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Temples India

Temples India

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Published by: namasteindia on Nov 16, 2009
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Bhadrachalam is situated on the banks of the river Godavari. It is a sacred place of

pilgrimage. It is 24 miles from Bhadrachalam road, the end of a branch line from Dornakal in the

Andhra Pradesh. Lord Rama lost his wife, Sita here.

Lord Rama’s temple is situated at Bhadrachalam. Pilgrims do their Yatra in April. The

jungle near Bhadrachalam is the Dandaka forest.

Gopanna, nephew of Akkanna Minister, was the Tahsildar of the place. Gopanna got

initiation from Kabirdas and became Ramdas. He spent six lakh of the revenue of the Sultan for the

construction of the temple. Ramdas was incarcerated in the fort of Golconda. Lord Rama paid the

amount to the Sultan and set Ramdas free.

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