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Temples India

Temples India

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Published by: namasteindia on Nov 16, 2009
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Chidambaram or more correctly—Chittambalam (the atmosphere of wisdom) is about 150


station on Southern Railway on the main line. It is chiefly noted for the most sacred and celebrated

temple of Lord Nataraja.

The temple is in the midway between the Vellar river on the north and the Coleroon on the

South, the sea on the east and the Viranam lake on the West. In days of yore the Pandya Kings, the

Chola Kings and the Pallava Kings patronized the temple. All the Tamil saints have sung praises of

the Lord. The temple was the chosen abode of saints and poets.

There is Akasa lingam in Chidambaram. Lord Nataraja, the presiding Deity of the temple is


as the Chit Sabha. There is a curtain behind the idol of Nataraja. This is removed on special


and forms. This is the Chidambara Rahasya. Lord Nataraja has come out of the attributeless

Brahman. There is a chakra (Chidambara Chakra) which contains the Panchakshara or five-letters

of Lord Siva—Nama Sivaya—on the wall to the back of this idol.

There are five courts or Sabhas in the temple viz., the Chit Sabha, Kanaka Sabha, Raja

Sabha or Durbar, the Nritta Sabha and the Deva Sabha.

Lord Nataraja danced in the Chit Sabha or the Hall within the temple. The five steps that


Sabha is located within the thousand-pillared Hall. The Nritta Sabha demonstrates the Oordha

Tandava dance of Lord Nataraja.

Govindaraja, the presiding deity of a Vishnu temple also dwells within this temple. The

image of Nandanar, the Pariah saint is in a corner near the Nritta Sabha.



The Dikshatar Brahmins do worship in the temple. There are 250 families of Dikshatars.

Darshan of Lord Nataraja with intense bhav gives Mukti.

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