The Answer Walkthrough
This walkthrough is located where it is due to the fact that none of the
really figures into this walkthrough section. To illustrate what I mean below
is a short list of the things you will not find in The Answer:

- S. Links
- Increasing your Social Stats
- Fatigue
- An outside world
- Persona combo attacks
- Persona compendium
- Elizabeth Requests
- Only double and triple fusions

* NOTE: Almost all the Persona in the game can be fused without having to
any of the normal prerequisites (max S. Link, Request completion, etc). These
will all be done in the two or three way fusions no matter how they would
been done normally.

As a small note I'm not entirely sure on the names. This part of the FAQ was
written after I had lost my sheet with the names of all of the enemies. I
have my combat strategies but if anyone notes any name differences feel free
e-mail me and I will correct it.

Since most of the game is about as non-linear as you can get this walkthrough
will touch only on the most important aspect of this mode, the boss fights.
only as these enemies really tough and challenging they very rarely have any
real weaknesses to speak of so you have to be careful.

In addition to all the above it should definitely be noted that this mode is
absolutely freaking hard. Not early on but it gets rather bad as you proceed.
As such some of the information about boss weaknesses and resistances may not
be 100% accurate.

* NOTE: By and large the best party you can get in this quest is Aigis,
Yukari and Mitsuru. While Akihiko, Ken and Koromaru can be useful more often
than not you are better off taking the role they would have fulfilled upon
yourself and letting the others pick up the slack. Junpei's constant self-
healing, Yukaris incredible healing potential and Mitsurus magical offense
top notch. Like the main game there are times when there will be exceptions
course but this works as a general rule.

Boss: Metis
Resistances: None
This is more or less a fight that you cannot lose. All you need to do is keep
on using your plain normal attacks. So long as you don't waste any of your HP
using any offensive attacks you will be fine. When you do get too hurt don't
even bother healing, Metis will not kill you. She will start to hesitate and
lose her turn so keep on pummeling her to end this.
After this fight you will be able to save your game and explore the dormitory
a bit but there isn't all that much here. You can't shop for now so you will
just have to tough it through the dungeon. Since Mitsuru isn't available let
Metis fill her role in for now.


Boss: Invincible Gigas / True Maya
Resistances: Invincible Gigas - Weak Wind
True Maya - Weak Fire
Suggested Party: Yukari, Metis, Ken
This fight is pretty simple. Set Yukari to Attack Target (Gigas), Ken to
Heal/Support and put Metis on Knock Down. Allow yourself to act as the party
healer making exceptions for whenever you can unleash fire spells on True
Make sure to scan the enemies, this will warn you when you are going to use a
spell on them that they null/repel/drain and this extends to your party as
well. The trick here is to hit them hard and fast and try to get as many All-
Out Attacks as you can get. Watch your HP and don't let it stay around
less than half or you risk getting killed.
You now have access to Paulownia Mall and can buy equipment and restock on
healing supplies. Don't bother with the accessory shop, they're usually not
worth it. Stick to buying weapons and armor and don't forget the Antique


Boss: Bright Cyclops / Soul Dancer
Suggested Attacks: Bright Cyclops: Fire, Pierce or Strike
Soul Dancer: Ice
Suggested Party: Junpei, Yukari, Metis
This is about where most of the bosses stop having weaknesses. You are more
less going to be looking for gaps in their resistances and trying to hit them
as hard as you can without being able to knock them down... most of the time.
Set Metis to focus on the Soul Dancer, she should have Bufula by now and that
is what you should use on it. The Cyclops can be attacked by Fire or Piercing
attacks effectively so you should have Junpei focus on him. Yukari can act as
healer and you should focus your attacks on the Soul Dancer. It is the weaker
of the two demons and will go down easier, thus making this fight simpler.
Mitsuru will become available after you return, yay!


Boss: Death Castle / Elder Beast
Suggested Attacks: Death Castle: Strike, Pierce, Slash or Elec
Elder Beast: Ice
Suggested Party: Junpei, Yukari, Mitsuru
Unlike the last fight you will actually want to target the bigger baddie this
time since the Death Castle can heal. Set your party to assault him with
and Mitsuru set to Knock Down. Let Yukari act as the healer while you use any
physical attack skills you might have as these carry the chance of a
Focus your attacks on him until he is removed and then turn to the Elder
and set Junpei to Knock Down, Mitsuru to Full Assault and you help out. This
should end in no time if your party is well leveled.


Boss: Harem Dancer / Cruel Maya
Suggested Attacs: Harem Dancer: Fire, Elec, Strike
Cruel Maya: Weak Wind
Suggested Party: Yukari, Junpei, Akihiko
This is a very tricky fight. The Cruel Maya is the easier one to kill due to
him having a weakness but the Harem Dancer will be abusing the Poison Mist
attack so he needs to be your target. I heavily suggest setting Yukari as
healer and set Akihiko and Junpei to attack the Harem Dancer. Once the dancer
has been scanned they will avoid any nulled attacks and Junpei will use Fire
spells and Akihiko will attack with his hands. You should keep a Wind casting
Persona equipped, knock down the Cruel Maya and then attack the Harem Dancer.
Using either physical Strike skills or a Strike weapon are suggested as you
get a lucky Critical Hit. Keep the Maya down for the whole fight and this
much, much easier.


Boss: Ice Raven / Sword of Judgment / Brave Fort
Suggested Attacks: Ice Raven: Fire
Sword of Judgment: Wind
Brave Fort: Ice
Suggested Party: Junpei, Yukari, Mitsuru
This is a very tough fight. These three are more than capable of throwing out
some pretty devastating attacks. However if you bring along a Persona with
right skills then you will be fine. First of all only bring Yukari if you
something to nullify her weakness to Elec, this can be gotten from Rare
or Personas having an item within them. If you don't have it replace her with
Metis. Make sure that you bring a Persona who has no elemental weaknesses
the attacks here really run the gamut. Hama, Mudo and the physicals are more
less okay as weaknesses. Also make sure that this Persona has Mediarama.

With that done Set Junpei to fight the Ice Raven, Yukari to fight the Sword
Judgment and Mitsuru to fight the Brave Fort. By keeping things like this you
will hand out the damage to them at a phenomenal rate. So long as you
to have Yukari assist you should you take too much damage you will be fine.


Boss: Original Maya, Shouting Tiara, Scriptures of Fury
Suggested Attacks: Original Maya: Elec
Scriptures of Fury: Fire
Shouting Tiara: Ice
Suggested Party: Akihiko, Mitsuru, Yukari
While not really an easy fight this is a major break from the previous
fight. Each of these enemies are very vulnerable to one element, enabling you
to actually take them out with a fair bit of ease. None of them are
stronger than the others so it's more of a matter of preference and what your
party is weak against that they're using. The Shouting Tiara is probably the
least threatening to most parties so go after the Original Maya and
of Fury first. By exploiting the weaknesses listed above they should give you
no difficulty.


Boss: Cowardly Maya / Crying Table / Wonder Magus
Suggested Attacks: Crying Table: Ice
Cowardly Maya: Fire
Wonder Magus: Fire
Suggested Party: Junpei, Mitsuru, Yukari
Yay for a fairly simple fight! While these guys are pretty dangerous they all
actually have weaknesses. However they do have the ability to dodge their own
weaknesses so this isn't going to just be too much of a walk in the park.
biggest threat right now is the Cowardly Maya who will try to inflict the
Frightened status on your party and then auto kill you with Dead Grief. Since
there's nothing you can do to stop this shy of curing the status you will
to kill him off first.

If you have Ragnarok then this is an almost laughbly easy fight. Set up
to attack the Cowardly Maya with you but let Mitsuru attack the Crying Table,
weakening it for later. With Yukari healing you there should be little
with most of the fighting. Once the Maya is dead the Magus should be next due
to his lower HP and finally the Crying Table who should be near death due to
Mitsuru by this point.


Boss: Neo Minotaur
Suggested Attacks: Elec, Strike
Suggested Party: Metis, Akihiko, Yukari
You may be wondering why this is such a radically different party than normal.
Well desperate times call for desperate measures. This boss is totally immnue
to all magics except Elec spells and Strike attacks seem to be the only way
deal a good amount of damage to him. As such your best bet is to bring the
Strike attackers with you. If you have Odin and Thunder Reign by this point
this will be an easy fight. As usual Yukari is your designated healer. You
want to spam Electric attacks at the Minotaur repeatedly while your two melee
attackers melee it to death. With a bit of luck he will get stunned by the
attacks and your party can dismantle him repeated Critical Hits and All-Out
Attacks since there's only him.


Boss: Bursting Turret / Slaughter Drive
Suggested Attacks: Bursting Turret: Ice
Slaughter Drive: Elec
Suggested Party: Yukari, Akihiko, Mitsuru
Yay for a non-super hard fight! The Bursting Drive makes use of fire and the
Slaughter Drive makes use of mostly physical attacks. Not that bad. You will
want to take out the Slaughter Drive since they are probably the more
of the two. Use your strongest Elec spells on the Slaughter Drive and have
Akihiko helping you. Set Mitsuru and Yukari to Heal / Support to keep your HP
as high as possible.

Keep up the assault until the Slaughter Drive is dead. Now focus on the
but have your entire party switch to attacking, except Yukari. If you have a
strong Ice spell Mitsuru should provide enough backup that she helps you take
him out in record time with Akihikos help.


Boss: Vanity Maya / Bloody Hecatonchires
Suggested Attacks: Vanity Maya: Ice or Elec
Bloody Hecatonchire: Physical attacks
Suggested Party: Junpei, Akihiko, Yukari
This fight is pure frustration condensed into video game form. The Bloodys
more dangerous than the Vanity maya since the Maya doesn't really do too much
damage. However the Bloodys make good use of Megidola constantly. Making
worse is that the Vanity will keep on summoning them in until it is dead. Let
Yukari be your healer but make sure you have a Persona with Mediarama to help
out in case things get bad.

Junpei and Akihiko should be Set to attack the Vanity Maya and you should
your strongest Ice or Elec spells. If you can freeze or stun it with these
attacks then your party will absolutely devastate it that round. With luck it
will only take you in the area of four or five rounds to wipe it out. It's
little flunky is a bit easier to take out but as said before they keep coming
back until the Maya is dead so ignore them until that point.


Boss: Treacherous Cyclops / Acheron Seeker
Suggested Attacks: Treacherous Cyclops: Fire, Weak: Elec
Acheron Seeker: Fire, Weak: Elec
Suggested Party: Junpei, Akihiko, Yukari
These enemies are weak to Electric attacks but like most enemies do at this
point they have a high chance of dodging their weaknesses. This means that
might not always be a great idea but these a way around this. Focus on the
Seeker first since it has less HP. If you have Odin then use Thunder Reign
round, it has a very high hit chance and will not be dodged as often. If not
then simply use Maziodyne, set Akihiko to Knock Down and have Junpei Set to
after the Acheron Seeker.

This leaves Yukari healing your party while you desperately try to wipe out
enemies. If you can get rid of one of them then the fight is basically yours.
All you need to do is be quite careful and not let your HP drop too low.


* NOTE: As can likely be noticed I lost the names of these enemies in a
massive harddrive crash on my old laptop that claimed a months work. The only
names I could find for them were in Kouli's FAQ so I am borrowing his names.
These are however the translated Japanese names and might not be the most
accurate to what they were translated into by Atlus USA.

Boss: Hatred Warrior / Initiative Warrior / Celestial Warrior
Suggested Attacks: All: Physical attacks
Suggested Party: Yukari, Junpei, Akihiko
Each of these warriors is entirely immune to almost all elemental type
barring one. In addition they will usually have dodge skills to help them
whatever skills they are vulnerable to. This makes fighting them an immense
pain in the you know what. However there is one easy way to make this fight
super simple: Arahabaki. This Persona can be gotten at about level 65 and if
you level them up they will learn Tetrakarn. Huzzah! Tetrakarn or Magic
will basically have the enemies killing themselves.

Set up your party to focus on the Celestial Warrior (the mostly white one)
take him out ASAP since he has Mediarama. If you have them equipping items
give you Counterattack chances are a good way of nullifying damage even
and continuing to hurt the enemies.
Before proceeding further it is imperative that you fuse Odin and Surt, Skadi
as well if you can. Nifelheim, Thunder Reign and Ragnarok are immensely
in the upcoming battles.


Boss: ???
Resistances: Changes based on Persona equipped. Will have their resistances
without any of the weaknesses. ie. Trismigestus Nulls Fire.
Suggested Party: Junpei, Mitsuru, Yukari
Well it's time to fight... him. As you would expect he's going to be changing
Persona often. He starts off with Athena, Aigis' old Persona, who uses
attacks and debuffs. Then he will switch to using the Persona of the party
you are currently using although not your currently equipped Persona. So if
have the suggested party you will see Isis, Artemisia and Trismigetus.
they don't have any weaknesses so you cannot hope to exploit those.

In all reality this fight is almost laughably easy considering the previous
insane battles you've been fighting. Make sure that your party has equipped
of the items that will protect them from their own weaknesses. Equip Aigis
something to shield her from Wind and keep Odin equipped the entire battle.
With this setup all you need to do is make sure that you scan him every time
switches Persona and your party will be sure not to hit him with anything
will not hurt him. Let Yukari act as your healer and you, Mitsuru and Junpei
set as attackers. While he might use things like Ragnarok, it's not a huge
threat if nobody is weak to it.


Boss: Akihiko Sanada / Ken Amada
Resistances: Akihiko: Null Elec
Ken: None
Ken has the unholy ability Diarahan, as such you must absolutely take him out
as fast as possible. Focus on him with Thunder Reign since if you can stun
with electricity then Metis can pull two criticals off on him. Since he
have the greatest HP this is quite ideal. Make sure that Metis has an item to
protect her from Hama spells while you equip something to keep you safe from
physical attacks. Just keep Odin equipped for the entire fight and there's
or less nothing they can do to you. Once Ken is dead you can focus on Akihiko
and use Nifelheim to take him out. If he starts getting frozen by the attack
then the fight is basically won.


Boss: Junpei Iori / Koromaru
Resistances: Junpei: Null Fire
Koromaru: Null Fire
Equip an item on Metis to protect her from Mudo attacks and make sure you
plenty of Homunculus items. Make sure to equip an item on yourself to protect
you from either Fear, status ailments in general or Fire spells, all of these
are used here. If you have a Persona with the Tetrakarn skill or just a bunch
of attack mirrors now is the time to use it. Use either Nifelheim or Thunder
Reign every round on Koromaru and have Metis Set to attack him as well as he
the bigger threat of the two. Not only does he have Agidyne and Mudo/Mamudoon
but he has Devil Smile and Dead Grief. This means he can Frighten your whole
party and then auto kill them with Dead Grief, not good.

As such you must focus your attacks on Koromaru while keeping your HP up so
that Junpei doesn't kill you. With Koro out of the way you can simply focus
Junepi and take him out in no time.


Boss: Mitsuru Kirijo / Yukari Takeba
Resistances: Mitsuru: Null Ice
Yukari: Null Wind
The real threat in this pair is Mitsuru. She not only has the stronger
but she can also charm your entire party with Sexy Dance. If you have any
to prevent charm then now would be a good time to give it to Metis. Equip an
item to nullify Ice attacks on Aigis, protecting her from Mitsuru entirely.
use Thunder Reign on Mitsuru every round and set Metis to attack her as well.
If you are lucky you will stun her and Metis will pull off a pair of critical
hits afterwards. This can do upwards of 500 damage per round which makes her
fairly quick defeat. Do the same to Yukari to end this battle with ease.
After this you will get everyone back into your party. Take your favorite
and head down to the desert to find a final door. Head on through for the
battle whenever you're ready for it.


Boss: Erebus
Suggested Attacks: None
Suggested Party: Junpei, Yukari, Mitsuru
First of all don't bring anyone into this battle who cannot cover their own
elemental weaknesses. Erebus uses -dyne level attacks like they're going out
style. He doesn't really seem to take much damage from physical attacks
you have used Power Charge just before. You should use ultimate elemental
spells such as Ragnarok, Thunder Reign, etc. after using a Mind Charge to
inflict maximum damage. Set Yukari to act as your healer since she should
both Diarahan and Mediarahan by this point. Junpei and Mitsuru can both go on
Full Assault since they can hurt it quite easily.

After a short time he will use an attack called Embrace of Darkness. It is
important that you hit it for at least 800 points of damage within the next
turn and a half. If you dont he will unleash Original Darkness, an almighty
attack that can wipe out your party with ease. However if you pummel it and
loses the energy it was charging it will instead hesitate, wasting the next
round. During this round he is vulnerable and will take about twice as much
damage from attacks. If you can hit him with a Mind Charge / Thunder Reign
combo at this point then you can inflict an easy 800+ damage.

Persistence and keeping your HP high are the keys to this battle.

Congrats, you beat The Answer! Enjoy your storyline resolution!

7. The Walkthrough Jawaban
langkah-langkah ini terletak di mana itu adalah akibat fakta bahwa tak satu pun di atas benar-benar
angka ke bagian walkthrough. Untuk menggambarkan apa yang saya maksud di bawah ini adalah daftar
singkat hal-hal yang tidak akan Anda temukan dalam The Jawaban:

- Link Sosial
- Meningkatkan anda Statistik Sosial
- Kelelahan
- Sebuah dunia luar
- Serangan combo Persona
- Kompendium Persona
- Permintaan Elizabeth
- Hanya ganda dan triple fusi

* CATATAN: Hampir semua Persona dalam game bisa menyatu tanpa harus memenuhi salah satu
prasyarat normal (max Sosial Link, penyelesaian Permintaan, dll). Ini semua akan dilakukan dalam dua
atau tiga cara fusi tidak peduli bagaimana mereka akan dilakukan normal.

Sebagai catatan kecil saya tidak sepenuhnya yakin pada nama. Ini bagian dari FAQ ditulis setelah saya
kehilangan lembaran saya dengan nama-nama dari semua musuh. Aku masih memiliki strategi
memerangi saya tapi kalau catatan siapapun mengenai perbedaan nama merasa bebas untuk e-mail
saya dan saya akan memperbaikinya.

Karena sebagian besar dari permainan ini adalah tentang sebagai non-linear sebagai anda bisa
mendapatkan panduan ini akan menyentuh hanya pada aspek yang paling penting dari mode ini,
perkelahian bos. Tidak hanya sebagai musuh-musuh ini benar-benar sulit dan menantang mereka sangat
jarang memiliki kelemahan yang nyata untuk berbicara tentang sehingga Anda harus berhati-hati.

Selain semua hal di atas pasti perlu dicatat bahwa modus ini benar-benar freaking keras. Tidak awal
tetapi semakin lebih buruk karena Anda melanjutkan. Dengan demikian beberapa informasi tentang
kelemahan bos dan resistensi mungkin tidak 100% akurat.

* Catatan: Pada umumnya partai terbaik bisa Anda dapatkan dalam pencarian ini adalah Aigis, Junpei,
Yukari dan Mitsuru. Sementara Akihiko, Ken dan Koromaru bisa berguna lebih sering daripada tidak
Anda lebih baik mengambil peran mereka akan telah memenuhi pada diri sendiri dan membiarkan yang
lain mengambil kendur. Junpei's konstan diri-penyembuhan, potensi Yukaris penyembuhan luar biasa
dan pelanggaran Mitsurus magis adalah kedudukan tertinggi. Seperti permainan utama ada saat-saat
akan ada pengecualian tentu saja tetapi ini berfungsi sebagai aturan umum.

Boss: Metis
Resistensi: Tidak ada
Ini lebih atau kurang perkelahian bahwa Anda tidak bisa kalah. Yang perlu Anda lakukan adalah terus
menggunakan serangan polos Anda normal. Selama Anda tidak membuang apapun dari HP
menggunakan serangan ofensif Anda akan baik-baik saja. Ketika Anda melakukan terlalu terluka bahkan
tidak repot-repot penyembuhan, Metis tidak akan membunuh anda. Dia akan mulai ragu dan kehilangan
dia menghidupkan begitu terus pummeling ke tujuan ini.
Setelah berjuang ini Anda akan dapat menyimpan permainan Anda dan menjelajahi asrama sedikit tetapi
tidak ada semua yang banyak di sini. Anda tidak bisa berbelanja untuk saat ini sehingga Anda hanya
akan perlu sulit melalui dungeon. Karena Mitsuru tidak tersedia biarkan Metis mengisi perannya dalam
untuk saat ini.

Boss: gigas Invincible / Maya Benar
Resistensi: Invincible gigas - Angin Lemah
Benar Maya - Kebakaran Lemah
Disarankan Partai: Yukari, Metis, Ken
Pertarungan ini sangat sederhana. Yukari Set ke Attack Target (gigas), Ken untuk Heal / Support dan
menempatkan Metis di Knock Down. Biarkan diri Anda untuk bertindak sebagai penyembuh pihak yang
membuat pengecualian untuk setiap kali Anda bisa melepaskan mantra api di Benar Maya, Pastikan
untuk memindai musuh, ini akan memperingatkan anda ketika anda akan menggunakan mantra pada
mereka bahwa mereka null / mengusir / tiriskan dan ini meluas kepada pihak Anda juga. trik di sini adalah
untuk memukul mereka keras dan cepat dan mencoba untuk mendapatkan sebanyak Serangan All-Out
yang Anda bisa dapatkan. Watch HP Anda dan jangan biarkan tinggal di sekitar apapun yang kurang dari
setengah atau Anda berisiko terbunuh.
Anda sekarang memiliki akses ke paulownia Mall dan bisa membeli peralatan dan mengisi kembali pada
setiap pasokan penyembuhan. Jangan repot-repot dengan toko aksesori, mereka biasanya tidak layak.
Stick untuk membeli senjata dan armor dan jangan lupa toko Antique.

Boss: Bright Cyclops / Dancer Soul
Saran Serangan: Cyclops Bright: Api, Pierce atau Strike
Soul Dancer: Es
Partai yang disarankan: Junpei, Yukari, Metis
Ini adalah tentang di mana sebagian besar para bos berhenti memiliki kelemahan. Anda kurang lebih
akan mencari kesenjangan dalam resistensi mereka dan mencoba untuk memukul mereka sekeras yang
Anda bisa tanpa bisa menjatuhkan mereka ... sebagian besar waktu. Set Metis untuk berfokus pada
Penari Soul, ia seharusnya Bufula sekarang dan itulah yang harus Anda gunakan di atasnya. Cyclops
bisa diserang oleh Fire atau Piercing serangan efektif sehingga Anda harus memiliki Junpei fokus pada
dirinya. Yukari dapat bertindak sebagai penyembuh dan Anda harus fokus serangan Anda pada Soul
Dancer. Ini adalah lebih lemah dari dua setan dan akan turun lebih mudah, sehingga membuat
pertarungan ini lebih sederhana.
Mitsuru akan tersedia setelah Anda kembali, yay!

Boss: Castle Kematian / Beast Penatua
Saran Serangan: Castle Kematian: Strike, Pierce, Slash atau Elec
Penatua Beast: Es
Disarankan Partai: Junpei, Yukari, Mitsuru
Berbeda dengan pertarungan terakhir Anda benar-benar akan ingin target baddie besar kali ini sejak
Castle Kematian dapat menyembuhkan. Mengatur pesta Anda untuk menyerang dia dengan Junpei dan
Mitsuru set ke Knock Down. Biarkan Yukari bertindak sebagai penyembuh saat Anda menggunakan
kemampuan serangan fisik yang mungkin Anda miliki sebagai ini membawa kesempatan sebuah
knockdown. Fokus serangan pada dirinya sampai ia akan dihapus dan kemudian beralih ke Beast
Penatua dan mengatur Junpei untuk Knock Down, Mitsuru untuk Assault Kendali dan Anda membantu.
Hal ini harus berakhir dalam waktu singkat jika pihak Anda juga diratakan.

Boss: Dancer Harem / Maya Kejam
Saran Attacs: Harem Dancer: Api, Elec, Strike
Kejam Maya: Angin Lemah
Disarankan Partai: Yukari, Junpei, Akihiko
Ini adalah pertarungan yang sangat rumit. Maya Kejam adalah satu lebih mudah untuk membunuh
karena dia memiliki kelemahan tetapi Penari Harem akan menyalahgunakan serangan Poison Mist
sehingga dia perlu menjadi target Anda. Saya sangat menyarankan pengaturan Yukari sebagai
penyembuh Anda dan mengatur Akihiko dan Junpei menyerang Harem Dancer. Setelah penari telah
dipindai mereka akan menghindari serangan nulled dan Junpei akan menggunakan mantra Api dan
Akihiko akan menyerang dengan tangannya. Anda harus menyimpan casting Wind Persona dilengkapi,
merobohkan Maya Kejam dan kemudian menyerang Harem Dancer. Baik menggunakan keterampilan
Strike fisik atau senjata Strike disarankan karena Anda bisa mendapatkan beruntung Kritis Hit. Jaga
Maya turun untuk melawan seluruh dan ini akan jauh lebih mudah.

Boss: Raven Es / Pedang kiamat / Fort Brave
Saran Serangan: Ice Raven: Api
Pedang kiamat: Angin
Brave Fort: Es
Disarankan Partai: Junpei, Yukari, Mitsuru
Ini adalah pertarungan yang sangat sulit. Ketiga lebih dari mampu membuang beberapa serangan yang
cukup dahsyat. Namun jika Anda membawa sepanjang Persona dengan keterampilan yang tepat maka
anda akan baik-baik. Pertama-tama hanya membawa Yukari jika Anda memiliki sesuatu untuk
meniadakan kelemahan ke Elec, ini dapat diperoleh dari Langka peti atau Personas memiliki item dalam
diri mereka. Jika Anda tidak memilikinya menggantikannya dengan Metis. Pastikan bahwa Anda
membawa Persona yang tidak memiliki kelemahan mendasar sejak serangan sini benar-benar
menjalankan gamut tersebut. Hama, Mudo dan pemeriksaan fisik lebih atau kurang oke sebagai
kelemahan. Juga pastikan bahwa ini Persona telah Mediarama.

Dengan Mengatur dilakukan Junpei untuk melawan Raven Es, Yukari untuk melawan Pedang kiamat dan
Mitsuru untuk melawan Fort Brave. Dengan menjaga hal-hal seperti ini anda akan membagikan
kerusakan kepada mereka pada tingkat yang fenomenal. Jadi selama Anda ingat untuk memiliki Yukari
membantu Anda jika Anda mengambil terlalu banyak kerusakan Anda akan baik-baik saja.

Boss: Maya Original, Tiara berteriak, Kitab Suci Fury
Saran Serangan: Maya Original: Elec
Kitab Suci Fury: Api
Berteriak Tiara: Es
Disarankan Partai: Akihiko, Mitsuru, Yukari
Meskipun tidak benar-benar perjuangan yang mudah ini merupakan terobosan besar dari perlawanan
neraka sebelumnya. Masing-masing musuh sangat rentan terhadap satu elemen, memungkinkan Anda
untuk benar-benar membawa mereka keluar dengan sedikit wajar kemudahan. Tak satu pun dari mereka
yang sangat kuat daripada yang lain sehingga lebih dari masalah preferensi dan apa partai Anda lemah
terhadap yang mereka gunakan. The Tiara Berteriak mungkin yang paling mengancam kepada pihak
yang paling jadi pergi setelah Maya Asli dan Kitab Suci Fury pertama. Dengan memanfaatkan kelemahan
yang tercantum di atas mereka harus memberikan kesulitan.

Boss: Maya Cowardly / Tabel Menangis / Wonder Magus
Saran Serangan: Tabel Menangis: Es
Pengecut Maya: Api
Wonder Magus: Api
Disarankan Partai: Junpei, Mitsuru, Yukari
Yay untuk bertarung cukup sederhana! Sementara orang-orang ini cukup berbahaya mereka semua
sebenarnya memiliki kelemahan. Namun mereka memiliki kemampuan untuk menghindari kelemahan
mereka sendiri maka ini tidak akan hanya terlalu banyak berjalan-jalan di taman. hak ancaman terbesar
Anda sekarang adalah Maya Cowardly yang akan mencoba untuk menimbulkan status Takut pada partai
Anda dan kemudian otomatis membunuh Anda dengan Dead Duka. Karena tidak ada yang dapat Anda
lakukan untuk menghentikan ini malu menyembuhkan status Anda akan ingin membunuhnya lebih dulu.

Jika Anda memiliki Ragnarok maka ini merupakan pertarungan hampir laughbly mudah. Mengatur Junpei
untuk menyerang Cowardly Maya dengan Anda, tapi membiarkan Mitsuru serangan Tabel Menangis,
melemahnya itu untuk nanti. Dengan Yukari penyembuhan Anda harus ada sedikit masalah dengan
sebagian besar pertempuran. Setelah Maya mati harus Magus depan karena HP nya lebih rendah dan
akhirnya Tabel Menangis yang harus mati dekat karena Mitsuru oleh titik ini.

Boss: Neo Minotaur
Saran Serangan: Elec, Strike
Disarankan Partai: Metis, Akihiko, Yukari
Anda mungkin bertanya-tanya mengapa hal ini seperti partai radikal yang berbeda dari biasanya. Nah kali
putus asa panggilan untuk tindakan putus asa. bos ini benar-benar immnue untuk semua Magics kecuali
mantra Elec dan serangan Strike tampaknya menjadi satu-satunya cara untuk menangani jumlah yang
baik kerusakan padanya. Dengan demikian Anda terbaik adalah untuk membawa dua penyerang Strike
dengan Anda. Jika Anda memiliki Odin dan Thunder Pemerintahan oleh titik ini ini akan perjuangan
mudah. Seperti biasa Yukari merupakan penyembuh yang ditunjuk. Anda akan ingin serangan spam
Listrik di Minotaur berulang kali sementara dua Anda penyerang jarak dekat jarak dekat sampai mati.
Dengan sedikit keberuntungan dia akan mendapatkan terkejut oleh serangan Elec dan partai Anda bisa
membongkar dia berulang Hit Kritis dan All-Out Serangan karena tidak hanya dia.

Boss: Meledak Turret / Drive Pemotongan
Serangan yang disarankan: Meledak Turret: Es
Slaughter Drive: Elec
Disarankan Partai: Yukari, Akihiko, Mitsuru
Yay untuk berjuang keras non-super! Drive Meledak memanfaatkan api dan Slaughter Drive
memanfaatkan sebagian besar serangan fisik. Bukan berarti buruk. Anda akan ingin mengeluarkan Drive
Pembantaian karena mereka mungkin lebih berbahaya dari dua. Gunakan mantra terkuat Anda Elec
pada Slaughter Drive dan Akihiko membantu Anda. Set Mitsuru dan Yukari Sembuhkanlah / Support
untuk menjaga HP setinggi mungkin.

Terus serangan sampai mati Slaughter Drive. Sekarang fokus pada Turret tetapi memiliki tombol seluruh
pihak untuk menyerang, kecuali Yukari. Jika Anda memiliki mantra Ice kuat Mitsuru harus memberikan
cukup cadangan yang ia membantu Anda mengambil dia keluar dalam waktu singkat dengan bantuan

Boss: Maya Vanity / Hecatonchires Bloody
Saran Serangan: Maya Vanity: Es atau Elec
Bloody Hecatonchire: serangan Fisik
Disarankan Partai: Junpei, Akihiko, Yukari
Pertarungan ini adalah murni frustrasi terkondensasi ke dalam bentuk video game. Para Bloodys lebih
berbahaya daripada maya Vanity karena Maya tidak benar-benar melakukan kerusakan terlalu banyak.
Namun Bloodys membuat baik penggunaan Megidola terus-menerus. Membuat hal-hal buruk adalah
bahwa Vanity akan terus memanggil mereka dalam sampai mati. Biarkan Yukari menjadi dukun Anda
tetapi pastikan Anda memiliki Persona dengan Mediarama untuk membantu dalam kasus hal-hal menjadi

Junpei dan Akihiko harus Set untuk menyerang Maya Vanity dan Anda harus melemparkan mantra
terkuat Anda Ice atau Elec. Jika Anda dapat membekukan atau setrum dengan serangan-serangan ini
maka pihak Anda benar-benar akan menghancurkan itu yang bulat. Dengan keberuntungan itu hanya
akan membawa Anda di bidang empat atau lima ronde untuk menghapusnya. Ini bujang sedikit yang
agak lebih mudah untuk mengambil tapi seperti kata sebelum mereka tetap kembali sampai Maya sudah
mati sehingga mengabaikan mereka sampai saat itu.

Boss: berbahaya Cyclops / Pencari Acheron
Saran Serangan: Cyclops berbahaya: Api, lemah: Elec
Acheron Seeker: Api, lemah: Elec
Disarankan Partai: Junpei, Akihiko, Yukari
Musuh ini lemah terhadap serangan Electric tapi seperti musuh kebanyakan lakukan pada titik ini mereka
memiliki kesempatan yang tinggi menghindari kelemahan mereka. Ini berarti bahwa Elec mungkin tidak
selalu menjadi ide bagus tapi jalan sekitar ini. Fokus pada Pencari pertama karena memiliki HP kurang.
Jika Anda memiliki Odin kemudian menggunakan Thunder Reign tiap putaran, ia memiliki kesempatan hit
yang sangat tinggi dan tidak akan mengelak sering. Jika tidak maka cukup menggunakan Maziodyne, set
untuk Knock Down Akihiko dan Junpei Set untuk pergi setelah Seeker Acheron.

Hal ini membuat Yukari penyembuhan pesta Anda saat Anda putus asa mencoba untuk melenyapkan
musuh. Jika Anda dapat menyingkirkan salah satu dari mereka maka pertarungan pada dasarnya milik
Anda. Yang perlu Anda lakukan adalah sangat berhati-hati dan tidak membiarkan anda jatuh HP terlalu

Boss: Warrior Kebencian / Warrior Initiative / Warrior Celestial
Saran Serangan: Semua: serangan Fisik
Disarankan Partai: Yukari, Junpei, Akihiko
Masing-masing prajurit sepenuhnya kebal terhadap hampir semua serangan jenis unsur pembatasan
satu. Selain itu mereka biasanya akan memiliki kemampuan menghindar untuk membantu mereka
menghindari apa keterampilan yang mereka rentan terhadap. Hal ini membuat memerangi mereka rasa
sakit besar di kau tahu apa. Namun ada satu cara mudah untuk membuat perjuangan ini super
sederhana: Arahabaki. Persona ini bisa diperoleh di sekitar tingkat 65 dan jika Anda tingkat mereka,
mereka akan belajar Tetrakarn. Sabas! Tetrakarn atau Magic Mirror pada dasarnya akan memiliki musuh
bunuh diri.

Mengatur pesta Anda untuk fokus pada Warrior Surgawi (yang kebanyakan putih satu) dan membawanya
keluar ASAP karena ia telah Mediarama. Jika Anda memiliki mereka melengkapi item yang memberikan
Anda kesempatan Counterattack adalah cara yang baik untuk meniadakan kerusakan lebih jauh dan
terus menyakiti musuh.
Sebelum melanjutkan lebih lanjut, penting bahwa Anda sekering Odin dan Surt, Skadi juga jika Anda bisa.
Nifelheim, Thunder Pemerintahan dan Ragnarok yang sangat berguna dalam pertempuran mendatang.

Resistensi: Perubahan berdasarkan Persona dilengkapi. Akan memiliki daya tahan mereka, tetapi tanpa
kelemahan. yaitu. Trismigestus Nulls Api.
Disarankan Partai: Junpei, Mitsuru, Yukari
Well it's waktu untuk melawan ... dia. Seperti yang Anda harapkan dia akan berubah Persona sering. Ia
dimulai dengan Athena, Aigis 'Persona tua, yang menggunakan serangan physial dan debuffs. Kemudian
ia akan beralih untuk menggunakan Persona pihak yang sedang Anda gunakan walaupun tidak Persona
Anda saat ini dilengkapi. Jadi jika Anda memiliki disarankan pihak Anda akan melihat Isis, Artemisia dan
Trismigetus. Namun mereka tidak memiliki kelemahan sehingga Anda tidak bisa berharap untuk
mengeksploitasi mereka.

Pada kenyataannya semua melawan ini adalah hampir laughably mudah mengingat pertempuran gila
sebelumnya Anda telah berjuang. Pastikan bahwa partai Anda telah melengkapi semua item yang akan
melindungi mereka dari kelemahan mereka sendiri. Melengkapi Aigis dengan sesuatu untuk melindungi
dia dari Angin dan menjaga Odin dilengkapi seluruh pertempuran. Dengan konfigurasi ini semua yang
perlu Anda lakukan adalah memastikan bahwa Anda memindai dia setiap kali dia switch Persona dan
partai Anda akan pastikan untuk tidak memukulnya dengan sesuatu yang tidak akan menyakitinya. Mari
bertindak Yukari sebagai penyembuh Anda dan Anda, dan Mitsuru Junpei ditetapkan sebagai penyerang.
Sementara ia mungkin menggunakan hal-hal seperti Ragnarok, itu bukan ancaman besar jika ada yang
lemah untuk itu.

Boss: Akihiko Sanada / Ken Amada
Resistensi: Akihiko: Elec Null
Ken: Tidak ada
Ken memiliki kemampuan Diarahan suci, dengan demikian Anda benar-benar harus mengambil dia
keluar secepat mungkin. Fokus pada dia dengan Thunder Reign karena jika Anda bisa setrum padanya
dengan listrik kemudian Metis dapat menarik dua criticals dari padanya. Karena ia tidak memiliki HP
terbesar ini cukup ideal. Pastikan bahwa Metis memiliki item untuk melindunginya dari Hama mantra saat
Anda melengkapi sesuatu untuk membuat Anda aman dari serangan fisik. Terus Odin dilengkapi untuk
memerangi seluruh dan tidak ada yang lebih atau kurang dapat mereka lakukan untuk Anda. Setelah Ken
sudah mati Anda dapat fokus pada Akihiko dan menggunakan Nifelheim untuk membawanya keluar. Jika
ia mulai mendapatkan dibekukan oleh serangan maka pertarungan pada dasarnya menang.

Boss: Junpei Iori / Koromaru
Resistensi: Api Null: Junpei
Koromaru: Api Null
Equip item pada Metis untuk melindungi darinya serangan Mudo dan pastikan Anda memiliki banyak item
Homunculus. Pastikan untuk melengkapi item pada diri Anda sendiri untuk melindungi Anda dari Fear
baik, status penyakit dalam mantra umum atau Api, semua ini digunakan di sini. Jika Anda memiliki
Persona dengan keterampilan Tetrakarn atau hanya sekelompok a mirror serangan sekarang adalah
waktu untuk menggunakannya. Gunakan baik Nifelheim atau Thunder setiap Pemerintahan bundar di
Koromaru dan memiliki Metis Set untuk menyerang dia serta dia adalah ancaman besar dari dua. Tidak
hanya ia memiliki Agidyne dan Mudo / Mamudoon tetapi dia telah Devil Smile dan Dead Duka. Ini berarti
ia dapat menakut-nakuti seluruh partai Anda dan kemudian otomatis membunuh mereka dengan Dead
Kesedihan, tidak baik.

Dengan demikian Anda harus fokus serangan Anda pada Koromaru sekaligus menjaga HP supaya
Junpei tidak membunuh Anda. Dengan Koro keluar dari cara Anda hanya dapat fokus pada Junepi dan
membawanya keluar dalam waktu singkat.

Boss: Mitsuru Kirijo / Yukari Takeba
Resistensi: Mitsuru: Es Null
Yukari: Angin Null
Ancaman nyata dalam pasangan ini adalah Mitsuru. Dia tidak hanya memiliki serangan kuat tapi dia bisa
juga pesona seluruh pihak dengan Sexy Dance. Jika Anda memiliki item untuk mencegah pesona maka
sekarang akan menjadi saat yang tepat untuk memberikannya kepada Metis. Equip item untuk
meniadakan serangan es pada Aigis, melindungi dia dari Mitsuru seluruhnya. Sekarang gunakan
Thunder Pemerintahan di Mitsuru setiap putaran dan mengatur Metis untuk menyerangnya juga. Jika
Anda beruntung Anda akan setrum dan Metis akan menarik dari sepasang hits kritis sesudahnya. Hal ini
dapat dilakukan ke atas dari 500 kerusakan per putaran yang membuatnya kekalahan cukup cepat.
Lakukan hal yang sama untuk Yukari untuk mengakhiri pertempuran ini dengan mudah.
Setelah ini anda akan mendapatkan semua orang kembali ke pesta Anda. Ambil grup favorit Anda dan
kepala ke padang gurun untuk menemukan sebuah pintu akhir. Kepala di melalui untuk pertempuran
akhir setiap kali Anda sudah siap untuk itu.

Boss: Erebus
Saran Serangan: Tidak ada
Disarankan Partai: Junpei, Yukari, Mitsuru
Pertama-tama tidak membawa orang ke dalam pertempuran yang tidak dapat menutupi kelemahan
mereka sendiri unsur. Erebus serangan tingkat-dyne menggunakan seperti mereka akan keluar dari gaya.
Dia tidak benar-benar tampaknya mengambil banyak kerusakan dari serangan fisik kecuali jika Anda
telah menggunakan Power Charge sebelum. Anda harus menggunakan jenis unsur utama mantra seperti
Ragnarok, Thunder Reign, dll setelah menggunakan Mind Charge untuk menimbulkan kerusakan
maksimum. Set Yukari untuk bertindak sebagai penyembuh Anda karena ia harus memiliki kedua
Diarahan dan Mediarahan oleh titik ini. Junpei dan Mitsuru dapat keduanya pergi pada Assault Kendali
karena mereka bisa melukai cukup mudah.

Setelah waktu yang singkat ia akan menggunakan serangan bernama Embrace of Darkness. Hal yang
paling penting bahwa anda menekan untuk setidaknya 800 poin kerusakan dalam giliran berikutnya dan
setengah. Jika Anda tidak ia akan melepaskan Darkness Original, serangan yang Mahakuasa yang dapat
menghapus pesta Anda dengan mudah. Namun, jika Anda meninju dan ia kehilangan energi itu
pengisian itu bukan akan ragu-ragu, menyia-nyiakan putaran berikutnya. Selama putaran ini dia rentan
dan akan memakan waktu sekitar dua kali lebih banyak kerusakan dari serangan. Jika Anda dapat
memukulnya dengan Mind Charge / Thunder Pemerintahan combo pada titik ini maka Anda dapat
menimbulkan suatu 800 mudah + kerusakan.

Kegigihan dan menjaga HP tinggi adalah kunci pertempuran ini.

Selamat, Anda mengalahkan Jawaban! Nikmati resolusi storyline Anda!

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES: Answer Walkthrough by Aira
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Written by _Ultimate_Sora_
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Version: 1.00
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Don't bother sending me an email for permition, I'll always say no.

| [Table of Contents] |

Missing Features.................................................[0.03]
The Beginning....................................................[0.04]
Boss: Metis......................................................[0.05]
Boss: Immortal Gigas/Visceral Maya...............................[0.07]
Malegolge (2)....................................................[0.08]
Boss: Bright Cyclops/Soul Dancer.................................[0.10]
Cocytus (2)......................................................[0.11]
Training Time!...................................................[0.12]
Boss: Death Castle/El Dorado Beasts..............................[0.14]
Caina (2)........................................................[0.15]
Boss: Harem Dancer/Merciless Maya................................[0.16]
Training Time!...................................................[0.18]
Boss: Brave Wheel/Judgement Sword/Ice Raven......................[0.20]
Antenora (2).....................................................[0.21]
Boss: Shouting Tiara/Primitive Idol/Wrathful Book................[0.22]
Antenora (3).....................................................[0.23]
Training Time!...................................................[0.24]
Boss: Crying Table, Cowardly Maya, Wondrous Magus................[0.26]
Ptolomea (2).....................................................[0.27]
Boss: Neo Minotaur...............................................[0.28]
Ptolomea (3).....................................................[0.29]
Boss: Spastic Turret/Slaughter Drive.............................[0.31]
Judecca (2)......................................................[0.32]
Boss: Conceited Maya/Jotun of Blood..............................[0.33]
Judecca (3)......................................................[0.34]
Boss: Rebellious Cyclops/Acheron Seeker..........................[0.36]
Training Time!...................................................[0.37]
Empyrean (2).....................................................[0.38]
Boss: Tenjin/Kaiden/Onnen Musha..................................[0.39]
Training Time!...................................................[0.40]
Empyrean (3).....................................................[0.41]
Boss: ????.......................................................[0.42]
Boss: Akihiko and Ken............................................[0.43]
Boss: Junpei and Koromaru........................................[0.44]
Boss: Yukari and Mitsuru.........................................[0.45]
Training Time!...................................................[0.46]
Final Boss: Erebus...............................................[0.47]
Special Things...................................................[0.48]
Special Thanks...................................................[0.50]

| [Contacting] [0.00] |

Only contact me to ask questions, to tell me of a typo, or to suggest a
strategy for a boss fight. When messaging me be sure to...

Put the subject as: "Persona 3: FES Question/suggestion"
and include your GameGAQS Username, if you have any.

If that's not the subject I will probably just delete it...so yeah > ->
if you can't find my email on this thing...look closer.
*NOTE: IF I do accept your suggestion its because it was detailed enough for
someone to know what to do. so make sure they are DETAILED enough.
I will NOT edit what you sent me in anyway. I'm just simply gonna copy and
paste it on the proper spot and its done.

| [Updates] [0.01] |

[08/08/2008] <--- Haha!
Started Guide
Got to the 2nd boss

Got to the 5th boss
Reread everything.
Submited to GameFAQS

Failed at the Brave Wheel/Judgement Sword/Ice Raven boss fight

Defeated Shouting Tiara/Idol/Book boss
Updated guide on GameFAQS

Got to the Crying Table/maya/magus boss and beat it.

Got to the Conceited Maya/Jotun boss. Still trying to beat it D=

Beat the Conceited Maya/Jotun of Blood Boss.

Beat the Rebellious Cyclops/Acheron Seeker Boss.
Updated guide on GameFAQS

Got up to the Musha bosses

Finished the game and the guide! =D
Updated final version on GameFAQS

| [Intro] [0.02] |

Congrats to those of you who finished "The Journey". If you thought that
was hard The Answer is even harder. Way harder. So be ready!
Anyways, I just recently finished The Journey and started the Answer
and only found one guide that has a decent walkthrough for The Answer
and that is Misfit119. And I used his/her guide to get through it
so many thanks for the guide ^^. I hope this guide will help you reach the
answer to Persona 3 =D and make it a little less hellish.
Thanks for reading!

*IMPORTANT! Read EVERYTHING before starting a boss fight or going into a new
place. This will save you a lot of time...that way you don't make any
or end up doing the wrong thing.

| [Missing Features] [0.03] |
The Answer is missing some things from the Journey. Here's the list.

+Social Links are gone.
+Social Stats are fixed.
+Fusion Spells.
+Elizabeth's Requests.
+3,5 and 6 persona fusions.

| [The Beginning] [0.04] |

The Answer starts off with a short cutsceen. After that a lot of talking
then after that, your first boss fight!

| [Boss: Metis] [0.05] |

Skills: Strike Attack
Weaknesses: none
Exp: 11003
The easiest boss on The Answer.
Pretty much just attack her with either a normal attack or kill rush
Couple of hits should kill her. DO NOT use any items. If you get low on
HP don't worry because Metis will start to hesitate as soon as your HP
is low. She doesn't want to kill you, that's why this fight is so easy.

| [Malebolge] [0.06] |

Party: Yukari, Ken, and Metis
Floors: Seven(7)
Difficulty: One(1)

Head down to the 6th floor while fighting shadows. Try to collect as many
Persona as you can because Orpheus alone isn't good enough.
try to get Fortuna and Narcissus for the boss battle coming up.
Also try to level Narcissus to 21 so it learns Sexy Dance, You'll need it.
When you get to the 6th floor SAVE! you will die a lot. No doubt. So SAVE!
The place to save looks exactly like the one in Tartarus.
After saving make sure your party is ready for a difficult boss battle

| [Boss: Immortal Gigas/Visceral Maya] [0.07] |

Recomended Level: 25
Recomended Party: Yukari, Ken, and Metis
Recomnded Persona: Orpheus, Fortuna, and Narcissus
Number of times I died: 3
Set Ken to Heal/Support
Yukari to Assign Target(Gigas)
Metis to Knock Down
Immortal Gigas-
Skills: Gale Slash(party), Fatal End(1), Counter, and Dodge Wind.
Weaknesses: Wind
Visceral Maya-
Skills: Cleave(1), Double Fangs(1), Counter, and Dodge Fire.
Weaknesses: Fire
Now this is where the bosses get hard > -<

Make sure to scan the shadows so your party doesn't mess up and accidently
heal them instead of hurting them. Scan Maya then Gigas.
Use Agi for the Visceral Mayas and Garu for the Gigas
First focus on the Mayas if you're lucky you can hit all Mayas and knock them
down, After hitting them all you can switch off to Narcissus and use Sexy
to Charm the enemies, hopefully you'll charm the Gigas and stop it from
attacking you and also charming a Maya would help. Charming them helps a lot
since they won't attack you but attack each other =D
Keep knocking down the Mayas while Yukari handles the Gigas
If the Gigas ever recovers try to charm it if you want or you could just
knock down the maya and attack the gigas to speed up the process
If all goes well you should have this fight covered. =D
IF you get lucky this should be the turn order
If you don't get lucky then just keep knocking down the Mayas and have your
party focus on a single beast that way they only make one stand up and leave
one down.
After the fight go in the door which takes you back to the Desert of Doors.
You now have a door that takes you to the 8th floor.
Save in the Lounge.
Go back to the 8th floor via the new door.

| [Malebolge (2)] [0.08] |

Party: Yukari, Ken, and Metis.
Floors: Seven(7)
Difficulty: Two(2)

Take your rewards and head down to the 9th floor.
Again try to collect as many Persona as possible.
As you reach the end. Open the huge door for a cutsceen.
You now have access to Paulownia Mall! =D
Although you might be too poor to afford most of the weapons
you can still buy Medical Powders and such which you will need.
Selling the Steel Right Arm you got from the Gigas will get you
50,000Yen. After buying everything you need exit via the huge door.
SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVE! After saving go back to the Desert of Doors and enter
the new door.

| [Cocytus] [0.09] |

Party: Yukari, Junpei, and Metis.
Floors: Nine(9)
Difficulty: Four(4)

Again try to collect as many Persona here as you can especially
Take-Mikazuchi! That way you should have at least every elemental
Make your way down to the 8th floor for another save point. Same as last
make sure your party is healed. SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVE!
Once you are ready, jump down to the 9th floor.

| [Boss: Brilliant Cyclops/Soul Dancer] [0.10] |

Recomnded Level: 30
Recomended Party: Junpei, Yukari, and Metis
Recomnded Persona: Narcissus, and Fortuna
Number of times I died: 8
Exp: 5031
Item: Broken Wheel x1, Homonculus x2, Bead Chain x2.
Set Yukari to Heal/Support
Set Junpei to Assign Target(Cyclops)
Set Metis to Assign Target(Cyclops) when summoned.
Bright Cyclops-
Skills: Slash Attack(1), Bufula(1), Mabufula(party), and Bufudyne(1),
Kill Rush(1), and Summon(Soul Dancer)
Weaknesses: None
Drains: Wind? I think...
Soul Dancer x2-
Skills: Agidyne(1), and Diarama(1).
Weaknesses: Ice
Big Shadow!

Start off with Narcissus since she has a strong resistance against ice.
use a normal attack on the cyclops so you dont waste HP or SP.
When a soul Dancer is summoned switch to Fortuna and knock it down
with Bufu and pray that it doesn't miss, if it does there's a chance
that it'll atack you with Agidyne which means game over > -<
Once you knock down the Soul Dancers you can attack the cyclops with
a normal attack to help speed up the process.
Any -Dyne attack will kill you so one hit from those and bye bye~.
One thing I found helpful is this little switch~
Use Bufu with Fortuna on both Soul Dancer then switch to Narcissus.
After switching attack the cyclops or do anything else that you need to do.
When its your turn again switch back to Fortuna and repeat...ofcourse you can
only do this once every two moves but its a little helpful don't ya think?
If all goes well the Cyclops will be down and all that is left
are the Soul Dancers. Assign Junpei and Metis to attack the weakest of the
two Soul Dancers and knock them down with bufu, once they are down DO NOT
use an All-Out-Attack, instead heal your party or something, just don't make
them stand up again.
IF you get lucky this will be the order of attacks
If that's so then use bufu on them, once they are down call off the
All-Out-Attack and let Junpei and Metis finish them off for a nice and easy
win =D
If you don't get lucky then just keep knocking down the mayas and have your
party focus on a single beast that way they only make one stand up and leave
one down.
After the fight collect your rewards and go in the door.
Go back to the Lounge and SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVE!

| [Cocytus(2)] [0.11] |

Party: Yukari, Junpei, and Metis
Floors: Four(4)
Difficulty: Five(5)

Go back into Cocytus via the second door.
Avoid the hard monsters and go for the weak ones, if you get into a fight
you know you can't win escape as fast as you can. You should be able to
find some weak spawns around there that give decent EXP with some wands.
Make your way to the 15th floor for yet another huge door. Where will
this one lead to? =o Go open the door and find out!
After the cutsceen save again~ You now have Mitsuru as a team mate as well =D

| [Training Time!] [0.12] |

Now would be a good time to fuse some Persona...here's a nice combo that I
Made: Titan+Empusa+Rakshasa=Yatagarasu which has Diarama and Garula.
Pretty good shadow if ya ask me especially for some persona we dont even use.
You WILL use this persona later in battle so I suggest you make it.
Party: Yukari, Junpei, and Akihiko

Time to level up!
Good places to level would be...
The first floors of Cocytus and the first floor of Malebolge
Keep fighting weak spawns until everyone reaches level 35...It takes a while
but it'll help a lot for the next up coming fights

Here's a list of Persona you want to level:
Orpheus: At 26 he learns Agilo which would help out a lot
Hua Po: At 25 so she learns all of her skills
Take-Mikazuchi: At 25 it learns Zionga which means you have 3 mid-level
attacks now! all you need is ice.

After all that fighting and leveling up here's what you should end up with

Yukari- level 35
Junpei- level 35
Akihiko- around 33-35
Orpheus- level 26 atleast so it learns Agilao
Narcissus- lvl 23 atleast so it knows all of the skills
Fortuna- lvl 24 atleast so it knows all of the skills
Hua Po- lvl 25 atleast so it knows all of the skills
Take-Mikazuchi- lvl 25 at least so it learns Zionga

and if you got any others try and get them to learn all of their skills
as well, the more the better =D
Now you can level up more than 35 if you want~ 35 is just the minimum.
Also...if you got lucky enough to get a High Pixie getting that to level
25 will grant you trafuri and Bufula which means you have all mid-level
elemental attacks! You can get a High Pixie from getting Double Up! in
that's where I got it atleast...

| [Caina] [0.13] |

Party: Yukaru, Junpei, and Mitsuru
Floors: six(6)
Difficulty: Four(4)

This place isn't as hard as the others...just watch out for the red glowing
shadows and you should be okay.
Make your way down to the 6th floor and SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVE!
Make sure your party has full HP and full SP. If they're missing
a lot of SP go back to the desert of doors and run the whole thing again
without getting into fights ^^.
After you're ready jump down to the 7th floor for yet another boss fight...

| [Boss: Death Castle/El Dorado Beast] [0.14] |

Recomended level: 35
Party: Yukari, Junpei, Mitsuru
Recomended Persona: High Pixie/Fortuna, and Yatagarasu
Number of times I died: NONE <---- Super lucky.
EXP: 6553
Item: Shining Beard x2, Magic Mirror x2, Bead Chain x2
Set Yukari to Heal/Support
Junpei to Assign Target(Castle)
Mitsuru to Assign Target(Castle)
Death Castle:
Skills: Fire Break(1), Mazionga(party), and Mediarama(all foes)
Weaknesses: None
Drains: Ice
El Dorado Beast x2:
Skills: Strike Attack(1), Swift Strike(party), Kill Rush(1), and Dodge Ice
Weaknesses: Ice
Man what a tough looking fight huh?
The castle heals, so the first thing you wanna do is get rid of it while
knocking down the beasts with bufu skills
While they're taking care of the castle you use bufu on the El Dorado Beasts
DO NOT USE MABUFU OR MABUFULA, that will just end up healing the castle
and you don't want that now do you?
After knocking down the Beasts use a normal attack on the castle
This is just like the last fight really ^^
After taking down the Castle its time to focus on the El Dorado Beasts
IF you get lucky once more this should be the turn count
IF the order is like that then you won this fight with ease!
just knock down the beasts with bufula or bufu or mabufu, which ever you
like then call off the All-Out-Attack and wait for them to stand up,
then have the rest just attack them with all they have and they should be
in no time!
If you don't get lucky then just keep freezing the beasts and have your party
focus on a single beast that way they only make one stand up and leave one
Collect your rewards and head to Paulownia and buy Dis-Poisons and Dis-
15 of each should be more than enough :3
Return to the Lounge and SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVE!
head back to Caina via the second door.

| [Caina (2)] [0.15] |

Party: Yukari, Junpei, and Mitsuru
Floors: six(6)
Difficulty: Five(5)

Make your way down to the 13th floor for another save point
SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVE! Make sure your party has SP and HP full for this
fight =D
Once you're ready jump down to the 14th floor for yet another boss fight!

| [Boss: Harem Dancer/Merciless Maya] [0.16] |

Recomended Level: 37
Party: Yukari, Junpei, Akihiko
Recomended Persona: Fortuna/Yatagarasu, and Hua Po
Number of Times I died: 3
EXP: 7585
Item: Ebon Heart, Precious Egg, Attack Mirror x2
Set Junpei and Mitsuru to Assign Target(Dancer)
Set Yukari to Heal/Support
Harem Dancer:
Skills: Heat Wave(party), Marin Karin(1), Poison Mist(party),
and Maragion(party)
Weaknesses: None
Null: Pierce,
Drains: Wind, and Ice
Merciless Maya x2:
Skills: Dodge Wind, Agilao(1), Virus Breath(all), and Eerie Sound(party)
Weaknesses: Wind
Null: None
Another fight that is just like the rest...
For this one you can use Fortuna or Yatagarasu but Fortuna has a weakness
to fire which the shadows use every once in a while so if you get a hit from
a fire attack its game over for you...that's what Yatagarasu is better =D

Use Garu on the Maya while the others attack the dancer
This will make the fight much easier.
DO NOT USE MAGARU, the Harem will drain wind attacks so avoid using it.
If the dancer uses Marin Karin on anyone switch to Narcissus and use
Charmdi to uncharm them, or just use a Dis-Charm...which ever you like.
If anyone gets poisoned use a Dis-Poison on them.
A good thing to do in this fight is...
Use Garu with Fortuna/Yatagarasu to knock down the maya then switch to Hua Po
who Nulls Fire attacks and you should be safe from any attacks for one full
turn =D.
Once you have the Harem out of the way follow the same order from the last
Knock down the maya and call off the All-Out-Attack and let the rest of your
party handle them. You should have this fight covered as soon as the Harem is
down ^^,
I got pretty lucky on this one because Junpei did a critical chain on the
Harem three times in a row...so yeah =D lucky me.
After the fight go back to the Lounge via the new door and...
After saving go to Paulownia and sell the Ebon Heart and buy some stuff that
you need.
Head back into Caina via the 3rd door

| [Caina (3)] [0.17] |

Party: Yukari, Junpei, Akihiko
Floors: five(5) I think...I forgot to count > -< sorry.
I'll have my test buddy tell me later ^^
Difficulty: Five(5)

Keep fighting the weak spawns here to level up a bit...I couldn't really find
a lot of them but there are some...avoid the hard ones and you should be
Make your way to the bottom for yet another big door and someone elses past!

| [Leveling Time!] [0.18] |

This time you need to get everyone to atleast level 40 ._. Might take a while
but its worth it ^^ the stronger the better after all! right?
Train anywhere you want, again I recomened Caina...although it might be hard
to train Orthrus there its still the best place =D.
Collect some new Persona if you want, or some old ones that we used to fuse
Look out for King Frost and Orthrus!!! They are one of the best persona you
can get! Why? because they have the skill to dodge their own weakness!
King Frost looks like a big white blob at the center of the card and Orthrus
looks like a lion with 2 heads. This way you have some idea of what they look
like ^^.

By the end this is how you should end up

Aigis- Level 42
Akihiko- Level 38, learns Diarama
Yukari- Level 41
Junpei- Level 42
Mitsuru- Level 40
Queen Mab- Level 28. It learns Recarm by this level which can revive a fallen
party member! VERY helpful. It also knows Posumudi which unpoisons someone!
yet another helpful skill. You can find Queen Mab on the first floors of
King Frost- Level 33. It learns Growth 1 and Mabufula!
Orthrus- atleast level 30. It learns Dodge Ice and Fire Boost! =D

| [Antenora] [0.19] |

Party: Yukari, Junpei, and Mitsuru

In this place you can get a nice ring called "Eye of Thunder"
Which raises the chance of dodging electric attacks! this is VERY useful
for Yukari since her weakness is electric so if you can score this one
you are set for the next fight. You can find this ring on rare chests around
this area. If you can't find this ring then I don't know how good you'll do
the next boss fight > -<
There is also a "Eye of Flame" which is the exact same thing as the "Eye of
Thunder" but meant to dodge fire. If you can snag both of these they'll be
super helpful in the next boss fight. So best of luck!
Black Frost is a nice find on this one too because it has both Agilao and
Bufula, Nulls ice and is strong against fire! =D so yeah, try and get him
if you can.

Anyways, make your way down to the 9th floor for another save point.
After saving make sure you're ready for another boss fight.
A very hard boss fight.

| [Boss: Brave Wheel/Judgement Sword/Ice Raven] [0.20] |

Recomended Level: 42
Recomended Party: Yukari, Junpei, and Mitsuru
Recomended Persona: Yatagarasu, and Black Forst
Number of times I died: 9(Before I saw ZermousX's video
EXP: 9081
Items: Ice Element, Thunder Element, Fire Element, Precious Egg x2,
Bead Chain x3
Set Junpei to Knock Down
Set Mitsuru to Knock Down
Set Yukari to Heal/Support
And yourself to knock down all of them as soon as possible
Brave Wheel:
Skills: Eavade Ice, Maragion(party), strike attack(1), Matarunda(party),
Counter(1), Agilao(1)
Weakness: Ice
Drains: Fire
Judgement Sword:
Skills: Evade Wind, Zionga(1), Fire Break(1), Mazionga(party), Counter(1)
Weakness: Wind
Drains: Electric
Ice Raven:
Skills: Evade Fire, Mabufula(party), Fire Break(1), Bufula(1),
Tantarafoo(party), and Counter(1)
Weakness: Fire
Drains: Ice
The trick to this fight is pretty much just to knock them all down on your
turn and perform an All-Out-Attack.
Use Black Frost to knock down the Wheel and the Raven and use Yatagarasu
to knock down the sword, once they're all down perform an all out attack
on them. After the attack everyone else should knock them back down with
their own attacks
for example...
Mitsuru will most likely use Bufula on the wheel
Junpei will use Agilao on the raven
and Yukari will use Garula on the sword
BUT it only happens after you have scanned the shadows so remember to scan
each one of them every turn!
You should have this fight down in no time if you do this right.
If you still can't beat this you can check ZermousX's video on youtube
to see a better demonstration. On his video he uses Ken and Metis. But this
fight is still possible with Yukari, Junpei, and Mitsuru ^^(That's how I did
After the fight go collect your reward and head back to the lounge to...
After saving head back to Antenora via the second door.

| [Antenora (2)] [0.21] |

Party: Junpei, Yukari, and Akihiko
Floors: nine(9)
Difficulty: Five(5)

Make your way down to the 19th floor while avoiding any fights so you don't
waste SP. Once at the 19th floor...
Once you're ready hop down to the 20th floor for the next boss fight!

| [Boss: Shouting Tiara/Primitive Idol/Wrathful Book] [0.22] |

Recomended Level: 43
Recomended Party: Yukari, Junpei, and Mitsuru
Recomended Persona: Black Frost and Take-Mikazuchi.
Number of times I died: 5
EXP: 10351
Items: Throne of Ruin, Soma, Traesto Gem x2
Shouting Tiara
Skills: Evade Ice, Ice Break(1), Tetrakarn(foes), and Media(foes)
Weaknesses: Ice
Primitive Idol
Skills: Evade Elec, Bufudyne(1), Mind Charge, Megido(party), and
Weaknesses: Elec
Wrathful Book
Skills: Evade Fire, Stagnant Air(all), Masukuaja(foes), and Enfuriate(party)
Weaknesses: Fire
Set Yukari to Heal/Support
Set Akihiko to Knock Down
Set Junpei to Knock Down
Set yourself to knock down too ;3
This is similar to the last fight, knock them down and do as many
All-Out-Attacks as you can. Remember to scan every shadow though.
Use Black Frost to knock down the Book and Tiara and
Take-Mikazuchi to knock dowh the Idol, once down use an
For me this fight was actually quite easier than the one before
their attacks are less deadly and they usually only target a single
person, so you should be okay as long as you can endure their attacks.
With a couple All-Out-Attacks you should have these 3 begging for their
life in no time! ^^
Another less risky way of doing this is by pretty much ignoring the Idol
and just going for the other two while Mitsuru and Junpei do normal attacks
on the Idol AFTER they knock down the other shadows. Once both of them are
gone you can finish off the Idol with normal attacks or Agilao.
I used this one because Take-Mikazuchi is weak against Ice which the Idol
seems to use a lot and since Black Frost nulls Ice he's the best one for
this fight =D. Both methods work for sure but...one's more riskier than
the other
After the fight head back to the lounge via the new door and...
Buy some equips...items...anything you need from Paulownia then...
After saving head back into Antenora via the 3rd door.

| [Antenora (3)] [0.23] |

Party: Yukari, Junpei, and Mitsuru
Floors: Five(5)
Difficulty: Four(4)

Make yor way down to the 25th floor while killing some shadows and
collecting some more persona if possible D= we're gonna have to get
to level 50 for the next boss fight so might as well start training now!
Once you get to the 25th floor open the big door for someone else's past.
After watching the video SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVE!
Stock up on any items that you're low on, if any.
If you want to fuse Narcissus, Black Frost and another persona whose name
I forgot for Ose which we will use to make Surt once you get to level 52
=D. You'll need him...big time =D

| [Training Time!] [0.24] |

Party: Yukari, Junpei, and Mitsuru

This time you want to get everyone to at least level 50, higher if possible.
I suggest training at Antenora 2 or 3 would be a good place. I went on 3.
Keep leveling and getting new persona. The more the better :3
This is what you wanna end up with in the end.

Aigis: Level 52
Yukari: Level 51
Mitsuru: Level 51
Junpei: Level 52
Ose: To the point where he learns all of his skills for surt
Vasuki: Any
Surt: After making him he should be at 52
Quetzalcoatl: Another good fusion, not really needed but very helpful.
Once you're done leveling SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVE!
After saving head into the new door, Ptolomea.

| [Ptolomea] [0.25] |

Party: Yukari, Junpei, and Mitsuru
Floors: Seven(7)
Difficulty: Four(4)

Make your way to the 7th floor while avoiding all of the shadows so you don't
waste any SP. Once you make it to the 7th floor make sure your party has full
HP and at least 98% of their SP.
When you're ready hop down to the 8th floor for a boss fight!

| [Boss: Crying Table, Cowardly Maya, Wondrous Magus] [0.26] |

Recomended Party: Yukari, Junpei and Mitsuru
Recomended Level: 52
Recomended Persona: Surt, and King Frost
Number of times I died: 1
EXP: 12081
Items: Burning Grail, Balm of Life x2, Homunculus x2
Crying Table:
Skills: Agidyne(1), Avoid Ice, Makarakarn(foes), Evil Smile(party), and
Weaknesses: Ice
Drains: Fire
Cowardly Maya:
Skills: Bufula(1), Fire Break(1), Twin Shot(1), Avoid Fire,
Ghastly Wail(1 hit kill if scared)
Weaknesses: Fire
Drains: Ice
Wondrous Magus:
Skills: Garudyne(1), Agidyne(1), Mind Charge(self), Avoid Fire, and
Weaknesses: Fire
Drains: Wind
Set Junpei to Knock Down
Set Mitsuru to Knock Down
Set Yukaru to Heal/Support
and Yourself as knock down
This is a fairly easy fight compared to the last one! =D
Start by scanning the Maya, then the Table and lastly the Magus.
Use Surt to knock down Maya and the Magus and King Frost to knock down
the Table. If you think your party can take their attacks next turn then
go for an All-Out-Attack, if you're a little scared then just heal yourself
or a party member and wait for them to stand up.
If the table uses Makarakarn use maragion to hit them all and since surt
drains fire you'll take the reflect off of them and you'll get a nice heal!
Try to get rid of the Maya first since it uses Ghastly Wail, the one hit kill
attack you wanna get rid of it as soon as possible, keep knocking it down
Agidyne and you should be okay, as long as you keep it from attacking you're
safe! but also make sure you don't get scared.
Once the Maya is down focus on the Magus. Try knocking both of them down and
and deal out as many All-Out-Attacks as you can, you should be able to take
on both of their attacks by now. If you don't want to do All-Out-Attacks
just keep knocking them down and healing yourself or a party memeber when
you have nothing else to do on your turn, or just wait.
You should kill them both off in 1 or 2 All-Out-Attacks.
If all goes well you should have this fight down in no time!
After the fight head back to the Lounge and Stock up on any items you need,
sell the grail then...SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVE!
Once you're ready, eneter Ptolomea via the second door.

| [Ptolomea (2)] [0.27] |

Party: Yukari, Metis, and Akihiko
Floors: Eight(8)
Difficulty: Six(6)

Why such a weird party? The next boss is hard...and the only attacks that
seem to have an effect on it are strike attacks. That's why we're bringing
Metis and Akihiko along. Try to level them up as much as you can...
Try and get akihiko to at least level 50 and Metis to at least 48
...so in a way this is a small training session.
Also, Try to get an Ubelluris, he'll be helpful for the next fight.
Akihiko learns Fist Master at level 50 which boosts up his strike attack!
very helpful for the next boss fight.
Try to get surt to level 58 so it learns Ragnarok and try to get yourself
to at least level 55.
Once you're ready for the boss make your way down to the 16th floor for
another save point.
once you save and you're ready, jump down to the 17th floor for another boss!

| [Boss: Neo Minotaur] [0.28] |

Recomended Party: Yukari, Metis, and Akihiko
Recomended level: 55
Recomended Persona: Surt, Quetzalcoatle and Yatagarasu
Number of times I died: 2
EXP: 13407
Items: Scarlet Choker, Soma, Magic Mirror x2
Neo Minotaur:
Skills: Akasha Arts(all), Magarudyne(party), Spirit Drain(1),
Revolution(all), Mind Charge(self), Garudyne(1), Marakunda(party),
Wind Break(1), Viciuos Strike(party), and Marakunda(self)
Weaknesses: None.
Drains: Fire, Wind, Ice, Elec.
Set Metis to Knock Down
Set Akihiko to Knock Down
Set Yukari to Heal/Support
and you just do as much damage as you can and heal

This is one hell of a hard fight, Expect to die a couple of times =D
Pretty much all you can do in this fight is heal and attack
strike attacks are the only ones that seem to have any effect on this
gigantic beast but your pierce attack works just fine.
Hope that you get critical hits on this thing from metis and yourself
since you can pull All-Out-Attacks on it and take out a nice chunk of
its HP.
This guy pretty much spams Magarudyne all the time along with some other
physical attacks, havnig an attack mirror would come in handy for this
fight just do it ends up hitting itself instead of all of you =D.
having Quetzalcoatle helps in this fight because wind attacks don't hurt
him as much and has nice defense buffs for your party and debuff skills
for the minotaur which help out quite a bit! Without the defense buffs
Akihiko and Metis would be dying in one hit ^^'
That's pretty much all the help I can give out...just beat it to death
and hope to get some crits...Use an attack mirror just in case it uses
Akasha Arts cuz that's a pretty deadly attack :X
If all goes well you should win~
My turn order was Me>Metis>Yukari>Minotaur>Akihiko
Check ZeromousX's video on youtube again for more of an idea of how he did
this fight.

| [Ptolomea (3)] [0.29] |

Party: Yukari, Mitsuru, and Junpei
Floors: Eight(8)

Make your way down to the 25th floor while taking care of some shadows.
Once there open the big door to see someone else's past~
After seeing the video...

| [Judecca] [0.30] |

Party: Yukari, Mitsuru, and Akihiko
Floors: Seven(7)
Difficulty: Five(5)

Train a bit here and get to level 60, the stronger the better right?
shouldn't take that long ^^. Try to level Surt as well Maragidyne will be
helpful. Also, try and get Titania, she's pretty helpful and you'll need her
for a fusion later on.
Once you have Titania all you need is a Throne, which should be found at the
same place where you got Titania. Once you have both of them head down to
the Velvet room and fuse them together to make Thor. He will be VERY helpful
in the next fight. Once you've done all that Get down to the 7th floor for
another save pointand...
Make sure your party has full HP and SP.
If you're ready jump down to the 8th floor for the next boss fight!

| [Boss: Spastic Turret/Slaughter Drive] [0.31] |

Recomended Party: Yukari, Mitsuru and Akihiko
Recomended Level: 60
Recomended Persona: Thor
Number of times I died: 3
EXP: 15492
Items: Infernal Armor, Attack Mirror x2, Precious Egg
Spastic Turret:
Skills: Vile Assault(1), Maragidyne(party), Agidyne(1), Mind Charge(self),
Summon(Summons a new Drive)
Weaknesses: Ice
Drains: Fire
Slaughter Drive:
Skills: Deathbound(party), Torrent Shot(1), Evade Elec, Slash Attack(1),
Last Resort(party), and Makarakarn(foes)
Weaknesses: Electric
Drains: Ice
Set Yukari to Heal/Support
Set Mitsuru to Heal/Support
Set Junpei to Assign Target(Either of the Drives)
and yourself to the same Drive as Junpei
This one isn't as hard as the one before but it's still pretty difficult.

Start by scaning the Drive then the Turret.
You'll want to knocl down both Drives with lightning attacks first. Once
they're down use a normal attack or switch off and use a bufu attack on
the turret to knock it down, your choice. If All goes well and you dont miss
you should have the Drives down in no time!
Once you have both Drives down its time to focus on the Turret, which is way
easier ^^' Now its time to focus on the Drive, Switch to any Ice Persona
you have like Black Frost and use Bufula to knock it down, then use an
All-Out-Attack to finish it off! With both you and Mitsuru knocking it down
to do All-Out-Attacks you should kill it in about 1 or 2.
Be quick about killing it though...you don't want it summoning yet another
drive ._.
IF he does summon another one focus on the Turret and ignore the Drive.
The turret will keep on summoning more Drives if there aren't any on the
field with it. Once the Turret is gone repeat the same thing you did with
the other drives and you should finish the fight pretty quickly
Once you're done go and collect your rewards =D
Head back to the lounge via the new door ^^.
Stock up on anything that you're missing then...
When you're ready head into Judecca via the second door!

| [Judecca (2)] [0.32] |

Party: Yukari, Junpei and Metis
Floors: Eight(8)
Difficulty: Six(6)

Since Metis is such a low level you'll have to train her. Get her up to at
least level 58 so she learns Garydyne. You should be level 65 by the time
metis gets to that level so you'll be a bit stronger ;3.
Make your way down to the 16th floor while fighthing shadows and collecting
more persona. Once there make sure your party has full HP and SP and then...
Once you're ready jump down to the 17th floor for the next boss!

| [Boss: Conceited Maya/Jotun of Blood] [0.33] |

Recomended Party: Yukari, Junpei, and Metis
Recomended Level: 65
Recomended Persona: Surt, and Thor
Number of times I died: 8
EXP: 16935
Items: Bloody Horse, Precious Egg, Soma
Set Yukari to Heal/Support
Metis to Assign Target(Maya)
and once the maya summons his minions set Junpei to Attack one of them.
and yourself to kicking the maya's butt and healing =D
Coneceited Maya:
Skills: Agi(1), Cruel Attack(1), Summon(Summons Juton), Matarakukaja(party)
Marakunda(all), and Masukunda(party),
Weaknesses: None
Nulls: Any Physical Attack
Jotun of Blood:
Skills: Bufudyne(1), Mediola(party), Ziodyne(v), Garudyne(1),
Maziodyne(party), Maragidyne(party)
Weaknesses: None
Nulls: Any Magic Attack
Start off by scanning the maya.
When the Maya summons a Jotun Scan it.
Use any -dyne/Ragnorok attacks on the Maya to start off.
When the Maya reaches about 3/4 HP it'll summon a Jotun.
It will summon a second Jotun on the next turn.
When both Jutons are summoned the Maya will try to Debuff your party
so try to get it down before it can actually do this > -<
Keep Attacking the Maya while Junpei keeps attacking the Jutons
if you keep it up you should have the maya down pretty quick.
Once the Maya is down its time to focus on the Jotuns!
The Jutons are a pain...
They'll exploit everyone's weakness then use Megidola which pretty much one
hit kills who ever was hit in the first place > -< so getting them down
is important.
Put metis into Orgia Mode once the Maya is down and she'll beat the living
daylights out of the two Jotuns, with the help of everyone else of course =D.
Here's how I actually did it.
Put Junpei and Metis to attack the first jotun that is summoned.
Yukari healed. I kept attacking the Maya with Agydine from the help of
Succubus since she doesn't have any weaknesses.
Jotun died by Metis and Junpei thanks to two crits.
Maya died after about 5 turns from the death of the first Jotun.
Put Metis into Orgia Mode. She crited it on her first turn.
Did and All-Out Attack. Win.
This was all LUCK > -> My whole party died at one point, and it was tough.
I managed to revive Yukari which the Jotun had some weird attraction to...
he would always attack her with Garudyne for some weird reason...that helped
a lot...haha...tought tough tough fight...
Good Luck to you all...> -< sorry if I wasn't much help on this one > -<'
redwing42's strategy:
The party should be Ken, Koromaru, and Metis. These three have no elemental
weaknesses. I then used Mekizeldek as Aigis' Persona, as it also has no
elemental weakness and has Mediarahan. Any other healer with no elemental
weaknesses should work also. I used Aigis as the healer, and set the other 3
to target the Maya. When I played, the Maya actually summoned a Jotun in
rounds 2 and 3, rather than according to HP. By keeping up with healing and
occasionally using a Balm of Life when needed, I was able to keep the Jotuns
from using Megidola during the entire battle, because they only seem to use
it once they hit a character's weakness. After the Maya (and its buff/debuff
spells) was finished, it wasn't hard to take out the Jotuns. Keep up the
work, your FAQs have been both informative and entertaining.

| [Judecca (3)] [0.34] |

Party: Yukari, Junpei, and Mitsuru
Floors: Eight(8)
Difficulty: Four(4)

Try to level up atleast once here...just for the sake of leveling.
Make your way down to the 25th floor.
while fighting shadows and getting new persona if any.
Once you're at the ___ floor. lol > ->
open the big door for yet another look into the past.

| [Empyrean] [0.35] |

Party: Yukari, Junpei, and Mitsuru
Floors: Eight(8)
Difficulty: Six(6)

Try to get yourself and Yukari to level 68.
Yukari learns Samarecarm which is a very helpful skill. :3
Make your way down to the 8th floor and make sure your party has full
Once you're ready hop down to the 9th floor for the next boss fight!

| [Rebellious Cyclops/Acheron Seeker] [0.36] |

Recomended Party: Yukari, Junpei, and Mitsuru
Recomended Level: 68
Recomended Persona: Surt, and Hariti
Number of Times I died: 6
EXP: 19135
Items: All-Seeing Eye x2, Soma, Precious Egg x2
Rebellious Cyclops:
Skills: Poison Arrow(1), Primal Force(1), God's Hand(1), High Counter,
Brave Blade(1), Brave Wheel(1), Evade Any Physical Attack, Vorpal
Power Charge, and Arrow Rain(party)
Weaknesses: None
Drains: Wind, and Ice
Acheron Seeker:
Skills: Agidyne(1), Evade Fire, Tentarafoo(party), Mind Charge,
Magarudyne(party), Maragidyne(party), Mabufudyne(party), Evil Smile(party),
and Megidola(party)
Weaknesses: Fire
Repel: Wind, Ice
Set Yukari to Heal/Support
Mitsuru to Heal/Support as well
Junpei to Knock Down
This is one hell of a tough battle...So be ready D=
The Seekers in this fight are weak against Fire, but like all previous
they have the ability to dodge it(big surprise) Start off by scanning a
so your party avoids healing them or doing a dumb attack.
Use Surt to try and knock down the Seekers as much as you can, if you ever
get them down attack the Cyclops with agidyne or which ever attack you wanna
use or just heal up your party~ which ever works for you.
Once the Seekers are down its time to focus on the big Cyclops.
Don't be scared if you have to use a Soma around this time...
my party had almost no SP and low HP when I used it so it turned out well
for me ^^.
Only Fire Attacks really work on this guy as well...so just keep on using
Agidyne or Ragnarok to finish it off. Keep Mitsuru and Yukari to Heal so
your party has enough HP to endure his attacks > -<
I actually ended up using an Attack Mirror when he used Power Charge!
He ended up attacking himself x4 and killed himself. hehe. Nice Move? xDDD
That's pretty much all the help I can give out...The rest pretty much depends
on how well you can controll the fight and how lucky you get > -<
Good Luck!
If all goes well, you've won the match and you're one step closer to
this game from hell ;~;
Exit Empyrean via the new door.
Head to the mall and restock, buy things, ect.

| [Leveling Time!] [0.37] |

Try and get a Hariti from the 1st Empyrean door and get it to level 63
so it learns Recarmdra and Medirahan. Once you get it to that level
you will be using her in a fusion!
Fuse Hariti+Daisoujou+Black Frost to make...
Thunder God ODIN!
He will be VERY usefull in the upcomming fights!
So now we have two elemental gods: Odin and Surt :3
After fusing Odin try leveling him up so he learns Thunder Reign.
And if you got lucky like me...Odin is holding something! :o
Try and recover Hariti again since she has the best healing skills.
You will have to level her back up again sadly ;~;
You should end up with this by the end of the training~
Aigis: Level 72
Junpei: Level 71
Yukari: Level 72
Mitsuru: Level 70
Odin: Level 63
Hariti: Level 63
Once you're ready head into the the second door of Empyrean!

| [Empyrean (2)] [0.38] |

Party: Yukari, Junpei, and Mitsuru
Floors: Nine(9)
Difficulty: 7

Before the next boss you have to fuse together
Scathach+Hariti+Yatagarasu to make Arahabaki.
Arahabaki learns tetrakarn at level 64! which is really helpful for
the next fight, so I strongly suggest you get it.
Level Arahabaki so it learns Tetrakarn~.
After making Arahabaki get yourself down to the 18th floor.
Check if your party's SP and HP are full if not make it full.
Once you're ready jump down to the 19th floor for the last boss!

| [Boss: Tenjin/Kaiden/Onnen Musha] [0.39] |

Recomended Party: Yukari, Junpei, and Mitsuru
Recomended Level: 73
Recomended Persona: Odin, Arahabaki and Hariti
Number of times I died: 2
EXP: 19659
Items: White Quillon, Red Quillon, Black Quillon, Soma x2, Balm of Life x5
Set Yukari to Heal/Support
Set Junpei/Mitsuru to Assign Target(Tejin)
Tejin Musha:
Skills: Revolution(All), Mahamaon(party), Matarakuja(foes),
Marakunda(party), Vorpal Blade(party), Slash Attack(1),
Makarakarn(foes), Mediarama(foes), and Premonition
Weaknesses: None
Kaiden Musha:
Skills: Tempest Slash(1), Life Drain(1), Mahamaon(party), and
Vorpal Blade(party)
Weaknesses: None
Nulls: Physical Attacks
Onnen Musha:
Skills: Life Drain(1), Poison Arrow(1), Mamudoon(all), Power Up!(self),
Weaknesses: None
Drains: Any Magic
Alright! Last boss!

Start by scanning the Tejin, then Kaiden, and lastlt Onnen.
You'll wanna take down the Tejin first because it knows Mediarama and will
just end up healing your party, you don't want that now do you? ^^
Use Arahabaki's Tetrakarn so your party reflects attacks. This way they'll
be attacking themselfs instead of your party.
Use Odin's Thunder Reign. Odin should know Spell Master which makes all
spells use up half the SP they usually use, pretty helpful :3
After 3 or 4 turns the Tenjin should die.
Once you have Tenjin out of the way focus on Kaiden.
Keep using tetrakarn every turn and let Mitsuru and Junpei deal with Kaiden.
He shouldn't be too much of a pain this way :3
After Kaiden focus on Onnen.
This one's a little tougher than the others since it doesnt have a weakness
and has a strong resistance against physical attacks.
Keep Keep using Tetrakarn every turn and let Mitsuru and Junpei deal with
Onnen. After using Tetrakarn to protect your party use Rebellion to raise
the chance of your party hitting a crit. on him and him hitting a crit on
one of your party memebers but really hurting himself ;3.
IF you do manage to get a crit. on Onnen this fight is pretty much yours.
If all goes well this fight should've been pretty easy thanks to Arahabaki :3
After the fight go get your rewards and head back to the lounge via the
new door.
Buy anything you need from the mall, sell the quills.

| [Training Time!] [0.40] |

Party: Metis

The point of this training is to level metis.
Get her to at least level 70...
I know it long...but you'll need her to be strong.
Why just you two? Less people=more exp right? :3
This is also the time where you pretty much wanna train any persona that
you need to train, do it.

| [Empyrean (3)] [0.41] |

Try and recreat Surt. You'll need him again. Also, get him to learn
Ragnarok again too~

Party: Yukari, Junpei, and Mitsuru
Floors: Six(6)
Difficulty: five(5)

Now...as you see I tried getting you guys to think that was the last boss D=
but it didn't work did it? o .o;; you could've just read the index thingy
and known that it wasn't the last boss...but oh well :3
Anyways, make your way down to the 26th floor.
Same deal as always. Take off any equips that help your party dodge attacks
or that help them in any way...You'll know why I have you do this later :3
Once you're ready hop down for an interesting boss fight.

| [Boss: ????] [0.42] |
Never thought you'd see him again did you? lol
This is a fairly simple fight compared to the ones you've tooken on before
so relax a bit on this one :3

Recomended Party: Yukari, Junpei, and Mitsuru
Recomended Level: 75
Recomended Persona: Odin, Surt, and Hariti
Number of times I died:
EXP: 8178
Item: Key of time
Skills: God's Hand(1)
Skills: Pantha Rhei(1), Magarudyne(party), and Garudyne(1)
Nulls: Wind
Skills: Vorpal Blade(party), and Deathbound(party)
Nulls: Fire
Skills: Niflheim(1), Marin Karin(1),
Nulls: Ice
Set Junpei and Mitsuru to Knock Down
Set Yukari to Heal/Support
And you work as Knock Down as well
Start off by scanning him.
Use Thunder Reign to start off
If you get lucky Junpei or Mitsuru will end up Criting him, do an
All-Out-Attack if this happens.
Use Thunder Reign throughout this whole fight and you should finish
it off in 8-10 turns, quicker if you get any All-Out-Attakcs going.
If all goes well you should beat him with ease.
After the fight you get to watch a pretty scary cutsceen.
Then, a bunch of talking.
Buy ANYTHING you need to stock up on, better equips, items, cards, anything.
You should be pretty rich by now, I have almost 9mil.
Get the latests equips for Metis and yourself.
Go back and give all the items you bought to metis.
Reason why I had you take off any equips that helped your party before the
fight is cuz it'll just end up helping them in the last fights...instead of
helping you.
Once you're ready, go downstairs.

| [Boss: Akihiko and Ken] [0.43] |
I just love the battle song during these fights. It's so nice~

Recomended Level: 77
Recomended Persona: Hariti, Odin, Surt and Arahabaki
Number of times I died: 1
Exp: 9980
Skills: Masukunda(party), Gigantic Fist(1), Mind Charge(self),
Weaknesses: None
Nulls: Electric
Skills: Hamaon(1), Elec. Break(1), Rebellion(all), Premonition,
Vile Assault(1), Ziodyne(1),
Nulls: Electric
Set Metis to Heal/Support
Well, First fight.

Use Arahabaki or odin to take down Ken first.
Bufudyne and Tetrakarn will be of great help in this fight.
Thunder Reign will make things with Ken even faster.
After Ken is down its time to focus on Akihiko
For Akihiko you'll want to use Ragnarok to finish him off faster
or you can use Bufudyne, Which ever you want.
Don't be afraid to use a Precious Egg if you need it, or a snuff soul.
After the fight, watch the cutsceen. Once you're back at the lobby
Stock up on stuff, anything you need. When ready, head back into
the arena.

| [Boss: Junpei and Koromaru] [0.44] |

Recomended Level: 77
Recomended Persona: Odin and Hariti
Number of times I died: 1
EXP: 9981
Skills: Agidyne(1), Rakukaja(self), Vorpal Blade(party), Maragidyne(party),
Slash Attack(1), Tempest Slash(1), Power Charge(self), and Tentarafoo(party)
Weaknesses: None
Nulls: Fire, Light, and Dark
Skills: Stagnant Air(all), Evil Smile(Party), Brave Wheel(1), Slash
Mamudoon(party), Agidyne(1), Mudoon(1), Brave Blade(1), Life Drain(1), and
Ghastly Wail(1 hit kill if in fear)
Weaknesses: None
Nulls: Fire, Light, and Dark
Set Metis to Heal/Support
You'll wanna start off by targeting Koromaru.
Using Thunder Reign with oding and Hariti to heal yourself when needed is
probably the easiest way to finish him off. Metis can probably give out a
few criticals since Koromaru will most likely be paralyzed after using
Thunder Reign on him, so that'll be pretty helpful.
Once Junpei is down its time to focus on Junpei.
Same deal as always pretty much, use Thunder Reign, Heal when needed
Pretty easy fight now ^^. Using Arahabaki's tetrakarn when Junpei
Powers up will just help you finish him off faster. He'll try to
put you into a panic with Tentarafoo once his HP is pretty low which
gets kinda annoying but you can easily get around that ^^.
After the fight watch yet another cutsceen. After it you return to the
Restock whatever you need, when you're ready head back into the arena.

| [Boss: Yukari and Mitsuru] [0.45] |
Equip an Omega Drive on Metis if you can, if not put a Frenzy Bead.
Equip an something that helps you avoide Icew attacks for yourself, that way
you can dodge some of Mitsuru's attacks or buy a Agi Bracer to boost your
attack to knock down Yukari faster.

Recomended Level: 77
Recomended Persona: Surt and Hariti
Number of times I died: 2
EXP: 9981
Item: True Key
Skills: Angelic Grace, Magarudyne(party), Myrad Arrows(party), and
Weaknesses: None
Nulls: Wind, Light, and Dark
Skills: Tentarafoo(party), Vorpal Blade(Party), Sexy Dance(party),
Angelic Grace, Mabufudyne(party),
Nulls: Ice, Light, and Dark
Start off with Yukari, since she can knock you down when you have Odin out
and can pretty much stop you from attacking, use Tetrakarn when you
can since Mitsuru tends to use Vorpal Blade quite a bit ^^;;
Use Ragnarok to take down Yukari faster.
You can also put Metis into Orgia Mode if you wanna finish this off even
faster. Heal When necessary.
After Yukari is down, its time to focus on Mitsuru.
Use Thunder Reign to hit Mitsuru, since she uses Angelic Grace Thunder Reign
won't always hit her, but when it does she takes A LOT of damage which ends
this fight even sooner. Use Tetrakarn when needed too. Heal when needed. Rez
Metis if she dies too. If all goes well this fight should be yours! ^^
After the fight watch the sad cutsceen.
After it go to the velvet room.
Fuse Quetzalcoatl, Loki, and Kali to make Anubis.
Anubis is pretty godly.
It learns Null Ice and Elec.
It learns Makarakarn which is just like Tetrakarn but with elemental attacks.
Train it until it learns all of its skills.

| [Training Time!] [0.46] |

Train at Empyrean 3.
Get Anubis to level 66.
Aigis to 80.
Mitsuru to 76.
Junpei to 75.
yukari to 76.
Once you're done training to make Card for personas that way you can
boost up their magic or something, buy items you need, anything you find
Make sure everyone is ready for the final fight, good equips.
Once you're ready head into the final door.
Watch the cutsceen, videos and get ready for the toughest battle in the game!

| [Final Boss: Erebus] [0.47] |

Recomended Party: Yukari, Junpei, and Mitsuru
Recomended level: 80
Recomended Persona: Odin, Arahabaki, Surt, Anubis and Hariti
Number of times I died: 1
Skills: Maziodyne(party), Ziodyne(1), Agidyne(1), Maragidyne(party),
Poison Mist(party), Deathbound(party), Almighty Attack(party),
Mamudoon(party), Garudyne(1), Magarudyne(party), Bufudyne(1),
Mabufudyne(party), Evil Smile(party), Virus Breath(1),
Dark Embrace:
The scariest attack Erebus has.
When he uses it a small red and black orb will float infront of him.
This orb is charging up power, once it's done charging it'll unleash
all that power with an instead death to you in your party.
How do you stop it? Kick it's ass.
Use Thunder Reign as always.
Everyone else will most likely end up using their respective -dyne skills.
Once you mess up it's Dark Embrace it'll be down for 4 turns.
During these turns its VERY vulnerable and you end up doing a lot more
damage to it. Take this oppertuniy to do as much damage as you can!
Weaknesses: None
Nulls: Light and Dark
Set Yukari to Heal/Support
Set Junpei and Mitsuru to Full Assault
Wow. Huge scary looking thing huh? Well LETS DO THIS!

Start off by scanning it.
Use Thunder Reign to hit it since it uses less SP
Use Makarakarn also so it hits itself.
With Makarakarn it ends up hitting it 4 times, which adds up to a little
over 400.
This is basicly the only thing you do throught out the whole battle...
except for when it uses Dark Embrace.
You should finish this fight if all goes well ^^.
After the fight watch the amazing ending to the whole P3 story! wooo :3
Grats on finishing The Answer! It was a challange but you did it~
Now give yourself a pat on the back or something? lol. ^^,

| [Special Things] [0.48] |
SP Drinks:
If you go upstairs to the vending
machines and buy drinks, they can replenish your SP by 5 pts a can. It is
monotonous as you have to buy them one at a time, but until you can get items
to replenish your SP it is an option.

| [Thanks!] [0.49] |
Thank you for reading my guide! I hope that this helped you finish this
game from hell without much trouble ^^.
Look out for my next guide for Persona 4 ;3 Once it's out in America at
least. Later~ ^^,

| [Special Thanks] [0.50] |

Thanks to Misfit119 for the boss strategies and the missing features
in The Answer! ^^

Thanks to ZermousX from youtube for posting a video on how he beat the
it helped out a lot =D.

Thanks to redwing42 for a different strategy for finishing the
Conceited Maya/Jotun of Blood Boss.

Thanks to thowze for finding the SP Drinks!

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