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lFll.tlt JllL!*r,J"vrr v& krf,b
ln g" pgc-h-as. 1! le derived from and canonieaLly
founded by
Ghurch of RueEl.a througb the prlnary
an{ eole 0-rt}odgx Cathol,lc !{isslonatry and Evangelthtte
efforts of the Busslar Church in Ameilca and ful1y
reeognires the prlmacy and canonlcal excluslveness
of the RussLan JurJ.sdlctlon and hlerarehy ln Amerlca
throughout the flrst eentrry of Orthodox exlstance
ln the l{ew llor1d, the nev}y-eEtab1lshed, So3.y EaEte:m
0rthodor Cathollc Apostol5.e Chrrch in Nortb Amerlea,
wh^Lle entlre3.y autonorous, and lndependent ln its
organlzatlon, eonstltutlsn, admlnistratlon,
and autbortty
e at all tlmes lts
brotherly and fJ.l.la1 relatlonshlp to the 0rthodox
Chureh of Russla represented ln fl"ussia by the
Patrla*ehal AutJrorlty of itloscolr{ and A}} Ilussia and
la Auerlea by Bls Enineoce
I{etropolltan }Iaton, and
hls eanonlea.Il.y established and recognlzed successors
as Arehblshop of the lnerlean Jurlsdlctlon of the
Patrlarchate of l,loacov and. A1} Ruesj"a,
Surtberr^HF do beretrJrr on t'hl"s Znd d.ay of Sebruary
elect anit'give for tLe Consecration
of tle Teqy Reverend, Ieon*d furkevltch to be 3lshop
la the newly-founded Eoly Easterx Orthodor Catholib
and Apostfillc Shurcb ln $orth Amerlca aa assistant to
l"ts esr;mst Reverend. aftlnios,
ArchbishCIp of Brooklfa, and. tiy hln to be appointed,
posltLon or.See as the Holy Eastern-Orthodox
Cat[oIS.e md. Apostolle Church in Horth Auerlca by
its constitutlon or by-la*s may
or ereet- for
the ffirst asslstaat Blshop under
j"fs prlnate.
!{ay Sod
prospc{r aad. Bleas thls work in l{ls }Iane alrd
to E5.s Gl,sr1r, Anenr
Issned rmfler or:r hands and, seaLs ln
Cttv of $er
Ts*r on the Znd d.ary of tr'ebruary
$ty1e) in the
year sf ourc $ord
ilineteen Hundred and fwenty Serren.rf
Thie Act rras s*gned, kf th,e
}laton, Hetropolitan of Sorth Anerlca and Canada"
Aftlnio*, Archblshop of Brook1ya.
tTreolthilLus, B*shop of Clrlcago.
fxpnffofy, of Alaska"
lrsenSr, Bi"shnp of lfinnf,p€g.
Al*ry,n Eishop of San SraneJ"sco.