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ME Parallel Plate Settlers

ME Parallel Plate Settlers

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about sedimentation using plate settlers
about sedimentation using plate settlers

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Published by: bk9784 on May 25, 2014
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Module Support
Stainless Steel
Plate Modules
Monroe Sludge
Collection System
Weir Plates and
Efuent Launders
Monroe Environmental Parallel Plate Settlers
can greatly increase the efective surface area of
the existing clarifers and sedimentation basins at
water treatment facilities. New tanks can be greatly
reduced in size when designed to include plate
settlers as well. This is because suspended solids
removal in gravity separators and clarifers de-
pends primarily on the surface area for settling and
the multiple parallel plates provide a large surface
area in a small space.
Monroe features a variety of design improve-
ments over competitive plate settlers. These patent
pending designs provide a more equalized fow
through the plate sections and also incorporate
several features that make inspection, cleaning,
and maintenance much easier for plant operators.
Plate Settler Design
Complete 304 stainless steel
Increases throughput
and capacity
Reduces solids loading
on fnal fltration processes
More Stable Hydraulic Flow, Which
Improves Settling by up to 30%
Variably sized infuent fow distributors promote
better laminar fow across the face of the plates

Efuent is collected uniformly at the top of the
plates through orifces, unlike inferior full-width
slot designs
Patent pending design
Ease of Maintenance, Improved
Operator Capabilities
Signifcantly more open space at top of plates
Easy to see and clean the faces of the plates
without draining the tank
Individual plate sections can be easily removed
Operators can walk on the top of the plate
sections, even during operation
Parallel Plate Settlers
Plate Settlers can
greatly increase
the effective
surface area of
the sedimentation
tanks at potable
water treatment
Infuent Flow Distributors
Top view of plate settlers – one collection
tube per two fow channels
Efuent Troughs
Note: Green arrows
indicate sludge fow
Note: Green arrows
indicate sludge fow
Articulating “Arm”
Sludge Cart
The Monroe Sludge Collector is a hoseless,
hydraulic suction collector designed to uniformly
remove settled solids from the foor of a
rectangular sedimentation basin. Monroe’s patent
pending design improves the fow of sludge
through the collector and reduces the chance for
in-pipe clogging.
Design Features
Hoseless, hydraulic pressure suction collector –
diferential head or pump induced
All-rigid, 304 stainless steel piping eliminates the
problems associated with cumbersome fexible
hose designs
Pivoting fanges and telescoping sludge
pipe rotate and re-align as the sludge
cart moves across the tank foor
Orifces on collection headers uniformly
draw from sludge blanket

Positioning winch and cable system
drive the collector and
ensure smooth
movement with no track
to install or maintain
No submerged electrical
components or
lubricants required
Electrical panel for automatic
Improved Sludge Removal
from Basin
Sludge collection as cart moves in both direc-
tions, reducing the time required for operation
Articulating “arm” confguration does not
impede sludge fow through the collector
Reduces the chance of clogging and improves
sludge fow out of basin
For smaller basins, telescoping pipe
is not required
Sludge Cart Collection Headers
Sludge Collectors

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