko maliban kay Matt. Psst napaka serious talaga ni
?So if meron na siyang asawa bakit ka pa niya ginugulo?bakit kailangan pa niyang
manggulo sa inyo ni Amber?? He asked in a harsh tone.
I frowned ?Kasi patay na ang asawa niya??
?Baka pinatay niya?? Ken joked
Pero tiningnan ko nalang siya ng masama ?Namatay ang asawa niya sa sakit?.?
?Life is such a paradox?? Matt muttered.
Then my phone rang.
?Excuse me? Sabi ko at naalakad palayo nilang Matt at Ken.
Tiningnan ko ang screen ng cellphone ko. Napakunot ang noo ko.
?Hello?? I said.
?Xander?..? Boses ni Lysa ?Can we see you? Your son miss you already? Malambing
niyang sabi.
Napailing ako. Tama ba tong ginagawa ko.
Nang hindi ako nakasagot agad, nagsalita ulit si Lysa ?I just want him to have a
good memories of us? Na miss na rin niya kasi si David?? Malungkot niyang sabi
as she articulate the name of her passed husaband.
?Okay? nasan pala kayo?? I asked.
?Nasa bahay?? Sagot naman niya
?Maghintay nalang kayo diyan..susunduin ko kayo? Sabi ko naman sa kanya
Lysa chuckled ?Naku wag na magkita nalang tayo sa mall??
?Ikaw ang bahala? Sabi ko sa kanya.
?Ummm Xander?sinabi mo ba ang tungkol sa kalagayan ko ngayon?? She asked trying
to hide the pain in her voice.
?No? I promise walang makakaalam? Maliban kay Vanessa? I assured her.
I can feel her breathe ?Thank you?for everything??
?For you? Yun lang at binaba ko na ang cellphone ko.
I walk towards Ken and Matt ?I have to go?.?
Matt looked at me ?Just a piece of advice bro? don?t rush things out. Remember m
aselan ang pagbubuntis ng asawa mo??
Napabuntong hininga ako ?I won?t. I love Amber so much and I couldn?t afford to
cause her any pain. I will fix things up. By the way bro thanks?
With that umalis na ako.

Amber?s POV

?Ano?! May anak si Xander sa ibang babae?? sabi ni Kurt na para bang gulat na gu
lat. Sabagay sino nga ba ang hindi magugulat?
I just nodded while wiping my tears away.
?Naku ahh? sarap sampalin yang asawa mo?? Kurt said. Hinahaplos niya ang aking b
alikat na para bang pinapatahan niya ako.
I looked at him ?Hindi ko na alam ang gagawin ko?? Matapos ko yung sabihin paran
g may kirot sa puson ko. Dapat hindi ako ma stress?
Just be strong for mommy baby I silently said.
Naglakad kami ni Kurt sa mall ?Layasan mo na si Xander no!? Komento naman ni Ku
?Hindi ko kaya?..? Sabi ko naman.
Tiningnan niya ako ng masama ?Martyr mo naman best?. Dapat kasi ipa-realize mo k
ay Xander ang mali na ginawa niya?para magtanda siya??
Oo martyr na kung martyr pero mahal ko si Xander?
?Hindi naman yun Kurt?. Alam ko kasi na malalagpasan din namin to?? Paliwanag ko
sa kanya.
Napahinto sa paglalakad si Kurt ?Tingnan lang natin kung masasabi mo yan pagluma
la yang problema niyo??
I frowned ?Kurt naman? Oo galit ako kay Xander pero hindi ko parin kayang mawala
siya? ayoko?
?Hay?. Pag-ibig nga naman?? Kurt just hugged me ?Basta?magtira ka ng pagmamahal
sa sarili mo??
Habang naglalakad kami bigla nalang akong natigilan as I saw Roman with a woman
holding his hand?parang ang saya nilang dalawa.
Tiningnan ko ang kasama ni Roman, she look exquisite in her own way. She has a b
rownish long wavy hair, medyo singkit ang kanyang mga mata, she has a creamy ski
n na medyo pumupula baka sa init sa Pinas and then medyo mapayat din siya, tapos
mas matangkad siya sa akin ng three inches.
Suddenly I notice na pinapatawa siya ni Roman?and when she smiled I can see her
dimples across her cheeks.
One word I can describe about her , she?s ?pretty?.
?Kilala mo siya?? Tanong ni Kurt.
Kilala ko ba siya? I feel something weird towards her.
Sasagutin ko na sana si Kurt na hindi ko kilala siya and then--------
?Mama halika ka dito?? Sigaw ni Roman sa babae.
Hindi ko maiwasang masaktan. Ina siya ni Roman, isa lang ang ibig sabihin?. Siya
si Lysa.
?Kurt?.siya?? Hindi ako makahinga ?Siya?siya si Lysa??
?Si Lysa? Yung napaanakan ng asawa mo?? Sabi ni Kurt.
Kurt naman?kailangan talagang paulit-ulit sabihin sa akin na may anak sa iba si
Pero ang sumunod na nangyari ay hindi kinaya ng puso ko. Si Xander dumating na m
ay ngiti sa kanyang mukha. While Roman is running towards Xander.
?Daddy..Daddy?Daddy? Paulit-ulit niyang sigaw. Habang bawat salita ay nagdudulot
ng kirot sa puso ko.
Lumapit naman si Lysa sa kanila ?Naku yang anak mo?ang likot na? Dinig na dinig
ko siya.
Hindi ko na kaya ang nakikita ko?masakit tingnan at isipin sa bawat sadali na si
la?y magkasama.
Para akong pinapatay sa selos, inggit, at sakit.
Bakit ba Xander? Sila na ba ang pinili mo? Magkakaanak naman tayo ah. Sunod-suno
d ang pagtatanong ng isipan ko.
Kitang-kita ko kung paano hinalikan ni Xander si Roman habang si Lysa naman ay t
Ang sakit?sobra.
?Amber!!!? Biglang sigaw ni Kurt ?May dugo sa hita mo??
I looked down between my legs and I gasped. No this can?t be?. Kitang kita ko an
g dugo sa hita ko since naka whole dress lang ako.
?Kurt?.ang baby ko? Tears streaming down my face as I said those words.
?Halika dadalhin kita sa hospital? Binuhat agad ako ni Kurt.
Pinagkakaguluhan na kami ng tao ?Anong nangyari maam, sir??
?Call an ambulance!? Sigaw ni Kurt.
Parang na hihilo ako?ang sakit ng puson ko. Gusto ko na yatang mamatay.
But then suddenly nakita kami ni Xander na agad namang lumapit sa amin ?What hap
pen to her? Angel face?Damn!?
I can see Xander?s worried face?before I blackout.
REMEMBER: Being tired and stopping what you felt is a coward love. How will you
ever know how great love can be..if you did not risk anything for it?
Just a few chapters.
Hugs and Kisses

Chapter 29: No Secrets
-Barin Taylor



Amber?s POV

I slowly open my eyes?even though my body is burning with pain?especially betwee
n my thighs. I am sore and I don?t know why.
I tried to remember everything that had happen, and then the pain shot directly
in my heart as the scene keep on recalling in my mind.
?My baby? My body?s system panicked as I tried to pulled my body up.
Bigla ko nalang nakita si Xander na papalapit sa akin ?Angel face? Thank God you
are awake?? He held my hand.
I flinched away. How dare him? After all the burdens he had put in me.
I looked at Xander with hatred ?My baby? Okay lang siya diba??
He did not answer me but instead he just closes his eyes? then a few second he o
pens his eyes. I can see that the tears are now visible.
?Dammit! Answer me!? I shouted at him.
Bigla nalang pumasok ang doctor ?Anong ingay----? The doctor looked at me ?Mabut
i naman at gising ka na misis. Did your husband tell you already that----? He pa
used for a moment.
?Ano ibig niyong sabihin Dok?? I asked panicking.
Tahimik lang si Xander habang patuloy na pinupunasan ang kanyang mga luha.
?I tried to?save your baby but it?s too late. I am sorry Mrs. Del Castillo but y
ou had lose your baby..? Malungkot na sabi ng doctor.
Parang nabagsakan ako ng langit habang nakikinig sa pinagsasabi ng doctor. Tulal
a lang ako, hindi ko alam gagawin ko. It?s clear now?wala na ang baby ko.
As I absorb everything that the doctor had said my tears slowly streaming down.
?No?no?no!? I screamed in pain ?This can?t be happening?please? Tiningnan ko yun
g doctor ?Tell me? tell me you are lying?Tell me? Patuloy ang pag-agos ng luha s
a aking mga mata.
?I tried but mahina talaga ang kapit ng baby mo misis. Anyway I have to go? Yun
lang at umalis na ang doctor.
I am panicking to death.
Naramdaman ko nalang ang yakap ni Xander sa akin.
Tiningnan ko siya at habang nakatingin ako sa kanyan hindi ko maiwasan maalala a
ng mga nangyari. Siya, si Roman at si Lysa.
?Don?t touch me!? Sigaw ko sa kanya ?Kinamumuhian kita!? Dagdag ko pa.
Bumitaw sa pagkakayakap si Xander sa akin ?I am so---?
?Sorry? Bakit Xander mabubuhay ba ang anak ko sa ?sorry? mo?? I sarcastically sa
He put his hands on his face and then he said ?Nawalan din ako Amber??
How dare him?. What a bastard he is.
?Meron ka pa namang anak diba? Pero sa ibang babae? Matalim na galit na salita a
ng binigay ko sa kanya.
Napa-upo nalang siya ?Hindi ko na alam ang gagawin ko?
?Kung hindi ka sana nakipagkita sa Lysa na yun! Papatawarin sana kita?Xander han
da naman akong patawarin ka, handa akong tanggapin si Roman sa buhay natin?? Sab
i ko habang nakatitig siya sa akin. Panay ang agos ng luha sa aking mga mata ?Al
am kung bakit Xander? Kasi mahal kita..mahal na mahal kita. Pero wala ehh?you ne
ver failed to hurt me over and over again.? Tinuro ko ang kaliwa kong dibdib ?Wa
sak na wasak na ang puso ko Xander. Ina ako?nawalan ako ng anak, dahil sa ano? S
a iyo! Dahil sa?yo nawala ang anak natin? You destroyed the family I wanted to h
ave?the family I wanted to have with you? Umiiyak ako habang sinasabi ko yun ?Al
am mo ba kung gaano ako nasasaktan ngayon? Xander para akong mamamatay?? I added
as I wiped my tears away.
?God?. Amber tell me? ano ang dapat kong gawin para maibsan ang sakit sa puso mo
? He kneeled down on his knees.
?I want you to leave me alone?.?
?I can?t---? He held my hand.
I pushed his hand away ?Yun lang ang hiling ko Xander. I wanted to be alone.?
Lumapit muna siya sa akin ?Kung pwede lang ako yung masaktan Amber. The more I
see you in pain; it doubles up the pain hitting me right now.? Hinalikan niya ak
o sa noo. Kahit pilit akong umiwas ?Mahal na mahal kita.? With that he left.
It?s been three days. Three days since nawala ang baby ko.
Yes, lumayas ako sa condo ni Xander. I can?t bear seeing him again, para bang bu
mabalik yung sakit na nasa puso ko.
Right now I am staying with Kurt?s condo.
Sabi nga ni Kurt sa akin na panay yung tanong ni Xander tungkol sa kalagayan ko.
But I don?t care I am just letting him pay the consequences.
Right now, nandito ako sa puntod ng baby ko nang nakita ko na nandito pala si ma
?Iha...? She said ?Hindi na pumapasok si Xander sa opisina.?
I looked away ?Hindi ko na po kasalanan yun?
?I know?. And I am so sorry to what Xander did to you? She cried.
?Ma, wag kayong mag-sorry hindi naman po kayo ang may kasalanan? I held both of
her hands.
?Halika let?s have a tea? She offered.
Hindi naman ako makatanggi ?Sige po?

Nandito kami sa isang tea house, na medyo walang tao.
She stared at me ?Naalala ko tuloy yung sarili ko sa?yo? Sabi niya habang iniinu
m yung tea niya.
?Ina ako Amber, nawalan din ako. Masakit pa rin isipin yung araw na namatay si E
lena?? sa bi niya sa akin.
?Sorry po? I said.
?Don?t be?? She breathed hard ?Pero meron pa akong naalala sa?yo?
?Ano po yun?? I raised my eyebrow.
She sighed ?The day when my husband told me na may anak siya sa iba??
Oo nga, mama was saying about Justin.
Dahil hindi ako makakibo she just continue ?Sa una masakit, bilib nga ako sa?yo
Amber kasi parang kalma kalang? Pero noon isinumpa ko ang asawa ko pati narin si
JC. I was a wicked stepmother noon. Until I realized na napamahal na ako kay JC
for he never disappointed me. He respected me even though I know half of it was
hatred. Napaka-drama ang mundo ko noon habang si Xander walang kamalay-malay?he
loves JC as much he loves us. That?s the time I realized that I should be a mot
her to JC kasi mahal siya ng pamilya ko, that I should accept JC the way he acc
epted me in his life.?
?Hindi po kayo galit kay Justin noong nawala si Elena?? I asked.
She smiled at me. A mother?s smile indeed ?Galit ako sa kanya, but not because E
lena died.. Because umalis siya? You see Amber I love JC like my own son, natutu
nan ko siyang mahalin. And then one day iiwan niya ako? Doon ako nagalit sa kany
a, kasi nga nawala na nga si Elena?pati din siya iiwan ako. Kaya nga para maibsa
n ang lungkot ko binibisita ko siya sa Canada??
?Pero?sabi ni Xander its Justin?s fault kung bakit kayo malungkot noon.? I wari
ly said.
Napa-iling si mama ?Yes, nalungkot ako kasi na I felt like wala akong kwentang i
na noon..for being so irresponsible. Na misunderstood lang siguro yun ni Xander
and with that he blame it to JC.?
?Hindi po. Xander and Justin are so lucky to have you as their mother? I smiled
at her.
She wiped her tears ?Anak??
?Do the things that are right. Not the things you think are right.? She stood up
?I have to go, may meeting pa kasi ako.?
I kissed her cheek ?Ingat po kayo mama.?

As I drove home, mama?s words keep on recalling in my head.
Do the things that are right. Not the things you think are right.
Do the things that are right. Not the things you think are right.
Do the things that are right. Not the things you think are right.
Nasa elevator na sana ako, patungo sa room ng condo ni Kurt when a lady approach
es me.
?Architect Del Castillo?? Her voice seems so sweet.
I turned around. Uneasy feeling is creeping in me. Why the hell is she her? Is s
he making a scene?
?Pwede ba tayong mag-usap?? She asked with a calm voice.
Tiningnan ko si Lysa na para bang hindi ako makapaniwala na nandito siya.
?What do you want?? I stiffly asked her.
She smiled at me ?Hindi naman maganda kung dito tayo sa hallway mag-usap right?
Let?s have a lunch besides quarter to twelve na?
I rolled my eyes ?Just join me up? I said and the elevator open up.
She just nodded and walked towards me.

Nang nasa condo na kami she just sat down on the sofa. Hay..buti naman wala si K
urt dito.
?Coffee? Juice?? I asked her.
Okay.. I just wanted to respect her, even if I hated her so much.
?No thanks? She mumbled.
Enough with this fake show ?Okay?just straight to point. What do you want?? I ha
rshly asked her.
?I am sorry that you had lost---? I cut her words off.
?C?mon enough with this sorry, I don?t need it Lysa. Besides isn?t what you want
?? I smirked evilly at her.
Sincerity is written on her face. Or she is just faking it.
?I know it?s my fault but?mas kailangan ko si Xander ngayon? She said in a selfi
sh way.
Nasampal ko siya ?How dare you said those words to me. You don?t know how painfu
l for me to stay away tapos ano? sasabihin mo nalang na mas kailangan mo si Xand
er? I just want to let you know that I am his wife.? Tiningnan ko siya ng masama
?Namatayan ako ng anak??
?Sorry? She said.
?Get out? I mumbled
Napaluhod siya ?Kung kailangan kung lumuhod para pakinggan mo lang ako. Hindi ko
naman hiniling na mapatawad mo ako.. I had caused you a lot of pain. Pero what
I am asking is just hear my words..Please? She cried.
Naawa ako sa kanya, pero mas nanaig parin ang galit sa puso ko ?Fine. But don?t
blame me if I wont believe your words. Sit down, nakakaawa ka.?
?Noong nalaman kong buntis ako at si Xander ang ama, gusto kong manggulo sa buha
y niyo. Tumawag pa nga ako noon, pero may sumagot nga hindi naman nagsalita? She
paused just to catch her breath.
Oo naalala ko yung. Yung tumawag si Lysa at ako yung nakasagot, so balak nga yan
g guluhin kami noon?
?Nagulo mo naman kami. Ako ang nakasagot sa tawag mo noon. And dahil doon I deci
ded na layasan si Xander.? I raised my eyebrow.
She gasped ?Sorry?
?Sorry na naman? Just continue okay?? Pagtataray kung sabi.
?At that night I decided to have an abortion, kasi hindi pa ako handa. Then I me
t a guy his name is David Franciso, he saved me and stopped me in getting an abo
rtion. Time passed he become my friend, my best friend until pinanganak ko si R
oman. Tapos he just asked me to marry him..? She smiled as she remembered the be
st thing in her life
?I was so deeply in love with David and of course I said ?Yes?. Tinuring niyang
anak si Roman---? She added pero pinutol ko ang salita niya.
?Are you just going to tell me you love story. Such a waste of time? Inirapan ko
. Oo galit ako kasi alam kung naging masaya siya noon habang ako? Nag-iisa at na
gpapakahirap na wala sa tabi ko si Xander and it?s her fucking fault!
She frowned.
The guilt is creepy in my heart ?But just continue it? I said.
She smiled again showing her dimples ?Akala ko nga?fairytales na yung buhay ko u
ntil it?s our fourth wedding anniversary. Pumunta kami sa Las Vegas kasama si Ro
man of course. Tapos nagpa-tattoo si David doon, it?s an antique tattoo shop na
kakilala ni David ang may-ari. He got a tattoo on his arm, pero yun yung dahilan
kung bakit siya nawala sa akin, sa amin ni Roman. I don?t know pero months had
passed by unti-unting nanghina si David.? Lysa wipped her tears away
?Nagpa check-up kami and doon lang namin nalaman na positive sa HIV virus ang as
awa ko. I asked him if he ever touched any girl or is he cheating on me, but he
said ?No? and I believe in him. Then doon lang namin nalaman sa lab result na bl
ood transmitted ang dahilan kung bakit siya nagkaroon ng HIV virus. Then David m
ade a conclusion na nakuha niya yun sa tattoo shop, the doctor said it?s possibl
e kasi baka hindi daw sterilize ang karayum na ginagamit.? Sabi niya sa akin hab
ang naluluha ang kanyang mga mata
?We went back to Las Vegas para kausapin yung may-ari but we?re too late patay n
a siya and he is also positive sa virus. We head back to the Philippines with a
pain in our heart. Months had passed unti-unting nawawalan na ako ng pag-asa kas
i may AIDS na ang asawa ko.Then lately I experienced the symptoms of HIV virus,
huli na ang lahat nahawa na pala ako ni David. Hanggang it leads to AIDS na ikan
amatay ni David.? Lysa added.
After Lysa said those words she smiled at me with tears flowing down her face ?W
hat I am trying to say Amber is, I am dying and three months nalang ang tagal ko
dito sa mundo. Yes part of me is happy kasi finally makakasama ko na ang mahal
kong si David, pero ayokong iwan si Roman mag-isa. Ulila na ako Amber, wala na r
in ang pamilya ni David at si Xander lang ang makakatulong sa akin? She cried as
she kneeled down on her knees in front of me.
I don?t know why? Should I hate this girl? But it seems like after I had heard h
er story naaawa ako sa kanya. Awang- awa ako sa kanya. She had suffered too much
?Bakit hindi sinabi ni Xander sa akin ang lahat?? I asked
She stared at me ?I told him so. Amber nahihiya ako sa sakit ko?. Feeling ko wal
a akong kwentang tao? Patuloy pa rin siyang umiiyak.
?Get up? I said.
She stood up ?Please?? And then nahimatay siya at buti naman nasalo ko siya.
?What the hell?? Napalingon ako, si Kurt lang pala ?Best? Pinatay mo??
I give him my death glare ?Gaga, nahimatay. C?mon dalhin natin siya sa hospital?
?Ang bait ha?? Kurt jokingly.
?Ohh?joke lang.. Let?s go? Agad niyang binuhat si Lysa.

Nasa hospital kami at sinabihan ako ng doctor na kailangan niyang magpahinga ng
mga three days sa hospital,
?No? Lysha hissed ?Walang kasama si Roman, mag-isa lang siya sa condo ko.?
Hindi ko alam pero, nakaramdam ako ng awa sa mag-ina.
?Susunduin ko nalang siya, I will drop him by sa condo ni Xander? I offered.
I can?t believe I am saying these words. Dapat kasi galit ako sa kanya. Pero sad
yang unti-unting hinahaplos ng awa ang puso ko.
Oo nawalan ako.
Pero?kasalanan ba nila?
Everything has reason?but sometimes I wish I knew that reasons.
I just want to surrender things up to God.
?Pero nakaka-abala na ako sa?yo? Sabi niya.
?Hindi naman bato ang puso ko.? I said ?Just give me your card to your condo.? I
mumbled lifting my right hand.
She smiled at me ?Xander is so lucky to have you as his wife?.?
Tahimik ko nalang kunuha ang card sa kamay niya.
Lumabas na ako sa hospital at agad nag-drive patungo sa condo ni Lysa. Napabunto
ng hinanga ako, kaya ko bang makita ulit si Roman?
Then mama?s words flash in my mind.
Do the things that are right. Not the things you think are right.
I am such a coward, kailangan kung harapin ang mga problema na to.
Nasa tapat na ako ng condo ni Lysa, swipe nalang ng card ang kailangan.
I can do this.
I swipe the card and bumukas ang pinto. I look around?.walang gaanong gamit sila
ng Lysa. Just a simple things.
Ang tahimik yata tapos biglang.
?Sino ka?? I heard Roman?s voice on my back.
I turned around ?Hey? I tried to smile.
He frowned ?Papagalitan mo ako??
I blinked my eyes ?What are talking about??
?Sabi kasi ni mama na kasalanan namin kung bakit namatay ang kapatid ko?.? He sa
id in a soothing voice.
Ang kapatid ko
His words echoed in my ears.
?Sorry po maam? He said formally ?Sana nga ako nalang ang nawala?kasi iiwan din
ako ni mama??
Naawa ako sa kanya ?Shhh?. It?s?.it?s not your fault little boy?
?Noon ngang sinabi ni daddy na malapit na akong may kapatid, alam niyo po ang sa
ya saya ko? Kasi sa unang pagkakataon nararamdaman kong hindi na ako sampit sa p
amilya ni daddy..kasi may kadugo na ako?may tatawag ng ?kuya? sa akin? He explai
ned with a sad face ?Pero?. Napahamak ang kapatid ko dahil sa akin??
Totoo bang four years old na siya? He spoke like a man already? Pero?Baka naman
sa experience niya sa mundo.
I kneeled down to hold his shoulder. Nanginginig ako habang hinahawakan ko siya
?Halika, pack your things pupunta tayo sa condo ng daddy mo?.?
?Talaga po??
?Yep?doon ka muna? I said.
?Si mama po?? He asked in a worried tone.
I flinched ?Nagpapagaling? C?mon hurry up?? I said.

Hindi makapaniwala si Xander sa nakita niya ?Amber?? Tapos tiningnan niya si Rom
an ?Hey?.young man?
?Daddy!? Agad namang niyakap ni Roman si Xander.
One thing I realize? Xander could have been a better father sa anak namin.
Bumalik na naman ang sakit na nararamdaman ko noong nawala ang baby ko. I can?t
help it but cry.
I wiped my tears away ?Nasa hospital si Lysa. Sabi niya sa?yo muna si Roman? I s
He whispered something kay Roman.
Roman nodded at tapos naglakad patungo ka Manang Cecil na nasa tabi ng sofa.
?Manang pakidala nalang si Roman sa kwarto? Utos ni Xander.
?Opo? Agad naman dinala ni Manang si Roman sa kwarto.
Nang wala na sila sa sala ?Let?s talk? Sabi ni Xander.
Tama?we should talk about everything.
I nodded.
We sat on the sofa.
?Alam ko na ang lahat?. Lahat tungkol sa sakit ni Lysa? I mumbled ?But it wouldn
?t change the fact the pain I keep? Oo unti-unti ko na siyang napapatawad pero a
ng sakit na nararamdaman ko Xander hindi pa rin nawawala??
He stared at me? and I can see the warm of being away in his eyes ?I miss you? H
e said.
Ohh God?. Give me strength.
?Miss na miss na rin kita Xander? Yun..inamin ko na.
?Then be with me? Amber the distance between us is killing me? He said as he kne
eled down in front of me.
I touched his cheeks, napapikit siya ?I can?t? Xander the pain is hunting me dow
n. It?s creeping me at unti-unti niya akong pinapatay.?
Tiningnan niya ako ?Hindi ko kayang mawala ka?. Hanggang kailan ko pagsisisihan
ang kasalanan ko??
?I asked God, why he had to take away our baby. Then I realize hindi pa pala ako
handang maging ina. Because I have to fix myself first. I have to find my soul
na nawala noong sinaktan mo ako.? I put both of my hands on his cheek ?Mahal kit
a Xander? Pero kailangan ko rin mahalin ang sarili ko? I should forgive myself s
a nangyari sa baby natin. Kasi kahit ngayon?sinisisi ko ang sarili ko kung baki
t nawala ang anak natin. Pabaya kasi ako.? I cried.
He put his hand on my shoulder ?No?it?s not your fault?
I smiled ?I wanted to design myself again.?
?What do you mean??
?Aalis ako? I mumbled.
Tears started to flow on his cheek, I wiped his tears ?I want to find myself?I w
anted to heal the wounds in my heard at pag okay na ako?I will come back to you?
?No?please Amber?? Pagmamakaawa niya sa akin.
I kissed his forehead ?I will design everything again?and I will design it in a
better way? Then when everything?s back on track you will construct the whole th
ing that has left between us. And it?s love Xander.?
?Hindi ko kayang mawala ka Amber?? He hugged me.
I pushed him a little. Nagtama ang aming mga mata. I need to do this, so I kiss
We kiss passionately until we?re both panting ?Don?t leave? he said.
I held both of his hand and I kissed it ?You will always be?the Engineer of my l
ife. I love you Engineer Xander del Castillo?
With that tumayo ako at iniwan siyang nakaluhod.
?Angel face?..?
Lumingon ako, nakatayo na pala siya.
?I will see you soon..? He said.
?Good bye Xander? I said then I went out.

Goodbye. Goodbye doesn?t mean ?ending? it means you just have to let go the thin
gs that had hurt you the most. Saying goodbye to the one you love is 'letting go
' another way of saying ?I love you so?.

Hugs and Kisses
Chapter 30: Make you See
They say LOVE IS BLIND, but it asks to see how happy it can make you.

Live with purpose.


Vanessa?s POV

How did I end up like this?
All I asking for is ?love?. Am I that ambitious? I wanted to be loved? I just wa
nted somebody to love me.
Isn?t that too much to ask?
I was so in love with the idea of love
That sometimes I wanted to dictate ?love?. Just the like movies I had scene, alw
ays a happy ending.
Then suddenly a flash of camera caught my attention.
?You are thinking so much?? May boses akong narinig galing sa front door.
I turned around, and I was right Justin stood there holding a DSLR camera with a
smirk on his lips.
?Wow, this is new. Hindi kana galit sa akin?? Tanong ko sa kanya.
Oo galit si Justin sa akin, dahil tinulungan ko si Lysa at dahin dun nasaktan si
Amber. Amber na naman. Siguro kailangan ko ng tanggapin na si Amber lang talaga
ang mahal niya, na nabura na ako sa puso niya. Noon nga kahapon halos hindi niy
a ako kausapin kahit na kasama namin si Roman.
Am I that hard to love?
?Nah, maybe I was just over reacted? He said locking the front door ?Bukas na ka
si yung pinto ng condo mo, I hope you don?t mind? He added as he put his camera
above the side table.
?No? I said.
He started walking towards me; his eyes keep staring at me until he stopped from
walking when we are meters away with each other.
I can?t lie anymore. My heart stops beating as we gazed each other.
?So do you forgive me already?? I break-off the silence between us.
He shakes his head ?I guess I should be the one asking you that?.?
?I said, I guess----? He paused for a moment before putting his right hand on hi
s neck ?Sorry?? He finally said.
?Sorry? C?mon Jas I don?t know why you are asking ?sorry?? I said as I blinked m
y eyes.
?Sasa naman, malaki ang kasalan ko sa?yo noon at hanggang ngayon?? Sabi niya hab
ang papalapit na naman sa akin.
Napa-iling nalang ako ?Ahhh?. Nakalimutan ko na yun? I lied. Kasi hanggang ngayo
n I still ?trying? to forget the pain he had put in me.
?Nakalimutan? But did you forgive me?? He said holding my arms.
Ang lapit na namin sa isa?t-isa.
?Do you wanna know the truth?? Sabi ko habang pinipigilan ang pag-patak ng luha
sa aking mga mata.
He just nods his head.
Damn this man!
?Oo galit pa rin ako sa?yo! Ba?t ba kasi hindi mo ako maintindihan?? Unti-unting
tumutulo ang luha sa aking mga mata ?Jas, kung hindi mo ako kayang mahalin?atle
ast pakinggan mo muna ako?before saying I had planned all of this ?bullcrap? jus
t to hurt Amber.?
?Pero ganon kita kamahal. Kahit na alam kong galit ka sa akin sa mga oras na yun
inintindi kita Justin kasi ganon yung mag ?best friend? diba? Ganon tayo ?noon?
.? Patuloy ang pag-agos ng luha sa aking mga mata habang nagsasalita.
?You said you ?knew? me?.You said ?I am not the kind of girl who would step on o
ther?s pride? but Jas, the way you said your hurtful words to me last few days p
arang sinabi mo na rin na ?hindi mo ako kilala?.? I added pushing him away.
To my surprise he hugged me.
But I pulled away from his hug ?Tama na Justin?tama na. Mas mabuti nalang hindi
na tayo magkita pa??
Then he just kissed me.
Yes Justin is kissing me right now. A torrid kiss he sealed from mine. He never
kissed me like this before. He was sweet kisser when we were together but now? H
is kiss seems like a fire burning with desire.
I can?t breathe and I guess his feeling it for he moved his lips on my neck, suc
king it.
He stopped just to put his forehead into mine ?Is this wrong? Because I can?t fi
ght the desire I long?? After he said those words he started taking my clothes o
ff of me. And since I am just wearing a whole dress, a simple zip-down of his ma
sculine hand would let my dress fall to the ground.
I am ?almost? naked in front of him.
But am I ready? Am I ready to give my purity to this man?. Is he worthy of my vi
When he finish harassing my body through his lustful eyes, he deep down to kiss
me again.
And my entire hesitance vanishes. I don?t know why? wrong or right I want Justin
. I think I should just think the entire consequences after this.
Besides, I am going to let him go after ?this?. But right I just want to make ?l
ove? to him, even though this isn?t love for him?.maybe lust.
?You are so beautiful? He said looking at me like I am the most precious thing h
e had seen then I realized I am now naked.
I blushed.
There?s no turning back now Vanessa I thought to myself.

We are now gasping for air as we finish the ?activity? we had made. Oo sa una ma
sakit, but Justin was a perfect lover?he did handle me with care.
He gave pleasure.
?What had happen between us was---? He struggled to find a words.
?Was part of your ?sorry??? I cut him off ?Well at least the moment we ?did? it
I actually forgot the pain. It was replaced by pleasure?? I sarcastically said a
s I put on my dress.
He did the same.
Nang nakabihis na kami at ayos na ang aming mga sarili ?I want you out?? I said
as I turned around to face him.
Nang laki kanyang mga mata ?Sasa?mag-usap tayo ng maayos?? Pilit niya akong hina
wakan sa kamay but I draw back my hand away at dahil doon the basag ang vase na
nasa likod ko.
Ang vase?.ang vase na binigay ng papa sa akin noong college days ko pa. I instan
tly kneeled down and started picking up the broken vase.
But I accidentally cut my right hand ?Aray?.? Napa-ungol ako.
Agad naman akong pinatayo ni Justin ng nakita niya na may sugat ang kanan kong k
amay ?Mukhang malalim ang sugat na?to? Sabi niya habang pinapa-upo ako sa kama.
Kumuha siya ng tissue sa side table.
Napa-ungol ako habang pinapahidan niya ng tissue ang sugat ko?Tama na Justin? Sa
bi ko.
?Pag hindi na ito dudugo gagamutin natin to? Sabi niya sa akin.
Tinulak ko siya, gamit ang kaliwa kong kamay ?Sabi ko, tama na!?
?Ano ba Sasa! Gusto ko lang maibsan ang sakit sa sugat mo?? Galit niyang sabi sa
akin pero may halong pag-aalala.
Tears started to fall again from my eyes ?Hindi Justin, hindi kaya ng tissue ang
sugat sa puso ko. My heart is bleeding but just a simple tissue paper couldn?t
stop the pain?? I said as I pulled my hand away from his grip ?Just leave. I can
take care of myself.?
He breathed hard and then he left.

Amber?s POV

?Hay? hindi ka na ba talaga mapipigilan?? Sabi ni Kurt sa akin.
Tanawa nalang ako ?No??
?Mamimiss kita?? He hugged me.
?Aww me too? I said as I hugged him back.
?Nasaan na ba si Justin?? He said when he pulled away but he put his hand on my
I smiled at Kurt ?Hmmm maybe he is now fixing the things between him and Vanessa
?Weehh? How did ?ya know?? Kurt asked.
?Kasi kaninang madalik araw pinuntahan niya ako sa condo mo, ehh tulog ka pa. He
said his ?goodbye? to me and I told him he should fix his life with Vanessa?? I
?So? Anong sinabi niya sa iyo??
?Hmmm He just laughed and left? Sana nga maayos na ni Justin ang kanyang love li
fe? Sabi ko habang natatawa.
Tinaasan ako ng kilay ni Kurt ?Speaking of love life, talaga bang iiwan mo na si
Natigilan ako ?I dunno, all I wanted to do right is to fix myself.?
?Did you regret everything?? Kurt asked me again.
?Na sana hindi nalang ako umuwi sa Pinas?...? Sabi ko and then I shook my head ?
Kurt hindi ko pinagsisihan ang lahat ng nangyari sa buhay ko. Especially coming
back here, kasi dahil doon nalaman kong mahal pala ni Xander?? Tears started to
?I know?he loves me..he loves me so much and I never doubt his love, it?s just t
hat in order to let our ?love? grows we should know how to accept the imperfecti
on of each other.? I wiped my tears away ?Yes I admit hindi ko tanggap na may an
ak na si Xander sa iba,kasi hindi ko pa rin matanngap na wala na ang anak namin
ni Xander. Kurt jealousy is creeping in me? Napabuntong hininga ako ?And that?s
my problem I am insecure sa ?bagong? buhay ni Xander? I added.
Kurt wiped my tears away ?I hope you will find yourself again.? He said.
?I will, and I will be a better person.? I mumbled hugging Kurt.
?Pero alam kung mahahanap ka pa rin ni Xander at papabalikin dito, tulad ng gin
awa niya noong napauwi ka niya dito? Kurt said jokingly.
Narinig namin ang last call sa flight papuntang London.
?And when that day will come I hope everything will be solid as it was before or
even better that what we had started.? I smiled.
I breathed hard and started to walk.
Loving my husband is like an Architecture it?ll never had an ending. It?s like d
esigning it has to be unique so when you are going to look at it, you will know
?it?s yours?. Your design.
?I was in love with the idea of love?
"Loving my husband is like an Architecture it?ll never had an ending. It?s like
designing it has to be unique so when you are going to look at it, you will know
?it?s yours?."
Hugs and Kisses

Chapter 31: Second Chance
?Life isn?t finding you, it?s creating yourself?.?
?Love isn?t just moving on, it?s moving forward?.?
There fore?..
?Life is moving forward; as you let LOVE creates yourself??
It?s all about SECOND CHANCE as you learn your mistakes.



Xander?s POV

?Umiinom ka yata ng mag-isa?? I asked as I settled down in front of JC.
Mukahang may problema tong gago na ?to.
Bakit ikaw, wala? Tanong ng isip ko.
Tiningnan niya ako ?Ba?t ka nandito??
?Bakit? Bahay mo ba to?? I smirked as I said those words.
Nandito kami sa mansion nina mama at papa. Syempre kasama ko si Roman, pero ayo
n agad nilambing nina mama at papa para bang?.sabik na sabik sila sa bata. Sabag
ay matagal na rin na may bata dito sa mansion.
Tumawa nalang si JC ?You are still the ?Xander? I know?.?
?Mas gwapo pa rin sa iyo? Naka-ngisi ako.
?Ohh sige..ikaw nagsabi?? Sabi niya at inabot sa akin yung bear.
Napa-iling ako ?I can?t? magdra-drive pa kasi ako.? Sabi ko.
Nakita ko na may lungkot sa kanyang mga mata ?Sorry?
Okay lang ba talaga si JC? Tirik na tirik yung araw tapos umiinom?
?Kasama ko kasi si Roman, I can?t put his life in danger pag nag-drive ako ng na
ka-inom? I said.
?Paulit-ulit? Oo na I am an irresponsible man for driving drunk before and putti
ng Elena to death?? Nagbabaga ang kanyang mga mata sa galit.
?Look, I didn?t state that?? I rolled my eyes.
?Wow? Talaga? Diba noon parang halos pinagtulakan mo ako?. Dahil nga ako yung ma
y kasalanan kung bakit namatay si Elena?? Tiningnan niya ako ng masama.
?Aba?t ang lakas ng loob mo----? Tumayo ako.
Napatayo agad si JC ?That?s why I wanted to say ?sorry? to you? Sabi niya sa aki
Anong nakain ng kapatid ko ngayon?
I stared at him at then I raised both of my hand on the air ?Totoo ba tong narir
inig ko??
?Sinabi sa akin ni Lysa ang lahat na ng nangyari sa nakaraan. It wasn?t your fau
lt, kung sana nakinig lang ako noon, kung sana nilunok ko yung pride ko?hindi sa
na namatay si Elena? Ehh gago talaga ako.? Pagsisisi niyang sabi.
Tinapik ko siya sa braso ?Ulol! May kasalanan din ako. I should have tried apolo
gizing better. I admit I was jealous noon kasi ikaw yung unang anak ni papa? Sor
ry din.?
?So? brothers?? He extends his right hand towards mine.
I held his hand ?Brothers?
Tumawa nalang siya ?Hay?. I never imagine na magkakasundo ulit tayo?? Sabi niya.
I laughed.
?How do you know?that you are in love?? Agad namang tanong ni JC sa akin.
I glared at him ?Wag mo sabihing si Amber na---?
He shake both of his hand on the air ?No?no.. Hindi si Amber?
?Siguraduhin mo lang? I said.
?C?mon?. hindi nga. Just answer my question.? Sabi naman niya.
I breathed hard ?Okay? well, I am not really sure? but I guess you will know tha
t you already in love to that person is when you can?t bear seeing her in pain?
As I said those words mukha ni Amber ang nasa isip ko ?You will do everything fo
r her, you are afraid of losing her but even if it hurts you will set her free f
or her happiness but deep inside in your heart ?you can?t live without her?? I a
Tiningnan ko si JC ng hindi siya nakasagot.
?Si Vanessa ba ?to?? I asked him.
Unti-unti niya ako tiningnan sa mata ?I can?t deny it anymore?? Sabi niya.
?Okay?. I have a question for you. Paano kung parihong nalunod sina Vanessa at A
mber. Who you will save first? Is it my wife or Vanessa?? As I asked this questi
on to him I can?t help but to glared at him.
Napa-iling siya ?Si Vanessa??
?Kasi alam kong ililigtas mo si Amber?.? He smirked as he answered my question
?At buhay ko si Vanessa?? Tumayo siya.
Then reality slapped me right away ?Umm kuya? Anong oras ang flight ni Amber?.?
I asked him.
?Hindi ko alam?kaya nga before eight ko siya pinuntahan sa condo ni Kurt? to say
my good bye to her?? Paliwanag ni JC. ?Sige?I have to go..?
?Saan ka pupunta?? I stood up.
?Hindi ko hahayaang malunod ang ?buhay? ko.? JC smiled before started walking a
Hay?.. he?s really in love.
I turned around and saw Roman ?Yes?? I said.
?Saan pupunta si tito Justin?? He asked while smiling at me.
?Ewan ko? He said he will save his woman; his ?life?? I held Roman?s hand.
Roman looked up at me ?Ikaw daddy, are you not going to save the woman who held
your heart??
Napatawa ako.
?Tama si Roman iho? I heard a voice behind our back.
I turned around ?Mama?
She touched my chest ?You can?t live without your heart. You can?t live without
Natigilan ako?
?Mama, ikaw mo na ang bahala sa anak ko.? I said then I looked at Roman ?Be a go
od boy? I added.
Roman smiled ?Yep? He said popping the letter ?p?.
I laughed as I left away.
Sana?hindi pa huli ang lahat?. I know it?s never too late.

Justin?s POV

Nandito na ako sa condo ni Vanessa?.
Should I knock?or not?
UGH. I need a practice? Paano ko sasabihin sa kanya ang lahat?
?Sasa?sorry again for everything? Mahal na mahal kita? Hindi parang mali?medyo c
I breathed out ?Sasa, mahal na mahal kita? I can-----?
?Justin? What are you doing here? I told you to leave me alone!?
Napalingon ako sa right side ko. And there she is?like a model with a grocery ba
?Dapat nagpapahinga ka? I know you are still sore?? Naglakad ako papunta sa kany
Naalala ko ang nangyari sa amin? if I am not mistaken one hour had passed since
she give herself to me tapos may lakas pa siyang mag-grocery?. I know? I know ak
o yung naka-una sa kanya and yes, it?s surprising but its good to know it.
I promise I would be her first and her last. And with that thought its turning m
e on.
?Yung sugat mo okay lang ba? Sabi ko as I put both of my hand on her cheeks.
Namula siya ?Leave? Sabi niya ulit.
?I can?t? I said as I hugged her.
Nahulog yung pinamili niya ?Tama na Jas.. please sinasaktan mo lang ako?
I pulled away?then I kissed her ?I couldn?t stop? because I love you?
?Tama na ang kasinungalingan mo Jas!? Sabi ni Sasa tapos sinampal niya ako gamit
yung kanan niyang kamay.
?Ouch?.? Mahina niyang sabi ?Ang tanga ko talaga? Sabi niya habang tiningnan yun
g sugat niya sa kanan niyang kamay na unti-unting dumudugo.
Hinawakan ko ang kanyang kanang kamay and then I slowly kiss it ?Let me stop the
bleeding of your heart, let me heal the wound and I will relieve the pain.? I s
tared at her and she was leisurely crying ?But Sasa, just let me? let me fix you
for the second time??
?Why are you doing this? You are not in love with me? you are in love with Amber
?. So stop hurting me.? Tears flow on her face as she said those words.
I kissed her forehead ?No, I am not in love with Amber, or with somebody else. A
kala ko minahal ko si Amber? pero I was wrong I just love her because I wanted t
o hurt Xander. I wanted a revenge.? I smiled at her ?But now? As I realize the t
rue meaning of ?love??. I understand who my heart desire and it?s you. I love yo
u Vanessa Sanchez.? I sighed then I kissed her.
She kissed me back before she pulled away ?Baka naguguluhan ka lang Justin, kasi
nga may nangyari na sa atin? Sabi niya.
I shook my head ?I know? I had made a lot of mistakes? I had hurt you; I had mad
e you cry over and over again. But just give one more chance to prove to you tha
t I am still in love with my best friend. That I still love you.? Pinagdikit ko
ang aming noo.
I can smell her breath and it?s intoxicating.
She smiled ?Is this for real??
I kissed her ?Nah, this is a dream; a dream turns to reality babe.? I said as I
stop kissing her.
She put both of her hands around my neck ?Mahal na mahal din kita budz? She said
Budz? So she still remembered our friendship nickname towards each other.
?I love you budz?. Always? I said as I carry her towards inside her condo.

Xander?s POV

Nandito ako nagyon sa airport. Sana nga?sana nga hindi pa nakaalis si Amber?sana
hindi pa ako huli.
Ito yung hindi ko ginawa noon?Noong iniwan niya ako, hindi ko siya pinigilan at
hinayaan ko lang siyang mawala sa akin.
But right now, I can?t bear losing her again. Hindi ko kaya.
Tinawagan ko si Kurt.
?Ohh napatawag ka?? Sabi Kurt.
I sighed ?Anong oras ang flight ng asawa ko??
?At bakit ngayon ka lang nagtanong? Naku you are very late?kasi mga one hour ng
nakaalis si Amber. 9:00 am kaya yung flight niya?.tapos anong oras na ngayon? My
God Xander it?s 10:30 am na. So bye,I have a lunch meeting pa.?
I put my cellphone in my pocket.
Shit! Nahuli na naman ako.
She gave me a second chance before, then I wasted it. Now I have to wait a month
s, years to see her again. I don?t know if I can bear being away with her but I
guess I have to pay the damage I had done.
My wife loves me?but I broke her heart. How am I going to start my life now?
Ugh. Ano na bang nangyayari sa akin? Nasisiraan na yata ako ng ulo kasi narirnig
ko ang boses ng aking asawa.
?Xander?? Papalapit yung boses na naririnig ko, pero patuloy lang akong umiiyak.
How pathetic but I guess this is true love. A guy like Xander del Castillo is cr
ying right now?because of love.
?What are you doing here?? I can still hear my wife?s voice.
I turned around.
And there?s my wife walking towards me with her travel bag.
I blinked, not twice but dozen times. Gusto ko lang siguraduhin na hindi ako na
nanaginip ngayon. But damn! My wife is really here, without any wasted time I ru
n towards her.
I hugged her ?I thought I?d lost you again??
She put her bag down and she hugged me back.
?Diba dapat nakaalis ka na? But thank God?.hindi ka umalis. Mahal na mahal kita
Amber at hindi ko kayang mawala ka sa buhay ko? I kissed her forehead.
Hindi ko alam pero sadya bang ganito maglaro ang pag-ibig? Kasi kahit ako gagawi
n ang lahat makasama ko ulit si Amber.
Hindi pa rin nagsalita si Amber.
?Amber?Oo kasalanan ko na ang lahat, pero hindi ko na maibabalik pa yun. Pariho
lang tayong nasaktan, nawalan at nabigo. Patawarin mo na ako?? Hindi ko na kayan
g pigilan ang mga luha ko.
She pulled away and wipe my tears ?Alam mo ba, last call na ng flight ko papunta
ng London then habang naglalakad ako papunta sa plane all the memories I had sha
red with you keeps flashing in my mind making me stop from moving?? She sighed ?
And I realized I left my heart with you?then I asked myself ?How am I going to d
esign everything again when I don?t have you in my life???
I kissed her? God how I miss my wife. She opened her mouth and I taste her. Swee
t as always.
I pulled away before I lost my control ?I know I hurt you but being with you is
my strength, holding you in my arms keep me from breathing?. Amber you are my we
akness without you I am nothing.? I put both of my hands on her cheeks ?I may be
a jerk but this heart? I held her right hand then I put it on my chest ?Only be
ats for you, only you? I added.
Amber is still speechless so I get down on my knee ?Architect Amber Lewis del Ca
stillo, I promise to love you, to cherish you every beats of my heart. I will ho
nor you forever, I will love you till eternity ends.? I looked at her ?Give me a
nother chance and let?s start over again, marry me?..for a second time?? I said.
Halata ang na gulat si Amber. Her lips were parted and I know she can?t believe
this is happening to her.
?Where?s the ring?? She asked
Peste na naman to oh! Pa-propose propose pa ako?.wala naman akong singsing na da
I looked away ?Umm----? She leaned down and kissed me.
I stood up para mas mahalikan ko pa siya ?So?it means ?yes??? I asked her as she
pulled away.
?Do I have choice?? She asked me back.
?Wala? I shook my head.
?Good...kasi mahal na mahal kita.? Then she kissed me again.

Amber?s POV

You may call me ?weak? for not leaving Xander but this is the feeling I know tha
t is right?.it?s being with him. I can?t imagine myself without him.
I learn my mistakes, he learn his mistakes? that?s the main thought of life righ
t? its learning. So are we just going to waste our lives because of common mista
kes we have done?
Being away with him is like wasting my life. And life is short, you only live on
ce. Hindi ko hahayaan na masayang lang ang pagmamahalan namin ni Xander.
You may think that I am too na?ve but I know if you are here in my position righ
t now, you will know how love can change you within a snapped of a finger. That
love can fix everything.
I realized that I don?t need to be away with him to find who I am; all I need to
do is accept the things that had happen between us.
Kanina noong paalis ako doon ko lang na realize na hindi ko kayang iwan si Xande
r. Kahit na napahiya ako sa airport kasi nagback-out ako..okay lang kasi kasama
ko ngayon si Xander.
I was distracted when Xander started kissing me on my right cheek.
We are now lying on the couch sa condo ni Kurt.
Xander starts kissing me on my neck? God this man is unbelievable. After a five
rounds of making love, he can?t be serious ?Six round pa angel face? He said as
he started roaming his hand on my body.
I stopped him ?No, Xander? I moaned.
?Yes?? He said seductively and cupped my breast.
I moaned ?Xander? we need to stop.?
He groaned ?Bakit ba kasi na naiwan ko sa mansion yung susi sa condo ko.?
I laughed as I kissed him on his neck ?Yun tuloy?.hindi ka na makaka round six.?
?Angel face stop tempting me?? He held me tight.
I giggled.
God? I never regret giving Xander a second chance.
?Thank you?? Sabi niya sa akin.
?For giving me a chance?.? He kissed my forehead.
I smiled ?You deserve a second chance babe?
He bites his lips ?How about another round? Do I deserve it too??
I pinched his abs ?Shut up?
?Hmm?.? He kissed my neck again.
Okay? Maybe I can give him another round but then?..
?Oh?Holy crap!? I saw Kurt standing on the front door closing his eyes ?Guys? pl
ease will you make yourself a little decent?.? He mumble turning away from the c
ouch kung saan kami nakahiga ni Xander.
Xander chuckled ?I guess no more round six? He said as he put on his boxer short
then his pants.
I blushed while putting my undergarments on but before I could put on my pants ?
Just wear my t-shirt, you look hot on it? Xander whispered to me.
I just nod my head then I put on his shirt.
?Done?? Kurt shouted.
?Yeah!? Xander said while I am still blushing.
Nakakahiya kaya.
Kurt looked at us grossing ?I can?t believe you just had sex on my couch? Sana u
muwi na kayo sa condo niyo? Sabi niya.
Tumawa nalang si Xander ?Naiwan ko ang susi ko sa mansion eh??
?My God! Mayayaman naman kayo?sana nag hotel nalang kayo!? Sabi ni Kurt tapos ti
ningnan niya ako ?Sana hindi kita binigyan ng spare key sa condo ko..? He added
I feel embarrassed ?Sorry. Hindi ko naisip ehh?? Sabi ko.
Kurt roamed his eyes towards Xander?s abs since Xander is just wearing his pants
?Kurt?.? I warned him.
?Bakit ba kasi walang pang-itaas yang asawa mo?? Inirapan ako ni Kurt.
?Sorry dude?. I let her wear my shirt?kasi nasira ko yung damit niya?? Paliwanag
ni Xander.
Namula na naman ako.
?Wow? hindi halatang sabik na sabik kayo no?? Kurt joked.
Tumawa nalang si Xander ?You can?t blame me. I was in diet for 2 weeks?? Then he
kissed my cheek habang namumula pa rin ako.
Kinurot ko siya sa braso ?Ouch angel face? Xander said while pouting.
?Ano to? Pagkatapos mag-sex? maghaharotan lang ang peg? Abuso na yan ahh? Kurt g
Xander laughed ?By the way?thank you sa couch mo.? Xander winked at Kurt.
?Ewww? Just so you know I WOULD NEVER EVER SIT ON THAT COUCH AGAIN.? Kurt mumble
Tumawa nalang kami.
Yes, I am very happy right now. Words couldn?t explain how happy I am.
My life is now complete because I know I had forgiven Xander and I had accepted
I can?t leave and move away just to find myself?.because HOW AM I GOING TO LEAVE
It?s like a life with an ARCHITECT but without an ENGINEER.


OKAY? I know some of you would say ?damn! Amber should leave?she needs to find h
erself..? Then I am going to throw this question to you guys ?Can you leave and
find who you are when you left yourself with the one you love??
How many among of you hurt because of love? I guess everyone is, including me?B
ut just a piece of advice? if you think that person hurt you deserves second cha
nce?then give her/ him a second chance. That?s her/ his lost if he or she will j
ust going to waste the second chance you given him/her, not yours.
Second chance is enough...third chance? hah! no way.

Chapter 32: With You (Ending)
?It?s not how much we have, but how much we enjoy that makes happiness. Happines
s that stays FOREVER?



Xander?s POV

I have been a coward in terms of showing what I really felt. I played around?tha
t I only thinks of myself. People know me as a heartbreaker, a jerk.
Then suddenly an angel had changed my life. She touched my heart like no one eve
r done. An angel who walked upon ground who took my breath away.
Yes, the memories are still fresh in my mind?.the first time I saw my angel, the
angel who brought life in my existence.

?Hey dude, what are you looking at?? Ken asked me as we settled in the cafeteri
a. We are now in fifth year, graduating to be exact.
?Huh?? I said as I looked at Ken.
?I saw you staring at something?.or should I say someone? Ken chuckled as he tap
ped my shoulder.
I laughed ?That girl? I said as I pointed the girl who is now sitting besides he
r friends, two blocks away from our table ?What?s here name?? I asked Ken.
He chuckled ?That?is Amber Lewis. Pretty isn?t she??
Tiningnan ko ulit yung mukha niya. God she looks like an angel in disguise, she
has a paled white rosy skin, her nose is pointed, and of course her brunette cur
ly hair.
She?s a type of a girl who is simple but very beautiful.
I just keep on looking at her until her friend joked something and that?s when I
saw her smile. God, she looks even more beautiful when she smile.
Amber Lewis, such a perfect name. I don?t know why?.but my heart beats so fast.
Then my phone rang
?I need you to go home early today, I wanted you to meet someone.?
?Son, just please don?t screw things up. This is something important and I need
your help??
?Yeah?Yeah?? I said then I hung up.
I immediately looked at her direction again?pero wala na siya.
So I just shifted my attention to Ken ?Do you know her?? I asked.
?Who? The girl name Amber?? Ken giggled.
I only nod my head.
?Yeah?she?s the top of her class?.. And she?s also a transferee from London, Eng
land? Ken smirked ?Plus?an advance student there in London??
Wow?she?s pretty smart.
?Some guys called her the ?mysterious pretty? from the college of Architecture??
Ken added as he drinks his coke.
I smirked ?An Architecture student? wow she?s turning me on??
?Dude? Another girl in your list? Hah! Pustahan tayo hindi mo siya mapapa-ibig?
Ken winked at me.
Ohh no, I want her.
?Trust me? what Xander wants..Xander gets?? I said confidently.
?Hmm the way you looked at her, I am sure as hell? Ikaw yung mapapa-ibig niya??
Natatawang sabi ni Ken sa akin.
?I have to go? I said.
I don?t know why? but somehow Ken words echoed in my head.
Ako yung mapapa-ibig niya?
I don?t care? right now I only want her. This is first time I really wanted some
thing in my life?.something I wanted to last FOREVER.

I can?t believe with all those years of waiting?my angel is now standing in fron
t of me. And we are now standing in front of God.
I love Amber so much and I want to spend my life with her. Only her.
?I, Xander del Castillo take you Amber Lewis del Castillo to be my lawfully wedd
ed wife. You came into my life in the most unexpected way and I thank you for ch
anging my life, for showing me how to love?.We have been in so many trials of ou
r lives Angel face? I looked at her with love as I held her hand ?I am so lucky
that you are still here with me, that our love still reminds. I couldn?t ask for
anything more just being with you? is enough. Before these witnesses I vow to l
ove you and to care for you as long as we both shall live. Where you are, is whe
re I will be. I vow to shower you with happiness?.I vow to stand by you in every
difficulties in life. And lastly I vow to spend the rest of my life being your
one and only true love?I love you and I will forever be the Engineer of your lif
e? I smiled at her as I said those words.
She breathed hard and then she gave me her alluring smile ?I, Amber Lewis del Ca
stillo take you Xander del Castillo to be my lawfully wedded husband. Thank you
for never stop loving me Xander. You have been my protector and I am so happy th
at God give me you. Because of your love I had faced my fears and accepted the l
ife?s imperfections.? She is now crying as she said her vows ?In the presence of
God, our families and friends I solemnly vow to you to be your faithful partner
in sickness and in health, for richer and for poorer, in good times and in bad
times, and in joy as well as sorrow. I vow to promise to love you unconditionall
y, to be you with and to support you as you reach you goals in life. I vow to ho
nor and respect you, to laugh and to cry with you. And last of all I vow to hold
your hand as I spent the rest of my life being with you. I love you and I will
always be the Architect of your life.? She smiled as she said the last part.
?And you may now kissed the bride? The priest finally said.
Within a second, I wrapped my arms on Amber?s waist ?I love you? I said then I d
eep down to kiss her.
We heard the applause of our families and friends?then we turn to smiled at them
?Sige?pictures na tayo? Sigaw ni Ken.
I shook my head ?No, I have another plan with Amber?
?Dude?maaga pa para sa honeymoon? Pictures muna tayo?? Ken mumbled.
?Hahahaha? mamaya na sa reception?? I said then I pulled Amber with me ?Let?s go
angel face.?
?Huh? Saan tayo pupunta?? She asked.
?It?s a surprise? I kissed her nose.
?Okay?? She said as I lead the way
?Xander nakakahiya?ayokong lumabas na naka gown? She pouted her lips.
I leaned towards her para mahalikan siya ?We?re here?
Her eyes look shock as she gaze into surroundings ?Xander?.?
?So what do you think?? I asked as I opened the passenger seat.
She got out ?You renovate the house you?d design?? She still can?t believe
We are now both gazing at the house ?Remember noong una kitang dinala dito. You
said that the owner of this house designs it with anger in his heart?? I said as
I held her hand ?Oo the old design of this house was the reflection of my anger
ed when you left. But now that you?re here? I wanted to change everything ??
?Wow?? She mumbled.
?I design this house as the sign of my eternity love for you, my wife? I kissed
her lips ?I want to live with you here with me? a brand new start for us.?
She giggled.
Amber made me realize that love is like a flower the wrong things can hurt it so
easily. But the right things can make it more beautiful that anything else your
life has ever known.
I sounded so gay right now?.but who the hell cares? I am just an example of a ma
n who is deeply in love with his wife.
(One year after)

Xander?s POV

?Happy birthday babe?? Amber kissed me on my cheeks.
I wrapped my arms on her waist as I pulled her closer to me ?I love you? I said
while kissing her lips. I was about to deepen the kiss when we heard our baby cr
She pushed me away ?Baka na gising na si Elena?
Yes, I have daughter now. Her name is Elena Avery del Castillo. She?s seven mont
hs old and she?s perfect the most beautiful baby in world. She?s my little princ
?Happy birthday dad? I heard Roman said.
I hugged him ?You are early today son?? I said.
?Umm? I perfect the exam so I told our teacher nab aka pwede akong umuwi ng maag
a? He gave me his cutest smile. Somehow I see myself in him.
?Ohhh?. Maaga ka yata ngayon Roman?? Amber asked while carrying Elena.
Agad namang naglakad si Roman towards Amber ?I perfect the exam? Tipid na sagot
ni Amber.
Amber smiled ?That?s good?young man.?
Paalis na sana si Amber ?Mom?? Roman?s voice popped out.
Nilingon niya si Amber ?Ummm yung? parents meeting sa school? I was just asking
if?if?you will attend? Pero kung busy ka naman I could just tell my teacher-----
Roman?s words cut off as Amber laughed ?Come here? She said.
Kinuha ko naman si Elena ?Hello?.baby? I quietly said as I planted a kiss on her
?Roman, I said I will come. I know I may not be the best mommy?. But I wanted to
be, for you? I heard Amber said as she kneel down.
For the first time I saw Roman hugs Amber ?Thank you?.thank you mo?.mom?? He sai
?You know I am so proud of you, young man? Amber said while hugging Roman.
I know kung nasaan man si Lysa she will be the happy. It?s been one year and two
months since she?d passed away. And I prayed up from heaven she will get her ha
ppy ending with David.
What I had learn in life that it has to go with the flow to make your own river.
?Nasaan silang Roman?? I asked.
?Ayon? excited na makalaro si Elena?kaya sinamahan sila ni yaya sa itaas?? Amber
I mischievously smiled at my wife ?Ikaw? Ayaw mo bang maglaro mo na tayo? since
wala pa namang bisita ehh? I slowly kissed my wife on her neck.
?Xander? She moaned.
I was about to hike her dress up when we were interrupted by someone ?Dude! Grab
e hah?? I heard Ken?s voice.
Tapos paglingon ko?what the fuck! My mom is here with my dad, of course nandito
din ang mommy and daddy ni Amber. Si Kurt naman may kausap?sina Vanessa at Justi
n?yata yun.
Amber blushed ?I so hate you? Then she smiled at the guess ?Hello? mom, dad??
Pero bago pa makalayo si Amber ?I love you angel face?.. can?t wait to have you
again? I kissed her one more time.
Then dumating si Matt with a girl.
Ohh my fucking shit! Si Matteo Dela Vega with a girl in his arms. Hindi makapani
wala si Ken sa kanyang nakita.
?Si Matt? With a girl? Ken mumbled. Oo this is the first time na may kasama si M
att sa ganitong party. Diba nag OL si Matt?a guy who never believe in love.
?Bro?? Ken said again ?Who?s this beautiful girl with you?? Sabi ni Ken sabay pa
-cute sa girl.
I smiled at Matt ?Welcome to my party bro? I said habang dumarami ang mga bisita
?Hi?.miss ako nga pala si Ken? Ken De Silva? He winked at the girl.
Matt groaned.
?I?m Mianza Collin Carson? She said in a sweet tone.
?Wait? you look young, how old are you?? Ken said raising his eyebrow.
Nilingon ni Collin si Matt ?Umm eighteen? She said.
?Bro! what the hell? Minor corruption yan!? Natatawang sabi ni Ken.
I laughed too but I am on Matt?s side, mukha kasing this girl might change Matt
?Ken?baka nakakalimutan mo. Matt is the youngest of us. Since I am 25, you?re 25
and Matt is 24?
?Collin? Matt suddenly mumbled as he wrapped his arms around his girl ?Why wont
you go and meet some friends out there??
Collin frowned ?Yes? She said like Matt owns her.
Pagka-alis ni Collin tinapik ko ang balikat ni Matt ?This is new man, I never sa
w you with a young lady?
?Talaga? You saw me played with girls before and now.? He mumbled haltingly.
?So sino ba siya sa buhay mo?? Ken smirked.
Matt smiled deviously ?She?s just the girl I bought? but she?s worth every penny
? He said smirking.
After hearing Matt?s words I just smiled and walked away?.
Playing with love will just set on fire. I know? because I have been on that sce
nario?and trust me? you can?t run away from love.
I saw Amber walked towards me ?What?s that smile?babe?? She kissed my neck.
God?my temptress.
I kissed her lips ?Nah, just Matt and his girl?
?His girl?? Amber pulled away.
I nodded my head
?I guess it will be another story of them?.? She said smiling.
?I mean?I wish they will fall in love the way we fell in love with each other? S
he put her hands on my neck ?I love you? She said.
?I love you too, angel face? I kissed her again.
Our story is just an ordinary story but our love is extraordinary. Is it everyon
e?s dream to find their partner? But I tell you this? ?DON?T WAIT FOR DESTINY, C
I never regret chasing my wife because now?she?s here in my arms?
Yess!!!! My next story is the love story of MATTEO DELA VEGA
(Matteo Dela Vega?s story is next)
I will be back until December/summer for another story that will rock your heart
and I hope, I prayed you?ll going to love my next story the way you have loved
?We Meet Again, Wife??
Words couldn?t express how thankful I am to be part of WP. I never thought I cou
ld write?I was just a plain artist?an architecture student?until wattpad came in
my way.
Hugs and Kisses