Solon seeks ban on styrofoam use

A lawmaker is pushing for the passage of a bill banning the use of polystyrene food
packaging in food service businesses and operations.
Under House Bill 4341 authored by ep. !us "ambunting #$nd %istrict& 'ara(a)ue *ity+&
any business operator found to have violated the proposed act shall pay a fine of ',-&--- to
"ambunting said the bill seeks to put an end to the use of styrofoam and to encourage
businesses to use recyclable or compostable food containers.
."his legislation brings back the good old habit of preparing foods /to go0 in compostable
and recyclable alternatives that are available and serve the same purpose as non1recyclable food
service packaging&2 "ambunting said.
3n filing the measure& "ambunting cited the declared policy of the 4tate to protect and
advance the right of the people to a balanced and healthful ecology in accord with the rhythm and
harmony of nature.
"ambunting said the measure also aims to determine and implement programs that
ma5imi6e material reuse and recycling and programs that will prohibit the use of materials that
have limited usefulness.
According to "ambunting& there are currently no meaningful ways of recycling
polystyrene based food packaging and it must be disposed of as garbage.
"ambunting said discarded polystyrene persists as litter and remains as such for the
longest time posing as ha6ard to the environment.
.4tyrofoam& made from styrene& is a suspected carcinogen and neuroto5in that was
recently limited by the 7ood and %rug Administration in bottled drinking water. 4tudies have
indicated that styrene residues are present in 1--8 of all human fat tissue in the United 4tates.
4everal epidemiologic studies suggest there may be an association between styrene e5posure and
an increased risk of leukemia and lymphoma&2 "ambunting said.
As defined in the bill& ‘polysterene food container’ means a plastic container comprised of
a ma9ority polysterene plastic resin that is used to contain prepared food designed for one1time
Under the measure& the %epartment of :nvironment and ;atural esources #%:;+
together with the stakeholders and other related government agencies are directed to promulgate
the rules and regulations necessary for the implementation and enforcement of the Act. #3-+ lvc
NR # 3475B
MAY 23, 2014

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