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Use an adjective (what kind of) or adverb (how, in what manner, how often, how far,
how long, where, why, when).
Use the base form of the adjective or adverb.
1. (slow) She is a _____________worker. (What kind of worker is she?)
(slow) She does everything too ____________. (How does she do everything?)
2. (frequent) He misses class very _______________. For that reason, he has failed
every test so far this semester. (How often does he miss class?)
3. (frequent) She is a ______________ flyer, and she gets points on her credit card
for every mile she flies. (What kind of flyer is she?)
4. (fluent) They both speak ______________. (How do they both speak?)
5. (complete) When she came back from the hair stylist, she looked
__________________ different. (How different did she look?)
6. (unbelievable) He paid an _____________________ price for itonly $19.99!
(What kind of price is it?)
7. (extreme) $19.99 is _____________________ low! (How low is it?) Are you
sure that's right?
8. (serious) After eating some fish that wasnt fresh, she became
__________________ ill. (How ill did she become?)
9. (good) He speaks and writes very ___________ . (How does he speak and write?)
Use a comparative adjective or adverb.
10. (quick) In fact, if she doesnt start working ______________ than she does now,
she might lose her job.
11. Shes (easy) _______________ to understand than he is.
12. (clear) She pronounces her words ___________________________ than he does.
13. Number of absenses (, ausencias, ) over the last month:
Mark (3), Jane (1), Joe (10)
(regular) Jane attends class _______________________ than Joe and Mark.
14. (fast) They had a race, and she beat everyone. She ran _________________ than
all of the other students.
15. (good) He writes ___________ than any of the other students in the class.
16. (high) He should probably be in a __________ level than this class.
Use a superlative adjective or adverb.
17. Person A ran five miles. Person B ran ten miles. Person C ran fifteen miles.
(far) Person C ran ___________________ of all.
18. Mark drinks and drives. Jane doesnt come to a complete stop at STOP signs. Joe
is very careful to observe all traffic laws.
(cautious) Joe drives _____________________________ of the three people.