ID²E – International Direct Digital Election First Convocation The GESI/2009 and i3G Institute, focused in its

scientific and academic responsibilities, is honored to invite you to participate of the International Direct Digital Election - ID²E the election will be conducted via mobile phone, thought text message (SMS), from 6 to 20 of November, 2009. The theme of the election is: “Is the United Nations Organization fulfilling it's mission?” The primary objective of the experiment is to evaluate the methodology of digital voting and mobile technology for community decision making. To vote in the ID²E you must send a text message (SMS) with three characters to the cell number +55 48 88340682 (international), according with the following instructions: * If you want to vote YES, the message should contain the following characters: 001 * If you want to vote NO, the message should contain the following characters: 002 There will be no campaign in ID²E, and discussions, explanations and defenses of proposals will be made exclusively in a social environment based on web 2.0, in and absolutely free mechanism. The secondary objective is to evaluate the use of these environments for organizing and conducting public debates focused on global citizenship and community decision making. The ID²E will be implemented through digital ballot box, open during the voting period (6 to 20/11), and you can vote at any time, anywhere, from any mobile phone. No need for prior registration or any bureaucratic procedure, only the vote, direct and secret. Voting will open on November, 6th, 05:00PM GMT (or 08:00PM BRT). The result will be announced immediately after the end of the election, without tabulation or verification, on November, 20th , 05:00PM GMT (or 08:00PM BRT). We welcome your participation. Your vote is very important for the technological improvement of global democracy. Att. GESI/2009 and i3G INSTITUTE Comments: 1. Any mobile phone can vote from anywhere on the planet; 2. The organizers will report the various aspects of experience in scientific forums, through articles and papers, and also in master's dissertations and doctoral theses; 3. Both the election result as the operational data will be open and available to all interested parties after the conclusion of the election; 4. The ID²E is part of the construction of the Direct Digital Democracy, also with future involvement in other digital media; 5. The software used to capture the votes is free and open;

6. There is no additional cost to the vote, only the normal cost of sending an SMS message; 7. The votes will not be identified, either by the owner, number, contents of the vote or geographical reference; 8. If you want to voluntarily identify the geographical origin of your vote (without revealing the content) there will be a specific environment for that; 9. The organizers of the ID²E are non-profit organizations and the ID²E will be conducted on a non-profit fashion; 10. The logos of web 2.0 tools in the header of this call indicates the alternatives used to construct the process of online discussion, and does not imply participation in the organization and support the development of ID²E; 11. The organization will not get any advantage of any cell phone provider; 12. The GESI/2009 is the group of study on the Information Society UFSC / EGC; 13. The i3G is the Institute for Electronic Government, Intelligence and Systems, headquartered in Florianópolis, Brazil; 14. Operating costs of IDE will be made possible by the organizers, without public funding; 15. There are no sponsors (public or private); 16. Professionals (organizers, coordinators, debaters and researchers) will work on a voluntary basis; 17. There is no involvement of political parties or governments in the IDE; 18. Two groups of researchers and GESI i3G organize arguments in favor of YES and NO; 19. Please do not make voice calls to the mobile phone number that will receive the votes, as well as messages with other content than the votes with only three characters; 20. The GESI and i3G do not ask and do not accept donations, contributions or assistance of costs for the ID²E; 21. Any phone, from any carrier, can vote. There is no need to use a PDA, SmartPhone or similar; 22. Multiple votes will be allowed. You can vote as many times as you like; 23. You can help IDE in the following ways: 1) voting, 2) disseminating the convocation and asking others to also vote, 3) translating the convocation to other languages and disseminating it.

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