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Principals of Learning 5001
Course Contributions


League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Robert Marzano
Biography Excerpt: A leading researcher, author and speaker in education, his
work focuses on instruction, assessment, effective leadership and school based
interventions to improve student learning.

Area of Study: instruction, assessment, leadership and student learning.

The Key To Student Learning: the teacher has the greatest impact on student
success; time on task is a critical component of achievement.

Douglas Reeves
Biography Excerpt: Dr. Reeves is one of educations most respected experts
in the field of assessments and standards. His work has had a major
influence on improving student achievement, closing the gap in education
for disadvantaged youth, and educational equity.

Area of Study: assessment and evaluation, standards-based educations,
student achievement, and educational equity.

The Key To Student Learning: omit toxic grading practices, including the
zero; focus on students submitting their work; it is up to the professionals in
our schools to ensure that every student is successful; curriculum must be
viable and guaranteed.

Thomas Guskey
Biography Excerpt: Dr. Guskey has served on the Policy Research Team of the
National Standards for Staff Development in the United States. His work and
presentations have been influential in the field of assessment in education.

Area of Study: staff development , assessment, and leadership.

The Key To Student Learning: how to grade and report student learning in terms
of pre-defined standards; as a best practice, students performance is compared
and then graded, based on clearly stated performance descriptors.

Richard Stiggins
Biography Excerpt: Dr. Stiggins is a noted professor, author and speaker who helps
teachers and school leaders use assessment to improve student learning and develop
confident and motivated life-long learners.

Area of Study: assessment and evaluation.

The Key To Student Learning: well designed assessments are of critical formative value
in the classroom; teachers need to be assessing for, as and of learning; the teacher use
of formative assessments can provide a practical and efficient means to make their
teaching better and to help all of their students learn better.

Todd Whitaker

Biography Excerpt: Professor Whitaker works in the area of educational leadership. His
research on effective teachers and principals has led to numerous articles, books and
presentations. He has used practical experience and research to explore dealing with
difficult parents and teachers, staff motivation, and teacher and principal leadership.

Area of Study: educational leadership, effective teachers and principals, dealing with
difficult parents and teachers, and staff motivation.

The Key To Student Learning: a) The difference between more effective principals and
their less effective colleagues is not what they know. It is what they do. b) It is the
quality of the teacher that determines the perception of the quality of the school, and
the outcomes for the students. There is no magic bullet/program. c) Great teachers
know who the variable is in the classroom: They are.

John Mighton
Biography Excerpt: Dr. Mighton is the founder of the JUMP (Junior Undiscovered
Math Prodigies) Non-Profit Organization based in Toronto.

Area of Study: Cognitive theory ,mathematical curriculum design and post-
doctorate level mathematics.

A Key To Student Learning: Homework as practice, not homework as a lesson in
The Ubiquitous Bell Curve: Running Time 54 minutes