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Times are bad. Yes you heard me! Very hard indeed. People are no longer living. Some are
surviving while a bigger lot is simply existing. The economy has been raped, inflation has
skyrocketed and nothing is no longer affordable. Even, the man-must-live-hustlers-anthem no longer
chants from people's mouths. They are as dumb as they are broke. The political class are running
helter skelter pretending to care, but the words 'we dont care' are clearly written all over their
faces!They are fooling us. We need an action we can all feel, an action to mend our dilapidated
hopes, an action to salvage our pockets from the 'digging deeper', an action to protect us consumers
from exploitation. A 'true' son of Kenya once said 'it is like raping our woman who is already too
willing'. What the economy is doing to us is raping us unwillingly. Phew