Every country possesses its distinctive features, traditions and festivals and
Portugal is not an exception! Besides unique spots, archipelagos and beaches,
Portugal is brimming with traditions and charming festivals that everyone will like
to experience!
In what concerns festivals, throughout the year, Portugal is the stage for the most
varied events. For example, almost every village in Portugal has its own festival
(festa) or traditional pilgrimage (romaria). Besides that, there are also great
weekly feiras, like that at Barcelos in the Minho. Most towns also put on concerts,
dances, processions and events throughout the year (especially between June and
September), while an increasing number of music festivals are held in Portugal,
from jazz to electro.
Regarding traditions they are strongly connected to music and religion. Music
traditions of Portugal are much associated with Fado but also with regional folklore
with dances such as the vira, chula, and corridinho. Religious traditions are mostly
centered around Fátima or local devotion to saints. But there is also a great
tradition related with food and drink because of the famous pastéis de nata or the
vinho do Porto or even a strong sports tradition since we are big football fans!

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