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Name? Tanseer-Ahmed-Daar.

Tanseer-Ahmed-Daar. Date of Birth? 11th Jan . 1974. Location? Lahore , Pakistan. Hobbies? Music & music or music. Education? Graduate ( b-com ). Music Education? When we started doing music ...there wasn't any school or any institute which taught music , so ... self teaching ....and my degrees are ....ARSH ...CIRCLE ....KARAVAN . Music Equipment? Harmonium ( baaja ). Other Occupations? Businessmen ( Importer ). Sources of inspiration (while creating music)? It kept changes with time ....when i started it was U-2 .... and you can hear in the first two albums . What drew you towards music? Music Itself. Tell us something about your upcoming album? It's an un-plugged album with two new songs. We recorded that album while

songs. We recorded that album while performing live . that will be our 4th album so far. Music Recognition or achievements? What else .....arsh ( saraab ) . circle ( tehzeeb ) & karavan ( safar & gardish ). Type of Music you like? Everything ( depends on the mood ). Type of Music you hate? Rap ........... Crap. What do you think about other Pakistani Artists? Love them all .... it's because of them that we exist . How would you like to be remembered? As a good person .... and a Rock Star! ( hehehehe), maybe one day i will be one. Favorite musicians (Pakistani)? Ahhhhhhhhhh , Amir Zaki , Afaq Adnan , Faraz Anwar ......... off-course NIZAR LALANI & KARAVAN . Favorite Song (Pakistani)? Manwa ray ( noori ). Final Comments? Thanks to you all out there: ! all of you we love you ! ......and please ! do karavan a favour do whatever you do , be whatever you are , stay wherever you are or whatever you want just keep promoting rock music because it Rocks! Fan Question: Karavan is known for their bad marketing and promotions, what are you people doing about it? We are in the process of switching management companies . will be up and running by september. Thankyou Tanseer Daar for the Interview. Interview Conducted and Hosted exclusively by Karachi Underground.

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