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0x = Multumesc (Thanks)

ASL = Varsta/Sex/Locatie (Age/Sex/Location)

BCN = Ne mai !e"em noi (Be seeing #ou)
B$B = Ma intorc ime"iat (Be right %ack)
BT& = A'ro'o (B# The &a#)
CL = Ne !e"em mai tar(iu (See )ou Later)
*)+ = ,entru interesul "umnea!oastra/tau (*or )our +n-ormation)
+M./ = 0u'a umila mea 'arere (+n M# .um%le /'inion)
1AM = n moment (1ust a Moment)
L/L = $a" in hohote (Lots /- Laugh sau Loughing /ut Lou")
/+C = /h2 inteleg (/h2 + See)
//. = ,e "e o 'arte (/n /ne .an")
/T/. = ,e "e alta 'arte (/n The /ther .an")

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