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Today we will be researching specific interest groups. The assignment is simple:
You are to choose and briefly research THREE different groups
Give me the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY for each group; that is general info
Each summary should be AT LEAST a 8-10 sentences
Include source (link) after each paragraph
Comment on THREE other posts. Try to choose posts with different groups than your own

1. American Civil Liberties Union 22. Students against Destructive Decisions
2. League of Women Voters 23. Mothers against drunk driving
3. Feminist Majority foundation 24. Emily’s List
4. Public Citizen 25. Habitat for Humanity
5. Common Cause 26. Natural Resources Defense Council
6. National Right to Life Committee 27. Audubon society
7. Planned Parenthood 28. Nature Conservancy
8. National Rifle Association 29. Montana Environmental Information Center
9. Handgun Control, Incorporation 30. Physicians for Social Responsibility
10. Chamber of Commerce of the United States 31. Union of Concerned Scientists
11. American Trucking Association 32. United Nations Association of the United
12. AFL-CIO States of America
13. Fraternal Order of Police 33. Humane Society of the United States
14. American Farm Bureau 34. Montana Smart Growth Coalition
15. National Cattlemen’s Beef Association 35. Trout Unlimited
16. American Medical Association 36. Rocky Mountain elk Foundation
17. American Bar Association 37. Christian Coalition
18. American Nursing Association 38. Disabled American Veterans
19. Amnesty International 39. The Silver Ring Thing
20. Rock the Vote 40. Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders
21. True Majority 41. Climate

After completing your research, answer the following question: Do you think
Interest Groups do more harm or good? Do they have a place in the American
system? Explain.