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Letter of Guarantee

(Year)          (Month)          (Day)
To: (Ambassador/Consul-General) of Japan in
Visa Applicant
(Mae sure the name is !ritten in the "atin alphabet as it appears on his/her passport# $hen there are t!o or more
appli%ants& enter the representati'e(s status belo!& and atta%h a list of all appli%ants#)
+ull name (in "atin alphabet): (Male/ +emale) additional appli%ants
Date of birth: / / (A,e: )
(Year) / (Month) / (Day)
I will guarantee the following items regarding the above-mentioned applicant’s entry into Japan:
! "#penses for the applicant’s stay in Japan
$! %eturn travel e#penses
&! 'ompliance with Japanese laws and regulations
I hereby declare that the above is true!
Address: 〒 -
*%%upation/)ame of or,ani-ation:
+ull name: ()ote)
Date of birth: / / (A,e: )
(Year) / (Month) / (Day)
Telephone number: ( ) - (/0tension )
+A1 number: ( ) -
2elationship !ith the 'isa appli%ant(s)
3/nter the follo!in, items !hen the %ompany/or,ani-ation is e0tendin, the in'itation#4
Conta%t person(s di'ision:
Conta%t person(s full name:
Conta%t person(s telephone number: ( ) - (/0tension )
Conta%t person(s +A1 number: ( ) -
 +hen a company,organi-ation is e#tending an invitation. fill out the name of the company,organi-ation as
well as your title and affi#. and put the registered seal of the representative. or non-registered seal of the
company or the sub-organ (a personal seal is unacceptable*! If it is difficult to put the seal. a person in a
position of authority at the company,organi-ation may put his,her signature!
 /oreign nationals who do not have a seal may put his,her signature here!