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EUROTHERM DRIVES AC DRIVES 584/585/586 0.75kW - 37kW PRODUCT MANUAL HA385329 Issue 3 SAFETY INFORMATION The equipment described in this manual contains hazardous voltages capable of inficting severe or lethal electric shock. Itis the responsibilty of the owner or user to ensure that the equipment described herein is installed and operated in compliance with the requirements cf the Health & Safety At Work Act in the UK and applicable legislation, regulations and codes of practice in the UK and elsewhere This equipment should be installed and operated by qualified personnel only after reading and understanding the instructions in this manual. Always refer to the supplier if in doubt. Eurotherm Drives Ltd. accepts no liability for any consequences resulting from innapropriate, negligent or incorrect installation or adjustment of operating parameters of the equipment. Eurotherm Drives Ltd. has a policy of continual product improvement and reserves the right to change the specification of the equipment and the contents of this manual without notice. WARNING ‘The DC link capacitors inside this equipment remain charged to high voltage for some time after the mains supply is removed. Always check the DC link voltage before starting work. Never work on the drive, motor or ancillary equipment without first removing all supplies to the system, TABLE OF CONTENTS table of contents... 1. ABOUT THIS MANUAL, 2. INTRODUCTION. 3. INSTALLATION INFORMATION 3.1. DRIVE ENVIRONMEN’ 3.2. MOTOR... 3.3. WIRING 3.4. SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS 4. BASIC SETTING UP PROCEDURE. 4.1. CHECKING THE INSTALLATION. 4.2. APPLYING POWER... 5. TERMINAL DESCRIPTIONS. 5.1. 584 POWER TERMINALS 5.2. 585 POWER TERMINALS. 5.3. 586 POWER TERMINALS... 5.2. CONTROL TERMINALS .. 6. USING THE KEYPAD AND DISPLAY. 6.1. DISPLAY. 6.2. FUNCTION KEYS. 6.3. STATUS LEDS 7. DIAGNOSTICS AND PARAMETERS. 7.1. DIAGNOSTICS... 7.2. SETUP PARAMETERS. . SERIAL LINK.. 7.7. PASSWORD... 7.8. SYSTEM... 8. DYNAMIC BRAKING OPTION.. 34 8.1. WHAT IS DYNAMIC BRAKING? 34 8.2. DO | NEED THE DYNAMIC BRAKING OPTION? ... 34 8.3. BRAKE RESISTOR SELECTION.. : 36 8.4, SPECIFICATION OF DYNAMIC BRAKING SWITCH.....sssnsncnnn 36 9. SERIAL COMMUNICATIONS OPTION... 9.1. SPECIFICATION 9.2. TERMINAL CONNECTIONS... 9.3. ASCII COMMUNICATIONS... 9.4. BINARY COMMUNICATIONS... 9.5. SERIAL LINK MNEMONICS AND PARAMETER NUMBER ALLOCATION... 44 9.6. ADDITIONAL FEATURES. 9.7. REFERENCES, 9.8. NOTES... 10. APPLICATION NOTES 10.1. GENERAL