Name: Address


Contact no.:

1. What is your age?

Below 15 29-35

15 19 24-28 -18 -23 36 Ab -42 ove 42

2. What is your gender?



3. What is your education level? Elementary School College Diploma Post Graduate Degree High School Degree

4. What is your occupation? Student Businessman Others
5. What is your annual family income?

Government servant Private sector employee

Rs.40000-100000 Rs.150000200000

Rs.100 000-150000 Rs.200 000-250000

Rs.250000 or above

6. Which mobile service provider do you use?


7. What was the source of the information about the mobile service

provider that you have currently? Magazine

Commercial Flyer Newspaper Friends Promotion/Advertisement please Other specify:
8. What is/will the purpose of your mobile service is?

Personal Uses Both

Business Uses

9. How long have you been using mobile phone? 1-3months 6-12months 3-6months More than one year

10. How much you spend/expected on mobile service per month? Under Rs.50 Rs.100-150 Rs.50-100 Rs.200 or above

11. How much air time do you spend daily on the phone? less than 15 minutes 15-30minutes 30-45 minutes more than 45 minutes

12. What is the most important factor(s) you considered when you choose a mobile service provider? e.g. You can choose more than 1

Price Good network coverage Customer Service Location of Dealer please Other specify:

13. Rank below that describes how do you satisfy the mobile service provider you currently using? Very Unsatisfied Neutral Very Satisfied Unsatisfied Satisfied

14. Would you consider swapping the service provider if portable sim facility is introduced? Yes Why? No

15. Do you think 1paise/second Tata DOCOMO plan is better than any other services (for local call rates)? Yes Can’t say 16. Do you think 1paisa/second Tata DOCOMO plan better than 50paise/minute plan compare to Reliance (for STD call rates)?
Condition-monthly 1paisa/second for first 420 minutes after that 2paisa/second




17. Are you using any of the 1 paisa/ sec scheme? Yes No

18. If yes then specify which mobile service.

19. If no, then are you interested in 1 paisa/second scheme? Yes No

20. If you are interested then specify which mobile service would you prefer? Please specify:

21. Rank the pricing policy of following telecom services. (1-excellent 2-good 3- poor)

Airtel (RS 69 with validity period 1 year):Tata DOCOMO (Rs 49 with life time validity):Aircel (Rs 47 with validity 1 month):-

22. Rank the following services of Tata DOCOMO;

(1-excellent 2- very good

3- good 4- poor 5-very poor )

Sms service Voice based service Free missed call alert service GPRS STD and local call service

23. Give your suggestions to Tata DOCOMO.

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