Review of the Evidence for Herbal Medications and Nutraceuticals

• To gather the available local and international researches on selected herbal medications and nutraceuticals • To evaluate the level of evidence of the retrieved researches using the CEBM rating

List of Supplements for Evaluation
• Silymarin. Silymarine: for “liver protection” e.g drug-induced hepatitis, for chronic liver disease • Glutathione – for skin whitening, as antioxidant (prevention of CV disease, liver injury) • Glucosamine – for osteoarthritis Chondroitin – for osteoarthritis

• Taheebo tea- as anti-oxidant, CV diseases • Virgin coconut oil – for diabetes, lipid disorders, prevention of CV diseases • Malunggay- for anemia, for inducing lactation • Ampalaya – for diabetes mellitus • Yacon – for diabetes mellitus

Expected Output
• Medical Databases which were reviewed • Key terms or key words used, and the actual search strategy that was used • Specify the parts of the plant/herb that were actually tested • Summary of the evidence • Full text (as much as possible) or abstracts if the literature • Recommendation based on the review and evaluation of the literature

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