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The National Union of

Healthcare Workers and the Future of
the American Labor Movement

J  oin us, Sal Rosselli, Jorge Rodriguez, 
Barbara Lewis, Margaret Segura, 
Healthcare Workers, Representatives 
from other Unions and Steve Early, Author,
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to learn more about this historic struggle for
democracy in the American labor movement.

We’ll hear first-hand accounts from leaders
of the National Union of Healthcare
Workers (NUHW). Please join us

NUHW is the new California union that was Tuesday, November 17,
born after SEIU imposed a disastrous 2009
trusteeship on SEIU-United Healthcare
Workers-West, its third largest affiliate, in 7 to 9 p.m.
late January.
United Teachers Los Angeles
Since then, NUHW has shown the makings 3300 Wilshire Blvd. 10th Flr
of a principled and powerful, vibrant and Los Angeles, CA 90010
democratic workers' movement.
For more information please call
Nearly 100,000 caregivers have stood up for 626-318-7134
union democracy by filing petitions for
election ---more in the past few months than UTLA is located 2 blocks west of
petitioned anywhere in the country last year! Vermont-Parking available behind the
building off Berendo
This inspiring achievement tells a
powerful story about the kinds of If you can’t come to the event, but want to
organizing victories that are possible when contribute, you can donate on-line at:
a union is run by and for its members.
or send a check to Fund for Union Democracy &
Reform, 465 California St., Ste 1600,
All friends of union democracy and reform
San Francisco, CA 94104.
are urged to attend for a lively and
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informative discussion. deductible. As a private, non-exempt entity, there is no legal obligation for
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